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it's on the international list of threatened species. it's north korea's highest level visit to the u.s. in almost two decades kim jong un's right hand man arrives in new york. come on time this is al jazeera live from london coming up a russian journalist and kremlin critic who was reported killed in kiev appears at a news conference alive and well. anger at austerity in greece spills onto the streets as thousands of workers stage a walkout. and a rock to the childhood the south sudanese children who've been left behind due to conflict and discrimination.
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has been talked about for days north korean leader kim jong un's top aide heading to the u.s. for talks kim young has finally arrived he touched down in new york earlier making him the most senior north korean official to visit the u.s. in eighteen years let's get more now from our diplomatic editor james bays is in new york for sir james took us through what the the agenda will be and what the rest of the timetable be for the meetings. well as you say general kim has been here for some hours now resting in his hotel not far away from where i am now off and secretary of state. is arriving in new york at his hotel about a mile away from where i am now very shortly and then we think in about an hour's time both men will come to exactly where i am now which is this apartment building behind me where there is a residence that's owned by the u.s.
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mission to the united nations and that's where they will have a dinner the first of a series of meetings taking place the north korean envoy only in new york for two days and remember that summits in singapore to date. so that summit now less than two weeks away and that explains i think the hectic diplomacy that's going on here in new york at the zone between north and south korea and also in singapore where the summit is supposed to take place the meetings here i think will determine although we're told by the white house is present in the end who makes the final decision but they will determine whether that all again off again summit is going to take place as planned i mean what about the issue of denuclearization which in the run up to all this and the as you mentioned the on again off again this saga has been highlighted as one of the problems that they have different interpretations of where you think they'll go with that in this particular set of
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meetings. when it is certainly a problem because the position of the trumpet ministration has been that it should be complete irreversible to need. right at the beginning of this process you remember they quote the libya model where gadhafi gave up all his all his nuclear elements very early on in that process i've spoken to one diplomat who was involved in that libya process gadhafi of course didn't have a nuclear weapon he was at a very early stage of a nuclear program and this particular expert said there in libya most of the stuff that the libyans have attained was still in crates so it's really easy to remove it this is very different north korea has an advanced nuclear program they have a nuclear weapon and capability and many experts say it could take many years to dismantle so i think that is the problem how do they go about this and do they
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find out from the north koreans exactly what north korea has because although the cia has some good guesses it clearly doesn't know the full extent of north korea's nuclear program james pace thank you very much indeed. i mean goodness is a policy analyst for defense and foreign policy studies at the cato institute he believes the summit will go ahead but says it's unlikely to be as early as june twelfth i think trying to hit the june twelfth target it's going to be very difficult to resolve all of the differences in expectations and differences in just positions going into the meeting and we really saw those differences getting aired over the last couple of weeks and i'm sure that both sides are going to make a concerted effort to try and smooth things over before trumping can meet but i'm not sure that the two weeks or so is going to be enough time to adequately resolve those issues before the summit happens think that as if the summit can go ahead and they can get some sort of agreement to just keep the diplomatic process alive i
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think is the best hope for at this moment i don't think there's going to be any kind of sweeping arrangement or agreement coming out of either side but if they can say that you know that they've met with one another that they've laid out what their positions are and that they can keep working towards broader goals very similar to the outcome of the inner korean summit in late april i think that would be a reasonable success. a dissident russian journalist and fierce critic of the kremlin who have been murdered in kiev has turned up alive but a news conference. revealed his apparent death had been a setup to catch a would be assassin reports from moscow. back from the dead russian journalist. and to a press conference in kiev to a polish hours after most of the world being shocked that his murder had been faked
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a sting operation by ukraine secret service to apparently catch his would be killers apologize to all those who've been kept in the dark including his wife is renewed says. she i'd like to ask you to excuse me for all that happened in the past because i have attended funerals for colleagues and friends many times and i know this feeling when you have to bury colleagues sorry for this unfortunately there were no other ways. flowers had been left outside kiev home where late on tuesday evening the journalist was reportedly found with fatal gunshot wounds to the back tributes and obituaries mourned his death. the secret was revealed live on t.v. the channel where he reacted with joy and tears of relief. russia has denied any role in the story and accused kiev of using it as propaganda but russia
