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camp for palestinian refugees. sued. the united states slaps tyrus on steel and alum in human impulse from the european union canada and mexico. and then again on without jazeera live from doha also coming up. hopefully will have a meeting on the twelfth that's going along very well diplomatic efforts pick up speed as a top north korean officials in the u.s. to talk about the proposed meeting between donald trump and kim jones. on the pressure spain's prime minister fights for his political life as a corruption scandal threatens to remove him and his policy from. ukraine is being
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criticized for faking the murder of a journalist and it's not just russia who's annoyed. but for the u.s. almost to say said it was moving ahead with tariffs on the minium and steel imports from canada for mexico and the european union the name reports. u.s. president donald trump has vowed to revive the steel and aluminum industries at home by imposing tariffs abroad some economists fear that could lead to a trade war in march trump invoked and nine hundred sixty two trade laws saying protecting domestic producers was a matter of national security a claim that's been ridiculed china is blamed for creating a glut in the global market the drop in ministration imposed
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a twenty five percent tariff on steel imports and ten percent on aluminum the european union canada and mexico were among those granted a temporary exemption and the e.u. says that exemption should be permanent as it's not the cause of the excess supply as for canada and mexico the troubled ministration also wants to overhaul the north american free trade agreement after months of back and forth on tariffs and division even within the troubled ministration american manufacturers say the sooner this is resolved the better. be good two correspondents on this story go peter shop is in london he'll have reaction from your white house correspondent kimberly it who is in washington these are the terrorists that promised or threatened should say some time ago that they have now decided to implement.
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right this is a big campaign promise that was made by donald trump that he has now delivered on now why were there temporary exemptions well there have been a lot of discussions going on in the case of canada and mexico there has been some effort to renegotiate the north american free trade agreement and there's also been discussions going on with the european union but in the words of the commerce secretary wilbur ross in the last hour he said that it was his feeling that these discussions were simply taking longer than he had hoped the case of canada and mexico and specific to the e.u. he said that the talks simply didn't warrant continued or permanent exemptions given the lack of progress in the eyes of the united states so that's why the united states is moving forward knowing full well that there could be martine retaliation of fact they're expecting it they're awaiting that retaliation but already have knowing that some american farmers could be hurt another part of donald trump's support base. in fact there have been steps to mitigate that so
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certainly the united states making the argument that there will be the potential and flexibility moving forward to continue these discussions but for now things have not progressed to the point the united states was satisfied with and therefore could no longer grant the exemptions thanks for kimberly's go to peter in london in peace. had to be exempted from these tyrants clearly leaders have failed what sort of reaction if we. well they hoped they'd be allowed them to extend that the ban on the tariffs but they were fast running out of hope really and we've had words in the last few minutes from e.u. parliamentarian's and they chose their words very carefully listen to this we will have no choice but to defend industry jobs and interests after u.s. tariffs move now that sounds to me like a another salvo in what is now becoming really a trade war
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a trade war that could become devastating for all those involved the the u. e.u. said it was prepared to react in a clear and united way they'd agreed in may to negotiate over america's products coming in into europe but only if the if the exemption was lifted well that that just didn't happen and now they're threatening a response i think what the the e.u. commissioner was saying in the last forty eight hours that products like bourbon orange juice motorcycles. those blue jeans will all come under under an examining form to see whether they'll be there will there tariffs will be placed on on them it's. it's going to be a difficult. a difficult time and it's not just involving the people of europe
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britain is now getting out of europe as you know this brics move but it's also getting caught up in this seven percent of this deal exports go to the united states. the industry has thirty one thousand workers in the country and thirty five thousand tons of steel headed across the atlantic every year so they're going to be caught up in that too i think over the next. twenty four hours we will see you are coming up with some very more specific ideas about what they have if this indeed is going to be a trade war indeed thank you very much pieces so that's peter sharp on the breaking news coming out of the united states and we learned that the commerce secretary is going to go to china on friday that's tomorrow and also there is some kind of dispensation that has been allowed for south korea so these are the very latest
