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this father drive with plenty of sunshine. the weather. always. al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm martine dennis coming up in the next sixty minutes moscow weighs in on the north korea summit as the u.s. hosts a top north korean official. under pressure spain's prime minister fights for his political life as a corruption scandal threatens to remove him and his posse from power. syrian and u.n. aid organizations discuss the plight of millions of people displaced by the war in syria. i'm joined again with the day's sport including the dam quit after winning
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the champions league trophy with brown madrid for a third straight time the french mince that down as head coach of the spanish carve out tell you why later in the news our. affair says rory of diplomatic activity in various locations around the world all dealing with the possible summitry three north korea and the united states in north korea itself in south korea in singapore and in the united states high level meetings are taking place the most senior north korean official to set foot in the u.s. for eighteen years he's currently in new york his name kim yong cho and he's due to have a second round of talks with the secretary of state mike pompei or and that should pave the way for the summit to finally go ahead in singapore next month and as you can see in front of you this is
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a live shot this is where the meetings are taking place this is an apartment block and this and we'll find out a bit more specifically later on from jane's ways occurs with there you see kim jong you all just entering into that building might compare the secretary of state is jew there as well this is where we understand that the actual beginning of the nitty gritty is to take place this is where both sides are likely to start outlining exactly what their negotiating positions are and this is not going to be easy and as we were saying earlier the russians are now getting involved the foreign minister sergei lavrov he's in pyongyang he's already met leader kim jong il in the air and he told him that russia wants peace and progress on the peninsula and he also invited him to moscow this we understand at the request of president putin. to james frey's now a diplomatic editor he's in new york
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a manhattan and james was seen joan child just arrived at that location we haven't seen my comp a yet the. my pompei was first here he arrived about ten minutes before general kim who you saw the pictures from our camera moments ago arriving at this apartment block in midtown in manhattan on the east side of town near the east river very close to u.n. headquarters you may wonder why these two important leaders the two emissaries of the two leaders of the u.s. and north korea are meeting in an apartment block well it's actually a residence that is owned by the u.s. mission to the united nations currently on occupied because the senior diplomat who is going to take residence here it's only just been confirmed by the senate as the deputy ambassador to the u.n. for the u.s.
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department already very secure because it's a state department u.s. mission apartment a place that they can completely sweep and be sure that it's clear so they can discuss the most sensitive secrets of north korea's nuclear program of course that's part of the puzzle here is north korea actually coming clean about exactly what he's got the cia said you have a good idea but north korea needs to come clean and then of course the difficult discussions with the u.s. saying that all of that nuclear program needs to be eliminated straight away and remind us james why this meeting is not taking place in washington d.c. where there are going to be plenty of of of secure locations for this kind of amazing why is it taking place in meal. well i think the main reason is because the north koreans probably feel more comfortable in new york than they do in washington d.c. because remember these are two countries that don't have diplomatic relations there
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is no. north korean embassy in washington d.c. there is no u.s. embassy in pyongyang in fact the swedish the cost to u.s. interests in north korea but the north koreans totally are a member of the united nations so they have a functioning diplomatic mission here in new york with diplomats translates a star of an ambassador and of course a secure link to speak to pyongyang so that i suspect is the reason why the north koreans prefer to have this meeting in new york rather than washington and we're looking at the picture now the picture that will be beamed around the world and inspiring a certain amount of confidence of the two men shaking hands as they prepare to get down to business so give us an idea james as to how the how. this is likely to play out they've already had the meeting greet that had a what looked like a fairly convivial evening together having dinner but now they get down to the real
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hard work is this a matter of one lays out there that position on the table then the other one i mean how does it work. i missed we're not being given a lot a great deal of detail by the us about how this is working or any of the details at all they don't want to give us any of the details but i think it's pretty clear that both sides will be laying out their position the position of the u.s. is pretty clear they've made it clear u.s. officials again again be making clear in new york it's what nuclear experts call c.v.t. which is complete verifier of all irreversible denuclearize ation they want to see all of the nuclear program removed straight away from the north korean side they have a different view of that word denuclearization but also they will be asking the question they've asked for years which is if we got rid of our nuclear program what is to stop the u.s. getting rid of us so they will want security go guarantee some sort of nonaggression
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pact that they will want to negotiate i suspect the north koreans will not want the u.s. into very in other sensitive areas like human rights that clearly are big gaps between these two sides can they start to bridge them here can the u.s. get something here that convinces them that they can get something much bigger in singapore if they go there in in twelve days time because u.s. officials are saying if they go to singapore they want to do a deal that they hope could be described as historic right ok thanks for now james to james bays as editor keeping his eye across that meeting as it takes place in midtown manhattan new york now let's go to rob mcbride a correspondent who's in the south korean capital seoul and rob the americans no doubt will be slightly irritated won't they by the intervention by the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov who had something to say on his visit to pyongyang.
