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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 1, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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so many people have gone to jail as a result of my work rewind on al-jazeera. zira . i know i'm. watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. or two countries face a pivotal moment in a relationship in which it could be nothing short of tragic to let this opportunity get away just. gives a progress report on how his talks with kim jong un's most trusted aid are going by it's short on any real detail. theory from the e.u. mexico and canada as the u.s. imposes tariffs on steel in alimony and imports a snap election is averted in antiestablishment political leaders agree on
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a deal to form a new government. and i'm tatiana as with all of the day's sport then including the nineteen the down quite frail madrid five days after winning the champions league had a bad time in iraq. and more later in the park. the u.s. secretary of state says he's made great progress in his talks with one of north korean leader kim jong un's most trusted advisors my own bio's met with kim yong cho in new york for a second day the talks were supposed to smooth the way for summit between donald trump and kim jong un in june but refused to confirm if it would definitely happen our diplomatic editor james bass has the latest from new york. a second day of intense diplomacy between the u.s. secretary of state and the north korean envoy who met for almost two and
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a half hour as reporters watched the comings and goings of the apartment block where the u.s. government owns a residence on the thirty ninth floor state department officials were very cautious in what they said but one man was not as restrained the u.s. president he spoke as the meeting was still under way revealing for the first time that general kim will now head to the white house good morning i just want to tell you we're doing very well with north korea our secretary of state has had a very good meeting he's made again today. i believe they'll be coming down to washington on friday and a letter is going to be delivered to me from him john. the president said the summit in singapore if it takes place could be the first of perhaps two or three meetings between him and kim jong un later circuitry pump sidestepped questions about whether the two sides of the same definition of denuclearization and seemed
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well aware of the scale of the challenge ahead this is going to be a process that will take days and weeks to work our way through there will be tough moments there will be difficult times i've had some difficult conversations with them as well. they've given right back to me to reporters had been led to believe that these crucial negotiations would only be taking place here at this apartment block in new york but now there is another phase and an unpredictable element president trump himself at the white house general kim is carrying a letter which he will open there from his leader kim jong un genspace new york. is a former state department diplomat who's specialized in north korea he joins me live now from washington thank you very much for speaking to us clearly we can see from the past few days of the two sides are very invested in setting the stage for
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that historic meeting between kim jong un and donald trump if such a meeting what to take place is it any kara what it would achieve. war i think the status quo has not changed in public the united states continues to press for a comprehensive quicker approach to denuclearization and we haven't seen any change in the north korean position on that either but i think the most important thing that could have come out of a meeting with top aide was setting more realistic expectations and that's what i think we saw a bit of today so what does that mean in practical terms are we going to see a longer well more structure to these negotiations and we have so far. why i think it means. comprehensive denuclearization is not the only are the ultimate objective of this summit there are things to be gained below that level and that the summit won't be a loss if we don't achieve comprehensive denuclearization and i was encouraged by
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president trump suggesting that. more meetings could be possible with the north koreans and i was encouraged by the warm relationship developing between secretary pompei and kim jong il but if we are to see a step by step phased path to denuclearization if that is the ultimate goal what would then be the purpose of a meeting between president trump and kim in a couple of weeks why i think there is great value to using a summit to say a positive tone for the beginning of a longer term diplomatic process i think that gives negotiators on both the u.s. and north korean sides a strong mandate to make progress and i think there is real value to a longer term process that reduces tensions in this very volatile region isn't it important to first establish what denuclearization means and what it involves
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before such a meeting takes place. it's absolutely important to do that if you're signaling in public that the goal of this summit is complete denuclearization but if your threshold for success is lower you don't have to do that so what we have to see in the coming days is the united states and north korea either start to agree on a common definition of denuclearization or lower public expectations for this summit what about kim young child he is expected to travel to washington to deliver a letter to president trump how might that change the the tone of these talks will it have much of an impact. well you know president today that he expects the tone of the letter to generally be positive and i would agree with that the north koreans are very savvy operators they want to look like they're the ones
