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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 30, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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this talk of a truce softer attacks and counterattacks by palestinian factions and israel. and iran welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with me in this with ron and also ahead it appears the united states plan summit with north korea is back on as pyongyang sends a senior official to the u.s. a russian journalist a shot and killed in ukraine police believe he was targeted because he was critical of the kremlin and as greece's financial aid program comes to an end electricity workers are angry at servite privatization and potential job cuts.
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as well as denying reports that it's agreed to a truce with palestinian factions and gaza israel has struck dozens of targets in the gaza strip in response to attacks by hamas and islamic jihad the palestinian factions launched their biggest a song called israel and for years the u.s. has requested and urgent u.n. security council meeting to discuss the rocket attacks but it smith reports from gaza. the sound of explosions occurred over gaza for much of tuesday it's been the most intense exchange of rockets and mortars between israel and various fighting groups here for years. israeli defenses intercepted many all of the rockets. one of the armed groups in gaza islamic jihad said it would launch rockets because israel killed three of its men to look out
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post earlier in the week. which runs gaza said israel had escalated tensions. this is a collation is very dangerous from the zionist occupation and the bears complete responsibility for this is and it's really think ations the compiler su know that the crimes will be responded to with resistance. israel's military said that some mortars hit a kibbutz and its kindergarten before it opened for the day. israel views with utmost gravity the attacks against it and its communities by hamas and islamic jihad from the gaza strip the military will respond with great force to these attacks israel will exact a heavy price from anyone who tries to attack it and we've you have as the responsible party to prevent such attacks against us. throughout tuesday other armed groups have joined in firing rockets and mortars
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into israel and israel's military has continued to hit targets. ultimately hamas has influence over all these armed groups and is believed to be trying to calm things down but there is a lot of frustration here that after more than two months of protest more than one hundred people killed palestinians here and closer to ending israel's blockade of gaza but it's with al-jazeera. of housing president mahmoud abbas has accused israel of aggression and have to remember the young difficult days have passed on the west bank drucilla and especially on the gas astri these patients lunch today a fierce aggression on the gaza strip with rockets and aircraft this indicates that does not want peace however we want peace and we demand peace. former u.s. national security official hillary mann leverett says the latest palestinian actions may cost them some sympathy around the world i think the palestinians have
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been much more effective in terms of their their case here in washington and i think particularly in european capitals when they are engaged in what seen. seem generally as nonviolent resistance but when it goes anything further than that where there could be some sort of an attack on israeli civilians even though it still may be justified as a way to defend oneself against an illegal occupation it's the political discourse does change and i think that you see in particular on the u.s. side someone like the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley who is very politically ambitious here she is seizing on that to now have a u.n. security council meeting that will. what her hope is is to really condemn the palestinians even though just a few weeks ago they had broad sympathy i think at the united nations even here in washington and certainly in european capitals. and on
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a separate development as well has released one of the seventeen palestinian protesters detained on the boat that was headed to cyprus their attempt to breach israel's naval blockade of gaza the israeli navy intercepted the boat shortly after the departure and to an israeli port move on to other news now the u.s. state department has suggested the summit between donald trump and kim jong un and singapore next month is back on it comes as the north korean leaders right hand man travels to the u.s. for talks with secretary of state mike pompei. the united states continues to actively prepare for president trump's expected summit with leader kim in singapore president trump will meet with prime minister shinzo ave of japan on june the seventh at the white house and as secretary pompei o looks forward to being a part of those meetings north korean vice chairman of the central committee kim yong chael is arriving in new york and will meet with secretary palm pale later this week we also have a u.s. delegation meeting with the north korean delegation in the d.m.z.
