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the process will begin on june twelfth ensuring that the u.s. president spends ninety two hours with kim jong un's right hand man as he makes a historic visit to the white house. alarm suits us and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up a palestinian paramedic is shot dead by israeli forces during protests along the gaza border. the change in spain mariano rajoy is forced out of office by socialist leader had just sanchez to replace his illness prime minister and good guerilla news from central africa where the numbers of one
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of the world's most endangered species have increased. the u.s. president donald trump says he'll meet north korea's leader kim jong un on june twelfth in singapore he made the statement after hosting canvas top aide out the white house came young child's hand delivered a letter to chong from kim jong un and stayed in the oval office with the president for almost two hours the former spy chief is the most senior north korean to hold talks at the white house since a senior i'm voight met former president bill clinton in the two thousand. we're meeting with the chairman on june twelfth and i think it's probably going to be a very successful ultimately a successful process will soon remember what i say we will see what we will see but i think it's going to be a process that we deserve to have i mean we've really deserved
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a they want it we think it's important and i think we would be making a big mistake if we didn't have it i think we're going to have a relationship and it'll start in june well let's go lights are all white house correspondent kimberly helka who was watching all of that statement that donald chung maint and so we have a summit on we don't really have an expectation though that it's going to be a good deal straightaway. that's right what we seem to be able to glean from the president's statement speaking there on the south lawn of the white house is that this is the start of what he expects to be a series of meetings to get some sort of agreement agreement on what nuclearize ation that is the end state that the united states is looking for but a lot of news coming out of that oval office meeting that historic meeting the first time in eighteen years that north korea and given the top financial sanctions in place by the united states even individual sanctions including the vice chair of
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north korea kim yong chill that that even occurred because the president speaking following that meeting at the departure alongside his u.s. secretary of state pompei oh who up to this point had been the only member of the administration to personally travel twice to north korea meeting with the north korean leader they say in fact that this is the start of a relationship in the president's words as you heard there just a moment ago starting on june twelfth but that he will not sign something it's a process that will begin also still in place are those sanctions but we saw the president dialing back on some of that rhetoric that has been used by the united states repeatedly that maximum pressure campaign while those strict financial sanctions still in place the wording is different when it comes to diplomacy it's all about these incremental movements and wording and we certainly are seeing from a president who once was threatening fire and fury saying he's not going to use the
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phrase maximum pressure anymore he also in that meeting suv thanked japan and south korea and even given the complicated relationship between the united states and china thank chinese president xi for getting to this point after years in his view of hostility and hatred he believes that this is an opportunity not only for the united states but for north korea allowing north korea he believes to move forward because of a strategic shift in thinking that could ultimately achieve denuclearize. zation and potentially bring the north korean economy into the modern global financial system can learn how do you say when you were talking a little earlier to my colleague but in the end donald trump is not to diplomats he's a businessman is very used to taking things right to the last second and pushing a deal forward and you mentioned the sanctions he did say we just discussed sanctions but he did say they are the hundred or so sanctions still ready to go if the talks break down they could still be implemented i mean to his style of
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diplomacy still very much kind of i don't know carrots and sticks. it's absolutely carrots and sticks and it's also very typical of what you'd see for a new york real estate business deal with a background that donald trump has come from versus diplomacy but in this case diplomacy in the eyes of the truck administration wasn't working so this radical approach which many people are nervous about because of donald trump's political naiveté his diplomatic you have a tale of lack of experience that much could go wrong on june twelfth when these two leaders get side by side certainly there's a concern about a lack of experience certainly there is the concern that this is giving a profile and validation on the world stage for the north korean leader something he has sought for some time and you also talked about donald trump and his sort of reality t.v. show background and certainly we saw elements of that as they exited the oval
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office as well because that letter that was being handled livered by the vice chair kim young told to the u.s. president donald trump saying that he didn't open it asking the media do you want to see the contents of course we do we want to see the content of that letter he didn't open it he's donald trump it's keeping us in suspense saying that maybe he will make the content public it's very typical of a television producer keeping its audience hanging that's exactly what donald trump . doing building anticipation towards this climatic moment what he says will be the start of a relationship between the united states and north korea at the summit that was called off now back on for june twelfth in singapore do you feel what your reality t.v. show sometimes don't we can relate how good thanks very much speaking to us there from the white house. a palestinian paramedic ounce being killed by israeli forces during protests along
