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the people of gaza talk to. me. and live from studio full team here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha. welcome to the news great a momentous day in view of p. and politics one government to another is in spain prime minister forced from office over a corruption scandal while a new populist government headed by just is finally sworn in after days of political crisis we'll have reports from madrid and roll make sprawl what it all means for the e.u. also on the grid the world's largest economies stand on the brink of a trade war as the e.u. canada and mexico hit back at america's singing metal ties apart from retaliatory
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moves there's also a showdown looming at the world trade organization we'll look at what it all means for industries on both sides of the atlantic and they were forced to flee their homes because of war now they may have nothing to go back to what all the syrian government as a law that means refugees if not already destroyed in the war can be confiscated or have a report from lebanon on syria and say it's a blatant attempt to keep them in limbo. they say don't judge a book by its cover is relates this cover for saudi princess on the front pages during plenty of criticism online i'm satisfied now tell you why a little later and you can also connect with us live using the hash tag a.j. news grid. with a news grid live on air and streaming online for you to facebook live and that's al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us. washed over two european countries at
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once bushing one prime minister spain's mariano rajoy from office while sweeping another italy is just separate kaante into power or holy shook his successors hand in parliament just moments after politicians ousted him in a no confidence vote it was triggered by a huge corruption scandal involving roy center right party socialist spectral songes as leader of the second biggest party automatically becomes prime minister of spain meanwhile just sepic conti has been sworn in as prime minister in italy after the formation of western europe's first populist government it has a coalition of the anti establishment five star movement and the right wing on thai immigration league they want to revive its least struggle khana me by rejecting austerity and increasing spending proposals which have worried the e.u. because of its unease large debt while we talk about italy in just a moment with me in rome but first need barca in madrid takes us through a downfall of. a new political
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dawn for spain forty six year old former economics professor pedro sanchez is now the country's new prime minister. in a moment i am aware of the responsibility that i assume in such a complex political moment in our country and what i can say is that apart from been totally aware of it i am going to face all our country's challenges with humility and commitment and above all with a lot of determination and first transform and modernize our country which is what the socialist party has always done when we have been in the government and secondly to attend the urgent social matters of many people living in precarious conditions and suffering from inequality i am going to do it with consensus with humility hard work and commitment from. the head of the socialist party pushed for friday's no confidence motion and won by a large margin m.p.'s from six different parties voted overwhelmingly to oust
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marianna will and his center right people's party from office the head of the vote apologize for his party's past mistakes let me start to look at those shall be most it has been an honor to be the prime minister of spain it has been an honor to leave behind a better spain than the one that i found when i took over government i wish my substitute will be able to say the same i think i have improved the well being of the people of spain if anyone has been offended by my actions i think everyone especially my party without whom none of this would be possible thank you to all spaniards for their support and understanding and good luck to all of you and to spain. the vote follows a long running corruption scandal involving leading members of roy's party he became the first prime minister in office to give evidence in a trial last year. former people's party treasure louis busyness was among twenty nine people convicted on corruption charges he was once
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a close ally of the hallway he was given a thirty three year jail sentence and fined fifty one million dollars the people's party was also ordered to pay back two hundred ninety five thousand dollars but roy has remained defiant accusing sanchez of political opportunism spain's new prime minister will have to unite the country's french a parliament will be the leader of a minority government and need the support of rival political parties to pass crucial legislation sanchez inherits a troubled economy and political instability over the future of catalonia where the independence movement remains strong he's also under pressure from other parties to cool new elections as soon as possible sanchez is now spain's seventh prime minister since his return to democracy in the one nine hundred seventy s. but his hold on power faces immediate challenges. al-jazeera madrid on hour tonight in rome way italy's new prime minister and cabinet have been sworn
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in a dream it wasn't easy but it's finally has its coalition government how were they able to come up with a deal in the end and what have been the reactions. that's right fully not everyone thought we'd see this day it's a good day for former professors because just at the conti the new prime minister has been sworn in in front of the president as you said he's a former law professor heading a very unusual coalition the so-called populist coalition of the five star movement and the far right league party ministers are starting to arrive here at the government building for this handing over ceremony there will be a swearing in rather they'll be a vote of confidence in parliament possibly or monday which they will have the numbers for but there are lots and lots of questions and eyebrows being raised about exactly what kind of program they're going to push through the new interior minister is the head of the league matteo salvini he is very tough on immigration
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and has talked about setting up detention centers around the country to house asylum seekers as well as wanting to expel hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants luigi to my oh the head of the five star movement becomes labor an industry minister and he's talked about establishing a basic universal income at the same time as cutting taxes given that italy has such a huge public debt many questions are being asked about whether they can afford to push through all of these policies also coming overcome their squabbles there are many rivalries between those two leading figures and then there's the question of europe yes so you've been talking to us about some of the challenges this new government faces. i also want to talk a bit further about the obstacles ahead for this new coalition government it's specially made comes to dealing with the european union.
