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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 151  Al Jazeera  June 1, 2018 3:32am-4:01am +03

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korean war so those talks are taking place the team has already left they say they're optimistic about getting progress today friday but of course all of this very much depends on what is taking place in the negotiations between the u.s. and north koreans in new york and now on to washington so how well we'll leave it there for now rob of course and keep a close eye on events with you on the korean peninsula thank you now the u.n. security council has given south sudan's warring factions a month to reach a peace deal or face possible sanctions it's voted to adopt a u.s. led resolution which threatens an arms embargo against the defense chief and five other officials south sudan descended into civil war in twenty thirteen when the president salva kiir accused his then deputy reich i'm a shark of plotting a coup morgan has the latest from south sudanese capital juba. nine countries have voted in favor of renewal of sanctions against south sudan officials and six countries have abstained now to get those votes the u.s.
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which has been pushing for the votes has to water down there was a lucia and did not get what they wanted what they wanted was harsher sanctions more officials in south sudan which they have accused of derailing the peace process and those officials including the minister of happiness the fares as well as the minister of defense what they got instead was a forty five day technical rollover of the existing sanctions and that the secretary general general should report within thirty days about violence in the country as well as a political agreement now to reach a political agreement and south sudan seems like a bit of a tough challenge the. intergovernmental authority on development which is a regional bloc which has been trying to mediate between the warring sides have had several rounds of peace talks between the different warring sides and all round including the last one which ended on the twenty third of may fail to produce any results and to bridge the gap between the different warring parties so at the moment the u.s. the u.s. seems to think that what they have done is better than at the u.n. security council is better than nothing but what they are hoping for after the
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forty five day period is that they would be able to push for stronger sanctions should there be no peace in south sudan although of course you knew is the un's regional refugee quarterly to fall so that all he says the humanitarian situation is dire. i think those countries calm african continent they have to take their hats on civility for my reading. they have to take they have to eschew the fact that they tie g.-d. they know gets youngest country. it's going to who is to tell young bearable and bearable for south sudan but bearable for all those country who have been receiving previous taking care of those deputies i think everyone is in front of the elite of history here is the will judge and for that it's time really to bring an end to this strategy and to make sure that condition will be
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conducive very soon you know that to allow him to return home and turn on the streets people to return. food situation we're in the very very very dire situation shelter what inside mitigation education can you imagine that they noticed. youngest member states of international community more than forty percent forty percent of the keep and not going to school and the term of composition of the. population of fiji is eighty five percent. women and children well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news are spain's parliament prepares for a confidence vote the prime minister mariano rajoy seems likely to lose also in nicaragua where the death toll from the anti-government protest rises to sixteen and it's game set and land for the king of the french open yet again tatiana will
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have those details in sport. to europe now where italy is getting a populist government the anti establishment five star movement and the far right league party have succeeded in forming a coalition with just said picante as prime minister he and his ministers will be sworn in on friday ending weeks of political deadlock that embargo reports from rome. ending almost a week of political and financial turmoil in italy the incoming prime minister announces his government line up. by my side there will be luigi demaio labor in the industry minister who will also assume the role of deputy prime minister senator mattel's salvini interior minister who will assume the role of deputy prime minister the difference between this time around and last weekend the controversial
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figure of paolo serve on a euro skeptic rejected by the president as economy minister now gets the e.u. affairs portfolio while that means there's still scope for friction with brussels the new foreign minister lawrence omar vero is a familiar figure from a previous government of technocrats it would be a disaster for the for italy and these economies because these two party want to spare and this should renegotiate something with europe and the european union is not too keen to make any concessions to italy for opponents of the so-called populist alliance the only good news is that italy finally has a government but that they can see the children on the edge their program is very dangerous and impossible it is dangerous for families and for business but this is our opinion let's hope they contradict us. the italian public will want to see how far the administration meets campaign promises from deporting so-called illegal immigrants to providing a guaranteed minimum income the nature of this incoming government won't be to the
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liking of many leaders but the fact is had there been fresh elections in italy the so-called populist parties may well have won a stronger mandate to demand change so for the time being many people are reserving their judgments the dean barber al jazeera rome well spanish prime minister mariano rajoy may lose his job after a no confidence vote in parliament on friday his party has been struggling to restore trust after it was implicated in a major corruption scandal needs barca has more from madrid. defending his leadership prime minister mariano rajoy arrived at parliament where a possible no confidence vote against him and his people's party is looming the motions being brought by the opposition socialist party leader pedro sanchez the motion calls for sanchez to replace a as prime minister but if in your accord are you going to resign mr julio are you going to keep clinging to the position weakening democracy and weakening and
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appreciating the quality of the government institution the motion follows the jailing of twenty nine high ranking members of the party for illegally financing campaigns in the one nine hundred ninety s. and early two thousand. became the first prime minister in office to give evidence in a trial last year. former people's party treasurer lewis was among those convicted on monday once a close. he was given a thirty three year jail sentence and fined fifty one million dollars. insists the corruption allegations don't affect anyone the government less in. the sentence doesn't say i blame the people's party for being corrupt or creating an institution and corrupt system it doesn't say this will be helpful to read the sentence and read it well one hundred seventy six m.p.'s out of three hundred fifty hear it means congress would need to support a vote of no confidence for the motion to pass the socialist no they can't do this alone so they've drawn in support from their political rivals the leftist but their