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the gaza border twenty one year old volunteer paramedic john had been volunteering at the border since march when weekly friday demonstrations began several more palestinians have been injured when the united nations security council is set to hear a q eighty resolution calling for the protection of palestinians in gaza and the occupied west bank from britain have criticized the draft for lacking specific details while the u.s. has said it will inevitably veto the resolution or diplomatic editor james bays joins me now from the united nations in new york james i think kuwait was putting together this resolution or even a couple of weeks ago where they've had to water down the wording somewhat. they had to water down the wording and they've come up with a resolution that they believe most of the security council can support we have live pictures of the security council chamber it's almost empty where they were
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going to vote on this resolution they are not now right now voting on the resolution a moment ago we saw lots of ambassadors huddled around vaseline who is the russian ambassador and who took over the president of the security council on this the first of the month the problem is this that there is a kuwaiti draft but the u.s. has now come up with what it says are amendments to that draft and there is a big round going on about the procedure of how to deal with this this is the original quake the draft calls for the security council to consider how to protect palestinian civilians well the americans are saying that they've amended that draft but if you just look at the items in red on their version where they crossed out things from the clay tea version if you call that an amendment it's pretty clear it's a very substantial amendment and most of the members of the security council believe it's a separate resolution so there's that's when you get into the weeds of the procedure
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and if it is a separate resolution then the normal procedure is the kuwaiti one would get voted on first and then the u.s. version but the u.s. is saying no it's not it's not a separate draft it's amendments to the draft and that brings up all sorts of arcane procedural rules one even suggesting that the security council would then go line by line voting on each change from the u.s. to the kuwaiti version and i can tell you other diplomats are fuming about this they believe that the u.s. is playing procedural tricks to try and bog this all down what's happened now is the ambassadors of left the security council chamber to go on to the next door room which is called the consultations room where they're having a private chat about how to deal with. i can tell you that some ambassadors a very annoyed with the u.s. tactics which they fear risk turning the security council into a circus james without being a killjoy here even if we do get some form of words they can port to the security
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council what is the likelihood that it's going to pass with obviously the five key member permanent member states always getting a veto that will end up throwing the whole thing well the all is trying to predict the votes is a bit of a dangerous game but i can tell you straight away that the kuwait version as it stands will not pass because the u.s. has said it will deal we'll its veto nikki haley again i think has annoyed other members of the security council a very strong statement she put out nearly twenty four hours ago now where she said this resolution was morally bankrupt and then if you look at the u.s. amendments or the u.s. draft whichever way you see it if that was put to a vote right now i don't know but i think it's probably going to be very difficult for the u.s. to get the nine votes it needs for it to be passed i don't think anyone would
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necessarily veto that but it wouldn't get the nine votes so you have all this activity and in the end i think it's highly likely that nothing's going to come out of it nothing that will in any way help either israelis or palestinians and i hate to put on the spot james but what are we likely to see now are they going to come out of that consultation room and start debating whether we can actually watch because we were hoping to to actually what you know witness it live or are they going to stay in their little rooms. well i mean the rules on how you proceed at this point are not really clear there are different precedents from different dates in the past so there will be people arguing different cases in that consultation room and in the end if they really are deadlocked they can have a procedural vote they can even have a number of different procedural votes of how the security council will handle things and which of these the resolution and the amendments from the americans which one will be voted on first i think that is likely the way it will proceed
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there is of course one other possibility given the things are so deadlocked they could decide to perspire in this meeting all together and come back tomorrow or that or a day in the next few days many thanks to i suppose that giving us all the latest from the united nations now a french newspaper is reporting that sound here rabia is threatening military action against capital if it acquires russian weapons and among the newspaper says the saudi crown prince says written to the french president to warn that it is ready to retaliate if cats are acquired c s four hundred craft defense system the paper says the crown prince asked emanuel not quote to put pressure on cattle not survive the weapons. to moscow says in january that his country intended to acquire the missile system saudi arabia along with the u.a.e. grain cut off relations with cattle last year for more on this middle east analysts
