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this is al jazeera. hello welcome to this al-jazeera news outlet live from doha i'm martine dennis coming up in the next sixty minutes last kid gets in on the north korea summit actors the u.s. hosts a top north korean official. under pressure spain's prime minister fights for his political life as a corruption scandal threatens to overwhelm him and his party. syrian
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and u.n. aid organizations discuss the plight of millions of people displaced by the war in syria. i'm joined again with the day sport it's all even in the stanley cup finals as the washington capitals edge out the baker's golden knights in game two of the series i'll have all the action later this news out. there rusher appears to be trying to position itself as a major player in any of the developments with north korea and the expected talks with the united states the foreign minister sergei leavitt off is n.p.r. news adding he's met leader kim jong il and he told kim that russia wants peace and progress on the korean peninsula whilst also inviting him to moscow at the request of president putin. it is absolutely obvious that starting any discussion of the
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nuclear problem and all other programs on the korean peninsula they cannot be complete without repealing all sanctions on north korea how that will go ahead will be a question of the skill of the negotiators but it cannot be done in one sitting one cannot provide denuclearization in one sitting so of course there must be several stages and in every stage there must be a two way road. all right wing go live to our correspondent rob mcbride he's in the south korean capital seoul and clearly russia wanting to get in only at wanting its voice to be heard in these negotiations that could have such profound change for the korean peninsula and wider afield. that's right marty's or gay lover of we are told is the most senior russian official to meet with kim jong un since kim came to power he delivered as you said there this invitation to come to moscow for what is an increasingly busy summit itinerary for kim and this came after holding talks between lavrov and his north korean counterpart about the upcoming summit and as
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you said they're very much taking the side of north korea when it comes to the whole question of sanctions that the united states international community must consider economic aid economic help or relief from these sanctions at a very early point in any deliberations over denuclearization that as he put it the denuclearization cannot come in one sitting the united states will probably not be very happy to hear this from the russians this support but i think russia rather like china feels as though it has to exert its influence over this whole process that it can't be seen to be sidelined given their respective dominant positions in this part of the world that this is a recognition of that diplomatic standing a lover of also talked about economic projects that he has in mind for this part of the world about trilateral economic cooperation between russia and the two careers
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such as the joining up of railway railway lines also the building of a pipeline in the korean peninsula but obviously all of these projects which would help russia in developing its russian far east all dependent martin on a successful summit outcome in singapore and indeed flipping forward now to events in new york later on today that says day the senior emissary from pyongyang meeting with the u.s. top diplomat the secretary of state and today they really start to outline their positions. that's right this follows on of course by some of the ground work that has been done here in korea and also down in singapore we have a u.s. team here in seoul that has been meeting with their north korean counterparts at the truce village in panmunjom interestingly today thursday they have not been seen leaving their hotel i think it's fair to speculate that they are waiting to see
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what is the outcome of those all crucial all important talks between kim young troll the main emissary from north korea with the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei zero in new york talks that begin in a couple of hours from now as my colleague james bays now reports. arriving in the united states the personal emissary of kim jong un here for crucial negotiations which will decide the fate of the on again off again summit between his leader and president trump. general kim yong schol is staying in this hotel close to the u.n. for just two days the planned date of the summit in singapore now less than two weeks away hence the hectic diplomacy with meetings between the north koreans and the u.s. in singapore at the demilitarized zone between north and south korea and here in new york was secretary of state mike pump is meeting general kim at the white house
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they say it's president trump will make the final determination on whether the summit goes ahead as their conversation is going to be focused on denuclearization of the peninsula that's what these ongoing conversations taking place now will be centered on as well as this summit that will take place in singapore and we're going to continue it as long as that is part of the discussion we're going to continue to shoot for the june twelfth it was evening in new york at this apartment complex with the secretary of state and general kim have their first meeting of this trip although they already know each other from the two occasions this year when pump aoe visited pyongyang the dinner the first in a series of meetings between the two men took place in a residence owned by the u.s. mission to the united nations presumably it was chosen because it is secure a place where the two men can discuss all the secrets of north korea's nuclear program if of course general kim is prepared to divulge them james pays zero
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new york. and just to add to an increasingly busy talks time table south korean officials here in seoul are getting ready for talks with the north korean counterparts friday at the truce village in pam and john this resume that picks up on the into korean dialogue which of course was agreed upon by the summit between the north korean and south korean leaders all those days ago the end of april in what is a diplomatic phenomenon that has many moving parts martin rob thanks for that well we'll have one more voice now on this whole issue with the u.s. north korea summit we've been speaking to tongue our who is a fellow with the nuclear policy program at the carnegie cian center for global policy and he says that the u.s. and north korea are still poles apart. there is still a major gap between the positions of united states and north korea north korea has
