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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 85  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2018 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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illiteracy it's a little low against the group which has not been clearly identified as a renegade part and they have been identified as being. doing. extortion threats but it's not very clear. what their identity yes' they maybe are but it's not clear in that sense was a lethal you know you don't know if that was a military operation or a land. ration but that certainly puts a high. bar for who are other really. who are acting in the territory doing things so such as exploring business and government the world's largest now in fresh water pearl called the sleeping lion will be up for auction in the netherlands on thursday the three hundred year old pearl has been owned by some powerful and famous people over centuries sarla bellus reports
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inside the stunt shot studio lies a three hundred year old sleeping lion decay it's set caged off limits to the well and to now meet the sleeping lion the wounds largest freshwater poll has a history as rich as its price tag named after shape the five hundred seventy eight carat jame is valued as high as six hundred thousand dollars it's up for auction in the hague on thursday but can't because i need a new car or something like that but the book the reason there isn't a is in a private collection i think it's an important piece of nurture that we. are an institution. it's a rarity has increased as the perl industry commercialized the last century seeing the emergence of mass produced cultured pills you know most girls you see today are
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all cultures so in their way created by human intervention this brutal is really forms of buy em all ask somewhere in the river or lake living there. this sleeping line has changed hands over continents and class from merchants to russian in european royalty it was pulled from chinese waters in the early seventeen hundreds of dutch merchants took it to present day jakarta and then on to india where it was purchased to fifty thousand florins modern day equivalent to four hundred thousand dollars the pole was shipped to amsterdam and sold in seven hundred seventy nine the buyer the empress of russia catherine the great a jeweler working for the king of italy then purchased it returning it to europe and eight hundred sixty five one of the earliest accounts. that we could find was actually present in the city archives of and. it was
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a print of this pool saying that it was called the sleeping lion for all waiting five hundred seventy eight carrots and come thursday it may bring history into the hands of anyone with at least half a million dollars of dallas al-jazeera. or you can find much more on our website the address for that is al-jazeera dot com that is our home page you can head there and you can read it much more about the day's top stories all the stories we're covering for you right here on al-jazeera it's all at al-jazeera dot com. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has lashed out at how mass an islamic jihad after a number of mortars were fired from gaza that's anyone who says israel will exact
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a heavy price from anyone who tries to harm it the mortars and shells were intercepted by israel's iron dome defense system the military says at least twenty five rockets were launched towards communities in the south. a leader of the us. hard meanwhile says all options are open to respond to what he calls israel's aggression. as long as the reason occupation resistance is a legitimate right for the palestinian people we preserve all options to the mass public peaceful protests and preserving our right to respond to the zionist occupation as crimes so these mortars were fired as a boat carrying patients and students is attempting to break israel's eleven year long naval blockade of. demonstrators say it's a peaceful protest as part of recent demonstrations near the is really fence. the leaders of libya's factions have been meeting the french president in paris for
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talks to end the seven year political crisis the eastern based renegade general that is there along with his rival the head of the u.n. backed government in tripoli prime minister phases. the north korean spy chief and senior official kim. headed to the u.s. after stopping over in beijing he's likely to hold discussions with u.s. officials regarding a possible summit between kim jong un. well japan's prime minister says he'll be meeting donald trump before any summit goes ahead in singapore the two also spoke on the phone about japanese citizens being held by north korea. the abduction victims today and have conveyed the feelings to u.s. president donald trump and discussed how important it is to resolve this issue also we agreed to have a japan u.s. summit before the u.s. north korea summit colombia's military says it has killed eleven dissident members of the former rebel group fork in the country's south the defense minister says
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they had been threatening politicians entrepreneurs and civilians in the region the operation comes a day after of the first round of colombia's presidential election the government's peace deal with far has been one of the main issues there those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next to stay with us. colombia's peace deal could be a fierce critic of the agreement with flaw levels in pole position to be president if evangelist a wins the next vote with legal armed conflict that saw more than two
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hundred thousand people killed over five decades this is inside story. a low and welcome to the program. colombia's presidential election race is the most divisive in decades two candidates at opposite ends of the political spectrum white . leads off to the first round while i had of leftist gustavo petro at stake in the second round vote is the future of the peace deal signed by the government and falk rebels in two thousand and sixteen decays opposed to it saying it's too lenient on fog patra back to it but would he get the support of the wavering vote as we've talked i would guess in a moment but first our latin america listen human reports from bogata.