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lines that are dropping on this story affecting global trade effectively those terrorists impose from the united states now let's move on to a flurry of diplomatic activity of various locations around the world this time in connection with a possible summit between north korea and the united states in north korea in south korea in singapore and in the u.s. itself high level meetings are taking place in a senior north korean official to set foot in the u.s. for eighteen years he's currently in new york kim young charles is having a second round of talks with secretary of state might come in an effort to pave the way for a summit to take place in singapore next month. our diplomatic editor james spays joins us now from new york gains we've been hearing already from president fairly optimistic assessment as to how the talks again but we also learned that the north korean a mystery who is currently going to pompei or is going to be going to washington
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with a letter from kim jong il. absolutely important development this these negotiate going on in new york that started at a dinner here in new york on wednesday night in the continuing now on thursday or not the end of it is going to continue now to washington d.c. with that direct delivery of. from the north korean leader to the u.s. president the talks going on behind me are actually taking place in the residence that is normally used by the deputy ambassador to the united nations there isn't anyone actually in that job at the moment so using it as a secure location they keeping us the reporters while away the state department. their diplomats telling us perry little very little details of what's going on very careful not to give out too much information i have to say even eighteen months
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almost eighteen months in the trunk administration never ceases to surprise me because despite all our diplomatic efforts president trump in the white house is giving us a running commentary. i think it'll be very positive i think it'll be very positive the meeting separate very positive. surprises as all a process will say and hopefully we'll have a meeting on the twelfth that's going along very well but i wanted to be meaningful it doesn't mean it gets all done in one meeting maybe after every second or third and maybe we'll have done but. it's in good hands. as you say james the president giving giving a running commentary. even before the to get into this. i'm just wondering what you are. of the reaction from the u.s. to the intervention by sergei love that all through this it's. basically his assessment of the situation and how he thought the process should probably annoying
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the americans i think. i think so i think complicating things for the americans they are trying to have a very clear with the north koreans about what is needed to get the singapore summit and then what is needed to happen at the singapore summit they really don't need the voices of others to try to work closely with south korea but really i think they tolerate the fact that china is involved and speaks very closely to north korea but i think they will be infuriated by the fact that coming now to pyongyang met the supreme leader kim and given his own assessment of how this should play out it's interesting that was the law saying that you can't do this. in one phase as the u.s. has been suggesting it has to be done over a period of time so undermining i think one of the basic messages that the u.s.
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is trying to send to north korea in the building behind me all right thank you. the u.n. agencies of warm that they'll have to stop the relief program for syrian refugees unless there is a significant increase in funding seven years of war in syria has created the world's largest refugee crisis all the five million syrians are living away from their homes most of them are in turkey in jordan and in lebanon from. these syrians are some of the millions forced from their homes by war who received from local charities during the holy month of ramadan there are tens of thousands. in the opposition controlled province of idlib in recent weeks with nothing they don't have homes or jobs they are among the seven million syrians who are refugees in their own country and who the united nations says are vulnerable syria still burning there are pockets of fighting throughout the country seven million people
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live their homes and they remain internally displaced the borders are closed people are trapped inside their situation is dire there are millions of syrian children who are not going to school there are people without shelter without water sanitation health coverage food their fetching for themselves people are moving from one place to another u.n. agency is responsible for humanitarian action in syria are warning of consequences if they don't receive the funds they need so far the international community has donated less than one third of the five point six billion dollars required funding . will have a direct impact on the nutritional status of the people mainly women and children but not only that we've seen the result of food cuts. on the education which is something is extremely important in this age and we don't want to end up with the last generation the seven year war has been particularly hard on children
