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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 1, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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the potential for a global trade war as america's closest ally has threatened their own tariffs against the u.s. . welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha but it is a problem also ahead. to travel to washington to deliver a letter. saying advisor to north korea's leader donald trump on friday. spain's prime minister money on the horn faces an icon for those voters who is largely expected to news and a museum showcasing the world's largest collection of african americans and cape
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town bob it's not without controversy. some of america's closest allies are threatening retaliatory measures off the u.s. imposed tariffs on steve allen many and holds the trump and ministration refused to accept the european union canada all mexico there and alfy is the decision of global trade war committee reports from washington. u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross made the announcement from paris where he was attending an annual trade forum. tariffs of twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on aluminum imports into the united states from canada mexico and the european union all go into effect friday the move potentially sets in motion a trade war with some of the united states most import. allies a claim the u.s.
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commerce secretary brushed off everybody has every now and again very firmly every country does with others who is nothing weird about that i think everybody will get over this in due course in brussels the head of the european commission called it a bad day for world trade promising counter measures that could include retaliatory tariffs u.s. goods into the e.u. on everything from blue jeans to motorcycles what they can do we are able to do exactly. the same it's totally accepted but that it come to be as you pose you are through measures when it comes to. the great francis jr trade minister promised a similar response suggesting the u.s. president may be misinformed. no more forget that issue that comes a point when one needs to look at the figures and i'm surprised that maybe
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president trump stuff haven't shown him how much those european companies have invested in the united states created jobs that to assemble and produce that now those u.s. jobs could be at risk just as president donald trump seeks to fulfill one of his top campaign promises to protect the jobs of his supporters in america's steel and aluminum manufacturing sectors it's not just international partners criticizing donald trump's decision to oppose steel and aluminum tariffs on top u.s. allies domestically members of president trump's own republican party are also criticizing him fear of the effects of a global trade war despite white house efforts to downplay those concerns kimberly helped get al-jazeera at the white house. well u.s. trade partners in europe denouncing the new tariffs french president emanuel called the american action illegal while his foreign minister said america first is
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becoming america alone the german finance minister schulte said the towers may violate international law and that it was not a good day for transatlantic relations the british government expressed deep disappointment saying the u.k. and other u.s. allies should get a permanent exemption but let's get more on this i correspond at the top of butler is joining us live from paris in the french president's statement natasha suggesting that emanuel is taking a tougher approach to donald trump on this issue. yes very much so so we're seeing the start of these tariffs here in europe but also the start of not just a trade war but of a war of words we heard very strong words from the french president a man on my car indeed in fact the phone donald trump and he said to trump that these terrorists were as you say illegal and a mistake he says they are illegal because they basically bypass international rules on trade they bypass the w t o and he says they're a mistake because these kind of unilateral decisions simply never work out he even
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took a bit of a swipe at donald trump saying that you know it may seem like the sort of decision that might win votes back at home but ultimately such trade decisions will lead to unemployment and high prices and that is not good for anyone when a man or my car must be extremely frustrated and disappointed with the u.s. president's decision because over the past year he has really been trying to develop his relationship with the u.s. president in order to try and influence him on key issues but what we have seen is one issue after another man omar calls basically been slapped back if you like donald trump pulling out of climate change that was a year ago today pulling out of the iran deal and now these tariffs so i think we're going to see the french president really taking a much harder tone when it comes to donald trump he has said though in terms of the terrorists the war must happen now is that the european union must respond together they must be reunited united but there will be