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new joins me now live from washington d.c. thanks very much for coming on to al-jazeera this is the on the verse survey of the blockade it smells a little bit like saudi arabia just trying to create some sort of attention some chaos surrounding this very day. i think that the couple of events taking shape that helps inform why this was leaked now the first element that the crown prince of the united arab emirate mohammed bin ziad who is largely seen in the region and in washington as the one who is driving to crisis he met today with the president of lot amir putin of russia and then at the same time you have this letter from mohammed bin psalm on of saudi arabia warning to french against allegedly buying this russian weapon system so this is really very much trying to attempt to create more psychological warfare because for the past six and
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eight or eight months g.c.c. crisis has really evolved into a prolonged statement stalemate i want do you think the reaction will be if indeed saudi arabia takes this further i mean they are threatening threatening military action on cats obviously cats one is a huge american base on its very soil but also has relations with various countries that i would have thought would be stepping in if saudi arabia starts to even build on this escalate on this. i think it's clear that whatever momentum the. saudi led blockade had last year when they first initiated a crisis that momentum is no longer there at this point the facts of the crisis are well established and qatar enjoys broad international support not just from president trump and present more coal and the european union and china and russia as well so i would say that this is really are diverging attempted. to create more
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attention to this issue especially when you look at earlier this afternoon as you reported in your segment president trump is now confirming his meeting with kim jong il and of north korea so this is just a and attempt to create an a new storm in a water cup too for you to use a cliche when you think the russian reaction will be obvious they will be right dependent on whether russia would decide to sell this system indeed to catalogue do you think they will react favorably i want the saudis to say. my understanding is that although the countries have said that they are open to studying water to acquire this anti-missile system or not my understanding is that washington does not want to make it to our east or anyone in the gulf for that matter to acquire this weapon system so this is really does is really a fake outrage if you will. think our new graphic you very much for joining us with your thoughts on the south thank you. still to come on al-jazeera the c.e.o.
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of brazil's a strange country old oil company resigned over the government's handling of diesel prices and tears time has two lines on a jag you are recaptured after escaping from germany. hello and welcome back here may be hot and sunny in some parts of europe but in many areas you've also a threat of some really severe thunderstorms and that risk of storms will continue to in the course of the we can push little bit further towards the east across much of germany through into poland and southeast words into the balkans and towards the black sea further towards the west still the risk of storm not quite as severe as during friday in fact quite warm and pleasant for paris twenty five but some storms
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are likely to be affecting the iberian peninsula at times occurring more extensive so head on through into sunday so either stay still plenty of storms or maybe a slight improvement but for many the southern parts here are still seeing some extremely boehmer with temperatures into the thirty's now on the other side of the mediterranean sea weather conditions are looking very fine with the wind coming from the north is all especially one thirty three in car but just pleasant conditions nevertheless those conditions will prevail in the course of sunday too as we head into central parts of africa the plenty of showers here all the way from sudan across towards the gulf of guinea region and would like to see a few showers across parts of ghana and also nigeria as move further towards the north dry conditions in mali with highs of thirty five. al jazeera as investigative unit exposes the criminal gangs fixing international
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cricket matches sixty to seventy percent that is a good thing to say fix the fix bribing professional players they send beautiful goes to the players they give them housing rolex watches. pickers. or five build an. al-jazeera investigations cricket match fix as. welcome back a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera the u.s. president donald trump says he'll meet with north korea's leader kim jong un on june twelfth in singapore he made the statement after hosting cames to pay it out
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the white house a palestinian paramedic has been shot dead by israeli forces during protests along the gaza border several other palestinians have been injured. and a french newspaper is reporting that sound here rabia is threatening military action against cattle if it's a quiet russian weapons. now there's been a changing of the guard in spain after prime minister mariano rajoy hari at last a no confidence motion and was forced out of office the man who brought socialist party leader sanchez now replaces him he's vowed to root out corruption and promise to help people affected by years of a star under a heartless conservative government nick parker reports from madrid i do political dawn for spain forty six year old former economics professor pedro sanchez says that all the countries do a bit of. the do it others will tell you more in a moment i am aware of the responsibility that i assume in such
