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all these words get it sure the song the kid on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. alarms the whole robin welcome to the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha are coming up in the next sixty minutes north korea's a former spy chief arrives in new york for talks with the u.s. secretary of state. also the u.n. security council discusses the recent escalation in violence between the israelis and palestinian factions. also ukraine stages the murder of a journalist they say it was to stop an attempt on his life and capture the mastermind behind the plot. also hollywood producer harvey weinstein is indicted on
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rape charges in new york city. to the news the north korean leader's closest aide has arrived in the u.s. for talks with the secretary of state mike pompei and kim yong truly touched down in new york making him the most senior north korean official to visit the u.s. in eighteen years the white house says early meetings about next month's summit between kim jong un and president trump have been positive and it's still expected to take place well shortly we'll get all the reaction from south korea with andrew thomas who's in the capital seoul but first let's cross over to james bays who's in new york and the talking begins and one can perhaps take a pretty good guess at what's on the agenda that will be discussed over dinner james. yeah and that dinner is taking place in the apartment block just
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behind me it's an apartment that is actually a residence oh and by the u.s. mission to the united nations that is where they decide to have this most secure of conversations all the first one over dinner between secretary of state might prompt and general kim who literally arrived in the last two minutes here greeted at the door of the apartment block there by a person called andy kim and now he is the cia's point man on on korea on the whole korean peninsula and it's interesting that really it's the cia that's been doing the lead on this diplomacy remember that secretary powell was actually the head of the cia when he made that first visit to pyongyang they of course will be discussing all the issues but top i think on the agenda is what do both sides mean they have different interpretations of denuclearization of course and that that is exactly my second question about the issue of denuclearization encouraging signs
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being made of course about the potential summit and the talk of denuclearization but it's a fractious one and each side has a very different interpretation of what the meaning of that word means to then. yeah in the u.s. his position so far has been pretty clear they want to get rid of all of the nuclear program straight away after the singapore summit they want to commitment to do that straight away i don't think it's quite as easy as straight away they have made the comparison with libya but libya never actually had nuclear capability in fact one person who worked on the libya file for the us told me that much of the stuff was in cases some of the stuff that they had got for their nuclear program and all they had to do is ship it away very very different with north korea which actually does have nuclear capability has a very expansive nuclear program so i think that will be a difficult procedure and some are saying it could take many years of course
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there's also the big question of if this all falls apart what happens then is there still the specter of military action all cammy the us increased sanctions pressure again i think that's going to be a little harder i was speaking a short time ago back at the un in the last hour to the dutch ambassador who is chairs the sanctions committee at the u.n. and he says the sanctions are very hard in this that a lot of international pressure but he will if you want to tighten sanctions now that you have the north koreans engaging diplomatically and you have these pictures changing the narrative of the north korean leader the smiling pictures of kim it's going to be hard i think to get international pressure to put even tighter sanctions on north korea will leave it there for now james come back to where we know more of what's going on at that location with you and the meeting between the north koreans and the united states thank you let's cross over to seoul the capital
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of south korea where andrew thomas our correspondent is standing by and of course the talking isn't just happening in new york city it's also happening in singapore where they are continuing to iron out the many kinks in the potential ligo shea sions that might happen there in june. well this is all about trying to work out who is where when mostly we're not being told very much of anything by the officials inside the key rooms north of north korean or u.s. so it's all about spotting the players when they're not inside the rooms and one of those players another aide to kim jong un a man called kim chang saw was spotted at the hotel where the u.s. delegation is known to be staying in singapore now we think the talks in singapore all about the logistics planning the security arrangements the protocol work what will happen in which rooms those kind of mechanical things and those seem to be going on a place where you've got north koreans and americans at the same hotel in fact kim
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chang song was seen riding a golf cart in the u.s. delegations hotel that's how we know that they have been together meanwhile inside the demilitarized zone there are other talks going on between the u.s. delegation and a north korean delegation those started on sunday we believe they carried on wednesday it's not yet known whether the u.s. delegation will leave here in seoul to resume those talks again on thursday so lots of activity here meanwhile south korea has also sent an official party to singapore that sent the south korean media into a flurry of excitement on wednesday when they found out about that there was lots of talk that they were there to prepare for a trilateral summit between south korea north korea and the u.s. the blue house here very quickly put out a statement though that official delegation had nothing to do with any u.s. north korea south korea summit they were purely there to talk about another summit completely separate between singapore and south korea but you can just get an idea there of the frenzy of excitement that everybody is in here trying to work out who
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is where and what they're talking about indeed during twenty four hours ago and where we were talking about the many moving parts in this story and there are many moving parts will continue for certainly the twelve days up to june the twelfth but there is a word of caution is there not from the outgoing head of u.s. pacific command about north korea he still remains very cautious about the country as a whole and what may or may not happen if these talks are successful or even fail. what the hell this is admiral harry harris now he is the outgoing admiral in charge of the u.s. pacific command as you say and in a speech in hawaii as he was handing over the reins if you like of that operation to his successor he said that north korea remains the u.s. is most imminent threat and a nuclear capable north korea with missiles that can reach the united states is unacceptable now nothing particularly amazing about what he said there but when he said it well that is significant because in the last four or five days the u.s.