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has where ukraine security chiefs allege the murder prosser ridge native. fled his home country last year after a career as an anti putin voice culminated in a state backed media campaign against him none of the should. we reported that in order to fulfill the cynical plan special services of the russian federation recruited a ukrainian citizen the first letter of his name is g. he was commissioned to find perpetrators of this brutal murder for financial reward in order to fulfill the assignment from the russian special services citizen g offered his acquaintance to commit a terrorist act into murder russian journalist. for thirty thousand dollars. ukraine secret service the s.b.u. showed video allegedly of this citizen g.v. in arrested on kiev streets i may say that the only one in danger thirty more people were being targeted for this working in the russian speaking world there is
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palpable relief that someone that they had been mourning is actually alive but among some there is also concern that in the post truth age an era of fake news security operation like this as spectacular as it may be might further degrades trust in the long run. al-jazeera moscow. iraq's electoral commission says it's canceling the results from more than a thousand polling stations used in this month's parliamentary vote it says it has evidence of fraud at voting centers both in iraq and for citizens living abroad charles stratford has more from baghdad. members of the iraqi parliament called an open special session on monday following more allegations of fraud during parliamentary elections earlier this month they call to votes in the predominately sunni provinces of. dina nineveh and all ballots cast by iraqis living abroad to
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be manually recounted the demand was supported by many sunni politicians and others who oppose the election results which source successful outcome for three main shia led blocks in iraq's first election since the defeat of eisel market as we are. there are frauds and problems that took place and that is seeing into the made by parliament today i personally support the set of the interest of the political and the process in iraq and that must be implemented prime minister hyderabadi warned in his weekly news conference a potential political instability if demands for recounts continued and had them shape we're checking all violations and complaints i must say that the political process is important we can't get into a political vacuum parliament is only left with thirty days to finish its legal term and the new parliament must take effect after that without a new parliament in place will be a constitutional gap on wednesday parliament's special session continued.
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twenty eight parliamentarians put together a draft law for a complete to recount of votes across all of iraq and for it to be supervised by the iraqi judiciary and the u.n. mission in the country iraq's independent election commission cancelled results of one thousand and twenty one polling stations including those in the predominantly sunni provinces of unbias allowed in a nineveh and sixty seven outside the country even warned of the potential of civil war if the crisis escalates for many iraqis including those who voted abroad allegations of voting fraud comes as no surprise i'm sorry to say that you have no . the whole. last quarter or two years it's the same. result also in your case. i'm not hoping for a change in the coming years because if we keep electing these people then these people are not going to have
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a change in the future in order for any country wide to recount will to be passed it has to be ratified by fifty percent plus one of iraq's ssri hundred twenty nine members of parliament before it is then signed off by the supremes cool but despite the kind of legal difficulties that the twenty eight parliamentarians calling for this recount face the issue highlights just how difficult it is to form a government after years of political tension and violence in iraq. by. thousands of jordanians are striking against government plans to raise taxes many businesses have closed as public and private sector employees staged a walkout investments said to double the income tax base it's part of an economic program driven by the international monetary fund which aims to bring down public debt. thousands of workers in greece and walked off the job as a protest against a new wave of austerity measures that will kick in after the summer labor unions
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are called for a twenty four hour general strike against the reforms which are part of greece's bailout agreement with foreign lenders schools have been closed and flights have been disrupted hospitals and they have emergency stop greece's latest bailout and in august but the austerity measures will continue pretty steam or years for us has more from the streets of athens. these people are protesting against a mix of austerity policies each of which was justified as an emergency measure to balance the budget but cumulatively and over eight years that mix is becoming explosive taxes have gone up throughout the crisis to continue to raise sixty billion dollars a year even as the economy shrank by a quarter pensions have been cut by as much as half salaries by fifteen percent and worst of all unemployment still stands at twenty percent but together with underemployment is just amazing close to twenty seven percent the squeeze on
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people's incomes has meant that greeks have lost much more than one hundred million dollars in savings there's another one hundred million dollars worth of bank loans they can't or won't pay off and the properties underpinning those loans are now being sold four billion dollars was last year and that fire sale is expected to double this year come january pension as a thing at a new eighteen percent cut and salaried workers a new tax hike the eurozone is telling greeks that the medicine is working because they are managing to export enough wealth to continue to pay that bailout loans back these people would like a second opinion. still to come on the program. afghan forces fight off an isolate tack on the interior. ministry in kabul. political deadlock in one of europe's biggest economies italy's prime minister designate says new possibilities of imagine to end the stalemate.
