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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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zira. and i want to this is news hour live from london coming up. the u.s. imposes tariffs on the e.u. mexico and canada for steel and aluminum imports canada and france hit back calling them unacceptable and illegal. i think it would be very surprised to go but i think it will be very good of the big separate very proud. us president donald trump claims talks are going well as north korea's top diplomat except to travel to washington. fed up with corruption in kenya hundreds take to the streets in protest. and i'm totally honest with all of the day's
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sport to including the nadine the dan quits realm of dread five days after winning the champions league for the time and arrive some more later that he's out. of. canada and france have hit back at the u.s. decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports saying the move is unacceptable and illegal and they will impose retaliatory measures u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross says a twenty five percent tariff on steel and a ten percent tariff on aluminum imports will be imposed on the european union mexico and canada the measures will come into effect on midnight at. midnight but he says the door minds open for negotiations or he didn't specify what measures could be taken well for a girl. all. throughout the world.
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so we need to deal with the verge global. croom of the dealing with three european union has reacted strongly to the move threatening to impose its own countermeasures. for. you opinion can look. to react to that we've built a new kind of reaction so really you need to introduce a sense of a dispute. on that on the w t o. m three the knowledge and its coming come to balance in measures what they can do we are able to do exactly. the same it's totally unacceptable that it come to be as you pose you look for measures when it comes to. create. is going to white house correspondent can really help it
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so some pretty strong reaction already right the u.s. commerce secretary expected in a call with reporters that there would be retaliatory action and we are starting to see the first evidence of that canada melting just moments ago the canadian prime minister justin trudeau saying that cabinet zero would put in place essentially tariffs that match dollar for dollar twenty five percent and rick ten percent on two separate lists of goods that are now being made available to the canadian public these apparently taking a fact by july first as well canada promising to take action saying that the actions of the united states with regard to the aluminum and steel tariffs that have been put in place that this is a violation of the north american free trade agreement or nafta and there were also be dispute proceedings launched at the world trade organization the canadian prime minister saying that it will defend the rights of canadian workers as a result of the u.s.
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action. today we find ourselves the target of punitive tariffs on canadian aluminum and steel under the pretext of a two three two national security provision let me be clear that these tariffs are totally unacceptable for one hundred fifty years canada has been the united states is most steadfast ally. committed so the u.s. has said that they are doing this in the interests of national security just does that mean that they perceive the e.u. canada and mexico as a threat. well that's a way heard the prime minister talking about there are many of these allies now taking great offense to the actions of the united states particularly because the explanation given a spin that this is for the interest of u.s. national security wilbur ross the converse secretary tried to explain that to reporters in fact saying that is this is exactly how the united states feels the argument being is that the actions of many of these nations are threatening the
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u.s. economy and under a section two thirty two you're heard turned out talking about there of the trade expansion act of nine hundred sixty two this is where they feel that there is disagreement that right now the actions of these countries affecting the economy of the united states and a weak economy in the eyes of the united states is a threat to its national security and that is the reason they are making that is the argument they are making for taking this action today to protect u.s. national security even though it may be harming relationships with valuable u.s. allies can really help it thank you very much u.s. president donald trump as praise talks between his sector state and a senior north korean official is very positive so your state might be meeting the north korean leader's right hand man kim young cho in new york for a second day it's part of efforts to pave the way for a historic summit between trump and kim jong un next month trump says he's expecting the north korean delegation to travel to washington on friday to deliver
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a letter from kim confirming the summit. i think it will be very positive i think it will be very positive the meeting separate very positive. it's a process call a process we'll say and hopefully we'll have a meeting on the twelfth that's going along very well but i wanted to be meaningful it doesn't mean it gets all done in one meeting maybe after every second or third and maybe we'll have done but. it's in good hands. joins us live from the united nations in new york james how significant is this news that charlie is going to washington. certainly a bit of a surprise to all of us who are covering his visit here because we were led to believe that it was simply a visit to new york most of the negotiations took place in an apartment block but far from the united nations here on the thirty ninth floor in a residence owned by the u.s.