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well everybody made a big deal of the fact that last sunday the president vetoed a lion's his choice for economy minister paolo savona specifically because he'd written papers advocating that italy prepare to leave the euro as a plan b. well now he's still in the cabinet e.u. affairs minister he'll be meeting counterparts from across the european union and he's got plenty to say about how europe needs to cut italy's some slack so it can start publicly investing more in infrastructure schemes and so on to cut unemployment he wants rules changed in brussels even though he doesn't himself advocate leaving the euro a many people here in italy do actually blame euro zone membership rightly or wrongly for a lot of the economic woes and there they'll be wanting to see push back in those meetings like the forthcoming summit in june with the european union it's worried
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the markets slightly there hasn't been a major hostile reaction but there have been comments in brussels which have really played into the hands of the new administration like john claude younker around twenty four hours ago saying that what italy needed was more work unless corruption is being slammed by the new interior minister and it just feeds into the narrative that italy starts to needs to start pushing back against what they see is the dominance of countries like germany ok nadeem thank you very much for us for that that's not deem correspondent in rome so a seismic shake up of the political landscape in spain and italy and south hyrax been monitoring the reaction on social media what have you found so far it's mainly been actually coming out of spain in fact pederast sanchez if ill trending worldwide as have several other banished hashtags as well and funny of life streaming the no confidence vote people posting pictures of them watching and commenting as they were going along live many fanny's called it
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a historic day and that's actually made. been the metric that we've been finding online about this but plenty of stations have also been congratulating the new prime minister calling it a great day a great news for europe as well and one of those is that marion was very happy she tweeted i don't know about the future but the pastas corrupted and we have to change this i said a lot so plenty of positive comments out of this news and plenty of comments also on pedro's change of fortunes all within just eighteen months in fact sanchez has made history and it's in itself is remarkable but it doesn't stop there because the forty six year old has a form of economic festa and less than two years ago he lost the confidence. to such to resign from his policy he strongly has disagreed with the formation of a conservative led coalition and also going on a road trip to reconnect with a scornful socialist he stood against the leader of the spanish specialist was his policy known as the p.s. sorry and one so the vote in madrid has had less impact on the financial markets
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than the time when it's me that's been a nice little social media as well as some reminding others not to compare the two countries in fact one of those is an sagna cost so he tweeted a quote that was says the situation in spain is different from it's really not funny is spain's economy seeing strong growth but none of the main policies questioning the euro as they are and it's the let's hear from a couple of mark and they see what i have to say. in spawn in. in spain this government crisis is coming at the worst possible time that the country has recovered and economically it is on the way back to the sea but now they have political problems despite being an anchor of stability for your own let's just hope it stays that way but overall the framework conditions for the european union are not positive they are negative i think as long as you don't have the kind of effort you have initially which seems unlikely given that the stronger recovery in spain than this one is a bit of a worry but more of
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a sideshow i think. now catalans and their supporters of also been reacting on social media to the news many many are calling on sanchez to make it his priority to release catalan prisoners and this picture has been shared here showing you. people who are in exile or imprisoned and of course the hash tag is free cuts and political prisoners but it's too early to see what's will be happening of course and that is this person has tweeted his saying it's really spain break the interesting times as they say oh week is a long time in politics we want to know what you think you can get in touch with us you might be in spain or elsewhere i want me to have a photo yes and sorry lot of people getting in touch with us on this top story a comment here from peter on facebook who says european political spring in the making another one from. elizabeth rather on facebook says academics should be in government they encourage critical thinking the u.s.