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a response. but you see double measures are different. i deplore the american decision on the album in human steel tariffs levies today me you did yesterday i clearly expressed myself on the same topic we'll have to take a european decision and the european commission had was only since the beginning of the crisis which is a position that i am totally defending the one which is to come within the scope of the international law in order to defend european interests and to defend rules that we jointly created. and as a band reporting the tosh of the european response very much in line with that of the french president. that's right the european officials are saying that they have simply no choice but to respond that they will have to carry out retarded tree tariffs and there is a sense here in europe that officials were working right up until the last minute up until wednesday this week talking to u.s. officials trying to make them change their mind or come up with perhaps limits on
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some of these terrorists but in the end donald trump came out of those twenty five percent taxes on steel ten percent on the minium so what the european union is planning now a tariffs on a set of american goods whether that's cranberries orange juice motorcycles blue jeans and these are very strategic terrorists because they really are targeting the areas in the producers in america that have traditionally supported donald trump so very strategic terrorists we're expecting from the european union junior french trade minister has said that these tariffs could come into effect by mid june and there's a lot at stake here for europe you know as one of the biggest trading partners with the u.s. it's the second biggest producer of steel in the world after china and three hundred twenty thousand jobs across the european union for example rely simply on steel and that is why the european union is taking this kind of response and why we have the french finance minister saying that this response really has to be united and it has to be or at natasha's thank you very much for that for now that's not
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live with the latest from paris thank you for canada is one of the largest exports of steel to the u.s. and there's been strong reaction from them to we find ourselves the target of punitive tariffs on canadian aluminum and steel under pretext of a two three two national security provision let me be clear these tariffs are totally unacceptable. this is sixteen point six billion dollars of retaliation this is the strongest trade action canada has taken in the post war era let's move on to other news now the u.s. secretary of state says he's made significant progress that has talks with one of the north korean leaders closest aides might pompei or has met kim yong child in new york for a second day the talks or are supposed to smooth the way for a summit between donald trump and kim jong on in less than two weeks but refused to
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confirm that it will happen our diplomatic editor james bays reports from new york . a second day of intense diplomacy between the u.s. secretary of state and the north korean envoy who met for almost two and a half hour as reporters watched the comings and goings at the apartment block where the u.s. government owns a residence on the thirty ninth floor state department officials were very cautious in what they said but one man was not as restrained the u.s. president he spoke as the meeting was still under way revealing for the first time that general kim will now head to the white house good morning i just want to tell you we're doing very well with north korea our secretary of state has had very good meetings he's meeting again today i believe they'll be coming down to washington on friday and a letter is going to be delivered to me from him john. the president said the
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summit in singapore if it takes place could be the first of perhaps two or three meetings between him and kim jong later secretary pump aoe sidestepped questions about whether the two sides have the same definition of denuclearization and seemed well aware of the scale of the challenge ahead this is going to be a process that will take days and weeks to work our way through there will be tough moments there will be difficult times i've had some difficult conversations with them as well. they've given right back to me to reporters had been led to believe that these crucial negotiations would only be taking place here at this apartment block in new york but now there is another phase and an unpredictable element president trump himself at the white house general kim is carrying a letter which he will open there from his leader kim jong james post al-jazeera new york and peace talks have resumed korea and the tourist village on one john
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both delegations are going to set up a new. joint liaison office the north korean team said it was important that they follow in the footsteps of their leaders and fulfill the agreements week during their recent into korean summits south korea is also proposing military talks to further reduce tensions when he has more from seoul. while all the attention is on whether the summits between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un will take place on june the twelfth in singapore the flurry of diplomatic activity continues on the korean peninsula on friday there is a high level meeting taking place between representatives of north and south korea that meeting taking place in the demilitarized zone it's a meeting that was supposed to have been just over two weeks ago but north korea withdrew in protest because of military exercises that were taking place at the time between south korea and the united states so according to the south korean
