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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 30, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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the oldest bird gets the song the kid on al-jazeera. the but. this is al-jazeera. hello welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm martin denis coming up in the next sixty minutes. explosions and gunfire in a high security zone in the afghan capital we'll be live in kabul a day of coming girls are after palestinian groups and israel exchanged fire in the worst flare up in four years. ukraine blames russia for the murder of a prominent journalist and critic of president putin. and labor unions in greece
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strike against austerity as the country's financial bailout program nears its end. by some developing news now coming from the afghan capital first there's been several explosions as well as gunfire in the area around the interior ministry in kabul now this is a busy area with embassies and government buildings officials of close the international airport well there's been several attacks augustine security forces in afghanistan ever since the taliban launched its a cold spring offensive that was last month on tuesday seventeen security check posts fell to the taliban in takar province and two policemen were killed on the very same day in central province a suicide bomber detonated a small truck which was filled with explosives three policemen were killed in that attack and the early. all made the fifteenth taliban fighters attacked province
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from multiple directions and they briefly seized the provincial capital city twenty five members of the security forces and five civilians were killed let's go live now to kabul our correspondent there is jennifer glass so the taliban's fighting season continues apace what do we know about this specific attack and do we attribute it to the taliban. well we don't have any claim of responsibility for this attack yet martine but the taliban in recent weeks have issued a warning to afghan civilians to stay away from ministries from police stations from anything associated with the government and the military they say that is their primary target during this spring offensive and i can tell you that the fighting at the ministry of the interior has stopped that afghan security forces are going through that very large heavily fortified compound looking if there are any fighters left or still there we have in previous attacks seen fighters hiding
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hole up inside compounds and then launch attacks as security forces came in as you said the airport was briefly closed because the ministry of interior is near the runway of the international airport but we understand that the runway is now open again and flights that have been briefly diverted are on their way back to kabul now but it give you a sense martin of how an attack like this affects the entire city the ministry of interior is on a main road that was closed down while these ten attackers the minister of interior tells us ten attackers launched their assault on the building started by a car bomb at the ministry while that street was closed its normal traffic around the capital bringing pretty much everything to a standstill so even this one attack on it on the ministry of interior which have been moved to the outskirts of town to try and protect civilians in the case of an attack still caused a lot of trouble in the afghan capital and that's another of the main problems isn't it jennifer is it shakes the confidence over the civilian population the
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civilians who are expected to take politics in the elections which is shuttle for october and many of them will be dissuaded from taking part because of the violence . that's right look you're not here in kabul many people are nervous this relentless pace of attacks here has made kabul the most dangerous place to be a civilian in afghanistan we have over recent weeks and months seen attacks on registration sites election registration sites on election workers and really many afghans are very reluctant to go anywhere with there's a big crowd because it could be a potential targets we know that at several million afghans have registered to vote and it continues the candidate registration for those running for parliament those october elections is underway the government determined to go forward with these elections but certainly security is really on the minds of everyone here in kabul
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and around the country because as you said martine there have been attacks around the country all right jennifer for now thank you very much well a flare up of violence between the israeli army and palestinian groups in gaza does appear to be over today the factions say they've reached a ceasefire agreement with israel bringing an end to the worst fighting between the two sides in four years marked by twenty four hours of palestinian rocket attacks and israeli air strikes meanwhile two palestinians are still in israeli detention after taking part in the first ever attempt from gaza to breach the israeli naval blockade that was on tuesday now israeli navy intercepted what was called the freedom boat shortly after it set sail from gaza support or let's go live now to our correspondent who's ingles a bernard smith so a day of relative calm tell us about that negotiation as much as far as you're aware took place that has allowed some response from that violence we witnessed
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yesterday. well martin i think it's more of a ceasefire under threats of something more severe from the israelis what we know happened is that at midnight local time last night there was one attempt to stop the fighting but it didn't work and there was more rockets fired and more mortars fired in sort of a four hour period until four o'clock in the morning when the second one came into effect and what happened in that four hour period was that rocket launching a mortar fire in the been begun by islamic jihad was joined in by other palestinian groups and however scuse me hamas is armed wing the chasms brigade they also joined almost feeling under obligation from their supporters to show that they could also fire rockets and mortars at israel and israel started to continue to fire into the garza strip but four o'clock word came through from the israelis via the egyptian mediators to the palestinian groups in gaza that if you don't stop firing into
