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during the recent into korean summit. hundreds of palestinians are protesting at israel's border with have been demonstrations there every friday for the past two months the border tension follows a week the worst escalation of violence between israel and hamas says twenty fourteen. the caretaker government and prime minister have been sworn in the former supreme court justice. will lead the country until the general election on july the twenty fifth the three main political parties are campaigning on promises of a stronger economy and more jobs for it that's it for me those are the latest headlines the news continues with folly in half an hour. and we will tolerate with people. one year into the gulf crisis al-jazeera examines its political economic and human impacts join us for special
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coverage on june fifth. hi i'm femi oke a and you are in the street and today we're diving into three stories that are buzzing online we begin in gaza where the largest flare up of violence between hamas and israel since the twenty fourteen because of war appears to be over people on social media have been talking about the news using hash tags gaza under attack on wednesday hamas announced that armed groups in the gaza strip how did agree to a cease fire with israel the news followed a night of air attacks on tuesday aimed at several hamas and islamic jihad positions joining us to talk about this we have howie forsett he's a senior correspondent with al-jazeera english he's covering the story for our network. is a student a social media activist in gaza having for rice good to have you here howie the
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ceasefire what's going on right now. well it's been pretty quiet since the ceasefire essentially informal cease fire came into effect at four am on wednesday morning israel contends that it hasn't signed up to any cease fire it is pretty clear that egypt was extremely keen to ensure that things didn't spin further out of control egypt has been trying to broker a peace deal we've built between israel and hamas for some time it's also been trying to sponsor reconciliation between the housing authority and hamas it's very keen to make sure that there isn't any further security breakdown on its northern border and so for now things remain pretty calm i think both sides as well very clear about the dangers of further escalation i think there was a pretty careful calibration of just how far to push things on both the israeli and the gazan sides hell i hear that harry and online people are going what you're
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saying about things being calm prate now but as of last night wednesday night this is what may tweeted out she says unfortunately the situation in gaza is now very suspicious the sounds of the israeli reconnaissance planes continue to fly intensely and frighteningly an addition to cutting off electricity it's been a dark night for dozens we're still scared then this morning thursday morning after him tweets and i heard no explosions today i think it's being respected at the moment only the sounds of israeli drones and warplanes are heard flying in our sky you won't understand how terrifying the sounds are until you witness what he calls a genocide for you hearing these two accounts of people who are in can you relate to them one of the last few days been like for you. actually sense we've been hearing a lot of bombs. we are still wary that this will turn into an aggression as that question of two thousand and fourteen started like this against with. as it began with the clashes and then it turns into aggression and the sound of the bombs and
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design of a plant and a drone swears to it terrifying and too annoying specially that's rather drunk and actually the people in gaza they can like psychological to think that when we hear a car passing equipment in the strait or someone shuts the door. so strongly and we think that these are there are rockets falling over this isn't except those and so we become like our lives like we've become used to explosions. hurried along to me so you reporting on al-jazeera you reporting from the hospital can you tell us more about the stories that you heard what he was that. well you know i think this is actually a very important aspects to the story not just that the clashes that we saw this week which actually resulted in no casualties on this side and a few injuries on the israeli side but it the story of the last two months these
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protests along along the fence that separates israel and gaza and the vast number of casualties that we've been seeing the international committee of the red cross put out an appeal today for funding more than five million dollars worth of funding they want to double their surgical teams here because of not the immediate inflow of injuries but the long term consequences of those injuries three thousand six hundred injured by live fire of those thirteen hundred we're told need four or five operations over the course of the next six months or so so as well as that will we're going to see disability for many of them extending throughout their lives and so all of this as difficult as it is it is to manage for the hospitals also pushes aside one of the regular medical care work that would otherwise be going on and that's something that the director of an rather u.n. agency which has so much to do here in gaza in terms of looking after the one million dollars on refugees that it looks after they're talking about
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a crisis in health care as well so. that the deepening concerns that's one of the major ones at the moment now harriet's keeping that in mind saracens cared tweets and my question would be how long will this ceasefire at last the cease fires do little to help with the overwhelming sued and medical supply shortages and gaza whether people want to recognize that or not gaza is essentially an outdoor prison for palestinians being at that hospital this week harry what stood out to you the most what did you find most striking. well i think it is the fact that these people will be coming back and back and back for more and more medical care and from some of them it will be you know we've already seen a large number of amputations as well as a life changing injuries you know i was there in the operating theater speaking to an i.c.r.c. surgeon and he was having to sort of root around inside the ankle of this young man who'd been shot several weeks ago looking for bone fragments that had been left
