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nomads of morocco are now just. because the process will begin on june twelfth ensuring that the views of the on again off again summit between the u.s. and north korea is back old. bugs a whole lot of this is al jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up . they did not act as a representative of the united states only but they acted much more as a preventative of israel except the us blocks a resolution to protect palestinians but it's owed to denounce hamas fails and reports that saudi arabia is issuing new threats of military action against
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cattle. and the new prime minister takes over in spain the faces and media challenges. welcome to the program the june the twelve summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un is officially back on trump made the announcement following a white house meeting with pyongyang as former spy chief general kimmitt young children all mike hanna is in washington d.c. following events for assert some very positive tones and comments being made about the process which seems to be more important now rather than any tangible breakthrough as far as president trump is concerned. yes indeed president trump repeatedly made clear that the summit that will take place on june the twelfth
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should not result in any immediate agreement he said this is the beginning of a process saying too that no documents will be signed at the end of that particular summit so there's something of a turnaround for president trump who previously had demanded immediate results from any talks with the north korean leader but here making very clear that we're looking at a long process the summit probably to be followed by negotiations between the teams from the two nations who will better out an agreement which may or may not have concessions on both sides and may or may not have that commitment to disarmament which the united states insists on but let's just take a step back and see how this diplomatic rollercoaster played out on this day. news cameras focused on the room where the meeting was taking place for just over eighty minutes then president trump emerged to announce the summit was back on will be. meeting on june twelfth and singapore like ari well it's but this time cautioned
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against any quick agreement i think it will be a process it's not i don't i never said it goes in one meeting i think it's going to be a process but the relationships are building and that's a very positive the announcement followed two days of talks between north korea negotiator kim yong troll and the u.s. secretary of state in new york. and when he was ushered into the white house by the chief of staff he carried with him a letter from the north korean leader kim jong il president trump teased reporters about its content like the reality show host he once was going to meetings go and get this was a meeting where a letter was given to me by kim young and that letter was a very nice letter always you like to see what was in that letter and tell you like when the how much how much how much like humans but subsequently admitted he had not read the letter i hadn't seen the letter yet i purposely didn't know for eleven . i haven't opened i didn't open it in front of the director i said would you want
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me to open it he said you can read it later i may be in for a big surprise focused as. the president then departed for camp david where he'll spend the weekend possibly pondering on what has been the u.s. bottom line on relaxing sanctions against north korea complete verifiable irreversible disarmament. well the key now is the negotiations for the agenda for their summit and there have been teams from the u.s. and north korea who've been battering out some form of agenda meeting regularly in the demilitarized zone in the north korean section now this will be key for the success or otherwise of the summit however as we stated earlier the success of the summer to not necessarily measured by any concrete action that will be taken but as the beginning of a process perhaps with a commitment from north korea to moderate term disarmament perhaps
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a commitment from the u.s. to certain security guarantees and easing of sanctions should the north koreans meet their end of the deal indeed for them and we'll leave it there mark of course and continue to follow vents with you there in washington d.c. thank you not two votes on garza have failed at the u.n. security council the u.s. blocked the first resolution put forward by kuwait which condemned israel's use of force against palestinians the u.s. than fail to get backing for its own resolution blaming hamas for the recent flare up of violence along the gaza israel border or diplomatic editor james bays reports from the u.n. u.s. ambassador nikki haley came here determined to waltz a resolution drafted by kuwait that called for measures to protect the people of gaza. she tried persuasion going around other members of the security council here as she approached the ambassador of peru she could be seen mouthing the words
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please. a warm greeting for israel's ambassador danny down on he surely aware she also had procedural tricks up her sleeve she wanted her completely rewritten version of the resolution classed as an amendment so it be voted on first there were heated discussions among ambassadors but this month's president of the council russia ruled against her and things only got worse for haley she pleaded with council members to support her draft resolution and reject kuwait's we strongly encourage this council to vote against coates resolution and ignalina the concerns of hamas bad voting for the us resolution each of you have a choice you either support hamas or not this vote will tell the story of that but the story that unfolded was not the one haley wanted when kuwait straw
