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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 2, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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their countries have been truly unable to escape the war. has been process will begin on june twelfth ensuring that. the on again off again summer do it when the u.s. and north korea now back home. i'm sammy's a than this is a lie from down also coming up. they did not act as a representative of the united states only but they acted much more as a present of israel it's a. us blogs a resolution to protect palestinians but it's an effort to denounce hamas fails. and reports saudi arabia is issuing new threats of military action against qatar.
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and the new prime minister takes over in spain faces immediate challenges. june twelfth summit between the u.s. president north korea's leader is officially back on donald trump made the announcement following a white house meeting with pyongyang former spy chief general kimmitt. only a week ago he canceled the summit blaming was a cold tremendous anger and open hostility from pyongyang mike hanna reports from washington. hughes cameras focused on the room where the meeting was taking place for just over eighty minutes then president trump emerged to announce the summit was back on will be. meeting on june twelfth and singapore like very well is but this time cautioned against any quick agreement i think it will be
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a process it's not i don't i never said it goes in one meeting i think it's going to be a process but the relationships of building in this are very positive the announcement followed two days of talks between north korea negotiator kim yong troll and the u.s. secretary of state in new york. and when he was ushered into the white house by the chief of staff he carried with him a letter from the north korean leader kim jong il president trump teased reporters about its content like the reality show host he once was going to meetings going to get this was a meeting where a letter was given to me by kim young and that letter was a very nice letter always you like to see what was in that letter and tell you like a little with how much how much how much like you give us but subsequently admitted he had not read the letter and i haven't seen the letter yet i purposely didn't know for eleven. i haven't opened it i didn't open it in front of the director i
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said would you want me to open which he said you can read it later i may be in for a big surprise focused. but he wasn't after president trump had departed for camp david the white house confirmed he read the letter and a short statement it says there were no surprises mike hanna al-jazeera washington go live down saul we're joined by wayne hey wayne wasn't long ago i'm sure you remember that this whole summit was off to be having idea what has turned things around. well the exact details of what has gone on behind the scenes few and far between really as you say it was just over a week ago that it seems like we were back to square one following that letter from donald trump to kim jong un saying effectively that the summit was off for now and then about a day later we saw a surprise second set into korean summits between the south korean president and
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kim jong il and so i think we can take from dev's that this is the south korean president has had a big role in this in getting things back on track and you also have to remember that this is something that president moon of south korea has always wanted even before he became president of the something that he wanted engagement with north korea better relations on the korean peninsula and ultimately a peaceful situation any you think back to last year his first year in office he really didn't have a chance to implement any of his campaign promises to start to get better relations on the korean peninsula because he was constantly having to respond to the provocations from north korea and also to the tweets coming from u.s. prison and donald trump and at the start of this year it seemed like something significant had changed and it's led to quite possibly where we are now with a summit coming up on june the twelfth or something is changed by any signals about
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how much common ground there is between the u.s. and north korea and some of the key issues. yeah i think again some of the details of what is being discussed are not readily available at the moment in effect it seems increasingly likely given the messages coming from donald trump and others within the administration that perhaps we won't see any significant deal announced on june twelfth in singapore when donald trump meets with kim jong un donald trump and self saying that this will be the first step and in effect it may take two or three meetings two or three summits before any deal can be come to an end even the u.s. defense secretary james mattis saying in singapore just a few moments ago that any discussion around u.s. troop numbers in south korea will not be on the agenda in singapore when the summit takes place so it seems like this will be largely a symbolic meeting between the two leaders if indeed it does happen of course still
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a very important step towards having a peaceful korean peninsula or perhaps more concrete than simply symbolic is what's going on between north and south korea tell us about the reestablishment of their sort of communication process. yes well there have been concrete steps taken over the past day or so on friday there were high level talks between representatives from north and south korea they met in the demilitarized zone separating the two countries and this was really a practical way of starting to implement some of the things that have been discussed between president moon and going in those two into korean summit so they have agreed to set up a joint liaison office that will be in the case song industrial complex with you which is just north of the border it's a complex that was closed in two thousand and sixteen because of what was happening in north korea with the missile and nuclear test so very shortly we're going to see a south korean delegation within the next couple of weeks head to the industrial