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no plan to immediately surrender to nuclear weapons but the u.s. is asking for an immediate and comprehensive verifiable you reverse bow denuclearization of north korea these two have a lot of work to do before during the twelve to figure out a basic common ground on the nuclear issue so basically my understanding of the north korean position is they wanted to keep their core nuclear deterrent capability the spends so much time so much money into this program and the don't really trust the united states at all they want to retain their core nuclear deterrent capability order to hedge against any future uncertainties the other words i think north korea wants to stretch of this process of denuclearization for as long as possible the very i can now you magine them agreeing to a near term timetable or line to completely dismantle their nuclear weapons so they
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are willing to offer a very idealistic and empty political commitment to the eventual goal of the transition but i doubt that you want. in the near term future right to madrid now and spanish m.p.'s are debating a no confidence motion against their prime minister mariano rajoy after twenty nine people linked to his ruling people's party would jailed for corruption the main opposition party the socialist is leading the charge to remove the holy from office it says that he's lost credibility a court ruled that former people's party officials took bribes to fund election campaigns and exchange for lucrative public contracts me fucker is our correspondent in madrid. one hundred seventy six m.p.'s here at the three hundred fifty seat congress need to support a vote of no confidence in prime minister mariano rajoy for the motion to pass it's
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all being spearheaded by the opposition socialist party and its leader paid for sanchez with the socialists come to this alone so they're looking for help from other political parties here including the far left by demos party who have indicated that they would indeed support base motion the socialists of also reached out to see other than off the citizens party for help to have suggested that they would back it too but not the possibility of petro sanchez replacing mariano as prime minister here see it on else seem more interested in pushing for new elections later on in the year primarily because they're doing very very well in the polls at the moment this could all well boil down to support from some of the smaller policies including the basque nationalist party that of the moment are trying to work out whether or not they would back this motion going forward but mariano rajoy is a political survivor he has survived a previous no confidence votes against him during his time as prime minister he's
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accused the political opposition here of really seizing the moment to undermine him his government and his leadership going forward it boils down to three different scenarios for a boy could well resign we could well see a situation where the no confidence vote is successful meaning that we could see a new government a new prime minister here in spain possibly by the end of the week or if the no confidence vote fails something other than a loss of both promise to keep up the pressure on marianna who are going forward to keep on pushing for new elections before the end of the year here in spain pressure is most certainly mounting on the prime minister at the moment. now to italy where the president has granted the two populous parties more time to try to form a government in an effort to avoid another election the leader of the five star movement has suggested a compromise that could end months of political deadlock his party has been trying
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to strike a deal with the far right leaning the two parties won the most seats in the elections in march their candidate for finance minister that was rejected by the president on sunday and that calls the collapse of the initial coalition agreement is been without a working government for three months now. that u.n. agencies have been missing in jordan to talk about the plight of millions of syrian refugees who are caught up in the world's largest crisis of its kind seven years of war has forced more than five and a half million people out of their country and seven million all internally displaced within the borders of syria itself six hundred thousand children they're not in school and the u.n. says the situation is dire and they desperately need more funding well at least a million of those refugees are in lebanon zina holders' our correspondent in the lebanese capital beirut and she's joining us now and this is the real crux of the
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problem isn't that lebanon is itself a small red said the struggling economy and it is bearing the burden of a million extra people and it's almost impossible really for them to manage. yes and that million is the number registered with the united nations but estimates suggest up to one point five million syrians are in lebanon the lebanese government has repeatedly appealed to the international community for help saying that it is causing social tensions in the country because many of those syrians have taken the jobs from the lebanese we heard from the different u.n. agencies responsible for humanitarian work in syria. we'll for more money saying if you do not give us this money then we have to cut our programs are services and millions and millions of syrians require aid to seven million internally displaced in recent months alone tens of thousands were forced from their homes as
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a result of the so-called surrender deals when the rebels give up territory to the government and these people are bussed to the north western province of their bus there with nothing and they have no jobs so these people rely on aid and it's not just the seven million internally displaced have five point five million in neighboring countries and like you mentioned lebanon is struggling so the u.n. asking for help in telling the international community really it is cheaper to feed a syrian in syria cost fifty cents a day in europe it costs fifty euros a day almost trying to tell you know the west be careful these people might try to make their way to europe and the really crushingly depressing element of this is and there it is of course that it's not just this generation of syrians that are going to be really suffering it is the next generation as well we're looking at how many six hundred thousand kids who are not even attending school at this stage.
