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this is. our i'm so tired of this is the news our live from london coming up. israeli warplanes hit targets across gaza following earlier mortar attacks from the strip and israeli vessels around the palestinian boat trying to breach the sea blockade of gaza top north korean official heads to the u.s. to resurrect the proposed nuclear summit and bias training why coffee chain starbucks has closed thousands of its shops in the u.s. for a day. and bumpy to stem a c.
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in doha with all the day's sports including the king of clay digs deep as he goes in search of any live in french open title all of the details later this news hour . israeli warplanes have struck at least seven training or security facilities belonging to hamas and the group islamic jihad and a series of counterattacks that have sent tensions soaring in the gaza strip the strikes are in miss sponsor the palestinian factions launching that biggest assault on israel in four years the armed wings of islamic jihad and hamas have joint claimed responsibility for the attacks meanwhile israel says it has intercepted a boat carrying palestinian protesters attempting to breach the gaza israel sea border and that smith has more from gaza. the sound of explosions echoed over gaza for much of tuesday it's been the most
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intense exchange of rockets and mortars between israel and various fighting groups here for four years. israeli defenses intercepted many not all of the rockets. one of the armed groups in gaza islamic jihad said it would launch rockets because israel has killed three of its men to look out post earlier in the week. which runs gaza said israel had escalated tensions. this is collation is very dangerous from the zionist occupation and the complete responsibility for this is and it's really think asians or soon or the crimes will be responded to with resistance. israel's military said that some mortars hit a kibbutz and its kindergarten before it opened for the day. israel views with utmost gravity the attacks against it and its communities by hamas and islamic jihad from the gaza strip the military will respond with great force to these
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attacks israel will exact a heavy price from anyone who tries to attack it and we view hammer as the responsible party to prevent such attacks against us or you. as tensions rose along the fence palestinians also tried to break israel's naval blockade of gaza a boat with people on board who need medical treatment sailed out into the mediterranean heading for cyprus those ambitions sank sixteen kilometers out where the vessel was intercepted by the israeli navy and towed to an israeli port throughout tuesday other armed groups have joined in firing rockets and mortars into israel and israel's military has continued to hit targets in gaza ultimately hamas has influence over all these armed groups and is believed to be trying to calm things down but there is a lot of frustration here that after more than two months of protest and more than one hundred ten people killed palestinians here and no closer to ending israel's
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blockade of gaza. but it's with al jazeera. josh on is the executive director of the arab center of washington he joins me now via skype from washington d.c. thanks very much for coming on to algis there as our correspondent was basically saying angle is it really does feel like the desperation is now boiling i do you get the sense that things are spiraling. the violence is is going to end up in a much more dangerous situation i do indeed the escalation we have witnessed today is the worst since operation protective four years ago twenty fourteen this is a method by both sides the israeli military has said today that this is the worst escalation and the closest. israel has come to a war with hamas in gaza since twenty fourteen this escalation is unnecessary
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it's dangerous particularly to the demonstrators. at the border who are not related at all to this necessarily to this escalation and could cause a mystery on this side or that side that will cause further escalation down the road of course israeli situation as it deals with the kind of strikes that this joint now we understand how must an islamic jihad action a firing over that so what is the real reason that they are they are creating these these these attacks what is it what is behind it. my understanding for support of is is the tension has existed now for two months sixty days on the border with gaza. for tat responses from from both sides but mostly the use of live ammunition and tank fire and so on to shoot the
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demonstrators on the palestinian side of gaza. but some day i think there was an escalation with the israelis claiming there was an attempt at infiltration i don't know whether it took place or not but it was the way they described it an attempt at infiltration that they used islamic jihad war and they attacked islamic jihad targets killing three. groups in gaza so in retaliation islamic jihad unleashed thirty missiles or three. basically shots at the israeli side this morning and the israelis felt compelled to retaliate so it's this tension that exists on the border and that they thought that mentality on both sides responding to whether it is a legend oh real threats from the other side of course the deaths and the violence on the border caused international outrage so many countries lining up behind the