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acting in good faith and so i think the letter will serve that purpose while remaining firm on their their basic positions well thanks for your perspective this mintaro buffalo state department diplomat speaking to us there from washington over in pyongyang it appears russia is trying to position itself as a player in any developments between north korea in the united states from minister sergey lavrov has held talks with the leader kim jong un he told him that russia wants peace and progress on the korean peninsula while also inviting him to moscow at the request of president putin from bride reports from seoul this was kim jong un's first meeting with the senior russian diplomat since coming to power. another first in the diplomatic dance of increasing complexity. foreign minister sergei lavrov invited kim to add to his busy summit schedule and visit moscow but it was lavrov the parents' support for kim's position in readiness for his summit with
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u.s. president donald trump that will be the most welcome outcome for north korea. said north korea must get relief from sanctions and quickly. it is absolutely obvious that starting any discussion of the nuclear problem and all other programs on the korean peninsula they cannot be complete without repealing all sanctions on north korea how that will go ahead will be a question of the skill of the negotiators but it cannot be done in one sitting u.s. officials based in seoul have been in near daily discussions with their north korean counterparts at the truce village apartment john that's in the demilitarized zone separating the two koreas how much progress has been made is unknown or whether north korea's stated commitment to denuclearization comes with a specific timetable and a process for verification that's acceptable to the u.s. i think north korea wants to strachan this process of democratization for as long
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as possible the very i can now you magine them agreeing to a near term timetable line to completely dismantle their nuclear weapons but sensing a possible historic breakthrough russia doesn't want to be left on the sidelines just as chinese president xi jinping recent meetings with kim the russians want to exert the kind of influence they feel they deserve. lavrov also brought to pyongyang the tun to lies in prospect of future economic cooperation between the two koreas and russia such as connecting rail systems and the gas pipeline running the length of the korean peninsula that would boost development not only here but in the russian far east with all that depends on a lasting peace on the key to that is a successful summit in singapore robert bright al-jazeera seoul canada and france have hit back at the us decision to impose tariffs on steel and many men ports
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saying the move is unacceptable and illegal and that they will impose retaliatory measures and drug administration's tariffs against the e.u. canada and mexico will come into effect at zero four hundred g.m.t. on friday earth is the move will provoke a global trade war can really help get reports. u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross made the announcement from paris where he was attending an annual trade forum. tariffs of twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on aluminum imports into the united states from canada mexico and the european union all go into effect friday the move potentially sets in motion a trade war with some of the united states most important allies a claim the u.s. commerce secretary brushed off everybody. very firmly. with others who. are of. course
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in brussels the head of the european commission called it a bad day for world trade promising counter measures that could include retaliatory tariffs u.s. goods into the e.u. on everything from blue jeans to motorcycles what they can do we are able to do exactly. the same it's totally up to the it come to be. when it comes to its. crate france's junior trade minister promised a similar response suggesting the u.s. president may be misinformed. there comes a point when one needs to look at the figures and i'm surprised that maybe president trump stuff haven't shown him how much those european companies have invested in the united states created jobs that to assemble and produce the now those u.s. jobs could be at risk just as president donald trump seeks to fulfill one of his
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top campaign promises to protect the jobs of his supporters in america's steel and aluminum manufacturing sectors it's not just international partners criticizing donald trump's decision to oppose steel and aluminum tariffs on top u.s. . allies domestically members of president trump's own republican party are also criticizing him fear of the effects of a global trade war despite white house efforts to downplay those concerns can really help get al-jazeera at the white house here at the news hour live from london much more straight ahead gaza the whole gaza is a ship. the red cross sends more surgeons into gaza to help treat thousands of palestinians wounded in clashes along the border with israel. fed up with corruption in kenya hundreds take to the streets in protest. and it's
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game set match for the king of clay at the french open yes again. the u.n. security council has voted to adopt a u.s. led resolution which recommends sanctions on south sudan it threatens an arms embargo and formal action against the south sudanese defense chief along with five other officials if fighting in the country doesn't stock resolution receive the minimum nine votes it required with six countries including ethiopia and china abstaining on old is the un's regional refugee coordinator for south sudan says the humanitarian situation in the country is dire. i think the country. african continent they have to take their hats and stability for my reading they have to take their crap to. the fact that the thais the the youngest