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could learn from spain and italy thank you for your comments you can keep them coming using the hash tag a.j. news great well let's speak for more about this now this political shakeup in european politics with daniel gross who is director of the center for european policy studies he joins us via skype from brussels thank you for your time is what we're witnessing happening politically in spain and italy daniel part of the normal noise of european politics or is this something bigger that could have serious consequences for the wider european union i would say that one has to distinguish between and screen and to the. markets or around. the normal annoyance that's the way democracies function you know retirement is another woman. it is different there for the first time you have two parties which both do not really care about europe both have very heterogeneous elements inside
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themselves some of which already entail your being and that this could become rather very difficult for you to deal with because a major country like you could if you really read it keynes you want that would be a big problem for process and just a bit more in italy but the new economy minister giovani tria is in favor of italy's continued membership of the single european currency even though as you say the populace government has still a lot of issues with europe at the migrants issue being one of them do you think though that this new government in the end will eventually have to fall in line with the rules or is italy's membership of the really in danger i think ultimately it is membership of the euro it's not in danger but i would not. give this as a reason. in terms of the finance minister prime minister abbas that went around their. interests in keeping italy in the euro or and in the euro because they don't
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have any power they have technical and condiments and a technical or lawyer would have been recruited by party leaders to say has fifty eight more or less they go out in the european union and say yes italy is very well behaved can't wear but the real decision not taken by the r.t.e. don't and they might have a very different agenda. so focusing now in spain daniel i have a comment here from one of our viewers on facebook who says sanchez the new spanish prime minister is a socialist and this could be a very good step for spain and catalonia what will the arrival of a socialist government in spain mean for spain and its space in the e.u.'s specially when it comes to issues like the catalan separatist challenge and what his team has of her own economy you have seen for example in particular that
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sometimes sometimes prime minister can conduct very conservative and very productive economy policies so i think on that front you can be tracked the campaign on the issues of course much more difficult match to crack when you're so tennis player uncertain it could very well be that it's also would like to cut down on your moral kaname but the problem is that they might not all the ins nation and the rest of spain right and then by then make it stronger that story will be very difficult and very very long time ok looking at the bigger picture now daniel the e.u. no doubt has been reeling since the double shock of the bracks referendum and the election of donald trump in the us mccoy and merkel we know have been very ambitious have been very keen on you know putting out a positive vision for the block but can the e.u. realistically as we know it now survive all this turbulence. now some of it will
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because every country knows that you know well to dominate i don't know. if you are alone. you have grand this group provide extend your lost their choice made a name for forty only us a. better question is little really really deep group homes will remake steps forward and there i am much more skeptical because no new readers knew tell me it might not recall and even between. mark mccall and medical now if a difference is i would say it won't be esteemed the us. but the problems i also would not expect daniel grow very good to hear thoughts on this thank you very much for joining us there from brussels and an interesting discussion on up front recently about the future of the european union can the bronx survive the populous
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wave with the rise of anti e.u. parties and the u.k. on the way out is certainly a gloomy picture many hasn't sat down with gave very bad the lead breaks it negotiator for the european parliament you can watch the show by clicking on the shows tab on al-jazeera dot com and then click on outfront now as if the e.u. didn't have enough on its plate now it's also having to deal with a looming trade war with the us along with canada and mexico it's hitting back against its longtime ally after being slapped with new metal tariffs there placing levies on billions of dollars worth of u.s. products from orange juice to pork whiskey and motorbikes and the european union is also preparing a case against the u.s. at the world trade organization. we have been very clear about the consequences of doing this the european union will today sent. a request for consultations and later appended to the w two of the countries will as well we are
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determined to protect the multilateral system the w t o is not perfect but we have constructed this together with our american partners and we are expecting everybody to play by the rules. while the trumpet ministration is imposing tariffs on twenty five percent of steel imports and ten percent on the levies already applied to china and we looked at figures from the peterson institute for international economics to see which countries are being hit the hardest and here's what we found canada will hurt the most with trade losses worth an estimated three point two billion dollars a year the e.u. is projected to pay the next biggest prize losing about two point six billion for mexico it's an annual loss of one billion dollars asset china the world's largest oil producer in c. exports trimmed by six hundred eighty nine billion dollars we're covering this from both sides of the atlantic and gallagher is outside a construction firm in miami but first we go to natasha butler who is in paris for
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us that's straight commission has been speaking do we know any more about what this might be imposed by the e.u. and when. well what we learned from the trade commissioner there the e.u. was the message is clear from brussels and that is that the e.u. must defend its interests she said that the e.u. basically have no choice and they're all leaders were united in the in the next move and that is having to impose retaliatory tariffs on some united states goods now the thing is she did not detail exactly what those terrorists would be on and when they would come into effect when they'd actually be imposed but we are expecting tariffs on a number of u.s. goods including some of the ones you mentioned jeans orange juice bourbon motorcycles very strategically placed tariffs those are ones that are often those goods are produced in areas in the united states that are areas which are