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government a secure location for the talks between these two representatives one representative of the leader of north korea one the representative of the president of the united states most of the information we've got so far about where this now stands of action not come from officials of the state department or from north korean officials it's come from those comments you heard by president trump well the state department being very restrained in their comments he as perhaps as pretty typical was far more forthcoming about the state of the negotiations we are told is going positively we're told constructively i can tell you that less than a mile away from where i am now a hotel in midtown in manhattan the palace hotel where the secretary of state stays where he's in new york reporters are waiting for a news conference from secretary of state pompei o and i'm sure he'll be pressed on the specifics all know the details of where things stand and what the north koreans
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are prepared to commit to and unknown that to me is is there any sign that there's a kind of a bit of progress on the on the two sides what they agree and disagree on. i think we're not being given any level of detail on that sort of thing at this stage and on the key issue of denuclearization and whether actually the two sides have the same definition of denuclearization and whether the north koreans are prepared as the americans have insisted on a company eight dismantlement of their nuclear program that i think will be the key question to secretary of state assuming someone asks it you don't often get very many questions to a secretary of state they tend to have a long statements and just a couple of questions but i think that is the key question when we hear the secretary of state address reporters in the next few minutes and what about the child himself that doesn't warm out to why he's such a significant figure because as we wait for this well it's business conference from
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bombay to start any minute now. well he certainly has been in this round of diplomacy that we've seen at the beginning of the year he has been a consistent figure and diplomats i've spoken to here in new york and on the korean peninsula when i was in north korea and in south korea say they see him as a key advisor the right hand man of the north korean leader he is a former head of intelligence he's been held responsible for various things that north korea has done very negative things which is why he has u.s. sanctions against him he was said to have ordered the destruction of a south korean naval ship he said to be responsible for the hack or ordering the hack of sony pictures the hollywood studio so he has a reputation in the past that's been a pretty negative one with regard to western intelligence agencies it's also worth
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telling you and obviously the by a group of people like this is quite hard to get all the details because you know the north korea is not the most open of societies but it appears from many academics who've looked at his career that he fell out of favor one stage and was even present probably sent to reeducation camp so even someone as senior is this can fall out of favor makes you think what is in his mind as he is negotiating with the u.s. secretary of state you wouldn't want to get something wrong. and just while we wait for this news conference out with my pump air how will they be reacting to the fact that russia has been trying to get in on the act if you like with with north korea with a visit to talk us through that. well i mean i think this is one of the complicating factors for the united states it i think in an ideal world would like to isolate itself with north korea and discuss just with them one channel of communication to
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try and get everything clear that is what they're trying to do here in these meetings in new york in meetings that the u.s. has had at the demilitarized zone between north and south korea and meetings that have been taking place in singapore but the world isn't as simple as that there are lots of other countries involved who have differences of opinion with the u.s. they have their own independent ideas of how this should go forward notably there are the u.s. allies south korea which the u.s. has been working closely with but is i think even more enthusiastic than the trumpet ministration for the singapore summit then you have another of the close allies in the region japan which is much more reticent about this process has real concerns and is urging real caution so already this diplomatic process may be causing some tension between those key allies and then of course you've got the other players china is in there and i think president trump has made it clear that
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he's not entirely sure china has been playing a particularly good role in recent weeks but i think the u.s. accept that north korea as china's neighbor is going to talk to china then as you just mentioned you have russia which used to be one of north korea's what used to be north korea's main ally before the end of the cold war north korea rather cleverly through its history has played off russia and china as its key supporter at various points well russia getting involved at this stage in the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov going to pyongyang i suspect they may not say it but i suspect the u.s. are somewhat infuriated by that it's just confusing things and confusing the messages that are being sent to the north koreans and just look at what miss the lab rauf said. he said that the whole process of getting rid of north korea's nuclear program may need to be done in a series of phases well that is not the position of the u.s.