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israel israel will respond much more severely and perhaps will even start targeting the leadership of these different palestinian groups that seems to have been borders worked the palestinian groups here in gaza the main one being hamas will say that they have agreed a cease fire but israel is unlikely to admit that he's agreed to anything and is this threat really seems to have held things in place for the time being marty and how secure does this arrangement appear to be ban it. well i think for the moment we have had we do know that underlying all of this nobody the israelis none of the palestinian groups want to see an all out conflict again in garza none of them is jockeying for us to try and spark something off so it's in the interests of all of the groups involved israel hamas islamic jihad and the other groups not to allow this to spiral into an all out conflict so hopefully this incident was
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a one off incident and hopefully the relative calm will return to gaza but nonetheless the palestinian campaign of of sustained protest during this period is set to continue is there for at least another few days so that will really test this this this appearance of calm or yes i mean what was passed partially behind the rocket attacks into israel is the immense sense of frustration that there is here that after two months of protests those main friday protests along the fence between gaza and israel are more than a hundred people killed there has been no end to israel's blockade of gaza and the has been no real improvement in conditions is the only thing is that israel egypt has opened its rafa crossing border all of ramadan from gaza into egypt so they're going to more protests on friday and potentially more protests next week and if there is no visible. relaxation of the blockade of gaza then there is
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a fear that those protests could again be violent martin all right bernie thank you very much for that but now we can speak ben him who is an israeli journalist and political analyst and he's joining us now from west jerusalem thank you very much indeed for joining us how does this return to insecurity for many israeli citizens particular in the south of the country how is that going down with them. i think people. really people who live in the south close to the border of gaza are very happy that some sort of a ceasefire that everything be returned to normal and we hope the ceasefire will hold we're not seeing any resumption of violence how close from your perspective how close did it come yesterday to an all out confrontation the words of the prime
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minister threatening to exact the highest price on those who are seeking to harm israel and then at least thirty five targets hit in gaza by israeli warplanes how close was it that the situation could've spiraled into all out conflict. i think that we were on the verge over of a new round of violence a very strong one since the war in gaza in two thousand and fourteen we were very close to a big confrontation a b. community confrontation and thanks to the egyptian mediation. it was thought actually it was stopped at the last minute because i think that if the hamas and islamic jihad they were continuing to launch. rockets and mortar shells towards this well we would have seen
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a stronger more strong israeli reaction indeed but feelings and emotions are quite high there must be wrong or angles that given the sustained numbers of casualties that they have been enduring more than one hundred palestinians have been killed by israeli sniper fire those protests which are nominally for the right to return but perhaps more generally about the conditions under which they're living those protests are going to continue how are the israelis likely to respond are they going to continue this kind of pressure. definitely i think the danger of violence is not over there were still there waiting to see what will happen on the thieves a fifth of june is what is called the knox of the where the policies are plenty good again a very big mass demonstration on the border like waterloo solong in may fourteenth and i think these are really army is not going to change their tactics and is very
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determined to stop them from crossing the border fence so where did the danger of over violence in their rockets and mortars you still there next week and do israelis. are subject to this sense of insecurity when tensions are high today a face she ate that very feeling of insecurity with government policy with the fact that there is a blockade in place that has led people to this desperation. i think that it's not the problem of the government over israel even if there was another government the blockade of gaza a security issue because gaza is ruled by what is perceived by all israelis as a terrorist organization which is calm us and this is the reason of the blockade not the people of gaza simply the regina that controls the people of gaza and this
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is considered to be a terror organization so even if the government in this will be change or replaced by another government i think that the security consideration is still going to be the. located is mainly to prevent smuggling of weapons from iran on different of the elements to hamas in order to be used against israel and this is the main purpose of them looking. yani bad menachem thank you very much indeed for talking to us from western thank you. the north korean leader kim jong un's right time man is on his way to the u.s. kim young child boarded a flight from beijing to new york just a few hours ago but he's the vice chairman of north korea's ruling party and he's due to hold talks with the u.s. secretary of state. and now that should pave the way for a summit between donald trump and kim jong il i'm in singapore next month well the
