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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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north korea's former spy chief finishes his first meeting in new york with the u.s. secretary of state. elephant oh how everyone i'm kemal son summary of this is the world news from al-jazeera. the death toll rises to three in the latest protests ahead nicaragua's capital managua. ukraine stages the murder of a journalist they say was an attempt was to stop an attempt on his life to capture the mastermind behind the plot. an update on the political crisis in italy when new elections becoming a real possibility. so
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the summit between donald trump and kim jong un still isn't officially on but preparations for it definitely are north korea's former spy chief arrived in new york on wednesday and later had dinner with the u.s. secretary of state while russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov is in pyongyang for talks on diplomatic editor james bones as well. arriving in the united states the personal emissary of kim jong un here for crucial negotiations which will decide the fate of the on again off again summit between his leader and president trump. general kim yong schol is staying in this hotel close to the u.n. for just two days the planned date of the summit in singapore now less than two weeks away hence the hectic diplomacy with meetings between the north koreans and the u.s. in singapore at the demilitarized zone between north and south korea and here in
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new york was secretary of state mike pump is meeting general kim at the white house they say it's president trump will make the final determination on whether the summit goes ahead as their conversation is going to be focused on denuclearization of the peninsula that's what these ongoing conversations taking place now will be centered on as well as this summit that will take place in singapore and we're going to continue it as long as that is part of the discussion we're going to continue to shoot for the june twelfth it was evening in new york at this apartment complex with the secretary of state and general kim have their first meeting of this trip although they already know each other from the two occasions this year when pump aoe visited pyongyang the dinner the first in a series of meetings between the two men took place in a residence owned by the u.s. mission to the united nations presumably it was chosen because it is secure
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a place where the two men can discuss all the secrets of north korea's nuclear program if of course general kim is prepared to divulge them james pays out jazeera new york and more now on those other diplomatic efforts around the region with proppant pride in seoul. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov holding talks with his north korean counterpart after which he stated that sanctions should be lifted against north korea if there is to be any full resolution of the north korean crisis adding that the process of denuclearization is so complex and so lengthy that it's only right it seems that there should be an incremental process with sanctions being lifted as north korea denuclearize is now this is. in support very much of north korea's position thus far in the process of trying to get to the summit love raf has said that he fully supports the whole process of high level
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meetings between north and south korea and also between the north koreans and the united states although it has to be said the u.s. probably won't welcome russia's position on this russia rather like china believes it should be involved in this process given their international standing and afraid of being left on the sidelines of these historic international events in other news a mother's day march against the nicaraguan president daniel ortega has ended in bloodshed with at least three protesters killed seem to nationals accuse the government of using a lethal strategy of repression to crackdown on demonstrators who are demanding or take a resign at least eighty people now killed since april has more now from the capital managua. hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of managua in the largest anti-government protest in decades the demonstration was organized in
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solidarity with the mothers of students peaceful demonstrators who have been killed by police and pro-government militias since the start of a nationwide political crisis on april eighteenth get em up at their low yeah we want this government to have a conscience and stop killing our gets. it's mother's day and we get i won but instead of celebrating at home with her family sullen a day that would be now is mourning the death of her son jason he was shot and beaten to death during a student led protest he was twenty four years old and that. he used to come home at seven thirty three morning to have breakfast with me about that is what hurts the most because now who will i make breakfast. he was my only son and that's why i want justice for my son you get a well. over the last month unrest has become common after a peaceful protest against a national pension reform policy were met with deadly force by the government of
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the day now even some of the president's staunchest supporters are calling for his ouster really jane i love when i was a university student i thought i use my voice my energy to boot out the smoke is a dictatorship and we dreamed that there would never be another dictatorship in this country but over the last few years a new dictatorship formed that's not what we fought for that's now all my friends died for they died for a real change a free and just nicaragua. across town president or spoke to supporters claiming that dissent against his government is part of a right wing conspiracy and denying any involvement in the deaths of demonstrators the violence is the worst this country has seen since the overthrow of the samosa dictatorship forty years ago and with the continued crackdown on peaceful protests demonstrations like these with that. thousands of people marching on the streets of managua have only grown. just before sundown masked gunmen opened fire against a group of demonstrators at the engineering university several were injured others