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administration which is saying it all needs to happen straight away and that is the condition that they sign up for that for this summit even to take place have they met that condition we'll find out what we might find when secretary of state bob post pics in the next few minutes james bays there thank you very much indeed and let's bring you a before we come to that news conference there rob apprise report from seoul on that meeting we were just talking about there of the russians and the north koreans . this was kim jong un's first meeting with a senior russian diplomat since coming to power but another first in the diplomatic dance of increasing complexity. foreign minister sergei lavrov invited kim to add to his busy summit schedule and visit moscow but it was lavrov apparent support for kim's position in readiness for his summit with u.s. president donald trump that will be the most welcome outcome for north korea. said
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north korea must get relief from sanctions and quickly. it is absolutely obvious that starting any discussion of the nuclear problem and all other programs on the korean peninsula they cannot be complete without repealing all sanctions on north korea how that will go ahead will be a question of the skill of the negotiators but it cannot be done in one sitting u.s. officials based in seoul have been in near daily discussions with their north korean counterparts at the truce village apartment john that's in the demilitarized zone separating the two koreas. how much progress has been made is unknown or whether north korea's stated commitment to denuclearization comes with a specific timetable and a process for verification that's acceptable to the u.s. i think north korea wants to strachan this process of democratization for as long as possible the very i can now you magine them agreeing to
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a near term timetable or line to completely dismantle their nuclear weapons but sensing a possible historic breakthrough russia doesn't want to be left on the sidelines just as chinese president xi jinping is recent meetings with kim the russians want to exert the kind of influence they feel they deserve. lavrov also brought to pyongyang the town to lies in prospect of future economic cooperation between the two koreas and russia such as connecting rail systems and the gas pipeline running the length of the korean peninsula that would boost development not only take you straight to new york state giving a news conference after there's anything we could carry on until we have teams in singapore and at the d.m.z. working with their north korean counterparts to prepare for president trump and chairman kim is expected summit in singapore through these series of meetings i'm confident we're moving in the right direction today by sherman kim and i discussed
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our countries could come together and take advantage of the unique opportunity that our two leaders have created through their visions of the future that they have so clearly articulated vice chairman kim young troll is now planning to travel to washington to deliver a personal letter from chairman kim jong il the proposed summit offers a historic opening for president trump and chairman kim to boldly lead the united states in the d.p. r. k. into a new era of peace prosperity and security our two countries face a pivotal moment in our relationship in which it could be nothing short of tragic to let this opportunity go to waste in my conversations with chairman kim jong un to be on young and today with vice chairman kim young i've been very clear the president trump of the united states objective is very consistent and well know the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula
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present troubles also made it clear that if kim jong un denuclearize there is a brighter path for north korea we envision a strong connected and secure prosperous north korea that maintains its cultural heritage but is integrated into the community of nations we think that working together the people of the united states and north korea can create a future defined by friendship and collaboration not by mistrust and fear. we sincerely hope the chairman kim jong un shares this positive vision for the future with both both leaders to enter the some of the singapore that precedes with their eyes wide open and with a clear understanding of the possibilities for the future if these talks are successful it will truly be historic that will take bold leadership from chairman kim jong il and if we are able to seize this once in a lifetime opportunity to change the course for the world. president trump and i
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believe chairman kim is the kind of leader who can make those kinds of decisions and that the coming weeks and months we will have the opportunity to test whether or not this is the case happy to take a couple questions our first question and one question each please go to nick watkins from bloomberg. thanks mr secretary last night state department told us that the u.s. would be looking for a historic commitment from north korea before the summit would go ahead today you ended talks with kim young really can you talk about why you did that did you get the commitment you sought. and did the u.s. and north korea know agree on what to do clear he would mean so but in the talks are like. we had a set series of items that we want to make sure we covered topics which we made sure that we were clear on the terms of what our expectations were and their expectations in return of us we achieved that. this is
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a difficult difficult challenge make no mistake about it there remains a great deal of work to do and we made progress here as well as at the same time made progress in the other venues the conversations were taking place we had all the time we needed today to make the progress that was achievable during our time here in new york city. our next question goes to you from the wall street journal. following up on that. a senior state department official same person who spoke to us last night also indicated that the united states hopes to persuade north korea that its security doesn't depend on nuclear weapons you've now had three meetings with him and spent some hours with him do you feel that you've been successful yet in doing that or is that difficult and settling is this issue the reason why president trump is now talking about the possibility of having two or three summits