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behind presumably in the in the rush because of the sheer pressure of numbers and it doesn't just go to to what's happening the medical sector i mean i've been jerusalem correspondent for just over a year now so i've been coming here very regularly and it was bad when i started coming here and it has been getting steadily worse the the crackdown by the palestinian authority on hamas trying to squeeze hamas by placing restrictions on payments and on electricity and so on that's been having severe effects on people who've been forced out of homes forced to live with relatives sometimes forced onto the street and what you hear from people is is this feeling that all of their leaders you know hamas palestinian authority and indeed of course israel on the other side of the of the blockade treating them with with that with cynicism and they've lost faith and they just want some kind of change some kind of a tent to live in dignity and that's what a lot of them say that the protests over the last couple of months have been about
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. what's going on behind that not. and actually i just want to talk about that the most. the greatest end of march and that we should all remember that all the mushers with an arm and went to basically march foot to return to their cupid territories in one hundred forty eight but isn't a patient and a sponsor them and many casualties of the station of land they think will change a little paper lives and they can sense is that we're living through that everything around us makes us more depressed like the direction of the thread i read by the palestinian authority and of look aid we have no access to the outside world and up look at what are just the outrage and i increase others to rate and unemployment rate and with the child child labor and a lot of companies can do their work so they're laying off their employees so we're going to rate is increasing rapidly for you just summed up in about thirty seconds
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some of the major issues that palestinians have when they're living inside of gaza thank you for us thank you harry for the latest from gaza we appreciate you being on the screen today. now to the united kingdom where people online are discussing if northern ireland will decriminalise abortion following the republic of ireland's historic vote.
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here to discuss what's next for northern ireland kelly o'dowd she's the co-chair for alliance for choice and activists ashley topically and welcome to you both ashley i want to start with some action on the street if you have this headline here from the independent on my laptop northern irish women protesting anti abortion laws take illegal terminations pills in front of police and there's a bit you can see pictures of that all over twitter today now all mine this is their reaction or about the tweets into the stream you shouldn't have last reproductive choices because you were born in derry and not durham or belfast not birmingham it's time to decriminalize abortion and give women and northern ireland autonomy over their own bodies equality with sisters in england scotland and wales when you see pictures of these protests when you read solidarity tweets like this
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do they resonate with you. oh totally just to give you an idea of what my experience was. years ago i find out that i was pregnant with my first child and am very much wanted a baby and the pregnancy went as normal up until the twenty week scan when we were told that i'm sorry but your baby's not going to survive and at that stage i asked for a termination and i was told doc just doesn't happen here so i had to go until i was thirty five weeks pregnant when my waters broke and deliver stillborn baby and that's the situation currently and women who are on pregnant people who are a result are pregnant as a result of sexual crime can't access the termination either nor can those who have a crisis pregnancy. i'm just looking at a tweet here from the u.k. prime minister trees i'm a he says hey the irish referendum yesterday so this was tweeted out the twenty
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seventh of may was an impressive show democracy which delivers a clear and unambiguous result i congratulate the i wish people in their decision and all of the together for yes on their successful campaign pm theresa may with pilled the eighth so how position is very clear when it comes to island but what about the an island how would a politician stacking up on the northern side of the border. well unfortunately we haven't had a government in terms of the northern assembly for seventeen months night and so we have to legislate it the one hundred sixty seven abortion act has never been implemented in northern ireland even though where citizens of the united kingdom so we are asking our night to legislate and our human rights are not a devolved matter to the northern ireland assembly even if it came back tomorrow so it's under u.k. legislation really doubt deliver human rights for women in northern ireland and
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this time we have a right it's hundred plus women who travel from northern ireland to be on to access abortions and that's ok if you're in able to travel but there are so many women who can't so if you're an undocumented migrant if you have a disability if you're in a course of controlled relationship if you don't have a passport or other documents if you're under sixteen for example so a lot of people can travel a lot of people haven't been northern out of never mind travel in a strange country to access their reproductive health care and also we have a situation where women are accessing abortion pelz but you showed earlier abortion polls ordered on lang from women on where we have been women help women are safe abortion polls but they are a late goal so women are part and they're never to be at our risk and b. and present because their access an abortion polls and that's happened three times in northern ireland so far so we had three cases of people being prosecuted for m.x.'s and abortion polls on line you know chris here on twitter chris henry says in regard to northern ireland it's been shown clearly in the past week that's