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ran for cover civil society organizations continue to add names to the list of those killed nearly nine hundred others have been injured one is up a little. the united nations security council held an emergency session after a flare up of violence at the gaza border israel struck dozens of targets inside the strip on tuesday after rocket and mortar launches from palestinian factions it is the u.s. now saying palestinian leadership needs to be held accountable for attacks against israel kristen salumi with more now from u.n. headquarters in new york. the one thing security council members seem to agree on on this issue of palestine in israel is their frustration over the council's inability to get anything done the united states had called this meeting we called hoping to release a statement on behalf of the council condemning rocket attacks from gaza into israel and in fact many council members did condemn those attacks but while the
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united states put all the blame for violence in the region on the palestinian leadership others like the united kingdom pointed out the desperate situation of the palestinian people is playing a part restrictions on movement lack of access to electricity water and jobs is all contributing to the tension and kuwait who is calling for an international protection force to ensure the safety of palestinian civilians blocked a formal statement from being issued on behalf of the council but. as long as this occupation continues the palestinian people have the legitimate right to fight it and to defend their aspirations and their dream of independence and a dignified and free life from her let them look at the united states had this reaction the people of gaza do not need protection from an external source the people of gaza need protection from hamas it is the actions of hamas that are
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putting gazans and grave danger amasses indiscriminate attacks against israel inevitably bring a response. the u.n. special coordinator for middle east peace nicholai mlodinow warned that further escalation an all out war remain a risk and he laid out some basic steps to prevent that from happening focusing on humanitarian needs and supporting the egyptian reconciliation process and he ended with a message directly to the people of gaza we hear your plight and suffering he said and we will do all that we can to ensure that you have a future beyond mere survival the us is also saying that israel should pulls its settlement activities to help washington's peace move forward the white house made that statement after israel approved the construction of nearly two thousand new houses in the occupied west bank watchdog peace now says there's been a leap in settlement building since president trump took office for members of the settlements are illegal under international. now
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a dissident russian journalist and a fierce critic of the kremlin who was thought to have been murdered in kiev has turned up alive at a news conference. revealed it had all been a set up to catch his would be assassin chalons with this extraordinary story from moscow. back from the dead russian journalist. and to a press conference in kiev to approve hours after most of the world police shot dead his murder had been faked a sting operation by ukraine secret service to apparently catch his would be killers apologize to all those who've been kept in the dark including his wife. i'd like to ask you to excuse me for all that happened in the past because i have attended funerals for colleagues and friends many times and i know this feeling when you have to bury colleagues sorry for this unfortunately there were no other ways flowers had been left outside of home where late on tuesday evening the
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journalist was reportedly found with fatal gunshot wounds to the back tributes and obituaries mourned his death. as the secret was reveals live on t.v. colleagues at the channel where he works reacted with joy and tears of relief. russia has denied any role in the story and accused kiev of using it as propaganda but russia has where ukraine security chiefs allege the murder prosser native. fled his home country last year after a career as an anti putin voice culminated in a state backed media campaign against him none of the. we reported that in order to fulfill the cynical plan special services of the russian federation recruited a ukrainian citizen the first letter of his name is g. he was commissioned to find perpetrators of this brutal murder for financial reward in order to fulfill the assignment from the russians. services citizen g offered
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his acquaintance to commit a terrorist act and to murder russian journalist. for thirty thousand dollars. ukraine's secret service the s.b.u. showed video allegedly of this citizen g.v. ing arrested on kiev streets and they say that wasn't the only one in danger thirty more people were being targeted for journalists working in the russian speaking world there is palpable relief that someone that they had been mourning is actually alive but among some there is also concern concern that in the post truth age an era of fake news security operation like this as spectacular as it may be might further degrades trust in the long run. al-jazeera moscow. fast moving lava from hawaii's killer way a volcano has triggered a new round of evacuations for lovers now
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a blocked one major evacuation route on the big island and is heading toward the crossroads of another almost a month now since began erupting displacing thousands of residents and destroying seventy five homes. the leader of a sleaze populist five star movement has suggested a compromise to end the country's months long political deadlock though we did in my own house trying to resurrect his coalition by selecting a new candidate for finance minister and as italy has been without a working government for three months now that in barber with more from rome. well on wednesday expectations swung from believing that carlo quarterly would actually present a list of potential cabinet members to the president's surge of matter ala to rumors that those so-called populist parties five star and the league were now back in discussions and in fact the entourage of mystical to really himself saying that he was waiting to see whether that was going to be a run or
