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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 2, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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we really do well. this is al-jazeera. and i'm adrian finnegan and this is the news live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes south korea welcomes u.s. president donald trump's. holding a summit with north korea's leader as well cautious optimism from other south pacific nations as spain's new prime minister is sworn in we'll take a look at the challenges that both he and his country face.
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emotional goodbye the rising death toll of anti-government protesters killed in nicaragua. and we look at what impact iraq's elections could have on u.s. forces in the country. asia pacific nations have given a cautious welcome to u.s. president donald trump's decision but he's on off summit with north korea is back on again but seoul is warmly supportive of the news the korean peninsula was center stage at an international security conference in singapore from web al-jazeera scott hide the reports. hughes cameras focused on the room where the meeting was taking place for just over eighty minutes then president trump emerged to announce the summit was back on will be. meeting on june twelfth and singapore like very well it's but this time cautioned against any quick agreement i think it will be a process it's not i've never said it goes in one meeting i think it's going to be
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a process but the relationships are building and that's a very positive the announcement followed two days of talks between north korea negotiator kim yong troll and the u.s. secretary of state in new york. and when he was ushered into the white house by the chief of staff he carried with him a letter from the north korean leader kim jong il president trump teased reporters about its content like the reality show host he once was as usual going to me to go and get this was a meeting where a letter was given to me by him young interns and that letter was. very nice letter always you like to see what was in that letter and tell you like with it how much how much how much like humans but subsequently admitted he had not read the letter i hadn't seen the letter yet i purposely didn't know for eleven. i haven't opened it i didn't open it in front of the director i said would you want me to open it he
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said you can read it later i may be in for a big surprise focused. but he wasn't after president trump had the part of the camp david the white house confirmed he read the letter in a short statement it says there were no surprises mike hanna al-jazeera washington well that obviously wasn't scott haida we'll get to his report in just a moment but south korea has played a key role in getting the summit back on track following trumps cancellation of his meeting with north korea's leader kim jong un just over a week ago wayne hay reports. there was a positive response from the south korean government to the news that the summit between donald trump and kim jong un appears to be back on track for june the twelfth in singapore there was a very brief statement released by the office of the south korean prisoners moon jay in referring to the letter that was written by kim jong un and sent to donald trump the statement said it is made the path leading to a u.s.
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north korea summit wider in studio and we will watch for the historic meeting to be held in singapore in an excited yet met a man so perhaps cautious optimism optimism is the best way to describe the response from the south korean government to that news that the summit appears to be or go for june the twelfth but it looks also increasingly unlikely that will we will see any significant deals or any major announcements made during that summit there may be some general agreements reached between donald trump and kim jong un there was some perhaps misguided optimism that they would be a deal reached related to perhaps the denuclearization of the korean peninsula which seems to be the ultimate goal or a peace deal to formally end the korean war but of course those two issues are very complex and it seems that there just isn't enough time to come up with some sort of deal before or during that summit when it comes to the denuclearization of the
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korean peninsula it also seems that the two sides north korea and the united states are still out wide apart when it comes to how best to achieve that goal but as we were saying the korean players who are top of the agenda that international security conference in singapore from where scott high to reports. the focus of the high level discussions here at the shangri-la dialogue all came down to one peninsula u.s. secretary of defense jim mattis just hours after president donald trump firmed the u.s. north korea summit was back on or. june twelfth here in singapore made something on very clear and the number of u.s. troops in south korea is something that will not be discussed if we can restart or confidence building measures with with something verifiable then of course these kinds of issues can come up subsequently between democracies the republic of korea and the united states but it is that issue is not on the table here and singapore
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on the twelfth. that adds weight to comments from trump that it's unlikely that a major breakthrough will come after just one meeting also hear the shangri-la dialogue the defense ministers from japan and south korea both spoke about the upcoming summit but with guarded optimism saying it's a historic first step down the right path but north korea cannot be rewarded just for dialogue concrete actions are needed south korea was more conciliatory toward kim jong un urging patience with the north koreans for coming well because just because we have been tricked by north korea before does not guarantee that we will be tricked in the future if we start to think like this we can never negotiate with them and we can never look to achieve peace with them and also on saturday secretary mabus described china's buildup in the south china sea as militarization used for intimidation and coercion and i think mr mattis was doing that simply to remind everybody that the geopolitical chessboard straddled across the asia pacific