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recently has no intention of providing choice to northern irish women propped up by the d u p the democratic unionist party in northern ireland as it is which leaves the people in northern ireland one real choice protest organize agitate actually do see i've got as usual you say well we have been doing that for years and years and years and cali has been doing it a lot longer than i have we have been protesting we have been. try and organize as many things as we can to get the to educate people on what the situation is really like here but it is you know we are grateful for the result in the irish referendum because it has really shown the spotlight even farther on to northern ireland and dreams are made does have a choice she can lead to because as kerry rightly said human rights are not a devolved matter so she has the part to take action right now i but she won't
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because of the coalition with the co we're going to show to by about as much as we can. actually i'm sensing as a sense of momentum that come from ireland judy here for instance on twitter says this campaign is an over and to our brothers and sisters up north have the right to choose was so so maybe meant in the maybe some pressure there might be some infusing them but in terms of policy and political change kelly is there anything that's about to happen the would change abortion mills for northern ireland. there's a number of things so if you look at our statutes and we have the eight hundred sixty one yes i repeat the sixty one offenses against the parson act still in our stock sheets so that's before the light bulb was invented treason may take away section fifty eight fifty nine of a piece of legislation it stops women been criminalized on the stocks health care professionals been criminalized we also have a domestic violence piece of legislation that's going to westminster at the minutes and they're trying to tag on abortion legislation for northern ireland we need to
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decriminalize am abortion in northern ireland we need to make it free safe and they go we need to provide reproductive health care for our sisters and pregnant people as soon as possible rebecca here says saying the north the next is great in theory but in practice the politicians are way behind the people on this in northern ireland we need actions not words and full decriminalisation of abortion and none of the five major parties support this we need to lobby and to fight for abortion access and northern ireland i'm wondering kelly or ashley where the doctors stand on this. well and i know. you're going to as well know ask you to go. well just in my partial experience when i was denied an abortion my a doctor i saw a number of doctors that my me and consultant told me that he was sorry but his hands were tied at the minute if doctors help a pregnant person have an abortion they can rest the reason their license for
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a start being prosecuted and go into jail so doctors can't help women and pregnant people even if they want to and not only that but they can't even give them directions as to high to get the help that they want and that they need you know because we can travel to england we shouldn't have to but we can do that but you are pregnant person has to organize that and find all that information all by themselves and when you're facing a crisis pregnancy and or fatal fatal optimality diagnosis the last thing that you have the headspace to do is try to organise flights organize accommodation try and find some health care where you are a case where you can actually have a terminations. hearing the words have actually totally also heard from kelli o'dowd all in with this via you tube elizabeth says i love that their shirts say trust women that sums up perfectly why women should have a choice thank you for joining us on this issue. we head to the united states where
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social media exploded recently of a news about the treatment of migrant children being held by authorities at the mexican border today uses began calling for action with the hashtags where the children and missing children after reports circulating that youngsters were being separated from their migrant parents and that the government had lost track of almost fifteen hundred of them but as someone social has pointed out this is a complicated issue joining us to talk about this in tijuana mexico eric opinion she is the policy education director for auto welcomes good to have you here erika let me just start with a little bit of a statement from the department of health and human services because it was such an uproar about missing children so this is what eric hardin says these children they're not lost their sponsors who usually parents or family members and in all of his says they have been vetted for criminality and ability to provide for them and
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then he goes on to say simply did not respond or could not be reached when his full entry call was made so the children are not lost erica yes that's correct so as a refugee resettlement releases most children to close family members or parents and they do a follow up call about a month after release and so exactly what they did just a representative said is absolutely correct the sponsors simply didn't respond to the phone call. the issue really is that. especially recently is sharing information with ice so whereas before a sponsor could be undocumented and receive a child and might feel more comfortable responding to a follow up call now the trumpet ministration has made it so that all are are is sharing information about undocumented sponsors with is keeping track of children and reporting their workouts to ice and so i think what we're going to see is actually more children. department of health and human services will be on. able to
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reach and this is problematic because you know they have put in safeguards to make sure that children are being released to. sponsors that are going to treat them well but that's not always the case and so i think that there needs to be some kind of safeguard where a child who's in a trafficking situation or a child who is being abused feels comfortable reaching back out to the opposite refugee resettlement or another child welfare agency without fear that they will be turned over to ice if they do so ok and erica for international audience is an acronym for all of refugee resettlement and wrecked picking up on what you said here on twitter sent us a chain of tweets and in it she says as a lawyer on twitter pointed out given the current close cooperation between nice and just which is the health and human services we probably don't want our government keeping close tabs on these kids and their families anyway it would only
