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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 150  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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after rocket and mortar launches from palestinian factions at least three people have been killed in the largest protests yet against the nicaraguan president hundreds of thousands of people took part in the march demanding daniel of think a step down since the unrest began in april more than eighty people have been killed as police cracked down on demonstrations. a russian journalist who was thought to have been murdered in kiev has turned up alive at a news conference. as a critic of the kremlin he revealed has a power of death had been staged to catch his would be killer. those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us inside story is coming up next. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current events
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that matter to al-jazeera. strikes on gaza by israel rocket attacks by palestinians in the west fighting between the size in four years a truce is in place but for how long and what's triggered this latest escalation this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. it's the most intense attack on israel by palace in armed groups is the two thousand and fourteen war in gaza and this could have sparked another war hamas and islamic jihad launched a barrage of rockets into israel on tuesday morning three soldiers it was in response to the deaths of palestinians by israeli military israel targeted dozens
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of facilities that belong to hamas and islamic jihad egypt intervened brokered. truce and ceasefire but there's no guarantee how long that will last the flare up of fighting in gaza follows weeks of unrest and the killing of at least one hundred and twenty one palestinians in protests leading after the neck bar catastrophe day when seventy years ago as were driven from their homes and the state of israel was created this is what policy impreza what i've had to say. you have to remember the. difficult days have passed on the west bank jerusalem and especially on the gas history these really a-q. patient lunch today a fierce aggression on the gas a street with rockets and aircraft this indicates that your q patient does not want peace however we want peace and we demand peace the policy an islamic jihad. is
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a fashion that opposes the existence of israel it was founded in the late seventy's by palestinians students in egypt who were inspired by the muslim brotherhood and later influenced by the islamic revolution in iran the group's aim is to destroy israel liberate palestine and form an islamic state within the pre-one nine hundred forty eight borders islamic jihad does not take part in the palestinian political process and has opposed peace agreements like the oslo agreements that the i.j.a. consent traits on armed revolt is mr wing the brigades your suicide bombs against israel during the second intifada in two thousand the group bush has its headquarters in syria reportedly receives funds from iran it is designated as a terrorist group by the us you and the u.k. let's now go to guest joining us in what has. professor of
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political science at the university in jerusalem. palestinian politics research the forum for regional thinking and in istanbul. the istanbul in the university welcome to you all. the recent truce between the policy and armed groups and these rallies is this an isolated security arrangement or do you read more into it. well that is a very important question our till this moment we don't really know a lot of the it is about what happened last night until this moment israel has not admitted that there has been an agreement for a new seize fire or what we know that fighting between the palestinians and israeli side ended last night at about three am in the morning when
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a senior leader from hamas dr that the beauty leader of hamas in gaza admitted that there has been an understanding to the spic the cease fire which was brokered by egypt in august of two thousand and fourteen and put an end to the israeli aggression a guinness gaza and that summer so it seems to me that we are not. a broad ching and you will see is fine and i give him and between israel and the palestinian resistance a groups but more of our new commitment from both parties to the old c.f.i. understanding that will reach by the egyptians about forty years ago which basically put. pressure on both sides to respect their commitments and to stop hostilities even though the term hostilities is not i see if i get jealous then ns but that that was the term of the cease fire which was the issue in two thousand and fourteen that is when must seize all of its source that it is toward the
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palestinian and also the palace ok systems or groups must seize all of their fire and rocket firing again it is way to thousand and the hamas says the reason the troops there's been an agreement to is a truce these rallies still distance themselves from the notion of any agreement with hamas why do you think is this this is the case i think israel would like to leave its options open for any case of escalation we've seen being used to ignite fire is burning. seven hundred fifty acres of fields outside of the gaza strip in israeli communities so i think israel wouldn't like to commit itself to bind itself to a behavior and would like to leave its options open at the moment we have enjoyed four years of relative calm on the gaza border and i think israel would certainly like to return to that situation but for the time being probably israel wouldn't like to