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traditionally supported donald trump so the e.u. is really making it very it's really trying to target those voters who voted for donald trump because as we heard from the french president a little bit earlier he warned donald trump he said this may seem like a vote when and now but in the future we're going to be talking about unemployment and high prices not won't go down well at all the e.u. of course has a lot to lose a lot at stake you went through some of those figures before but the e.u. is one of the united states main trading partners it's the second biggest producer of steel in the world of to china three hundred twenty thousand steel jobs in the european union so of course this is why we have seen leaders really rallying round trying to defend their interests and sending the message the united states that it will not be in the words of the french finance minister bullied. in paris thank you very much for that natasha let's now go over to andy gala get in miami florida and
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i know you're outside a construction site there in miami we're going to talk about the reactions there but first despite the pressure from outside some good news it would seem from the u.s. economy today. yeah indeed i mean all of this for president trump is very symbolic of course this reaffirms his commitment to putting america first don trump of course wants to revive the rust belt in america get those jobs back to steelworkers who've lost so many jobs over the decades and of course this the figures this morning he can point to them and say look the economy in the united states is booming there's a quarter of a million more jobs unemployment is down to a fifty year low so it gives them a lots of ammunition to say what we're doing is right but let's put a human face on all of this at the moment in the state of florida around half a million people are employed in the construction industry since the collapse ten years ago it's an industry that's been booming you can see behind me here there's lots of construction going on in the design district here in miami but i've been talking to developers over the last twelve hours who are saying look at still
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prices have already been going up over the last few months over the uncertainty about what will happen now they're talking about all of these tariffs causing a recession they're saying they may have to lay people off they simply can't afford to deal with these rises in prices of steel and alimony and given the fact that their overheads and their profit margins are already quite small so essentially what they've been saying to me is we may have to lay workers like these off we may have to stop projects that are going on all over my i mean this is a city that's been going through a massive period of growth so these terrorists the people in the construction industry are causing a great deal of uncertainty a great deal of fear and the message from one construction worker to president don't trump is really just stop and think about what you're doing to the u.s. economy thank you for that andy andy gallagher live for us in miami let's now hear from susan danger wholes the c.e.o. of the american chamber of commerce to the e.u. she joins us from brussels thank you very much for your time president seems to
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want to shake up the systems first of all i just want to know just how difficult is your job going to be from now on with these new measures. well we're very disappointed about the decision that's been taken with regard to these measures we've been quite vocal in the last few days weeks among two of these we should have a permanent exemption for the e.u. we really stressing the court about how important the e.u. us relationship is i think from that from your previous speaker that we hope that how many jobs depend on the e.u.'s relationship thriving so we are very very concerned national security is what the trumpet ministration is citing as a reason to impose a starrett he says he says he meets the keep on foreign steel from high lies on a national security ground how is the european union a security threat to the us the european union is not a national security threat after we fall in this. ridiculous contention and i think
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we have to remember that the e.u. and the u.s. are each of the stones just allies let's not forget the history of the last seventy years and the values that we share and really we need to stick together this is absolutely the time for the e.u. and the u.s. to work together was a positive agenda but as you know junko juncker and other european leaders want to challenge the world trade organization and there's a risk here that if they've ruled against a trump administration the u.s. could threaten to pull out of the w t o which would be even worse news wouldn't it . exactly indeed we are very concerned about the dangers and this whole dispute that is now put into place risks escalating. further trade disputes to its half measures which were already seeing and indeed the threat to the global trading system the global trading system is exactly what business needs if that is disrupted then there's going to be many knock old effects not only to big business
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but to small businesses we've just heard. the global supply chain is so integrated now that we cannot afford any threat to tool to this global system so how do you think we step back from this i mean both sides are now threatening countermeasures and there's a real risk as you say of a global trade war what needs to happen now we really need to both sides to sit again together we really need to work together we need to accept that this and understand how strong this relationship is and that e.u. and us cry together both sides to best if we work together i think i mentioned the fifty million jobs the fifty people for the sense of global investment in to the u.s. actually comes from the e.u. that we need to remember the biggest of the crops remind those in the u.s. that of forty five of the fifty us states export more to europe than they do to