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u.s. state department has suggested that the meeting is back on the united states continues to actively prepare for president trump's expected summit with leader in singapore president trump will meet with prime minister shinzo abbay of japan on june the seventh at the white house and as secretary pompei all looks forward to being a part of those meetings north korean vice chairman of the central committee kim yong chole is arriving in new york and will meet with secretary pon pale later this week we also have a u.s. delegation meeting with the north korean delegation in the d.m.z. . more now from kimberly how kit in washington d.c. . well the white house is confirming when north korea's vice chair travels to new york city it is the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o with whom he will be meeting this is significant because previous visits between the u.s. secretary of state and north korean officials happened in pyongyang this is now
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happening on u.s. soil an important gesture in the eyes of the united states as the two sides begin to build trust leading towards what the white house says will be an expected meeting between the north korean leader kim jong un and the u.s. president but of course the date not yet confirmed now the white house says it is continuing to actively prepare for a meeting between the two leaders in addition to delegations in asia there is also work happening here at the white house the national security adviser john bolton discussions daily going on we're told according to the white house press secretary between not only the national security team here in the united states but also the counterparts in south korea as well as japan in addition to just trying to nail down the the meeting and whether or not it will occur other fine details that are being worked out the agenda what does denuclearization mean and can the united
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states offer north korea the security guarantee that the north korean leader is looking for. let's get more now from the south korean capital seoul and our correspondent there andrew thomas the talks that began on sunday and continue on wednesday inside the demilitarized zone between the u.s. delegation and a north korean delegation shrouded in secrecy as you can imagine we're not getting anything from either side directly involved but an official of the president's palace here in seoul in south korea said on wednesday that those talks are proceeding well so far that's the only clue we've had that same official also said that he expects a fruitful outcome from the meeting between kim yong chill essentially kim jong un's right hand man and much pompei o meeting will happen in new york later this week now separately to the u.s. north korean talks and into a korean summit will be held on friday that will be between high level officials from north and south korea and essentially they'll be talking about
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a longer term aims and ambitions among other officials there are people from the respective transport on railroad ministries long term they would like to reestablish rail links between the two koreas but the summits need to take place first between donald trump and kim jong il and talk of a renewed rail link will that's a long way down the track. we've got a lot more to come on this hour including french police dismantle a makeshift camp where all the fifteen hundred migrants were living. malaysia officially called off its current search for the missing m h three seventy plane the prime minister says it could resume if there is new evidence i can replay for the world cup are you ready. and mohamad salah stays tight lipped on his chances of making the world cup after arriving in spain for treatment on his injury will have the details in sport.
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a russia has rejected allegations by ukraine that it ordered the killing of a russian journalist who was living in kiev. was shot and killed in his apartment in the ukrainian capital ukraine's prime minister has blamed russia for the shooting placing here say the forty one year old dissident could have been targeted because of his job well as a host for crimean tatar t.v. a senior manager at the station says the shooting was politically motivated. school this is an ordered political killing of a former russian journalist who was criticizing the policy of the russian federation was living in ukraine for the past one and a half years and he worked as a presenter on his t.v. show on crimean tatars t.v. channel a.t.r. where he used to talk about russia he wrote articles about russia i cannot think of
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any other reasons but the russian authorities let's go live to rory challenge says so this is a well known man described as a a dissident even who had put himself into exile self-imposed exile in ukraine. yeah that's right so he essentially was a fairly tough guy compromising journalist activist and writer someone who had fought as a soldier in the russian army in the chechen wars of the late ninety's and early two thousand experience had left him disgusted with conflicts and he had become a war correspondent writing many books about the horrors of war and he also became an activist against the putin system in two thousand and eleven two thousand and twelve when protests were going on across the moscow's abuse but in other
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russian cities as well he was advocating for a more forceful campaign of of civil disobedience but the reason why he actually fled russia was more recent he posted in late two thousand and sixteen about a crash a military plane crash that took place in syria in which a military choir and lots of journalists died and he said that he had no sympathy for these deaths because of the campaign that the russian military was engaged in in syria which he disagreed with that triggered. a slew of. look at sort of a campaign against him basically in the russian media and he felt unsafe and left russia for that reason clearly he wasn't safe in kiev either and the ukrainians seem to be pretty sure as to who's behind his killing. well yeah i mean they are pointing the finger of blame at russia there will be
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plenty of other people pointing the finger of blame at russia rosewell say that the russian response to all this is pretty textbook they've got a well used formula for what they do when incidents take place that they are likely to be blamed for they call for an independent unbiased and swift investigation they say that the incident itself looks like some sort of provocation and they also suggest that the incident is going to be used by russia's adversaries as a way of attacking moscow and we've heard pretty much all of these points being hit by russian commentators by russian politicians in the last few hours sagal of rove said earlier he's the foreign minister said that this was a tragedy this death but that the ukrainian authorities were essentially jumping ahead of the investigation in pointing the finger of blame at russia and the kremlin has just spoken as well saying that any accusations against russia are