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obligate itself to a one sided truce by hamas as we've seen this barrage of mortar and rocket fire by hamas and jihad at the same time from gaza is this a quarter in a to push by the armed groups in cars or to move forward against the backdrop of the violence that we've seen on the hundred twenty one people who were killed over the past few weeks. well there is a kind of pressure on these two groups on the ground when the palestinians are being killed for more than eight or nine weeks now since the outset of the demonstrations peaceful protest on the border with israel asking for the left of the seed in their live eight in the conditions the people are living under now the israelis by continuing these kind of aggression and violence unilateral killing in committing a massacre against the people these militant groups will find themselves in out of options they only have to retaliate in order to maintain and sustain not the
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a truce but the deterrence formula a to keep the israeli army away from going ahead with killing especially their militants and that is the new thing because hundreds of people have been killed and wounded in the past few weeks now because the israelis are targeting their member tents directly these two groups found themselves or plies them forced to go ahead with their return yet to really step taking these kind of measures to tell them that this is a snowball and if you continue by your aggression this doesn't mean that we don't need a violation or a an escalation in terms of the you know they clash is that it for tat operations but on the other hand we cannot just keep silent what are you going on with the aggression course this is going to have dire ramifications on the people on the ground because in any scenario any war on the gaza strip will have catastrophic
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consequences on the people of the size of. i mean the egyptians seem to have stepped in brokering this cease fire are the likely to shape and if you are arrangements between the israelis and the policy of fashion's operating in gaza. well it's no secret that the egyptians have all was played this role when an ev option of violence between the palestinians and israel has happened let me. remind you of yours that egypt brokered a cease fire when the wanted love did in november two thousand and twelve and it was egypt who broke out of the latest ceasefire in august two thousand and fourteen which was brought to our attention. yesterday again and it also seems to me that there are an egyptian influence right now between be taken by the
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egyptians to broke up a long term seize file or what we call it the long term would not or truce between israel and the palestinian resistance a groups mainly hamas and the islamic jihad in which. both parties will respect their commitment to the ceasefire agreement but also which will extend it for the noontime in exchange for israel to lift and ease its a siege on blockade against the gaza strip but also a bit then for. how the us will have to stop digging in new tunnels between gaza and israel and and also will stop the improvement of its missile docket think knology but without that you will cease fire would be implemented or would be reached any time soon it's that is the big question because as long as
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there is no knowing seized by alone no truce between the palestinians and israel it would not be vital that us which started more than two months ago will continue until june fifth at least on until israel and put that into its siege on blockade over the gaza strip and is it possible to talk about the range mids truce. as long as the core issues are not addressed properly particularly when it comes to the twelve year long blockade imposed on gaza well i think when talking about core issues we should first be honest about the sides to this conflict now there aren't just israel and the palestinians but in fact there are three sides to this conflict namely israel hamas and fatah now these two palestinian governments are now engaged in a battle of mutual destruction it's mahmoud abbas who demanded that israel reduce gaza's electricity by forty percent last june it's mahmoud abbas who stopped paying for patients to be treated in the west bank it's mahmoud abbas will stop paying
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salaries for all civil servants in gaza so in order to reach an agreement with hamas israel is in a dilemma israel by accommodating hamas which i think or the people of the gaza strip which i believe it should do to some extent for humanitarian reasons would be putting itself in direct conflict with mahmoud abbas who strategy is today to starve the gaza strip into submission and force hamas to capitulate and return all of its authority as security authority to the palestinian government so israel now needs to choose between siding with the side with the government of hamas which is committed to its destruction over the the side of mahmoud abbas which works and coordinates in security and assures israel's security in the west bank the serious dilemma which i think the viewers should the appreciate ok we're definitely how to talk a little bit in detail about the political divide between the fashions. is
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it that is basically saying the problem lies in the political divide between hamas and. will to be honest this is like the very easy pretext to use the dial in may is in fact the israeli occupation it's not the mass in fact to split the. with all due respect this is what the israeli side is always using this obsolete outdated rhetoric and narrative they always speak about this but let's remind the viewers that yes that out of it was they found out of the agreement and he was besieged by the israelis when he was the sole and only you are determined to representative of the palestinian people and he was the partner of. the one who was killed by radical settlers are in israel please please just let me finish what i'm talking about and go back and the most of her think. the