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china so we need to sit down together remind everyone about the strength of the relationship how much we saw rise together and then work towards take a balanced approach to everything instagram introduce a new positive agenda was the u.s. economy all right susan danger thank you very much for speaking to us isn't dangerous from the american chamber of commerce to the european union she was live there from brussels. now we're going to talk about a letter the contents of which may well determine if donald trump's summit with kim jong un ends up going ahead the north korean leader wrote the letter and asked his top aide came young cho to deliver it to trump here earlier left for washington from new york where he's been having meetings with the u.s. secretary of state michael pale live to our white house correspondent kimberly how get so a special delivery then kimberly from north korea kim yong jong coming to washington after all the question is will he meet donald trump. well that is still unclear
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looking at the official schedule that the white house released there is no scheduled meeting for this so we're trying to determine when this might happen we know that the president the moment is about to participate in a changing of command ceremony at the u.s. coast guard but later he will meet with his u.s. secretary of state mike pompei of that happening at seventeen g.m.t. so there's a possibility that he could be present when the letter is delivered because of course mike pompei it was dining on a state dinner in new york city last night we know with the vice chair of the former spy chief kim young who is the one that is conveyed in this letter so it's very possible it could occur there we also know that the president is headed to camp david at about nine hundred g.m.t. and perhaps there could be another meeting there this is often a secure location where these types of more personal meetings take place what we do know is that donald trump when he sent his own letter to kim jong the chair in
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north korea that in fact well it did have parts where he did underscore some of the concerns about tremendous anger and hostility the u.s. feels is coming out of north korea the rest of the letter had a very warm tone and the u.s. president has speculated the letter he is about to receive from north korea could also in the words of donald trump be very positive a lot of speculation happening right now folly in washington about what the contents of this letter are what we do know from the u.s. secretary of state though is there's a feeling this is a pivotal moment when the u.s. hopes will not be wasted and can move forward leading to a potential summit on june twelfth which of course donald trump has canceled but that all signs seem to point towards happening kimberly thank you very much for the moment we will of course be speaking to you throughout the evening here on al-jazeera now that's what's going on in the u.s. but lots of diplomacy is also going on in asia especially between north and south korea when he is in seoul with more. after the fanfare of the leaders summits this
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was the two koreas getting down to work senior representatives from the north crossed the border at the demilitarized zone to meet the delegation from the south the aim was to begin implementing what their leaders had discussed. we should in front of all the media here take on and follow the will of the leaders the leaders are walking far ahead of us why can't we follow them they did agreeing to set up a joint liaison office at the case on industrial complex just north of the border that's been closed since two thousand and sixteen following the north's missile and nuclear tests what were the most noble go south and north came to shared a common understanding of the basics trust respect and mutual understanding that the two leaders showed they've also agreed to consider staging an event on june the fifteenth to mark the anniversary of the first into korean summit eighteen years ago the talks between the two koreas have been positive and practical steps appear
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to have been taken towards improving relations but much depends on whether a potential summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un takes place and if it does what the outcome may be as we've seen recently the situation is changeable. friday's meeting was supposed to be held two weeks ago but the north koreans withdrew in protest over joint military exercises being held by south korea and the united states a few days later donald trump withdrew from a proposed summit with kim jong un citing tremendous anger and open hostility from pyongyang but after kim and south korea's president moon julian had a surprise second meeting last week all sides are once again working towards a kim trump summit on june the twelfth wayne hay al-jazeera sole. and don't forget we've got a special page up on al-jazeera dot com for all things north korea all the latest news lines about the on again off again summit between kim jong un and donald trump
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it's all there on al-jazeera dot com she watching us on facebook live coming up growing evidence that any legal party drug can help people suffering serious mental illness and still ahead on the grid the death toll in nicaragua passes one hundred after more than six weeks of on thai government protests but will it be enough to push president ortega and his wife from power to stakes. the at. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant into western parts of asia we've got some fairly big storms developing across cyprus moving in towards lebanon and also syria so some major storms are likely here also looking pretty stormy across parts of turkey through into the caucasus further towards the south where we solicit dust around parts of iraq through into ward kuwait and heading
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into sunday not a great deal of change across this region really hot in baghdad forty one showers also likely across iran so moving down into the arabian peninsula here in the gulf states we start to pick up some really quite high humidity which is unusual this early in the late spring and summer period forty two is the high end but it feels more press of not because of the humidity level meanwhile for the sun sea temperatures highs forty seven on the other side the potential actually not too bad forty two is a nice warm in mecca and heading through into sunday not much change expected so let's head down into southern parts of africa where the conditions here cloudy on the eastern cape durban there will see some closure but she clear way brighter conditions expected to follow and then across a much the region we're looking fine weather conditions sunshine through much of botswana looking fine across with highs of twenty five in harare.
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to some anonymous politician to others an alleged war criminal who was responsible for the murder of course of those serb statesman oliver evanovich want does it reveal of the sectarian divide within this ten year old country and how has it affected relations between prishtina and belgrade kosovo people in power investigation on al-jazeera.