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unification minister who is involved in those discussions these focused on ensuring items agreed upon in the two into korean summits will be implemented seamlessly and quickly and all indications are that the discussions have been positive and that the two sides are in agreement on most issues two of the things that they have highlighted so far that they want to set up a joint liaison office in the case song industrial park in north korea which has been closed for some time and they also want to stage an end of into celebration to mark the anniversary of the first into korean summit which took place in the year two thousand that verse or e. is coming up on the fifteenth of june and north korea wants that celebration that event to take place in south korea. to spain now where the parliament is debating a no confidence motion against prime minister money on the whole i before the vote in one hour at a horse party has been struggling to restore trust after
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a court ruled that it profited from an illegal scheme the votes being brought forward by the opposition socialist party leader petra sanchez who's hoping to take over as prime minister and hoists been spain's prime minister for the past seven years let's go live now to our correspondents need baka who's joining us from madrid so how's it looking name that vote fast approaching now one of the possible scenarios. is look it's looking very very brutal for mariano rajoy he's been described in the spanish media as a dead man walking. spanish commentator went so far as to say he now has to choose how he wants to die but it looks as if he may even be robbed of that chance because in under an hour's time a vote of no confidence will take place here congress hundred seventy six m.p.'s need to vote in favor of that so no confidence vote for it to pass with a majority on thursday we know that one hundred eighty m.p.'s well over the number
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needed from six different parties so that they would support it we expect them for results to be known almost immediately after the vote happens it's all done electronically. there is an option though that mariano rajoy in these last few moments as it were could choose to resign that would in theory scupper the whole no confidence vote and possibly pave the way for negotiations with the other parties elections for instance further down the line that is looking increasingly unlikely as the minutes tick by marianna roy had been defiant right up until these bitter last moments and remind us they've how we've got here the corruption charges that have led to him facing a second my confidence vote. well and all the political opposition are blaming mariano rajoy for undermining the health of spain's democracy twenty nine corruption convictions were handed out to senior
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members within his center right people as policy related to a whole variety of different forms of corruption in the one nine hundred ninety seven early two thousand so among them some key figures like louis sent us the former treasurer of the people's party a close ally of mariano rajoy who on monday was sentenced to thirty three years in jail for corruption and fined fifty one million dollars the people's party themselves have also been forced to pay back two hundred eighty five thousand dollars the court here in spain said that the party had inadvertently profited from some of the corruption carried out by these individuals and was in many regards guilty by association. out of oil has insisted that none of his m.p.'s currently sitting in congress have anything to do with this corruption he's playing the opposition for seeking this opportunity really to undermine him his government and
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the country at large all at me thank you very much for that for now that his name has live from madrid we would of course come back to him as soon as we have any developments in the spanish parliament. still ahead on the bulletin pock sponsor interim government to sworn in ahead of july's election plus. the voices getting louder to make abortion illegal in argentina. i am told. me. sponsored by cattle. hello and welcome to international weather forecast is a lot of warm air across europe. there's also some very unstable area giving some really severe storms and this is going to be a feature over the next forty eight hours or so we've had some big rainfall totals
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being reported in many parts of the region with some really severe flash flooding that's likely to continue through friday big storms here across western parts of germany down through parts of belgium and as we head on through into the weekend then i think we'll find the risk of storms extending further towards the east pushing across germany into poland down toward for mania for the towards the east just fine conditions really for moscow has served twenty four care also largely finites of twenty five southeastern parts here in germany fine with a good deal of dry weather but again the risk of isolated but very severe storms in the other side of the mediterranean weather conditions generally looking fine safe this area of clay with press one or two showers across all cheerier and into tunisia and most of the cold conditions for karo just thirty two degrees celsius is a maximum for central parts of africa big storm close coming through all the way across parts of west africa too we've seen some big rainfall totals being recorded here and we'll see further heavy rain in some areas but for the north in mali it should be a fine day in bamako highs thirty five. the weather sponsored by qatar airways.