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and not just trying to break the back of these issues in a single meeting. yeah this is a make no mistake about it a president from this administration completely understands how hard this problem is there's a long history where north korea has viewed its nuclear program as providing the security that it needed for the regime. the effort now is to come to a set of understanding which convince the north koreans of what president trumpets that if we're able to achieve it if the north koreans are prepared in fact to denuclearize this includes all elements of their nuclear program if we convinced convince them of that that in fact their security is greater that in fact the real threat to their security is the continued holding onto of that nuclear weight nuclear weapons program and not the converse we've got lots of conversations around that the true test of course comes when we actually achieve this but many conversations have been had about how we might perceive what the path might be
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forward so that we can achieve both the denuclearization that the world demands of north korea and the security assurances that would be required for them to allow us to achieve that. the next one of martha raddatz from a.b.c. news. secretary pompei are you call it a proposed summit will we find out whether it's a go tomorrow and also you looked the vice chairman in the eyes you have been with him in the room what did candid for the progress this is been such a roller coaster ride the summit was off we've gone from fire and fury to this so talk about what accounted for the change and do you worry that you could still change back. i have had the chance to meet chairman kim jong il twice and now. commune troll three times have spent a great deal of time with each of them. i believe they are
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contemplating a path forward they can make a strategic shift one that their country has not been prepared to make before. this will obviously be their decision the have to make that they'll have to choose as i just spoke about the have to choose a path that is fundamentally different than the one that their country has proceeded on for decades it should not be to any one surprise that there will be moments along the way that this won't be straight forward that they'll be things that look hard and times it appears there's a road block and sometimes part perhaps even perceived as insurmountable. our mission is incredibly clear it is to continue to push for the president directly to push forward to test the proposition that we can achieve that outcome so i know everyone is following this minute by minute hour by hour this is going to be a process that will take days and weeks to work our way through there will be tough moments there will be difficult times i've had some difficult conversations with them as well. they've given right back to me to. there is
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a decades in to this challenge and so one one not to be either surprised or frightened or deterred by moments where it looks like there are challenges and difficulties things that can't be bridged our mission is to bridge them so that we can achieve this story you know on the proposed by the they will actually be a summer don't know the answer to that and our final question goes to. let me just say about that while we went out to morrow i will tell you. what we've made real progress in the last seventy two hours toward setting the conditions right so your question really goes to what are the conditions the conditions are putting president trump and chairman kim jong il in a place where we think there could be real progress made by the two of the meeting it does no good if we're in a place where we don't think there's a real opportunity to place them together we've made real progress towards that in the last seventy two hours. and adam from fox so here.
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goes no worries. reader that. there is order. for all of us. i'm not going to talk about today nor any time during the negotiations about the elements of what the shape of the agreement looks like that's those are those are things that ought to be held so that the leaders have all the freedom they need to make the right decision so with respect to the drawdown it's obviously a duty issue i'm not going to i'm not going to speak to that today what i can say. and the secretary of state now for thirty odd days i think there is no daylight between the south koreans the japanese and the united states with respect to our approach to how we resolve this issue with respect to north korea i've spoken to my
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counterparts there i've spoken to. as a moon there we understand their concerns we understand the risks that could be posed to them and an agreement that we reach will provide out an outcome that each of those countries can sign on to. and. whether or not the political and the chinese are moving all around the world today let's be clear the risk of that is real everywhere not just in this particular space we're killing aware of it and i'm i am confident that the things we're talking about with respect to north korea will not enhanced the risk of that to any significant degree we wouldn't do that to the south koreans or the japanese two of our most important allies in the region right everyone thank you very very much to see and we thank you be watching
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a news conference there with us or state might compare discussing progress in the talks with kim troll who's been having talks with him in new york he said he was confident that they were moving in the right direction towards a potential summit he said president trumps objective was still complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization and the key was whether the north korea was prepared to make that step and accept the security assurances coming from the u.s. he did say that it was a difficult challenge and there's a great deal of work to do and he also said that he didn't know yet if there was actually going to be a summit our diplomatic of james bays joins us live from the u.n. in new york so interesting wasn't it that he sounding confident on the one hand but cautious because this may not still go ahead. yeah i mean that the languages of constructive progress and things going well but there doesn't seem to be any great breakthrough here and it's interesting that some of the key questions
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don't seem to be no answered particularly the question on denuclearization and whether the two sides have the same definition of that term and what it would mean that north korea had to do and for that matter what the u.s. might have to do in return sidestepped that question seems to me that although the u.s. was seeking all sorts of commitments ahead of the summit taking place it now seems that they are simply trying to get the atmosphere right and try and get those commitments when the two leaders meet if they do meet in the singapore it's also worth noting and he was asked this question what president trump said earlier on today because he mentioned a summit in singapore and he said there might be two there might be three summits and secretary pompei are now talking for the first time about a process this is not what the administration were talking about some time ago they