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thousands have been killed tens of thousands disabled some of the displaced attend school in tents many others don't go to school at all and about half of the five point five million refugees in neighboring countries are children. in seven years. close to five hundred fifty thousand. syrian children have been born. in those countries hosting them past refugees and those host nations countries like jordan and lebanon for example are dealing with their own economic problems and many cases refugees coming and settling in locations that are already poor and impoverished and one of the examples for four. particularly there are two hundred fifty one most affected municipalities that they have identified for the last four or five years without adequate funding for
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livelihoods and social cohesion sector our ability is to only cover twenty four of those two hundred fifty municipalities the fighting has subsided across the country but the humanitarian crisis remains millions depend on aid to survive and their situation is worsening in the absence of a political solution. still to come here as a demo. country to battle full face veils in public spaces. fountains of. how low we've had some record breaking heat in southern china hong kong in particular wednesday after a typical up thirty seven celsius in new may record will see hoards of around
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thirty four here as we go through friday a little more cloud coming in plenty of cloud down towards the southwest has been absolutely throwing it down show is there longer spells of rain over towards the eastern side of the countries clear away turning away from shanghai you notice twenty six celsius here the west which it does make is where little further south which is we go on through a saturday and it will to wet in hong kong at this stage the temperature is a sticky thirty three degrees it really is going to be humid and pretty muggy will also cloud you notice up towards the northeastern corner of india me and ma seeing a fair bit of cloud lots of rain in play now which was a southwestern corner of india as well monsoon rains these of course in the monsoon rains have also been stretching their way across sri lanka this is the same in young where we've seen some very heavy a rainfall recently away from here across northern parts of india into northern and central parts of pakistan hosts enough to take take it go for a little swim just to cool down it really has been a roasting hot and that heat does continue as we go on through the next few days
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new delhi getting up to forty four celsius and rising. unpack it for us what will you hear and what will you sing whether online horrendous things humans on just. about that or if you join us on sat one of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat bass is a dialogue about some of this successes perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision join the colobus conversation amount is iraq.
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with al jazeera and these are our top stories the u.s. is imposing steep tariffs on imported steel and dollar menu from the european union canada and mexico the move will take effect on friday and ends a two month exemption and potentially sets the stage for a trade war with some of america's top allies the e.u. says it'll announce retaliatory measures within hours. u.n. agencies are appealing for urgent funding to help five and a half million syrian refugees the agency's warm services will soon be cut unless as a boost for aid programs only twenty percent of the five billion dollars needed has so far been received. top north korean official kim young child is having a second round of talks with the u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo in new york the meeting is expected to pave the way
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for a summit between the two leaders of their countries president trump has already commented on these latest talks saying it all seems to be going well. impure nyang russia has been trying to. work out a role for itself as north korea engages more with world powers the foreign minister sergey levitt off met leader kim jong un earlier and he told him that russia wants peace and progress on the korean peninsula mcbride reports from seoul . this was kim jong un's first meeting with a senior russian diplomat since coming to power. another first in the diplomatic dance of increasing complexity foreign minister sergei lavrov invited kim to add to his busy summit schedule and visit moscow but it was lavrov the parents' support for kim's position in readiness for his summit with u.s. president donald trump that will be the most welcome outcome for north korea. said
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north korea must get relief from sanctions and quickly. it is absolutely obvious that starting any discussion of the nuclear problem and all other programs on the korean peninsula they cannot be complete without repealing all sanctions on north korea how that will go ahead will be a question of the skill of the negotiators but it cannot be done in one sitting u.s. officials based in seoul have been in near daily discussions with their north korean counterparts at the truce village apartment john that's in the demilitarized zone separating the two koreas. how much progress has been made is unknown or whether north korea's stated commitment to denuclearization comes with a specific timetable and a process for verification that's acceptable to the u.s. i think north korea wants to strachan this process of democratization for as long as possible the very i can now you magine them agreeing to
