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tv   The Last Nomads Of Morocco  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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we. told. you. your child has their arms the whole robin in doha these are all top news stories north korea's former spy chief kim yong surely has met u.s. secretary of state in new york it's part of preparations for next month's summit between kim jong un and president trump which the white house says is today expected to take place my pump has tweeted that he was looking forward to the meeting and that the u.s. is committed to the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula our diplomatic editor james bays has the latest from new york. exactly how do you denuclearize north korea and as the north koreans always talk about denuclearization of the korean peninsula in the past suggested that means the u.s.
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has to pull its troops out of south korea which of course come under south korea comes under the nuclear umbrella of the united states and what does the u.s. have to do in return for north korea dismantling its nuclear weapons program north korea wants a guarantee of non-aggression so a great deal to work out here before they can give the got to go ahead either side can say that they want to go to that summit that is supposed to take place in singapore secretary of state pompei o.s.b. leading the diplomacy on this interesting that also we spotted here a top cia official andy kim who was with secretary of state pompei on his two trips to pyongyang yes might propose section state now but the first trip he was the head of the cia and a lot of the work behind the scenes is actually not being done by the state department it's being done by the cia well they're also meetings being held in singapore and the demilitarized zone between north and south korea and to thomas
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has more from seoul. it's been known that there's been a u.s. team and a north korean team in singapore there to sort out the logistics of any summit where the respective delegations will stay a security protocol those sorts of things we now think those two delegations have met kim chang son has been seen riding a golf buggy inside the hotel where the u.s. delegation is staying in the demilitarized zone at the same time the talks are going on on the agenda and the issues to be discussed they started on sunday they were continuing on wednesday and out of caution though has been raised by admiral harry harris now he's the outgoing admiral in charge of the u.s. pacific command and during a speech in hawaii to hand over the reins of that operation he reminded everybody of what is at stake he said that north korea remains the most imminent threat for the u.s. and a nuclear capable north korea with missiles that can reach the united states is unacceptable it's been nicely nicely over the last few days no one really
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criticizing anybody everyone trying to keep the summit on track but those comments are just a reminder of what is at stake. the u.n. security council has held an emergency session after a flare up of violence at the garza border israel struck dozens of targets inside the gaza strip on tuesday after a rocket and mortar launches from palestinian factions the u.s. says palestinian leadership needs to be held accountable for attacks against israel a russian journalist who was thought to have been murdered in kiev has turned up alive at a news conference arcade above chain go is a fierce critic of the kremlin he revealed his apparent death had been staged to catch his would be killer. brazilian oil workers have walked off the job for seventy two hours just as a crippling nationwide truck driver strike is coming to an end that is action began on wednesday despite brazil's highest labor court declaring it illegal unions are
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demanding the president of the state owned oil company step down now the leader of italy's populist five star movement has suggested a compromise to end the month long political deadlock. has tried to resurrect his coalition by selecting a new candidate for finance minister on sunday president's surgery a matter releve rejected euro skeptic nominee for the post disclosed to us t.v. mogul harvey weinstein will the phase travel trial sorry after being formally indicted on rape charges he's been accused of sexual misconduct by more than seventy women he's denied having consensual sex those were the headlines about the more news in thirty minutes al-jazeera world continues.
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the atlas mountains in the south east of a tough and full given environment what it's hard to leave and make anything. but the region has been home to the i thought that tribe of nomads for centuries a people committed to a life that many might call wondering poverty. goats and sheep.