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lead to more deportations of those who are the most vulnerable but she goes on to say i think it's important to note that the real tragedy is not missing children it's the inhumane policy of separating children from their parents the border that's placing young children and babies in detention facilities to punish asylum seekers erica can you talk to us about this part of the policy because i know that you work directly with people on the border giving illegal what have you seen. so since november we've seen about we've personally i've helped about a dozen families who've been separated at the border by or by a customs and border protection so these are families who are approaching a legal point of entry they're asking c.b.p. customs and border protection for asylum and then being separated from their children so their parents are being sent to an ice detention facility and the children being sent to our custody. it's incredibly traumatic for these families
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and when we warn people on the mexican side that they could potentially be separated from their children many of them are willing to take that risk because they fear losing their lives if they don't access the u.s. asylum system so we're putting these families in this incredible position to essentially choose between their lives and their children and most of the parents you know they're willing to sacrifice themselves to give their children a better life but it's absolutely not a policy that the united states should be implementing this is turned into a huge political fight let me give you a little clip of a conversation between the california senate to come on the harness and the department of homeland secretary have a listen. your agency will be separating children from their parents and that is what we'll be doing is prosecuting parents who have broken the law just as we do every day in the united states of america i can appreciate that but if that parent has a four year old child what do you plan on doing with that child the child under law goes to h.h.s.
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for care and custody they will be separated from their parents just as i do in the united states every day so they will be separated from their parents and my question then is when you are separating children from their parents do you have a protocol in place about how that should be done and are you training the people who will actually remove a child from their parents on how to do that in the least traumatic way i would hope you do drain out how to do that and so the question is in the request has been to give us the information about how you are training and what the protocols are for separating a child from their parent i'm happy to provide you with the training information thank you so that was the department of homeland security secretary being questioned erica one of the things you organization does is try and find families that have been separated from the children get them back together would you describe what it is like for the families when they are separated what happens.
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so the immigration agents physically rip children from their parents' arms screaming children who don't have any idea what's going on you have to understand that these agents often have guns on them their uniforms i mean it's it's such an incredibly traumatizing event that both parents and children have told me that i'll never be the same after experiencing that. the youngest client i've had separated from his father actually is eighteen months old he was in our custody for two months before being released to another family member and his mother tells me you know i got a different child back he's afraid to be out of my sight you know he's afraid that the police are going to take him another five year old girl a.o.l. is you know now having nightmares and trouble in school now that she's been released to her mother and so it's something that you know if they're training people on how to do it they're training agents on how to do this in
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a less traumatic way i'm certainly not seeing this on the ground and the other issue i want to address is that the secretary is saying that they're only separating children from parents who are not crossing at a normal port of entry so those who are crossing illegally that's simply not true there are separating children from parents who are prosecuted but also from those who are seeking asylum legally out of court of sharon so you know eric opinion and i thank you so much for joining us and also shedding light and truth and facts on a conversation that blew up on twitter with some recent misinformation it's really helpful to be on the strain thank you to all of our guests and our community lake and i will see you always online thanks so much.
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exploited men use the kill. to make the charcoal that feel. that for. which. is the trade that exploits them and. penetrates. a twenty first century evil continues. on al-jazeera. conservation is helping to recover its population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve. a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're refining all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest
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evidence suggests. cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international based of threatened species. a new series of rewind. back to life and. i was the focus. and the others to the. spirit. so many. want on al-jazeera. and. now as the pressure grows. on. the people of gaza talk to.
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and live from studio full team here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha. welcome to the news great a momentous day in european politics one. another is in spain prime minister roy is forced from office over a corruption scandal. a new populist government headed by. is finally sworn in after days of political crisis we'll have reports from madrid and roll makes for what it all means for the. also on the grid the world's largest economy and on the brink of a trade war canada and mexico hit back at america's. apart from.


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