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. thomas has the latest from solver. the talks that began on sunday and continue on wednesday inside the demilitarized zone between a u.s. delegation and a north korean delegation shrouded in secrecy as you can imagine we're not getting anything from either side directly involved but an official of the president's palace here in seoul in south korea said on wednesday that those talks are proceeding well so far that's the only clue we've had that same official also said that he expects a fruitful outcome from the meeting between kim yong chill essentially kim jong un's right hand man and mark pompei o meeting will happen in new york later this week now separately to the u.s. north korean talks and into a korean summit will be held on friday that will be between high level officials from north and south korea and essentially they'll be talking about a longer term aims and ambitions among other officials there are people from the respective transport on the railroad ministries long term they would like to
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reestablish rail links between the two koreas but the summits need to take place first between donald trump and kim jong il and talk of a renewed rail link well that's a long way down the track. a prominent russian journalist has been shot and killed at his apartment and ukraine ok but checco was a well known critic of president vladimir putin police and here said the forty one year old could have been targeted because of his job it's been reported that left russia because he feared for his life or earlier on tuesday a reaction was swift from ukraine and russia and the united nations. who is you wouldn't have today in russian national the reporter arkadi was killed this happened literally a couple of hours ago we can suppose now that the ukrainians will accuse russia of it this is already happened on many occasions of course most gore always conceded here is an enemy our police already started to investigate earlier to see
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who is behind it. but i understand in. similar cases we have strong reasons just say that pressure this june ploy also also as a tactics for this to be allies in ukraine is still conduct of acts of terrorism subversion. in political or assisting nations roy chalons has more from moscow. ukrainian police say that arkady bob janko was found bleeding in his apartment by his wife he received several gunshot wounds and died on his way to the hospital ukrainian politicians says the gunman had been waiting in the stairwell of the building and shot but janko as he came back from a trip to the grocery store now this man was a journalist rights an activist he was self exiled
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from his home country russia he'd served in the chechen wars in the ninety's and early two thousand and that experience had made him both very anti war and also anti putin in the protest movement of two thousand and eleven two thousand and twelve he had tried to organize forceful resistance against the putin government but it was an online post in two thousand and sixteen that triggered his flight from russia he had basically said the. military plane crash in syria in which a russian. military choir die and various russian journalists as well he said that left him in difference because he disagreed with the military campaign that russia was involved in in syria that was the start of a of a russian media campaign against him and he felt that his life was in danger that's
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why he fled first to prague and then to kiev but it seems that that wasn't enough to keep him safe that the russian government has swung into gear already regarding this the foreign ministry is saying that it expects that kiev conducts a quick and transparent investigation that it wants. the organization to take over that investigation as well the presidential human rights council here in russia says that this is a very provocative killing and the state duma that's the lower house of parliament announced that this murder proves that ukraine is the most dangerous country for journalists the upper house says that kiev will likely use bob jenkins death for its own political games so russia being fast in getting its messaging out there i think it knows that the spotlight is going to be pointing at moscow as a possible source of this hit. to greece now
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a thousands of workers are going on strike to protest against continued high taxes and unemployment that also angry at increase profit as a show in which they fear would lead to more job losses transfer opulence reports from the power plant in the town of megalopolis. make a locally introduced electricity to southern greece in one nine hundred seventy the public power corporation p p c invested hundreds of millions of dollars in a power plant based on exclusive access to cheap lignite coal but that is about to change greece's euro zone partners and creditors have ordered the corporation to share access to this abundant fuel in the name of competition the p.p.c. is being forced to sell three power stations and the lignite mines that feed them union leaders fear that will put eleven hundred jobs at risk in this town alone the little guy got them available so they're getting the whole idea this power station called to be did greatly decrease energy security for half a century now they're expected to sell it to
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a privateer in the blink of an eye they're coming in to buy ready built plants and mines that's not development development is building new plants hiring people creating jobs this is a sellout there's enough coal here to run the past ation for another fifteen years that would see most of the present workforce safely into retirement but under privatisation their jobs are guaranteed for only six years so they're looking at the prospect of unemployment in middle age but they are partly the victims of their own success the p.p.c. union has fought liberalization for two decades the public power corporation built the electricity market and its infrastructure from nothing over the past century making money wasn't the point investment in the economy was the goal but under europe's free market rules it must now divest itself of its titanic monopoly it has sold its transmission network is privatizing three profitable power stations and by the end of next year must lose half its client base. i covered dockside emissions
