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and. fighting insect again john on al jazeera. changing of the guard opposition to the petro sanchez become spain's prime minister after manager for nurses a no confidence part. and welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters and with me in the soprano also ahead on the brink of a global trade war america's closest allies threaten to impose their own tariffs against the united states. planning to travel to washington to deliver a personal letter from chairman kim jong il a senior advisor to north korea's leader is due in washington to meet u.s.
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president donald trump. on the promise of cheaper food after malaysia scraps a controversial tax bought the place said. a corruption scandal in spain has cost the job of promised to jorge's six and a half years in power came to an end but he lost a no confidence motion parliament as a place and as sanchez leader of the socialist party the opposition forced the boy to talk to members of the boy's conservative people's party who were jailed for corruption pizza shop looks at the points rise and fall. mariano rajoy is known as spain's crisis manager and never with those talents more sorely needed when he's people's party came to power in its third attempt in two thousand and eleven as a sixty three year old political veteran it was an election one can. even singly on
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a promise to tackle the fallout from the two thousand and eight economic crisis but roy's austerity measures backed by the e.u. approved tough medicine and brought the people out onto the streets the salaries of public workers were frozen rent assistance for young people abolished income tax up and pensions down but it steered spain back to growth. over the last two years spain has been rocked by the territorial crisis of the catalonia her despite the protests clamping down hard on the separatist movement blocked it from seceding after catalonia declared independence. but roy safe pair of hands fumbled the latest scandal last week as more than two dozen business people including his party's former treasurer were sentenced on charges of corruption afterwards the socialist party put forward a motion to vote him from office is that he's worth anything. are you going to
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resign mr roy or are you going to keep on clinging to the position weakening democracy and weakening the quality of the government in the end these were charges he could no longer answer opening the way for yet another set of elections and possibly another vulnerable government to shop al-jazeera. and the bar has more from madrid. a seismic political moment here in spain the first time that a sitting prime minister has been un seated in a vote of no confidence here in congress one hundred eighty m.p.'s from across the political spectrum from six different parties are voted to back the vote of no confidence the motion was only brought to a matter of days ago last week by the head of the socialist party had both sanchez who is now prime minister the p.p.p. party the center right people's party of mariano rajoy has struggled to shake off a whole series of corruption allegations levied at dozens of high ranking figures
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within his party twenty nine figures have been convicted on a variety of different charges including the response center suit to former treasurer of the party sentenced on monday to thirty three years in prison and fined fifty one million dollars and the p.p. party have also been ordered to pay back two hundred eighty five thousand dollars for benefiting from some of these this ill gotten gain so what happens next well spain is entering uncharted territory sanchez face a whole new set of challenges ahead of them including a very strong independence movement in catalonia uncertainty over the economy here in spain and undoubtedly some of the opposition parties including see over the last the center right party are going to push him to recall elections later on in the year for first the honeymoon period a new prime minister is now in place here in spain. let's get more on this now
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we're joined by peter clare pet of the brussels office at open europe that for the dependent policy think tank and he's joining us via skype from create in very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so that honeymoon period that our correspondent named barker was talking about how long do you see it lasting you know what will the new prime minister and a minority government mean for spain in terms of are they going to be able to govern or could we see a new elections. all the new bunnies so that's. when those lets you know that you've got this and it's on sports parlance pull them out so that it's not. only needs also learn who the new government tends to be sample of this list expunged from news that. these are government policy for all its i
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don't eat let's read the. very stable because markets so you. very much good this dot com that's the exact thing he wants to do is program the program that is old. girl in the us it's. this once it's. let's accept with thank you very much for your time unfortunately we don't have a very good connection with our guest and create it so let's move on. to italy as and the prime minister of italy's first populist government to set to be sworn in in the next few hours decepticon tove will lead a coalition of the anti establishment five star movement and far as lead party the breakthrough ends three months of political uncertainty nothing baba has more from rome. well later on friday the new italian government is going to officially take
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power in a so-called bell ringing ceremony here at the government building pilot so keiji that's following a swearing in ceremony at the presidential palace not far away with president sergio much ariela now the cabinet is remarkably like the one that we thought was going to be approved last weekend but at the last minute surge of matter all of the toad pelosi boehner as economy minister mr savannah is still in a position where he'll be affairs minister the economy ministry goes to giovanni trio now he doesn't advocate leaving the euro as some people believe servo knitted but he is extremely critical of e.u. rules says they're too tight that italy needs more scope for example to invest to boost growth and he's criticized german economic policy so he's likely to ruffle feathers in brussels in the next few months other controversial policies that we're looking to are things like the promise by mateo salvini the new interior minister
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head of the league he wants to expel hundreds of thousands of so-called illegal migrants and the labor an industry minister luigi demaio head of the five star movement who on their own got the most votes in the march election he's talked about providing a universal basic income lots of economists are saying where will the money come from because they're also pledging to cut taxes many people here in italy voters might be relieved that there won't be fresh elections many on the financial markets to relieve that there won't be another election which would have strengthened those so-called populists but it's not exactly clear what kind of a reaction there will be in the next few days and weeks now world leaders are fighting back against u.s. president donald trump's move to slap tariffs on steel an alum many an import the e.u. canada and mexico have valid retaliatory measures the announcement also saw financial markets down by. fears of a global trade war committee hell could report from washington. u.s.