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the eat. the mines on al-jazeera and the stories trending on on to syria dot com top trending their turkey's president with oral foreign policy challenges ahead of
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a snap elections in turkey also trending the political crisis in spain and my honor to hoist forced to resign over the corruption scandal and a new prime minister in spain number three malaysia opening crowd funding to help pay its two hundred fifty billion dollars debt more notable stories and much more on our website at al-jazeera dot com. palestinians are again protesting along israel's border with gaza they have been demonstrations at every friday since march thirtieth these latest scenes follow week that saw the worse escalation of violence between israel and hamas since twenty fourteen harry fawcett is our correspondent near the border for us in the gaza israel border tell us about what's been happening this friday is a situation as tense as it's been in recent weeks. well it's a smaller protest in some of the ones that we've seen in the beginning and into it's the middle of these two months of processes. seems to be going along the same
6:37 pm
lines as last friday people turned up relatively late in the day around five pm local time they gathered near opposition here and lit tires and there was quite a lot of initially quite a lot of warning fire live rounds being fired overhead by israeli forces and many volleys of tear gas as well and then about an hour ago or so they moved down to this location behind me all move out of the way slightly so that the cameraman mark and zoom in right now the crowds are about half the strong as they were thirty to forty five minutes ago but this protest does continue every minute or so we're seeing some people running handfuls of people running in towards the fence and being. blasted of a away by tear gas and as well as that live fire we've seen a number of you can hear an ambulance in the background now we've seen a number of people being injured by life by the most recent figures we have of five injured by a live fire at the five protest sites up and down the border with gaza and israel
6:38 pm
and twenty injured altogether but i think that number is probably somewhat behind the most recent figure given how many haven't been seen taking people away from the scene right harry this has been going on for some not for some time now as we've said since march thirtieth how much longer do we expect these protests to continue what will it take for the palestinians to just stop showing up at this point or. well i think there are two elements to that one is the continuing frustration about the desperate situation that so many people live in within gaza and this is still as a way of making a show of that of demonstrating to the world of the kind of conditions people live in here and be the way that they are fenced in by the israeli blockade the other key factor of course is a political decision by hamas and i was asking a senior advisor to the hamas leadership that very question what is required in
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terms of an achievement from all these weeks all these dozens of deaths these hundreds thousands of injuries what would be enough to say or write that's it for now we've made some kind of progress well he says that these protests will continue this is a new strategy that hamas is adopting one of peaceful protests despite the fairly major military engagement we saw between the two sides earlier in the week and he says this will continue until there is a lifting of the siege now there are talks underway brokered by egypt there are many leaks about these talks in the israeli media among others. that talks about a potential long term cease fire the question is can they bridge the gap between what israel wants out of those and what hamas wants out of those the other element is the israeli army according to reports the israeli media today is urging its politicians to act now to make such a deal because they too oh and perhaps a bit more than many in the international community strangely a worried about the situation in gaza the humanitarian situation because of what
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that could do to the security climate here ok harry thank you very much for that harry fawcett reporting there live from the gaza israel border and stay on top of the situation at that border on our special page up at al-jazeera dot com we've got updates on the protests including casualty figures since the protests began on march thirtieth israeli forces have killed at least one hundred thirteen palestinians and wounded more than twelve thousand people. now an update on the situation in nicaragua which we've covered here on the news good and nicaragua's neighbors and countries all across the americas are piling pressure on his government over the shooting of protesters present that you know take as accused of ordering snipers and on groups to talk at demonstrators who want him to quit and they sixteen people have died since when say more than one hundred in the past two months from the capital managua mannion rapinoe reports. on the streets of managua gunmen opened fire on anti-government protesters in the naked eye when
6:41 pm
capital many demonstrators took shelter in a nearby cathedral went up at the moment but at first we were inside the cathedral then we went outside and saw how the shootings took place in cold blood right in front of the cathedral. in this but it nicaraguan former who traveled to my now i want to take part in the demonstrations says even under the care of faith leaders he still fears that more attacks are coming so that if the room or not it is we're going through a repression despite staying at the cathedral because these people don't respect anyone that respects free still human rights only god can help us here. it's not the first time police officers have fired on demonstrators standing on the grounds of this cathedral since the unrest began nearly six weeks ago pro-government paramilitary groups continue to face off with protesters some wielding homemade mortars demand barricades and keep a close watch over who they allow pass snipers an armed groups believed to be under the command of president daniel ortega left at least sixteen people dead and
6:42 pm
another seventy nine injured after a protest that drew nearly half a million people to the streets of managua president order to go however continues to deny any involvement in the violence. humanitarian organizations have condemned the government crackdown on dissenters any carryout our process of amnesty international says the evidence of human rights abuse by the government is clear the use of these paramilitary groups to create the cows the use of. police the use of lethal force by police i mean we saw the sniper this you know very well position it is stadium ready to kill people some of the pattern start we have seen and and and that makes us believe that this is so systematic and so intentional that it's becoming a policy to shoot to kill. despite the government agreement to allow an independent commission to investigate the violence of the past six weeks the