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most important thing is the israelis are now in a big ethical a. it is the whole raga state of israel is being exposed to the international exposure of this scandal of the israeli forces using this kind of excessive violence and force against civilians whether they're liberal or man the defense minister is saying there is no anderson people inside the gaza strip this is the democracy of israel let's say racist democracy of israel when they try to tell the people look at what happened to the flotilla to the ship that he's trying to breach the the siege on the gaza strip why they still going on with this siege of the gaza strip gaza strip is still on the occupation and the soldier in responsible for that that should be held accountable by the international community is this radio campaign should go to a point let's give
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a chance to respond go ahead and. let me be clear i think that israel's government has been unimaginatively and maybe even lazy in finding solutions to gaza situation it should improve gaza's infrastructure and electricity and you should expect exactly the fishing it should expand please edition example the. yes i am it is that arises this is like if you would allow the bulls the right would allow you guys not just grab disease those who are right in israel and expand and expand the permit regime of allowing permits in in israel having said that let's not pretend meet us is israel's responsibility alone there is a strategy by the palestinian authority which works closely with israel to cause to force hamas to give up authorities there's a coordinated effort now by egypt and the palestinian authority and israel to put pressure on hamas now israel needs to choose whether its side with is out with its arab allies in the form of egypt and mahmoud abbas or whether it defends its own
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security concerns on the gaza border whether there is even someone in the gaza side in hamas who is willing to reach understanding's with israel only a few weeks ago was my honey a said that they want to cause israel a new neck by a new catastrophe he said on the day of the nakba memorial so israel is really here facing a hard choice it wants to improve conditions in gaza it realizes that gazans humanitarian crisis has difficult repercussions not only on gaza but also on israel but it needs to decide politically as well what ramifications these moves will have speaking of the ramifications became the international community does not seem to be. willing to implement an aggressive. approach for as far as gaza is concerned why do you think its response has been so far muted well you can say that yes. yes the international community has been very much silent over the past would have uses as
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well impose its siege on blockade against the gazans to us took over the gaza from the p.a. and that's a lot of two thousand and seven. there you are not accepted this way to the finish and of gaza. that the israeli measures again it's guys are. time but a gradually i have to say that the international community's position toward these raiders see john look it over again is gaza has. changed and we have seen a numerous occasions when they you on security did you not on with mr good terrorists on this is a ban ki-moon who has asked israel to put an end to it see you don't like it of the gazans that and to deal with the humanitarian. catastrophe or in the gaza strip which we have seen many facets of it in terms of poverty unemployment lack of
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enough to visit the local put up in wattle and also access and movement for the two million palestinians in the gaza strip but let me also in a minute gets missed out on hannan min of that it's not the palestinian divide who caused all of these problems to the two million palestinians in gaza before we are talking about the palestinian intifada not divide it's the continuation of this way the occupation of gaza and the palestinian territories for more than fifty years now and it's also the policy of these way to government to isolate the palestinians in gaza are not the ticket not to recognize and accept and respect so the speak the results of the palestinian legislative elections in january two thousand and six when have mouse won the elections and israel did not accept the results of those elections may also add one more point the bridge that the palestinians are
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meeting in a very delicate situation whenever there are serious talks between hamas and fatah to try to put an end to the palestinian intifada not divide this there comes the israeli role to sabotage any efforts to end the political the the internal divide it was in two thousand and fourteen when hamas and felt that it. a new argument on that day prime minister netanyahu out and said president mahmoud abbas must choose between peace with israel conciliation with others so it's that is why any government led by not danielle the right wing who are somewhat there edging every effort that put forward to put an end to the palestinian hook him a divide because it does serve the interest of israel i would like the palestinians divided between west bank and gaza to move forward to another angle related to this story in particular. these really intelligence minister israel said that describing