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know six hundred thousand kids not attending schools according to the united nations more than half a million children have been born in exile in the past seven years since this conflict began half a million children never never saw their homes so yes it is the future the next generation what is going to happen to them you just go to any informal camp in lebanon because there are no official camps here the lebanese government doesn't want to encourage them to stay all you see are children running around playing all day long they don't go to school and some of them are given the opportunity to attend lebanese school but it's just not there aren't enough places so yes the situation is dire the fighting mayhaps this sided but there is no political solution to this crisis and the humanitarian crisis continues to rise thank you for that the host of them live in beirut. now it is currently the muslim holy month of ramadan that's a time for contemplation for celebration and for charity the families in yemen are
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struggling simply to survive after three years of war and those in ties in particular they face a challenge that the city has been under siege by his he thought his ever since the conflict began a whole bar explains. he. is taking his children shopping he's promised them sweets but won't be able to spoil them. cash strapped and impoverished hopes the ramadan brings and to suffering and war. is by the siege of the tough situation ramadan is always a happy moment we enjoy the month and so do our children all this while shells still land in our areas. is a city battered by war. forces loyal to president. have been trying for months to repel an offensive by the healthiest to control
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yemen's largest city the three year long siege is baking everyone suffer so never lower. prices are rising and that's a huge burden for us i used to buy goods for a cheaper price and now that's impossible is our head of. the war in the siege pushed prices of basic goods soaring and people haven't received their salaries for a month. sunset is when muslims break their fast moment of quiet for him and he's really but his biggest concern is what might happen next when fighting breaks out between feuding factions in ties fighting that has a right to claim the lives of thousands of people mainly civilians. we've got a lot more to come on this al jazeera news hour including ukraine being criticized for the faking of the murder of that journalist and it's not just russia is
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condemning the action. fountains of love are in hawaii more evacuation orders are recede. and the very latest on the most sellers injury is critical of course especially for the egyptian football association will have all the data. does save the children says more than half of all kids worldwide being robbed of their childhoods the total is around one and a quarter billion and some of those west affected are in south sudan have suffered nearly five years of civil war from the south sudan capital juba morgan reports fifteen year old mary kay dent has only one dream to go to school and get a degree so when her family told her she will be married off so they can get money he ran away to an orphanage. my brothers said they wanted to sell me
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because they wanted money for food i told them i wanted to study but they said they didn't want me to go to school that girls don't go to school. mary says her family wouldn't have thought of marrying her off were it not for south sudan's dire economic situation a direct result of five years of civil war the rate of early marriage for girls here has risen from forty eight percent to fifty two in recent years. the worst parted in twenty thirty when president salva kiir accused his former deputy rick machar of attempting a coup tens of thousands have been killed and a third of the twelve million population displaced sixty percent of them children according to the un but even children who haven't been displaced have not been spared the consequences of the world trade organization say along with early marriages many children are turning to the street south sudan where has also resulted in a high number of young girls getting pregnant and more kids being recruited to fight in the conflict. like twelve year old bad day who says the economic crisis
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has meant he has to wash cars on the streets. there's no money so i can't go to school so i wash cars if i get some money i take it home so my mother can feed my brothers. see if the children as young people in south sudan face a difficult future. and there's like three reasons that there are major like threats for children that are actually overlapping in south sudan and one eats high levels of poverty another one is the armed conflict that has been going on for many years now since two thousand and thirteen and the other reason is the discrimination against girls so actually we are risking we are risking a whole generation a generation that's struggling with the consequences of a war that's robbing them of their childhood as well as their future people morgan al-jazeera juba how masses pray the school waits for blocking a u.n.