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absolutely sergey lavrov coming to pyongyang at a very timely point in this whole process he came expressing russia's full support for the into korean dialogue the dialogue between north korea and the united states wishing all of these negotiations well. obviously getting the impression that russia doesn't want to be left out of the action he came to also talking about a bright economic future for northeast asia should this peace process continue should there be permanent peace on the korean peninsula talking in particular about russia wanting to have tried lateral economic projects with the two careers such as linking up rail networks building a gas pipeline through the korean peninsula all not only to help the development of russia's far east but also to help the development of the korean peninsula but it's what he had to say martine about that about russia's apparent support for north
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korea when it comes to its sanctions position which will probably be most welcome to north korea's. this was kim jong un's first meeting with a senior russian diplomat since coming to power. another first in a diplomatic dance of increasing complexity. foreign minister sergei lavrov invited kim to add to his busy summit schedule and visit moscow but it was lavrov the parents' support for kim's position in readiness for his summit with u.s. president donald trump that will be the most welcome outcome for north korea lover of said north korea must get relief from sanctions and quickly. it is absolutely obvious that starting any discussion of the nuclear problem and all other programs on the korean peninsula they cannot be complete without repealing all sanctions on north korea how that will go ahead will be a question of the skill of the negotiators but it cannot be done in one sitting
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u.s. officials based in seoul have been in near daily discussions with their north korean counterparts at the truce village apartment john that's in the demilitarized zone separating the two koreas how much progress has been made is unknown or whether north korea's stated commitment to denuclearization comes with a specific timetable and a process for verification that's acceptable to the u.s. i think north korea wants to strachan this process of democratization for as long as possible the very i can now you magine them agreeing to a near term timetable and they're lying to completely dismantle their nuclear weapons but sensing a possible historic breakthrough russia doesn't want to be left on the sidelines just as chinese president xi jinping is recent meetings with kim the russians want
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to exert the kind of influence they feel they deserve. the u.s. team remains here in seoul but they haven't been seen leaving their hotel today thursday it's assumed possibly because they're waiting to see what developments may take place in new york and they then take up the negotiations once more but martin the truce village in pam and john is becoming an increasingly busy place south korean senior officials are preparing to resume their into korean dialogue friday with their north korean counterparts this is all part of the korean process that started this whole peace process several months ago this is a diplomatic process of increasing moving parts or i'd rather thank you very much for that and just before we move on to another issue just to say that president trump has tweeted. he hopes to have that north korea summit on june the
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twelfth so that's the latest tweet to come from president trump just as is that round of talks get around gets under way in new york between my compare the century of state and the north korean number three effectively now we're going to move on to some other news in denmark has decided to ban the wearing of full face veils in public from all this the justice minister said the veil was incompatible with danish values now women wearing burkas or niqab same public spaces will face fines france austria and belgium they've already got similar laws in place now in two thousand and five denmark parliament passed a law that said refugees must be assessed for their integration potential that those were the exact words before they could be accepted and that's one of many strict immigration policies in the country two years ago at the height of the syrian refugee crisis denmark passed a law which required a silent seekers to surrender valuables like their jury and gold to help pay for
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their stay in the country and then last week the immigration minister suggested that muslims fasting for the holy month of ramadan were and i'm quoting here a danger to danish society. all right we can speak to jacob goma who is a danish lawyer and he's executive director of just this year that's been hague and think tank which focus on human rights is joining us from. thank you very much indeed for talking to us and what's going on in denmark why as they pass what many consider to be a little which attacks individual liberties in denmark. thank you very much for having me on i apologize there's a bit of noise in the background here i mean in a hotel in oslo i think the justice minister said. there's a widespread feeling that the book and the new camp which is basically what the law is aimed at rector's and this is something incompatible with danish values and it
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may also be such an ist symbols i tend to agree with that but on the other hand a very important part of danish values is also freedom of expression and freedom of religion and so i think this is a very unfortunate. way of legislating because if a woman decides to wear. the face well out of her own free choice. you should have the right to do so even though that may often and the ordinary danish absolutely though apparently i mean and tell me if i'm right this affects a very very small number of women in denmark a very very small number actually choose to wear the burka or the niqab so this is perhaps more about sending a message what kind of message do you think is the danish parliament trying to send . well as in many other countries in the worst there are worries about islamic fundamentalism we have unfortunately had some instances where radical imams in