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a complex political moment in our country and what i can say is that apart from being totally aware of it i am going to face all our country's challenges with humility and commitment and above all with a lot of determination first to transform and modernize our country which is what the socialist party has always done when we have been in the government and secondly to attend to the urgent social matters of many people living in precarious conditions and suffering from inequality i am going to do it with consensus with humility hard work and commitment i the head of the socialist party pushed for friday spoke confidence motion of one. m.p.'s from six different policies voted overwhelmingly to house marianna will hold his center right people's policy from office ahead of the vote apologize for his policies past mistakes. it has been an honor to be the prime minister of spain it has been an honor to
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leave behind a better spain than the one that i found when i took over government i wish my substitute will be able to stay the same i think i have improved the well being of the people of spain if anyone has been offended by my actions i think everyone especially my party without whom none of this would be possible thank you to all spaniards for their support and understanding and good luck to all of you and to spain. the vote follows a long running corruption scandal involving leading members of roy's party he became the first prime minister in office to give evidence in a trial last year. former people's party treasure louis busyness was among twenty nine people convicted on corruption charges he was once a close ally of the hallway he was given a thirty three year jail sentence and fined fifty one million dollars the people's party was also ordered to pay back two hundred ninety five thousand dollars but roy has remained defiant accusing sanchez of political opportunism spain's new prime
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minister will have to unite the country's french a parliament will be the leader of a minority government and need the support of rival political parties to pass crucial legislation such as inherits a troubled economy and political instability over the future of catalonia where the independence movement remains strong he's also under pressure from other parties to cool new elections as soon as possible sanchez is now spain's seventh prime minister since his return to democracy in the one nine hundred seventy s. but his hold on power faces immediate challenges. madrid. and staying in spain prosecutors in germany have found a new request to extradite the deposed catalan leader callus french time on to spain when strong was detained in march on european arrest warrant for his role in catalonia failed independent spent last year is facing challenges in the belly and corruption if found guilty he could spend up to thirty years in prison. italy's
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first populist government has been sworn in bring an end to three months of political deadlock little known professor that they can take a coalition of the anti establishment five star movement and far right party. from rome. handing over to the new prime minister paolo gentle only makes way for law professor giuseppe conti marking the first time italy's so-called populists have been in government. i swear to be a lot of our public faithfully respect its constitution and its laws and to exercise my world in the exclusive interest of the public the financial markets have reacted positively to the new government with shares in italian banks getting more than three percent on friday but this is unknown territory for italy and the new administration is promising big changes the incoming interior minister matteo
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salvini head of the far right league wants to expel hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants he's recently talked about setting up detention centers across the country while he's equally ambitious rival five star leader luigi to my old labor and industry minister has promised a basic minimum income then this is how italy will interact with the european union . a euro skeptic prevented from being economy minister just days ago would be in charge of e.u. affairs and giovanni tria the replacement economy minister has criticised germany and called for changes in e.u. fiscal rules to allow more state investment i can be a bit more of a diplomat and they played a good cop bad cop. role play in any case what we have to expect from the two men and from this government is a much more vocal standing of the thirty i wouldn't say against europe but in face of europe and this is what is worrying somehow international observers. the new
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cabinet should easily post a vote of confidence expected early next week but the real test will be whether this highly unusual coalition can hold together and push the reforms that many voters expect and many e.u. leaders fear. al-jazeera. the c.e.o. of brazil's state controlled all produce of pressure for us has resigned after the government intervenes and diesel prices are set to michelle to marry now with plans to bring fuel prices down after a truck driver strike crippled the country the nine day protest calls shortages a few gas stations and airports on the left some supermarket shelves empty. except to the job in twenty sixteen on the condition he had freedom to control fuel prices donnish reiman joins me now live from what is there is is that why he's resigned because he wanted to have that control. well he's not said as yet why he's resigned
