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money there's a risk that you get those people who think. in german and the new germans. this talk of a truce softer attacks and counterattacks by palestinian factions and israel. and iran welcome to our. headquarters in doha with me elizabeth also ahead it appears the united states plans come up with north korea is back on as pyongyang sends a singer official to the u.s. for matings a russian journalist shot and killed in ukraine police believe he was targeted
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because his work was critical of the kremlin and russia the u.s. and jordan join forces to protect a fragile ceasefire in a part of syria that's on the government's target list. israel is denying reports that it's agreed to a truce with palestinian factions in gaza israel has struck dozens of targets in the gaza strip and response to attacks by hamas and islamic jihad the palestinian factions launched their biggest assault on israel and for years the u.s. has requested an urgent u.n. security council meeting to discuss the rocket strikes burnitz with reports from gaza. the sound of explosions over gaza for much of tuesday it's been the most intense exchange of rockets and mortars between israel and various fighting groups here for years. israeli defenses
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intercepted many all of the rockets one of the armed groups in gaza islamic jihad said it would launch rockets because israel killed three of its men to look out post earlier in the week. which runs gaza said israel had escalated tensions. this is a collation is very dangerous for the zionist occupation and the bears complete responsibility for these that collation and it's really. the compiler soo know that the crimes will be responded to with resistance. israel's military said that some mortars hit a kibbutz and its kindergarten before it opened for the day. israel views with utmost gravity the attacks against it and its communities by hamas and islamic jihad from the gaza strip the military will respond with great force to these attacks israel will exact a heavy price from anyone who tries to attack it and we view how as the responsible
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party to prevent such attacks against us. throughout tuesday other armed groups have joined in firing rockets and mortars into israel and israel's military has continued to hit targets in gaza ultimately hamas has influence over all these armed groups and is believed to be trying to calm things down but there is a lot of frustration here that after more than two months of protest more than one hundred people killed palestinians here and closer to ending israel's blockade of gaza but it's with al-jazeera. the former u.s. national security official hillary mann leverett says the latest palestinian actions may cost them some sympathy around the world. i think the palestinians have been much more effective in terms of their their case here in washington and i think particularly in european capitals when they are engaged in what seen. seem generally as nonviolent resistance but when it goes anything further than
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that where there could be some sort of an attack on israeli civilians even though it still may be justified as a way to defend oneself against an illegal occupation it's the political discourse does change and i think that you see in particular on the u.s. side someone like the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley who is very politically ambitious here she is seizing on that to now have a u.n. security council meeting that will. what her hope is is to really condemn the palestinians even though just a few weeks ago they had broad sympathy i think at the united nations even here in washington and certainly in european capitals and in the separate development as well has released all of the seventeen palestinian protesters detained on a boat that was headed to cyprus they attempted to breach israel's naval blockade of gaza the israeli navy intercepted the boat shortly after the departure and towed
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it to an israeli port. let's move on to other news now and the u.s. state department has suggested that the summit between donald trump and kim jong un and singapore next month is back on that comes as the north korean leaders right hand man travels to the u.s. for talks with secretary of state mike pompei. the united states continues to actively prepare for president trump's expected summit with leader kim in singapore president trump will meet with prime minister shinzo ave of japan on june the seventh at the white house and the secretary palm pale looks forward to being a part of those meetings north korean vice chairman of the central committee kim yong chola is arriving in new york and will meet with secretary palm pale later this week we also have a u.s. delegation meeting with the north korean delegation in the d.m.z. . and to thomas has the latest from seoul the talks that began on sunday and continue on wednesday inside the demilitarized zone between the u.s. delegation and a north korean delegation shrouded in secrecy as you can imagine we're not getting
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anything from either side directly involved but an official of the president's palace here in seoul in south korea said on wednesday that those talks are proceeding well so far that's the only clue we've had that same official also said that he expects a fruitful outcome from the meeting between kim yong chill essentially kim jong un's right hand man and much pomp a.o. meeting will happen in new york later this week now separately to the u.s. north korean talks and into korean summit will be held on friday that will be between high level officials from north and south korea and essentially they'll be talking about a longer term aims and ambitions among other officials there of people from the respective transport on the railroad ministries long term they would like to reestablish rail links between the two koreas but the summits need to take place first between donald trump and kim jong il and talk of a renewed rail link will that's a long way down the track. now the u.s.