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wanted one big summit and they want to the historic outcome i think they are discovering that something like this a very complicated nuclear deal is very difficult and takes a great deal of time to achieve i think they're also discovering that doing diplomacy business with the north koreans is somewhat tricky and indeed he was also stressing that it was going to be have to be what he described as a fundamentally different path and as a strategic shift the north korea to actually make the leap that they're helping them to that they might make. yes and in the past both the president and other of his key advisors have said there could be great economic benefits to north korea now north korea is clearly suffering from sanctions imposed by the u.s. and the rest of the international community here at the united nations having been in pyongyang the last month i can tell you the great deal was made here in the last
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couple of years of sanctions targeting all the luxuries making their way through to north korea well i could tell you if you want to buy an i swiss watch or a very expensive bottle of french wine you can still do so in pyongyang i saw them available in the shop so the sanctions perhaps are not really affecting the elite and i think it's also true that one of the things that has helped the kim regime with the current ruler and his father and his grandfather stay in power is the isolation yes they'd like the sanctions lifted but i'm not sure they want total economic freedom because i think they fear that that would be a sort of tsunami which could could remove them as well jones. thank you very much indeed. still to come on this news hour on the precious spain's prime minister fights for his political life as a corruption scandal friends to remove him and his party from power. and i'll be
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reporting from roy moore how some politicians are trying to cash in on the public's eye and sympathy towards the euro currency. and it's all leaving in the stanley cup finals as a cap space tonight saying game two tatiana will have details coming up in sport. how i would say some rather live longer spells of right into turkey recently more of the same as we go on through the next couple of days a fair amount of cloud standing across much of the country might even see a little bit weather wet weather affecting aside for us to feel good measure there you go that's friday's picture cloud in the rain pushing up towards armenia. easing over towards could see a little bit of wet weather hit elsewhere it is going to be hot and sunny forty one
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celsius for baghdad hot enough a couple temperatures hit thirty six degrees thirty four celsius for karateka and plenty of sunshine by the time it comes to sas day you might just see want to to those shasta sliding their way down to lebanon so could see a little bit wet weather coming into beirut at twenty six celsius no sign of any cloud and rain out of the arabian peninsula one temperature is ok if five or six degrees above the seasonal average here in doha could touch forty three celsius on sas day really starting to ramp up on the pleasantly hot weather that we will see in the coming months then but lots of sunshine of course lots of sunshine too across south africa could do cool hey little bit of cloud just scraping its way across the western and southern could see a few spots of frank cape town with the top temperature of sixteen degrees.
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unlined of our top stories on our syria canada and france have hit back at the u.s. decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports saying the move is unacceptable and illegal and that they will impose retaliatory measures. your success state might pompei or says he's confident his talks with a top north korean official moving in the right direction but he refused to confirm if a planned summit between president donald trump and kim jong il will take place. just as a rallying in kenya over corruption scandal at a government agency set up to help young people tens of millions of dollars have gone missing the national youth service dozens of civil servants are under
9:34 pm
investigation after a story reports from nairobi. the kenyans are making their voice hard loud and clear the they're protesting against corruption triggered by a scandal involving a government agency ninety million dollars is missing from the national youth service we just set up to help the young unemployed by providing training dozens of people including senior officials at the agency are being investigated some have been charged allegations include payments for dubious supplies inflated costs and payouts for services that were never delivered in the fast place a man will give up his business to join the protest. has become very difficult. i work so hard for so little yet. president has said all the man will be recovered and found guilty will be held to account but many on
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this march say that previous such scandals have never been properly dealt with valerie and many protestant yeah but their frustration felt by most kenyans want the government to do more fight against corruption they say that more people should be going to prison than their assets frozen and that all the stolen money should be returned oh i don't know it's not the first time the national youth service has been at the center of a corruption in two thousand and fifteen almost eight million dollars was stolen in the. printer four people were taken. of only one was destroyed so twenty three of them walked away scot free. if you look at the opposition even within the iraqi. ministry the foreign ministry and why is itself a good analysis. it's unlikely to come. to. these protesters
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say they're tired of having their money stolen they march to the high court with the police keeping their distance for a few tense minutes they blocked a convoy carrying the chief justice. trials they finally ended up at the gates of parliament. this is just one of many anti corruption rallies that have been held in . those staking pat hope those in power will finally start listening. and will be kenya. for days now actually has been in a state of political flux following the collapse of coalition talks but it now appears a deal may have been made the five star movement and right wing likud party so conditions have been met to form a new government and the barber is in rome first as a name only on a closer to knowing who should be in the next government. lauren we think we are because we're hearing that from the local media that it's highly likely that just