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risk putting lignite coal out of action altogether last year this plant paid thirteen and a half million dollars in emissions fines and their costs have since nearly tripled energy experts say the real value of the sale is not in the existing operation but the thousands of hectares of land and the operating license that come with it so we may well see in a situation where no one or you all know or come seen operate in ignite power plant a few years and then decides to dismantle the lignite. parts of the operation and substituted with a gas power plant or a fourth all take one that's not a transition workers here support renewable energy requires little labor and if this land is given over to a different use it likely won't require their skills jumps at all plus al-jazeera megalopolis. still ahead on the bulletin running on empty how
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a truck driver strike in brazil is pushing people to the limit and a highly rated u.s. t.v. show is canceled after every twenty five star. by the springtime flower of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. hello and welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia we're looking pretty quiet across eastern areas find an almighty temperature twenty three around the caspian sea you may just see a few showers on the southern side so that might just get that the odd shower in tehran certainly very warm in baghdad in iraq with a mix of forty two degrees showers around the caucasus one or two shows for the eastern side of the mediterranean but jerry a fair amount of bright weather so beirut is looking good there with a high of twenty six degrees moving into the arabian peninsula is pretty hot here
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at the moment temperature forty four expected in mecca and here in doha we're going to hit forty degrees i think through the course of wednesday he says he wanted to sharon's further south still the weakness from the tropical cyclone mecca new which was gave such incredible rainfall across a large but the still little circulation which is also perhaps lifting some dust across the rubble calley the empty quarter saudi arabia to move through towards a thursday the risk is gone forty two degrees expected here in doha to move across into southern portions of africa is looking largely farm you've got some cloud across eastern parts of south africa into mozambique but generally looking dry and bright for most areas it should be a fine day in cape town but not particularly warm highs of just sixteen. the weather sponsored by qatar and he's. on package for us what were you hearing what were you seeing whether online horrendous things humans told us there's absolutely no doubt about that or if you join us on sacked a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry and
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chips to eat bass is a dialogue about some of this the fact that perhaps everyone has a voice but what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the colobus conversation amount is iraq. it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories as well as denying reports that it's agreed to a truce with palestinian factions in gaza that struck dozens of targets in the gaza strip in response to attacks by hamas and the armed group islamic jihad the u.s. state department has suggested a summit between donald trump and kim jong un and singapore next month as back on
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the north korean leader's right hand man is traveling to the u.s. for talks with secretary of state mike pompei on and a prominent russian journalist has been shot and killed as apartment in ukraine. as a well known question of president vladimir putin place and care said the forty one year old could have been targeted because of his job. now or workers and are now threatening to go on strike from wednesday as the country struggles to call for the truck driver strike the government's agreed to no or fuel prices by up to twelve percent but still taking action on the reports from follow on how people are being affected. fuel supplies are now reaching the gas stations with a return to the normality most people crave is still some way off public transport services were reduced schools closed and domestic flights cancelled. even though there is a custom to three rubbish collections
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a week. but she still waiting. thousands of others spent five hours in line only for the pump to run dry just as he reached it he hasn't worked since last friday but supports the truck drivers since he believes high fuel prices hurt everyone. leave now and look for another gas station i will end up running dry in the middle of the street i have enough to get home but i would rather wait here to see if another try. arrives with fuel. this wholesale market in sao paolo monday received just ten percent of its normal delivery is there's my employees went on vacations it's just my son and i coming here now to wait for the end of the strike there's nothing else we can do. the truck drivers road blocks last week stop twenty nine million tonnes of fruit and vegetables from reaching markets the truth is both temporary and fragile and
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negotiations are continuing however nobody wants to see this kind of an activity they say the commodity is returning over it'll be some days before these warehouses are again filled up and this street is teeming with trucks unloading fruit and vegetables. many brazilians are taking action to avoid what they see is inevitable future petrol shortages by switching their vehicles to compressed natural gas cleaner cheaper and most importantly available. more filler despair with full until the end of june were full capacity here we needed to extend their working hours to convert around twenty cars daily. while the government has reduced the price of diesel to sixty days tens of thousands of trucks remain by the roadside the drivers say the offer is not enough and while many agree with them brazil is bracing itself for more difficulties ahead. so