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security council statement on the attack singles the u.s. prepares the resolution saying the palestinian leadership needs to be held accountable for attacks against israel hamas says the trumpet ministration tried to use the resolution to mask the crimes of the israeli occupation israeli forces struck dozens of targets in girls or on tuesday after palestinian factions launched rockets and mortars christian salumi has more from the un. the one thing security council members seem to agree on on this issue of palestine in israel is their frustration over the council's inability to get anything done the united states had called this meeting we called hoping to release a statement on behalf of a counter condemning rocket attacks from gaza into israel and in fact many council members did condemn those attacks but while the united states put all the blame for violence in the region on the palestinian leadership here others united kingdom
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pointed out the desperate situation of the palestinian people is playing a part restrictions on movement lack of access to electricity water and jobs is all contributing to the tension and kuwait who is calling for an international protection force to ensure the safety of palestinian civilians blocked a formal statement from being issued on behalf of the council but. as long as this occupation continues the palestinian people have the legitimate right to fight it and to defend their aspirations and their dream of independence and a dignified and free life from her look to look at the united states had this reaction the people of gaza do not need protection from an external source the people of gaza need protection from hamas it is the actions of hamas that are putting gaza and grave danger. hamas is indiscriminate attacks against israel
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inevitably bring a response the un special coordinator for middle east peace nikolai mlodinow of warned that further escalation an all out war remain a risk and he laid out some basic steps to prevent that from happening focusing on humanitarian needs and supporting the egyptian reconciliation process and he ended with a message directly to the people of gaza we hear your plight and suffering he said and we will do all that we can to ensure that you have a future beyond mere survival that israel has fattened indonesians from entering the country is apparently in retaliation for suspending visas for israelis indonesia has strongly condemned attacks by israeli troops and palestinians during the weeks of protests at the border with gaza set for us and has more from the engine easing capital jakarta. indonesia and israel don't have to play magic relations but still thousands of indonesians travel to israel every year they visit
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holy sites both christian and muslim and many go on a pilgrimage to the mosque which is considered the third holiest place in islam so notification by the israel border protection department that indonesians are not allowed to enter israel after june nine came to many here as a shock cannot threaten us or them like more and more indonesians are visiting the holy sites because we finally had easy access and got much safer than years ago so we're very sad that this is happening. the reason for this ban is still not fully clear but according to media reports from its route it came after in the media decided to suspend the plant allow tourists from israel to enter indonesia which would have been a historical move the suspension according to this reports came after indonesia condemn violence recently in gaza killing tens of palestinians by israeli soldiers the foreign ministry here in jakarta has strongly denied it was ever such
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a plan to allow israeli tourists to enter the country although both countries don't have formal ties trade is on the increase between indonesia and israel and has also been sick with talks to improve the ties between the two countries the current diplomatic spat has brought all these are frozen back to square one leaving many here in indonesia i wonder if and when they can go back to israel to visit the holy sites. now to south africa and the controversial issue of land the ruling a.n.c. party promised twenty two years ago at the end of apartheid to give black people the land there was by white farmers but almost twenty thousand south africans still waiting for those promises to be kept malcolm where purports. it was born here one hundred and four years ago his parents worked without pay for a white farmer who grabbed this land pietermaritzburg in south africa a few decades before he was born. these stones mark where he buried them. in
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exchange for their labor they were allowed to live here and grow their own food he lived the same way now the current landowners wanting to leave. my father was born here i was born here he married my mother here where will i go if they want me to move from this place i'd rather they take a gun and shoot me so at least i can be with my ancestors and die on this land. a nine hundred ninety six law backed by nelson mandela in title and others like him known as labor tenants to own the small plots of land they occupy he applied twenty years ago he still doesn't have to title. their lives in this shack he lets in the rain so the land rights organization tried to build him a new home from concrete blocks from the landowners didn't allow it his grandson lives just here on the same plot but if no title is issued before the dies he won't
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be able to inherit the land there are tens of thousands of people in similar predicaments waiting since the one nine hundred ninety s. for titles to be issued. he works for a rights group that's representing nine hundred thousand of their claims for land the whole process is about the limits in it using the portion of land they've always been using so that currently is not useful to land owners anyway so what we're pushing for processing of the claim so did these people can. the descendants of the white farmers do have titles many owners are reluctant to give up the small plots where the claimants live and many claimants say the government lacks the political will to address the past injustice it's actually not a matter of political will we are now processing the applications they're pulled off the department in the past was that rather than subjecting the people to all of all of that let us rather use alternative ways of securing their tenure if the
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outstanding applications are rather processed it may take years example as i will be around for many more his ancestors shed this land communally all he wants before he dies is to own a tiny part of it malcolm webb al-jazeera near pietermaritzburg south africa everyone will have the weather in just a little while also coming up here on the al-jazeera news out the un refugee agency warns it's got less than a third of the money it needs to support millions of refugees. hollywood producer harvey weinstein is indicted on charges of rape in new york. and the n.b.a. finals begin later we'll hear from le bron james as his cavs take on the warriors that's all coming up with jack and install.