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youngest count the world it's going to who is to tell you bearable bearable for south sudan but also a better before all those countries have been receiving frequent mistake in two of those three days i think that we won in front of the elite of. here is the will judge for that is really to bring a may end to this type to. to make sure that condition will be conducive very soon you know that allow countries to return home and return the streets people to return to food situation we're in the very very very dire situation shelter water and sanitation education can you imagine that the youngest no gets member state of international community more than forty percent forty
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percent of the kids are not going to school and the term of composition of the. population of fiji is eighty five percent. women in. italy is getting its first populist government and establishment five star movement in far i have succeeded in forming a coalition which is happy conti is prime minister and his ministers will be sworn in on friday ending weeks of political deadlock and he is in rome and joins us now any more details on the cabinet. yes it has actually come in the last half an hour or so. and the crucial detail is that the man who was nominated by five star and the league last week as economy minister and who is basically vetoed by the president has been moved he is now going to be the
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minister for european union affairs knows his well known writings advocating that italy prepare to leave the euro currency that got him such a troublesome reputation and the president said that would just send the wrong message politically and to the financial markets since then of course there has been some negative reaction on the markets so so many people will be pleased finally that we've got a line up. is not in the economy ministry but he will have plenty of scope to ruffle feathers still in brussels as a you affairs minister. luigi to mio the head of the five star movement and salvini head of the league will both be deputy prime minister but crucially salvini will be interior minister and he is very well known for his anti immigration views so interesting to see how far he can get in his pledge for example to send back hundreds of thousands of what he calls illegal immigrants this all will be
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officially stamped on friday with a swearing in at the government building just down the road from where we're standing and then probably early next week the official vote of confidence in the parliament building behind me we are almost here before of course but one appointments basically vetoed. a lot of people say while well why couldn't they have compromised earlier some people suspect vini wanted to push perhaps for fresh elections but it seems now that elections are not going to happen. in terms of the challenges facing this government how much tension might there be in the relationship with brussels. well lots of people are looking to see what kind of signals the government's going to start putting out and already in the last hour or so. vini the new the interior minister
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designate has been addressing supporters near milan saying that he's fed up of seeing italian governments going to brussels holding out a cap and begging of course pleases his core base of supporters but it is going to worry not just people his opponents here but will worry other european union leaders who were who wonder exactly how much trouble italy is intending to cause and how many demands they're going to make there's a big european union summit coming up in june what will material so we need say there perhaps about turn the amount of financial support that it's really gets in the future perhaps talking about. immigration and refugee policy who knows but the one thing the parties have been stressing is that they are not going to go down the road of looking at leaving the euro currency which some people did worry about
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previously we've been talking to some ordinary italians about how they feel about the sea and it is extremely problematic. it's a popular place for local shoppers an interest wanting a taste of italy but at this market in rome there's one thing that's not so popular and that's the currency they've used for the last sixty years. oberto is a pensioner who gets six hundred euros per month he and his friends who meet here every day say ditching the lira has brought nothing but problems that would let you know it well yeah it was supposed to be two thousand lire to the euro but what used to cost the palace and lira suddenly became so somebody stole heart of our money. but what about the so-called nuclear option that scared the financial markets lately in other words italy leaving the eurozone not everyone is prepared to press that button no no no i don't think we should leave but we should renegotiate so we're not bowing our heads to germany today that you know i'd be ok with trying to
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leave the euro but of course things could get even worse it's not hard to find italians who will tell you the euro has been bad for the country and bad for their own finances but many of the same people say that it would be a bad idea for italy to scrap the currency and that's a new also the italy's politicians are well aware of. the issue of eurozone membership was largely avoided in the run up to the general election in march this financial expert says it should not be to boom to talk about quitting the euro if you see clearly i'm going to leave the euro. the markets will attack you strongly and we would finish as the greece at the opposite you have to. a b. plan in order to exit from the euro not saying clearly.
