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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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the first round of elections to deliver such a lethal blow against the group which has not been clearly identified as a renegade parking and they have been identified as being. doing. extortion threats but it's not very clear. what their identity is they may be part but it's not clear to that since it was a lethal blow you don't know if that was a military operation or a land operation or it was a bombing liberation but that certainly puts a high. bar for other rethink age groups who are acting in the territory doing things so it such as extorting business and government. brazil's government says it's reached an agreement with the main truck drivers union to and an end day strike fuel and some food items are in short supply
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as many drivers continue to protest. the reports from sao paulo. in brazil yet they're saying they've reached agreement in the protest is over but brasilia is a long way from here a most of the rest of brazil. at least truck drivers tens of thousands of them either haven't received the message or don't plan to heed it the locals we're not only here for the truck drivers but for all brazilians who are suffering with the rises in electricity water gas everything brazilians have to work just to survive we are not members of any political party we are the people who are suffering the most yet the same the rise in the price of diesel makes it hard for them to earn a living and tempers afraid and this used to be a strike now it's more than a strike brazil has realized that we can't keep going with these politicians who over the years we've seen involved in corruption bribery and scandals. the
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government has offered a ten percent reduction but can hardly afford the more than one of the quotes a billion dollars it will have to pay the state oil company petro brass in compensation was taken many here by surprise is just how quickly a country as well developed as brazil with the seventh largest economy in the world can be brought to its knees with the economy fragile a weak government can only offer temporary partial solutions with everybody here now very well aware of how reliant we all are on a constant flow of fuel. protesting drivers have been blocking roads across brazil it means many gas stations have run out of fuel while those still have supplies attract lines of desperate motorists that can stretch to several kilometers is. not the economic recovery. many acts but second is happening. in illinois. brazil's economy is not weak was weak as the political movement in this country we've had
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a former president arrested and now have a weak president in office he has no leadership or charisma and the increase in oil and gas prices is just added to the problems. even if all of brazil's truck drivers would turn to work immediately it would still take several days for the country to return to normal but with presidential elections due in october it will be a normality fruitless tension and the threat of more strikes and protests. when there are just. starbucks is closing thousands of its coffee shops across the united states on tuesday for a staff training on racial bias the chain was criticized last month when two black men were arrested while waiting for a friend at one of its stores in philadelphia the incident reflect centuries of racial stereotyping that many americans are now trying to correct as rob reynolds reports. at the calabash tea house shelves are filled with traditional remedies
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herbal mixtures to ease aching joints soothe frazzled nerves and even spark romance it's a form of knowledge handed down from centuries past says owner sonia ayman i'm a fifth generation herbalist a natural healer and so my job is really to continue that tradition but another part of her job is working with employees to make them aware of implicit bias when they're on the basis of race gender age sexual orientation or anything else we're always talking to our staff from moment to moment about their interactions with both about exampling the best behavior and best practices to make sure everyone feels that their welcome if you don't correct it in the moment it becomes a deep seated behavior that it's implied that it's ok and it's not ok as part of starbucks effort to undo the damage its reputation suffered following the widely
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publicized arrest of two black customers at one of its stores the company is shutting eight thousand shops on may twenty ninth and giving employees a training session on implicit bias and customer service we're here to make starbucks a place where everyone everyone feels welcome starbucks barred the press from the sessions but released a video showing what employees will be taught social scientists say changing people's behavior and implicit biases is hard work and takes time employee training sessions are a start but not a solution as they also say the effort must include specific achievable goals do you have outcomes that would signal that the diversity efforts inclusion for its own work by the lot of times that's where it stops people say oh oh. we just want people to be unbiased so nonspecific how would you ever know if you actually had cheated centuries of racial bias and stereotyping of lift deeply etched patterns of
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thought and behavior that are not easily removed it's a sad result of the stain of racism that so strongly underneath american culture that we grow up into and we begin the see certain people as suspicious other people as less suspicious certain people as valuable other people as less valuable back at the calabash amun has their own ideas on fighting bias i think the number one rule is assume the best. part of the issues that we see with bias in the news is that the worst was always assumed and that's where we get into trouble it means approach to customer satisfaction seems to be working business is good and she's opening another teashop later this year robert oulds. well you can find much more information on the day's top stories on our web site al jazeera dot com.
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hello again the headlines on al-jazeera israel has vowed to respond with what it calls a great force the biggest barrage of mortar shells and rockets fired from gaza several rockets and shells were fired but most of them were intercepted by israel's iron dome defense system also in gaza a boat carrying patients and students is attempting to break israel's eleven year long naval blockade the boat has set sail from the gaza port into the mediterranean sea russia the u.s. and jordan have agreed to hold talks about syria's southern deescalation zone sometime in the near future the announcement comes as washington warns firmer measures are needed after several troops violations in the region. the leaders of libya's factions are to meet with the french president in paris for talks to end the seven year political crisis the eastern based renegade general is there along
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with his rival the head of the un backed government in tripoli prime minister phases of libya has been in a state of unrest and political instability since mama gadhafi was toppled in twenty eleven north korea the north korean spy chief and senior official kim jong il is headed to the u.s. after stopping over in beijing he's likely to hold discussions with u.s. officials regarding a possible summit between kim jong il trump. well japan's prime minister shinzo says he'll also be meeting trump before any summit goes ahead in singapore the two also spoke on the phone about japanese citizens being held by north korea. the abduction victims today and have conveyed the feelings to u.s. president donald trump and discussed how important it is to resolve this issue also we agreed to have a japan u.s. summit before the u.s. north korea summit colombia's military says it's killed eleven dissident members of
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the former rebel group in the country's south the defense minister says they had been threatening politicians entrepreneurs and civilians in the region the operation comes a day after the first round of colombia's presidential election government's peace deal with the fark has been one of the main issues. those are the headlines on al-jazeera earthrise is coming up next stay with us. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. to how you take al-jazeera and we'll bring in the news and current events that. al-jazeera.