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it's been one year since its neighbors imposed a blockade by land sea and air. a move that shattered the region's jew political landscape alliances have shifted and qatar has grown more self-reliant. but what caused the rift between the g.c.c. countries is there and insights and can the go for ever be the same again. on a just zero. that have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories some of america's biggest
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allies are threatening retaliatory measures after washington impose tariffs on steel in an alley many and the trump of ministration refused to extend the trade exemptions for the european union canada and mexico they are now fears the new u.s. policy could spark a global trade or face talks have resumed between north and south korea and the truce village of. both delegations are going to set up a new joint on office this comes a day after kim jong un's right hand man made the us secretary of state in new york to try and pave the way for a summit between him and donald trump and the spanish parliament is debating a no confidence motion against pa mr modi on little boy before the vote is held in less than an hour the horse party has been struggling to restore trust after a portable that it profited from an illegal scheme the votes being brought forward by the opposition socialist party the petro song as it was hoping to take over as prime minister. ezri is getting
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a populist government the anti establishment five star movement and far right league party have succeeded in forming a coalition with just separate content as prime minister and his ministers will be sworn in on friday ending weeks of political deadlock now the reports from rome. ending almost a week of political and financial turmoil in italy the incoming prime minister announces his government lineup. by my side there will be luigi demaio labor in the industry minister who will also assume the role of deputy prime minister sen mattel's salvini interior minister who will assume the role of deputy prime minister the difference between this time around and last weekend the controversial figure of paolo cell phone or a euro skeptic rejected by the president as economy minister now gets the e.u. affairs portfolio while that means there's still scope for friction with brussels the new foreign minister laurence omar varo million easy is a familiar figure from
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a previous government of technocrats it would be a disaster for the for entirely in these economies because these two party want to spend and they should renegotiate something with europe and the european union is not too keen to make any concessions to italy for opponents of the so-called populist alliance the only good news is that italy finally has a government but the biggest issue that our nation on their program is very dangerous and impossible it is dangerous for families and for business but this is our opinion let's hope they contradict us. the italian public will want to see how far the administration meets campaign promises from deporting so-called illegal immigrants to providing a guaranteed minimum income the nature of this incoming government won't be to the liking of many leaders but the fact is had there been fresh elections in italy the so-called populist parties may well have won a stronger mandate to demand change so for the time being many people are reserving their judgments the dean barber al jazeera rome. pakistan now an interim government
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has been sworn in ahead of an election in july a former supreme court justice the seat of the most because the caretaker prime minister until the vote. three main political parties like campaigning to win votes this with hopes of a stronger economy and more jobs bought tribal and religious loyalties will also have a major influence over the electorate kemal high the has the latest from. the president of bloggers gone mr mom known as jane had ministered the old to the chevron prime minister of pakistan natural mogul was formerly the country's chief justice also doubt joyce coming up after dick have gone. between the government and the opposition body's natural moral gets considered to be our norm. man he had also been the chief justice of the supreme court of bloggers and of course primary
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responsibility will be doing sure all free and fair elections within the election commission had already announced their twenty fifth of july as the election day date and budget on the new government of course will have to grab really red challenge it including the corner me and also its relations with its neighbors and the united states. to make it all go one hour at least sixteen people and they'll confirm to have been killed since wednesday as anti-government protests continue across the country as an armed groups believed to be under the command of president daniel of opened fire on crowds who are demanding his resignation the latest surge in violence takes the death toll to more than one hundred since the rest began in april. nicaragua live through another tragic day yesterday a day of oppression violence and death and we condemn the murders committed yesterday by the repressive forces in the armed groups and we are in solidarity with the victims' families we call on the state to stop the violence from these
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repressive forces. rather of a nationwide protest in argentina calling for the decriminalization of abortion. the former months of my forecasts here was on whether to allow women to terminate a pregnancy within the first fourteen weeks a congressional committee is due to vote on the bill which would then still have to pass both houses of parliament. has moved from when a site is. it's the last day of the abortion hearings in argentina and those who want to legalize it demonstrated in congress will ring as always the color green that's become a symbol of the national campaign for free legal and safe abortions a minute a single minute and we have been fighting for many years for something like this to happen to separate the state from the church and to the side based on what's better for the country in the past decade we have seen a few reasons for aggressive reforms in argentina like gay marriage and sexual
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education policies but until now abortion has been off the table mainly because of the pressure by the catholic church in the past two months we have seen over seven hundred people coming here to congress to express their views for and against abortion the debate has polarized the country abortion in argentina is legal only in case of rape or if a woman's life is had risk but it is estimated that four hundred thousand planned the stine abortions are performed every year many women have died most of them are poor the outcome of any vote is by no means certain sure there i have to defend the right to life that is in our constitution. i cannot go against the right to life since conception but if you ask me if you want a woman to go to prison because of an abortion i say no i think we can protect them in a different way. this public debate has promoted the visibility of a problem and the consequence. it helps the health ministry and also she'll
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circulars to begin talking about sexual education educate about contraception and prevent abortions precedent marketing is against a change in the law but he allowed the debate defying the pressure from the catholic church. some bishops have been very aggressive with lawmakers where they have thrown those who are planning to vote in favor they generate fear they remain authoritarian but it's because they know they will lose. over the past fifteen years the campaign to legalize abortion has presented six bills on six different locations but no one made it to congress many hope it will be different this time that is how. we're taking a life the spanish parliament. addressing parliament ahead of a no confidence vote for them. when i took over government.