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howlers not much rain is not much snow falling at the moment in australia for many a sight of these lots of cattle trucks coming through the bottom massacred for me in western australia which might be a prelude to rain coming in slowly towards past but it's twenty degrees on thursday fairly bright if not sunny with a big pole of that cloud still exists south australia adelaide could be right rather than sunny sunny thirty degrees in melbourne but warmer in sit in the showers are very close to showing the circulation is taking most of the weather offshore so a squeeze between finally settled weather in australia and high pressure sitting over new zealand the weather in new zealand the cold at night is reasonable during the day the sun comes out weak though it is but any rain bearing tides where you've
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already seen the story there it's held in the task in say ten interest church forty in oakland a little bit below average but nights you is when you tell not during the days you've got to find days his circulation of rain over the water and rain is heading into japan course it's much warmer here but that warm and humid weather tends to suggest we're into that proper wet season we are in indeed our sock is wet on thursday in turkey i think for time on friday. to some an honest politician to others an alleged war criminal who was responsible for the murder of course of a statesman oliver evanovich what does it reveal of the sectarian divide within this ten year old country and how has it affected relations between prishtina and
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belgrade kosovo people in power investigation on al-jazeera. and one of the top stories here on. the north korean leader's right hand man has arrived in the u.s. for talks with secretary of state might pay out the white house says early meetings about next month's summit between kim jong un and president trump have been positive and it is still expected to take place. a russian journalist who was reportedly shot dead in the ukrainian capital is alive. appeared at a news conference and said his death was faked to catch those who were trying to
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kill him. iraq's electoral commission says canceling the results from more than a thousand polling stations used in this month's parliamentary vote because it has evidence of fraud about its will be recounted manually. brazil's striking truck drivers have returned to work after reaching a temporary agreement with the government to lower the price of diesel but discontent over rising costs and disillusion with corrupt politicians remain high more unrest is expected in the run up to the presidential elections in october and your reports from sao paolo you know. most of brazil striking truck drivers of returns of the road many of the reluctantly some with police and army escorts after reaching a temporary agreement with the government to lower the price of diesel brazil is returning to normal after the nine day protests is brought the country to its knees but as truckers return to work all workers worked out the. deadly the truckers went
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on strike and were asking some of the same questions as us so we decided to strike not only to support them but to oppose the possible privatization of petrol. yes. the seventy two hour stoppage was declared illegal by the government the strikes have also seen shares in the national all company petrol brass the majority of which is government job and lose fifteen percent of their value the traffic is flowing again deliveries are being made a few head out and this is only a temporary reprieve prices remain high and the popularity of the government is at an all time low while the majority of brazilians continue to support the strikers that's a recipe for further protests. president says brazil is emerging from recession but few are seeing the benefits of this reported to surgeons and many brazilians are disillusioned with the whole political establishment with politicians from all parties implicated in a number of corruption scandals in the next president will inherit
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a country with an enormous deficit and major problems enduring its economic recovery it will be hard to prove unpopular reforms that are necessary for this country. presidential elections a jew in october is not running the one time favorites and former president lula da silva is imprisoned and no other candidate to so far emerged to lead brazil to do to mull choose times that many here fear lie ahead and try not to see it. well then one point two billion children are being robbed of their childhoods according to a new report by save the children that's one half of all the children in the world report says that three key factors are blame for this conflict poverty or discrimination against girls almost one hundred fifty three million children are living in twenty countries affected by all three threats these include somalia yemen afghanistan and south sudan in a moment reports from juba and sas you don. fifteen year old mary kay dent has only
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one dream to go to school and get a degree so when her family told her she will be married off so they can get money she ran away to an orphanage. and. my brother said they wanted to sell me because they wanted money for food i told them i wanted to study but they said they didn't want me to go to school that girls don't go. mary says her family wouldn't have thought of marrying her off were it not for south sudan dire economic situation a direct result of five years of civil war the rate of early marriage for girls here has risen from forty eight percent to fifty two in recent years. the worst parted in twenty thirty when president salva kiir accused his former deputy rick machar of attempting a coup tens of thousands have been killed and a third of the twelve million population displaced sixty percent of them children according to the un but even children who haven't been displaced have not been