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has been very careful not to put out any statements of criticizing north korea or worrying about north korea in any way you'll remember it was the glory of interviews the likes of mike pence and others gave in the united states that can pay for example what might happen in north korea with libya without releasing the north koreans into a frenzy they did not like any idea of criticism or even a sort of suggestion that they were still a force that was a concern to the u.s. in the run up to any summit well this is a little bit of that and it certainly raises up again how important this summit is it reminds us all i think that for all the talks going on there is some real substance that needs to be nutted out before the summit will go ahead indeed will look into. as they unfold for the moment under thank you let's go to our other top story now the united nations security council is held in emergency session after a flare up of violence at the gaza border where israel struck dozens of targets
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inside the gaza strip on choose day after a rocket and mortar launches from palestinian factions now the u.s. says callous to the leadership needs to be held accountable for attacks against israel kristen salumi has more from the u.n. in new york. the one thing security council members seem to agree on on this issue of palestine in israel is their frustration over the council's inability to get anything done the united states had called this meeting we called hoping to release a statement on behalf of a counselor condemning rocket attacks from gaza into israel and in fact many council members did condemn those attacks but while the united states put all the blame for violence in the region on the palestinian leadership others like the united kingdom pointed out the desperate situation of the palestinian people is playing a part restrictions on movement lack of access to electricity water and jobs is all contributing to the tension and kuwait who is calling for an international
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protection force to ensure the safety of palestinian civilians blocked a formal statement from being issued on behalf of the council but. as long as this occupation continues the palestinian people have the legitimate right to fight it and to defend their aspirations and their dream of independence and a dignified and free life from her let them look at the united states had this reaction the people of gaza do not need protection from an external source the people of gaza need protection from hamas it is the actions of hamas that are putting gaza and grave danger. hamas is indiscriminate attacks against israel inevitably bring a response the un special coordinator for middle east peace nicholai mlodinow warned that further escalation an all out war remain a risk and he laid out some basic steps to prevent that from happening focusing on
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humanitarian needs and supporting the egyptian reconciliation process and he ended with a message directly to the people of gaza we hear your plight and suffering he said and we will do all that we can to ensure that you have a future beyond mere survival. the u.s. says israel should pause at settlement activities to help washington's peace plan move forward the white house made the statement hours after israel approved the construction of nearly two thousand new homes in the occupied west bank is the first such decision to the u.s. moved its embassy in israel to jerusalem triggering violent protests the israeli settlements are illegal under international law. a dissident russian journalist and fierce critic of the kremlin he was thought to have been murdered in kiev has turned up alive at a news conference. revealed his apparent death had been a setup to catch a would be assassin chalons has more from moscow. back from the dead russian
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journalist. entered a press conference in kiev to a pool hours after most of the world shocked that his murder had been faked a sting operation by ukraine secret service to apparently catch his would be killers apologize to all those who've been kept in the dark including his wife. i'd like to ask you to excuse me for all that happened in the past because i have attended funerals for colleagues and friends many times and i know this feeling when you have to bury colleagues sorry for this unfortunately there were no other ways. flowers had been left outside kiev home where late on tuesday evening the journalist was reportedly found with fatal gunshot wounds to the back tributes and obituaries mourned his death. the secret was revealed live on t.v. colleagues at the channel where he works reacted with joy and tears of relief.