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conservative candidates event do k.k. mean ahead in the first round with thirty nine percent of the votes supported by colombians who want to modify a historic peace accord the stunt doubles which many see as a reward for terrorists. because i am sure hope supersedes closs hate trait. i. think he'll be facing his political end to cisse former bogota mayor. who in his use was a left wing urban guerilla and follow him up from school and this is what we're going to talk about at the ballot boxes in fifteen days it's a return to violence or it's building an era of peace that i. put to supporters believe he can deliver on the promise of health education and social justice for millions of disenfranchised colombians in what is one of the world's most socially an equal countries get you out of that if you help the old the mothers like me who
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needed help i always had his support when he was mayor i trust and believe in and. there was a chance. in order to win throughout easiest the. biggest obstacle of them all which is that we have not brought all kinds of opponents cornhill turn colombia into a new than israela a cuba he is deeply distrusted by the political and economic a stablish meant. but do get to raises concerns among moderates in regard i mean or do they get i have no doubt that if he wins he'll extradite the fark leaders and the peace process the same thing that happened in the middle east after agreements were violated will happen here it's what's clear is that colombians will be going to the polls again to lose between two radically different options for their future . looking to see in human what that.
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the two thousand and sixteen deal was a widget only with jack to the referendum but the colombian government managed to hammer out a revised version that includes the following main points fark moves an estimated seven thousand fighters from its hideouts in the mountains into the armament camps set up by the united nations farquhar them become a political party its weapons melted down to build three peace monuments special courts will look into crimes committed during the conflict those who confess get a reduced sentence a fund will be sat up for land to be distributed to those displaced during the conflict fark to stop the drug production that fuel the conflict while the government provides alternative sources of revenue for coca growers let's bring in our guests joining us in washington d.c. him in a sense shares their colonial human rights advocate the washington office on latin
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america and also in washington peter hachim president emeritus and senior fellow of the inter american warm welcome to your let me start by asking him in a this i mean even do you care first followed by gustavo petro any indication what would the second term run earth look like. well i think it's really going to determine who the poor who voted for said here for hard to decide to go with but what we have right now is a panorama of very different points of views and who wins is going to greatly determine how columbia decides to take things in the future in terms of the peace deal we know that. he won do k. is has stated that while he will follow through at the peace accord he plans to make some major reforms in it he's also planning to unify the to disavow system in
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colombia which would greatly undermine the special jurisdiction for peace while gustavo petro is more than likely to continue in the same vein when it comes to the issue of the peace process pizza why does even looks like the man likely to secure a comfortable win in the runoff i think i think you're right i think that iran dukie is going to very likely win this runoff i find it hard to imagine that petro is going to gain even a majority of those that didn't vote for him in the first round i think that majority will go to do ok plus his forty percent already in the polls i think he has a comfortable route to victory and the reason is simple people are looking for somebody who can begin to manage
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a terribly difficult situation. and cost of a pet pro is much more of a india logical figure or a person who is not known for his managerial for his governing capabilities he was mayor of bogota had some run ins there yvonne though he looks like the more steady hand. now the question i think that everyone has in mind is basically what what's next for the peace deal with the fork if duke a waynes. do you think that duke a would screw up the deal if he becomes president of colombia i don't think he'll explicitly scrap that the oh because the international community has made it very clear that they want the peace process to move forward however he can seriously take actions that undermine it one of them would be changing that transitional justice component of it including
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taking doing it through constitutional amendments taking out the ten seats that the fark has in the congress and also taking a very hardline approach on the drug policy issues which the accord the drug party of the accord basically tried to find alternatives to more fumigation and security led approach to addressing the coca issues so i think that those two things would be very much very different he can also the side just not to put his political will and resources behind the accord and that would in essence basically we canot the reason why i ask you this. and ask you the same question to peter do you have someone who has the backing of. or the conservative establishment many people who are very skeptical of the landmark two thousand and sixteen peace deal do you think that duke a would see a portuguese as a the deal is
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a turn chapter. my my view is somewhat different. my sense on doki clearly he is an ally of all voter already bay he clearly. gained his his current victory in part because of the support for al gore e.-bay who is still colombia's most popular politician my guess however is that the problem is not in whether he's going to change or not the peace accord the question is how is the peace accord going to be managed one manuel santos made a great advance he made great accomplishment in getting the peace treaty signed getting the fark to disarm or most of the far to disarm but the fact is he now has an approval rating of fourteen percent in the polls which
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largely comes from his poor management poor implementation of the peace agreement there's just so much undone in the peace agreement my own guess is that in yvonne dukie is going to be more likely to try and begin to manage this in a way that moves the process along that begins to reset on those people that had to flee the violence that begins to deal with the criminality that has crept into areas that were managed by the fark there needs to be a huge infrastructure to begin to create an economy and much of that that region. and then you're going to have the venezuelans who are fleeing from venezuela.


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