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my own guess is that and yvonne duke is going to be more likely to try and begin to manage this in a way that moves the process along that begins to reset on those people that had to flee the violence that begins to deal with the criminality that has crept into areas that were managed by the fark there needs to be a huge infrastructure to begin to create an economy and much of that that region. and then you're going to have the venezuelans who are fleeing from venezuela who are in colombia in large numbers i mean that's what i see evidence of us management task i mean i'm in decay has been concerned about two points in particular what he described as a leniency it was those who committed atrocities and also the land reform but what would be the reaction of the fark leader if the sense that. is trying to undermine the deal. well i think that precisely if we look that who
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the majority of the folks voted for was to have a pet toad those are the very areas of the country especially the pacific coast and that where hater of folks that been hardest hit by the conflict those are the folks that basically voted yes on the peace referendum and for them implementing the peace deal doesn't mean just large scale infrastructure projects or having a better management but actually getting the state into those areas to meet their basic needs and services and for the cocoa farmers more than anything that means having opportunities to be able to do something else i'm not too certain that evens do k. perception of the economy is in that direction i think his perception of the economy is more to do more of the same and to think more in terms of transnationally and commercial interests that colombia's borders and west the rural areas where that is
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most needed or. remains a leading candidate know according to the latest polls but whether petro still stands a chance so this is why i am like to ask the question to mr keim what if petro decides to strike a deal with thirty or four hundred or would that change things on the ground. are not sure they are very compatible with one another for caro is genuine centrist very again practical pragmatic person who has innovated enormously and is it years as mayor and governor in colombia and my guess is that there's no real basis. for just won't go along with sort of the illogical all. persuasions the area
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logical basis of of of gustavo pet throw in a minute we're talking about someone about. has been a former guerrilla fight is there a chance for himself to reinvent his his his political identity and strike a deal with for hard to beat out of the swing voters could that pave the way for him to stand a solid chance to win the election i think that's highly unlikely and i agree with mr hakim that i don't think for hard go at his coalition is going to change radically what their positioning has been now i think he's going to probably continue with the same vein of trying to convince people of his human colombia and more social issues and that kind of thing but i don't think that beyond perhaps taking on the issue of corruption
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a bit furder that he's going to make radical changes to his campaign peter now do kay is going to face many challenges if he gets the votes which basically meant taking the peace deal but will also need to talk a little bit about. economy there are many issues which are now triggering massive concerns among the colombians implementing taxes reducing taxes on companies that many see it as war two words whining expirations in the country is he likely to bring back a solid economy that could answer some of the concerns of the common people. well my own sense is that first of all. colombia is doing somewhat better this year the past few months than it had been in there some sense of optimism at
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least among some of the analysts on on colombia's economy the task is amends for not only for colombia but for most of the rest of latin america at this point. and it faces challenges from within and of course the venezuelan refugees are not going to be a simple problem to resolve. yvonne dukie does have quite a bit of experience. i think that jimenez right the government does have to get very deeply involved in these rural areas who which have been ungoverned for many many years land ownership. is in disarray a titles to land criminality and the only solution for all that is to involve the government and i would be surprised given yvonne duke is history and
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politics and at the interim merican development bank that he doesn't know that and won't find a a very talented. team of people to begin to work on the problem but it's really implementing and setting a basis for a real economy a safer part of the country colombia is basically in a very messy situation at this point and. decay is is big has been campaigning on a platform of a market friendly economics but if you look at the results of the yes first round of the election there is also some discontent among people who believe that openness to worst mining big companies is undermining the basic tenets of the colombian economy isn't this something that could pose some challenges for
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decay as he tries to win the hearts and minds of the poor community. yes i think that he's going to face major challenges in the pacific region to north and caribbean region and where he to i mean where he does all carbon mining and it's a situation where you have indigenous children dying of malnutrition because of poor distribution of water as well as other natural causes in the pacific region for example just last year in the most important port for colombia the one that's where sixty percent exports and imports the port of when i went to order the people aboard haven't duda basically shut it down in the pacific civic strike for twenty two days why because all of the f t a's that were signed by colombia have been doing great in generating more income for the national companies and for investors and multinationals but we see that the people actually living there that five hundred thousand of them don't even have access to potable water they don't have
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a hospital that can give them the attention required and they don't have basic sanitation so i think that duke is going to have to do a big job in trying to bridge that divide i mean that this tribute sion of the wealth of colombia which is one of the main reasons why you have conflict in the country this is why you continue to have illegal economies throughout the country and those illegal economies do lead to a lot of violence in the past year we had more than one hundred seventy social leaders killed by these illegal armed groups so he's going to have to really stop just courting bogota and the big interests but have to court the african lumbee and the indigenous and the rural farmers if he wants to be able to govern in these areas peter the venezuelan quizes is it's playing to the advantage. are probably. and that's why many of much
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many of his supporters have tried to link petro to my door to and chavez and that this is going to turn into another venezuela if he's elected yeah i think that the colombians look of course the border they see someone who. will petro had a certain illogical affinity for and yes. it does help. yvonne dukie can i add to that that i think the man is precisely right in other words it's not simply a question of getting the overall economy working it's making sure it's working for the large majority of colombians there's no question that lots parts of colombia are dirt poor and deserve a whole lot better. aminah are we likely to say to see duke a trying to pursue the same policies followed by his.