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and some italians already to back any party promising to get rid of the single currency people like done yet whose father set up a butcher's shop here fifty years ago. if there was a politician trying to get us back to where we were he'd get my vote but certainly the euro is something many italians love to hate but there are a few people here think it's going to disappear any time soon. as you were saying before this is italy's first so-called populist government but they're there for a reason lots of people voted for them they're fed up with austerity measures that have been pushed through in recent years and many people here see that as a directive of the european union and one thing that won't of helped in the last few hours are comments from. the head of the european commission saying that it's really needs more hard work and less corruption things like that just playing into the hands of the five star movement and of course the league and we'll see exactly
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how public opinion develops in the coming days and weeks and i thank you very much with all her latest on the political drama there ryan. now the red cross says it's sending two teams of surgeons and medical supplies to gaza to treat casualties from recent clashes along the border with israel since the protests began on march thirtieth one hundred fifteen palestinians have been killed and thirteen thousand wounded in iraq ross says it's prioritizing the three and a half thousand victims who suffered gunshot wounds but says the health system is in crisis. guys the whole guy is a sinking ship if you look at all all parameters and all that is needed to maintain a population in good shape so whatever angle you take of the problem it is a we could problem it is systems are at the brink of collapse you have no electricity you have a. suffocating economy you have unemployment rates skyrocketing you have
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water systems. not able to cope with the increased demand you have sanitation systems not able to treat the sewage and therefore. charge in into the sea i force that went to hospital in gaza to find out more about the situation on the ground and a warning that some of his report was shot inside an operating. the red cross team here the surgical team is operating on a young man who was shot several weeks ago in the leg just above the ankle and what this is is a follow up operation designed to remove fragments of bone which are still in the wound and could present a threat of further infection now this is this is very much the kind of thing which is at the heart of this new i c r c appeal for more funding they want to more than double the number of staff that are here in gaza for the next six months now this is despite the fact that the height of the protests for now at least appear to be
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over but the long term nature of these injuries is what they're concerned about one thousand three hundred when at in badly to three to five a complicated it is by then festive that khelein today with five point three million donors to help thirty one ask you to me at the health reform in gaza to increase the capacity of the fed to can and if that is authentic and unique and if we get hospital with them and also people fed jails and their thing is what i think eleven team members were not there then figured out in becoming clear that month this is just one among three thousand six hundred people who have been injured by israeli sniper fire in the last few weeks during the protests which started on march the thirtieth every more than thirteen thousand injuries in total and so this is why the i.c.r.c.