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epic contact he was the man mandated with forming a cabinet last week he was the man chosen by the five star movement and the league have a majority in the parliament here behind me he could be going back in the next few hours to meet the president to officially accept a mandate to head another cabinet what's changed between now and last weekend is that the problematic nominee of economic minister paolo sub vollmer we're hearing has now been offered a different portfolio by those parties perhaps european union affairs and a different nominee is going to be suggested for the economy ministry that will be good news for many italians because that would mean if this does go through that there won't be fresh elections it would also be good news for officials in brussels who are worried by the prospect of a known euro skeptic being in such
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a high profile position here in italy but let's not kid ourselves if this government is formed as we hearing with the personnel including mr and with the dominance of the league party along with a fresh smaller right wing grouping called the brothers of italy we understand as well that it still will be very euro skeptic by its very nature and although the five star movement in recent days have been insisting that they never talked about leaving the euro it's not quite so clear with the league in the last few hours we've been out to meet italian city talk about how they feel about the single currency and why it's such a trippy tricky topic for italy. it's a popular place for local shoppers an interest wanting a taste of italy but at this market in rome there's one thing that's not so popular and that's the currency they'd used for the last sixty years. oberto is
9:39 pm
a pensioner who gets six hundred euros per month he and his friends who meet here every day say ditching the lira has brought nothing but problems that would never know it well yeah it was supposed to be two thousand lire to the euro but what used to cost the parson lira suddenly became so somebody stole heart of our money. but what about the so-called nuclear option that scared the financial markets lately in other words italy leaving the eurozone not everyone is prepared to press the button how it is no no i don't think we should leave but we should renegotiate so we're not bowing our heads to germany today upper left you know i'd be ok with trying to leave the euro but of course things could get even worse it's not hard to find italians who will tell you the euro has been bad for the country and bad for their own finances but many of the same people say that it would be a bad idea for italy to scrap the currency and that's
9:40 pm
a new all italy's politicians are well aware of even though on the issue of eurozone membership was largely avoided in the run up to the general election in march this financial expert says it should not be to boom to talk about quitting the euro if you see clearly i'm going to leave the euro the markets will attack you strongly and we would finish as the greece at the opposite you have to. a b. plus. in order to exit from the euro not saying clearly. and some italians are ready to back any party promising to get rid of the single currency people like danielle a fine young man whose father set up a butcher's shop here fifty years ago. if there was a politician trying to get us back to where we were he'd get my vote but certainly the euro is something many italians love to hate but there are
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a few people here think it's going to disappear any time soon barber al-jazeera really. spain's prime minister mariano hoy's expects to be toppled as leader in a no confidence motion on friday abbas connectionist party says it will vote against her in a move that would almost certainly force him out of office a motion has been brought forward by the opposition socialists over a corruption scandal involving a horse party if barca has more from the trade. there are three different possible scenarios ahead over the situation here for prime minister. is getting increasingly bora-bora precarious when the vote of no confidence goes ahead on friday that could of course be successful we may see at the end of the week a new prime minister and a new government if it's unsuccessful which is looking increasingly unlikely the opposition put them all simply a bit off policy say that they'll continue pressure on mariano rajoy going forward to initiate snap elections later on in the year the other option is that the prime
9:42 pm
minister's sensing defeat on the horizon decides to resign is unclear which of these scenarios will play out most certainly the prime minister is under mounting pressure this after two smaller parties because a lot of us nationalist parties say that they will support friday's vote of no confidence one hundred seventy six m.p.'s in the three hundred fifty seat congress here behind me need to support it and it looks like gradually that number is already being reached nine people including two children have been injured in croatia after police opened fire on a van carrying refugees and migrants around twenty nine people many from afghanistan and iraq were traveling in the van when they tried to crash through a roadblock they said set up the barrier after the van crossed the border illegally from bosnia creation police of defend their actions saying the officers opened fire because they thought their lives were in danger. the red cross says it's sending
9:43 pm
two teams of surgeons and medical supplies to gaza to treat casualties from recent clashes along the border with israel since the precious began on march thirtieth one hundred fifteen palestinians have been killed and thirteen thousand wounded the red cross says it's prioritizing the three and a half thousand victims who suffered gunshot wounds it says the health system is in crisis. the whole guy is a sinking ship if you look at all all parameters and all that is needed to maintain a population in good shape so whatever angle you take of the problem it is a we could problem it is systems are at the brink of collapse you have no electricity you have a. suffocating economy you have unemployment rates skyrocketing you have water systems. not able to cope with the increased demand you have sanitation systems not able to treat the sewage and therefore. charged him into the sea.
9:44 pm
one of the found. in spain.