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is extremely large in a lot of moving parts and the current korean peninsula crisis is just one portion of that chessboard a red line or several red lines have been crossed and the u.s. is now hitting back at these diplomatic to china defended its actually saying what the u.s. and their allies are doing is simply being matched. for now the countdown to the much anticipated summit in ten days remains in the spotlight got harder al-jazeera singapore not the rest of the day's news a palestinian man has been killed by israeli forces in the city of hebron in the occupied west bank he was thirty five year old. israeli forces say the troops fired at him after he tried to run them over with his vehicle. and israeli forces shot dead a palestinian paramedic during protests at the gaza border on friday twenty one year old runs on. volunteered to give medical help when the weekly demonstrations began in march several other palestinians were injured and two resolutions on the border
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violence have failed at the un security council since march israeli soldiers have shot dead at least twenty one hundred twenty one palestinians have been protesting for the right to return to gaza the u.s. block to kuwait backed resolution calling for the protection of palestinians it then failed to get support for its own resolution condemning hamas for the unrest on diplomatic editor james bays reports from the un. u.s. ambassador nikki haley came here determined to thwart a resolution drafted by kuwait that called for measures to protect the people of gaza. she tried persuasion going around other members of the security council here as she approached the ambassador of peru she could be seen mouthing the words please. a warm greeting for israel's ambassador danny down on he surely aware she also had procedural tricks up her sleeve she wanted her completely
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rewritten version of the resolution classed as an amendment so it be voted on first there were heated discussions among ambassadors but this month's president of the council russia ruled against her and things only got worse for haley she pleaded with council members to support her draft resolution and reject kuwait's we strongly encourage this council to vote against coates resolution and ignalina the concerns of hamas bad voting for the us resolution each of you have a choice you either support hamas or not this vote will tell the story. but the story that unfolded was not the one haley wanted but when kuwait strafford was put to a vote it got ten votes in favor it only didn't pass because hayley had to use have b.t.o. and then the second vote on haley's own resolution this is where all her tactics
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backfired her allies abstained others voted against and a moment of diplomatic humiliation she was the only person to vote for her resolution. i don't believe that there was in the history of the united states. history of the united nations in which country to submit at the draft resolution and not to receive except one single vote the vote of the party that did submit that draft resolution if that is not the epic of complete failure i want you to tell me what is failure in the security council thank you it was a bad day for ambassador haley but the real losers are the people of palestine particularly in garza with the security council divided and deadlocked there is no end to the misery in sight james by his era of the united nations and you in him
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tax law in jordan has provoked mass protests riot police in the capital amman were called in to break up demonstrators that demanding the cabinets resignation of the government ministers approved a new economic policy influenced by the international monetary fund protesters accuse the i.m.f. of interference of worsening jordan's economic crisis. who the rebels in yemen say that the capital of the united arab emirates abu dhabi is now within reach of their missiles hooty forces say that they've managed to recapture some territory recently the u.a.e. and saudi arabia are leading the coalition of countries fighting a three year war in yemen against these they've especially they've repeatedly fired missiles towards the saudi capital riyadh. a french newspaper says that saudi arabia is threatening military action against castle if it buys russian s. four hundred missiles lamond reports that the saudi king told the french president that his country would retaliate if quiet the anti aircraft defense system saudi
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arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain have imposed a blockade on cattle for the past here. is a professor of conflict resolution at george mason university of the united states he says that the saudis are showing no sign that the gulf crisis can be resolved any time soon while this new threat showcases the three year still maintains its impulses the views of the small nation of the neighborhood so after one year of the gulf crisis it does not only seek the containment of culture but also to bend it all to prevent it from seeking any kind of special you know there is four hundred from the russians and this goes against the golden rule in international law that means if you are and that it is throw you are entitle to your defense and the way you solve so i think unfortunately from
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a conflict this is another cycle of escalation for the sake of nation and they think it is a huge rift not only a political river but also a psychology since three year has not to realize that qatar has maintained its sovereignty and has gone beyond the brocade that the world imposed last june fifth so i am afraid that i was hoping for some aid that it would be an operation more orders than forwards towards somebody conservation but this new thread makes me more pessimistic this is that is half a mile to zero still to come on the program a victory for striking oil workers in brazil a target of that anger has quit plus. not responding. except. between. stealing for a fight some of america's closest allies a resisting donald trump's tariffs and in sports tiger woods wows the crowds as he puts himself into contention in ohio that story coming up
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a little later. spain's new prime minister pedro sanchez has been sworn in the socialist leader succeeds mario hoyer who lost a vote of confidence in parliament after a corruption scandal within his party the holy accuses the socialists of an opportunistic power grab. is a professor of comparative politics and european studies at the competency university of madrid she joins us now live via skype from madrid good to have you with us sanchez's got only eighty four m.p.'s in the house of three hundred eighty three hundred fifty seats a to extend is he now going to have to bow to the demands of the parties that supported him in his no confidence motion. yes this has been a historical historical event is the first time the. motion of the