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complex to begin the process of setting up that that liaison office and the reason they're doing this is all in the name of communication they want to improve communication between the two koreas so that office will be manned constantly and it will be a way for the two koreas to be able to communicate as a say and ultimately to continue to defuse tensions between the two right good stuff there when hey from seoul the u.s. and north korea have been talking of course and that has been a major focus of that shangri-la dialogue that's going on in singapore that's an annual conference bringing together defense officials for more than fifty countries the u.s. defense secretary james mattis reserves his strongest comments for china's actions in the south china sea. trying to molech through very artificial features in the south china sea includes the deployment of missile for air missiles electronic
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jammers for more recently when you know bomber aircraft would be island. despite china's claims to the contrary the placement of these weapon systems is tied directly to military use for the purposes of intimidation and coercion trying to militarization of the spratleys is also in direct contradiction to president twenty fifteen public assurances in the white house rose garden that they would not do this scott hyla is live for us in single poll scotto wang touched upon those comments about decoupling denuclearization from the presence of u.s. troops those are important comments that came out way you are how those being seen . yeah definitely that was something that you know if you would have a headline for that what's going to be happening with the north korean situation it is that and that is jim jim mattis the u.s. defense secretary here at the shangri-la dialogue saying that exactly that that it was actually
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a question that was brought up after he spoke in regards to what the u.s. troops presence is going to be moving forward on the korean peninsula he said that is the discussion will happen after this june twelfth meeting here in singapore the summit that's something that's essentially off the table that he feels as though there needs to be progress made before you can start talking about that what's interesting after the secretary of defense spoke u.s. secretary of defense the japanese defense minister spoke and he said a couple of things about the situation with the summit and now that it is officially back on in the be here in this city in about ten days and he said that you can't reward north korea just for the dialogue there needs to be concrete actions from their side and also south korean defense minister chimed in as well he said this is the first step down the right path but there needs to be international support and north korea needs to remain committed it is a historic path but it's going to be a difficult path so yes as you said you know there's there was a lot of focus has been a lot of focus will continue to be
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a lot of focus on china and what's going on in the south china sea but obviously because you have these heads of defense departments around the world that there's going to be a focus on what's happening on the korean peninsula and the summit in this city in ten days. the u.s. defense secretary talking as your about situation with china particularly how he's going to modernize the alliances in the region what's on the table. yeah it's very interesting is that there's been a couple of steps recently and we heard that fairly strong comment from secretary mattis but we played just before you came to us and one thing that he brought up before he mentioned that and that was just recently the united states disinvited china to participate in the world's largest military exercise because of what's been going on because of the militarization he says but also what's been interesting that the united states has done they've kind of renamed their footprint the military footprint in this part of the world it's called in the pacific now that's including incorporating i should say the indian ocean india south asia so
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that's something where they're kind of expanding it when he looks at modernization what they're they're focused on they say the u.s. military navy particularly is that they want to focus on keeping freedom of navigation this is where there's a big difference of opinion between china and the united states and its allies when it comes to that corridor a very very important quarter for shipping that there's freedom of navigation and that's where these these differences of opinion come come to head and that's where the united states is focusing with these allies those allies who need those waters to commerce very important commerce in this part of the world all right thanks for distilling what's going on there for us. to vote so in gaza have failed that the u.n. security council the u.s. blocked the first resolution put forward by coate which condemned israel's use of force against palestinians more than the u.s. then failed to get backing for its own resolution blaming hamas for the recent flare up of violence along the gaza israel border diplomatic james spays reports
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from the u.n. u.s. ambassador nikki haley came here determined to waltz a resolution drafted by kuwait that called for measures to protect the people of gaza. she tried persuasion going around other members of the security council here as she approached the ambassador of peru she could be seen mouthing the words please. a warm greeting for israel's ambassador danny down on he surely aware she also had procedural tricks up her sleeve she wanted her completely rewritten version of the resolution classed as an amendment so it be voted on first there were heated discussions among ambassadors but this month's president of the council russia ruled against her and things only got worse for haley she pleaded with council members to support her draft resolution and reject kuwait's we strongly encourage this council to vote against coates resolution and ignalina the