9:45 pm
just africa now on the controversial issue of land redistribution they're running
9:46 pm
and she promised twenty two years ago to give black people land which was owned by white farmers and only twenty thousand south africans are still waiting for the promises to be fulfilled how come when reports. he was born here one hundred four years ago his parents worked without pay for a white farmer who grabbed this land and pietermaritzburg in south africa a few decades before he was born. these stones mark where he buried them. in exchange for their labor they were allowed to live here and grow their own food he lived the same way now the current landowners wanted to leave britain to my father was born here i was born here he married my mother here where will i go if they want me to move from this place i'd rather they take a gun and shoot me so at least i can be with my ancestors and die on the ground. a nine hundred ninety six law backed by nelson mandela entitle and others like him
9:47 pm
known as labor tends to own the small plots of land they occupy he applied twenty years ago he still doesn't have to title. lives in this shack he lets in the rain and so the land rights organization tried to build him a new home from concrete blocks from the landowners didn't allow it his grandson lives just here on the same plot but if no title is issued before the dies he won't be able to inherit the land. there are tens of thousands of people in similar predicaments waiting since the one nine hundred ninety s. for titles to be issued. mrs wiley works for a rights group that's representing one hundred thousand of their claims for land the whole process is about the liberty that using the portion of land they've always been using so that then currently is not useful to land owners anyway so what we're pushing for processing of the claim so that these people can. in
9:48 pm
the descendants of the white farmers do have titles many owners are reluctant to give up the small plots where the claimants live and many claimants say the government lacks the political will to address the past injustice it's actually not a matter of political will we are now processing the applications they are pulled out of the department in the past was that rather than subjecting the people to all of those all of that let us rather use alternative ways of securing their tenure if the outstanding applications were processed it may take years but as a will be around for many more his ancestors shed this land communally all he wants before he dies is to own a tiny part of it malcolm webb al-jazeera near pietermaritzburg south africa. or his tatiana. thank you very much lauren brown madrid managers and it seems the down has quit the european champions after winning an unprecedented third straight
9:49 pm
champions league title the frenchman called a surprise news conference earlier on ending a three here career with the spanish club that and thirty thousand like the right time to make a change. look at. this club needs to keep winning and for that it needs a change after three years it needs a different voice a different method and that's why i made this decision because i really love this club and also the president who gave me the chance to come as a player to real madrid the scrape club and for that before ever grateful i mean mickelson running but i would have liked to have convinced him but i know his character and the only thing that i can do is to offer my love support and recognition and remember although he knows it that this club will always be his family the down played for around madrid between two thousand and one and two thousand and six before replacing rafa benitez as manager in twenty six steyn he won one hundred four of the one hundred forty nine games in charge of madrid twenty
9:50 pm
nine were drawn and there were just sixteen defeat three one nine trophies in all including the champions league titles his departure makes him just the second coach after your pint as in twenty thousand to leave a club straight after winning it the down also helped to rile when one league title to spanish supercuts them to fifo club while cops our sports correspondent lee wellings talks about the reaction to the dance departure. well the initial response to this absolutely has to be a surprise because he's a young manager relatively forty five years old and has just won the biggest competition in european club football actually world cup football three times in succession what a success he's my that job so to suddenly broke away from not suddenly have people questioning it and wondering why he's doing it but the more you hear from the down about this the more it makes sense he's actually feeling that he's taken the club
9:51 pm
as far as they can go and he can go into further success with this which makes sense when you think about it brown would do it of course already deserved triumph in the champions league but there's no guarantee that they're going to build on that for next season they do need to make changes and now the club you say they have to do that with a new manager actually i think there's a bigger picture here if you look at the french national team the french football association are understandably huge fans of that everything he did for them as a player and now what he's achieving as a manager and they would like him managing national take didier to sean has been in the job for six years now which is a long time for a national manager he takes them to the world cup in washington i don't think the shop will carry on beyond that world cup and it will be a really good time to get it done in getting used to the job before the next major tournament for france but just rewind a little bit when's it done. i signed up for what i would read as manager in twenty
9:52 pm
six so you know have you had a couple of years with that. there was a big question mark by him a lot of critics a lot of cities and what a success he made of that job. peru has been given a huge boost ahead of its first world cup appearance in thirty six years that kept him paolo get out or has been cleared to play in the tournament after a swift court of agree to temporarily temporarily lift his doping ban that i was given a fourteen month suspension after testing positive for cocaine egypt's star player mohamed salah will play in the group stages of the world cup bounce according to the national football association solarz in spain receiving treatment for a shoulder injury suffered during the champions league final for liverpool the egyptian f.a. president says he won't be out for longer than three weeks egypt opening world cup matches on the fifteenth of june again zero quiet he could still make the game against russia four days after that or egypt's final group match against saudi arabia on june twenty fifth. ten time french open champion and world number one