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natural has been we mean by candidate of presidency so i think it's very important to point out that. that event has a has been three censors russians before and none of them. had. a candidate also is the first president which is not a deputy. to take it into we have to take that into account so it's going to be it's going to be a very tough time for him. to go alone they have to manage negotiations and dialogue with all these political forces that are so poor he yesterday sanchez says that he's going to call elections soon but not until his party has spent time focusing on social and educational reforms is likely to to help or hinder him when he eventually does call an election. i don't really really
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good position right now no one was suspecting him before in the last fifteen days yes came up but no one was counting on. to be queen in the press. so. you have to see all these tactical. moves meaning for. her to. power for a year and then ask for elections because the force. increasing their support of the electorate. has not to return. on the whole of the of the stakes so they prefer prefer it to half elections before the. local elections next year may may be next year so. we'll wait until until the
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most how local elections has out and before they are calling for elections. because they're going to see two phased also elections. that day they call for elections next autonomous a question that he's willing to engage in dialogue with with the catalan independence party what impact if any is that going to have on the long running political crisis i think this is an open window of opportunity to deal with this stuff question catalonians thing with. political dialogue between a state central a state and catalonian independently there are. some factors that have been. the same day. that their right to the presidency was the same where we got to a new environment meaning that the one fight. article of the constitution has
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failed on one five five article of the constitution meaning that it has taking over control of the political issues think it alone yes so it was the first time that i was happy spain. so now it's time to have more in a more. in a much better position to deal with political negotiations with it that's our leaders and try to reach negri men it's one of the it is one of the main tasks that front of. it due to their territorial issue and this national question is being one of the most this is that relation. let's say. two or three years in spain but we cannot forget the whole thing a study in two thousand and six with the refusal of the constitutional court. and the catalonians statute. by catalonia parliament and it was appealed by the
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by the popular party. professor many thanks indeed professor ruth for the in madrid . i think that as well as hoping that the change in leadership in spain will mean better relations between the two countries the former spanish spanish prime minister mario was often a critic of president nicolas maduro thought of putting the zero down but i was surprised that raul went away so fast almost without saying goodbye i respect the political life of spain we do not get into the political life of spain i hope that the new government the new president can build a new vision about venezuela and can open new policies of dialogue understanding and respect about venezuela i want relationships of respect i make above italy's first populist government is becoming clearer but the real test is still to come for new prime minister is happy content his coalition of the anti establishment five star movement and far right league party al-jazeera as
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a team baba reports from. handing over to the new prime minister paolo gentle only makes way for law professor. marking the first time italy's so-called populists have been in government. i swear to be a lot of republic to faithfully respect its constitution and its laws and to exercise my role in the exclusive interest of the public. the financial markets have reacted positively to the new government with shares in italian banks gaining more than three percent on friday but this is unknown territory for italy and the new administration is promising big changes the incoming interior minister matteo salvini head of the far right league wants to expel hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants he's recently talked about setting up detention centers across the country while his equally ambitious rival five-star leader luigi to my old will be labor and industry minister has promised
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a basic minimum income then this is how italy will interact with the european union . euro skeptic prevented from being economy minister just days ago it would be in charge of e.u. affairs and giovanni tria the replacement economy minister has criticised germany and called for changes in e.u. fiscal rules to allow more state investment three it can be a bit more of a diplomat and they played a good cop bad cop you know role play in any case what we have to expect from the two men and from this government is a much more vocal a standing of the thing he added i wouldn't say against europe but in face of europe and this is what is worrying somehow international observers. the new cabinet should easily pass a vote of confidence expected early next week but the real test will be whether this highly unusual coalition can hold together and push for reforms that many voters expect and many e.u. leaders fear nadine barber al-jazeera rome. francesco galiot is head of policy at
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cern up a political risk consultancy he joins us now live via skype from rome francisco good to have you with us highly unusual coalition as you heard what do you make of the the success of these populist parties in the elections in rome i know the election was weeks ago now and there's a lot of horse trading going on since then but was the election the result you think of. a stair a tea at the insistence of the e.c.b. . i think that the current state of the fed and i think that the outcome of them on all of that and then the composition. reflection off with. the overall mood in the conference. has. over i had hopes they have.