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powerful. the u.s. says impose a twenty five percent tariff on fifty billion dollars worth of imports from china were also destruction vestment by chinese companies and the u.s. and limit exports of high tech goods to china well earlier this month for two countries agreed to look at measures to cut china's trade surplus and a move that appeared to reduce the risk of a trade war between the world's two largest economies and the u.s. state department's planning changes to the visa system for chinese students as part of president trump's attempt to crack down on what he calls the theft of u.s. and to lecture property officials are expected to limit student visas to one year for students who plan to do graduate work in science or technology. libya's rival factions have agreed to hold elections in december aimed at ending seven years of instability the leaders of the four main groups pledge their commitment to the vote at a summit in paris hosted by french president emmanuel micron un backed prime minister
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fires and seraj and renegade general highly for half the say they'll respect the rules russia says there's an agreement to hold a three way meeting with the u.s. and jordan to discuss the deescalation zone in southern syria the announcement follows reports that syrian government forces are being sent to the area in preparation for an offensive zone to hold the reports from beirut. this corner of syria has been quiet for over a year there are fears that may change washington has threatened the syrian government that it will act if it moves against the rebels and. the u.s. along with russia and jordan are guarantors of a cease fire in those southern provinces now moscow says they will meet a day after jordan said the three countries see eye to eye on the need to preserve the truce. but there are many questions about what they agree on we don't know
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what kind of an agreement will they reach how long will the ceasefire last would it be a permanent cease fire what about the force that would control this area will government rule return to south in syria. which is what the syrian government wants state t.v. has been. it says the army. to the area in preparation for an offensive the opposition enclaves are along the borders of israel and jordan both countries want russia to make sure iran and its allied militias stay away from the area it seems moscow supports their position. from the very beginning of the agreement on forming a deescalation area in southwestern syria for the eventual withdrawal of all forces from this part of syria the result. should be a situation in which troops of the syrian armed forces will be stationed alongside
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the syrian border with israel but israel denied reports of an agreement with russia to prevent the deployment of back to forces in the area prime minister benjamin netanyahu said israel is not interested in any partial agreement. to syria opposition is clear we believe that there is no place for any iranian military presence anywhere in syria. there has been escalating tension following a series of israeli strikes on iranian targets in syria there are reports that iranian and iranian backed forces have withdrawn from the front lines in southern syria and reposition closer to damascus if this is confirmed it will mean there is progress in the talks jordan and israel want those forces away from their borders and russia is pushing to return states rule to that corner of syria without the need for military action. syrian army commanders and their allies say the battle plan is ready and preparations are completed clearly keeping up the pressure while
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diplomacy takes the front seat. beirut. to kenya now where nearly half the people arrested in a corruption scandal have now been charged by prosecutors forty officials and fourteen business been a course in the case involving the national youth service the n.y.s. is a paramilitary training institution at the forefront of president who kenyatta is plan to combat youth unemployment. the u.n. says as extremely concerned about what's happening in the yemeni city of whole data saudi led coalition forces and the yemeni government have been approaching the city which is controlled by what the rebels. or colleagues in the area have already take started to take precautionary. measures in terms of wrapping up assistance and redefining contingency plans in cases further escalation food
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non-food items warded sanitation hygiene and cash assistance have already been delivered to displaced families in various areas obviously increased fighting would even would only she would more internally displaced people. the un has called on saudi arabia to provide more information on women's allots activists held in custody at least thirteen people were detained in a government crackdown they're being accused of having suspicious contact with foreigners the un's human rights office says it wants to ensure the detainees are treated fairly. these include the rights legal representation the rights know the reason for their arrests the nature of the charges against them the right to have access to their families the right to challenge the legality of the detention before a competent independent and impartial tribunal and if charged with an offense the right to be brought to trial within a reasonable period of time. a new survey has found more than four and a half thousand people died in last year's puerto rico hearkened that's around
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seventy times the official government numbers how can maria devastated the us territory in september causing power outages widespread destruction and ninety billion dollars worth of damage the government put the number. of dead at just sixty four people but an estimate compiled by harvard university found thousands more died during the three months after the storm. now a television show hailed for its betrayal of middle america has been cancelled just hours after a stop posted offensive tweet actress roseanne barr as a supporter of president donald trump but expressing regret for a racist comment wasn't enough to save her job kristen salumi has more. it was hailed as a show for the times roseanne portrayed a working class white american family the kind that tended to vote for donald trump in the last election and touched on some of the tough political and social issues