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i mean the now the barrage of rockets fired by hamas and jihad into israel saying i see a new brain fingerprinting is this could this be taken as an indication that these rallies could ask their action in gaza. well first of all i don't think that any party is interested in any of skill ation with the israelis or even have mass on the other hand because the situation is so for a giant and in case this kind of new cycle of violence erupt nobody anybody can start the war but nobody can know where it's going and when it's going to end and that's why the other angle of the hashem is the iranian cause and the so do coalition you should put things into a bigger context understand the dynamics of the whole region where any use a nichole vision is being set up by the suit is the i'm right is and trying to
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include israel and to do that israel should always show that they are the enemy of the iranians and that's why you would understand the rhetoric coming from the gulf states against the hamas the muslim brotherhood and more intimate to israel and the united states and that would explain why israel is always trying to portray that it's iran they hate jono may of iran in the region that is they are trying to counter and they soon made the out of countries are more adamantly insisting on normalizing their relations with the israeli government in order to confront this kind of overt expansionist policy of they. but on the other hand have mass and the islamic jihad and the other factions on the ground they do have a kind of responsibility to keep these kind of formulas on the ground like to keep the truce the defacto status but on the other hand they're peacefully working with
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the people in a peaceful demonstration to expose the hypocrisy of the international community the inaction of the united states and i did nations and also the arab word the arab league that they are unable even to condemn now and ryan to put to offer. the other friends like something to work on like turkey ok. and hand do you think that the iranian factor that has been mentioned by israel is something there could be seen as an attempt by these rallies to deflect attention from the fact that iran is not the issue the issue is the killing of civilians of innocent people in gaza by these rallies which is the issue that has to be addressed. well iran is part of the issue because iran is the main financer today of both hamas and islamic jihad but going back to the previous subject i should certainly the government of netanyahu has benefited if or sees as the situation of disunity between hamas and
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fatah between gaza and the west bank as beneficial to israel i disagree with that position i think that the two sides can only reach an agreement when there is palestinian unity but on the other hand let's not kid ourselves i mean a few weeks ago when there was an attempt on the life of prime minister in gaza it was mahmoud abbas who accused hamas of trying to assassinate law and saying that he has proof of that so professor of assad let's not absolve the palestinian side of responsibility for the state of disunity when israel had to establish its state in forty eight it managed to overcome very deep political divides and i would say arms and militias that existed in multiple groups and unify under one arms and wonder one army under one leadership and under one strategy the palestinians in order to reach peace with israel in order to return to the negotiating table will have to do the same thing they'll have to overcome attempts to weaken them both by israel and
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both by other countries including arab countries the palestinians can't throw all the responsibility and all the blame just on the israeli question to. you heard what basically was saying that but if he is need to get their act together set aside their differences and will forward do you see it that way now now it is it is . interesting what was mentioned by mr millet about that made in mind a few of your points here that yes i'm not exempting the palestinians from their own responsibilities with regard to the continuation of the political divide between was and gaza which has been going on for all. most eleven years now and it is that an ugly sad thing for the palestinians are for the palestinian national project but let me remind mr al hunt on middle of that it was is way him who
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encouraged the palestinians to clash out between us and for that one is where decided to disengage from the gaza strip in the summer of two thousand and five without negotiating this is why any withdrawal from gaza with the palestinian authority which was the address for the palestinian people and. romney the longer in the third israeli intention. well that doesn't it should not exempting the palestinians from golan. without that it would not doubt it would would this is weighed into this but let me let me also let me also add. it is our running right into our money money is now thank you thank you put an end to that but it's is when thank you very much thank you my mother was. muddled i really appreciate your sound thank you but unfortunately we're running out of time for the show. and thank you too for watching you can see the program
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a machete. dialing for diplomacy in the u.s. house a top north korean official had a possible summit between the leaders of the two countries. and welcome to al jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with me elizabeth peron i'm also ahead spain's parliament debates promise to muddy on little boys leadership ahead of friday's confidence vote. three days in the latest anti-government protests in the head. and syrian enjoyed aid organizations discuss the plight of five point five million people made.


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