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by his presence has a particular when it comes to signing deals with of a guerrilla groups particularly the. i think that in the case of the dialogues with the l.n. the patients in colombia has really run out and i think that he's probably not going to take the same approach as santos and i think that there are the len is going to really have to make a decision as to whether it's going to be serious about this process or not and whether it's going to unify its different fronts in favor of peace or not i think that the l.n. has very much used as an excuse the fact that the colombian peace process with the fark hasn't fully been implemented in order to continue out with a lot of very serious activities
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a lot of abuses and i don't think that duke is going to have the same approach so i think that we may see some changes there it's also worth mentioning that there is another group that p.l. which is also on the border with venezuela and very much involved in narco trafficking this group which was several years ago thought to basically be done has really been growing in strength and that's also a threat to colombian stability especially in the border region with all of the dynamics taking place with that migration and the insecurity along there peter you have the leadership of the fork which she is saying basically the government is backtracking on the promises he's made in the past duke is braced to become next president he seems to be willing to pursue a very aggressive journey and could be very skeptical about what could happen in the near future is colombia moving towards further violence and instability.
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well i think that first the peace treaty was a normal step forward whether you agree with the details of the peace treaty or not . i think one has to recognize and i think whoever is president the colombia has to recognize that they have to now operate within a within the peace treaty in other words it would be absolutely nuts sort of break the treaty and. you know give the fark back their guns and let's start fighting again the peace treaty is an enormously big step and i think that the l.n. has no support in the country whatsoever. there looked on as a bunch of thugs and they can either accept then agreement more essentially that they will be. pushed further and further out and be
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destroyed him in talking about the brewer and areas where the expectation is among the poor communities on high in terms of land reform infrastructure social development programs where can the president the next president of colombia get enough funding and budgets to implement those programs that are seen as crucial for stability of the country. well colombia is a middle income country until obvious not a poor country it's a matter of distribution but for a lot of these areas especially if we're talking about the pacific coast you really get that you really need to get at the issue of corruption as well because mismanagement corruption has gone a long way in getting rid of the budgets that were there and has led to state intervention in places like the choko and so forth so i think that transparency and
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corruption need to be the top of the agenda first before even start asking for more loans or even upping the budgets and then secondly i think there needs to be more reaching out to the traditional authorities and that i mean the ethnic groups the african lumbee an indigenous groups they feel that they have never been part of any of these economies they feel that it's always been outsiders coming in and taking their resources and doing everything without taking them into account i think that there needs to be a negotiation like the one that took place during the peace agreement where you have an ethnic chapter that gives credibility to these authorities and brings them in and basically for the economic projects throughout these areas if you want them to succeed and if you really want to get buy in from those communities. i'm innocent thank you very much indeed for your time and contribution to the program and thank you to for sure you can see the program again any time by visiting our
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. our in a couple service remains but now comes breaking. revolutionary business clients. the old forces for the sake of fairness to us. whether conducting business or sharing a special journey. with a list of all the search of it. to man the mind and the goods trying some. centuries in the sky introducing a. list of newsgroups. as owen's going places together. unpack it for us what were you here and what were you saying whether online horrendous things humans told us there's absolutely no doubt about that or if you join us on the sat a lot
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of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is a dialogue talk to us about some of this acceptance perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the colobus conversation amount is iraq ultimately this is the opportunity to understand in a very different way where there before we don't leave. hello i'm denis in doha and these are the top stories here it out there the leaders of libya's rival factions have agreed to hold elections on december the tenth they made the commitment at a summit hosted by the french president in paris with a meeting is aimed at finding
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a solution to seven years of political instability since the downfall of muammar gadhafi the eastham base renegade general after is at the meeting along with his main rival the head of the un backed government in tripoli the prime minister fires . let's go live now to our correspondent at that summit at the paris palace in paris that ash about natasha how significant that is the group the agreement that these rival leaders have actually signed. was quite significant in the fact that you have these of four rival libyan leaders who've actually agreed and committed to try and come up with a framework for a constitution for the country by september and then hold elections by december eighth something of course has been. by many parties and it was one of the aims of this meeting that was called by the french president manuel markov what he wanted to do was try and bring the different libyan rivals together some of the main
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rivals together along with international organizations like the u.n. and regional players we've had represented for nearly twenty countries here so that we can try it so that they can try and find some way out of the political instability crisis that has plagued libya over the past seven years so i think france would certainly see this as some sort of diplomatic triumph at least on their behalf and you mentioned that there were nineteen. different countries also represented at this meeting i mean how important. have these outside interests been how how influential have they been in the process. well how influential they've been in this actual meeting i can't tell you why now because of course we haven't heard yet from the main protagonists we've not heard from the french president and also we're supposed to hear from the u.n. backed prime minister fires also raj and the u.n.