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got them. that. all. this has all. the altruist triple in size and maybe some positives. as. you see. it. is the i'm comfortable situation we have the largest sovereign that the. size of our that and. all. that. increasingly i'm comfortable with what they see as two months of almost. the top of the targets of the telly and.
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they feel that democracy has been trampled on by by the e.u. old by. the e.c.b. . and to me i would say in the past we. say great i'm moving all the antiestablishment well i had to stay. then. i would say that the bank of italy is all soft also all good as scapegoat. whether it be easy commission certainly but also let's bear in mind that let them watch how and. i think there is a widespread. brussels ok. until the end of the year francesco how dangerous is this for the for the e.u. is that perhaps a view in brussels that that the period being governed by school dealing populist
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may ultimately lead to people coming back to the to the e.u. to getting to that being more support for the e.u. within italy not really i don't think that these are willing to break away from that you were going to destroy the system certainly there is a space for all european. great francisco but he thinks they were having some problems there. more jobs and cuts to food prices and major demands for antigovernment protesters in argentina and their fury at the government's latest appeal for help from the international monetary fund risible reports from one of us. thousands of people from all around the country went to the presidential palace to demand jobs and then emergency budget to help the poor he said. we've seen the situation deteriorate
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since machree took office we see it in the soup kitchens we walk the slums and there is need in the last month argentina's currency devaluated around thirty two percent and that has already had an impact on inflation which is one of the highest in the world after the peso currency hit an all time low earlier this month the government of return to the international monetary fund to get help it's generated fear among the many arjun tines. why i call on the i.m.f. if we have enough we can generate enough for all of us we know what's happened in the past when he asked for help from the i.m.f. we ended in a crisis since taking office maggie has tried to cut back on government spending by lifting subsidies on water electricity and transport but this week the opposition passed a law to block the latest race. machree blames the previous administration for the
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current situation he accuse the opposition of being irresponsible and veto it. those who voted for the law did not say where we're going to get the money it means we suspend social spending pensions infrastructure work that we have found around the country bring drinking water roads energy i don't like the rise in the prices of utilities but there is no future with no energy and no investment labor unions are now threatening a national strike saying the president is cutting back taxes from the wealthy and taking away from the poor and the middle class how do you feel maggie had had a gradual approach to life dealing with the fifth deficit which is one of the biggest problems argentina economy faces today and it can't be devaluation any impact on the economy has had an effect and he's a military defeat and that's like thousands of people i think today argentina's economy is struggling many are fearful the situation will only get worse.
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when a site is in nicaragua funerals have been held after what opposition and catholic church leaders are calling a massacre sixteen anti-government protesters were killed on wednesday raising the total to more than one hundred in the past six weeks. apollo reports now from the capital managua the u.n. is calling on the government to stop the killing. a funeral procession makes its way through a neighborhood in the nicaraguan capital onlookers watch from their homes as the remains of thirty four year old gun sisco today is are moved to a nearby cemetery. overcome with grief francisco's mother says goodbye to her son for the last time. i roll my eyes the most precious thing in our lives is being taken away all of our children are in danger. fransisco was shot while attending a protest on may thirty his father is
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a police officer for the city of managua he believes his son was killed by a sniper under orders by the government and. this was the government there killing innocent people the person was trained because a sniper shoots to kill i'm on the moments after francisco was shot were captured on camera. as was the anger that demonstrators felt upon learning that he was dead i found you they is blood there is blood they shot our brother francisco is one of at least sixteen people who were killed during one of the largest anti-government protests seen any get out in decades his name is now added to a list of over one hundred others who've been killed since the start of this crisis on april eighteenth entering with his body laid to rest the schools closest friends say they feel compelled to join in the anti-government demonstrations they started as a protest against planned cuts to social security benefits but the focus is why did
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to getting rid of president and his administration let the people support francisco and if the people rise up i will support him to do. while the unrest in that i work continues mourners at the funeral ask collectively how many more of the country's youth will be buried before the conflict is over and. government critics in venezuela say the release of thirty nine opposition activists is a token gesture because hundreds of political processes remain in jail the government says the freeing of the activists who demonstrated against the president will foster dialogue the opposition boycotted last month's re-election of president nicolas maduro and venezuelans are suffering from widespread shortages of food and other essentials. but as without the aid of a safety that speech just richard angwin attempts to squash a lot of weather into one minute and fifteen seconds then. there's a push to get young voters on board ahead of mexico's biggest ever elections. novak