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aft was put to a vote it got ten votes in favor it only didn't pass because haley had to use has b.t.o. and then the second vote on haleigh's own resolution this is where all her tactics backfired her allies abstained others voted against and a moment of diplomatic humiliation she was the only person to vote for her resolution. i don't believe that there was in the history of the united states. history of the united nations in which a country to submit a draft resolution and not to receive except one single vote of the party that did submit that draft resolution if that is not the epic of complete failure i want you to tell me what is failure in the security council to thank you it was a bad day for ambassador haley but the real losers are the people of palestine
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particularly in garza with the security council divided and deadlocked there is no end to their misery in sight james pays al-jazeera the united nations. the french newspaper le monde is reporting saudi arabia has threatened military action against cattle if it buys russian weapons it says the saudi king has written to the french president to put pressure on cats are king sylmar has reportedly told the man will not cross or he will retaliate if qatar acquires the s four hundred and the aircraft defense system saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain cut off relations with qatar last june. showed is a professor of conflict resolution that george mason university he says saudi arabia is showing no sign the gulf crisis can be resolved in the near future. while this new threat showcases the three years still maintains its hegemony impulses
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visa v a small nation of the neighborhood so after one year of the court crisis it does not only seek the containment of qatar but also to ban it or to prevent it from seeking any kind of of special you know the s four hundred from the russians and this goes against the golden rule in international law that means if you are under various threats you are entitled to your self-defense and the way you are mule self so i think unfortunately from a conflict perspective this is another cycle of escalation for the sake of escalation and i think there is a huge rift not only a political issue but also the psychology of the rift sensory yet has not realized that qatar has been tamed its sovereignty and has gone beyond the brocade that was imposed last june fifth so i am afraid that i was hoping for some aid there would be an operation more or
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a step forwards toward some reconciliation but this new thread makes me more pessimistic. let's head to europe now where spanish prime minister mariano rajoy has been forced from office after losing a no confidence vote and the man who brought that motion socialist party leader pedro sanchez will replace him that he's promising to clamp down on corruption and help those affected by years of all sturdy under always conservative government and if barca has more for madrid. and new political dawn for spain forty six year old former economics professor pedro sanchez is now the country's new prime minister. do a lot of modern woman i am aware of the responsibility that i assume in such a complex political moment in our country and what i can say is that apart from been totally aware of it i am going to face all our country's challenges with humility and commitment and above all with a lot of determination of my first transforming modernize our country because what
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the socialist party has always done when we have been in the government and secondly to attend the urgent social matters of many people living in precarious conditions and suffering from inequality i am going to do it with consensus with humility hard work and commitment to. the head of the socialist party pushed for friday's no confidence motion and won by a large margin m.p.'s from six different parties voted overwhelmingly to oust marianna will and his center right people's party from office the head of the vote apologize for his party's past mistakes let me start a look at all shall be most it has been an honor to be the prime minister of spain it has been an honor to leave behind a better spain than the one that i found when i took over government i wish my substitute will be able to say the same i think i have improved the well being of the people of spain if anyone has been offended by my actions i think everyone especially my party without whom none of this would be possible thank you to all
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spaniards for their support and understanding and good luck to all of you and to spain. the vote follows a long running corruption scandal involving leading members of roy's party he became the first prime minister in office to give evidence in a trial last year. former people's party treasurer louis busyness was among twenty nine people convicted on corruption charges he was once a close ally of the hallway he was given a thirty three year jail sentence and fined fifty one million dollars the people's party was also ordered to pay back two hundred ninety five thousand dollars but has remained defiant accusing sanchez of political opportunism spain's new prime minister will have to unite the country's french a parliament will be the leader of a minority government and need the support of rival political parties to pass clear szell legislation sanchez inherits a troubled economy and political instability over the future of catalonia where the
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independence movement remains strong he's also under pressure from other parties to cool new elections as soon as possible sanchez is now spain's seventh prime minister since his return to democracy in the one nine hundred seventy s. but his hold on power faces immediate challenges. al-jazeera madrid. still had here on al-jazeera in syria a new indignity for refugees as the government moves to seize their property. and some of washington's closest allies plan to hit back against president trump's towers. and his vote on. the weather sponsored by katter. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across china and taiwan you can see we've got quite a lot of heavy rain across more western areas from chang to the north and through