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says it's important to maintain and indeed increase its presence here in gaza to look after those people going forward there also of course concerned that there could be further injuries in protests which could take place in the coming days and weeks. well now to kenya where protesters are rallying over a corruption scandal a government agency set up to help young people tens of millions of dollars have gone missing from the national youth service dozens of civil servants are under investigation catherine sawyer reports from nairobi the kenyans are making their voice hard loud and clear the they are protesting against corruption triggered by a scandal involving a government agency ninety million dollars is missing from the national youth service we just set up to help the young unemployed by providing training dozens of people including senior officials at the agency are being investigated some have been charged allegations include payments for dubious supplies inflated costs and
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payouts for services that were never delivered in the fast place a man will give up his business to join the protest. has become very difficult. i work so hard for so little yet all we hear. president has said all the man will be recovered and found guilty will be held to account but many on this march say that previous such scandals have never been properly dealt with valerie and many protestant yeah but their frustration felt by most kenyans want the government to do more in its fight against corruption they say that more people should be going to prison their assets frozen and that all the stolen money should be returned oh you know it's not the first time the national youth service has been at the center of a corruption case in two thousand and fifteen almost eight million dollars was
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stolen in a similar way. before people were taken to court and only one was to storms so twenty three of them walked away scot free. the opposition even with. the ministry of foreign ministry and why is itself. your analysis. it's got to come. to. these protesters say they're tired of having their money they march to the high court with the police keeping their distance for a few tense minutes they blocked a convoy carrying the chief justice. trials they finally ended up at the gates of parliament. this is just one of many anti corruption rallies that have been held in . those staking pat hope those in power will finally start listening. and will be kenya. for you this hour under pressure spain's prime minister fights
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for his political life as a corruption scandal threatens to remove him and his party from power. a journalist who faked his own death to survive a murder attempt reveals how we did it and why. and it's all even in the stanley cup final the caps and knights in game two details and sport. hell i was may and it left a legacy of record breaking temperatures in a few countries in northern europe and more recently a circulation of quite damaging thunderstorms which is still visible in the strips in western europe that's all changing slowly now because the temperatures for example in places like germany in poland and ukraine are coming down only slightly
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better way from record values and stockholm's already down to twenty which is cool things down a little bit the breeze a northerly out of western russia kids to the twenty three and to be honest for the next couple days that warms could be tempered by the potential for some big thunderstorms in the for example jimmy the czech republic was favorite for thursday the western side of france maybe mr spain around the restaurant or some stalls which is still warm and humid for most places which i suppose is fair enough given the time of year and that's the picture for saturday we've moved the well transposed to some stores further east into what was warm and sunny to last two or three weeks so it's now a warm and wet and the sun is rather more obvious in paris and in london for example so the mediterranean it's fine same is true in north africa and the temperatures in the high twenty's are pretty typical this cloud developing in algeria.
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and that's. just. living life for centuries but now forced to think hard about their future. al-jazeera worlds meets the nomadic peoples of the atlas mountains. striving to deal with the changing world. and preparing their children for a different way of life. the last nomads of morocco on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a look at the top stories the u.s. secretary of state says he's made great progress in his talks with one of north korean leader kim jong un's most trusted advisors but he refused to confirm if the plans on that between president trump and kim jong un will take place in canada and france have hit back at the u.s. decision to impose tariffs on steel and other many of them saying the move is unacceptable and illegal and that they will retaliate. and italy is getting its first populist government the. five star movement and far right league policy have succeeded in forming
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a. our relation with giuseppe conti as prime minister. well let's get more on those developments in italy now joining me in the studio is under my money is a lecturer of modern european history at royal holloway and of us to here in london thank you very much for coming in to speak to us and so after months of political instability it looks as though the league and the five star managed to reach an agreement to form a government but will they be able to work together effectively maybe yes maybe no it's very hard to predict on one story and don't look at the future too much though the it would be a disaster for the for italy in these economies because these two parties want to spend. this should renegotiate something with europe and the european union is not too keen to make any concessions to italy even if the reality is that italy will receive more money. because for some changes in the way that europe is funding some of its members so there would be more mana but this doesn't mean that italy can