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the weather sponsored by qatar airways. plenty of thunderstorms rumbling away across western parts of europe at the moment that brings with it the risk a real risk of flash flooding for some see the thunder head said driving in the way a little further north woods and that's going to be the case because one through the next couple of days had a few showers into northern parts of spain recently has brightened up here we have got clearer skies coming through more of the way of sunshine the scenes like this improving conditions there into the northeastern corner of spain before the north up into france still some lively storms around this is a scene of the top of the eiffel tower and i think paris in particular could see a few big showers over the next twenty four to forty eight hours or so shows never really too far away as you can see a push up across southern parts of england southern parts of wells as well not so bad a little further east hot humid there in berlin temperatures of around thirty celsius
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this you go on through the next twenty four hours you can see that the general drift of the showers is further north perhaps a little further a so will turn increasingly muggy over towards berlin for example as we go on through friday price skies come back in behind us the chance of what is to showers rotating into northern parts of spain having said that clear conditions we go on into saturday well and colder for berlin. so whether i can turn our ways. it would remove any vestige of doubt from shirking manx that israel has come to stay a people dispossessed a state established whatever i was able to do in palestine drive the great international peace organization the united nations a momentous event which lies at the heart of ongoing conflict to this day seventy years on al-jazeera tells the history of what palestinians call the catastrophe.
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and the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. take a look at the top stories here in the. russia trying to position itself as
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a player in any developments with north korea and the expected summit with the united states. the foreign minister has met kim jong un in pyongyang and he invited him to last at the request of president putin. the prime minister mariano rajoy after twenty nine people linked to his ruling party jailed for corruption the main opposition socialist party says he has lost credibility. u.n. agency is meeting in jordan to discuss the plight of millions of syrians called up in the world's largest refugee crisis seven years of war has four five and a half million people to flee the country seven million are internally displaced. now the u.n. h.c.r. that's the refugee agency of the u.n. has warned that it's far short of the funding it needs to support the millions of refugees the agency has received less than the third of what it requested from
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donors in twenty eighteen the money is meant to help more than nine million people with food shelter and education five and a half million of them a syrian refugees the programs in jordan and lebanon are particularly low on funding even though they have more refugees per capita than almost anywhere else without more funding the u.n. warns one point four million refugees will see their food rations go down with complete cuts in egypt lebanon and jordan by august and education cuts could for students to drop out making them vulnerable to early marriages and child labor we can speak to rula amin now who's senior communications advisor at u.n.h. c.r. and she's joining us from the jordanian capital amman thank you very much indeed. i understand and i think many of us understand the shortfall that u.n.h.c.r. as well as other agencies have in terms of their funding what is u.n.h.c.r.
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doing to sharpen up the message because clearly it's not working just appealing to the to the humanitarian nature of many countries. that is true but unfortunately the humanitarian agencies cannot force these donors to put more money they can try to help them make these decisions and the line is there's enough money put into making these sward especially the war in syria there should be some money put to help those who are suffering by it the u.n. secretary general used a figure and he said that one point seven trillion dollars are spent have been spent last year on arms and arming that is almost eight hundred times what is needed to help all those who need help in the world so if there is enough money to keep fueling the war in syria there should be enough money to help those refugees and displaced people who are suffering the most out of it isn't it time for for
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agencies like you in asia are to start getting getting tough to name and shame because the pledge is a quite often made aren't they but they're actually not followed through on what about the rich countries this is this is ramadan this is a time of giving a time of charity what about the wealthy gulf countries for instance. you know we try not to name and shame because we are still grateful for all the donation that has been made throughout the past eight years over thirteen billion dollars have been poured into the human a third one humanitarian world to help the refugees and the host communities who also need help in order to carry this burden however this is not enough and that's our line we need more we're very grateful to have what had been given but we need more because we what we need what we are saying is the impact cannot be looked at as if it's just short term it's not about just not meeting the humanitarian needs