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concerns of hamas bad voting for the us resolution each of you have a choice you either support hamas or not this vote will tell the story in love but the story that unfolded was not the one haley wanted when kuwait straw aft was put to a vote it got ten votes in favor it only didn't pass because haley had to use has been. and then the second vote on haley's own resolution this is where all her tactics backfired her allies abstained others voted against and a moment of diplomatic humiliation she was the only person to vote for her resolution. i don't believe that there was in the history of the united states. history of the united nations in which a country to submit
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a draft resolution and not to receive except one single vote the vote of the party that did submit that draft resolution if that is not the epic of complete failure i want you to tell me what is failure in the security council thank you it was a bad day for ambassador haley but the real losers are the people of palestine particularly in garza with the security council divided and deadlocked there is no end to their misery in sight james prose al-jazeera of the united nations well as that resolution was being discussed at the un a palestinian paramedic has been killed by israeli forces during the latest protest along the gaza border twenty one year old volunteer paramedic resign and jar had been volunteering at the border since march when weekly friday demonstrations began several more palestinians have been wounded now the french newspaper le monde is
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reporting saudi arabia has threatened military action against qatar if it buys russian weapons says the saudi king is written to the french president put pressure on the king sound man reportedly told emanuel mccaw he will retaliate of carter acquires the s four hundred anti aircraft defense system saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and behind cut off relations with last june. is a professor of conflict resolution at george mason university he says saudi arabia is showing no sign the gulf crisis can be resolved in the near future. while this new threat showcases the three years still maintains its hegemony impulses vis a vis a small nation at the neighborhood so after one year of the call of crisis it does not only seek the containment of qatar but also to ban it or to prevent it from seeking any kind of special you know the s four hundred from the russians and this
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goes against the golden rule in international law that means if you are under various threats you are entitled to your self-defense and the way you are mule self so i think unfortunately from a conflict perspective this is another cycle of escalation for the sake of escalation and i think there is a huge rift not only a political issue but also the psychology of the rift sensory yet has not realized that qatar has meant saying that it's over ninety and has gone beyond the brocade that was imposed last june fifth so i am afraid that i was hoping for some aid there would be an operation more or a step forwards toward somebody conciliation but this new thread makes me more pessimistic. still ahead on al-jazeera the u.s. commerce secretary arrives in china it is the brief cease fire in their trade war now over italy's newly formed government lays out his vision for the country the
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main issues they're facing. welcome back as a look at weather conditions across north america we have a frontal system pushing in across central parts of canada and down through the upper midwest and that system will work its way further east was just in the course of the weekend so chicago will see some rain probably saturday night into sunday so behind it largely dry fine conditions some showers still for the eastern seaboard though new york looks as though it should be largely dry but washington d.c. seen some downpours brighter conditions across georgia and down into florida now as we head on down into the caribbean region here we've had all sorts of problems with rain across cuba and the bahamas now things seem to improving gradually so there's still some showers around but it should be
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a little bit brighter generally fine conditions across many of the other caribbean island sunshine and thirty two in kingston jamaica up through the peninsula be got fine conditions for much of mexico but guatemala likely see some heavy rain at times continuing as we head through sunday there are heavy showers across northern parts of south america all the way from venezuela so in ghana french ghana towards colombia and down through ecuador further towards a certain showers for bolivia but fine across much of chile and through argentina but again it's really pretty cold at the moment temperatures are struggling here when is there is temperatures expected to get no higher than twelve degrees. they help build clean and feed the capital but they're not welcome anymore. one of the nice witnesses the mass of victims and demolitions forcing two hundred thousand of beijing's poor from their homes one on one east on al-jazeera and this was
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different not to say whether someone's going for someone's favorite that doesn't matter weenie tree i think it's how you approach an individual and not that it is a certain way of doing it you can't just inject a story and fly out. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now the june twelfth summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un is officially back on trump made the announcement barely a week after canceling it following a ninety minute white house meeting come yang's former spy chief kim yong charles two votes in gaza have failed at the u.n. security council the u.s.