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most party says it will back a vote of no confidence the centrists the other battles party says that it won't so it could all boil down to two smaller regional parties a castle and ask nationalist parties to force the prime minister out of office both regions say they'll now support the no confidence vote. catalan nationalists egot a punishment for clamping down hard on the region separatist movement after catalonia declared independence last year he added one of the longest political careers in spanish history. and he's indeed a political survivor the pressure in the media the pressure in the street is a nomos. to thing that he can stay for another two years is the fickle to envisage now but it's possible. he's already survived one attempt to depose him. he has the backing of his party. but his leadership is looking increasingly fragile. barker al-jazeera madrid. a dissident russian journalist has revealed new details of our
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he faked his own murder arcadia but all of it was reportedly shot dead on tuesday at his apartment in kiev but the next day he turned up alive ukraine's security services later said he was part of an elaborate plot to catch his would be killers but there's no concern it could harm the way journalism and journalists are perceived challenge has more from moscow. back from the dead russian journalist arkady bab gave his second press briefing in his many days and he dived into exactly how he and ukraine security service had faked his own murder because of oil and allegedly genuine assassination plot of the two concerns were fewer due to pristina in the very end i made this shirt with bullet holes in it and i laid on the floor it was real pig's blood on me griddle and they had poured all over me and i took some of it in my mouth and let it out they talked some blood into the bullet
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holes and i was dead. zone you know i was freezing i washed off as much of the blood as i could they gave me a sheet and i wrap myself in it and watch the news about what an amazing guy i was . regarding the ethics of carrying out such a deception he had this to say. but i didn't have the task to make you believe me or not my task was to stay alive and secure my family this is the only thing in the first thing that i was thinking about the last thing i was thinking about were the standards of journalism to be honest but across the media world worried voices have been speaking up we consider that nothing could justify the fact that. it was organized. crime and services to protect it journalist i think if. this is. general. thinks that although. we welcome the news that is a life there could be some other means to protect
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a representative from the organization for security and cooperation in europe wrote on twitter relieved that our county is alive i deplore the decision to spread false information on the life of a journalist it is the duty of the state to provide correct information to the public and the committee to protect journalists said this exterior action by the ukrainian authorities has the potential to undermine public trust in journalists and to mute outrage when they are killed in russia where ukraine says the attempt on his life originated the government has described the affair as an anti russian provocation the story is strange to say the least i don't know how much the end justifies the means in this story thank god that person is alive it does not change your attitude towards ukraine a country where being a journalist is dangerous it does not change the core of the situation the only thing this is changed is that thank god this person is still alive the kremlin and
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state controlled media are drawing parallels between fake death and the normally truck poisoning of the script powells in the u.k. both see russia accused both are described here as equally fantastical the suggestion is that nothing can be believed anymore much will depend on where you cranes investigation goes next police arrested the alleged middleman in the murder plot identified as. prosecutors need to back up their claims with evidence only then can you crane argue with more certainty that this was all worth it. how does iraq moscow. at least sixteen people have been confirmed to have been killed in nicaragua since wednesday as anti-government protests continue to sweep across the country snipers and armed groups are believed to be under the command of president daniel ortega opened fire on crowds who were demanding his resignation the latest surge in violence takes the death toll to more than one hundred since
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the unrest began in april we got our. nicaragua live through another tragic day yesterday a day of repression violence and death and we condemn the murders committed yesterday by the repressive forces and the armed groups and we are in solidarity with the victims' families we call on the state to stop the violence from these repressive forces kevin the morra is the managing partner at analytical consulting group joins me now from san jose in costa rica via skype thanks for joining us live on al-jazeera i mean this started as a student demo against the government handling of a protected forest that was on fire and then the rage after suggested pension reform has this now become more personal and an anti president ortega issue in nature in some ways yes i mean this is true and.
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this is all things work if it's become personally sold all over i mean what is. being. rejected by my. son and i hear us system our government has been. how loved by so i didn't listen to it i didn't mean to interrupt please finish. no i mean it was an entire system of government by. something that you see in other places in the world were by and authoritarian government of first material war particularly the private sector or on the private sector are sane serum you know away from any kind of political political intervention ok then how
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difficult is it for the government at the moment to justify the death toll. when what we see on the whole has been peaceful yet very noisy protests on the streets again so it's really difficult just to think that there are clearly fire i mean my impression is that the more a president is on on the use of repression are to control all. the rooms his. own downfall if one gets the impression there is public rage now and it's turning against sort of the revolutionary sandinista government a as well as the president i mean what is one of the very few left wing left the leaning regimes left in the region i mean how much of a threat to their grip on power is this tidal change of a opinion from its own public. well i mean
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army work they're going to regina's left wing it's a bit of a misnomer. there is left wing rhetoric but one of the things that has changed precisely the past few days will affect that the private sector. big business actors of the country were entirely comfortable person they are. now the jump ship and their. recent need only hands off all we get lections or worse think that there was never really. project and making logical meet for some years now this. has for the most part become.


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