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cynical and they using a line that they used similarly in the aftermath of the script file poisoning in london where they said that london had turned into all the u.k. had turned into a wreck and on the safe place for full former russian spies well now the russians are saying that kiev or ukraine is clearly an unsafe place for russian journalists ok rory thanks for that rory challenge our correspondent in moscow. so let's go to zimbabwe because for the first time in almost forty years the country will hold elections without robert mugabe president edison and london goglia announced the polls will be held on july the city of tehran as the head of the reading zanu p.f. and will face several opponents mcgarvie who ruled his end of independence in one
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hundred eighty stepped down last chair after the military took power. so it is interim prime minister carlo carter the meeting the president said joe methodology it's an attempt to form a new government and this comes as leaders of the five star movement and the far right league have renewed efforts to form a coalition government their supporters have been protesting after the president vetoed one of their proposed ministers francesco gallia t. is head of policy so that's a political risk consultancy and he says call it quarterly stands pretty much no chance but that only the dead men walking literally he has absolutely no chances number wise to get them. so it's a pretty simple math by the end of the world. so we'll see what they found just so already spends up. may
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well what we can have is either a new or a lecture and the earliest we can have unlike some is like when nine obviously. you have a black. thing. later so normally. you have sixty days from the day in which ultimate. they like so. different today may be. on the twenty ninth of july. malaysia's new prime minister mahathir mohamad says the search for the missing malaysia airlines flight m h three seventy could resume only if new evidence is found a private u.s. firm was the last thing to look for the aircraft but its mission was ended on tuesday the plane disappeared in twenty fourteen with two hundred thirty nine people on board. this
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program all over the world. we have not found any evidence so we had to come to us. where we can keep on searching for something that we really cannot. even anybody has any information. we consider resuming but at the moment. we have we have put a stop to it from kuala lumpur or more now from give you a copout. the malaysian transport ministry has confirmed that the latest search has come to end and there haven't been any significant findings this latest search was carried out by a u.s. based exploration company called ocean's infinity they were using some of the latest most advanced technology to scour about one hundred twenty thousand kilometers of the seabed they had a contract with the malaysian government on
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a no find no fee basis which meant they would have to be paid unless they found the black box or the plane itself and if they did the malaysian government would have had to pay them seven hundred billion dollars the malaysian government has been citing budgetary constraints they've only been in power for a few weeks and they have come to find that malaysia is in a huge amount of debt nevertheless the government says they will prepare a comprehensive reports of all the searches all details over the past four years which they will present in july it will be first given to the next of kin of those on board the flight and then all details will be made public it's worth noting that over the past four years of searches only three confirmed pieces off the plane have been found and that has been found on the western shores of the indian ocean everson will have the weather for us in just a little while also coming up on the al-jazeera news out as the u.s.
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moves towards that possible summit with north korea relations with pyongyang is closest ally china a growing around ten. running on empty how a strike by truck drivers in brazil is pushing people to the limit. of world cup fever grips through the genes sets off to end a thirty six year drought will have the details. from the neon lights of asia. to the city never sleeps. well as well we have nicely across a good pass if europe at the moment but with the warmth we've got some pretty lively showers particular cross central and western parts of the consonant little area of low pressure just drifting in from the atlantic a that'll bring more lively showers and some showers that just hovering around
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spain and portugal just pushing up towards southern parts of france but you can look at the hate twenty five celsius in paris we're getting up to similar values actually in stockholm and also into moscow for wednesday afternoon but thirty in warsaw thirty one in berlin and we'll see similar values as we go on into with stay by thursday temperatures just as up a little bit for london paris as you can see also getting up into the mid twenty's and with the temperatures the showers never really to far away so southern areas of france down towards that western side of the medical some lively showers barcelona seeing some pretty wet weather and it's all nudging its way further north was the heat is driving a little further north woods will see showers not too far away from paris as we go through thursday say could find some interruptions in the tennis going on here we go with the showers there into a good parts of southern germany and those showers they'll not show way further northwards as we go towards the weekend. there with sponsored by the time release.
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al jazeera is investigative unit exposes the criminal gangs fixing international cricket matches sixty two thousand it doesn't get if you can fix this a fix you fix bribing professional players they send beautiful goes to the players they give them housing rolex watches. book pictures. for five children. al-jazeera investigations cricket's match fix as. our judges here. and. where every.