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i wish my soup sitting in my soup stude we were able to say the same. to him. i think i have improved their well being of the people of the seat in since. if anyone has been offended. by my actions and thank you very much to everyone and especially to my party without whom. none of these will have been possible thank you. thank you told us pioneers to have given me. they understand and they support and good luck to all of you for the good of
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spain. so we've been listening there to the spanish prime minister mariano to whore who addressed the spanish parliament briefly thanking spaniards for their support and saying that he thinks he's improve the well being of citizens this comes before a no confidence vote against the prime minister that a shadow old to take place in thirty minutes after members of his people's party were charged with corruption. now a new museum has quickly become one of south africa's top tourist destinations the collection of contemporary art and cape town's also causing controversy among local
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artists and critics welcome web reports it's the first of its kind in africa and the biggest designs museum of contemporary art in cape town is in an old silo concrete chivas that once stored grain has been cut away to house the world's largest collection of african art it's attracted and impressed lovers from all over the world. i'm so excited to. hear my heart. not only my but. it's open last year where he draws three thousand visitors a day if galleries are spread over nine floors. they display the private collection of german billionaire philanthropist york and zite he's bought artworks from all over the continent and led them to the museum on top of the building is
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a hotel rooms that cost as much as twelve thousand dollars a night it's on cape town's waterfront which is home to some of the confidence most expensive property there is popular with tourists and with wealthy south africans few people from the townships come here so some artists are not critics say the putting that kind of institution in this kind of place isn't very inclusive but the provincial minister for tourism told us it's prominence helps african art position in an exclusive space and i waterfront that tourism destination in africa i mean what better place to put it if you want to really get artists to be exposed african or to be exposed so i think that weighs in your first argument. just outside the city in a township called langar you went to a community center that works with local artists it's supported by city authorities we asked one of the founders about the nearby opening of the giant gallery housing
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of foreigners private collection it's ok. decided to do what we want to do. now would love to see that person's face. museum tries to be accessible african citizens spared the fifteen dollars entrance fee on wednesday mornings and schoolchildren and to free the time at least those able to get here can enjoy this grand addition to the continent's art scene malcolm webb algis iraqi town south africa. you know again all of the the headlines on al-jazeera spain's prime minister has just addressed parliament as m.p.'s debate. ahead of a no confidence motion against him gruff voice party has been struggling to restore
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trust after a court ruled that it profited from an illegal scheme the motions being brought by the opposition socialist party leader pedro sanchez who's hoping to take over as prime minister some of america's biggest allies are threatening retaliatory measures after washington impose tariffs on steel and out a minion imports the trumpet ministration refused to extend trade exemptions for the e.u. canada and mexico and peace talks have resumed between north and south korea and the truce village of. both delegations agreed to set up a new joint liaison office right those are the headlines on al-jazeera but do stay with us because the stream is coming up next thank you very much for watching. the differences. and the similarities of cultures of.
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al-jazeera. family ok and you're in the street and i'm really could be today we're diving into three stories that are buzzing online beginning in gaza where the largest flare up of violence between hamas and israel since the twenty fourteenth puzzled war appears to be over people on social media have been talking about the news using hash tags gaza and gaza under attack on wednesday hamas announced that armed groups in the gaza strip how to greet to a cease fire with israel the news followed a night of air attacks on tuesday by israel and at several hamas and islamic jihad positions joining us to talk about this we have howie forsett he's a senior correspondent with al-jazeera english he's covering the story for our network and for all blake is a student a social media activist in gaza having for rice good to have you here.


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