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spared the consequences of the world trade organization say along with early marriages many children are turning to the three south sudan where has also resulted in a high number of young girls getting pregnant and more ok being recruited to fight in the conflict. like twelve year old bad day who says the economic crisis has meant he has to wash cars on the streets. there's no money so i can't go to school so i wash cars if i get some money i take it home so my mother can feed my brothers. save the children as young people in south sudan face a difficult future. and there's like three reasons that there are major like threats for children that are actually overlapping in south sudan and one eats high levels of poverty another one is the armed conflict that has been going for many years now since two thousand and thirteen and the other reason is the discrimination against girls so actually we are risking we are risking
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a whole generation a generation that's struggling with the consequences of a war that's robbing them of their childhood as well as their future. morgan al-jazeera. the first time in nearly forty years zimbabwe will hold an election without robert mugabe president. announced the polls will be held on july the thirtieth he will run as the head of the ruling a zanu p.f. and will face several opponents be able to bob way since independence in one hundred eighty and stepped down last year after the military briefly took power. you know the nation security council has held an emergency session after a flare up of violence at the gaza border tuesday saw the heaviest attacks between the israeli army and armed palestinian factions there since twenty fourteen christian salumi has more from the un in new york. if there's one thing that all members of the security council can agree on when it comes to the situation in israel and palestine it's their frustration over the council's inability to reach
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an agreement and take any action the united states had called this emergency meeting hoping to get a statement from the council condemning the rocket attacks from gaza and israel and in fact many council members in their individual speeches did condemn those attacks but while the united states put all of the blame for those attacks on the palestinian leadership other members of the council pointed out that the desperate situation in gaza is playing a role here and restricted access for palestinians their limited movement their lack of electricity on many days the lack of jobs and so on and kuwait who is calling for an international protection force to protect palestinians blocked a formal statement from being issued on behalf of the council here's what the united states said in response the people of gaza do not need protection from an external source the people of gaza need protection from hamas it is the
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actions of hamas that are putting gaza and of and grave danger. hamas is indiscriminate attacks against israel inevitably bring a response the u.n. special coordinator for middle east peace nicholai malott enough did lay out some basic steps that could help calm the situation which he says is at risk of escalating again and turning violent he talked about focusing on the humanitarian needs of the palestinians and restarting an injection reconciliation process and he made a direct appeal to the people of gaza saying that we hear your plight and suffering and we will do all that we can to ensure that you have a future beyond mere survival a prominent human rights activist and blogger from the united arab emirates has been sentenced to ten years in prison sources say one months or was found guilty of slander against the u.a.e. it been held for more than a year before his trial began in abu dhabi last month once who was arrested on suspicion of using social media to publish false information and spread hatred and
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sectarianism a nation's new leader has not that the search for missing malaysia airlines flight m h three seventy could resume the hunt officially ended on tuesday out of four years of multi-million dollar operations failed to find the aircraft two hundred thirty nine people were on board flight m h three seventy when it disappeared in twenty fourteen malaysian prime minister mahathir mohamed says he will consider restarting the search if new evidence is found. i still fighters have attacked the afghan interior ministry headquarters in the capital kabul police say a car bomb was detonated at the entrance and then several attackers managed to get inside the compound is the latest in a series of attacks that highlight a security situation which is gradually getting worse jennifer goss has more from kabul. the explosions and gunfire went on for about two hours as fighters attacked the interior ministry a suicide attacker detonated his explosive at the entrance of the interior ministry
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and wounded two people right after the blast i saw other attackers who had military uniforms getting out from an armored vehicle security personnel responded quickly the compound is heavily fortified and guarded it moved to this site last year so that it could be better protected and away from civilians but they were still in the line of fire. a rocket propelled grenade hit me where we were standing to the other sort of the road but some people were wounded then the police took us out of here the attackers were also dressed like police. this is the latest in a series of high profile attacks in kabul that have killed hundreds of people since the beginning of the year in logar province in eastern afghanistan the taliban continued its so-called spring offensive with a suicide attack on a police station killing three officers the attackers were also killed. the taliban took over dusty kolob district in takar province northeastern afghanistan continuing a string of offensives that are keeping the afghan military busy telephone is