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commerce secretary wilbur ross made the announcement from paris where he was attending an annual trade forum. tariffs of twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on aluminum imports into the united states from canada mexico and the european union all go into effect friday the move potentially sets in motion a trade war with some of the united states' most important allies a claim the u.s. commerce secretary brushed off everybody has every now and again very firmly every country with others whose loathing weird about. it will get over it in due course in brussels the head of the european commission called it a bad day for world trade promising counter measures that could include retaliate tory tariffs u.s. goods into the e.u.
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on everything from blue jeans to motorcycles what they can do we are able to do exactly. the same it's totally. that it come to the letter of measures when it comes to. create france's junior trade minister promised a similar response suggesting the u.s. president may be misinformed. the comes a point when one needs to look at the figures and i'm surprised that maybe president trump stuff haven't shown him how much those european companies have invested in the united states created jobs that to assemble and produce that now those u.s. jobs could be at risk just as president donald trump seeks to fulfill one of his top campaign promises to protect the jobs of his supporters in america's steel and aluminum manufacturing sectors it's not just international partners criticizing don . tribe's decision to impose steel and aluminum tariffs on top u.s.
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allies domestically members of president trump's own republican party are also criticizing him fear of the effects of a global trade war despite white house efforts to downplay those concerns can really help get al-jazeera at the white house to pakistan now work take a government and prime minister have been sworn in form a supreme court justice will leave the country until the general election on the twenty fifth of july the three main parties are campaigning on promises of a stronger economy and more jobs tribal and religious loyalties will also influence forging a model high that has the latest from islam above. the president of pakistan mr mom known for chain highly administered the old to the shaven prime minister of pakistan now general and more formally the country's chief justice also choice coming up after dick have gone. between the government and the opposition
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now general morlock is considered to be a normal. man he had also been the chief justice of the supreme court of. and of course his primary responsibility will be to ensure free and fair elections within two months the election commission had already announced their twenty fifth of july as the election day date and budget on the new government of course will have to grapple with challenges including the economy and also its relations with its neighbors and the united states. still ahead on the bulletin. the voice is getting louder to make abortions legal and argentina and why new museum in capetown the world's largest collection of african isn't looking attractive to everyone. playing up the sun.