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says it will impose a twenty five percent tariff on fifty billion dollars worth of imports from china it will also restrict investment by chinese companies in the u.s. and limit exports of high tech goods to china earlier this month the two countries are going to look at measures to cut china's trade surplus in a move that appeared to reduce the risk of a trade war between the world's two largest economies and the u.s. state department's planning changes to the visa system for chinese students as part of president trump's attempt to crack down on what he calls the theft of u.s. intellectual property officials are expected to limit student visas to one year for us chinese students who plan to do graduate work in science or technology a prominent russian journalist has been shot and killed at his apartment and ukraine. was a bomb on critic of president vladimir putin place in care said the forty one year old could have been targeted because of his job it's been reported that left russia
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because he feared for his life well earlier on tuesday every action was swift from the ukraine and russia the united nations. stewards you would move today in kiev russian national the reporter who was killed this happened literally a couple of hours ago we can suppose now that the ukrainians will accused russia of it this is already happened on many occasions. of course. always going to be that here is another our police already started investigating earlier to see who is behind it. understand in. similar cases we have strong reasons just say the dresher there is june glory also also as with their tricks for disability and you agree. there are reasons the russians and political system nations or chalons has more from moscow.
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ukrainian police say that our caddie bob janko was found bleeding in his apartment by his wife he received several gunshot wounds and died on his way to the hospital ukrainian politicians says the gunman had been waiting in the stairwell of the building and shot but janko as he came back from a trip to the grocery store now this man was a journalist rights an activist he was self exiled from his home country russia he had served in the chechen wars in the ninety's and early two thousand and that experience had made him both very anti war and also anti putin in the protest movement of two thousand and eleven two thousand and twelve he had tried to organize forceful resistance against the putin government but it was an online post in two thousand and sixteen that
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triggered his flight from russia he had basically said the. military plane crash in syria in which a russian. military choir die and various russian journalists as well he said that left him in difference because he disagreed with the military campaign that russia was involved in in syria that was the start of a of a russian media campaign against him and he felt that his life was in danger that's why he fled first to prague and then to kiev but it seems that that wasn't enough to keep him safe that the russian government has swung into gear already regarding this the foreign ministry is saying that it expects that kiev conducts a quick and transparent investigation that it wants international organization to take over that investigation as well the presidential human. rights council here in
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russia says that this is a very provocative killing and the state duma that's the lower house of parliament announced that this murder proves that ukraine is the most dangerous country for journalists the upper house says that kiev will likely use bob jenkins death for its own political games so russia being fast in getting its messaging out there i think it knows that the spotlight is going to be pointing at moscow as a possible source of this hit now moscow says there's an agreement to hold a three way meeting between russia the u.s. and jordan to discuss the deescalation side and southern sylvia the announcement follows reports that syrian government forces are being sent to the area in preparation for an offensive saying a ha there are reports from beirut. this corner of syria has been quiet for over a year there are fears that may change washington has threatened the syrian
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government that it will act if it moves against the rebels in the end the u.s. along with russia and jordan are guarantors of a cease fire in those southern provinces now moscow says they will meet soon a day after jordan said the three countries see eye to eye on the need to preserve the truce. but there are many questions about what they agree on we don't know what kind of an agreement will they reach how long will the ceasefire last would it be a permanent cease fire what about the force that would control this area will government rule return. that is what the syrian government wants state t.v. has been. it says the army. to the area in preparation for an offensive the opposition enclaves are along the borders of israel and jordan both countries want russia to make sure iran and its allied militias stay away from the
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area it seems moscow supports their position. from the very beginning of the agreement on forming a deescalation area in southwestern syria for the eventual withdrawal of all forces from this part of syria the result. should be a situation in which troops of the syrian armed forces will be stationed alongside the syrian border with israel. but israel denied reports of an agreement with russia to prevent the deployment of back to forces in the area prime minister benjamin netanyahu said israel is not interested in any partial agreement. to syria opposition is clear we believe that there is no place for any iranian military presence anywhere in syria. there has been escalating tension following a series of israeli strikes on iranian targets in syria there are reports that iranian and iranian backed forces have withdrawn from the front lines in southern
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syria and reposition closer to damascus if this is confirmed it will mean there is progress in the talks jordan and israel want those forces away from their borders and russia is pushing to return rule to that corner of syria without the need for military action. syrian army commanders and their allies say the battle plan is ready and preparations are completed clearly keeping up the pressure while diplomacy takes the front seat. beirut. still ahead on the bulletin dozens of people in kenya facing criminal charges in a corruption scandal as. change a coffee date shut down all of its eight dollars in stores in the u.s. for the day.