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that the refugees need now it's not about just giving them enough food now it's about the long term impact you know when a family a refugee family cannot have enough money to spend it's kids to school in five years we're having a whole generation who have not been to school and even with the figures i'll give you a figure for example in lebanon about sixty percent of children who are at the age of elementary school grades they do go to school however when you go to secondary and higher school education only five percent of refugee children are in gold at this stage and that's a major risk to the future and to the future of syria and the region. i mean thank you very much indeed. now ukraine is being criticized by russia and media watchdogs for faking the murder of an anti kremlin journalist. who was reported to have been killed in kiev but it turned out later that he was actually alive and well any made an appearance at
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a news conference ukraine says it was set up to catch his would be assassin but russia calls it a provocation and press freedom groups are saying that this could actually endanger the work of john this row each other's reports from moscow. back from the dead russian journalist. and to the press conference in kiev to applause hours after most of the world would be shocked at his murder had been faked a sting operation by ukraine secret service to apparently catch his would be killers apologize to all those who've been kept in the dark including his wife. i'd like to ask you to excuse me for all that happened in the past because i have attended funerals for colleagues and friends many times and i know this feeling when you have to bury colleagues sorry for this unfortunately there were no other ways. flowers had been left outside kiev home where late on tuesday evening the
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journalist was reportedly found with fatal gunshot wounds to the back tributes and obituaries mourned his death. the secret was reveals live on t.v. colleagues at the channel where he works reacted with joy and tears of relief. russia has denied any role in the story and accused kiev of using it as propaganda but russia has where ukraine security chiefs allege the murder prosser ridge native . fled his home country last year after a career as an anti putin voice culminated in a state backed media campaign against him numbers of. we reported that in order to fulfill the cynical plan special services of the russian federation recruited a ukrainian citizen the first letter of his name is g. he was commissioned to find perpetrators of this brutal murder for financial reward in order to fulfill the assignment from the russian special services citizen g
1:39 pm
offered his acquaintance to commit a terrorist act and to murder russian journalist. for thirty thousand dollars. ukraine's secret service the s.b.u. showed video allegedly this citizen g. being arrested on the streets and they say that the only one in danger thirty more people were being targeted. we're going to talk to rory live from moscow and the morning after. this spectacular stunt by the. special services security might have had unintended consequence. yeah i'm going through some of the reaction. been put out there by groups like the zero s c the organization for security and cooperation in europe now the representative for the freedom of media haarlem desir says that he's relieved that
1:40 pm
arkady janko is alive but he says i deplore the decision to spread false information on the life of a journalist is the duty of the state to provide correct information to the public and this from the committee to protect journalists as well we are greatly relieved that is alive at the same time this extreme action by the ukrainian authorities has the potential to undermine public trust in journalists and outrage when they are killed so basically these reactions are kind of raising two links but slightly different points one is operational if the state has lied about the death of a journalist can we believe them when they talk about other things related to this case can we believe them when they say that it was russia that was responsible for this alleged plot against because life and the committee to protect journalists kind of raised the point of. if this kind of thing happens then what happens the
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next time. a journalist is actually properly kills that is a journalist is discovered in a pool of his own blood his or her own blood it's happened many times before particularly in the the russian speaking world you can talk about anna politkovskaya you can talk about pavel sheremet two of the more well known now well known names but the list is long if this kind of thing can happen then the next time someone does actually die is this not an opportunity for the present to say aha well how do we know that this person really is dead could this not be fake news i'm that's the kind of debates that's raging at the moment is raging on twitter it's being raised by what i was ations like the o.s.c. and the committee to protect journalists and it's unfortunate i think that we might have to wait until the next murder for us to actually work out whether these concerns are real or whether this is just a storm in a teacup yeah really interesting thank you very much roy each others live in moscow
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. now protests as in kenya are still very very angry over a corruption scandal at a government agency that was set up to help young people tens of millions of dollars went missing from the national youth service and dozens of civil servants a currently under investigation correspondent catherine sawyer reports from nairobi . people are extremely frustrated and angry about. this that we're talking about an agent this is a body that was. carbon employed people. go training help in government projects as well a lot of people say they're not because of the company but because we're talking about now. the prosecutor's office not getting. more than fifty people for investigation twenty four have already been charged and . they want to see even more the president has weighed in that. it's
1:43 pm