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take a look at the top stories here at the al-jazeera news hour explosions and gunfire are. being heard near afghans interior ministry headquarters in the capital kabul airport had been closed temporarily no group so far has claimed responsibility. for peace appears to be relative calm in gaza today just after the worst fighting in four years on to say israel carried out several airstrikes targeting what it called military sites across the besieged enclave islamic jihad and hamas launched
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rocket and mortar attacks on israel after their fighters were killed earlier. italy's interim prime minister carlo cause of delhi is holding a meeting with the president he's trying to form a new government and this comes as leaders of the five star movement and the far right leak every knew their efforts to form a coalition on monday the president rejected one of their choices for a minute which led to protests. that workers in greece of water out of their jobs in protest against extending or sarah the measures as part of the bailout agreement with foreign lenders labor unions have called for a twenty four hour strike which will disrupt flights public transport and close schools hospitals will only have emergency staff on jussi greece's latest bailout ends in all this but the austerity measures will continue for at least two more years. well one of the conditions of greece's bailout is that it sells some of its
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stake in the public electricity company union the that this will lead to the loss of hundreds of jobs john psaropoulos reports now from may go luckily. make a locally introduced electricity to southern greece in one nine hundred seventy the public power corporation p p c invested hundreds of millions of dollars in a power plant based on exclusive access to cheap lignite coal but that is about to change greece's eurozone partners and creditors have ordered the corporation to share access to this abundant fuel in the name of competition the p.p.c. is being forced to sell three power stations and the lignite mines that feed them union leaders fear that will put eleven hundred jobs at risk in this town alone the little guy got the gullible so they're getting the whole idea this power station called to be did greatly decrease energy security for half a century now they're expected to sell it to a privateer in the blink of an eye they're coming in to buy ready built plants and
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mines that's not development development is building new plants hiring people creating jobs this is a sellout there's enough coal here to run the past ation for another fifteen years that would see most of the present workforce safely into retirement but under privatisation their jobs are guaranteed for only six years so they're looking at the prospect of unemployment in middle age but they are partly the victims of their own success the p.p.c. union has fought liberalization for two decades the public power corporation built the electricity market and its infrastructure from nothing over the past century making money wasn't the point investment in the economy was the goal but under europe's free market rules it must now divest itself of its titanic monopoly it has sold its transmission network is privatizing three profitable power stations and by the end of next year must lose half its client base high carbon dioxide emissions risk. putting lignite coal out of action altogether last year this plant paid
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thirteen and a half million dollars in emissions fines and their costs have since nearly tripled energy experts say the real value of the sale is not in the existing operation but the thousands of hectares of land and the operating license that come with it so we may well see in a situation where no one or you all know come seen operate in ignite power plant a few years and then decides to dismantle the lignite. parts of the operation and substituted with a gas power plant or a force all take one that's not a transition workers here support renewable energy requires little labor and if this land is given over to a different use it likely won't require their skills jumps at all plus al-jazeera megalopolis or let's recap the situation with regard to the greek economy greece you'll remember signed up for three multimillion dollar bailout packages from fellow eurozone states in twenty ten in twenty twelve and twenty fifteen now that
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third and final bailout officially ends on all this the twentieth but all therapy measures will continue as you've already heard for at least two more years and they include another round of pension cuts settled for january their european creditors are demanding more economic reform including the break up of greece's state dominated energy sector as you've just seen in jones report now euro zone finance ministers a jew to me next month to sign off on how and when greece will start to repay its debt we can now speak to him beg his a profit story a research fellow at the london school of economics european institute and he's joining us live from london thanks very much for talking to us and this is being described as a mentor sic asian for the greek economy why. well because greece over the last eight years has had a succession of programs designed to enable it to recover from
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a severe fiscal crisis he endured in two thousand and nine and to return to the markets to do that greece needs to be able to demonstrate markets that it has its public finances under control but also this able to transform the economy in a way which is going to make it more competitive in the future than it has been in the past and has it has it managed to do that has a government of alexis tsipras managed to do that i mean the cut the the economy as a whole has returned to growth be it modest figures well it's something of a paradox that a government that came into power resisting this interest thirty program has in the end managed to push it through reason we successfully greece is what's known as a primary surplus that's to say it takes in more tax revenue that it spends in public spending the difference is that it still has to pay interest on some of its loans and that's why there is still
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a challenge to maintain your starting program because a very high level of greek debt which is about one hundred seventy five percent of g.d.p. to bring that down greece needs to continue to have disciplined public finances and that is why are you seeing these protests coming out today so all star if he is to continue it has to continue with that kind of debt to g.d.p. ratio what exactly is the calculation then that is currently being considered as to the way forward and as to how to keep greece afloat. well there are two main elements to it one is to maintain discipline in the public finances not to return to the bad old days of huge deficits that we saw in the early earlier part of this century. that's stage one the second is to enable the greek economy to grow because the virtuous or desirable way of bringing down debt is for the economy to grow so that the denominator of that debt to g.d.p.