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the border into northern parts of vietnam so some heavy rain is still likely here still plenty of showers affecting me him are coming in the southwest the flow off the bay of bengal and those are likely to continue as we head through into sunday some heavy showers at times also extending to bangladesh nice and states of india meanwhile we've got rain coming into hong kong which will help to keep the temperatures down a little bit very close to record values here but thirty three is the forecast nice on down into southeastern parts of asia and you can see this circulation of low pressure chair stands a chance of turning into a tropical disturbance or such but i think what we will find is that general circulation will enhance the low the shite tippity across cambodia sent from southern parts of vietnam and indeed across much of the philippines further towards the south weather conditions for much of borneo looking ok java bali all fine at this time of year and it's looking fine for singapore and kuala lumpur across into south asia we're still getting shower activity affecting the western ghats further
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north is still very hot and sunny temperatures of forty four expect in delhi or pleasant and with a temperature here of just thirty three so whether it's sponsored by cattle. al-jazeera investigative unit exposes the criminal gangs fixing international cricket matches sixty to seventy percent that you can use a fix here. bribing professional player. beautiful goes to the players to give them houses rolex watches. over fifty. five children. al-jazeera investigations cricket match fixers.
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well the bank you're watching and as a reminder of our top stories the june the trial summit between the u.s. president donald trump north korean leader kim jong un is officially back on track made the announcement barely a week after canceling it following a ninety minute white house meeting with pyongyang its former spy chief kim yong children. to vote on garza failed at the u.n. security council the u.s. blocked the first resolution put forward by kuwait which condemned israel's use of force against palestinians the u.s. failed to get backing for its own resolution blaming hamas for the recent flare up of violence along the gas and israel border. and the french newspaper le monde is reporting that saudi arabia has threatened to military action against cattle if it buys russian weapons it says the saudi king told the french president he will retaliate if cattle requires yes four hundred and thirty aircraft defense system.
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millions of syrians displaced by war or risk of losing their homes property law allows the government to seize property if people can't prove ownership he said the holder has more from lebanon's bekaa valley. it's known as the ten and it is sparking controversy the syrian government says the law is necessary for urban planning they need to start creating zones where development projects will begin basically to reconstruct areas that have been destroyed by the war the government's opponents say no the aim is to prevent millions of people from returning and to punish those who oppose the government people are supposed to prove that they own a certain land or or or an apartment so they need property deeds many people do not have those land titles and how for syria's land was never really registered even
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before as a war so many people do not have any proof of ownership and it's not just that people are afraid there are security reasons why they will not return to government controlled areas. is afraid that her stay in lebanon could become permanent she fled the war in syria in two thousand and thirteen her hometown a is now under government control she says the army hasn't allowed to billions to return yet and a new law passed by the syrian government is threatening to confiscate homes of those people who don't prove ownership. i don't even know if we still have a house or if it was destroyed and when we fled we left with nothing so i don't have any documents with me there are millions of syrians like him ahmed who escaped from the fighting with nothing long number ten as it is known means they may be stuck in exile international aid agencies say just nine percent of refugees and displaced have their property title deeds with them this is worrying host nations
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like lebanon where there are over one million refugees. it's very worrying because when you when you things would encourage the displaced or investment to come back to the country not measures to discourage them from the syrian government says the new law is needed to begin the reconstruction of areas damaged by war human rights groups disagree they say damascus passed similar laws in two thousand and twelve to confiscate property without due process or compensation many syrian refugees no longer have valid identity documents they will not be able to prepare the types of case files that they will need to show that they are property owners within the timeframe that has been given under law number ten. the syrian opposition says the law is part of the government's efforts to bring about demographic changes by repopulating areas with loyalists. many of the refugees in lebanon come from areas