going to be refined and people that they have. set out also frustrated with the president because. they've had this once before they want to see action they want to see. they want the people in my implicated have them. and they also want the money we can do. with the fight against. the mosque government in nicaragua have killed at least three people as they protested against the president. at least eighty protests as if being killed in weeks of demonstrations and even some of the president's long time supporters and now questioning his leadership as man reports from the capital. hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of managua in the largest anti-government protests in decades the demonstration was organized in solidarity with the mothers of students and peaceful demonstrators who have been killed by
1:44 pm
police and pro-government militias since the start of a nationwide political crisis on april eighteenth. we want discovered to have a conscience and stop killing. it's mother's day because i was but instead of celebrating at home with the family. is mourning. the death of her son jason he was shot and beaten to death during a student led protests he was twenty four years old and. he used to come home at seven thirty three morning to have breakfast with me that's what hurts the most because now when i make breakfast. he was my only son and you know you go out oh that's why i want justice for my son you get a well. over the last month unrest has become common after a peaceful protest against a national pension reform policy were met with deadly force by the government of the day now even some of the president's staunchest supporters are calling for his
1:45 pm
ouster really jane i learned when i was a university student i thought i use my voice my energy to boot out the smoke is a dictatorship and we dreamed that there would never be another dictatorship in this country but over the last few years a new dictatorship formed that's not what we fought for that's not all my friends died for they died for a real change a free and just nicaragua. across town president spoke to supporters played in the dissent against his government is part of a right wing conspiracy and denying any involvement in the deaths of demonstrators the violence is the worst this country has seen since the overthrow of the samosa dictatorship forty years ago and with the continued crackdown on peaceful protests demonstrations like these with thousands of people marching on the streets of managua have only grown. just before sundown masked gunmen opened fire against a group of demonstrators at the engineering university several were injured others
1:46 pm
ran for cover civil society organizations continue to add names to the list of those killed nearly nine hundred others have been injured when i drop a little. around fifty thousand victims of institutional child sex abuse in australia as they get financial compensation the scouts the salvation army the winds. the catholic and the anglican churches have all joined a national redress scheme for survivors the catholic church which is australia's largest in the anation thinks is alone will be liable for around seven hundred fifty million dollars in compensation a grand jury in new york has formally indicted harvey weinstein to face trial for rape and a criminal sexual act the jury's decision fall is the disgraced hollywood producer handing him over to police he's denied having nonconsensual sex more than seventy women accuse him of sexual misconduct with some allegations dating back decades
1:47 pm
mike hanna has more from washington d.c. well the new york district attorney insists that the grand jury indictment takes the case against harvey weinstein to a new level what will happen next is that he will be arraigned before a judge he will be able to plead guilty or not guilty his lawyer maintains that weinstein will definitely be declaring himself not guilty and his lawyer says too that he will continue to fight against these charges even attempting to question the charges before weinstein goes to court the charges that the grand jury has brought are similar to those that the police brought last friday when weinstein surrendered himself to police before being placed on one million dollars bail and they pertain to two separate rape charges one is rape with compulsion which carries a sentence of up to twenty five years the other second life slightly more minor a rape charge has also been brought along with
1:48 pm
a criminal intent act so certainly three charges very very serious indeed the next step is for weinstein to appear before a judge but remembering too that this is a new york case there are a series of other actions pending against weinstein in other u.s. cities as well as in other parts of the world. flowing resolve from an erupting volcano in hawaii has triggered more evacuation notice the lava has blown one major escape from it and is heading for another guy and killer wave began erupting a month ago destroying dozens of homes and a white police department faces has toxic gas remains a major danger we've removed about two thousand people we have about four hundred that are in shelters and the rest are with family and friends but as this lover continues to march through the area. it closes it in his across is that
1:49 pm
last road there will only be one way out they're making arrangements now to open another road that goes up through volcanoes national park and that would be the only route. to go and it's flow the problem is that we have high concentrations of this volcanic gas that comes from these fissures and if the wind changes you can do save one minute and the next minute not so safe it can cause death fortunately since we began the eruptions on may the third we've had no deaths we've had a couple of injuries but we're trying our best to protect lives and people's property is best we can on standby or a couple of marine sea stallion helicopters which can take about forty five people at a time out so if they do get trapped in an area and attempted air rescue would be something
1:50 pm
that they may have to do. about that. coming up in.