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russia has denied any role in the story and accused kiev of using it as propaganda but russia has where ukraine security chiefs allege the murder prosser originated. fled his home country last year after a career as an anti putin voice culminated in a state backed media campaign against him none of the. we reported that in order to fulfill the cynical plan special services of the russian federation recruited a ukrainian citizen the first letter of his name is she he was commissioned to find perpetrators of this brutal murder for financial reward in order to fulfill the assignment from the russian special services citizen g offered his acquaintance to commit a terrorist act into murder russian journalist. for thirty thousand dollars. ukraine secret service the s.b.u. showed video allegedly of this citizen g.v. in arrested on kiev streets and they say that the only one in danger thirty more
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people were being targeted for journalists working in the russian speaking world there is palpable relief that someone that they had been mourning is actually alive but among some there is also concern concern that in the post truth age an era of fake news security operation like this as spectacular as it may be might further degrades trust in the long run. al-jazeera moscow. well michael walsh is a global affairs analyst joins me now from sydney in canada via skype good to have you with us on al-jazeera i mean it's an interesting turn of events but a dangerous one that journalists are now lying regardless of the moral high ground in the reasoning that mr used for his action were not only lying but also collaborating with state security services i mean on the one hand if
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a man's life was saved by this. well it's very good on the other hand i really don't the ukrainian state has really thought through the long term implications of what has just happened the street. at a very bad image that came to prosecuting cases capturing journalists who were capturing those who are shut journalist including sort of a minute or two ago on this well you know sold out into their future statements when the make announcements to the media are they actually saying what actually happened or is it you know it's i mean you touched on that on the subject there about the relationship between the ukrainian government and the media i mean what does this say in the long term about the way that they could act together or even against each other. well you know i've just come from a media forum in ukraine where the state of the ukrainian media was just a step and your atlas direction is not a healthy one basically the major media houses are owned by oligarchs that are very
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wealthy many of them collect connected to the president so the state of journalism that was very poor to begin with it is and it is improving so i think this is another kind of blow at the image of the ukrainian media and then we also have to remember and went into we'll just get news from ukraine and stayed there no going to have to check it two or three times and for many who eulogized or wrote obituaries about the that. it's very painful then for them to wake up this morning and find out that he wasn't telling the truth i mean regardless does this actually make the job of a reporter difficult globally in terms of the impartiality that we all move around with now the questions will surely be asked about motives and our allegiance is. a leader i mean on a daily basis you know close to where i sit president trump is daily vilified in the media and curing it of spreading fake news and you know. up until now in state i think help the highroad there was
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a lot of empathy for them especially you know fighting this war in eastern ukraine and military is out there themselves spreading fake news and doing so after also receiving a lot of aid it should be mentioned from the international community to fight the fake news from russia well for them i will leave it there mr bush thanks so much for joining us from the sydney in canada thank you. ah plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including we speak to the writing of women who are due to give birth in refugee camps after being raped in myanmar. and anger at all sturdy in greece spills on to the streets as thousands of workers stage a wall cloud also the former tennis champion novak djokovic continues his run that the french open says back from recent injury.
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iraq's electoral commission says it's canceling the results from war than one thousand polling stations used in this month's parliamentary vote it says it's has evidence of fraud at the voting centers both in iraq and abroad charles stratford has more from baghdad. members of the iraqi parliament called an open special session on monday following more allegations of fraud during parliamentary elections earlier this month they called her votes in the predominately sunni provinces of. dina nineveh and all ballots cast by iraqis living abroad to be manually recounted the demand was supported by many sunni politicians and others who oppose the election results which source successful outcome for three main shia led blocks in iraq's first election since the defeat of eisel market as we have. there are frauds and problems that took place and that is seeing into the made by parliament today and i personally support these decisions which set of the interest
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of the political and the book attic process in iraq and they must be implemented prime minister hyderabadi warned in his weekly news conference a potential political instability if demands for recounts continued and had them shape we're checking all violations and complaints i must say that the political process is important we can't get into a political vacuum parliament is only left with thirty days to finish its legal term and the new parliament must take effect after that without a new parliament in place will be a constitutional gap on wednesday parliament's special session continued. twenty eight parliamentarians put together a draft law for a complete to recount of votes across all of iraq and for it to be supervised by the iraqi judiciary and the u.n. mission in the country iraq's independent election commission cancelled results of one thousand and twenty one polling stations including those in the predominantly sunni provinces of unbias allowed in a nineveh and sixty seven outside the country it even warned of the potential of
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civil war if the crisis escalates for many iraqis including those who voted abroad allegations of voting fraud comes as no surprise i'm sorry to say that you have no . no hope. not support already have the same. result also and you'll get. change in the coming years because if we keep electing these people then these people are not going to have a change in the future in order for any country wide recount will to be passed it has to be ratified by fifty percent plus one of iraq's ssri hundred twenty nine members of parliament before it is then signed off by the supremes cool but despite the kind of legal difficulties that the twenty eight parliamentarians calling for this recount face the issue highlights just how difficult it is to form a government after years of political tension and violence in iraq. baghdad