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hello and welcome to look at weather conditions across the americas now what's left of sub tropical depression alberto continues to move up across parts of the southern u.s. really across much of this there is a lot of heavy rain at the moment as a result of the air coming up from the gulf of mexico region so heavy rain likely through up towards the eastern seaboard new york probably not faring too bad the highs of twenty one parts of the upper midwest through the northern plains and into the prairies of canada has seen some heavy showers as well winnipeg quite woman twenty four degrees but some heavy downpours are likely not risk continues to head on through into thursday but generally brighter conditions them for washington d.c. highs of twenty eight and dry conditions across georgia and into florida out across parts of the west where the conditions gerri not looking too bad we've got a few shows over the rockies but otherwise find some francisco highs of sixteen down into the caribbean and the circulation which alberto generated has produced
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a lot of clout and a lot of heavy rain also across the bahamas and through into western parts of cuba but still going to in the course of wednesday but by thursday it should be gradually clearing away so brighter conditions then across the rest of the caribbean weather conditions looking quite good for the most part should be a fine day in kingston jamaica and here the be a high of thirty two. in the next episode of thrice nikki clark two into groupings current on a voyage through the wood will seek to highlight the importance of protecting this fragile and topic ecosystem against an expanding list of manmade threats believe the surface of this magnificent desolation is just teeming with life of bees in the remotest masses all of the nz arctic century on al-jazeera.
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it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories israel is denying reports that it's agreed to a truce with palestinian factions in gaza and struck dozens of targets in the gaza strip in response to attacks by hamas and islamic jihad. the u.s. state department has suggested the summit between donald trump and kim jong un and singapore next month is back on the north korean leader's right hand man is traveling to the u.s. for talks with secretary of state. and a prominent russian journalist has been shot and killed at his apartment in ukraine . it was a critic of president vladimir putin police and the forty one year old could have been targeted because of his job. to kenya now where almost half the people
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arrested in a corruption scandal have now been charged by prosecutors and total forty officials and fourteen business spend a quarter of the case involving the national youth service or n.y.s. the director and other staff members are among those arrested in dawn raids on monday and why is a power in the true training institution and at the forefront of a president who to kenya has a plan to combat youth unemployment catherine sawyer reports from nairobi. well people here in kenya very angry and frustrated about this particularly because it's coming off the back of another scandal that involves hundreds of thousands of dollars and still involved the same national youth service now the national youth service is this agency that was started to help cobb unemployment's its young people go there there for vocational training to help in government projects as well so what is happening now in this new scandal the police are investigating the
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prosecutor's office have said that are more than fifty people including theme officials all of this national youth service are being investigated and will be prosecuted businesspeople as well the central bank is also helping with investigations particularly looking into the banks where this money was channeled through the reduces force to recover their sources. and secondly to do with. this sort of produce president uhuru kenyatta has also weighed in on the matter and said that there is no room for corruption in this government he said that people are going to be held to account but our own kenyans are also frustrated by king arthur because these are things that we've had before and particularly because he come paint twice on the platform of no corruption and so people saying that they
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want to see more action they want to see convictions on thursday there's going to be a protest march organized by several civil society groups saying that they have had enough because we're not just talking about corruption in this youth service there have also been corruption allegations involving several other government bodies. thousands of workers ago on strike in greece to protest against continued high taxes and unemployment they also increase privatization which they fear. what lead to more job losses. reports from the power plant in the town of. megalopolis. make a locally introduced electricity to southern greece in one nine hundred seventy the public power corporation p.p.c. invested hundreds of millions of dollars in a power plant based on exclusive access to cheap lignite coal but that is about to change greece's eurozone partners and creditors have ordered the corporation to