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but it's quite likely that he said he was losing control not just because the government were not meeting his demands the governments felt they simply could not meet his demands they had to make concessions to those truck drivers but also within the within petrobras itself there in the middle of a seventy two hour strike where many of the workers were calling for his resignation they felt that he was not running the company in the best interest of petrobras it's an enormous companies who have they felt they were not running it in the best interest of brazil brazil is fairly self-sufficient in fuel prices most brazilians feel were too high and many of them were supporting the truck drivers they were saying the high prices were affecting everybody so they were calling for his resignation they wanted him gone they also feared that he planned the plan to sell part of the government's stake impact that a vast majority owned by the brazilian government it lost something like fifteen percent shares after the price rise so that without the support of the workers and
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with the government he felt undermining him he probably felt he had no choice but to step down down years that the truck driver strike a huge impact on the country and now we've got this resignation is this going to further weaken the presidency of michel. it leaves him a very difficult situation indeed his popularity ratings are an all time low there are elections in october he's not standing but also i think brazilians in general after several years now of one corruption scandal after another of politicians from all parties being investigated the fields have been himself has to fight off accusations efforts to impeach him. very very difficult situation that brazil is running through at the moment is just emerging of the according to michelle tema from a from a recession very slowly very tentatively obviously the high price of oil the trucker's strike and now the all workers' strike has not helped the situation so
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brazil in many ways limping towards the presidential elections during october many even questioning whether the shelter will make the elections or the end of his mandate in december such as the weak position of the now finds himself in many thanks tony short of that bringing us the very latest from where there is. a volcano on the indonesian island of java has shot a towering plume of ash six kilometers into the sky aviation alert sign now at the highest level after mount merapi erupted on friday causing small forest fires around two hundred fifty thousand people live within a ten kilometer radius of the volcano but no evacuations have been altered his last major eruption in twenty ten killed more than three hundred fifty people. a new survey shows central africa's critically endangered mountain gorillas have
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exceeded the one thousand mark for the first time in decades the world wildlife fund says conservation efforts have helps to increase the numbers of the gorillas in the verandah massive an area and compassing parts of rwanda uganda and the democratic republic of congo mountain gorillas are popular with tourists our major source of revenue for the three countries but the region's population has dropped to sharply in the past century because of the threat posed by poachers and to kreutz. five dangerous big caps which escaped from a german zoo have been recaptured local residents on the germany luxemburg border have been warned to say in the side off to two tigers two lines and the junkyard broke free after storm flooding damage their enclosures cats were finally found in
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signed the zoo compound thanks to drone footage and then forget much more on our web site and just click on al-jazeera dot com for video news and fictious. now let's get you the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. president donald trump says he'll meet north korea's leader kim jong un on june twelfth in singapore he made the statement after hosting kim's top aide. told hands delivered a letter to trump from kim jong un and stayed in the oval office with the president for almost two hours the former spy chief is the most a senior in north korean to hold talks at the white house since a senior and boy that former president bill clinton in the year two thousand. we're meeting with the chairman on june twelfth and i think it's probably going to be
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a very successful ultimately successful process will soon remember what i say we will see what we will see but i think it's going to be a process that we deserve to have i mean we've really deserved a they want it. we think it's important and i think we would be making a big mistake if you didn't have i think we're going to have a relationship and it was started in june world a palestinian paramedic has been killed by israeli forces during protests along the gaza border twenty one year old volunteer paramedic ross and joe had been volunteering at the border since march when weekly friday demonstrations began several more palestinians have been engines spain's conservative government has been toppled by a no confidence vote in parliament marianna russia has been replaced as prime minister on the socialist party that had just sanchez the vote came after senior officials in the hardest popular party were found guilty of taking bribes meanwhile
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prosecutors in germany have filed a new request to extradite the deposed catalan leader calloused french to one to spain he was detained in march on a european arrest warrant for his role in catalonia failed independent spirit last year. and italy's first populist government has been sworn in little known law professor giuseppe contacted leads a coalition made up of politicians from the anti establishment five star movement on the far right in the party as armenians three months of political deadlock since election in march you're up to date with your headline stay with us on our next stop it's rewind.
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hello and welcome again to rewind to i'm laura cairo and this series we're revisiting some of the best documentaries on al-jazeera english since we launched more than a decade ago back in twenty thousand the people in power series traveled to west africa to expose the shocking story of how young gone and children were being murdered because of the mistaken belief they were possessed by evil spirits no one knows the.


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