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thousands of running or women who say they were raped by soldiers in to give birth in overcrowded bangladeshi camps they fled the military crackdown in rakhine state last year along with more than seven hundred thousand of our own country men and women that are in the home reports. fatima was just sixteen and newly married when she sees me and the soldiers killed her husband as they burned her village she fled into the forest but soldiers caught in the air and she says one of them raped her after the trauma of trying to make it to bangladesh she discovered she was pregnant but she doesn't know who the father is her late husband or the soldier who write to her warm warm he's my baby how can i throw him away i have to love him. more than seven hundred thousand muslim or henge or create
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a military crackdown on me and mass rakhine state late last year nine months on first that revenge of camps in bangladesh are expected to rise dramatically the un expects twenty five thousand babies will be born in may and june that's nine thousand more than the first four months of the year overwhelmed by shame the un says many rape victims have sought to hide their pregnancies while others have tried to terminate them in dangerous home abortions fatima says she made a new early decision to keep her baby no measure the shame. me this baby so i shouldn't be afraid i will raise this baby properly un agencies are working to provide health care for a few g.'s and to work with communities to ensure rape victims and their children don't face discrimination but they admit they're already struggling to get funding for the basics like food and shelter right now we're only a fifth of the way where the united nations joint response. estimates that we will
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need nine hundred fifty million u.s. dollars that for a lot of money but when you consider that it's one million people. in the united nations describes what happened to the revenger as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing but the government to function suchi insists no atrocities it could and that it was simply defending itself after a text from. fatima's baby like tens of thousands of others will now be born into an overcrowded and done senate tree camp maybe i'm a hardened al jazeera disgraced us movie producer harvey weinstein will face trial after being formally indicted on rape charges the new york grand jury's decision follows weinstein's arrest on court appearance last friday he's been accused of sexual misconduct by more than seventy women and some allegations state back decades he's denied having consensual sex mike hanna has more for us now from
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washington d.c. and joins me now i mean the charges were expected but what happens next. yes they were inspected indeed however the new york district attorney is insists that this moves forward the process leading to criminal. legislation adventurously being brought against harvey weinstein but weinstein's lawyer insists that no this is not the case he says that the grand jury. hearing didn't provide any new detail essentially what the grand jury has done is indicted weinstein on exactly the same charges that the police brought against him last friday but what the studies mean is that it may make the job of the prosecutor a little bit easier what happens next well weinstein will appear before a judge he will be arraigned he will have the opportunity to declare his his guilty or not guilty is lawyer makes very clear that weinstein will be pleading not guilty
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to these charges and his lawyer also says that he will continue to fight against these charges being brought against him. indeed of course have put so many of the individuals on notice who are under investigation that the authorities in the u.s. are really taking this very seriously. here cindy but one let's remember these are charges being brought in new york two separate charges from two women one of whom remains an identified however there are a serious of other charges being brought against weinstein in other parts of the united states and also outside the borders of this country in canada in the u.k. for example so there are series of charges basically globally that will be brought at some stage against harvey weinstein this is not even looking at the civil actions that are pending a number of individuals having stated the intent of bringing civil action against harvey weinstein so this is going to be a long process when he appears before the judge and it's
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a right before the judge then a court date will be set and then that process will get underway but there's likely to be a lot of legal movement before the court case finally gets underway to go from i believe it there thanks for the update monk still ahead here on al-jazeera brazil's striking truck drivers get back on the job its oil workers who say they're fed up. and a generation at risk the impact of years of civil war in south sudan's most vulnerable . have the food on the go. and crickets international governing body responds to an al-jazeera investigation uncovering match fixing in the sport.
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there is so much more strain the and the east in the u.s. and in eastern canada partly from the circulation alberto the first named storm of the season there are going to be pretty big downpours in any of the states in the plains eastwards to the coast and up through the eastern side. and because the temperature is warm enough to support this sort of uplift in the human does that to give you sunder storms so this is a pretty big wet area and dry southwest corner which is less surprising they've tension das's thirty six than to twenty and los angeles you can see the break of rain is likely in the northern rockies but this area in particular could see some flooding flash flooding downpours as a result of the combination of wards and that's the next two or three days it doesn't prove the time to get the end of friday and we've been seeing that for days if not weeks lots of rain falling in cuba the bahamas and it goes down towards
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honduras nicaragua the bit of a break in the clouds but it hasn't gone down in the forecast is still like to be sherry in havana only western cuba and florida and the still the potential for a pretty big downpours in nicaragua honduras and also guatemala the other islands is lushly fine. living doing life for centuries right now forced to think hard about their future. world the nomadic peoples of the atlas mountains. striving to deal with a changing world. and preparing their children for a different way of life. the last nomads of morocco. new possibilities. clearly journalists or medical facilities they got that had
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already declared a state of emergency several weeks ago gripping documentaries to discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the globe. did great discussion on one side of the split screen dignitaries mingling on the other hand see the world from a different perspective only on al-jazeera. i'm still robin the reminder of our top stories this news are one of north korea's leaders and leaders closest aides smacked the u.s.