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and possibly a comment. but they never stay in one place for more than a few days or weeks at a time as long as the animals have grass to eat. then they move on in search of respect in what seems to the outside world like and never end in print cremation. there are no official figures for morocco's number the pollution but people say it's degrees in. the amazon speaking out that people are facing fundamental changes to their traditional way of life. good are good yes not only that but you. don't. say when according to certain again i learned
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a little bit since my hallowed in a pretty cumbersome division they disagree with you probably don't know it but didn't know why less well why do this or do you think i knew it. would have made a shout why doesn't looks will be. but a bit of all of those also learned years of a lot of the good work. well done in the summer and you. didn't have the number of the. other didn't it with one of them you know they were in the know when a doctor where they were little much tougher. on the code i don't know with those who were there at those it was you couldn't agree with it. doesn't get her national alert or the new health. law. but that it was always going to with. traditionally moments to receive no formal education but in the best there have been moves to
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introduce what because ten schools to equip you know my children for the modern world. but then school families have to remain in one please all year even if it's sometimes involves a work of between forty minutes and two hours. and if you question is excited for children today. even if it means that they might leave their finance to additional no magic way of life. due to share mohammed then becky also has a long journey to work two hours on food. it's
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hard for them to accept that the price of their children's education is a maze of transition towards what's called a sit down to the lifestyle you have been both on as well. the neck i don't know him but. is looking at hundreds of them down or up now with a glow in the. heart you must not stop to do them but. i went to dearborn and he was there in did a little bit of planning to have missed. so. surprised. at how it was wednesday. and then a single teacher must call the ranch off and. yeah. yeah. ok.
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all. this money almost. any. of the financial. organization and in. some of the last year to score a no three. what about some of the. meticulous research. and the results on how the reserve. corps. or.
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establish in the dance school has meant to persuade in at least some of the no mud family to sit down and one please for at least a school year. the overall process of incursion nomadic people to start sit elin and one place it is know when as they sit in there is the shine based on the word then terry meaning sitting. out. in. a some going to have a down. if you can. all of us but all of us are bad as we are machine heal you.
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like a. lot of what i lost is really. what i want to. know that i was when to learn was going through the process really. you know the way that it was walk how do you know not how does it. so what i want it to the last. moment. the local market provides that i thought the family the opportunity to meet and discuss their problems with a social worker. it was alley and limbs idea to bring the tent school to the recession with help from international agencies and the government is not a good value now when we don't know if there are many. and we cannot afford and just happiness. and fain.
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would have been real has us. listen to you for. now you hadn't us. but we will ask him what he did in the deadness and then macleod you know when she says she has elevated stomach as one and a simple idea. just never was asked to be a what do you have to enough was as a failed cert as. joe had no mention of it woman and they are ok. she said i will it's a bunch. is made let me see if you want to make. this make sense and you look is next in my skill set so this will set a girl here this is me other women i'm sorry to hear he's been internet i just.
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made. a trip. to the government school with a van and her disability and. a community where the really really really because they were. in the hands of the local true and the did not i don't visit they will handle it get on with love. i mean this is open. the door. in a million dollars million a lot of the million. one in the shit i know how. it was on new deployments and this. was it again it is true to him and said you restudy a lot of fun but i say i just want to show. this is id from the i thought the
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tribe he has made it since from a fully know my dick nice to sit in the remote village that can. deduct mean is only the second reason to receive attend school. divisions of today i used to live in a mound the rough terrain and know the gate in its primitive tracks. but the journey into the atlas mountains was a challenge for teachers on their first day walking at this time school.
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you know what really. can sort of you know you. can look at them. as bench. television in a way. and i mean for. him . it's the she said. beneath. the what. he. said see them again. with. them in the bus is the teacher's only means of transport in and out of to decking. it's also the
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only way for the venue to take their i mean months to market and go shopping for food and supplies and the nearest town. told was usually. are. brother in both of y'all out there or. whether or not you looked a lot a lot as a bonus for the young over them done here are members of the. thing. that. did the clean is important because it was ahead of other reasons that an experimental in with so called the city enters ation that is a no might settlement. that means that that the lifestyle here is the graduation chain with the formal no might start in to learn form in and construction skills. there are now fifty children attending the tenth school
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but with two separate classes that work in in the same space. so. what's the plan now i mean i don't you man those islam are so in the. know you are not a hum so if you do a. lot of the gist of that is can do. so as if. i was so autonomous so all the her father her son. yes. adolescent it has its own you to move visible. hubs to me and no limit. has suddenly this very lot lot of you so i was alone like you can make and did them in so course of we can then can you can see. the. can talk to not
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a summary. of it and if you want the opportunity want to marry in it's the be ok which in jets and in the sense of well. we should have known it's an address. with this from in this sort of has been severely cloned once when. needed to meet the demon tits bit was a. lot i was so how come sexual in savannah was so out of a need land and home and not a deal to spot us around from start to in the huns. clan did this about us around from start around about our women and clearly dell farms. the place now and with the oh are so know what. bynum and they're nuts about us or our stars around. some a tough sowed our second one in the since about because. it's me though their leaders. are
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a class that i am. only a chameleon but given that hazy if you has an i live. in the result hands i have at the door a little bit. one of those probably at the. moment. so you do look to the music this is. the guy you can. pull him back you have. enough talk to the woman and the be the. video. we.