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gazans saying how outrageous it was but then after that it seems to really have dissipated is that one of the reasons as well do you think that there is this daring in gaza to try both with this about trying people out who were in need medical aid and the attacks on the board is that what they're trying to do to engage again the international community. again there were two purposes for the events of the past two months one is the deprivation of the depriving the palestinians of the right of return so the demonstration meant to highlight the need for international efforts to restore palestinian rights. by returning your chording to international law to their property to their own and to be compensated for that i mean since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. and then there were some unique also events returning to the situation in gaza which is the siege of
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gaza if gaza was not under israeli siege this wouldn't be happening so there is a rationale on the palestinian side to end that siege on the boat basically you know pertains to the second rationale to try to break the siege by sending people out of gaza mostly of course they were injured people in the events across the border to try to receive medical treatment due to the inadequacy decent medical situation in gaza hospital so they were going to lead to a limb a small cyprus and from there to turkey to receive adequate medical care we are grateful for your perspective on this thanks very much for joining us now. my pleasure thank you north korea's leader kim jong un has dispatched his top me tenants to the u.s. suggesting that preparations for a possible so much with donald trump event at a final stage u.s. president says he's put together
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a team for talks with ken young child now the vice chairman of north korea's ruling party and as andrew thomas reports from so has been plenty of movement with all the players involved. with just one flight daily from pyongyang to beijing sharp eyed camera operators can watch and wait to see who steps off it the man in the white shirt is kim yong troll stopping over in china before connecting onto a flight to the united states on wednesday kim yong chill heads north korea's into korean relations department and he's essentially the north korean leader on denuclearization talks he came to the winter olympics closing ceremony in south korea in february that events was the catalyst for the positive into korean relations since earlier this month he was at kim jong un side when u.s. secretary of state's mike pompei o visited pyongyang last saturday he was in the room when the leaders of the two koreas met for that surprise summit that he's on
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his way now to the u.s. probably to meet pompei again bodes well for the trump kim jong un summit so to the ongoing talks between the u.s. and north korean delegations happening inside the demilitarized zone this was the u.s. team leaving the seoul hotel early on tuesday morning led by an experienced south korean born u.s. diplomat soon kim their focus will be on the issues that donald trump and kim jong un would discuss trying to move from the general to the specific the u.s. delegation is staying herring so they drove an hour north just across the border on sunday possibly again on monday it's thought that's where they were heading again on tuesday in a phone call on monday the u.s. president and japanese prime minister agreed to meet in person. we agreed to have a tapan yes summit before day yes north korea summit but it's likely that will happen just before or after a g seven meeting in canada on the eighth of june like south korea's moon j. and shinzo abbate wants to ensure his concerns are addressed in any u.s.
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north korea summit not just those exclusive to donald trump and al-jazeera so our diplomatic editor james phase was recently in north korea and joins me now from new york james the most senior north korean official to come to the u.s. in a year's but he's not going to washington is going to a year in new york why do you think that is yeah he's coming to new york certainly we understand that in a few days he'll be meeting secretary of state mike pompei oh now the reason for coming to new york we're not being told anything by either the north koreans or the u.s. but we think that general kim who has met before in pyongyang would probably prefer to have this meeting in new york because remember that the u.s. and north korea don't have diplomatic relations that means there is no north korean embassy in washington d.c. to work out of whereas they have
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a mission here an embassy in effect to the united nations where he will have support from diplomats they'll have translators about the most important of all they'll have a secure communication leg back to pyongyang so they can pass what's being said here back to chairman kim for approval also diplomatic meetings going on not just the one he's obviously going to have with the secretary of state and what the thing is just think they are discussing is it about what's as much on the table as not on the table when it comes to the summit. yeah i think it is i think it's about the parameters of a deal and how far east side is prepared to go and i think there are three main areas one of course is the whole issue of denuclearization what do the north koreans mean by that the u.s. certainly mean they get rid of all of their nuclear weapons but the north koreans may well say well we want to denuclearized korean peninsula and that may involve in their minds getting rid of the u.s. troops which of course are supported by the u.s.