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secretary of state by pompei and now they've started their meeting it's in preparation for next month's possible summit between president trump than you can judge the white house says as expected the meeting on june the twelfth take place in singapore also the united nations security council is held at the verge of the session after a flare up of violence at the gaza border israel struck dozens of targets inside the gaza strip on shoes day after rocket and mortar launchers from palestinian factions the u.s. says palestinian leadership needs to be held accountable for attacks against israel . and a dissident russian journalist and fierce critic of the kremlin who was thought to have been murdered in kiev has turned up alive at a news conference arkady but revealed his apparent death had been staged to catch a would be killer. let's get more hot our top story now are the preparations underway for a planned. summit between north korea and the us peter matthys is a professor of political science at cypress college joins me now from los angeles
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via skype it's good to have you with us mr matthys encouraging sounds being made obviously at this potential summit not just in the united states but also in singapore how do you assess the situation at the moment are interesting because of the first time of such a high ranking officials this year two thousand actually in the united states to meet with the top sec their state for example michael you know quite remarkable achievement but they have a lot of things to discuss discuss well about denuclearization can actually be a reality because it is different the two different versions of the nuclear station the north korean version the united states version and the result of differences there because north korea wants to take it step by step to the nuclear eyes in a phased in situation where reciprocating states the u.s. wanted to have immediately to as a share of north korea get all of our nuclear weapons and missiles and that's virtually impossible that goes back to what happened. at the end of the korean war
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not quite having finished yet and the concern north korea has about getting invaded again when they were so. sure well look while there is a sort of a fortunate sort of misunderstanding in the dialogue that we've been hearing over the last few weeks are you actually surprised at the way north korea is taking it i would say in its stride in such a carbon steady approach to these negotiations considering what they've had to deal with which is a very erratic some may say even irrational approach from the usa it's remarkable how calm and collected. we seem to have lost mr matthews we will try and get hold of him again because our conversation hasn't finished regarding north korea let's just move on to the americas where most of brazil's striking truck drivers have returned to work after reaching a temporary agreement with the government to lower the price of diesel but discontent over rising costs and corruption means further unrest is expected in the
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run up to the presidential election in october. more from sao paulo. i most of brazil's striking truck drivers have returned to the road many of the reluctantly some with police and army escorts after reaching a temporary agreement with the government to lower the price of diesel brazil is returning to normal after the nine day protests brought the country to its knees but his truck has returned to work all workers walked out. coincidentally the truckers went on strike and were asking some of the same questions as us so we decided to strike not only to support them but to oppose the possible privatization of petro boss. the seventy two hour stoppage was declared illegal by the government the strikes have also seen shares in the national all company petrol brass the majority of which is government own lose fifteen percent of their value the traffic is flowing again deliveries are being made but few head out and this is only
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a temporary reprieve prices remain high and the popularity of the government is an all time low while the majority of brazilians continue to support the strikers that's a recipe for further protests. president says brazil is emerging from recession but few are seeing the benefits of this reported to surgeons and many brazilians are disillusioned with the whole political establishment with politicians from all parties implicated in a number of corruption scandals or possible but next president will inherit a country with an enormous deficit and major problems enduring its second. recovery it will be hard to prove unpopular reforms that are necessary to this country. presidential elections are doing october is not running the one time favorites and former president lula da silva is in prison and no other candidate to so far emerged to lead brazil through to mulch it was times that many here here lie ahead
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and try and that are just here. let's go back to our story with peter matthys of course a professor at cypress college she was rudely interrupted by the technology i love blaming technology peter when these things happen because can't possibly be our fault at all getting back to the subject of north korea and the us the difficulty seems to be not in sort of what they want but how they hope to achieve getting the things that they want and it's all about the sort of definition of denuclearization and each side seems to have a very different version of what that means. yes u.s. president from demand was to mediately north korea give up all of its nuclear weapons and missiles right away and north korea wants to do is tell you want to go phased in they can do that it's one step at a time and that's much more i think real realistic and i believe they have to reach a compromise on this thing is not korea one security they want to have a peace treaty signed between other states and north korea and south korea and
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privately or at the u.n. as well and declaring the end of nuclear the actual war the korean war which never ended by the visually and then there are troops on south korean soil thirty thousand u.s. troops with south korea and north korea very concerned about these war games warming to their career every six months or so with the u.s. and south korean troops they want battle to be reduced possibly a few troops reduced as well as the war games but are are set back and stopped operating because that's a concern to them as well and the u.s. has to some of these things already get north korea to actually start the niggers ation step by step just a short time ago i was speaking to our senior diplomatic editor james bays in new york and he talked about the fact that it's very difficult for the international community to even paps even contemplate more sanctions on north korea when they have been so accommodating up to this point the question is raised what happens if there is no agreement and it all falls apart and the u.s.