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denmark have. spread some rather. you could say extremist messages including. the messages so there's a there's a tendency that politicians want to send a clear signal that they are hard on religious fundamentalism. and i think that's important to counter extremism but i think it's an unfortunate to counter extremism by limiting some of the most important values in the fight against extremism which is which are freedom of conscience freedom of religion freedom of expression and it's expect it especially unfortunate in denmark because we have the whole cartoon affair where some of the same politicians who are not holding in favor of the ban are going to the face well we're saying you know free speech is extremely important we cannot you know we cannot limit free speech just because some people are and i think that was. the right message at the time i don't
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think you should limit free speech either you know due to religious feelings but i don't think you should limit free speech or freedom of religion due to secular or democratic feelings either all right thank you very much jacob into giving us your interpretation of what's going on in denmark thank you very much thank you. we've got a lot to come of this out here in the south including a generation at risk the impact of wars of civil war in south sudan's this vulnerable. tens of thousands of families in south africa think basic rights. and it's all even in the stanley cup finals is the path to the right thing going to jail will have the details coming up in sports. now spanish m.p.'s are currently debating a no confidence motion against the prime minister mariano rajoy after twenty one people linked to his party the people's party were jailed for corruption the main
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opposition socialist party is leading the charge to remove him from office it claims that he has lost all credibility a court ruled that former people's party officials took bribes to fund election campaigns in exchange for lucrative public contracts parker is our correspondent in madrid. one hundred seventy six m.p.'s here the three hundred fifty congress need to support a vote of no confidence in prime minister mariano rajoy for the motion to pass it's all being spearheaded by the opposition socialist party and its leader pen through sanchez with the socialists come to this alone so they're looking for help from other political parties here including the far left by demos party who have indicated that they would indeed support base motion the socialists of also reached out to see other than off the citizens party for help to have suggested that they would back it too but not the possibility of petro sanchez replacing marianna as
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prime minister here he had it on else seem more interested in pushing for new elections later on in here primarily because they're doing very very well in the polls at the moment this could all well boil down to support from some of the smaller parties though including the basque nationalist party that of the moment are trying to work out whether or not they would back this motion going forward but mariano rajoy is a political survivor he has survived a previous no confidence vote against him during his time as prime minister he is accused of political opposition here of really seizing the moment to undermine him his government and his leadership going forward it boils down to three different scenarios roy could well resign we could well see a situation where the no confidence vote is successful meaning that we could see a new government a new prime minister here in spain possibly by the end of the week or if the no confidence vote fails something other than
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a loss of both promise to keep up the pressure on marianna who are you going forward to keep on pushing for new elections before the end of the year here in spain pressure is most certainly mounting on the prime minister at the moment. now the european court of human rights has ruled that remain here in lithuania complicit in the torture and abuse of two men at secret u.s. prisons european judges say a saudi national and a palestinian man well captured then taken to cia operated secret prisons in lithuania and remain here after the september eleventh attacks in two thousand and one they were subjected to what the court calls inhumane treatment both men are currently serving time at guantanamo bay prison. the u.n. agency is home they will have to scrap services to syrian refugees in neighboring countries if there isn't a significant boost in the amount of money that they're given five and a half million refugees live outside syria most of them are in turkey in jordan and
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in lebanon from where they will hold a census report was these syrians are some of the millions forced from their homes by war who receive meals from local charities during the holy month of ramadan there are tens of thousands who arrived in the opposition controlled province of idlib in recent weeks with nothing they don't have homes or jobs they are among the seven million syrians who are refugees in their own country and who the united nations says are vulnerable to areas still bearing their pockets of fighting some of the country's seven million people live their homes and they remain internally displaced the borders are closed people are trapped inside the situation is dire there are millions of syrian children who are not going to school there are people without shelter without water sanitation health coverage food they're fetching for themselves people are moving from one place to another u.n.