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special envoy for libya just on salami in a short moment they will come out and give a press conference and then hopefully we will find out a little bit more about what has happened inside the lease say during these talks and won't roll in fact various regional participants actually played an award pressure was put on a coup to do want what we do know is that many on this is saying that no matter what has been agreed to no matter what commitments have been made and we're told that also they've been commitments to try and support a national army for libya and unify the central bank that's all very well and good but the problem is many libyan functions of not being represented here in fact thirteen western libyan factions boycotted this meeting and what some analysts are saying is how on earth can you really reach a real consensus or take into account the realities on the ground where so many key players are actually missing right the tasha we're going to go live now to that press conference being led by the french president emmanuel macro let's listen in and hear what they have to say. you. know. if. you.
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wish to have a press conference i wanted to. have this place called the. solidarity of the french people to the belgian people during our meeting. we are in update of what happened to beltran this morning the terrible attack. to give him a lot of the seemingly what appeared to be terrorist by the prosecutors a department that is it too early to say so but i'd like to stress the whole solidarity of the french people towards our belgium neighbors today was held in. the press conference in just a fruit of long work for that so the president and most of the stakeholders in the international community more specifically
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representative men mr sullum a has been conducting for many months in two thousand and seventeen. we had a first meeting with president bush with merrill marshall after present and the representatives of the may start it is the simon community. the initial line of work was conducted on the on the ground in the field. and in september the represent of mr salim had outlined after a summer spent working with all the stakeholders in the proposals and the birdbath that we validated in the march u.n. security council and much work been done over the last few months but the meeting that took place today is a historical. it falls within this process and it's been prepared for
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a long time for by all the stakeholders and was supported by the whole of the international community that has come to know the situation that we have all shared the same feeling of responsibility. and of coal in which to quickly achieve a political solution. it's the first time. that in this format. such a meeting. took place. with all the libyan. parties responsible mr. president of the council. president of the chamber of representative mr mishra this was obviously a high council spirit mr after an internal command to the lashon all libyan army in
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the presence of the several libyan delegations representatives of the libyan society is the first time in this format. all of the leaders. don't acknowledge each other mutually met and agreed to work together and together . approved a joint declaration and it is a new fight instead but an important one which makes possible what is about to come to happen is the first time that. we have. gathered members of the international community under the umbrella of the united nations that have the need to know the libyan situation and neighboring countries african countries you know you. middle east countries european countries regional organization permanent members of the u.n. security council all of the countries which sometimes we need to say that over the
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last few years and tried. to pull strings behind the scenes by playing one against the other by feeding on the divisions and even the stabilizer it's destabilization have agreed to work together and express their support. for this work conducted by the libyans to carry committed over this road map and a joint declaration is the first time and it is vital that progress i wish to welcome a quality of the work i think was able. to be conducted with all of them and the very good relations. with them and we have had over the last few weeks has to work in that direction this. vital for libya first of all the libyan people aspires to security stability and to live better and to be able to express its
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sovereignty and is what we. owe to it what we sometimes decided to substrates substitute each other for sovereignty and i think we recognize the importance of the libyan people that. we have towards. and the work that we owe to it in old chief this result and this subject is important for the whole region the mobilization of africa the arab league and all the neighboring states. today the situation in libya is a problem of security of stabilization stability able to choose beyond that and affects most of those countries with serious consequences with the neighboring countries the whole in style and the potential destabilisation in africa but also in the near and middle east so the commitment of everyone behind a sovereign solution inclusive in libya is security.