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ratio grows faster than the debt and that's where you get into the territory of having to deal with shortcomings in the economy such as unfortunately for the workers of power company the fact that power is very expensive that greece has a lot of other difficulties such as a new administration that's been rather weak over many decades they get in the way of economic growth austerity is the two components to just fiscal discipline but also the transformation of the economy to get rid of bottlenecks and that's where greek greece is now having to put much more attention than the in the past right in baghdad you very much indeed for explaining that to us. now oil sector workers in brazil are threatening to join a truck drivers strike over soaring fuel prices their president tamar says he's preparing a lawsuit to stop the strike and a paralyze that in america's largest economy the new swine there reports now from its biggest city sao paolo. fuel supplies are now reaching the gas
1:39 pm
stations but the return to the normality most people crave is still some way off public transport services were reduced schools closed and domestic flights cancelled. even though there is a custom to three rubbish collections a week this tuesday but she still waiting for. the other lima like thousands of others spent five hours in line only for the pump to run dry just as he reached it he hasn't worked since last friday but supports the truck drivers since he believes high fuel prices hurt everyone. but all the possible if i leave now and look for another gas station i will end up running dry in the middle of the street i have enough to get home but i would rather wait here to see if another truck arrives with fuel. this wholesale market in sao paolo on monday received just ten percent of its normal deliveries fares my employees went on vacations it's just
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my son and i coming here now to wait for the end of the strike there's nothing else we can do. the truck drivers road blocks last week stopped twenty nine million tonnes of fruit and vegetables from reaching markets the truth is both temporary and fragile the negotiations are continuing however nobody wants to see this kind of an activity they say the commodity is returning over it'll be some days before these warehouses are again filled up and this street is teeming with trucks unloading fruit and vegetables. many brazilians are taking action to avoid what they see is inevitable future petrol shortages. switching their vehicles to compressed natural gas cleaner cheaper of most importantly available. more feel a despair with full until the end of june were full capacity here we needed to extend our working hours to convert around twenty cars. while the government has
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reduced the price of diesel to sixty days tens of thousands of trucks remain by the roadside the drivers say the offer is not enough while many agree with them because it is bracing itself for more difficulties ahead. of. police in paris a dismantling the largest makeshift camp for refugees and migrants in the city the camp in the north east is next to a canal and is home to almost one and a half thousand people they will now be taken to gymnasiums this month to migrants have drowned in one of the canals alongside the camp police have cleared out around twenty eight thousand people from camps in the city over the past three years more now from our correspondent in paris natasha butler. well there were about thousand five hundred migrants living along this canal in the north of paris and you can see behind me that cleanup operation is still ongoing there were tents there all along
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both sides of this canal the conditions are really quite appalling narry sanitation everyone here relying on the kindness of strangers and charities for food handouts most of the migrants here were from eritrea so donna and somalia now the paris council has actually been in something of a clash with the state governments over the past few months urging the government to try and do something about the situation to shelter these migrants and i think things really came to a head recently when two migrants drowned in the canal just behind me it was around six o'clock this morning that the paris. police then came down to this area and decided to clear and evacuated it was very peaceful the migrants were placed on the buses and they are being taken we are told by french authorities to shelters across the paris region where they will be hopefully identified we're told those who are
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eligible for asylum will be supported now the french government has recently passed a very tough immigration law it wants to crack down it says almost so-called economic mark runs on illegal immigration and the interior minister sent out a statement this morning about this evacuation saying that those who are eligible will be helped with their asylum procedure but of course admitted in that statement to say what would happen to the others but we know that this government has really been speeding up deportations and detentions of illegal migrants what it wants is to try and reduce the number of people coming to from leeds and reduce camps like this which have become a very visible symbol of france's immigration problem that the u.s. has announced that it will impose a twenty five percent tariff on fifty billion dollars worth of imports from china it'll also restraint to investment by chinese companies in the u.s. as well as limit exports of goods to china earlier this month the two countries
1:44 pm
agreed to look at measures to cut china's trade surplus in a move that appeared to reduce the risk of a trade war more now from our correspondent florence louis who's in junk to provence. china says it surprised at the latest announcement coming out from the trump administration and called on the us to implement the spirit of their most recent joint statement on china's commercial ministry is of course referring to a preliminary deal reached between the two sides not too long ago in which the u.s. had agreed to delay imposition of tariffs on chinese goods in exchange for china agreeing to significantly increase purchases of u.s. farm goods and energy products but this latest announcement from the u.s. government is of course a reversal off that deal and it comes just days before u.s. representatives are due to arrive in beijing to continue trade talks and some analysts have said that this latest announcement by the u.s.