6:43 pm
political unrest sneak out i was shows no sign of ending soon there have been about one hundred confirmed deaths since the start of the crisis. and manual joins us now on skype from managua nicaragua capital money or what's the situation right now has had the tensions eased a bit. well it's a form of quiet they easily contrast that to the violence that we saw take place in the wake of the mother's day rally where half a million people took to the streets it's very different having that said there are still demonstrations taking place there is an ongoing protests with student leaders who have barricaded themselves at a university so there are still pockets of tension but it's a far more quiet day it's in many ways still business as usual. in the streets of mine out there were calls for a national strike today but it doesn't seem as though a lot of businesses here in the city are participating in that strike there is a sense rather a concern among human rights observers that attacks by paramilitary groups attacks
6:44 pm
by by armed groups said to be loyal to the order they are government are going to continue so there's concern that we could see more names added to the list of the people that have died here since the start of the unrest on april eighteenth again we're six weeks into the unrest in the country into this political crisis we know now that the death toll has surpassed one hundred with somewhere around a thousand others injured what about the national dialogue among you have to find a peaceful solution to this but it's a crisis is there any progress on that front. the national dialogue that began on may sixteenth did see a few moments where it had stalled given the the rise in violence once again the catholic church very influential in the country had stalled the progress urging the government to end the violence but we're seeing now is that those talks are continue to be underway mediators in the talks are asking the government of the deal or biga to to to put an end to this crackdown on dissent in the could i were
6:45 pm
there urging demonstrators to take down the barricades that are preventing the free flow of traffic here in the city but the biggest obstacle to any concessions being made in the dialogue and in this national dialogue is that the students themselves are are are calling the government of the neighbor to go to a dictatorship and the president himself this week said that he is making no plans of stepping down. and even going as far as saying that all of that the dissent against his government is part of a right wing conspiracy calling demonstrators delinquents here in the city so this is adding to that sense that that that the despite the calm despite the national dialogue going on these demonstrations persist the protests against the government persist and there's a sense that violence could start up once again so there doesn't seem to be any end to the the human rights crisis the political crisis here in the kit i would anytime soon thank you for that monumental rapinoe is our correspondent in nicaragua
6:46 pm
capital managua now there's yet another obstacle standing in the way a syrian to want to return home after fleeing the war about having a half million syrians are living as refugees now the country's those contemplating going back may find that their home if it's still standing has been seized by the syrian government under a new law it not only worries refugees but also the countries hosting them as they know how to explain from lebanon's bekaa valley. it's known as law number ten and it is sparking controversy the syrian government says the law is necessary for urban planning they need to start creating zones where development projects will begin basically to reconstruct the areas that have been destroyed by the war the government's opponents say no the aim is to prevent millions of people from returning and to punish those who oppose the government people are supposed to prove that they own a certain land or or or an apartment so they need property deeds many people do not
6:47 pm
have those land titles and half of syria's land was never really register and even before the war so many people do not have any proof of ownership and it's not just that people are afraid there are security reasons why they will not return to government controlled areas. it is afraid that her stay in lebanon could become permanent she fled the war in syria in two thousand and thirteen her hometown a t.v. is now under government control she says the army hasn't allowed to billions to return yet and a new law passed by the syrian government is threatening to confiscate homes of those people who don't prove ownership it's not out of and i don't even know if we still have a house or if it was destroyed and when we fled we left with nothing so i don't have any documents with me there are millions of syrians like him ahmed who escaped from the fighting with nothing long number ten as it is known means they may be
6:48 pm
stuck in exile international aid agencies say just nine percent of refugees and displaced have their property title deeds with them this is worrying host nations like lebanon where there are over one million refugees. it's very worrying because we need we need things that would encourage the displaced or veterans to come back to their country not measures to discourage them the syrian government says the new law is needed to begin the reconstruction of areas damaged by war human rights groups disagree they say damascus passed similar laws in two thousand and twelve to confiscate property without due process or compensation many syrian refugees no longer have valid identity documents they will not be able to prepare the types of case files that they will need to show that they are property owners within the timeframe that has been given under law number ten the syrian opposition says the
6:49 pm
law is part of the government's efforts to bring about demographic changes by repopulating areas with loyalists. many of the refugees in lebanon come from areas that were battlegrounds under rebel control before being weak captured by the government places like the damascus countryside homs and the color mon region they may be considered safe by some but political economic and security reasons prevent others from returning and now the law is an obstacle to those who want to go back home even if it means living under bashar assad to rule on how much fairer still how is one of them his hometown has been all but destroyed and he has no documents to prove ownership of his land. i don't have any papers i don't even know my property number that is because i inherited it from my father i don't know if my house is still standing i have nothing but god. it's estimated up to fifty percent
6:50 pm