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a new government proposed by those parties now luigi demaio soon after that on a video live streamed on facebook said he could envisage some sort of compromise perhaps suggesting a different economy minister but the leader of the league matteo salvini while he didn't react directly has been sticking to his guns saying that that must be the government otherwise there should be elections as soon as possible he stands to gain the lead have surged up to around twenty five percent in the latest opinion polls five star steady on around thirty percent so it's possible if there were fresh elections that they could be the biggest two groups but whether they'll be prepared to work together again is not certain right now we don't know if it's really will go back to the polls or who will lead its next governments in the news ahead brazil's striking truck drivers get back on the job now it's oil workers though who say they're fed up plus. our money gallacher on the west coast of florida we're branch something that's turning into one of the biggest solar powered
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cities in the world. it's still thundering every now and again sharing quite frequently so the caucasus to far north of syria and bits of north and there on the other doesn't look much in the way of tire there was enough to generate over the higher ground some pretty big downpours now the last for the most part is going to be fine and sunny for iran to back for iraq hot in baghdad forty or more but the cool weather talking down to the eastern med rains likely in beirut and beyond typically the west and event is turning rather more dampen the next day or so whilst it gets hotter in iraq forty one in baghdad and tempers are rising in the arabian peninsula in amman you want to see a forty six in line is cool around the goes to cause forty two in dire us on the high
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side about the same in mecca but given recent weather is an awful lot cause not to clean breezy there's not much sand in the atmosphere. couldn't say there are no showers let's jump to look at south africa where we've been catching useful rain in the western cape in the last couple of weeks there's more cloud communicator it's not that promising after say the been a few showers to the east there in the forecast on thursday at least inside a softer crossing in the tao but even they disappear but time we get to friday. an international committee of omens. alam this partition. many have no say in the matter. the colonial power washes its hands of palestine. and what happens in one thousand forty eight hour events that are still shaping the
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present. seventy years on al-jazeera tells the history of what palestinians cool the catastrophe al nakba. chop stories for you once again here on al-jazeera north korea's former spy chief has met the u.s. secretary of state in new york talks between kim young and might compare will continue on thursday as they prepare for next month's summit between kim jong un and president donald trump. least three people been killed in the largest protest yes against the nicaraguan president hundreds of thousands of people took part in
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a march demanding daniel take a step down since that unrest began in april more than eighty people have died as police crackdown on demonstrations. and a russian journalist who was thought to have been murdered in kiev has turned up alive at a news conference. it was a fierce critic of the kremlin he revealed his apparent death had been staged to catch his would be killer. more on our top story now these preparations for next month's planned trump kim summit in singapore we've got tongues are with us so is a fellow with the nuclear policy program at the carnegie. center for global policies in beijing. i've never seen this much preparation go on for a summit which officially is not happening but i guess this level of commitment and so many place shows that they really do want it to happen. yeah i think there is a clear sign from resigned politically committed to having the summit on time on
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june the basic fact is there is still a major gap between the positions of the united states and north korea north korea has no plan to immediately surrenders to nuclear weapons but the us is asking for an immediate and comprehensive verifiable you reversible denuclearization of north korea these two have a lot of work to do before during the two of us to figure out a basic common ground on the nuclear issue so what do you think the north korean idea or version of denuclearization would look like is it just over a longer period so basically my understanding of the north korean position is they wanted to keep their core nuclear deterrent capability the spend so much time so much money into this program and the don't really trust the united states at all they want to
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retain their core nuclear deterrent capability in order to hedge against any future uncertainties the other words i think north korea wants to strachey's this process of denuclearization for as long as possible the very i can now you magine them agreeing to a near term timetable or line to completely dismantle their nuclear weapons so they are willing to offer a very are idealistic and empty political commitment to the eventual go of digitization but i doubt the one to implement them in the near term future talk a little more about some of the players involved because you got the north koreans in new york at the moment we've got russia's foreign minister in north korea as well singapore is going to host that would be summit the that the player i'm not seeing at the moment is china and china is massively important when it comes to north korea isn't it. i do believe