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is not clear. so that's one issue the other is the fact the north koreans will want some sort of security guarantee how can you come up with some sort of pact or non-aggression pact perhaps and of course there is one other issue which is the extent of north korea's nuclear program the u.s. and other international allies of the u.s. don't really know exactly what north korea has where it's hidden and whether it actually works so they'll want north korea to come clean to good to talk to james dance their life or as. coming up on al-jazeera this news hour russia the u.s. and jordan join forces to protect a fragile ceasefire in an area of syria but he's on the government's target list please reveal the man who killed three people including two police officers in the air with a security watch list and in sports the golden state against cleveland in the n.b.a. finals for first time in the details and that peter. libya's
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rival factions have agreed to hold elections on december the tenth i mean to bring an end to seven years of instability they made the commitment as some it's hosted by the french president in paris the eastern based run again general khalifa haftar was at the meeting along with his rival the head of the u.n. backed government in tripoli prime minister. i ask everybody to stop fighting in libya or to put an end to the bloodshed we want to call on everybody to stop the military escalation and don't know and we hope to be able to reach a solution that will allow us to open our kholi doors and secure them for people safety we reaffirmed our opposition to terrorism if the foreign interference continues in our country this will never be a success we need to have unity between the countries in the region and libya will
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take strong measures against those who interfere with the democratic process and the has more from paris. well the french president called this an historic meeting of first the fact that the four main libyan rival leaders work around the table together and have agreed to all the way forward they said that they have agreed to create the framework for a constitution by september of this year and december the tenth there will be elections now that is something of a the chief meant it will be heralded as a triumph at least in french diplomatic circles it's something that a model mark or has been very intent on trying to push forward he believes that a solution must be found to the chaos and instability in libya that is basically plagued the country since the fall of mahama gadhafi in two thousand and eleven why because of course libya is just across the mediterranean sea from europe what happens in libya has an impact on your from people trafficking it's on the migrant
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route and to armed groups in the traffic of weapons in an old mark or a young dynamic leader determined to rush ahead try and find solutions but analysts say it's a very risky strategy because many of the factions in libya on the ground did not have representation here we know that at least thirty factions from western libya boycotted this agreement and also analysts saying december for elections will that simply unrealistic it's too rushed so forth with difficulty for the french it's a diplomatic success but will this really translate to success on the ground remains to be seen russia has announced a summit with the u.s. and jordan to discuss the fate of a deescalation zone in southern syria syrian government forces are reportedly being sent to be a rebel held area in preparation for an offensive and there are fears the fighting will shatter the french our state of peace there reports from beirut. this corner
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of syria has been quiet for over a year there are fears that may change washington has threatened the syrian government that it will act if it moves against the rebels and. the u.s. along with russia and jordan are guarantors of a cease fire in those southern provinces now moscow says they will meet soon a day after jordan said the three countries see eye to eye on the need to preserve the truce. but there are many questions about what they agree on we don't know the answers what kind of an agreement will they reach how long will the ceasefire last would it be a permanent cease fire what about the force that would control this area will government rule return to south in syria. which is what the syrian government wants state t.v. has been beating the drums of war it says the army is sending reinforcements to the area in preparation for an offensive the opposition enclaves are along the borders
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of israel and jordan both countries want russia to make sure iran and its allied militias stay away from the area it seems moscow supports their position. from the very beginning of the agreement on forming a deescalation area in southwestern syria for the eventual withdrawal of all of syria's forces from this part of syria the result. should be a situation in which troops of the syrian armed forces will be stationed alongside the syrian border with israel. but israel denied reports of an agreement with russia to prevent the deployment of back to forces in the area prime minister benjamin netanyahu said israel is not interested in any partial agreement. to syria opposition is clear we believe that there is no place for any iranian military presence anywhere in syria. there has been escalating tensions following
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a series of israeli strikes on iranian targets in syria there are reports that iranian and iranian backed forces have withdrawn from the front lines in southern syria and reposition closer to damascus if this is confirmed it will mean there is progress in the talks jordan and israel want those forces away from their borders and russia is pushing to return state rule to that corner of syria without the need for military action. syrian army commanders and their allies say the battle plan is ready and preparations are completed clearly keeping up the pressure while diplomacy takes the front seat to. beirut at least three people including two police officers have been killed by a gunman in eastern belgium clay shot dead the suspect in a gun battle at a school. prosecutors say he was on a watch list and are treating it as a terrorist incident david chaytor how small. the