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djokovic the french open well we'll find out in the sports in around fifteen minutes. agent right not a lot of time to explain an awful lot of meteorology we're going to look at the month of may no new may was an exceptional month but didn't rise how exceptional until i looked on our little group we have a world wide weather forecasters and the information from a has been coming in it really is quite extraordinary the impact the weather is had across europe during the month take for instance finland one of my colleagues reports it's the warmest in one hundred twenty years there with record amounts of sunshine meanwhile across in denmark my colleague jesper points out it's the woman
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since eighteen eighty nine with sunshine of a record high in the previous set back just less than a decade ago you think that's impressive it gets even more impressive my colleague from the netherlands who pointed out just a few minutes ago about the temperatures that is the warmest in three hundred years but is it was worth pausing for with temperatures three degrees celsius above the long term average meanwhile across in hungary my colleague tom is down by only coming with the second warmest hungary a second warmest may since ninety one but ten percent budapest average twenty point one which is three point nine degrees above average and probably the best to stick of all is the record number thunderstorms in france two hundred four thousand discharges compare with a record of eighty five thousand. the weather sponsored by katter. singapore is being accused of expanding its coastline with illegally dredged satins
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some of the islands off the coast of indonesia literally vanished it's a big business boggling take this there in the sand is our area you see the beautiful beach but behind it is something with. tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sound was on al-jazeera. it's been one year since its neighbors imposed a blockade on qatar by land sea and air. a move that shattered the region's two political landscape alliances have shifted and qatar has grown more self-reliant. but what caused the rift between the g.c.c. countries is there an end in sight and can the gulf ever be the same again the siege of qatar on a. low
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temps could have you with us adrian finnegan here in doha with the news out from al-jazeera the top stories this hour leaders of asia pacific nations have given a cautious welcome to donald trump's announcement that its summit with north korea is back on the u.s. defense secretary was among the speakers at an international security conference in singapore where the u.s. president is due to meet kim jong il and then ten days time. two resolutions on weeks of violence at gaza's border with israel have failed at the u.n. security council the u.s. block to kuwait backed resolution calling for the protection of palestinians the u.s. then failed to get support for its own resolution condemning hamas for the unrest. and spain's new prime minister has been sworn in petra sanchez replaces money out
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of the hole who lost a parliamentary vote of confidence on friday due to a corruption scandal within his own party. egypt's president topple fattah el-sisi has been sworn in for a second four year term sisi secured ninety seven percent of the votes in the election and most of his opponents were jailed or threatened against running former general came to power after leading the military is removing the democratically elected president mohamed morsi in twenty thirteen timothy called us as among resident fellow at the top the institute for middle east policy joins us now live via skype from cairo good to have you with us timothy. likely to be any different perhaps a little more permissive from the first. girl is no indication that we've actually seen wrapping up the critics and activists in the last couple of months beyond that . there's been no relenting in terms of websites hundred blocks.
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and so going forward there's very little reason to believe that any of the repression will relent or even soften in the second term all right we all know that the election was a sham most of his opponents were jailed or threatened against running how much and is it possible to to gauge how much support he actually has among the general population what with inflation running it at the level that it is the implementation of a story he measures the measures tax rises. i think it's hard to measure accurately his level of popularity we can say with confidence that it has declined substantially since its peak in two thousand and thirteen the economic hardship he cited being probably the primary reason for that people are dealing with incredible difficulties in terms of the collapsing purchasing power and price that is skyrocketing. beyond that though what you have to weigh in consideration of all this is that his popularity exists in
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a context in which many of his critics are imprisoned or intimidated into silence and much of the media is either being bought up by various government institutions or being also forced into censorship and self-censorship so there's no real access for the public to a public debate about his record and his actions that would allow them to critically evaluate his his time in office cc's economic policies working i mean will they ultimately lead to more prosperity for egyptians currently we are seeing improvement macro indicators the are going to reserve the country out of expanded substantially of course a lot of that's based on borrowing and there might be pressure to continue to raise interest rates to say competitive with other emerging markets. that said so far we haven't seen that translate into a lot of new job opportunities or increases in wages that would keep up with the rate of inflation that people have been trying to cope with and having great