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though china has helped implementing comprehensive economic sanctions to encourage north korea to the negotiating table china is still paying a very important role in consulting with north korea calling and we coordinating with north korea hard to go forward in the nuclear negotiation i think china has made interest in seeing a positive result of this summit china wants to see a better political relationship between washington and pyongyang because that would help create an environment in which china can continue is engaging many ways north korea china wants to help north korea grow its economy once help the north korea to conduct its strategic transition from an isolated to pariah state into a more normal and a more open country the current
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a north korean leader has demonstrated that ambition and china wants to help from the chinese perspective that's the most effective way to address north korea paranoia and in the long run make north korea less dependent on nuclear weapons one quick final question for you and it's the one none of us can answer but i'm still going to ask you do you think this summit will go ahead i think there is strong and clear political commitment on both sides to having these made own time in the even though there is still major substantive issues for them to work they still face a major gap in their respective positions but i think it is more than a fifty fifty chance that this summit to will take place on time in singapore more than fifty fifty ok tong's our pleasure talking to you thank you. the brazilian oil workers have walked off the job for seventy two hours just as
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a crippling nationwide truck driver strike is coming to an end employees stopped work on wednesday despite the country's highest labor court declaring the strike illegal and the reports now from sao paulo are no. i most of brazil striking truck drivers have returned to the road many of the reluctantly some with police and army escorts after reaching a temporary agreement with the government to lower the price of diesel brazil is returning to normal after the nine day protests brought the country to its knees but as truckers returned to work all workers walked out. coincidentally the truckers went on strike and were asking some of the same questions as us so we decided to strike not only to support them but to oppose the possible privatization of petro boss. the seventy two hour stop which was declared illegal by the government the strikes have also seen shares in the national all company petrol brass the majority of which is government own lose fifteen percent of their value
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the traffic is flowing again deliveries are being made a few head out and this is only a temporary reprieve prices remain high and the popularity of the government is an all time low while the majority of brazilians continue to support the strikers that's a recipe for further protests. president says brazil is emerging from recession but few are seeing the benefits of this reported to surgeons and many brazilians are disillusioned with the whole political establishment with politicians from all parties implicated in a number of corruption scandals or possible but next president will inherit a country with an enormous deficit and major problems enduring its economic recovery it will be hard to approve unpopular reforms that are necessary to this country. presidential elections a jew in october is not running the one time favorite some former president lula da silva is in prison and no other candidate to so far emerged to lead brazil to look
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to mulch is times that many here fear lie ahead and try not to see it or. thousands of revenge are women who say they were raped by soldiers and me and moron are due to give birth in overcrowded bangladeshi cambs they fled the military crackdown in rakhine state last year along with more than seven hundred thousand other ranger muslims but in a honda has this story fatima was just sixteen and newly married when she sees me and my soldiers killed her husband as they burned her village she fled into the forest but soldiers cautions here and she says one of them raped her after the trauma of trying to make it to bangladesh she discovered she was pregnant but she doesn't know who the father is her late husband or the soldier who write to her more and more more more he's my baby how can i throw him away i have to love him. more than seven hundred thousand muslim or henge or create
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a military crackdown on me and mass rakhine state late last year nine months on this at revenge of camps in bangladesh are expected to rise dramatically the un expects twenty five thousand babies will be born in may and june that's nine thousand more than the first four months of the year overwhelmed by shame the un says many rape victims have sought to hide their pregnancies while others have tried to terminate them in dangerous home abortions fatima says she made a new early decision to keep it baby no measure the shame. gave me this baby so i shouldn't be afraid i will raise this baby properly u.n. agencies are working to provide health care for refugees and to work with communities to ensure rape victims and their children don't face discrimination but they admit they're already struggling to get funding for the basics like food and shelter right now we're only a fifth of the way where the united nations joint response. estimates that we will
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need nine hundred fifty million u.s. dollars that's a lot of money but when you consider that it's one million people. in the united nations describes what happened to the ranger as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing but the government of young son suchi insists no atrocities it could and that it was simply defending itself after a text from. fatima's baby like tens of thousands of others will now be born into an overcrowded and done senate tree camp medium to holland al-jazeera a prominent human rights activist blogger from the united arab emirates has been sentenced to ten years in prison legal sources say ahmed months sort of was found guilty of slander against the u.a.e. was arrested on suspicion of using social media to publish false information and quote spread hatred and sectarianism. now the first u.s.