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blog the first resolution put forward by quite which can then this rails use of force against palestinians the u.s. then failed to get backing for its own resolution blaming hamas for the recent flare up of violence along the gaza border the french newspaper le monde is reporting saudi arabia has threatened military action against god but if it is russian weapons it says the saudi king has told the french president to retaliate alter acquires the s four hundred anti aircraft defense system. u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross is arrived in beijing for trade negotiations he's pushing china to buy more agricultural and energy products to reduce their lee three hundred forty billion dollars trade deficit between the two nations foreign slowly has more from beijing. this is the third round of trade talks between china and the u.s. the world's two largest economies and the idea is to avoid a full blown trade war but the events of the past few days have complicated matters
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first up you have the about face by the u.s. when it comes to the imposition of tariffs on chinese goods now having initially said it will put these tariffs on hold while talks are ongoing the u.s. a few days ago said it would push ahead of tariffs and this has left chinese and u.s. officials in a state of uncertainty and without much confidence that whatever they agree on this weekend will actually amount to anything and then of course second is the issue of the u.s. imposing tariffs on steel an element in products on the e.u. mexico and canada this has angered and alienated its allies it will make it harder for the u.s. to find other countries to come together and confront what they say are unfair chinese trade practices because many of these countries have the same grouses they complain of intellectual property theft by chinese companies allowing them to benefit unfairly they complain of chinese overproduction flooding world markets
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with cheap steel and aluminum products and then the u.s. by going ahead and imposing these terrorists on its allies it's bypassed world trade organization procedures and acted unilaterally which means it's making it even more difficult to confront china especially at a time when china has said it supports the rules based trading system centered around the world trade organization funerals have been held across the garage of for some of these sixteen people killed in the latest round of antigovernment protests hundreds of people packed into a church in the capital managua for the funeral of a fourteen year old he was hit by a bullet while protesting in central american university on wednesday more than one hundred people have been killed since april in demonstrations demanding present daniel ortega steps down. spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is been forced from office after losing a no confidence vote will be replaced by socialist party leader pether sanchez who brought the motion sanchez is promising to clamp down on corruption and help those
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affected by years of a stereotype need parker reports from madrid. a new political dawn for spain forty six year old former economics professor pedro sanchez is now the country's new prime minister. do not as well tell your guest to more than a moment i am aware of the responsibility that i assume in such a complex political moment in our country and what i can say is that apart from been totally aware of it i am going to face all our country's challenges with humility and commitment and above all with a lot of determination of my first transform and modernize our country which is what the socialist party has always done when we have been in the government and secondly to attend to the urgent social matters of many people living in precarious conditions and suffering from inequality i am going to do it with consensus with humility hard work and commitment from. the head of the socialist
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party pushed for friday's no confidence motion one by a large margin m.p.'s from six different parties voted overwhelmingly to oust marianna will and his center right people's party from office the head of the vote apologize for his party's past mistakes well let me start a look at all shall be most it has been an honor to be the prime minister of spain it has been an honor to leave behind a better spain than the one that i found when i took over government i wish my substitute will be able to stay the same i think i have improved the well being of the people of spain if anyone has been offended by my actions i think everyone especially my party without none of this would be possible thank you to all spaniards for their support and understanding and good luck to all of you and to spain. the vote follows a long running corruption scandal involving leading members of the party he became the first prime minister in office to give evidence in a trial last year. former people's party treasurer lewis was among twenty
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nine people convicted on corruption charges he was once a close ally. he was given a thirty three year jail sentence and fined fifty one million dollars the people's party was also ordered to pay back two hundred ninety five thousand dollars but has remained defiant accusing sanchez of political opportunism spain's new prime minister will have to unite the country's fractured parliament will be the leader of a minority government and need the support of rival political parties to pass crucial legislation sanchez inherits a troubled economy and political instability over the future of catalonia where the independence movement remains strong he's also under pressure from other parties to call new elections as soon as possible sanchez is now spain's seventh prime minister since his return to democracy in the one nine hundred seventy s. but his hold on power faces immediate challenges. madrid
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the prime minister of italy's first populous government has been sworn in little known law professor giuseppe conti will lead a coalition of the anti establishment five star movement and far right lead party to bring an end to three months of political deadlock that has more from. handing over to the new prime minister. professor. marking the first time italy's so-called populists have been in government. i swear to be lords of republic to faithfully respect its constitution and its laws and to exercise my role in the exclusive interest of the public. the financial markets have reacted positively to the new government with shares in italian banks gaining more than three percent on friday but this is unknown territory for italy and the new administration is promising big changes the incoming interior minister matteo