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gaining ground despite a doubling of u.s. airstrikes but u.s. military says it killed fifty taliban leaders in bombings in helmand last week the taliban says this is propaganda and that only civilians are killed jennifer glass al jazeera kabul. italy's new prime minister designate has suggested he's close to a last minute deal that will end months of political turmoil got a look at our early has been tasked with coming tensions and potentially planning a new election earlier efforts by two anti establishment parties to form a coalition government collapsed and even barbara has the latest from rome. well on wednesday expectations swung from believing that really would actually present a list of potential cabinet members to the president's surge of my trailer to rumors that those so-called populist parties five star and the league were now back in discussions and in fact the entourage of mystical to really himself saying that
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he was waiting to see whether that was going to be a run or a new government proposed by those parties now luigi demaio soon after that on a video live streamed on facebook said he could envisage some sort of compromise perhaps suggesting a different economy minister but the leader of the league matteo salvini while he didn't react directly has been sticking to his guns saying that that must be the government otherwise there should be elections as soon as possible he stands to gain the league have surged up to around twenty five percent in the latest opinion polls five star steady on around thirty percent so it's possible if there were fresh elections that they could be the biggest two groups but whether they'll be prepared to work together again is not certain right now we don't know if it's really will go back to the polls or who will lead its next government china says it's ready to fight back if the u.s. is looking for a trade war that's after washington said it will impose
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a twenty five percent tariff on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese imports it will also restrict investment by chinese companies in the u.s. and limit exports of high tech goods to china a trade delegation from the white house has arrived in beijing for negotiations earlier this month the two countries agreed to look at measures to cut china's trade surplus in a move that appeared to reduce the risk of a changeable. your state department planning changes to its resources to him for chinese students is part of president on trump's attempt to crack down on what he calls the fair to the u.s. intellectual property officials are expected to limit student visas to one year the chinese citizens who plan to graduate work in science or technology hollywood producer harvey weinstein will face trial after being formally indicted on rape charges weinstein was arrested after turning himself into a police station in manhattan last friday he's now been indicted by a grand jury on charges of rape and
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a criminal sexual act one scene has been accused of sexual misconduct by more than seventy women but some allegations dating back decades he has denied having known consensual sex. or ten out of the top stories on our jazeera the u.s. secretary of state has just arrived for talks with north korean leader kim jong il and top left of tenant michael payors meeting kim yong charcoal who's flown to new york for talks about next month's summit with president donald trump the white house says early negotiations have been positive and that the meeting on june the twelfth is still expected to take place a russian journalist and fierce critic of president vladimir putin humor is reportedly shot dead in the ukrainian capital has appeared at a news conference. ahead of ukraine's
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security service told reporters that they faked because death in a sting to catch those who were trying to kill him of trying to left russia last year after receiving threats. more to museums an interview as far as i know this approach and was prepared over two months i was made known one month ago over this month i saw how the guys worked how they dug things up like buffaloes over this month we were in constant contact we thought things through and worked out the details that begin this special operation as a result of which one person has been detained israel's government has authorized construction for nearly two thousand new settlement homes in the occupied west bank at least eighty percent are planned for outside the settlements that are already built last week the israeli defense minister said he was seeking immediate approval propter two and a half hours in homes thousands of workers in greece have walked off the job as they protest against a new wave of austerity measures that will kick in after the summer schools have
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been closed and flights have been disrupted hospitals only have emergency staff iraq's electoral commission says it's cancelling results for more than a thousand polling stations used in this month's parliamentary vote says it has evidence of fraud the buyouts may have to be recounted manually eisel gunmen launched a brazen attack on the afghan interior ministry headquarters in the capital kabul one policeman was killed and five others were injured before the attackers were killed by afghan security forces those are the headlines to stay with us here not just there are people in power is up next they'll be more news for you after that by for now. the i.m.f. said riyadh's breakeven oil price twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. to help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in
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counting the cost on al-jazeera. to directrix this move goalkeeper places the cost of his fighting to succeed from laboring serbia in two thousand and eight possible declared its independence and this year celebrates its tenth birthday with those serbia still trying sovereignty and relations are still strained amid complex claims of time atrocities and ancient greeks and then a mysterious death gave this toxic cult and of the show we went to investigate.


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