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agencies responsible for humanitarian action in syria are warning of consequences if they don't receive the funds they need so far the international community has donated less than one third of the five point six billion dollars required. the lack of funding. will have a direct impact on the nutritional status of the people mainly women and children but not only that we've seen the result of food cuts. has an impact on the education which is something is extremely important in this region and we don't want to end up with an all lost generation the seven year war has been particularly hard on our children thousands have been killed tens of thousands disabled some of the displaced attend school in tents many others don't go to school at all and about half of the five point five million refugees in neighboring countries are children in seven years. close to five hundred fifty
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thousand syrian children have been born. in those countries hosting them as refugee and those host nations countries like jordan and lebanon for example are dealing with their own economic problems and many cases refugees coming and settling in locations that are already poor and impoverished and one of the examples for for lebanon particularly for two hundred fifty one most affected municipalities that they have identified for the last four or five years without adequate funding for livelihoods and social cohesion sector our ability is the only cover twenty four of those two hundred fifty municipalities the fighting has subsided across the country but the humanitarian crisis remains millions depend on aid to survive and their situation is worsening in the absence of a political solution that. beirut. the red cross has announced that it's sending additional
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medical specialists and supplies into gaza it says gulzar is facing an epic crisis after weeks of violence left more than thirteen thousand palestinians were ended the health system has been overwhelmed since protests between israeli forces and palestinians began in march sorry force it has meant to warn you some of the images in his report may be distressing. the red cross team here the surgical team is operating on a young man who was shot several weeks ago in the leg just above the ankle and what this is is a follow up operation designed to remove fragments of bone which is still in the wound and could present a threat of further infection now this is this is very much the kind of thing which is at the heart of this new i.c.r.c. appeal for more funding they want to more than double the number of staff that are here in gaza for the next six months now this is despite the fact that the height
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of the protests for now at least appear to be over but the long term nature of these injuries is what they're concerned about one thousand three hundred win. in badly two three to five a complicated staging this is by the ancestry that peeling today with five point three million dollars go ahead out to the spawn to the accu to me at the health reform in gaza to increase the capacity of the fed to can and if that is a surgical unit and if we get hospital with them and also the police had jails and there are things one hundred eleven team members were not there then you know that in becoming clear that month so this is just one among three thousand six hundred people who have been injured by israeli sniper fire in the last few weeks during the protests which started on march the thirtieth early more than thirteen thousand injuries in total and so this is why the i.c.r.c.
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says it's important to maintain and indeed increase its presence here in gaza to look after those people going forward they're also of course concerned that there could be further injuries in protests which could take place in the coming days and weeks and how masses praise kuwait for blocking a u.n. security council draft statement on attacks in gaza the u.s. proposed the draft saying the palestinian leadership must be held accountable for a taxi. against israel hamas says the trumpet ministration tried to use the resolution to quote mask the crimes of the israeli occupation israeli forces struck dozens of targets in girls or on tuesday after palestinian factions launch rockets and mortars israel has banned indonesian tourists from entering the country its image tally ation for jakarta suspending visas for israel is internees is strongly condemned attacks by israeli troops and palestinians during the weeks of protests at the border with gaza severson has more for means in easing capital
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jakarta. indonesia and israel don't have to apply metric relations but still thousands of indonesians travel to israel every year they visit holy sites both christian and muslim and many go on a pilgrimage to the mosque which is considered the third holiest place in islam so the notification by the israel border protection department that indonesians are not allowed to enter israel after june nine came to many here as a shock cannot threaten us or them way more and more indonesians are visiting the holy sites because we finally had easy access and got much safer than years ago so we're very sad that this is happening. the reason for this ban is still not fully clear but according to media reports from its route it came after in the media decided to suspend the plant allow tourists from israel to enter indonesia which would have been a historical move the suspension according to this reports came after indonesia condemn violence recently in gaza killing tens of palestinians by israeli soldiers
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the foreign ministry here in jakarta has strongly denied of us ever such a plan to allow israeli tourists to enter the country although both countries don't have formal ties trade is on the increase between indonesia and israel and has also been sick with talks to improve the ties between the two countries the current diplomatic spat has brought all these are frozen back to square one leaving many here in indonesia wonder if and when they can go back to israel to visit the holy sites. about fifty thousand victims of institutional child sex abuse in australia to get financial compensation the scouts the salvation army the y.m.c.a. and the catholic and anglican churches have all joined a national redress scheme for survivors the catholic church australia's largest denomination thinks its alone will be liable for around seven hundred fifty million dollars in compensation. well we'd certainly expect to be paying out for survivors