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salvini head of the far right league wants to expel hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants he's recently talked about setting up detention centers across the country while he's equally ambitious rival five star leader luigi demaio who the labor and industry minister has promised a basic minimum income then this is how italy will interact with the european union . a euro skeptic prevented from being economy minister just days ago it would be in charge of e.u. affairs and giovanni tria the replacement economy minister has criticised germany and called for changes in e.u. fiscal rules to allow more state investment three it can be a bit more of a diplomat and they played a good cop bad cop in a role play in any case what we have to expect from the two men and from this government is a much more vocal a standing of the things he wouldn't say against europe but in face of europe and this is what is worrying and somehow international observers. the new cabinet
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should easily pass a vote of confidence expected early next week but the real test will be whether these highly unusual coalition can hold together and push for reforms that many voters expect and many e.u. leaders fear nadine barber al-jazeera rome. now scientists in the u.s. say they've potentially found the holy grail of cancer research researchers at the cleveland clinic in ohio say they've developed a blood test that able to detect certain types of cancer several years before a person falls ill a trial of around one thousand six hundred people found the non invasive procedure identified d.n.a. markers with up to ninety percent accuracy the test was used to detect genetic traces of multiple cancers including pancreatic and ovarian diseases it's hoped the breakthrough will help to dramatically transform cancer treatment of the u.n. mission in libya has called on all parties in the city of the island and to do more
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to protect civilians the eastern city is controlled by several armed groups including some with links to al qaida fighting escalated in april when the self-proclaimed libyan national army launched an offensive to take the city yellow maize loyal to running a general khalifa haftar the un says at least seventeen people have been killed in the past two weeks who the rebels in yemen say the capital of the united arab emirates dubey is now within reach of their missiles the u.a.e. is part of the saudi led coalition fighting against who thiis saudi arabia how to use its anti missile defense system several times in the past two months after they launched rockets towards riyadh a spokesman for the forces says they've managed to retake some territory from the saudi led coalition captured in the last few days. these advances of risk humanitarian deliveries to yemen though is the government forces to reach the port
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city of her data senior aide officials are urging the coalition to resume talks with iran allied who sees to avoid massive billion casualties. and let's take you through some of the headlines here in al-jazeera now the june twelfth summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un is officially back on. may the announcement barely a week after canceling it followed a ninety minute white house meeting with pyongyang is former spy chief kim young child the u.s. north korea told savina major focus of the shangri-la dialogue in singapore that's an annual conference that brings together defense officials from more than fifty countries earlier u.s. defense secretary james mattis said america's troop presence in south korea would not be on the table he was the strongest comments though for china in the south
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china sea china's militarization of artificial features in the south china sea includes the deployment of any ship missiles surface to air missiles electronic jammers or more recently the landing of bomber aircraft would be island despite china's claim to the contrary the placement of these weapon systems is tied directly to military use for the purposes of intimidation and coercion trainers militarization of the spratleys is also in direct contradiction to president twenty fifteen public assurances in the white house rose garden that they would not do this. two votes on guards that have failed that the u.n. security council the u.s. blocked the first resolution put forward by quite which condemned israel's use of force against palestinians the u.s. then failed to get backing for its own resolution blaming her mass for the recent flare up of violence along the gaza israel border the french newspaper le monde is
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reporting saudi arabia has threatened military action against a culture that it buys russian weapons it says the saudi king told the french president to retaliate if that's a requires the s four hundred anti aircraft defense system spain's conservative government has been toppled by a no confidence vote in parliament mariano rajoy will be replaced as prime minister by the socialist party leader paid the resigned shares will be heading a minority government no confidence vote came after senior officials and roy's popular party were found guilty of taking bribes in exchange for handing out contracts it's one on one east now. if exploited men use the kill. would take to make the charcoal that feel. that forged the steel didn't make shoes the trade that exploits them and.
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penetrates global markets slavery a twenty first century evil continues. on al-jazeera take. the chinese authorities call them and population. workers who came to beijing to build clean and feed the capital. but they no longer fit the dazzling image president xi jinping wants for his show capital. so the city is getting rid of its poorest residents. and steve cho on this episode of one of one east we witnessed the massive dictions and demolitions reshaping beijing.


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