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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 1, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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education. the seven year war has been particularly hard on children thousands have been killed tens of thousands disabled some of the displaced attend school in tents many others don't go to school at all and about half of the five point five million refugees in neighboring countries are children. in seven years. close to five hundred fifty thousand. syrian children have been born. in those countries hosting them as refugees and those host nations countries like jordan and lebanon for example are dealing with their own economic problems and in many cases refugees coming and settling in locations that are already poor and they're published and one of the examples for four lebanon particularly two hundred
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fifty one most affected municipalities that they have identified for the last four or five years without adequate funding for livelihoods and social cohesion sector our ability is to only cover twenty four of those two hundred fifty municipalities the fighting has subsided across the country but the humanitarian crisis remains millions depend on aid to survive and their situation is worsening in the absence of a political solution. beirut. now to kenya where protests have been rallying of a corruption scandal at a government agency set up to help young people tens of millions of dollars have gone missing from the national youth service dozens of civil servants are under investigation catherine so explains from nairobi the kenyans are making their voice hide loud and clear. they're protesting against corruption triggered by a scandal involving a government agency ninety million dollars is missing from the national youth
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service we just set up to help the young and employed by providing training dozens of people including senior officials at the agency are being investigated some have been charged allegations include payments but dubious supplies inflated costs and payouts for services that were never delivered in the fast place. a man will give up his business to join the protest. has become very difficult. yet. president has said all the man will be recovered and found guilty will be held to account but many on this march say that previous scandals have never been properly balanced many protestant yeah but their frustration felt by most kenyans want the government to do more in its fight against corruption they say that more people should be going to prison than their
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assets frozen and that all the stolen money should be returned oh i don't know it's not the first time the national youth service has been at the center of a corruption in two thousand and fifteen almost eight million dollars was stolen in a. printer four people were taken to court and only one was destroyed so twenty three of them walked away scot free. if you look at the opposition even within the here i.q. of the ministry the foreign ministry and why is itself a fairly good analysis. it's unlikely that you can pull off such as. these protesters say they're tired of having their money stolen they march to the high court with the police keeping their distance for a few tense minutes they blocked a convoy carrying the chief justice. trials they finally ended up at the gates of parliament. this is just one of many anti-corruption rallies that have been held in
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recent days those staking pat hope those in power will finally start listening. and will be kenya. well i've been rallies outside congress and burners irises rule makers debate whether to take the first step towards legalizing abortion large crowds of pro-choice demonstrators waved green bandanas outside the chambers calling for access to free and safe abortions up to fourteen weeks a congressional commission is expected to send the bill to the lower house floor the issue has divided the deeply catholic nation the un security council has voted to adopt a u.s. led resolution which recommends sanctions on south sudan it threatens an arms embargo and formal action against the south sudanese defense chief along with five other officials if fighting in the country doesn't stop morgan has more from juba nine countries have voted in favor of renewal of sanctions against south sudan officials and six countries have abstained now to get those votes the u.s.
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which has been pushing for the votes had to water down there was aleutian and did not get what they wanted what they wanted was harsher sanctions and more officials in south sudan which they have accused of derailing the peace process and those officials include the minister of cabinets affairs as well as the minister of defense what they got instead was a forty five day technical rollover of the existing sanctions and that the secretary general should report within thirty days about violence in the country as well as a political agreement now to reach a political agreement in south sudan seems like a bit of a tough challenge. to governmental authority on development which is a regional bloc which has been trying to mediate between the warring sides have had several rounds of peace talks between the different warring sides and all round including the last one which ended on the twenty third of may feel to produce any results and to bridge the gaps between the different parties so at the moment the u.s. the u.s. seems to think that what they have done is better than at the u.n. security council is better than nothing but what they are hoping for after the
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forty five day period is that they will be able to push for stronger sanctions should there be no peace in south sudan. a dissident russian journalist has revealed new details of how he faked his own murder. janko was reportedly shot dead on tuesday his apartment in kiev but the next day he turned up alive ukraine's security services later said it was part of an elaborate plot to catch his would be killers there's now concern that it could harm the way journalism and journalists are perceived or a challenge reports from moscow. back from the dead russian journalist arkady bob gave his second press briefing in his many days and he dives into exactly how he and ukraine security service had faked his own murder of oil and allegedly genuine assassination plot. the idea over to the press to live in the very end i made this shit with bullet holes in it and i laid on the floor it was real pig's blood on me . all over me and i took some of it in my mouth
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a little doubt they talked some blood into the bullet holes and i was did. you know i was freezing i washed off as much of the blood as i could. and i read myself minutes and watched the news about what an amazing guy i was. regarding the ethics of carrying out such a deception he had this to say. i didn't have the task to make you believe me or not my task was to stay alive and secure my family which is this is the only thing in the first thing that i was thinking about the last thing i was thinking about with the standards of journalism to be honest but across the media world worried voices have been speaking up we consider that nothing could justify the fact that. it was organized with these secret services to protect a journalist that i think if. the security. minister in general.