1:45 pm
government is intended perhaps to strengthen u.s. hand in those negotiations and to signal that gloves are coming off in those traits faults and other analysts have said that this perhaps is a move to appease u.s. politicians. just last week the trump administration had made and not the reversal it lifted a seven year ban but it imposed just earlier in may on chinese telecoms giant corp for buying u.s. components now it lifted the ban after china complained that the band would put the company out of business this is a company that has already been fined by the u.s. for selling high tech components to north korea and iran in violation of u.s. sanctions china's reaction you can say has been quite mild they've not reiterated threats to impose retaliate carrots but they seem to have taken a sly take at trumpet ministration and its propensity to flip flop on decisions
1:46 pm
saying they're surprised by the same time the decision is somewhat expected. on top of that the u.s. state department is funding changes to its visa system for chinese students as part of president trump's attempt to crack down on what he calls the theft of u.s. intellectual property officials are expected to limit student visas to one beer for chinese citizens who plan to do graduate work inside technology. a new survey has put the death toll in puerto rico's hurrican last year more than four and a half thousand that's almost seventy times more than the official government figure of sixty four deaths how a committee are devastated the u.s. territory in september causing power outages widespread destruction and ninety billion dollars worth of damage the new estimates compiled by harvard university found thousands more died aged during the three months after the storm and if mcclintock is frederica's former lieutenant governor and he says the new figure is
1:47 pm
not a tool surprising. an official cow has been done until february has been counting since then based on the very strict rules that the c.d.c. the center for disease control in atlanta provides to states and territories under the u.s. flag so we followed those rules and based on that those were the direct deaths that were accounted for through the first few months after the hurricane now the research was done was more medically oriented rules and based on that we're not surprised clearly if we had been a state of the union with two senators and four or five congressmen it would have taken so long to get the help that we're getting but we are a territory and as a territory we treat it as such i have no doubt that the day we become a state if we have a major disaster like this one in the future we will get much more health much faster we have to treat these numbers positively first use it to document to the
1:48 pm
center for disease control atlanta why the rules have to be changed so that you have a better head count or a body count or whatever that is more accurate and closer to reality second we have to use all this data that we're getting from the harvard study the one that we will be getting for the george washington university study that was commissioned by the governor several months ago plus whatever other data we have to be able to draft a roadmap to the term and what systems have to be hardened what things have to be changed one thing they have to be improved to avoid so many deaths in the future. coming up. felt like a superhero in grand slam match since becoming a mother jones will explain. oh
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1:50 pm
u.s. t.v. comedy once praised for its portrayal of working families as being canceled after stahl tweeted a racist comment the actress who supports president trump express her regrets off the tweet calls a massive public outrage kristen salumi reports. it was hailed as a show for the times roseanne portrayed a working class white american family the kind that tended to vote for donald trump in the last election and touched on some of the tough political and social issues that currently divide americans what's up deplorable.
1:51 pm
but the a.b.c. network owned by the media giant disney pulled the plug on it just hours after its controversial star him bar tweeted about a former official who served under president obama she described valerie jarrett who is african-american as if the muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby with the woman targeted by bar said it was for americans yet another lesson about racism in the united states i think we have to turn it into a teaching moment i'm fine i'm worried about all the people out there who don't have a circle of friends and followers who come right to their defense bar who had also compared us un ambassador susan rice to an ape in two thousand and thirteen apologized saying i am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks i should have known better forgive me
1:52 pm
my joke. was in bad taste well that is startling news costar and producer sarah gilbert said her comments do not reflect the beliefs of our cast and crew or anyone associated with our show but it was the president of a.b.c. channing dungy herself an african-american who had the final word on the fate of the show roseanne's twitter statement is a borat repugnant and inconsistent with our values she said and we have decided to cancel her show which shows people's difference different opinions on how they resolve that bar has described herself as a trump supporter and the president had called to congratulate her after the premiere of the show did you see roseanne's ratings as a big were they there were unbelievable over eighteen million people and it was about us on this latest controversy however he has so far remained silent kristen salumi al-jazeera. and his journey thank you
1:53 pm
argentina messi scored an impressive hat trick for his national team as they beat haiti in a world cup match messi will be looking to captain the team's their first well cup trophy since one thousand nine hundred eighty six when they begin their campaign in russia next month but even messi has his doubts about how far will go in this year's tournament we have. obviously argentina is always a candidate for what it is for what it represents in the world and for the way other countries look at argentina they have respect for this shit but as i've been saying lately we must be realistic and the truth is today we don't get to the world cup at our best moment and we the candidates to win it is true that this shirt has a lot of respect for all that it means but in terms of team and group we still need to do a lot to continue growing. peru beat scotland two male in their final one game at home they now settle for europe to face saudi arabia and sweden before heading to