2:37 am
looks for a global push to put pressure on north korea what's your understanding of you might see the different scenarios if these talks fail. well i believe that china and russia were probably very reluctant to reimpose sanctions even the european union concerned about doing that because they don't feel that the u.s. did not see this through especially from sticks to his demand that north korea the nuclear as immediately that's not a reasonable demand in the world sees it that way and they would prefer to go step by step north koreans have asked for government is also the situation of what was raised by john bolton who should never have been really appointed as national security adviser because he's the one who didn't want to even the go share with iran when he pulled out of the iran nuclear agreement and he was saying that north korea could perhaps get to be the nuclear eyes by pursuing the libya model as a very dangerous statement on john bolton made almost to these talks are completely out of whack because the libya actually to greet mama gadhafi agreed to give up his
2:38 am
nuclear weapons program in return for economic aid and cooperation with the u.s. other countries and we do know that the united states and nato backed the united states actually end up overthrowing get out and ended up getting killed actually north korea looked at that and said wait a minute we don't want that kind of fix the u.s. has to tread very lightly and do this thing diplomatically and the rest of the world i think once that approach anyway we'll just see what does happen in the coming days and moments matthys there in l.a. thanks for joining us on al-jazeera by phone thank you. now to europe where workers in greece have walked out of their jobs in protest against extending all star team measures as part of the bailout agreement with foreign lenders maybe unions have called for a twenty four hour general strike it will be disrupting flights public transport and it also close schools hospitals will have emergency staff only greece's latest bailout ends at all costs but the austerity measures will continue for at least two more years plus has more from the streets of athens. these people are
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protesting against a mix of austerity policies each of which was justified as an emergency measure to balance the budget but cumulatively and over eight years that mix is becoming explosive taxes have gone up throughout the crisis to continue to raise sixty billion dollars a year even as the economy shrank by a quarter pensions have been cut by as much as half salaries by fifteen percent and worst of all unemployment still stands at twenty percent but together with underemployment is as to mazie dead closer to twenty seven percent the squeeze on people's incomes has meant that greeks have lost much more than one hundred million dollars in savings there's another one hundred million dollars worth of bank loans they can't or won't pay off and the properties underpinning those loans are now being sold four billion dollars worth last year and that fire sale is expected to
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double this year come january pensioners are looking at a new eighteen percent cut and salaried workers a new tax hike the eurozone is telling greeks that the medicine is working because they are managing to export enough wealth to continue to pay that bailout loans back these people would like a second opinion. police in paris have dismantled the largest makeshift camp for refugees and immigrants in the city the camp has. early one and a half thousand people recently to migrants trailed in one of the canals along the curb latasha butler has more from paris. french police began clearing the camp in paris early on wednesday refugees mainly from eritrea somalia and sudan left with a few possessions they had they were taken to shelters around the city more than one thousand five hundred people had been living in poor conditions with no sanitation and little food exhausted most were relieved to be going through judith
2:41 am
. it's been hard here it's dirty there's no toilet no shower to wash for more than three days i haven't had a shower sometimes they eat sometimes they don't it's like that. this is a never ending situation because of dublin italians have the migrants fingerprints but they don't hand out any papers the migrants end up in the street they come to france where they apply for asylum but then they are sent back to italy they come back here again and end up in the street earlier this month to migrants drowned in the canal the incidents highlighted the already desperate situation the mayor of paris says she's repeatedly urged the government to help but you also know that you are and i think we could have avoided waiting four months to find shelter for these people the suggestion i made to the state was to build a welcome seemed like the one we used to have that put out the only option possible for one to avoid these camps that have been thirty five clarence's of camps like
2:42 am
this across paris in the last three years but this is the first one since the government passed its new immigration law it says the law will help genuine asylum seekers but it wants it to crack down on so-called economic migrants. they will be sheltered but in return as the government on the president clearly said they will be checked and their situations will be verified. at the shelters somewhere. grants rested while french officials checked people's identities the government hopes this new immigration law will reduce the number of migrants coming to france but for now it seems that there is no end to those who arrive hoping for a better future especially butler al-jazeera paris though a prominent human rights activist and blogger from the united arab emirates has been sentenced to ten years in prison legal sources say evidence or was found guilty of slander against to the u.a.e.