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hello again we look at weather conditions across asia for northeastern parts of asia we've got this frontal system just flirting with the east coast of japan not expect as do anything very much a high pressure sitting across much of the region a moment so as you look at the forecast generally fine picture a nice warm day in tokyo highs of twenty seven humid of course fine conditions across the korean peninsula and pretty hot for beijing there are thirty five degrees cooler conditions for the south in shanghai but in the forecast on twenty four hours some cloud across southern parts of japan and southern parts of south korea but otherwise not a great deal of change as set down into more southern parts of china taiwan looking pretty sure at the moment some heavy rain across western parts of china and that's likely extend further towards the east during the course of sunday also further towards the surface circulation potential storm development effect in the
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philippines and indeed more central and southern parts of vietnam as things stand we've got some heavy rain for northern parts of vietnam still some showers for me amar but not as bad as it has been over the last few days southeastern parts of asia some heavy rain likely across this region but as you get further south towards more southern parts of borneo indeed across much of bali through lombok towards west papua weather conditions are fine it should be nice to ensure carter with highs of thirty two. it would remove any vestige of barack. that is coming to stay a people dispossessed a state established whatever i was able to do with our star and respect drove the great international peace organization the united nations a momentous event which lies at the heart of the ongoing conflict to this day seventy years on al-jazeera tells the history of what palestinians call the
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catastrophe. to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories spain has a new prime minister after money on that avoid lost a vote of confidence and then his six and a half years in power opposition socialist party leader petro sanchez is the new prime minister sanchez brought the no confidence motion after members of reforms conservative people's party were jailed for corruption. the prime minister of italy's first populist government is said to be sworn in in the coming hours giuseppe conte will lead a coalition of the anti establishment five star movement and far right lead party
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and some of america's closest allies are taking retaliatory measures after the u.s. imposed tabs on stigall and alimony and poles the trumpet ministration refused to grant exemptions to the european union canada and mexico there are now fears of a global trade war. the north korean leader's right hand man is now heading to the u.s. capital to deliver a letter from kim jong un to president donald trump it follows what the u.s. secretary of state is calling great progress during talks in new york our diplomatic editor james bays reports. a second day of intense diplomacy between the u.s. secretary of state and the north korean envoy who met for almost two and a half hour as reporters watch the comings and goings at the apartment block where the u.s. government owns a residence on the thirty ninth floor state department officials were very cautious in what they said but one man was not as restrained the u.s. president he spoke as the meeting was still under way revealing for the first time
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that general kim will now head to the white house good morning i just want to tell you we're doing very well with north korea our secretary of state has had very good meetings he's meeting again today. i believe they'll be coming down to washington on friday and a letter is going to be delivered to me from him john. the president said the summit in singapore if it takes place could be the first of perhaps two or three meetings between him and kim jong il in later secretary pomp aoe sidestepped questions about whether the two sides have the same definition of denuclearization and seemed well aware of the scale of the challenge ahead this is going to be a process that will take days and weeks to work our way through there will be tough moments there will be difficult times i've had some difficult conversations with them as well. they've given right back to me to reporters had been led to believe
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that these crucial negotiations would only be taking place here at this apartment block in new york but now there is another phase and an unpredictable element president trump himself at the white house general kim is carrying a letter which he will open there from his leader kim jong un james zero new york and the peace talks have resumed between north and south korea and the demilitarized zone between the two countries a high level delegation agree to hold joint military talks to defuse tension and even discuss efforts to reunite separated families as the latest move to help pave the way for a summit between kim jong un and donald trump when hey reports now from seoul. after the fanfare of the leaders summits this was the two koreas getting down to work senior representatives from the north crossed the border at the demilitarized zone to meet the delegation from the south the aim was to begin implementing what
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their leaders had discussed. we should in front of all the media here take on and follow the will of the leaders the leaders are walking far ahead of us why can't we follow them they did agreeing to set up a joint liaison office at the case on industrial complex just north of the border that's been closed since two thousand and sixteen following the north's missile and nuclear tests what were the most noble go south and north came to shared a common understanding of the basics trust respect and mutual understanding that the two leaders showed they've also agreed to consider staging an event on june the fifteenth to mark the anniversary of the first into korean summit eighteen years ago the talks between the two koreas have been positive and practical steps appear to have been taken towards improving relations but much depends on whether a potential summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un takes place and if it does what the outcome may be as we've seen recently the situation is changeable.