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it's him has a sense interest for him to go to school he knows that. and his parents also realized that he may choose not to follow their tradition and i thocht our way of life in the future. then all i'm going to say well now as when he had this and it's not good so let's. see it said dick that if you see a man. after school and has send helps his parents with planting and. even this basic foreman is new to the i thought. and this still only at an experimental stage for people used to a wonderin buster. is a muscle loves me for that this. political and social of is this. the content of. this really would limit honestly that it's on the
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cutting the only chance of opiate addiction out of all the new cheese who are. going. to play them seem. like. it's mounds market and you need. that. in addition to that in the would have to come to them but. unless we can do that in the time this week. and this week when millions flee did zip tone. as this defer stime have tried for many this sometimes make mistakes can be costly the. well known need the ability to move the. along the good.
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you know with no authority over who should have or should the live on let's really give those up. who does all that they are the little most i'm going to do worse if you get on a snow you did there was a little get up to look through the engine in a little oh no there are runners of a dead person or two or two we're here with roses and bad how he has paid a high price for his experiment incident there is a scent and now has to figure out how to mitigate his losses and get out of. the house. to reduce. when in mind. that thought he was in. his shoe and looking to duck when he comes and measures. but then on the look an engine out and look out of his nose so that they're. on
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his own making and then your fun nonimmigrant the moment i want a little what i want to. get out of how not to do him even wrote a song gets a four hundred lead the amount of that's eleven was in there at the general. i could be up to that magic. organized farm and still allows that i start to continue to keep the breed animals in fact it's one of their main source of income. and this number did communities it's traditionally the women and children who put the animals to graze. that's how to saffron me in the
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mountains with serious consequences. while his sufferings drink to suffer at the door they were never to fall on luck they end they get john david there were only seven their stuff we did to get the. stuff we did early that's all got a daughter by next regular young lass jade for our suffering suffer years ago some as it gave us what the brave reality you are so called out has suffered as its servant will look was it was not a cut in love letters but in drawdown will a lot of it even had the suffering of itself or will not suffer all de gaulle under your whole head of luck to decorate the servants whether that was as often or that the servants annoyed or that they were a little guilty of the. day was the most you know about something as if it was all done of in a solicitor not in a million not in the other snigs not in the world and so these neighbors are the
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subjects of all your words because of hours of theirs and of it they have been they not the new marks a little burst water was a little similar but desert. yes. it was as. they stood at it i would disagree as it was a i when can was as it was sort of i did have to work didn't see it hadn't add and it kinda is what it means. but not of such. little also what you want it to but that isn't as bad to do to as i've also in the now as it was so did that about not enough. in the us a lot more. as well as forming the former not much iron man in the basics of building. to put in one. then i see this coming. you know.
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that a. lot of. and they ave to put it. in the head and he loves it they give it a bit of a noted that women look out of. it in the. public incentives it's they get conduct of the. day yeah. go ahead and zoom in and say want to get a certificate of sort of a new look in the theatre doesn't seem as if that wasn't getting awfully soon won't . we know. that little bit that little bit it gives a bit of good and again out of all me then i'm a different deal i can. get a hold out what i can do that didn't you dr but you know. all of that seen the sun
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on a little bit and i think it did i'm thinking it limited thinking is all you did limited . in this i will. do your man out of a lot of into that and. coming up at the end of change it continues to blow. and to communities it was embraced it the most it looked to cement their children's futures it would bricks and mortar. unpack it for us what were you here and what were you saying whether on line ten horrendous things you're as old as that as i was looking for that about that or if you join us on the sat a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat bass is a dialogue. about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the
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colobus conversation amount is iraq. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. once welcome now fear. and dividing a nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world i feel more judgment on syria and. all its money does or if it should get those people and put up think that. one german and american the new germans on al-jazeera.