2:43 am
he'd been held for more than a year before his trial began over darby last month and zora was arrested on suspicion of using social media to publish false information and we quote spread hatred and sectarianism more than one point two billion children are being robbed of their childhoods according to a new report by save the children that's more than half of all of the children in the world one of the worst affected countries is south sudan which has suffered a civil war for nearly five years have a mortgage reports of juba fifteen year old mary kay dent has only one dream to go to school and get a degree so when her family told her she will be married up so they can get money he ran away to an orphan. my brothers said they wanted to sell me because they wanted money for food i told them i wanted to study but they said they didn't want me to go to school that girls don't go to school. mary says her family
2:44 am
wouldn't have thought of marrying her off were it not for south sudan's dire economic situation a direct result of five years of civil war the rate of early marriage for girls here has risen from forty eight percent to fifty two in recent years. the worst parted in twenty thirty when president salva kiir accused his former deputy rick machar of attempting a coup tens of thousands have been killed and a third of the twelve million population displaced sixty percent of them children according to the un but even children who haven't been displaced have not been spared the consequences of the world trade organization say along with early marriages many children are turning to the stream south sudan so it has also resulted in a high number of young girls getting pregnant and more kids being recruited to fight in the conflict. like twelve year old bad day who says the economic crisis has meant he has to wash cars on the streets. there's no money so i can't go to
2:45 am
school so i wash cars if i get some money i take it home so my mother can feed my brothers. save the children as young people in south sudan face a difficult future. and there's like three recent either the major like threats for children that are actually overlapping in south sudan and one eats high levels of poverty another one is the armed conflict that has been like going for many years now since two thousand and thirteen and the other reason is the discrimination against girls so actually we are risking we are risking the whole generation a generation that's struggling with the consequences of a war that's robbing them of their childhood as well as their future heba morgan al-jazeera juba well for the first time really forty years a barber will hold an election without robert mugabe president. as the polls will be held on july the thirtieth voters will choose
2:46 am
a new president and parliament will run as the head of the rulings only p.f. and face several opponents gobby who ruled since independence in ninety eight he was forced to step down last year after the military briefly took power on. now the leader of italy's populist a five star movement has suggested a compromise to end the political deadlock. has tried to resurrect his coalition by setting a new candidate for finance minister on sunday president surgeon with adela rejected the miers euro skeptic a nominee for the post causing a coalition deal to collapse italy has now been without a working government for three months. back and government officials say while the police officer has been killed along with seven i salute tak as who targeted the interior ministry headquarters in kabul police say a car bomb was detonated at the entrance before gunman stormed the compound that
2:47 am
attack came as taliban fighters targeted another police headquarters in the east of the country jennifer glass has more from kabul. the explosions and gunfire went on for about two hours as fighters attacked the interior ministry called it a suicide attacker detonated his explosive at the entrance of the interior ministry and wounded two people right after the blast i saw other attackers who had military uniforms getting out from an armored vehicle security personnel responded quickly the compound is heavily fortified and guarded it moved to this site last year so that it could be better protected and away from civilians but they were still in the line of fire. a rocket propelled grenade hit me where we were standing we escaped to the other sort of the road but some people wounded then the police took us out of here the attackers were also dressed like police. this is the latest in a series of high profile attacks in kabul that have killed hundreds of people since the beginning of the year in logar province in eastern afghanistan the taliban
2:48 am
continued its so-called spring offensive with a suicide attack on a police station killing three officers the attackers were also killed. the taliban took over a dusty kolob district in takar province northeastern afghanistan continuing a string of offensives that are keeping the afghan military busy television is gaining ground despite a doubling of u.s. airstrikes the u.s. military says it killed fifty taliban leaders in bombings in helmand last week the taliban says this is propaganda and that only civilians are killed jennifer glass al jazeera kabul well asia's new prime minister mahathir mohamad says the search for the missing malaysia airlines flight m.h. three seven zero was only resume if new evidence is found a private u.s. firm was the last team to look for the aircraft but its mission wrapped up on tuesday where the plane disappeared in twenty fourteen with two hundred thirty nine people aboard. well.
2:49 am
it will be. in the school.
2:50 am
thank you very much former french open champion novak djokovic has advanced to the third round at this year's event the serb who seeded only twenty eighth due to ease recent injury absence beat a world number one hundred fifty five home a monarch the twenty sixteen champion won the first set on a tie break then wrapped up the second and third more weasely six four and six four to move to the next round where he will face read about
2:51 am
a good aspect. he's ten years younger than me which is amazing to see and experience. but credit to him for fighting playing well. me i mean i went through my ups and downs and not really satisfied with the performance but you know i just played enough in the right moment to win the match so hopefully the level. will increases and i will get better in the next match the second seed alexander very came through a five say to battle against toussaint lie of each of croatia the twenty one year old german wrapping up a two six seven five four six six one six two win mixed up for new ground match against bosnian twenty sixty. grigor the emitter of four was also tested by american gerrard donaldson the bulgarian coming out on top of
2:52 am