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for many years to come and where we stand ready to do that we're going to back that with insurance and our assets we're determined to bring justice and for redress healing if we can to the victims of this terrible crime but we are very pleased to be able to join in this national independent rigorous screening we think this will be a very important part of the process for the healing of survivors of abuse. it's time for the weather now here's everton and it's the start of the monsoon season yeah that's right martin i know you're thinking well this happens every year it's just seasonal stuff but it's always exciting when it does finally get underway breaking the heat of course you can take a look at the satellite picture and see exactly where the clouds are southern parts of india so into work carol got the showers now popping up quite nicely as they should to sri lanka of course have been seeing some heavy downpours for quite some time and up into myanmar the correct two hundred fifty millimeters of rain in only
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twenty four hours as i said it does help to break the heat and away from here this is where we're going to see the temperatures rising quite steadily this is in yangon where you see some very heavy rain coming through as per usual as for those temperatures across the central plains of india would be getting up to around forty eight celsius that was wednesday afternoon hotter still there into central parts of pakistan we took forty nine degrees and the whole touched forty two degrees celsius a little further north as pretty impressive temperatures what do you do when it gets that hot month say well i think it's a good idea to take you'll go for a swim you can see two happy fellows here in the water just trying to cool off and that's going to be the same as we go on through the next few days actually very much emplaced to delhi forty four celsius on friday could be hotter still as we go on into saturday and that will be the same across pakistan further south there we go with those showers down towards the southwest of india much just like and into
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me and marty mr fox thank you very much indeed still to come here on the out of their news hour. three days in the latest anti-government protests in nicaragua. fountains of love are in hawaii and more evacuation orders this scene. and the egyptian football association sensation gives an update on this man's injury as he fights recovering to be ready for the world cup joe will have the details on him. package for us what were you here and what were you saying whether online horrendous things humans told us there's absolutely no doubt about that or if you join us on the sat one of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is a dialogue about some of this success if perhaps everyone has
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a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision join the colobus conversation amount is iraq. it's been one year since its neighbors imposed a blockade on qatar by land sea under. a move that shattered the region's two political landscape alliances have shifted and qatar has grown more self-reliant. but what caused the rift between the g.c.c. countries is there and insights and can the gulf ever be the same again the siege of qatar on a just zero. times
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this is a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera top north korean official kim young child is having a second round of talks with u.s. secretary of state mike home pay of a new york meeting is expected to help pave the way for a summit between the two leaders of their respective countries president trump has commented on this latest round of talks say it all seems to be game rather well. i think it will be very positive i think it will be very positive. the leading separate very positive. surprise dollar process will say and hopefully we'll have a meeting on the twelfth that's going along very well but i wanted to be meaningful it doesn't mean it gets all done in one meeting maybe after every second or third and maybe we'll have done but. it's in good hands. spanish m.p.'s are debating a new confidence motion against prime minister mariano rajoy after twenty nine
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people in his ruling people's party would jail for corruption the main opposition party the socialist says the whole is lost credibility. is banning the wearing a full face veils in public for mogas the justice minister said the veil is incompatible with danish values women wearing burkas only cuts in public spaces will face fines france austria and belgium have already implemented similar in all . the ukraine is being criticised by russia as well as other media watchdog for faking the murder of an anti kremlin journalist. who was reported to have been killed in care if it turned out that it wasn't the case at all he turned up life at a news conference ukraine says his death was staged to try to catch his would be assassin but russia calls it a provocation and press freedom groups have said that it couldn't danger the work
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of journalists for a challenge reports from moscow. back from the dead russian journalist. and to the press conference in kiev two approvals hours after most of the world cooled from being shot dead his murder had been faked a sting operation by ukraine secret service to apparently catch his would be killers apologize to all those who've been kept in the dark including his wife is in your. shit i'd like to ask you to excuse me for all that happened in the past because i have attended funerals for colleagues and friends many times and i know this feeling when you have to bury colleagues sorry for this unfortunately there were no other ways. flowers had been left outside kiev home where late on tuesday evening the journalist was reportedly found with fatal gunshot wounds to the back tributes and obituaries mourned his death. the secret was revealed live on t.v. colleagues at the channel where he works reacted with joy and tears of relief.
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russia has denied any role in the story and accused kiev of using it as propaganda but russia has where ukraine security chiefs allege the murder prosser ridge native . fled his home country last year after a career as an anti putin voice culminated in a state backed media campaign against him none of the. we reported that in order to fulfill the cynical plan special services of the russian federation recruited a ukrainian citizen the first letter of his name is g. he was commissioned to find perpetrators of this brutal murder for financial reward in order to fulfill the assignment from the russian special services citizen g offered his acquaintance to commit a terrorist act into murder russian journalist. for thirty thousand dollars. ukraine secret service the s.b.u. showed video allegedly of this citizen g.v.