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you're watching algis their arms the whole robin in doha these are all top news stories north korea's former spy chief kim yong sure has met u.s. secretary of state mike pompei in new york kim is the most senior north korean official to visit the u.s. in eighteen years it's part of preparations for next month's summit between kim jong il and president trump which the white house says is still expected to take place our diplomatic editor james bays has more from new york a great deal to work out here before they can give the got to go ahead either side can say but they want to go to that summit that is supposed to take place in singapore secretary of state pompei o.s.b. leading the diplomacy on this interesting that also we spotted here
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a top cia official andy kim who was with secretary of state pompei on his two trips to pyongyang yes might actually state now with the first trip he was the head of the cia a lot of the work behind the scenes is actually not being done by the state department it's being done by the cia now the u.n. security council has held an emergency session or two a flare up of violence at the gaza border and israel struck dozens of targets inside the gaza strip on choose day after rocket and mortar launches from palestinian factions the u.s. says palestinian leadership needs to be held accountable for attacks against israel a russian journalist who was thought to have been murdered in kiev has turned up alive at a news conference arcade of of his a fierce critic of the kremlin he revealed his apparent death had been stage to catch his would be killer. the leader of italy's populist five star movement has
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suggested a compromise to the months long political deadlock luigi to try to resurrect his coalition by selecting a new candidate for finance minister of the sunday president's urgent matter relevant jek to devise euro skeptic nominee for the post causing a coalition deal to collapse u.s. movie mogul harvey weinstein will now face trial after being formally indicted on rape charges the new york grand jury's decision follows weinstein's arrest and court appearance last friday he's been accused of sexual misconduct by more than seventy women with some allegations dating back decades he's denying having any old consensual sex that's it for the moment more news in half now. plus mountains that have been home to the. people of some to eastern morrocco
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center is. no they are facing the reality that their way of life it may no longer this is day number of children do not necessarily want to be no months and increasingly need formal education to make their way and the world. is in her teens and had to have her leg amputated after she was bitten by a snake and had to be taken to hospital in my hackish. hasn't stopped her in the name at a school in an era. when girls have a never before had the chance of a formal education. that god that sayed that scene that has. been. in was so bored well oh well well.
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well all. along was. well the war well the war won the war. no women allowed a buck. the last question the watch. discovered community and remote location of the tank school mean the pupils have to share every day. funding is a problem for the whole program a group called shams provides lashing back to one of the original founders from spain has pulled out so the iraqi government now meets all the remaining expenses.
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of. funding is not the only problem. but. it's not easy to devise an indication and program for pupils from nomadic communities or. their needs can be quite different from children and teenagers in cities and establish of towns and villages. no web. now if. you wish to marry me. let this admission i keep. telling you. when i can when i can. let open without you million was not so serious tim a little me mainstream curricula designed for convention incidentally communities
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that. don't schools that need to provide teach an in core subjects but it also needs to be really event to this children's needs and way of life. so do teachers that have to be creative to my horse was ill be that was you know. we always are the levy family now that i live where mark has yellow and for a yellow don't mean kynge and can stuff. though it were say to be done. in the bath tub don't you catapult. your limit in. the can put in the. yen and ali in the can. convert this it
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was almost all very little of it is it a lot of those girls are young it is the first you know they don't. know was. fallen in vain or silk oh no no. no no yes they were i don't know about what is it called. the numeracy she got over when i was sixteen what i say is that that's so yeah ok you know they feed on a symbol of it here. and shouldn't or shouldn't know what people. so. the real. fun is what led up you to miss what led up to an american cut at sea are more more more luck for a walk through the enemy or poor. for work loading their mother not silk headed limit on.
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where. a lady thought to eric or female horse emerged out of that car that polish of the silk and what i learned when bill and i had done and were asked for and i hadn't asked about. this this so this. is the reality of life is very different from the medical emergency and it was really the impetus most of all who. in. my early yet.