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said thinks that that although we are we welcome the news that is alive there could be some at. means to protect a representative from the organization for security and cooperation in europe wrote on twitter relieved that. he is alive i deplore the decision to spread false information on the life of a journalist it is the duty of the state to provide correct information to the public and the committee to protect journalists said this extreme action by the ukrainian authorities has the potential to undermine public trust in journalists and to mute outrage when they are killed in russia where ukraine says the attempt on his life originated the government has described the affair as an anti russian provocation the story is strange to say the least i don't know how much the end justifies the means in this story thank god that person is alive it does not change your attitude towards ukraine a country where being a journalist is dangerous it does not change the core of the situation the only
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thing this is changed is that thank god this person is still alive the kremlin and state controlled media are drawing parallels between fake death and the poisoning of the script powells in the u.k. russia accused both are described here as equally from tactical the suggestion is that nothing can be believed anymore much will depend on where you cranes investigation goes next police arrested the alleged middleman in the murder plot identified as. prosecutors need to back up their claims with evidence only then can you crane argue with more certainty that this was all worth it. how does iraq moscow. just look at the top stories now. made great progress in his talks with one of.
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us didn't vises. in the right direction. the talks with ken young child in new york are supposed to smooth the way for a summit between donald trump and kim jong un in june but pompei refused to confirm if the meeting would definitely. our two countries face a pivotal moment in our relationship in which it could be nothing short of tragic to let this opportunity go to waste. in my conversations with your mckim going to be on your own today with vice chairman kim jung il i've been very clear the president of the united states objective is very consistent and well known that complete or flyable irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. and other developments canada and france have hit back at the u.s. decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports saying the move is unacceptable and illegal and that they will impose retaliatory measures u.s.
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commerce secretary wilbur ross says the twenty five percent tariff on steel and a ten percent tariff on alan minium a targeted at canada mexico and the e.u. the measures are set to come into effect in zero four hundred g.m.t. on friday ross says the door minds open to negotiations but he didn't specify what measures could be taken. italy is getting its first populist government the end his stablish mint five star movement and far right league party of say it succeeded in forming a coalition with giuseppe conti as prime minister cantin his ministers will be sworn in on friday and being months of political deadlock. and spain's prime minister mariano rajoy is expected to be toppled as leader in a no confidence motion on friday the basque nationalist party says it will vote against roy in a move that would almost certainly force him out of office socialist leader sanchez needs an absolute majority to become spain's new leader. as the headlines that set
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for myself and the team here in london coming up next it's one i want to east. it's been one year since its neighbors imposed a blockade on qatar by land sea and air. a move that shattered the region's geopolitical landscape alliances have shifted and qatar has grown more self-reliant . but what caused the rifts between g.c.c. countries is there and insights and can the gulf ever be the same again the siege of qatar on a just zero. the chinese authorities call them the long and population. migrant workers who came to beijing to build clean and feed the capital. but they no longer fit the
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dazzling image president xi jinping wants for his show piece capital. so the city is getting rid of its poorest residents. and steve cho on this episode a one on one east we witnessed the massive dictions and demolitions reshaping beijing. during the beijing suburb of shin jan it's outside the fifty three road about fifty kilometers from the city center into recently almost one hundred twenty thousand people lived here now they must all leave. home. i mean it's really just an isolated actual price and that leader let's lighten up.