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share access to this abundant fuel in the name of competition the p.p.c. is being forced to sell three power stations and the lignite mines that feed them union leaders fear that will put eleven hundred jobs at risk in this town alone the little guy got on the global list of the good paying the whole idea this power station called to be did greatly decrease his energy security for half a century now we're expected to sell it to a privateer in the blink of an eye they're coming in to buy ready built plants and mines that's not development development is building new plants hiring people creating jobs this is a sellout there's enough coal here to run the past ation for another fifteen years that would see most of the present workforce safely into retirement but under privatisation their jobs are guaranteed for only six years so they're looking at the prospect of unemployment in middle age but they are partly the victims of their own success the p.p.c. union has fought liberalization for two decades the public power corporation built the electricity market and its infrastructure from nothing over the past century
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making money wasn't the point investment in the economy was the goal but under europe's free market rules it must now divest itself of its titanic monopoly it has sold its transmission network is privatizing three profitable power stations and by the end of next year must lose half its client base high carbon dioxide emissions risk putting lignite coal out of action altogether last year this plant paid thirteen and a half million dollars in emissions fine. and their costs have since nearly tripled energy experts say the real value of the sale is not in the existing operation but the thousands of hectares of land and the operating license that come with it so we may well see in a situation where no one or you all know or come scene operators that ignite power plant a few years and then decides to dismantle the lignite. parts of the operation and substituted with a gas power plant or
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a fourth all take one that's not a transition workers here support renewable energy requires little labor and if this land is given over to a different use it likely won't require their skills jumps at all plus al-jazeera megalopolis. germany is marking the twenty fifth anniversary of an acid attack that killed five turkish citizens two women and three children were killed in the bombing and selling and the racist assault carried out by a group of young german men was considered one of the country's worst hate crimes chancellor angela merkel has attended a memorial along with turkey's foreign minister childish or. their view of islam. we especially have to protect those people who are the target of xenophobia racism and n.t. seem it ism because the state has a special responsibility here we are very aware of that that's why it's indispensable that german security authorities do everything they can to prevent
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and clear up right wing extremists crimes we know and this knowledge that our far too at times make serious mistakes as the german government we can only ask for forgiveness. a new survey has put the death toll from puerto rico as hurrican last year at more than four and a half thousand people that surround seventy times the official government numbers how can maria devastated the u.s. territory in september of course and power outages widespread destruction and ninety billion dollars worth of damage the government previously put the death toll that just sixty four people but an estimate compiled by harvard university and thousands more died during the three months after the storm or kenneth mcclintock is puerto rico's former left tenant governor and he says the new figure is not surprising. an official count as been done until february has them and counting since then based on the very strict rules that the c.d.c.
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the center for disease control in atlanta provides to states and territories under the u.s. flag so we followed those rules and based on that those were the direct deaths that were accounted for through the first few months after the hurricane now the research was done was more medically oriented rules and based on that we're not surprised clearly if we had been a state of the union was two senators and four or five congressmen it would have taken so long to get the help that we're getting but we are a territory and as a territory we treat it as such i have no doubt that they would become a state if we have a major disaster like this one in the future we will get much more health much faster we have to treat these numbers positively first use it to document to the center for disease control atlanta why the rules have to be changed so that you have a better head count or
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a body count or whatever that is more accurate and closer to reality second we have to use all this data that we're getting from the harvard study the one that we will be getting for the george washington university study that was commissioned by the governor several months ago plus whatever other data we have to be able to draft a road map to the term and what systems have to be hardened what things have to be changed one thing they have to be improved to avoid so many deaths in the future. libya's rather factions have agreed to hold elections in december aimed at ending seven years of instability the leaders of the four main groups pledge their commitment to the vote at a summit in paris hosted by french president emmanuel macron where un backed prime minister fires and so raj and renegade general holly for half the said they'll respect the results. starbucks has closed thousands of stores in the u.s. the staff can get training to avoid racial bias the move follows an incident last