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knew she knew you. would lose no states you would owe worse. than to murder your uterus and that. she did you would develop mean. we don't need to deal with the other two groups but it would revert to distribute this you to the doctor will surely to give also had to be good. what. you. didn't see were they. but we know that doesn't like us and so this is of the one that didn't get over to the so the.
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she doesn't. know that i don't see that it's your duty day off so there's no one you know taking with another child. but if you're going to go with her those you will. you know you had a deal to learn and no sooner. shit on a screen notably done a did. this one little bit. they may not get to be expert farmers. as continues in picks and shovels. they have been waiting in vain for the government to invest in roads to access their new system and it's better to have lost patience and taken the matter into their own hands. as them did not
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heed my mother strummin none of them and you know i want to come as soon as the train and that's really because really that's usually when it doesn't do you know. that people can get to rhodes to connect their new settlements to each other and to the rest of the country it will open up the outside world to them and their children. it will improve their chances. if succeed then in the future even though it's a big change from the good old days. i think. they're going to they're going to get out what does she wouldn't have done. that you don't you. know i kind of you know when they come on our. own movie. you know they're going to come to know i think. you're. going to know what you do
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don't think you know those dimmick so they. don't want to sort of don't put a hold on them or. i know there are two words were no nukes. you know know that i'm an arson. whether they are does anybody you know i've given food why don't you help them time of year but i can show you how to hide so on the lincoln you can be mistaken with when you get the new thinking. of like one long music in a better position. some
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transitions however when. team music and feasting. and women. and i don't. know we don't make sure that we must come in. but then a small one. room. i had to not. get just didn't scan this wasn't easy. yes. the tradition and i thought the tribe was for celebration is to follow a battle against an occupier today you consigned with the end of the road works celebrating man's triumph over nature. the only feast of marvels
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meaning a good deed takes place in am as you speak in lesions and to encourage and help for those in need and to god for all his meal gifts. oh. it's also a chance to pass down the tradition to the next generation and meet other know myself who hasn't yet taken the big decision to settle down permanently. i thank them. that. you did the impression that however much these people's lives change from now on they will always keep this deep traditions alive.
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thank god but. but. but the atlas mountains are and forgiven environment you can try and engineer social change and buy in to do so in formal education but you can. controlled the would there especially not in winter. if. to date pupils arrive to see death sect of peace force winds.
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it's as shame because today they have a special guest now in a mess who used to teach here and became very attached to these children and their families that she likes to visit occasionally despite the long journey that they're not where you are make sure i'm don't let on to your new car not so much can light a candle and really love it with on a totally different couple let alone another way and i will probably push. him then yeah i could. be your mother to get you a bit of the cooking meth or sounds that they have been amazing you're going with
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that they were actually financial look at your four door offer for you is not. the lemuria that are so not say any models i bought i don't. she hasn't had too much top. corner. of a deal or not so much so. i got. deferred sort of there was no i mean yeah nickel coffee mug and screw the shirt and you come through and i don't know mattel and. the chanel you thought you must. really good documentation and was low level you. know telhami needs you know mark in it so i had. been there all rights of the bushman leadership from the early one shall his.
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attorney. says the things the glasses and. the outer limits. maybe there is no problem but i had so much to give it up and he. has a energy and it's going to be tough. you cannot. cannot start i got him clearly and i thought i was a master artist and you're like a case in cuts because coverage was the way it's all bulk about amalgam you know like the aquatic man must meet all above or she could to limited. and more not kind of get out so that i lash not go about smell. those meter i'm auditioning you and you care to know it's a bad so above normal bad when you sat in the uk but it sounds to the other but it could only you should do if she were to learn. the.
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now. why did the children's parents do what they can to bend the wrong way to connect themselves to the outside world that the pupils arrive in early struggle with the metal and plastic to reconstruct the school gate to wait to a better future. that's. because the i thought the settlements are so scattered it takes a while for news of the wind damage to filter through to departments and for them to start their papers what all the data is there what it didn't need and then have
4:50 am
minutes of it knowing. that there's more than a dozen things i don't. know. i don't know either through you off. yesterday just the yes. but i definitely. deal with the. but there's a limit that's certain i would use the. fact. that i have a love. affair with you and know. that. i was rather. right when it was like that i have. to have known. i've been.