yet another five set thriller six seven six four four six six four and ten eight the final score when. it's great to win a match in five sets stays stays with you you keep it and especially not here and the french open so so more forward to it was one of those matches that i don't play my best but i managed the way to win. after more than four hour was a local boy frenchmen jeremy shockey finally overcame seventeen sing thomas beach to reach the third round the pay went to six each and the frenchman took the decider making their his first win against a former wimbledon runner up in six attempts japan's kaner she called the defeat of frenchman ben well paid to reach the third round six three two six four six six two six three to school in that encounter. caroline wozniacki cruised her way through
2:53 am
into the third round at roland garros after a victory against qualifier georgina garcia pet is she only lost a single game during the merge six one six love was the school of the iraqi is bidding to unseat simona halep as world number one will have to win the tournament to oust from the top spot. had to face the real test of character on wednesday as she starts the latest quest for a first grand slam title she dug deep to get past american allison risk in her reign delayed first round match risk took the first six two but hell of a runner up twice in paris turned the match around dropping just two more games she faces american taylor townsend next. i had to slow start because it's always tough to start this tournament it's a pleasure to come here and to play so i feel nervous at the beginning but it was good that i came back so strong and then i just didn't think about the result or about the match i just wanted to relax my my arms because i was moving pretty well
2:54 am
also in the beginning but my my arm was very tight and they couldn't hit the ball as i wanted but then hit was much easier and i felt really well and in the end of the match and that's the most important for now. meanwhile world number four. lose one of the big favorites for the women's title after winning the telly and open last week defeated slovakia's victoria cruz more in straight sets to book a place in the next round. and two time wimbledon champion petra convert over of the czech republic extended her clay court winning streak to thirteen matches beating spain's lara argue about an hour six low six call she'll play twenty fourth seed and it consummate makes for a place in the last sixteen. you may have hung up in the later excuse but the jamaican sprint star you saying bolt is picking up his football boots as he pursues his career on the pitch both trained with no we didn't top flight side strong god
2:55 am
sits on wednesday the thirty one year old issue deal to play a training match against norway under nineteen's in he's weak at the club as he pursues these dream of playing top level football bowl too tired from athletics last year after winning eight olympic gold medals history will be made in south african rugby when c.e.o. khaleesi captains the national team the springboks in a three match test series against england he will become the first black man to captain the springboks in a test match this is significant since black people make up around eighty percent of south africa's population during the apartheid era black people were marginalized and the pressed by a white minority government rugby was used as a tool to promote white nationalism in those days now so africa will play a test against wales in washington d.c. on saturday before the england series peter stiff the tory will skip of the team against the welsh but then all eyes will be on khaleesi the following week when he becomes springbok captain number sixty one and the first player of color to lead
2:56 am
the national team. for the coach to show this much for me i'm just going to give everything i can and do my best to make sure that i delivered saturdays and is only or was one thing of me is to make sure that a performance that is so young so that's what i want to do and focus on the post to i can't control what everybody thinks of me i can only control what i can to in the food the international cricket council says it is investigating fully allegations of corruption in the sport this is in response to evidence of match fixing uncovered by al jazeera as investigative unit have. worked on the for the remainder of the documentary aired on al-jazeera on sunday and exposed the groundsman in sri lanka agreeing to pre-pay pictures to suit a particular outcome to aid bookmakers taking bets on the matches the sports world governing body say they know of corrupt criminals within the sport but are even more concerned about the kind of players that are being targeted the education of
2:57 am
the players has increased tremendously now to the extent that the target at the highest level is is very difficult for these guys and that's why we seeing and we're very much aware that they're going to now target the next level down domestic leagues even lower than that great cricketers and almost they're going to produce the only events that they can fix themselves i mean that's the kind of level they stooping to six time world surf league champion stephanie gilmore who is also the world number one has advanced to the third round of the bali protected event you're straightly and had to surf against sage eriksson and carol enrique but safely negotiated his second round heat and sporting big gallo jersey as worn by the world number one took some time out in indonesia to spend time with the fans. and that's all the sport for me we'll have another update for you again later. thanks peter of course you can fall of the stories that we're covering here on al-jazeera by logging onto a website at al-jazeera dot com if you want you can use i would mean sell robin
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a lot more news on the other side of the question break until they see the few minutes. living a wandering life for centuries just like now forced to think hard about their future . al-jazeera worlds meets the nomadic peoples of the atlas mountains. striving to deal with a changing world. and preparing their children for a different way of life. the last nomads of morocco on al-jazeera.
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once welcomed now fear. and dividing a nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world i feel more judgment on syria. are much money does a richer get those people put up think that it's been one german and i'm not the new germans on al-jazeera. it would remove any vestige of doubt on certain manc of israel as countess de a people dispossessed a state established whatever i was able to do in palestine members back brave the great international peace organization the united nations a momentous event which lies at the heart. the ongoing conflict to this day seventy years on al-jazeera tells the history of what palestinians call the catastrophe al
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nakba. north korea's former spy chief arrives in new york for talks with the u.s. secretary of state. also robin you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up the u.n. security council discusses the escalating violence between the israelis and palestinian factions. and the ukraine stages the murder of a journalist they say it was to stop an attempt on his life and capture the mastermind behind the plot. turns update on the political crisis in italy where new elections are becoming a real possibility.


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