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friday's meeting was supposed to be held two weeks ago but the north koreans withdrew in protest over joint military exercises being held by south korea and the united states a few days later donald trump withdrew from a proposed summit with kim jong un citing tremendous anger and open hostility from pyongyang but after kim and south korea's president moon julian had a surprise second meeting last week all sides are once again working towards a kim trump summit on june the twelfth wayne hay al-jazeera sole. now jordan's king has suspended the government's decision to raise fuel prices this month the order follows protests in the capital amman against proposed tax increases people say they're worried about the rising cost of living king of the second says he suspended the decision during the muslim holy month of ramadan. the red cross is sending two teams of surgeons as well as medical supplies to gaza to treat people
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shot by israeli soldiers one hundred fifteen palestinians have been killed and thirteen thousand wounded since border protests began at the end of march the red cross as gaza's health system is on the verge of collapse. imagine some one thousand three hundred fifty people with complex cases will need three to five operations each so per patient a total of more than four thousand surgeries have off which will be carried out by the i.c.r.c. youth. such a case load would overwhelm any health system in the world including in geneva. now nationwide protests have been held in argentina calling for the decriminalize ation of abortion. demands follow months of televise hearings on whether or not turlough woman to terminate pregnancies within the first fourteen weeks a congressional committee on the proposed change to the north which both houses of
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parliament would also have to approve traceable reports from when a site is. it's the last day of the abortion hearings in argentina and those who want to legalize it demonstrated in congress wearing as always the color green that's become a symbol of the national campaign for free legal and safe abortions a minute. and yet we have been fighting for many years for something like this to happen to separate the state from the church and to the side based on what's better for the country in the past decade we have seen a few reasons for aggressive reforms in argentina like gay marriage and sexual education policies but until now abortion has been off the table mainly because of the pressure by the catholic church in the past two months we have seen over seven hundred people coming here to congress to express their views for and against abortion the debate has polarized the country abortion in argentina is legal only
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in case of rape or if a woman's life is had risk but it is estimated that four hundred thousand planned the stein abortions are performed every year many women have died most of them are poor the outcome of any vote is by no means certain sure. i have to defend the right to life that is in our constitution and i cannot go against the right to life since conception but if you ask me if you want a woman to go to prison because of an abortion i say no i think we can protect them in a different way if they want. this public debate has promoted the visibility of a problem and the consequence. it helps the health ministry and also she'll search . to begin talking about sexual education educate about contraception and prevent abortions precedent. is against a change in the law but he allowed the debate defying the pressure from the catholic church. some bishops have been very aggressive with lawmakers where they have thrown those who are planning to vote in favor they generate fear they remain
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authoritarian but it's because they know they will lose. over the past fifteen years the campaign to legalize abortion has presented six bills on six different locations but no one made it to congress many hope it will be different this time that is how. malaysia has crept a controversial goods and service tax many playing for increasing the cost of living but the tax relief is expected to be short lived the new government is proposing a sales tax to cut the national debt which is close to three hundred billion dollars the vehicle pollen reports from kuala lumpur. election campaign promises to abolish the deeply unpopular consumer tax are thought to have been an important factor which swayed voters towards the new government and now it's delivering on that promise it would actually be the best thing for the nation if they need people to east because they can claim g.s.t. mistakes you find if i look at the g.s.t.
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was introduced three years ago to offset false in the price of a major revenue earner oil and gas many businesses were affected every company would do some mining mr bruno so no they're going to hop on some of these more software but how can you leave. a lot of resources to this chinese medicine chain managed to absorb the additional cost but tens of thousands of smaller businesses closed down as the cost of raw materials shot up g.s.t. revenue significantly contributed to the state's coffers the leaders of the new government have a new dilemma how to cut the two hundred seventy two billion dollar national debt which is more than eighty percent of g.d.p. the government set up a fund of into members of the public who are willing to contribute towards the national debt it's a call to action that's being circulated in social media by the government even provided a bank account number so people can donate directly to what's being called
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a fund. analysts say more concrete measures are needed to fund it the government would be hard pressed to actually said before you know you'd be quite challenging for the government to find. a broader tax system like the g.s.t. because it's a value added tax or consumption tax so what's very important now is actually for the government to educate its spending while the government is putting in place its own us territory measures to tackle the debt it hopes the kurds zero tax rate on goods and services will encourage consumer spending to boost the economy street food sellers are promising to pass on the savings to customers who are good i can drop the price of my chicken before we can just be the stock or small so i will but what's being called a tax honeymoon may be short lived the government's planning a new tax in september. kuala lumpur. now a fourteen year old boy has discovered how one eight letter word can be worth
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a lot of money. and and i mean that is. why no one here means a community joint participation and sharing the money won the national spelling competition in the u.s. state of texas and along with the trophy he took home a check for forty thousand dollars. finally this bulletin a new museum in south africa has quickly become a top tourist attraction the collection of contemporary art in cape town is also causing a controversy among local artists and critics malcolm webb reports. it's the first of its kind in africa and the biggest this lights museum of contemporary art in cape town is in an old silo concrete sheaves that once the world grain has been cut away to house the world's largest collection of african art it's attracted and impressed lovers from all over the world of music. and.