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in arrested on kiev streets and they say that the only one in danger thirty more people are being targeted for this working in the russian speaking world there is palpable relief that someone that they had been mourning is actually alive but among some there is also concern concern that in the post truth age and era of fake news security operation like this as spectacular as it may be might further degrades trust in the long run. al-jazeera moscow. now the united nations is due to consider imposing sanctions on several south sudanese leaders for obstructing efforts to end almost five years of war save the children says more than half of all children worldwide and about one and a quarter billion are being robbed of their childhoods and some of the worst of it did are in south sudan from the capital juba haber morgan reports fifteen year old
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mary kay dent has only one dream to go to school and get a degree so when her family told her she will be married off so they can get money he ran away to an orphanage. my brothers said they wanted to sell me because they wanted money for food i told them i wanted to study but they said they didn't want me to go to school that girls don't go to school. mary says her family wouldn't have thought of marrying her off were it not for south sudan dire economic situation a direct result of five years of civil war the rate of early marriage for girls here has risen from forty eight percent to fifty two in recent years. the worst parted in twenty thirty when president salva kiir accused his former deputy rick machar of attempting a coup tens of thousands have been killed and a third of the twelve million population displaced sixty percent of them children according to the un but even children who haven't been displaced have not been
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spared the consequences of the world trade organization say along with early marriages many children are turning to the street south sudan where has also resulted in a high number of young girls getting pregnant and more kids being recruited to fight in the conflict. like twelve year old bad day who says the economic crisis has meant he has to wash cars on the streets. there's no money so i can't go to school so i wash cars if i get some money i take it home so my mother can feed my brothers. save the children as young people in south sudan face a difficult future. and there's like three you've researched like they're the major like threats for children that are actually overlapping in south sudan and one in the high levels of poverty another one is the armed conflict that has been like going for many years now since two thousand and thirteen and the other reason is the discrimination against girls so actually we are risking we are risking
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a whole generation a generation that's struggling with the consequences of a war that's robbing them of their childhood as well as their future heba morgan al-jazeera juba protests in kenya voicing their anger over a corruption scandal at a government agency set up to help young people tens of millions of dollars went missing from the national youth service dozens of civil servants are under investigation catherine soy has more now from the streets of nairobi. people are extremely frustrated and angry about. this that we're talking about the national agency this is a body that was. an employment young people. go training help in government projects as well a lot of people say the national youth service of the company. we're talking about now this is. the prosecutor's office not getting.
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more than fifty people for investigation twenty four have already been charged and . they want to see them or the president has. said that. it's going to be refined and people will be held to account. said out also frustrated with the president because they said. they've had this once before they want to see action they want to see. they want the people who are implicated have. and they also want the money we can. be very happy with the fight against corruption. who owns the land is a prime concern of south africans boss it's an immediate worry for nearly twenty thousand small farmers more than twenty years after the end of apartheid they still haven't been given the paperwork to prove ownership of land they've lived on for decades and now they risk being evicted reports.
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it was born here one hundred four years ago his parents worked without pay for a white farmer who grabbed this land near pietermaritzburg in south africa a few decades before he was born. these stones mark where he buried them. in exchange for their labor they were allowed to live here and grow their own food he lived the same way now the current landowners wanting to leave. my father was born here i was born here he married my mother here where will i go if they want me to move from this place i'd rather they take a gun and shoot me so at least i can be with my ancestors and die on this land. a nine hundred ninety six law backed by nelson mandela in title and others like him known as labor tends to own the small plots of land they occupy he applied twenty years ago he still doesn't have to title. lives in this shack he lets in the rain
4:42 pm
so the land rights organization tried to build him a new home from concrete blocks from the landowners didn't allow it his grandson lives just here on the same plot but if no title is issued before the dies he won't be able to inherit the land there are tens of thousands of people in similar predicaments waiting since the one nine hundred ninety s. for titles to be issued. while he works for a rights group that's representing nine hundred thousand of their claims for land the whole process is about the limits in it using the portion of land they've always been using so the current is not useful to landowners anyway so what we are pushing for processing of the clean so did these people can all. the descendants of the white farmers do have titles many owners are reluctant to give up the small plots where the claimants live. and many claimants say the government lacks the political will to address the past injustice it's actually not
4:43 pm