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a near term timetable or line to completely dismantle their nuclear weapons but sensing a possible historic breakthrough russia doesn't want to be left on the sidelines just as chinese president xi jinping recent meetings with kim the russians want to exert the kind of influence they feel they deserve. lavrov also brought to pyongyang the tantalizing prospect of future economic cooperation between the two careers and russia such as connecting rail systems and the gas pipeline running the length of the korean peninsula that would boost development not only here but in the russian far east but all that depends on a lasting peace and the key to that is a successful summit in singapore robert bright al-jazeera seoul but we go to spain now because it's being reported that there's a possibility that a majority of m.p.'s are going to vote against the prime minister mariano rajoy
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hallway there's a vote of no confidence currently being debated in parliament. this is after twenty nine people linked to his ruling party the popular lard with jailed for corruption one. outside parliament is correspondent. he joins us it looks as his days are numbered as prime minister of spain. yes that's right is an early indication of what the outcome of all of this might be work specs in there to be a no confidence vote on friday and one hundred seventy six m.p.'s in the three hundred fifty seat congress would be have to. pass it was a initially. i'll continue what i was saying was that it was a an issue leigh a motion that was tabled to put forward by the socialist party but they can't pass this motion alone as i mentioned there they need more than one hundred seventy six
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m.p.'s in the three hundred fifty congress to be able to back it they have reached out to opposition parties including the leftist pajama party. to get support to. apologies for that there's a really erratic connection with madrid but i hope you got the gist of what barker was saying and he was saying basically that the opposition socialist party have reached out to other smaller opposition parties in the spanish parliament and there have been some commitments to supporting the opposition motion which is to support a motion of no confidence in the prime minister mariano rajoy and his popular party so we should see quite soon within the next twenty four hours or so some kind of decision as to the fate of the spanish prime minister. now let's go to italy where the president has now given the two populous parties more time to form
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a government there in an effort to avoid another election the leader of the five star movement has offered to change its nominee for the finance ministers post which could end weeks of political deadlock the previously named candidate for finance minister was rejected by the president on sunday the five star movement has been trying to strike a coalition deal with the far right league and both passes places these parties won the most number of seats in march elections. the democrat is banning the wearing a full face veils in public from august the justice minister said the veil was incompatible with danish values women wearing burkas or nicolas in public spaces will face fines france austria and belgium have already implemented similar laws. well in two thousand and five denmark parliament passed a law that said refugees must be assessed for their integration potential before
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they could be accepted that's one of many strict immigration policies in the country then two years ago at the height of the syrian refugee crisis them up passed a law which required asylum seekers to surrender their valuables like jorian gold in order to help pay for their stay in the country and then last week the immigration minister suggested that muslims fasting for the holy month of ramadan and i quote a danger to danish society well i've been speaking to jacob gama who is executive director of the think the think tank just this year and he says the new danish law raises multiple questions i think the justice minister said. there's a widespread feeling about the book and the new car which is basically what the law is aimed at rector's and something incompatible with danish values and may also be misunderstood symbols i tend to agree with but on the other hand
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a very important part of danish values is also freedom of expression and freedom of religion and so i think this is a very unfortunate. way of legislating because if a woman decides to wear the face well out of her own free choice then she should have the right to do so even though that may also send the ordinary danish person. the european court of human rights has ruled the remaining year and lithuania were complicit in the torture and abuse of two men in secret u.s. prisons european judges say a saudi national and a palestinian man were captured and then taken to cia operated secret prisons in lithuania and remain here after the september eleventh attacks of two thousand and one where they were subjected to what the court calls inhumane treatment both men are currently serving time at the guantanamo bay prison. protests is in kenya
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continuing to voice their anger over a corruption scandal at a government agency that was set up to help young people tens of millions of dollars went missing from the national youth service and dozens of civil servants are currently under investigation catherine story ripples from nairobi the kenyans are making their voice hard loud and the they're protesting against corruption triggered by a scandal involving a government agency ninety million dollars is missing from the national youth service just set up to help the young unemployed by providing training dozens of people including senior officials at the agency are being investigated some have been charged allegations include payments for dubious supplies inflated costs and payouts for services that were never delivered in the fast place a man will give up his business to join the protest. has become very difficult.