1:51 pm
i know it's a time you've been waiting for sports day it's his day saying thank you the washington capitals have even got the n.h.l. stanley cup finals off to edging the vegas golden knights in game two of the best
1:52 pm
of seven series on wednesday a power play goal in the second period from alex ovechkin they see capped off the decisive fleet but they have goaltender braden holtby to spank for preventing a vegas comeback he made thirty seven saves including this one was just two minutes remaining to role play guess of a tying goal retail was the final score it's just vegas second defeat at home in the postseason the series now moves to washington for game three on saturday. and to me it was the hockey gods even to drop from last game i mean you know what we had. kind of tied it up we didn't i thought braden was real good but i think we're played the right way the hockey gods always sort of even at our you know we always talk about that so. as a great savior you know i was the one fifty nine left. you could see the emotion on our bench i was once once you know that's a lie and you're going to win again. i thought we had lots of chances tonight i
1:53 pm
mean we lost this week two hockey game talk has a wide open net with two minutes up to go to chance to tie it up i mean we didn't play our best game but i thought we had thirty nine shots and we still create a lot and you know it's one of those games where hope people a little well you know he was probably the difference in a hockey game well to some it might feel like groundhog day but all those the build up to the n.b.a. finals is still as exciting as ever the cleveland cavaliers will face the defending champions the golden state warriors for a fourth straight time for the title and it all begins on thursday with game one in california where golden state have won seventeen about the last eighteen postseason games but the bron james and his cavs will be hoping to change that even if some funds have complained about it being the same two teams again. is it good for the n.b.a. to have the same two teams in the finals four years in a row. going to adam silver. i mean your thoughts. oh. well there's been some blowback there's a talk on social media that people are sick of the same i mean do you feel like it
1:54 pm
would be better if there was more parity in the league. teams that had the opportunity to beat the cavs over the last four years and teams that opportunity to be the wars of the last four years if you want to see some miles in a poll season and then you've got to beat them now egypt's star player mohamed salah will play in the group stages of the world cup that's according to the national football association is in spain getting treatment for shoulder injury he picked up during the champions league final for liverpool the egyptian f.a. president says he will not be out for longer than three weeks egypt's opening world cup matches on the fifteenth of june against uruguay he could still make the game against russia four days off to that or egypt's final group match against saudi arabia on june the twenty fifth. fans of turned out in one a side as to send off the argentina team as they head for europe ahead of the world cup the two time world champions haven't been on sparkling form of late only
1:55 pm
qualifying in their final match you know messi captains the team who face croatia iceland and nigeria in their group. you know we're going to try and get argentina to where we deserve to be and we'll try and give it our wall and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but we're not going to quit trying for sweden will have to be have to make do without one of their biggest stars last time even him which he retired from international football in two thousand and sixteen but the strikers showed he still got the magic touch for his club team l.a. galaxy abraham of which scored twice against a ten man f.c. dallas in the m.l.s. on wednesday unfortunately zlatan efforts weren't enough side lost to. the same bolt continues to chase his dream of becoming a professional footballer the eight time limping gold medalist has trained with german team brasil dortmund to mamelodi sundowns and south africa this year but now he's in norway hoping to impress top flight team strong concepts the foremost
1:56 pm
sprinter will play a training match against norway under nineteen's next tuesday. tiger woods gets another chance at returning to winning ways this week the fourteen time major champion golfer tees off for the memorial tournament in ohio later on thursday in eight official events since his comeback from injury he's cracked the top twelve four times already including a second place finish valspar championship woods looked relaxed as he played alongside legendary n.f.l. quarterback peyton manning in the program but admits he has to learn how to win again. i remember a lot of the feelings when i was out you know i had a chance to to when they're finished second. and it really felt comfortable and the last few times that i've had a chance i've been up there on the board i felt very comfortable and also i just you know should to look around at when i need it now the final spots in the third round of the french open will be decided on thursday with former champion serena williams and rafael nadal in action two thousand and sixteen champion going to be
1:57 pm
near muguruza well she just wrapped up a second round match between fiona farrow in straight sets while the three alexanders verite needed five sets to get through his second round match and he also had a challenge in his post much press conference understanding the accent of an english reporter where you from. john i guess yorkshire in england. there were make a term of their own just because but i. love it i didn't understand a word you saying what else is not important. but roland got off point for you and having success in there. sure why not just because you said it's almost but i'm going to believe. all right that is what you support for now i have will feel. it's funny joe thank you. thank you for being with us for this al-jazeera news hour don't go anywhere because elizabeth will be in this chair in just
1:58 pm
a member to achieve it mark. june on al jazeera. with media trends constantly changing the listening post continues to analyze how the news is covered it's the most widely viewed sporting event on the planet as russia prepares to host the football world cup we'll bring you stories from on and off the field from afghanistan one o one east investigates why so few girls are in school despite billions of dollars
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of donations one year since the imposed blockade of al-jazeera examines the political economic and human impact of the crisis unfold provoking documentaries witness brings world issues into focus through personal stories june on al-jazeera . al-jazeera as investigative unit exposes the criminal gangs fixing international cricket matches sixty to seventy percent that is a good thing you say fix it fix bribing professional players they send beautiful goes to the players they give them houses rolex watches. cricketers. five children. al-jazeera investigations cricket match fix as they help build clean and feed the capital but they're not welcome anymore when he is witnesses the massive agents and demolitions forcing two hundred thousand of
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beijing's poor from their homes one of many east on al-jazeera. moscow weighs in on the north korea sub attack as the u.s. hosts a talk north korean official. welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with me and as a prawn i'm also ahead on the precious spain's prime minister fights for his political life as a corruption scandal threatens to remove him and his party from power. syrian and u.n. aid organizations discuss the plan.


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