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that currently divide americans what's so deplorable. but the a.b.c. network owned by the media giant disney pulled the plug on it just hours after its controversial star rosie and bar tweeted about a former official who served under president obama she described valerie jarrett who is african-american as if the muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby the woman targeted by bars said it was for america. yet another lesson about racism in the united states i think we have to turn it into a teaching moment i'm fine i'm worried about all the people out there who don't have a circle of friends and followers who come right to their defense bar who had also compared us un ambassador susan rice to an ape in two thousand and thirteen apologized saying i am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks i should have known better forgive me
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my joke was in bad taste that is startling news costar and producer sarah gilbert said her comments do not reflect the beliefs of our cast and crew or anyone associated with our show but it was the president of a.b.c. channing dungey herself an african-american who had the final word on the fate of the show roseanne's twitter statement is a borat repugnant and inconsistent with our values she said and we have decided to cancel her show and it shows people's difference different opinions on how they resolve that bar has described herself as a trump supporter and the president had called to congratulate her after the premier of the show did use she rose in ratings or said walkout bigger than they were unbelievable over eighteen million people and it was about us on this latest controversy however he has so far remained silent kristen salumi al-jazeera . when i was just a wave as a diversity consultant in washington d.c.
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and she says production studio is a pushing back against a racist political climate. you know i think this is an example of the importance of leadership right. the president of a.b.c. is a black woman and so at the end of the day it was her call in terms of how to respond to this very very overtly racist tweet by roseanne barr the the star of that show but quite frankly you know that was not the only racist tweets given i mean she has a history of racism right however this particular one it really sort of blew up today on twitter and it caught the attention not only a.b.c. executives but also disney the owner of a.b.c. who also is the odor of the benefactor i guess you could say of black panther very popular movie worldwide and so there is something going on here where we see these major companies saying that even though this show has great ratings and even though
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the culture of this nation has in fact course and under the leadership of a trump who has given refuse quite frankly to races mouthpieces they've said no not on our watch. and again all of those are the product of the headlines on al-jazeera and israel is denying reports that it's agreed to a truce with palestinian factions and gaza and struck dozens of targets in the gaza strip in response to attacks by hamas and the group islamic jihad the u.s. state department has suggested the summit between donald trump and kim jong un and singapore next month is back on the north korean leader's right hand man is traveling to the u.s. for talks with secretary of state mike pompei oh a prominent russian journalist has been shot and killed at his apartment in ukraine
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. was a well known critic of president that even a position police in cannes had a forty one year old could have been targeted because of his job but earlier on tuesday reaction was swift from ukraine and russia at the u.n. . you wouldn't have today in a russian national the reporter who was killed this happened literally a couple of hours ago we can suppose now that the ukrainians will accused russia of it this is already happened on many occasions of course. always considered here is an enemy our police already started investigation is too early to see who is behind it but i understand in similar cases we have strong reasons just says the dresher there is june glory also also as it that ticks for disabilities in ukraine is ductile for acts of terrorism subversion. and political system nations let me as rival factions have
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a going to hold elections in december aimed at ending seven years of instability the leaders of the four main groups pledge their commitment to the voted a solider in paris hosted by french president of iowa crown un backed prime minister fires and said raj and military leader holly for half say they'll respect the results the un has called on saudi arabia to provide more information on one's rights activists held in custody at least thirteen people were detained in a government crackdown they accused of suspicious contact with foreigners well those are the headlines on al-jazeera over to stay with us the stream is coming up next. getting to the heart of the matter if. you today so that's hard to do except facing realities what do you think reunification would look like there are two people peace for unification is the only option for prosperity you. hear their story on to al-jazeera.
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i am for me ok and you're on the stream live on you choose and i'm really glad we live today nearly seventy years on what will it take to in the korean war discuss the ongoing prospects for peace on the korean peninsula. for some americans the korean war is considered a forgotten conflict for north korea the three years of fighting that killed more than two million between one hundred fifty and nine hundred fifty three remains a constant reminder for vigilance against what pyongyang sees as u.s. imperialist aggression more than six decades since one thousand nine hundred fifty three armistice the historic into korean summit held last month. resulted in yet.


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