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yet all we hear is corruption will be. president has said all the man will be recovered and found guilty will be held to account but many on this might say that previous such scandals have never been properly dealt with valerie and many protestants but their frustration felt by most kenyans want the government to do more. they say that more people should be going to prison. and that all the stolen money should be returned. it's not the first time the national youth service has been at the center of a corruption in two thousand and fifteen almost eight million dollars was stolen in the. printer four people were taken. and only one was yesterday so twenty three of them walked away scot free. if you look at the opposition even.
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as itself. it's unlikely to come to. these protesters say they're tired of having their money stolen they march to the high court with the police keeping their distance for a few tense minutes they blocked a convoy car in the chief justice. trials they finally ended up at the gates of parliament. this is just one of many anti corruption rallies that have been held in . those staking hope those in power will finally start listening. for flowing love a firm an erupting volcano in hawaii has triggered even more evacuation orders the lava has blocked one of the major escape routes and is now heading for another. killer where began erupting a month ago destroying dozens of homes
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a police department spokesman says toxic gas remains a major danger. we've removed about two thousand people we have about four hundred that are in shelters and the rest are with family and friends but as this lava continues to march through the area. it closes it in as across is that last we're road they'll only be one way out and so they're making arrangements now to open another road that goes up through volcanoes national park and that would be the only route which didn't need to go in its flow the problem is that we have high concentrations of volcanic gas that comes from these fissures and if the wind changes you could be safe one minute and the next minute not so safe it can cause death fortunately since we began the eruptions on may the
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third we've had no deaths we've had a couple of injuries but we're trying our best to protect lives and people's property as best we can on standby are a couple of marine sea stallion helicopters which can take about forty five people at a time out so if they do get trapped in an area and attempted air rescue it would be something that they may have to do. kind of use to take it out of the top stories here it out of the u.s. is set to impose steel tariffs on imported steel and alum in the from the european union canada and mexico the move takes effect on friday the european commission says it's a bad day for world trade and is preparing for what it calls counterbalancing measures mexico is responding with terrorists on american imports including polk great apples in steel. a close aide to north korea's leader is meeting america's
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top diplomat for a second time in new york their meeting is expected to. paves the way for a summit between donald trump and kim jong il next month president trump says preparations are going well. spanish media is reporting that a majority of m.p.'s are likely to vote against the prime minister mariano rajoy forcing him out of office m.p.'s have been debating a no confidence motion against mr hoyer after twenty nine people linked to his ruling people's party was jailed for corruption the main opposition says his policy is leading the charge it says he's lost credibility a court ruled that former people's party officials took bribes to fund election campaigns in exchange for lucrative public contracts. denmark is banning the wearing of full face veils in public from august their months justice minister has said the veil is incompatible with danish valley's women wearing burkas on nickels
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in public spaces will face fines france austria and belgium already implement similar laws u.n. agencies are appealing for urgent funding to help five and a half million syrian refugees the agencies warn the services will soon be cut unless there's a significant boost in the aid programs rail madrid zealot in sudan has quit the european champions after winning a third straight champions league title the frenchman cooled a surprise news conference ending a three year career with the spanish club. right yet today these are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next it's the stream. they help build clean and feed the capital but they're not welcome anymore. when he says with this is the mass of victims and demolition forcing two hundred thousand of beijing's poor from their homes when east.
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hi emily could be here in the stream live on al-jazeera and you tube what challenges do first generation immigrants encounter while running for public office we speak with a few who are working to improve the communities they both serve and represent and i'm femi oke a and i'm going to tell you a little bit about them as we have on today's show we have magic magic age who couldn't speak english when he first came to the u.k. from somalia as a five year old child he is now lord mayor of sheffield in suburban sacramento california is the first sequin in u.s. history to head a city government and jimmy matter the son of undocumented immigrants is the first latino male of beauty a washington do you have questions for them how could you not leave them in the chat and we will get to them later in the show and you can also tweet us at hashtag a stream. hi.


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