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town to be entirely powered by solar energy is beginning to take shape in the state of florida when its complete backup project will be one of the largest communities off its kind anywhere in the world and again it and gallagher went along to see how it's developing and has this report. in a state peppered with retirement villages and golf courses babcock ranch looks like just another new development however few communities have driverless buses or a powered entirely by the sun like this one this solar array is the largest of its kind in the world and will provide clean when you will energy for years to come well this is the birth of a new town this is founder square and it's elephant sit kitson says the project sets new standards and possibilities for how we live we are trying to create the most sustainable environmentally responsible new city that's ever been developed in the world and we're doing it we're no it's not talking about we're doing it in our goal is is that people will come here and see it and copy it from renderings to
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reality families began buying homes and moving it at the beginning of the year jim and donna a vague found out about the project two years ago and they're among the first residents i don't know if we're setting an example because we're doing this for us we love this lifestyle if they look at it and say wow they are really doing something great and they follow us that would be added benefit enrollments at the community school is already underway as more families move in but babcock ranch is still growing developers say that more than fifty thousand people live here by the time the final phase is complete making this one of the biggest self-sustained communities in the country homes here are relatively affordable but the land is also key ninety percent of it is now a preserve and will be cherished for generations to come local ranchers say working with developers and helping preserve the land is a natural partnership with farmers and ranchers always been. stewards of the land even before anybody thought up of this any of this stuff whatever this language is
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what you make that year we have to take care of it from conception to breaking ground it took more than a decade to get this project underway but babcock ran she's now a real world example of how cities of the future might look and together kuroda zero babcock ranch florida. friends are the headlines now when al-jazeera north korea's former spy chief has met the u.s. secretary of state in new york talks between kim young child and mike pompei or will continue on thursday part of preparations for next month's planned summit between kim jong un and president on the trump diplomatic editor james bays has more from new york. a great deal to work out here before they can give the got to go ahead either side can say what they want to go to that summit that is supposed to take place in singapore secretary of state pompei o.s.b.
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leading the diplomacy on this interesting that also we spotted here a top cia official. who was with secretary of state pompei on his two trips to pyongyang now the news at least three people have been killed in the largest protest yes against the nicaraguan president hundreds of thousands of people took part of the march demanding daniel ortega step down since the unrest began in april more than eighty people have died as police crackdown on those demonstrations the u.n. security council held an emergency session after a flare up of violence at the gaza border and israel struck dozens of targets inside the strip on tuesday after rocket and mortar launches from palestinian factions the u.s. has palestinian leadership needs to be held accountable for attacks against israel . a russian journalist who was thought to have been murdered in kiev has turned up alive at a news conference ok but janko is a fierce critic of the kremlin and revealed his apparent death had been staged to
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catch his would be killer the leader of italy's populist five star movement has suggested a compromise to end of the country's months long political deadlock we tried to resurrect his coalition has now been without a working government for three months brazilian oil workers have walked off the job for seventy two hours just as a crippling nationwide truck drivers strike is coming to an end the latest action began on wednesday despite brazil's highest labor court declaring it illegal unions are demanding the president of the state oil company step down that's a look at your headlines here on al-jazeera we are back with more right after witness. getting to the heart of the matter if more stuff i can see the turkish cypriot leader calls you today and says let's have towards would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification of look like there are two people think the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity or for south korea hear
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their story on talk to al-jazeera. artists she'd laugh at least for wait but skewed view would be peace the shock of. the ski school no song to wait only clip to back a book with no heaven ness on this one the pope or the more people less that go to not would you feel sick bad to move to complain that people just don't have the imo kids i do for the bulk of the guests more costly than the problem with the branch diskette i differ developed on the above place six people been yesterday meal the last week but the fuss of the moment is suddenly more palimony i'm still.


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