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they're not going to make them out of town last night you know there. i found the montana song. then you don't hear the nothern all the numbers yeah yeah. you know. anything about that either probably not enough drugs or a woman on. this woman lived and worked with her husband now the small shop i rented is nothing but a bloody stump. and whatever. filter fool they are going to come. down from canada to the artists here why don't you know that i'm gone from that there are a number that. the
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only means of transportation to be pretty toxic when. they move what i have left a few hundred meters down the body. but it's only temporary this area is also going to be torn down. she recently moved here she had to abandon her groceries business a month ago i really like pricing it to the small shop where you go. and i don't want to have your sangamon back she moved to a stalky but now has to sell her goods cheaply before she moves again though that and the twentieth year that found the mislead you know color of our time out of the bottle bottle tons of the foam some are so the tale how that she's lost all the time how that might have a lot but then how that this isn't the job you know that will come out another level so that you know that i get something you come here with that you never
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travelled on file and it's your turn a virtue and so much was wrong i see which one it got us into have it implemented. i'm making a hunch. i mean. it all began on the nineteenth of november two thousand and seventeen nineteen people died in a fire caused by a short circuit in a rundown shop. it was the ideal excuse for a far she's to demand several neighborhoods be torn down. and up the right under the awning if. the police shut down the shops and chased up the onus. more than two hundred thousand residents were evicted especially here in xing john district. for twenty years it's been home to moderate workers who helped build china's economic miracle but now it's being torn down in the name of safety and hygiene apartments shops and warehouses all must be cleared.
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by creating this ghost town the municipality can meet the goals of beijing's five year plan to cut the number of residents by fifteen percent by two thousand and twenty. there are also plans to sell off the vacated land at a high price. luxury flats of being planned for the newly rich. the city and builders will become wealthy. she will flourish once the pool a gone. addictions and demolitions of change the lives of residents here. they accuse the state of cynicism and barbaric methods. the people who took to the streets foreign media we kept away but smart buns
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captured the action. network showed images of long lines of displaced people with no way to guard they would soon sense of. an os is from beijing the film these protests. he managed to post a live dog of this city cleansing. that. he got it through for those going to a lot of. the world might. give.
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them a little they feel. they're made up. with him for new yorkers. to know. that well yeah. i'm new. here and to. the kind of regular source of information he's one hundred fifty videos document the residents far to hold on. i know you must you're not going to live out what i may have out of the internet. oh my. god oh my god a spontaneous road block the police lose patience. don't forget that i'm the fuck. up. out of you. put out of your.
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then i noticed while we've been filming their activities for wakes. yeah you're right about. one hundred one on one young bailey avoids arrest as a precaution he goes and stays with a friend in tianjin a two hour drive from beijing he cut his hair and shaved off his beard but still the oath or he's fined him. not. me measure guard. by its harmony measure government. power. he has just enough time to send his daughter
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a message. for the kids or surveillance him and see. who hear him and to me wallace's you only. say. young thailand. sure. young was eventually released on bio he's awaiting trial for disrupting public order. to susie how was a big did in the middle of winter he and his wife now rent a room for two hundred thirty dollars a month much more than they paid before. he came to beijing from the country in the hope of a better wife then things got complicated. are the odds. are that here to mom one. year.
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you know her home. tempe are. from the neighborhood and at the mercy of all far she's suzy how he's wife decided to send their son back to the countryside. and so on the level. to win the war. in. every morning he drops his wife off at the supermarket where she is a cashier. he's a self employed mechanic. together they earn
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a decent living on a good month it's over seventeen hundred dollars twice as much as a laboring couple. even though they are registered as internal models from the countryside they have no social insurance nor free education for their son. only the city's official residents are entitled to. the house life is nothing like the chinese dream. by twenty forty nine she ging peak wants to make china the world's leading power in beijing it's to supply. makeshift warehouse shabby shops and rundown apartment buildings get in the way of that image. critics say she has no space for poor people from the countryside even if they're the ones who helped make beijing flourish and who continue to take almost tufts the official residents don't
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want to do. suzy huff fixes that cause his neighborhood was torn down by builders over not except one half which miraculously was spent. for his customers it's become a good with france point. and. feel. if. if. if. fi has plenty of work but little help. anybody.