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difficulty doing so for the time being unless the government finds a way to translate some of these larger macro indicators into something that can affect every day people the majority of egyptians aren't going to clearly benefit any time in the near term from what we're observing ok and what happens at the end of this second term is that i think constitutionally to prevent him standing for a third more we're looking at a potential another potential of barack here. well currently speaking the constitution limits the president to terms but many of us including myself suspect that at some point in the next four years he will move to amend the constitution. to allow for him to run for further terms of office i think is also very likely actually that will make the terms longer so that he doesn't have to stand for election so often as you seem pretty perturbed the last time yet to do so. i think that that's what we have to expect the question is really more when we when we do that when we feel he has an opportunity to push something through that like that
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through a referendum because unlike opposition candidates he can't imprison the word no on a referendum and so it's a there's a unique challenge for him is electoral history to play many thanks indeed timothy called us there live in cairo thanks for having it's three weeks since the parliamentary election in iraq and the result remains mired in allegations of vote rigging many iraqis voted for a nationalist party which is against foreign interference but neighboring iran remains influential and u.s. commanders in iraq are dismissing fears that tension with iran the pulling out of the nuclear deal could threaten iraqi stability from baghdad and some of the job it reports. these pilots are navigating the air space their job. as they continue their presence over iraq and syria it makes some of the highest number of foreign troops in the middle east the trump administration ratcheting up its rhetoric for their own there are concerns for the troops stationed in the middle east is there
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a threat from escalating tensions with iran to foreign forces in iraq i don't see it i see iraqi security forces defeating the threat which is isis the threat that i see is if stability if security isn't maintained to allow stability and reconstruction to occur on the government's timeline that will be the biggest threat. through iran militias were instrumental in defeating eisel washington wants to limit their influence in iraq and cross border into syria the shia militias are now part of the security framework and report to the iraqi prime minister last year militia threaten to attack u.s. forces. this group is part of the fatah coalition which got the second highest seat in recent elections as militias get more political prominence the u.s. military says it is ready to work with all shades of iraqi forces what comes into iraqi security forces we will support it's not our decision but we're here to help
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and will help with our advice and will help with resources if the government of iraq you know requested. by two thousand and seven there were one hundred seventy thousand u.s. troops in iraq that was at the height of sixteen violence after the u.s. invasion but their complete withdrawal in twenty eleven worked in the favor of hardline groups such as i said i was here in two thousand and ten and i i felt that the iraqi people iraqi army had want to great victory peace was there what did proved not to be the case but outside of the holds the highest number of seats in a tweet he said his views against occupation did not change and he will work to rid iraq of all foreign influences so that led to uprising against u.s. forces but t.v. position himself as a moderate centrist leader in recent years there are demands for u.s. troops to leave but also say that they need trainers for iraq's military most iraqis have voted for a national government which is against foreign influence iran has
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a significant say among iraqi politicians the u.s. and saudi arabia also want a government with the sympathetic to their interests with the rising polarization between the u.s. and iran iraq will struggle to escape the impact of this tension. that there are back that one hundred fifty somalian migrants have returned home from libya as part of the un repatriation program libyan police arrested them as they tried to cross the mediterranean to europe the international organization for migration says that up to six hundred thousand migrants in libya are at risk of abuse detention and torture the united nations in libya is urging warring parties to take more precautions in order to protect civilians suffering from water food and medicine shortages in turn eastern libyan city is controlled by several groups some of them linked to al qaeda fighting escalated in april when the self-proclaimed libyan national army launched an offensive to capture. the boss of the biggest oil company
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in brazil has resigned driving down the share price of pressure brust by fifteen percent he's the highest profile casualty so far of a truck driver strike that's virtually paralyzed brazil for nearly two weeks now daniel schreiber reports. the resignation of chief executive. was just one of the demands of striking all workers. he said they didn't like the way he was running petal brass and they feared he was planning to privatized the brazilian state's majority holding in the biggest oil company in latin america. workers largely believe the grass is not being properly managed there is not one worker who says the sale by the press or bronze boss. is fair we have been planning the strike for a long time but in chile with a reputation for turning around struggling companies took office in two thousand and sixteen with the condition that the government not interfere in setting the price of oil but the government earlier this week did exactly that after
1:44 pm
a nine day strike by the country's truck drivers brought brazil to a near standstill. nobody can take it anymore why are we going to work if we can't even make enough to east difficult to work that way it's stolen we have to pay for that no one can take it anymore. the price of diesel was temporarily lowered by twelve percent and the drivers were turned to work. lost about fifteen percent of the value of shares presidential elections are due in october president michel demo who is not standing his popularity rating is at record lows while many politicians from all parties are in broad in corruption scandals brazilians are disillusioned with the whole political system but they say they cannot will not accept high fuel prices and. one of cyrus the largest ever elections in mexico is just a month away now young voters will have a major say in the results almost half of the around ninety million eligible voters