a matter of political will we are now processing their peak asians they are proof of that department in the past was that rather than subjecting the people to all of all of that let us rather use alternative ways of securing their tenure if the outstanding applications are ever processed it may take years. will be around for many more his ancestors shed this land communally all he wants before he dies is to own a tiny part of it malcolm webb al-jazeera near pietermaritzburg south africa fascinating larger from an erupting volcano in hawaii has triggered more evacuation orders the lover has blocked or one of the major escape routes and is heading for another on big island killer where began erupting a month ago destroying dozens of homes well the hawaii police department spokesman says toxic gas also remains
4:44 pm
a major danger. we've removed about two thousand people we have about four hundred that are in shelters and the rest are with family and friends but as this lava continues to march through the area. it closes it in it's across that last road there will only be one way out and so they're making arrangements now to open another road that goes up through volcanoes national park and that would be the only route. to go and it's flow the problem is that we have high concentrations of this volcanic gas that comes from these fissures and if the wind changes you can be saved one minute and the next minute not so safe it can cause death fortunately since we began the eruptions on may the third we've had no deaths we've had a couple of injuries but we're trying our best to protect lives and people's
4:45 pm
property as best we can on standby are a couple of marine sea stallion helicopters which can take about forty five people at their time out so if they do get trapped in an area and attempted air rescue it would be something that they may have to do. and in nicaragua i have killed at least three people who were protesting against the president. more than eighty people have been killed now in weeks of demonstrations even some of the president's longtime supporters and now questioning his leadership as man well apollo reports from the capital managua. hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of managua in the largest anti-government protest in decades the demonstration was organized in solidarity with the mothers of students and peaceful demonstrators who have been killed by police and pro-government militias since the start of a nationwide political crisis on april eighteenth get em up at their oh yeah we
4:46 pm
want this government to have a conscience and stop killing our gets. it's mother's day because i was but instead of celebrating at home with the family silent a day that would be now is mourning the death of her son jason he was shot and beaten to death during a student led protests he was twenty four years old and i. used to come home at seven thirty three morning to have breakfast with me that's what hurts the most because now who will i make breakfast. he was my only son and that's why i want justice for my son to get it will be. over the last month unrest has become common after a peaceful protest against a national pension reform policy were met with deadly force by the government of daniel they are now even some of the president's staunchest supporters are calling for his ouster really jane i love when i was a university student i thought i used my voice my energy to boot out the summers
4:47 pm
a dictatorship and we dreamed that there would never be another dictatorship in this country but over the last few years a new dictatorship formed that's not what we fought for that's not all my friends died for they died for a real change a free and just nicaragua. across town president spoke to supporters claimed the dissent against his government is part of a right wing conspiracy and denying any involvement in the deaths of demonstrators the violence is the worst this country has seen since the overthrow of the samosa dictatorship forty years ago and with the continued crackdown on peaceful protests demonstrations like these with thousands of people marching on the streets of managua have only grown. just before sundown masked gunmen opened fire against a group of demonstrators at the engineering university several were injured others ran for cover civil society organizations continue to add names to the list of those killed nearly nine hundred others have been injured one is up
4:48 pm
a little. says a calming. way had this. getting a big boost for the first woke up in thirty six year as joey will explain everything in school.
4:49 pm
it's out in the sports news now with joe martinez thank you real madrid coaches and it is it dan has quit the european champions after winning an unprecedented third straight champions league title the frenchman called a surprise news conference earlier ending a three year career with the spanish club saying it felt like the right time to
4:50 pm
make a change. is to keep this team has to keep winning and need to change in order to do so they need a new voice perhaps a different way to work and this is why i took this decision i mean mickelson running but i would have liked to have convinced him but i know his character and the only thing that i can do is to offer my love support and recognition and remember although he knows it at this club will always be his family was down played for real madrid between two thousand and one and two thousand and six before replacing rafa benitez's manager in two thousand and sixteen since then he's taken charge of one hundred forty nine games winning one hundred four of them drawing twenty nine and losing only sixteen times he guided royal to nine trophies including the champions league just five days ago becoming the first coach to win the european crown three times in a row and he's just the second off to pine coast in two thousand and thirteen to leave a club straight after winning it is and also helped trail win one league title to
4:51 pm
spanish super cups and to fifa club while cups in the past two and a half seasons he's our sports correspondent lee wellings on the reaction to the dan's departure. within this short response to this absolutely has to be a surprise because he's a young manager relatively forty five years old and has just won the biggest competition in european football actually world cup football three times in succession what a success he's my that job so to suddenly broke away from that will certainly have people questioning it wondering why he's doing it but the more you hear from sudan about this the more it makes sense he's actually feeling that he's taken the club as far as they can go and that he can't go into further success with this side which makes sense when you think about it. of course the already deserved triumph in the champions league but there's no guarantee that they're going to build on