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that were battlegrounds under rebel control before being recaptured by the government places like the damascus countryside homs and the color mon region they may be considered safe by some but political economic and security reasons prevent others from returning. and now the law is an obstacle to those who want to go back home even if it means living under bashar assad to rule mohamed farah said how is one of them his hometown has been all but destroyed and he has no documents to prove ownership of his land. that i'm doing and i don't have any papers i don't even know my property number that is because i inherited it from my father i don't know if my house is still standing i have nothing by god it's estimated up to fifty percent of syrian land was not officially registered before the war for many permanent displacement is becoming a reality lebanon is not the only country concerned other nations that host refugees have also expressed concern germany for example called law number ten
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quote a cynical plan and it has appealed to the united nations to look into the issue there one hundred fifty somalian migrants have returned home from libya as part of a un repatriation program they'd been arrested by libyan police as they tried to cross the mediterranean to europe the international organization for migration says there are as many as six hundred thousand migrants in libya many of whom are risk of abuse detention and torture. now thousands of people in jordan's capital have been protesting against the government's new income tax law right police were called in to break up the demonstrations the crowds were demanding the cameras resignation after it approved a new policy driven by the i.m.f. protesters are accusing the international monetary fund of interference well the i.m.f. was also at the center of the large protests in argentina where tens of thousands
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of people marched in point as always calling for a boost to jobs and cheaper food that many people are against a government decision to seek support from the i.m.f. to help counter a sharp drop in the currency. it's one month until mexico holds its biggest ever elections more than three thousand political posts are up for grabs including the presidency all of the crucial factors will be the youth vote with almost half of those as under the age of thirty five hold that has more from mexico city. a quick tackle break before a national louder and get on with cramming for their finals to finish in university at a critical moment the mix can elect tour the race is gearing up and they clear what they see is the key issues for. work that at least there is work for those of us who are heading out of university that and crime we don't have security almost anywhere pollsters say that ties in with what many young voters want more
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and better paid jobs lower murder rates and less corruption the candidates should be listening the young vote is all important this election almost forty five percent of the electorate is under thirty five they could swing it for the winner. they're overwhelmingly urban online a more educated than their parents are also more likely to vote left good news for front runner money well and that is lopez obrador that is if they turn out to talk well why the young vote tends not to a mexico is notoriously corrupt political class could turn them off entirely but there is hope that this time around they will and gauge. that's based in part on young people participating or most in protest movements and the rescue efforts after last year's earthquake. movement we keep politica is trying to use that energy to transform the political scene supporting fresh faced independent
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candidates like twenty seven year old robert all christie you know what it must i must give us and we've demonstrated that we're not an apathetic generation and for years we haven't been heard we want to as we say now slogan we place a political class that doesn't represent us. that won't happen at the presidential level this selections the leading candidates of political veterans but the young should still play a vital role in who gets in and how the country moves forward john homan mexico city now the u.s. is being accused of playing a dangerous game by stopping terrorists and steal an element of them from some of its closest allies canada mexico and the e.u. are planning retaliatory moves in what could be the start of a trade war economists say it could damage the u.s. economy and a gal who reports are from miami. like many states florida's construction industry has been booming for years demand for new development is being driven by a strong economy and in this state alone half
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a million people working construction but the rising cost of steel and allen minium could say developers deal a serious blow to the entire industry it hurts us a lot in the fact that unpredictable makes it very difficult for us to sign contracts that i know for sure we can complete for the. number that the developer really needs us to do it for consumers to could end up out of pocket as u.s. manufacturing prices rise and the agricultural sector braces for retaliation from the e.u. canada and mexico some economists though say president trump is driven by something other than making trade fairer for the u.s. it's mostly done for posturing because trump sees this as. part of his base in particular the swing voters in many western states that got him elected and he wants to show or pretend that he's doing something but again i don't think these terrorists will stick whatever the motivations the
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stakes are high president trump says trade was a reason to win but ultimately it's the consumer and the worker that may end up suffering for president trump as a great deal of symbolism in placing tariffs on alimony and steel it reaffirms his commitment to putting america first of course he wants to revive jobs in america's rust belt but the reality on the ground is very different developer say rising prices could ultimately lead to a recession something nobody wants and what it is for now a booming economy and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida well the european union has complained to the world trade organization about the new us total steal an alum in the i'm natasha butler housewife paris. the european union must defend itself is the message from the block's trade commissioner who says e.u. leaders are united in imposing retaliatory tariffs on u.s. exports we are not seeking to to escalate any situation but but we need to respond