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they were boys and they have a right. to or for us to have world view. is ended there. so that was young to know everything that was on said. console. on the. on the wall. so no. he's resigned to reality. it's no place for dreams.
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to school the largest for tutoring of internal markets has existed for twenty years . parents pay school fees of almost both hundred dollars a year a lot of money by chinese standards. technically it's a legal deal darcy's toleration as long as it here is to the official lesson plans and communist party ideology. so here. i. was.
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i. saw him winning and you see the coalition are shipped back up let's see. mobs that don't need them then they said he's ocean. moment room. on their own not one actually since i'm sure you don't see x. son jim was holding hands that's exactly. that is a. disbarred for party loyalty the school must close. it's on the government's demolition list fish and my shinning won't discuss this in front of the pupils so was not to scare them and since they do washerwoman. male. gadahn lawful will win when the shoulder pays a man male male. there
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are about one hundred such schools indigene the municipality wants to close them or even though i few thousand children will then miss out on an education. be sad instead take. a meal that is ended no wonder they. didn't want to. know when losses could not use for that and now there's a proof unsettles was out there it was all of a kind of them the way them phrase a low monetary the wrong there was a head of them over almost. one minute ago either does that. sound is true he dreams of becoming an astronaut. he loves the
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school. he's bob the picks him up in the. years or a year and grab the interest and leave the singing eat cruise how i'm gonna say johnny let's hold off a telling. so all of our songs that jiggle to this whole tom polished. chang and i was shot in. the house hot here i didn't feel hot. after school he goes home on his father's electric motorcycle five kilometers in the basic code of beijing's winter recently evicted he's badly had to rent a newly built apartment between the fourth and fifth ring right. zahau his parents and a not live in two tiny rooms it costs over eight hundred dollars a month six times more than they used to pay. zaza parents sell shoes
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on the internet one are an isp a storage the are the to live sleep and do homework in the chair happy days are shared custody. so slow to do one day my mama said it in see if it's hi again or moments are just so our mnemonic which. was answered him kind and then. someone saw. you son time to know about it on the. chin that sometimes in a time. o. of. the force you are from or if there's it is always seen you want to. say in the me you weren't me and nobody off. it's again it's somewhere new a hole to see and one for your own family i mean you don't put it into something you do seems to offer. too often.
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it's the way can't see how he's taking a few days off he's going back to his village to visit his parents and the son from his wife can't come with him the dr is long and she doesn't have much lave. them. right. and better dealt with. by the other men. yes.
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the dog. sixty one million children in china grow up with a grandparents. they rarely see their parents. mostly just once a year for the chinese new year. three year old don don doesn't really know his mother and father. that's not going to change any time soon. and i'm with down the aisle. near to where we're less. the base of rule china has changed dramatically only the children and the elderly still live in the village of she chan cincinatti night generations of rural youth
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have moved to this is what's becoming the reliable reserve of cheek lighted up the chinese factories. was. the scene hall's father can still manage quite well. at fifty six he used his savings to buy this field where he grows wage and maize that should be enough for him to live on for ten years. for a strike. that favors or. take out i'm going to create out on the roof as they were. going to get the one i got on to our modern model year off the animal jamar older. they that. so you know and i. don't want.
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a lawyer xampp aga. and. it's time for the how to leave again he's some damned i'm doesn't understand why and his parents are disappointed. it will be a sad you use celebration this year but see how doesn't get paid time off and he has bills to pack. to rule moderates the only victims of this are the whole thousands of asses also being a victim in the past two months leeann you wonder why it was addicted from two studios in beijing suburb. she now works at hyatt beijing has
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long been the center of chinese os but no more. was an actual candle. oh sure. sure that'll be too difficult for that's home.


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