4:52 pm
that for next season they don't need to make changes another club you say they have to do that with a new manager actually i think there's a bigger picture here if you look at the french national team the french football association are understandably huge fans of that everything he did for them as a player and now what he's achieving as a manager and they would like him managing the national take didier to sean has been in the job for six years now which is a long time for a national manager he takes them to the world cup in washington i don't think the shop will carry on beyond that world cup and it will be a really good time to get it done in getting used to the job before the next major tournament for france but just rewind a little bit when's it done. signed up for brown would do it as manager in twenty six thousand having had a couple of years with their base there was a big question mark by him a lot of critics a lot of cities and what a success he made of that job. pere has been given a huge boost ahead of its first world cup appearance in thirty six years their
4:53 pm
captain peleg arrow has been cleared to play in the tournament after a swiss court agreed to temporarily lift his doping ban guerrero was given a fourteen month suspension after testing positive for cocaine egypt's star player mohamed salah will play in the group stages of the world cup that's according to the national football association sala is in spain getting treatment for a shoulder injury he picked up during the champions league final for liverpool the egyptian f.a. president says he will not be out for longer than three weeks egypt's opening world cup matches on the fifteenth of june against euro quite he could still make the game against russia four days after that all egypt's final group match against saudi arabia on june the twenty fifth fans have turned out in one a side as to send off the argentina team as they head for europe head of the world cup the two time world champions have been on sparkling form of late only qualifying in their final match you know messi captains the team who face croatia iceland and nigeria in their group. you know we're going to
4:54 pm
try and get argentina to where we deserve to be and we'll try and give it our wall and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but we're not going to quit trying the final spots in the third round of the french open will be decided on thursday with three time champion serena williams and ten time when a rafael nadal in action one past champion is already three though two thousand and sixteen when i get to be near mcgrew thirty's past home player fiona farrow in straight sets she'll now face former u.s. open winner sam stosur in the third round. while number three alexanders very needed five sets to get through his second round match on wednesday and he also had a challenge in his post much press conference understanding the accent of an english reporter where you from. yorkshire in england. they were make a term of their coming just because of that accent i. love it i didn't understand
4:55 pm
a word you saying what else is not important. but roland got off they get points for you in having success and. sure why not just because you said it so nice they are going to believe that. the washington capitals have even got the n.h.l. stanley cup finals off to aging the vegas golden knights in game two of the best of seven series on wednesday a power play goal in the second period from alex ovechkin gave the capital for a decisive lead but they have goaltender braden holtby to thank for preventing a vegas comeback he made thirty seven saves including this one with just two minutes remaining to rub vegas at the time gold three say it was the final score is just faces second defeat at home in the postseason the series now moves to washington for game three on saturday. to me it was a hockey gods even a drop from last game i mean you know we. kind of tied it up we didn't i thought
4:56 pm
braden was real good but i think we're played the right way the hockey gods always sort of even another you know i always talk about that so. as a great savior you know i was the one fifty nine left. you could see the emotion on our bench i was once once you know that's a lie and you were going to win again. i thought we had lots of chances tonight i mean we lost this week two hockey game talk has a wide open net with two minutes up to go to chance to tie it up i mean we didn't play our best game but i thought we had thirty nine shots and we still create a lot and you know it's one of those games where hope people a little well you know he's probably the difference in a hockey game well to some it might feel like groundhog day but to all those the build up to the n.b.a. finals is still as exciting as ever the cleveland cavaliers will face the defending champions the golden state warriors for a fourth straight time for the title and it all begins on thursday with game one in california where golden state have won seventeen of the last eighteen postseason games a liberal james and his caps will be hoping to change that even if some fans have
4:57 pm
complained about it being the same two teams again is it good for the n.b.a. to have the same two teams in the finals four years in a row going to sue over. i mean your thoughts. oh. well there's been some blowback there's a talk on social media that people are sick of the same matchup and i mean do you feel like it would be better if there was more parity in the league. teams that had the opportunity to be the cavs over the last four years and teams that opportunity to be the wars of the last four years. if you want to see some miles in the postseason and and you got to beat him he's a tough cookie isn't he well that is always full for now more later. joe thank you very much indeed to stay with us i'll be back in just a member too with much more of the day's say that he's here.
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in the next episode of troy sputnik. groupings crew on a voyage through the woods will see to highlight the importance of protecting this fragile ecosystem against an expanding list of manmade threats beneath the surface of those who are magnificent desolation is just t.v. with lots. of visits all the roads are. on
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