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i will see in antarctica the size of an extraordinary bid to create the largest protected area on earth. for this special episode of earth rise we're going on board the greenpeace icebreaker optic sunrise following one of the biggest campaigns in the environmental movement is ations history witnessing the spectacular biodiversity and the many threats to life from climate change to add to fishing as a team of scientists photographers and ocean experts sets out to prove these vos remote waters must become an antarctic ocean sanctuary.
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before i set off down south i'm going to find out a little about the journey i'm about to embark on tucked away in this maze of old london streets something quite extraordinary. ever since i was a boy i've been mesmer. eyes by tales of the golden age of antarctica exploration of the early twentieth century names of polar explorers like roald amundsen and captain scott. well this is where some of those expeditions came to get them aps it was really because it's no good to see this is a kind of treasure trove of paul's exploration to come out of that. turns out mankind has forever been hooked on the concept of a mysterious continent at the end of the world. from the fifteen eighties is the
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last of the classical worldview this is the world as it would have been understood the ancient greeks and romans still got this great terrell called me to. spin forward three centuries to the time of men like captain scott who died on his return from the south pole philip shows me a sledging match from that expedition is true. this is what actually used to place the food for the attempt on the pole. incredible here we have been reaching the south pole and then of course the terrible trick. back captain scott died here just demonstrates how hot it was then just how challenging it was that a far cry from today it was this period is known as the heroic age they
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were truly great heroes up until the one nine hundred twenty days there were probably less than should think fifty or sixty people had actually ever stepped into the cold loop. of course no thousands are going every year. like many of the old explorers i first had for punta arenas in southern chile but unlike them i'll be flying into antarctica to king george island at the northern tip here all join the greenpeace ship the arctic sunrise and head into the weddell sea with luck will reach our target the sixty fourth parallel which marks the northern edge of the proposed asian sanctuary and internationally supported marine reserve covering one point eight million square kilometers that would be protected from direct human impact like fishing oil drilling and deep sea mining. how times have changed immediately it's clear how connected the outer reaches of
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the antarctic continent to become the plane is full of tourists. what was once a grueling journey of months maybe is now can be done in an hour and a half with lunch and if you. want to. be in the alps like that for fun. it's a cold murky arrival and surprised at how many people there are around dozens of coming and going to here without king george island and downscaling made it seem. like they don't. look so remote as warm transport a. you can see lots of traverse. taking ribs out to inflatable boats out to me cruise ships for the holidays i also hear a lot of research stations. both of us play with interest to support often from the
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moves to the russian or such as. the weather closing in we need to get a move on. over the next two weeks. and you. write a. program. well we're underway immediately heading for the proposed ocean sanctuary is not a time to lose not just for the arctic sunrise winter is not far away and the ice will soon close in about its business or a race against time to protect areas like the way will see before it's too late will maccallum it's a greenpeace campaign leader we're campaigning for will be the lowballs largest protected area an antarctic ocean sanction an area of the bible say to be about
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five times the size of germany the proposal is already on the table it's already got the backing of the. scientists are saying we need to protect a third of the world's oceans at least every one to let fish stocks recover we want to mitigate against the worst impacts of climate change and man thought is a great place to start. in october twenty eighth the thirty six governments responsible for the conservation of antarctic waters will consider the weddell sea proposal the aim of the expedition is to build the case that this century needs to happen. the hours go by and the temperature drops significantly. on the bridge they're on high alert we're heading into dangerous waters tense times risky. but paul rozin. you have what they call bergie bits growlers and ice birds depending on the size but they can all damage a ship when you're steaming at night key thing about ice is avoiding it but now we're going to look for the ice and we will intentionally go into some of the ice
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and there is room down here now i think to push our way through a bit. all of us are here for the cause i mean we're not here for the money we can make a lot more money on another ship you'll see many passenger ships down here i'm sure paying a lot better but the money is one thing i give enough to get by but i'm here the same reason as the other people for the cause we all get along for some reason i think because we're here for the same purpose. our. right. to cool climbs into the crow's nest transport leads through the ice. come through the ontology sound which i would buy sexy and talk to put into that we're not in the weddell sea but not yet at the point at which they would have protected but you get that we got to get through all this ice there's a lot of it around and we're finding these clear passages trying to wean you always through the ice. everyone on board is just willing the ship to make it into the
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proposed sanctuary the big problem is getting people to realize why they should care about the i'm talking to you know this is lot of light that most people have never come across will never come across and so being able to tell that story relies on us getting there are lots of us getting the footage back and tell talking about the importance of marine sanctuary inside the fact that they stopped without a recovery if we put these areas off them it's the fact that climate change will be not as bad if we manage suppose large areas of the ocean off the. dog miss falls but there is no rest on the bridge for the captain and the night crew there is an illusion. there are. no. floodlights on the boughs showed the ship now nudged up quietly against the ice and intentional maneuver for the remainder of the night but everyone is keyed up flying
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off. the next day at last the arctic sunrise has arrived surrounded by some of the coldest most diverse waters there are and was all on board who may yet be the largest protected area on the planet well in a good day's good news very good news made it made it to this is for the sitting there now. as someone of the ship and this entire space and you just go over this side and recently saw getting sort of tens of of ships cruise liners cargo ships fishing vessels the moment you get through this sound as us they're another.


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