of syrian land was not officially registered before the war for many permanent displacement is becoming a reality lebanon is not the only country concerned other nations that host the refugees have also expressed concern germany for example called law number ten quote a cynical plan and it has appealed to the united nations to look into the issue all your questions on the syrian refugee crisis and sit on this page on al-jazeera dot com how many people are affected what countries have taken in syrian refugees and which countries haven't and what conditions are they facing in those host countries some important questions answered there on al-jazeera dot com. now assad eurabia moves to lift a ban on women driving in the kingdom the cover of vogue arabia magazine features a saudi prince is behind the wheel of a car and that's not going over well on mind what people say things are well let me just show you the picture this is haifa bin saab the lot is so she's the daughter of sound the king face so they can quite fashionable in
6:51 pm
a white saab and it's usually worn and black by saudi women that's quite a big deal because saudi royals are private and they don't normally grace the covers of magazines or even do interviews but it's that was accompanying this picture that's maybe got people i write it reads a fudge assume and for you out she say you can see it's a bit better that a celebration of the trailblazing women assad's arabian at the bottom of it says driving force but the scope people tweeting and talking about phone seizure social media including the son he says you've got to be kidding me a princess graces the cover of next month arabia while other activists women who've worked tirelessly to lift the driving ban languish in jail so that just gives you an idea of why people are actually very angry about this and other people have also been showing this picture heroism in the on the few and they have photoshop the image replacing the face of the princess with those jailed activists fuzzy who's the person that tweeted this fuzzy because he writes about human rights treated
6:52 pm
saying vote arabia is telling the wrong story now of course amnesty has been talking about this for a while has also tweeted and praised the activist for pushing these reforms that in crown prince muhammad bin some men known as m b s is now claiming credit for it as one of his visionary reformist policies and in a tweet on thursday king summoned to release the women a child now both has responded and is defending it it is defending rather its june edition it points out that it also features other pioneering saudi women such as minot as sharif who also helped start the women's right to drive campaign and she. was jailed for nine days in twenty eleven over this but menow herself has responded as well on switzerland she has tweeted this one saying i haven't got my issue yet so happy that my country women are being celebrated yet let's not forget the true heroes. give you an idea of what people are talking about lets us know what you
6:53 pm
think about the magazine's cover story us with the hashtag a.j. news grid's sad thank you very much still ahead on the grid is drawing huge crowds but is cape town you ought out doing enough to get everyone to stay. thank. you.
6:54 pm
one. am. welcome back it's big it's grand and nothing like it has ever seen have ever been seen before in africa so no surprise then that cape town's new contemporary art museum is drawing huge crowds from south africa and abroad but not everyone is impressed
6:55 pm
as malcolm what explains it's the first of its kind in africa and the biggest this lights museum of contemporary art in cape town is in an old silo concrete tubes that want stored grain have been cut away to house the world's largest collection of african art it's attracted and impressed lovers from all over the world hears new music and for me to listen to the i'm so excited to. see if you're. here my heart. not only my but. it's open last year where he draws three thousand visitors a day if galleries are spread over nine floors the display the private collection of german billionaire philanthropist york and zite. he's bought artworks from all over the continent and led them to the museum on top of the building is a hotel rooms that cost as much as twelve thousand dollars
6:56 pm
a night it's on cape town's waterfront which is home to some of the continent's most expensive property there is popular with tourists and with wealthy south africans few people from the townships come here so some artists are not critics say the putting that kind of institution in this kind of place isn't very inclusive but the potential minister for tourism told us it's prominent helps african art position in an exclusive space and i waterfront that top tourism destination in africa i mean what better place to put it if you want to really get artists to be exposed african or to be exposed so i think that gives me an archway xenia verse arguments. just outside the city in a township called langar he went to a community center that works with local artists it's supported by city authorities we asked one of the founders about the nearby opening of the giant gallery housing a foreigner's private collection it's ok. decided to do what we
6:57 pm
want to do. now would love to see that person's face and. this in a. museum tries to be accessible african citizens spared the fifteen dollars entrance fee on wednesday mornings and schoolchildren and to free the time at least those able to get here and enjoy this grand addition to the continent's art scene malcolm webb al-jazeera cape town south africa. well that's it for today's news great remember to keep in touch with us on social media at all times hashtag aging news great and all the other ways to get in touch right here including our what's up number plus my intention for five a one triple one for mine from the fully back to bornholm newsgroup to thank you for watching we are live on our london news center next with my animosity to stay with us.
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thank you. south america wasn't. just sold to me. and the. dog in the st. louis and the space shuttle cars shown such bold. colors.
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st. louis just a. little . they help build clean and feed the capital but they're not welcome anymore. when he says when this is the mass of big and demolitions forcing two hundred thousand of beijing's poor from their homes one on one east. the i.m.f. said riyadh's breakeven oil price twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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i mean change in spain diana harry is forced out of office by socialist leader pederast sanchez he workplaces him as prime minister. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up italy's new populist government is finally sworn in after three months of deadlock and wrangling. u.s. allies hit back at trump's new tariffs with their own levies on american imports from motion vice to jeans and then whiskey. it was neighbors call for an end to the killing of anti-government protesters as the death toll now pa says.


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