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actually spend as much as it warmed and with the type of policies that they are proposing the risk is that there will be no more no more public that no naturally these things can be discussed a lot but to them a clearer vision of what to do italy has had economic problems for many years now debt of a one hundred thirty percent of g.d.p. this in itself is nothing new but with an agenda like this wanting to cut taxes and spend much more how could that how could that economic vulnerability affect this government. i mean we have seen the spread in this day which is something amazing too so probably markets will will pay a lot of attention i need to live i'm quite critical of markets myself but certainly there is an instance if someone has borrowed some money if you get some money from someone you need to repay that money so you cannot decide to spend as
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much as you want so there will be certainly certainly a close needle in this will affect also the policies of this government the problem is that a see is that really i think that they have this contract for for for the government there to to change something because the president didn't want to have some people especially the subform. economists are going to mix minister but still things are not clear this is a program which and that which has been produced established after the after the election because no party said majority there's been this discussion a new and they leaked document which was where we were lucky that this committee was leaked about getting out from the euro but euro was not the real concern of italians during the election there has been a recent poll published by maybe today. two pools one in saying that italian is
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about sixty percent of italian don't want to leave the euro and there was about seventy percent if you were looking at which were the main concerns of italy and in february so just before the election euro was to poyan something percent the the huge concern was about economy and so they put their own agenda out of what now i'm hearing from italian. some italian votes as an airport early on in the program there is definite criticism of the e.u. and brussels but it doesn't necessarily mean that they want to leave the single currency. because actually many italians will be much more skeptical if their own leaders exerted also because i mean if you look at the example of greece with the risk of leaving the euro us it was you know was was an option well this is a clear example of you can and up and now as i said the reserve through the necessity at least personal view to change some of the european policy
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but probably they are you know these sort of the ism is giving the the room answers to such problems well thank you very much from the university here in london and regular money thank you. well now to spain where the prime minister miner who is expected to be toppled as leader in a no confidence motion set for friday rice party has struggled to restore trust after is implicated in a major corruption scandal they've bachar reports from the dritte. defending his leadership prime minister mariano rajoy arrived at parliament where a possible no confidence vote against him and his people's party is looming the motions being brought by the opposition socialist party leader pedro sanchez the motion calls for sanchez to replace rory as prime minister i mean if you're a boy are you going to resign mr a horny or are you going to keep clinging to the position weakening democracy and weakening and appreciating the quality of the
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government institution the motion follows the jailing of twenty nine high ranking members of the party for illegally financing campaigns in the one nine hundred ninety s. and early two thousand. became the first prime minister in office to give evidence in a trial last year. former people's party treasurer lewis was among those convicted on monday once a close ally. he was given a thirty three year jail sentence and fined fifty one million dollars roy insists the corruption allegations don't affect anyone the government less in. the sentence doesn't say or blame the people's party for being corrupt or creating an institutional corrupt system it doesn't say this will be helpful to read the sentence and read it well one hundred seventy six m.p.'s out of three hundred fifty here it means congress would need to support a vote of no confidence for the motion to pass the socialist no they can't do this
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alone so they've drawn in support from their political rivals a leftist but their most party says it will back a vote of no confidence the centrists the other battles party says that it won't so it could all boil down to two smaller regional parties a castle and ask nationalist parties to force the prime minister out of office both regions say they'll now support the no confidence vote. catalan nationalists egot a punishment for clamping down hard on the region separatist movement after catalonia declared independence last year. and one of the longest political careers in spanish history. he is indeed a political survivor the pressure in the media the pressure in the street is a normal. to think that he can stay for another two years is difficult to research now but it's possible money is already survived one attempt to depose him he has the backing of his policy. that is leaderships looking increasingly for. the barca al-jazeera madrid. united nations has made an urgent and critical appeal for
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donations for its aid budget to help refugees the agency has received less than a third of what it requested from donors in two thousand and eighteen money is meant to help more than nine million people with food shelter and education five and a half million of them are syrian refugees the programs in jordan and lebanon a particularly low on funding even though they have more refugees a capita than almost anywhere else without more funding the u.n. warns one point four million refugees will see their food rations reduced with complete cuts in egypt lebanon and jordan by august. from beirut in lebanon. i these syrians are some of the millions forced from their homes by war who receive meals from local charities during the holy month of ramadan there are tens of thousands who arrived in the opposition controlled province of idlib in recent weeks with nothing they don't have homes or jobs they are among the seven million