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and we do so in a measured manner. but not responding would be the same as accepting these these tariffs which we consider are illegal and against w. there's no word on exactly what the terrorists would be on or when they'd be imposed but they're expected to target a range of u.s. imports from jeans to motorcycles the e.u.'s foreign policy chief says a dispute settlement procedure is being launched at the world trade organization but a trade war isn't wanted the european union is a peace project including on treat we believe in. global free fair trade and we will continue to do so. donald trump's announcement on thursday to impose a twenty five percent tariff on e.u. steel imports and ten percent on aluminum has infuriated you bidders the french president who's worked hard to develop a good relationship with his u.s. counterpart hardened his tone i like him
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a lot he said i think that this decision is not only illegal but it's also a mistake because it addresses the already existing international imbalance by further dividing it by bringing economic and trade nationalism nationalism is war era leaders may be united for now but will they remain so over the question of whether or not to enter into trade negotiations with washington the twenty eight member bloc has to act on consensus but finding a common approach will not be easy germany is likely to want to avoid a full blown trade war as the largest european export of the us it has much to loose france on the other hand may pursue a tougher line so. we made clear by the french finance minister. we do not discuss under pressure and we do not negotiate under pressure i think we must return to more wisdom in world trainer g.'s. the e.u. is one of the main trading partners of the u.s. for now e.u.
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leaders are speaking with one voice their factory job some political reputations a state that may change as the impact of u.s. tariffs are felt its national butler al-jazeera paris the heavy rain has flooded parts of belgium's historic city of layers videos posted on social media show entire shelves being flooded and water pouring down staircases the stormy weather has also caused traffic chaos across the country venezuela has released groups of opposition activists who were jailed for protesting against president nicolas maduro the government says freeing the thirty nine activists will foster dialogue but critics are calling it a token gesture rights groups say hundreds of political protesters remain in jail that as well is facing an economic and political crisis that the opposition boycotted days elections and there's widespread shortages of many basic goods. and funerals have been held across the knicker argue for some of the sixteen people
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killed in the latest round of antigovernment protests hundreds of people packed into a church in the capital for the funeral of a fourteen year old he was hit by a bullet while protesting at the central american university on wednesday more than one hundred people have been killed since april him demonstrations to man the president daniel ortega stepped down. as their homes the whole robin these are all top news stories the june the twelfth summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un is officially back on trump made the announcement barely a week after canceling it following a ninety minute white house meeting with pyongyang's former spy chief came yong chewed. we're meeting with the chairman. and i think it's probably going to be a very successful ultimately
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a successful process will remember what i say we will see what we will see but i think it's going to be a process that we deserve to have i mean we really deserve they they want it we think it's important and i think we would be making a big mistake if we didn't have it i think we're going to have a relationship and it'll start in june. to vote on gaza her failed the u.n. security council the u.s. had blocked the first resolution put forward by kuwait which condemned israel's use of force against palestinians the u.s. failed to get back for backing for its own resolution blaming her for the recent flare up of violence along the gaza israel border the french newspaper le monde is reporting saudi arabia has threatened military action against cat are if it buys russian weapons it says the saudi king told the french president he'll retaliate if cats are choirs the s four hundred and the aircraft defense system. spain's conservative government has been toppled by
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a no confidence vote in parliament money on the roy will be replaced as prime minister by the socialist party leader pedro sanchez he'll be heading dorothy government prosecutors in germany her father request to extradite the deposed catalan leader more to spain he was detained on the request in march over his role in catalonia failed independence bid last year and he's facing charges of rebellion and corruption the european union says it will hit back at u.s. tariffs on steel and alimony and by putting levies are billions of dollars of american gets mexico and canada also say they'll be imposing towers in retaliation of the decision by the u.s. those are the headlines and back in half an hour next it's inside story.
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on the brink of a global trade war u.s. . aluminum in force with retaliation from close. the e.u. is also taking action they say donald trump's move is illegal and acceptable is this the beginning of the end of the global trade war this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. a black. relations a bad day for trade politicians and business leaders react angrily it's a president.


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