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i'm so excited to. see my observation here my heart. not only my but. it's open last year the way he draws three thousand visitors a day if galleries are spread over ninth rules they display the private collection of german billionaire philanthropist york and zite he's bought artworks from all over the continent and led them to the museum on top of the building is a hotel rooms that cost as much as twelve thousand dollars a night it's on cape town's waterfront which is home to some of the continent's most expensive property there is popular with tourists and with wealthy south africans few people from the townships come here so some artists are not critics say the putting that kind of institution in this kind of place isn't very inclusive but the provincial minister for tourism told us it's prominent helps african art
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position in an exclusive space beyond i waterfront but tourism destination in africa i mean what better place to put it if you want to really get artists to be exposed african or to be exposed so i think that weighs in your first argument. just outside the city in a township called langar he went to a community center that works with local artists supported by city authorities. we asked one of the founders about the nearby opening of the giant gallery housing of foreigners private collection it's ok rain rain rain and that person who has decided to do what he wanted to do. now would love to see that person's face and say come to london and build this in a can do this well museum tries to be accessible african citizens spared the fifteen dollars entrance fee on wednesday mornings and schoolchildren and to free
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the time at least those able to get here can enjoy this grand addition to the continent's art scene malcolm webb al-jazeera cape town south africa. and again on the front of a die hard with the headlines on al-jazeera spain has a new prime minister after money on that avoid lost a parliamentary vote of confidence and then six and a half years in power the opposition socialist party leader petro sanchez is the new prime minister sanchez brought the no confidence motion after members of the voice conservative people's party were jailed for corruption the prime minister of italy's first populist government is said to be sworn in in the coming hours just have a conte will lead a coalition of the anti establishment five star movement and far right league party the breakthrough ends three months of political uncertainty some of america's closest allies are taking retaliatory measures after the u.s.
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imposed tariffs on steel an alum many m imports the trumpet ministration refused to grant exemptions to the european union canada and mexico they're now fears of a global trade war. we find ourselves the target of punitive tariffs on canadian aluminum and steel under the pretext of a two three two national security provision let me be clear these tariffs are totally unacceptable. north and south korea have agreed to set up a new joint liaison office during resumed peace talks and the south korean delegation is also proposing military talks to further reduce tension jordan's king has suspended the government's decision to raise fuel prices this month the order follows protests in the capital amman against proposed tax increases the demonstrations continued on friday. with protesters demanding that the government resign. the red cross is sending two teams of surgeons as well as medical supplies
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to gaza to treat people shot by israeli soldiers one hundred fifteen palestinians have been killed and thirteen thousand wounded since the protests began at the end of march the red cross says gaza's health system is on the verge of collapse there would be nationwide protests in argentina calling for the decriminalisation of abortion the demand follows months of televised hearings on whether or not to allow women to terminate pregnancies within the first fourteen weeks a congressional committee is usable out on the proposed change to the knoll which both houses of parliament would also have to approve. as the headlines on al-jazeera and inside story is coming up next thank you for watching.
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it was an election that was high on symbolism if it was voting for the first time after the defeat of myself but now beyond what should have been a really bad election is under scrutiny with hopes of a peaceful transition to power in iraq be dashed again this is the inside story. hello and welcome to the program. it's been more than three weeks since iraqis went to the polls but the result was split and no single political bloc has been able to form a government the u.n. is urging a quick solution to be found so the country moves forward to words much now.


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