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stability in the region and it affects us because we european states have seen the consequences of the libyan crisis i think of italy which has seen the last few months and years important migration and with whom we work exemplary manner and i wish to. welcome the commitment of italy that it has done but it has seen the consequences of a serious crisis. high representative of the european union was present mark their commitment to find a joint solution you see the talks that took place this morning for shone a desire to be committed on specific points first of all the senses on the need to unify governmental a new economic message curity institutionalised time. to find
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a solution and to put an end to any parallel institutional with progressive progression find a conclusion electronic the electoral the elections the decision and we have agreed this very morning to give ourselves a schedule and a procedure and therefore by the sixteenth sixteenth and september important date of the libyan people. are that we have interacted constitutional change which will be on the basis of the constitution existing constitutional declaration to be able to take electoral legal text that will allow to organize elections by the sixteenth of september joint agreement they were allowed to organize satisfactorily and their actual process either with a new constitution or law which voted and the three presidents have committed
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themselves over that which is pointless because they are the players that make plays that make this process possible was for several months moved by the lack of knowledge. and interrupt him in place a second element of the organization for the tenth of december two thousand and eighteen. to have presidential elections and legislative elections and therefore the commitment on the basis of this process to give fully surely to the libyan people and its sovereignty and to allow me to express it. taint it is. but it also leaks the expectations of the libyan people mr solomon has stated. libyan people to be committed to in this process to be able to express. to decide as quickly as possible and this
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process this act don't go sinister reaction i would be defined by mr salim a nephew of time of reading has been made for us. just a few moments ago. for mr saberi to speak and person i wish to state that the presence of twenty regional countries at the side of the united nations libyans today show of unity the international community in the fact that we have a unique commitment behind which we will work with all collectively committed to support the efforts to respect the collective. commitment it is in this respect a vital step and i here i wish to thank you the remarkable work conducted
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over the last few months and by mr sullum it is special envoy of the united nations i wish. i wish to thank you because right from the start you have taken up your responsibility to accept this inclusive dialogue and made possible. the meeting and the work that we've conducted here together we have clear and specific commitments schedule. has been officially informally approved by the stakeholders is being supported by the international community and we just need to act with one single and sole objective the interests of the libyan people thank you. president.
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all right well we heard from the president that emanuel macro describing for us the kind of agreement that is being committed by the four major leaders of libya as they assembled in paris at the. palace let's listen to prime minister us now let's hear what his take is on this agreement we've been kind of thing up with the suggestion for a year you know we can only be too happy that everybody agreed to of course so we reaffirm the existence and the need for a constitutional basis to organize a set of actions and the need to for everybody to work hand in hand to make sure the attacks and saw a success first of all for the house of representatives the high council of state will have to avoid by their commitments and vote the electoral laws in today's meeting asked everybody to stop fighting in libya to put an end to the bloodshed and off the well has done so far we want to call whatever everybody to stop the military escalation. and we hope to be able to reach
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a solution that will allow us to open up corridors and secure corridos to help the population to remain safe we really if a majority shoes or of terrorism and violence under all of its forms amongst the stakeholders that. if the foreign interference carries on in our country this will never be used to excess we need to have a unity i have between the countries in the region and live yet has to take very strong measures against those who want to interfere with the democratic process we can call who we can only call upon everybody to abide by what has been agreed today we are working together to succeed and we hope to be able to decide to have our will respected to while at the same time ever affecting the will of the people i would like to add something today we wanted there to be a constitutional framework in addition to an electoral though we were wondering whether. this constitutional basis would be
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a referendum on the tanks presented at the house of representatives or whether we would amend the constitution or whether we would take the chapter on elections in the constitutional draft or well we will look into what the different options the different alternatives and which might be able to specify this before september the sixty's in order to be able to hold the elections as a schedule of december the ted there has been an agreement to unify military institutions and. to follow suit on the cairo ty law that we're talking about military institutions we're talking about security and military situations under civilian authority this is very important because this is the choice of the people who to be able to once again i would like to thank president crawl and i would like to thank. for his efforts who we hope to be able to succeed all together in our interest thank you very much mr president i mean. mr president
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thank you so much i will be just to say the following. without. it and therefore i guess that was fires also large the prime minister of the u.n. that government based in tripoli this is some ali the.


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