12:40 am
syrians who are refugees in their own country and who the united nations says are vulnerable to areas still burning there are pockets of fighting throughout the country seven million people live their homes and they remain internally displaced the borders are closed people are trapped inside their situation is dire there are millions of syrian children who are not going to school there are people without shelter without water sanitation health coverage food there fetching for themselves people are moving from one place to another u.n. agency is responsible for humanitarian action in syria are warning of consequences if they don't receive the funds they need so far the international community has donated less than one third of the five point six billion dollars required. funding . will have a direct impact on the nutritional status of the people mainly women and children but not only that we've seen the result of. education
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which is something is extremely important in this region and we don't want to. the seven year war has been particularly hard on children thousands have been killed tens of thousands disabled some of the displaced attend school in tents many others don't go to school at all and about half of the five point five million refugees in neighboring countries are children in seven years. close to five hundred fifty thousand. syrian children have been born. in those countries hosting them as refugees and those host nations countries like jordan and lebanon for example are dealing with their own economic problems and in many cases refugees coming in settling in locations that are already poor and they're published and one of the examples for for lebanon particularly there are
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two hundred fifty one most affected municipalities that they have identified for the last four or five years without adequate funding for livelihoods and social cohesion sector our ability is to only cover twenty four of those two hundred fifty municipalities the fighting has subsided across the country but the humanitarian crisis remains millions depend on aid to survive and their situation is worsening in the absence of a political solution that of. beirut. nine people including two children have been injured in croatia off the police opened fire in a van carrying refugees and migrants around twenty nine people mainly from afghanistan and iraq were travelling in the vehicle when they tried to crash through a roadblock police had set up the barrier after the van crossed the border illegally from bosnia. croatian police have defended their actions saying the officers opened fire because they thought their lives in danger. romania and lithuania been found
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guilty of hosting secret cia prisons that held detainees illegally the european court of human rights said that a saudi and palestinian were detained for over a year as part of washington so-called rendition program the palestinian man was held under suspicion of planning the september eleventh attacks or maybe or lithuania of not officially admitted the cia held prisoners on this sort. denmark's parliament has voted to ban full face veils in public spaces it means women who wear burkas on a carbs in public will now be fined when the law comes into effect in august france germany and three other european countries have already implemented similar laws denmark's justice minister has previously said the veil is not compatible with danish values a dissident russian journalist has revealed details of how he faked his own murder arkady but janko was reportedly shot dead on choose date his apartment in kiev but the next day he turned up alive ukraine's security services later said it was part
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of an elaborate plot to catch his would be killers there's now concern that it could harm the way journalism and journalists a perceived or a challenge reports from moscow. back from the dead russian journalist our caddie bob gave his seconds press briefing in his many days and he dives into exactly how he and ukraine security service had faked his own murder it's a foil and allegedly genuine assassination plot the target concerns over the idea of a duty to press to live in the very end i made this shirt with bullet holes in it and i laid on the floor it was real pig's blood on me griddle and they had poured all over me and i took some of it in my mouth a little doubt they talked some blood clots into the bullet holes and i was dead. i was freezing i washed off as much of the blood as i could they gave me a sheet and i read myself minutes and watched the news about what an amazing guy i was. regarding the ethics of carrying out such
12:45 am
a deception he had this to say. i didn't have the task to make you believe me or not my task was to stay alive and secure my family this is the only thing in the first thing that i was thinking about the last thing i was thinking about were the standards of journalism to be honest but across the media world worried voices have been speaking up we considered that nothing could justify the fact that. it was organized to create and services to protect and i think if. the security. general and said thinks that although. we welcome the news that is alive there could be some other means to protect a representative from the organization for security and cooperation in europe wrote on twitter relieved that arc. is alive i deplore the decision to spread false information on the life of a journalist it is the duty of the state to provide correct information to the
12:46 am
public and the committee to protect journalists said this extreme action by the ukrainian authorities has the potential to undermine public trust in journalists and to mute outrage when they are killed in russia where ukraine says the attempt on bab junkers life originated the government.


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