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month when two black men were kicked out of the coffee shop after asking to use the bathroom gabriel elizondo reports from philadelphia. at first it was business as usual at starbucks but by midday the doors were locked and stead of serving. the only thing on the menu was racial bias training for employees this sign was put on the front door telling customers to come back tomorrow five to the press wasn't allowed inside a new starbucks released we arcs of the training that. managers first trainers discuss each racial bias and how to deal with it and the company trimmings third place in the place between home and work we don't where everyone is welcome or can we structurally change the organization it's an unprecedented move the world's largest coffee chain closing over eight thousand stores it racial bias training to one hundred seventy five thousand employees it's in response to this cellphone images captured two black men that were kicked out of the starbucks after asking an
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employee to use the washroom while waiting for a business meeting police were called protest calling to boycott starbucks and sued making a public relations nightmare on tuesday outside that very starbucks store customers had mixed feelings if the training's would really solve underlying issues of racial bias i think it's a positive thing and place it by bias training so don't cover the full scope of of complexity when it comes to addressing white supremacy critics say one day of racial bias training without any sort of measurable benchmarks is simply not enough but starbucks founder says this is just the beginning racial bias trainings like this could be coming to a starbucks near you no matter where you live in the world we hire one hundred thousand new people a year this is going to be part of the ongoing training we're going to globalize this i've been through the training myself as as has all the global leaders and
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this is something that we're going to stay with starbucks knows they cannot change decades of racial bias in america but hope. that with a little training they can at least make change in their stores. philadelphia. it was jones as a diversity consultant in washington d.c. and she thinks more u.s. companies should follow starbucks example i think that there is a level of authenticity with this c.e.o. unlike other incidents that we've seen here in the states the c.e.o. stood up pretty immediately and said that this company would take action obviously this is obviously a p.r. tragedy that no company wants to face right but he could have just ignored it he could have just moved on we've had other incidents here particularly i think a great example is the waffle house horrible incidents there and their owners have really done nothing as a result at least with starbucks they've started to make
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a change in terms of taking the other president an act of setting down thousands of stores having some level of racial bias training isn't enough no but i do believe they do deserve some recognition that they are moving in the right direction and i think it would be great if other companies would sort of take their lead and be more proactive when they have racist incidents like this occur in their establishments. and i mean there's a problem and how with the headlines on al-jazeera israel is denying reports that us agree to a truce with palestinian factions in gaza that struck dozens of targets in the gaza strip in response to attacks by hamas and the armed group islamic jihad. the u.s. state department has suggested the summit between donald trump and kim jong un and signed up for next month is back on the north korean leader's right hand man is
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traveling to the u.s. for talks with secretary of state mike pompei oh oh. a prominent russian journalist has been shot and killed at his apartment and ukraine. was a well known critic of president vladimir putin police and the forty one year old could have been targeted because of his job that's been reported left russia because if feared for his life well earlier on tuesday a reaction was first from ukraine and russia and the united nations. stewards you wouldn't today hear a russian national reporter arkadi junket was killed this happened literally a couple of hours ago we can suppose now that the ukrainians will accused russia of it this is already happened on many occasions of course. always considered here is an enemy our police already started investigation early to see who is behind it but understand in. similar cases
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we have strong reasons just says the dresher there is june glory also also as it there for disability and you agree. there are reasons aversions and political system nations. and kenya almost half of the people arrested in a corruption scandal have now been charged by prosecutors in total forty officials and fourteen businessmen a quarter in the case that involve the national youth service the n y s is a paramilitary training institution at the forefront of president hu to kenya plan to combat youth unemployment a new survey found more than. four and a half thousand people died in puerto rico's harken last year the government previously put the toll at just sixty four those are the headlines on al-jazeera earthrise is next. they help build clean and feed the capital but they're not welcome anymore when he says when this is the mass of asians and demolitions
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forcing two hundred thousand of beijing's poor from their homes. on al-jazeera. i'm the way they'll see in antarctica the site of an extraordinary bids to create the largest protected area on a. for this special episode of a thrice we're going on board the greenpeace icebreaker optic sunrise following one
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of the biggest campaigns in the.


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