1:45 pm
under the age of thirty five john heilemann reports from mexico city. a quick tucker break before a national louder than get on with cramming for their finals to finish in university at a critical moment the mix can elect tour the race is gearing up and they clear what they see is the key issues that was for. them to work that at least there was work for those of us who are heading out of university that and crime we don't have security almost anywhere pollsters say that ties in with what many young voters want more and better paid jobs lower murder rates and less corruption. candidates should be listening the young vote is all important this election almost forty five percent of the electorate is under thirty five they could swing it for the winner they're overwhelmingly urban online a more educated than their parents are also more likely to vote left good news for
1:46 pm
front runner money well and that as lopez obrador that is if they turn out well why the young vote tends not to mexico is notoriously corrupt political class could turn them off entirely but there is hope that this time around they willing gates that's based in part on young people participating or mass in protest movements and the rescue efforts off the last year's earthquake. movement we keep politica he's trying to use that energy to transform the political scene supporting fresh faced independent candidates like twenty seven year old robert dole christie you know it must i must confess we've demonstrated that we're not an apathetic generation and for years we haven't been heard we want to as we say now slogan a place of political class that doesn't represent us. that won't happen at the presidential level this selections the leading candidates a political veterans but the young should still play
1:47 pm
a vital role in who gets in and how the country moves forward john home and mexico city the u.s. commerce secretary is in china's capital for talks on easing tension over tariffs will ross's visit comes out of the trump of ministration renewed threats against china raising fears of a trade war washington wants paging to reduce the trade deficit of daily three hundred forty billion dollars between the two nations florence louis reports from beijing. this is the third round of trade talks between china and the u.s. the world's two largest economies and the idea is to avoid a full blown trade war but the events of the past few days have complicated matters first up you have the about face by the u.s. when it comes to the imposition of tariffs on chinese goods now having initially said it will put these tariffs on hold while talks are ongoing the u.s. a few days ago said it would push ahead of tariffs now this has left chinese and u.s. officials in a state of uncertainty and without much confidence that whatever they agree on this
1:48 pm
weekend will actually amount to anything and then of course second is the issue of the u.s. imposing tariffs on steel an element in products on the e.u. mexico and canada this has angered and alienated its allies it will make it harder for the u.s. to find other countries to come together and confront what they say are unfair chinese trade practices because many of these countries have the same grouses they complain of intellectual property theft by chinese companies allowing them to benefit unfairly they complain of chinese overproduction flooding world markets with cheap steel and aluminum products and then the u.s. by going ahead and imposing these terrorists on its allies it's bypassed world trade organization proceedings and acted unilaterally which means it's making it even more difficult to confront china especially at a time when china has said it supports the rules based trading system centered around the world trade organization and some of america's closest allies have
1:49 pm
attacked the trumpet ministration for playing what they call a dangerous game by imposing steel and aluminum tariffs the e.u. and canada have filed legal challenges with the world trade organization after they were targeted along with mexico economists say that a trade war could damage the u.s. economy is only gallagher reports now from miami. like many states florida is construction industry has been building for years demand for new development is being. driven by a strong economy and in this state alone half a million people working construction but the rising cost of steel and allen minium could see developers deal a serious blow to the entire industry it hurts us a lot in the fact that unpredictable makes it very difficult for us to sign contracts that i know for sure we can complete for the number that the developer really needs us to do it for consumers to could end up out of pocket as u.s. manufacturing prices rise and the agricultural sector braces for retaliation from
1:50 pm
the e.u. canada and mexico some economists though say president trump is driven by something other than making trade fairer for the u.s. it's mostly done for posturing because trump sees this as. part of his base in particular the swing voters in midwestern states that got him elected and he wants to show or pretend that he's doing something but again i don't think these terrorists will stick whatever the motivations the stakes are high president trump says trade was a reason to win but ultimately it's the consumer and the worker that may end up suffering for president trump as a great deal of symbolism in placing tariffs on alimony and steel it reaffirms his commitment to putting america first of course he wants to revive jobs in america's rust belt but the reality on the ground is very different developer say rising prices could ultimately lead to a recession something nobody wants and what it is for now
1:51 pm
a booming economy and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida eruptions from the killer whale volcano in hawaii are now beginning to slow but scientists aren't sure what's going to happen next loose rock is blocking the bottom of the crater which has been spewing ash and lava for a month now researchers say that either new explosions were blast through the rock the blockage or that the eruptions will end thousands of people have been forced from. just ahead here all the news our fans at this world cup warm up match got a little carried away far will be here to tell you why in sports thanks to.