1:54 pm
russia for their first world cup appearance in thirty six years football fans are right behind them giving them a big send off in lima but the build up to their tournament has been dogged by drama when captain paolo guerrero was banned from playing at the world cup after testing positive for cocaine panama set to play in their very first world cup and some of the players were moved to tears following an emotional sendoff by their country's president they qualified for the tournament by finishing head of the united states who didn't make this year's competition panama opened their world cup campaign against belgium they then faced england and to near zero in the group stage. they want to know what learned all guys like i told you awhile back right before a really tough game you were leaders to our youth your role model is you come from panama toughest neighborhoods with great determination you've come disbar proving that the will to overcome is unstoppable you are here because you are able to deal with all the obstacles that got in your way and especially because you had the
1:55 pm
support of your family egypt's hopes of having mohamed salah fit for this year's world cup are hanging in the balance are you preparing for their will cover you really respect a star they woke up. the striker remained tight lipped as he arrived in spain for treatment on a shoulder injury he suffered in the champions league final was playing for liverpool he faces a race against time to be ready with liverpool's medical team believing he'll leave three to four weeks to recover egypt's first games against your required in sixteen days time. now serina williams has made a winning return to grand slam action at the french open on tuesday in what was her first match at a slam since becoming a mother last year the twenty three time major winner currently ranked four hundred fifty first in the world had a tricky first round opponent in big serving check just enough discover who is the twin sister of one of the six carolina. needed a few games to find a rhythm in her first clay court match since the two thousand and sixteen final in paris the six year old eventually managed to hold office give us
1:56 pm
a challenge and win seven six six four it's her first victory at a slam since winning the two thousand and seventeen australian open when already pregnant she'll now face seventeen seed ashley party in the second round. and you may have spotted it this arena was wearing a black cat suit for her match which generated a lot of debate among fans serina said the cat suit was functional as it helped her cope with blood clots that almost cost her her life and she said she also wanted to inspire other new moms she tweeted this catsuit anyone for all the moms out there who had a tough recovery from pregnancy you go if i can do it so can you love you all that went down well with fans who applauded her body positive message serina seem to enjoy the extra attention to my going said i feel like a warrior in like a warrior princess came clean for more condom maybe i'm always living in a fantasy world so it's kind of like i've always wanted to be
1:57 pm
a superhero and it's kind of my way of being a superhero i feel like a superhero are weird. well matches are underway at roland garros on wednesday well number one simona halep was in trouble against american allison brisk hell it was five love down in the first set but the remaining four back to win in three that was a first round match was for was delayed because of rain on cheese day fourth seed alina sicily is one of the favorites for the women's title she's into round three of the beating so vacuous victoria cosme over in straight sets and two thousand and sixteen men's champion novak djokovic is just on court now the former world number one taking on twenty one year old spaniard. and that is all useful for now i'll have more feel later martine joe thank you very much indeed and that's all from me for this al-jazeera news that don't go away because diary will win the seat in just a minute or two with much more of the day's news.
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june on al jazeera. with media trends constantly changing the listening post continues to analyze how the news is covered it's the most widely viewed sporting event on the planet as russia prepares to host the football world cup we'll bring you stories from on and off the field from afghanistan one o one east investigates why so few girls are in school despite billions of dollars of donations one year since the imposed blockade of qatada al-jazeera examines the political economic and human impact of the crisis unfold provoking documentaries
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witness brings world issues into focus through personal stories june on al-jazeera . it wouldn't move any vestige of doubt on certain manc of israel as countess de a people dispossessed a state established whatever i was able to do it from the start there was back right very great international peace organization the united nations a momentous event which lies at the heart of ongoing conflict to this day seventy years on al-jazeera tells the history of what palestinians call the catastrophe i'll nakba. to. because you can't. just.
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the. gunmen attacked afghanistan's interior ministry building in a high security zone in kabul. you're watching are just zero life from a headquarters in doha i'm dead to you now because also a heads results from over a thousand polling stations counselled in iraq the election commission says it's found evidence of fraud. palestinian groups say they've reached a cease fire with israel after the worst gaza flare up in four year olds and labor unions in greece strike against austerity measures as the country's financial bailout program nears its end.


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