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sound of gunshots in the center of the asia's offices gave chase to police women already lay dead on the street the attacker had stabbed them in the back seized their revolvers and shot them at point blank range as he headed towards a nearby school he killed a man in a car and then took a caretaker hostage in a fierce exchange of fire more police were injured but they managed to shoot him dead. easy among king i'm going to use and he's a decent good food see good to good health for a lot of children running to roost for the cold read and. ice cold beer playing but i hear the gunshots which is like. and literally it's sold. to the streets in. this newsgroup
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as police forensic teams combed the area eyewitnesses described how the attacker had shouted allahu akbar god is great and mentioned the war in syria prosecutors said they were investigating it as a terrorist incident the man who carried out this attack was on a day release from prison he failed to return to his cell the inmates there described him as a violent man police now believe he might have been right. allies inside the prison . described as a petty criminal with drug connections in the city the police are now trying to form a profile of the man and search for a credible motive david chaytor out zero the year. starbucks is closing files and service coffee shops across the united states on tuesday for staff training on racial bias the chain was criticized last month when two black men were arrested are waiting for a friend at its branch in philadelphia were runnels reports on how another hot
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drink business is serving up equality training in washington. at the calabash tea house shelves are filled with traditional remedies herbal mixtures to ease aching joints soothe frazzled nerves and even spark romance it's a form of knowledge handed down from centuries past says owner sonia ayman i'm a fifth generation herbalist a natural healer and so my job is really to continue that tradition but another part of her job is working with employees to make them aware of implicit bias whether on the basis of race gender age sexual orientation or anything else we're always talking to our staff from moment to moment about their interactions with both about exampling the best behavior and best practices to make sure everyone feels that they're welcome if you don't correct it in the moment it becomes a deep seated behavior that it's implied that it's ok and it's not ok as part of
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starbucks effort to undo the damage its reputation suffered following the widely publicized arrest of two black customers at one of its stores the company is shutting eight thousand shops on may twenty ninth and giving employees a training session on implicit bias and customer service we're here to make starbucks a place where everyone everyone feels welcome starbucks barred the press from the sessions but released a video showing what employees will be taught social scientists say changing people's behavior and implicit biases is hard work and takes time employee training sessions are a start but not a solution as they also say the effort must include specific achievable goals do you have outcomes that would signal that the diversity efforts inclusion efforts are working i do a lot of times that's where it stops people saying. we just want people to be
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unbiased so nonspecific how would you ever know if you actually have achieved it centuries of racial bias and stereotyping have lift deeply etched patterns of thought and behavior that are not easily removed it's a sad result of the stain of racism and so strongly underneath american culture that we grow up into and we begin the see certain people are suspicious of other people as less suspicious certain people as valuable other people as less valuable back at the calabash amun has her own ideas on fighting bias i think the number one rule is assume the best. part of the issues that we see with bias in the news is that the worst was the sand and that's where we get into trouble. approach to customer satisfaction seems to be working business is good and she's opening another teashop later this year robert oulds washington.
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where the men were arrested in philadelphia i guess you could say now i needs it more than the one you're actually out of any clues as to what this training is all about. well as that story pointed out starbucks would not allow the news media inside is the trainings are going on they are still going on behind me at this starbucks more than a thousand around the country as i speak basically it's a good question and what starbucks is saying is the screenings come down to what they call third place they say the first place being your home the second place being your work or business and the third place being as what starbucks said is starbucks where people come together to have coffee and and join friends and family and what have you the trainings are mostly videos by starbucks employees of starbucks management and trainers and then the employees apparently are going to be breaking into groups where they discuss different bias issues and how to deal with
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gaming is it possible to estimate how much this is cost the company. well it's saying but it is unprecedented for us companies because starbucks to shut down so many stores like this to do training. they're saying that it's anywhere between ten and twenty million dollars in lost profits because of this but starbucks says that's a small price to pay given how bad this situation was at this starbucks last month when these two black men were kicked out and arrested they say that led to. calls on social media and elsewhere to boycotts boycott starbucks and the company is basically saying they need to make this situation right and he critics however say that this is just simply a p.r. move by the company and that no way that a few hours of racial bias training over will will make up for decades
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of racial bias here in america either way though it is unprecedented for a company as to give starbucks the biggest coffee chain in the world. to shut down all their stores in the u.s. to have a training such as this costing the company tens of millions of dollars of profits no doubt but they hope that they'll be made up for with the millions of goodwill from their customers that feel that this was just unjust so many people too many fines gabriel is on the ballot giving us the latest on the starbucks by his training. still to come on al-jazeera the private search for malaysia airlines flight m h three seventy comes to an end with it hopes of us solving one of the world's greatest aviation mysteries. of our resurgence in arts and culture could help generate political change in iraq and maggots continues its true.


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