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told that. he's not giving up yet i was even asked. it wasn't. a. major step for the i thought is to start turning their dead school and to permanent buildings. this is his saying his younger brother has sent a kind school baghdad opportunity wasn't even the been for him same's contribution to his people's future is to take part in the construction of the new school the president that's when the water on its way into. out of on its way and then it has some of september. and often a lot no one does have the hundreds. and hundreds of law and order.
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local not imo the french on the other hand i wasn't from the know so then one of them has nothing of that and it. does in a gong annoyed. me it does slow as it does in the long i would live. look at the others. when. this is a. living. so we're. going to. the number of school field is increasing all the time as more normal communities start to settle and one place. more classrooms that i needed as when i was accommodation for the teaching staff.
4:53 am
to the common minimal how the norm of course. and the course at the who will be tele and the. chemicals of. the good and women. for their kids has hold us of course one that can help but this can but so will please you and. that other in the most was a through the new a no from the. little one and no you didn't and there was more stars would not move out that i'd. had the balls and i'm not. sure i'm. going to design a lot of. designs and what i can in order to fit. the body made that the.
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norm it's been living with it to me. so i think one of the sort of get it out. on the get them to do and to do and to do and no doubt but insisting that you know them and let. it was delicious and. i didn't tell anything with them that is sinful for them and. change for the i thought is happening and it's really everyone hopes that no my community is that once that struggle below the poverty line will start to create
4:55 am
a more viable way of life. for people like a brush that might mean leaving his no my druid's for ever at the end of the school year that he will move to an intermediate school in the city. in kenya did on one in. one of. their learn a new home mom with all my moments of hospital for when i'm sure. incremental question of. what any. of it she knows and what. anyone has nations either. education
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has and that did leave been the catalyst for change among the i thought that and similar nama tribes. so that there is asian will take time and not all the know months embrace the change and. morrocco is not a went to country but it's one that wants to modernize that and give its people the best chances in life. if the process of changing continues in this way these proud people their children really will be the last moments of moral. boost.
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hello there is so much moisture in the end the eastern u.s. and in eastern canada partly from the circulation alberto the first named storm of the season that there are going to be pretty big downpours in any of the states in the plains eastwards to the landtag coast and up through eastern south account because the temperatures warm enough to support this sort of uplift in the humanities there to give you sunder storm so this is a pretty big wet area the moon dry southwest corner which is less surprising maybe attention dallas is thirty six than to twenty and los angeles you can see the our break of rain is likely in the northern rockies but this area in particular could see some flooding flash flooding downpours as a result of the combination of warmth and moisture that's the next two or three
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days it doesn't prove the time to get the end of friday south of this and we've been seeing that for days if not weeks lots of rain falling in cuba the bahamas and it goes down towards honduras nicaragua the bit of a break in the cloud but it hasn't gone down in the forecast is still like to be sherry in half an hour at least western cuba and florida and there's still the potential for some pretty big downpours in nicaragua honduras and also guatemala their island is largely fine. exploited men use the killing. the burning the would take to make the charcoal that feels the furnace is that forge the steel that in which is the trade that exploits the men which. have achieved penetrates global market slavery a twenty first century evil continues with charcoal slaves on al-jazeera.
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being located outside that western centric sphere of influence we're able to bring a different perspective to global events when you peel away the political and military in the financial dollar going to see the people in those words and those policies are affecting see the emotion on their faces the situation they're living in that's when all the can identify with the story. that our whole seven million lives in this. each one is still. one thing to be seen. to be. demonstrably. it is to be. with
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the human beings. on c.n.n. . this is al-jazeera. hello i'm so robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our live one headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes north korea's former spy chief has finished his first meeting with the u.s. secretary of state. also the u.n. security council discusses the escalating violence between the israelis and palestinian factions. and ukraine stages the murder of a journalist they say it was just stop an attempt on his life and capture the mastermind behind the plot also new evacuations in the u.s. states.


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