9:53 pm
rafa nadal has surged into this year's third round with a resoundingly straight sets win over argentina as guido the spaniard nicknamed the king of the right taking care of business six to one six one. also three to the next round his third seed marin challenge the crowd lead poland superbad who had carved by two sets before dropping the third he had to battle hard in the fourth before eventually winning six two six two six seven and seven five. and austria's domenech team was also a window on the day in the french capital the tournament seventh seed defeated greece's stephanus to the past six two two six six four and six four to progress for a longer us. three time champion serena williams is an action at the french open at the moment looking to pick her place in the third round serena is playing american ashley barty who took the fast says six three
9:54 pm
three in a four but to take the second six three and it is now two one to serena in the third meanwhile world number one simona halep has advanced to the third round of roland garros the romanian with a comfortable straight sets victory over american taylor townsend six three six one was the final of the much more former world number one memories sharp over also advances to the third round beating donna vacuum in straight sets the twenty sixteen when i got to be to say eased past home player fiona federer in straight that shall now face former u.s. open winner stories. it will be the fourth year in a row that the cleveland cavaliers and golden state warriors contest the n.b.a. finals despite the era of familiarity the build up has been as exciting as ever and it all starts with game one on the first day in california where the warriors have
9:55 pm
won this. seventeen of the last eighteen postseason games but le bron james and his cavs will be hoping to change that even if some fans have complained about it being the fame to retain yet taken. as it did for the n.b.a. to have the same two teams in the finals four years in a row. and your thoughts. oh. well there's been some blowback talk on social media that people are sick of the same mean do you feel like it would be better if there's more parity in the league. teams that had the opportunity to beat. the cavs over the last four years and teams are going to be the wars of the last four years . if you want to see some miles in a bowl season and then you've got to beat them. the washington capitals event have even got the n.h.l. stanley cup finals off to edging the vegas cold nights and game two of the best of seven fairies on wednesday
9:56 pm
a power play goal in the second pair it from alex ovechkin gave the capital of the defy five lead but they have goaltender braden holtby to thank the preventing a vegas combo came a fact if evan favorite including this one with just two minutes remaining to rob the vegas of a tying goal three two was the final score is to just vegas effect can defeat a home in the postseason there even though many of so washington the game three on saturday. jimmie it was a hockey gods even it up from last game i mean you know that we had. kind of tied it up we didn't i thought braden was really good but i think we're played the right way the hockey gods always sort of even at our you know i always talk about that so . as a great savior you know i was the one fifty nine left. you could see the emotion on our bench that was once once you know that's a lie and you're going to win again. i thought we had lots of chances tonight i
9:57 pm
mean we lost this week two hockey game talk has a way to open that with two minutes up to go to tie it up i mean we didn't play our best game but i thought we had thirty nine shots and we still create a lot and you know it's one of those games where hope we played real well you know he was probably the difference in our game. and those of us forces back to learn in london. thank you very much and now a robotic bird of prey has been developed to help tackle bird strikes during flight the robot was developed by a dutch company clear flight solutions they say of a robotic peregrine falcon can help scare birds away from add traffic and discourage them from nesting near runways the current model needs to be operated by a controller so follow the robot has been used in airports around the world including suffolk to nab port herein you thank you kay. and you want to website. dot com. that's it from a man will be here in a minute with more news by for now. unpack
9:58 pm
it for us what were you hearing what were you saying whether online horrendous things humans all just or those observations are that about that or if you join us on the sat a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat bass is a dialogue talk to us about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the colobus conversation amount is iraq. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be
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part of back you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone they're on the tablet they're on the computer. and that's the way al-jazeera is of all into a true media network. it would remove any vestige of that i'm certain that it's come to be a people dispossessed a state established whatever i was able to do it from the start and respect the great international peace organization the united nations a momentous event which lies at the heart of ongoing conflict to this day seventy years on al-jazeera tells the history of what palestinians call the catastrophe.
10:00 pm
for two countries face a pivotal moment in our relationship in which it could be nothing short of tragic to let this opportunity go to waste might gives a progress report on how his talks with kim jong un's most trusted aid a going but it's short on any real detail. this is al jazeera live from london coming up. the u.s. imposes tariffs on the new mexico and canada to steal it out of many i'm imports canada and france hit back calling them unacceptable and illegal. a snap election is a verted in a silly and.


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