1:52 pm
the finals in italy. living a wandering life for centuries but now forced to think hard about the future. al-jazeera world meets the nomadic peoples of the atlas mountains. striving to deal with the changing world. and preparing their children for a different way of life. the last no bads of morocco on al-jazeera.
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i got to have the support of his foreign agent thank you so much three no williams continues her campaign for a fourth french open title later on saturday the former tennis world number one faces eleven c. julie is yours as she looks to book her place in the last sixteen of the french open another former champion has been on court guard being the twenty sixteen champion demolish them. australia winning in straight sets six love six two all men's top seed rafa nadal will be in action later the spaniard facing a rashard gask a in the third round on friday former world number one and twenty six team champion no jockey which made his way into the fourth round after winning the first set he lost the second which he wasn't happy about with the serbian
1:54 pm
twenty eight seed was up against spain's roberta at the two step of the thirty one year old would recover to eventually win the match six four six seven seven six six two his world ranking has dropped to twenty two after a lengthy spell on the sidelines through injury. of of course. i don't want to play for five hours every match but. i think it was a great test and i had to earn my victory and last set was actually the best set that i've played so far in the tournament and i don't feel too exhausted so it's a good news as well and. i'm just looking forward to next challenge. tiger woods has put himself into contention after the second round of the p.g.a. memorial tournament in ohio but the former well number one has a lot of work to do if he is to catch up to the chilean teenager if you know what ken i'm in and kyle stanley who share top of the libor leaderboard at eleven under it was words though that got the crowd going with
1:55 pm
a brilliant eagle on the eleventh to put him six shots behind the leaders forty two year old it was returning to the p.g.a. tour this year after back surgery has won this tournament five times in the past it was better i had some good shots in there and i felt i had nice control of. pretty much everything. unfortunately didn't make a missile short but which is a you know something i don't normally do which is just frustrating to clean that up come this weekend and you know hopefully i can get it going on into football like this on the weekend and i got a great chance of. winning this term nigeria captain john obi mccallum says his team are ready to make history at the world cup which starts in two weeks nigeria have a warm up match against england at wembley later on saturday they're heading into their sixth finals they've never made it to the quarters before having reached the last sixteen on three occasions no african side has ever reached the last four is
1:56 pm
always a pleasure to lead this team and captain this team. i think this young team ready to to to to make history you want to do well we want to play well in the walcott hopefully displays in these team we can achieve great success in the walcott. tennessee i have had a bump on their road to rust up they were held to a two two draw by turkey on friday they conceded a last minute equaliser and. prompted a pitch invasion by mostly to the tee and fans the ref eventually called time on the game. it's been an exceptional first year of existence of the national hockey league for the los vegas called and nights and it could get even better the golden knights are looking to make history by becoming the first n.h.l. expansion team to win the stanley cup in the first season with the finals tied at one apiece the golden knights will try and regain their lead at the i guess the
1:57 pm
capitals and washington later on saturday. who are just coming off a five game winning streak so you know you lose one game and you know when you're losing in the playoffs you want to win the next one that's that's the normal process where there are people have been that and we've had an outstanding record i think our records thirteen and forward now so it's been a great run of seventeen games and you lose one game in you don't have to panic like to get ready to play the next one and you know we lost a hockey game three two at home and get ready to go on the road play another game show baseball now in japanese to a sensation show here a tiny has his first hit in four games the twenty three year old elie angel star doubled for his first at bad stadium that was his eighth double of the season went on to beat the texas rangers six nothing a tommy is scheduled to pitch is next game on wednesday against the kansas city royals. and that's all your support for now more later back to you ager many thanks indeed for that is that jane dutton hits with the very latest on the day's top
1:58 pm
stories next. once welcomed now fear. and dividing a nation. al-jazeera expose germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world i feel more legitimate and in syria. how much money it does or if it you get your paper and put up fake it can do it one german and i'm not the new germans on al-jazeera.
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volcano kill way erupted explosively last thing boiling clouds of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for her options to stop and start up again later as for kill away a it has been spilling lava continually for more than thirty years. the spiritual beliefs eruptions reflect the mood of the goddess. is always nice to us whether she takes our home or not we accept this type of. story generate thousands of headlines. with different angles from different perspectives we. miss the more concrete evidence that russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why i only got. the misinformation
2:00 pm
from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. south korea welcomes u.s. president donald trump's u. turn to hold a summit with north korea's leader but cautious optimism from other south pacific nations. and i'm james and this is live from doha was coming up spain's new prime minister is sworn in we look at the challenges he and his country face plus the. emotional goodbyes the rising death toll of anti-government protesters killed in nicaragua.


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