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this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian finnegan this is that is live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes as donald trump moves forward on the summit but north korea has guarded optimism from some of pyongyang's neighbors. thousands of palestinians attend the funeral procession for a volunteer medic shot and killed by israeli soldiers. as spain's new prime minister is sworn in we look at the challenges that both he and his country face. and why there's a push to get young voters on board ahead of mexico's biggest ever election as.
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we begin this news with the upcoming summit between the united states and north korea japan and south korea are divided over the future of pyongyang's ballistic missile program that division was on display at an international security conference in singapore tokyo is urging the international community to maintain sanctions on the north korean regime but seoul along with china have given their blessings to the talks as the u.s. tries to ease concerns from north korea's regional neighbors guarded optimism is taking center stage scott high the reports. the focus of the high level discussions here at the shangri-la dialogue all came down to one an insolent u.s. secretary of defense jim mattis just hours after president donald trump confirmed the u.s. north korea summit was back on june twelfth singapore made something very clear in the number of. us troops in south korea is something that will not be discussed if
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we can reach store confidence building measures with with something verifiable then of course these kinds of issues can come up subsequently between democracies the republic of korea and the united states but it is that issue is not on the table here and singapore on the twelfth. that adds weight to comments from trump that it's unlikely that a major breakthrough will come after just one meeting also here the shangri-la dialogue the defense ministers from japan and south korea both spoke about the upcoming summit but with guarded optimism saying it's a historic first step down the right path but north korea cannot be rewarded just for dialogue concrete actions are needed south korea was more conciliatory toward kim jong un urging patience with the north koreans for coming well because just because we have been tricked by north korea before does not guarantee that we will be tricked in the future if we start to think like this we can never negotiate with
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them and we can never look to achieve peace with them and also on saturday secretary mabus described china's buildup in the south china sea as militarization used for intimidation and coercion and i think mr mattis was doing that simply to remind everybody that the geopolitical chessboard straddled across the asia pacific is extremely large in a lot of moving parts and the current korean peninsula crisis is just one portion of that chessboard a red line or several red lines have been crossed and the u.s. is now hitting back at these diplomatic to china defended its actually saying what the u.s. and their allies are doing is simply being matched for now the countdown to the much anticipated summit in ten days remains in the spotlight it's got harder al-jazeera singapore. well as you heard singapore will also be the venue for the june twelfth summit between donald trump and kim jong un on friday the u.s. president but with pyongyang is former spy chief kim young child all at the white
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house and a scott high level saying despite the hype surrounding the historic beating the president is already lowering expectations of any potential breakthrough as mike hanna reports from washington. hughes cameras focused on the room where the meeting was taking place for just over eighty minutes then president trump emerged to announce the summit was back on will be. meeting on june twelfth in singapore what very well is at this time cautioned against any quick agreement i think it will be a process it's not i never said it goes in one meeting i think it's going to be a process but the relationships of building in this are very positive the announcement followed two days of talks between north korea negotiator kim yong troll and the u.s. secretary of state in new york. and when he was ushered into the white house by the chief of staff he carried with him a letter from the north korean leader kim jong il president trump teased reporters about its content like the reality show host he once was going to me to go and get
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this was a meeting where a letter was given to me by him. and that letter was. very nice letter always you like to see what was in that letter and tell you like a little when the how much how much how much weight you give us but subsequently admitted he had not read the letter and i hadn't seen the letter yet i purposely didn't know for eleven. i haven't opened i didn't open it in front of the director i said would you want me to open which he said you can read it later i may be in for a big surprise focused. but he wasn't after president trump had the part a full camp david the white house confirmed he read the letter in a short statement it says there were no surprises mike hanna al-jazeera washington . israeli soldiers have shot dead a palestinian man in the city of hebron in the occupied west bank he was thirty five year old rami suburban
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a israeli forces say the troops fired at him but he tried to run them over with his car. separately thousands of people have gathered in gaza for the funeral of a palestinian paramedic paramedic who was shot dead by israeli forces at the gaza border on friday twenty one year old. volunteered to give medical help on the weekly demonstrations began in march since then israeli soldiers have shot dead at least one hundred twenty one palestinians have been testing for the rights to desist herefore supports now from the funeral and communists in gaza. the body was on the margin is now being brought to one of the must clear eyed hung it is there is a huge mixture of emotion here we've seen some of her colleagues crying applied it to themselves but here as a body comes in way hearing shots of anger and defiance there has been a huge reaction publicly across gaza to the death of this young woman she was shot
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on the friday protests as she went to the aid of somebody himself he'd been shot near the border fence and she died of her injuries the palestinian medical association saying that she was shot through the chest and she died of her injuries we spoke a short while ago to a colleague who was right next to her when that fatal bullet struck her and she lived in a sub i'm only raising our hands who were in our uniforms were about twenty meters from the fence and they could see us easily so we thought they would shoot at us as we arrived they shot two bullets one had resigned in the chest and the second went through my other colleagues and then hit me in the leg two bullets they hit three of us killing resign. omissions are running very high here at the cemetery where ozone has been brought out to be buried and we've been seeing people trying to stop others from walking on top of graves we've seen. father come in his face entirely awash in tears when we spoke to mahmoud her colleague earlier on he said that she was a young woman of sweet nature someone who never tired of risking her own life to help
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others the israeli army says it is investigating the reports of her death but as far as people here are concerned they are outraged that someone who was volunteering as a medic trying to help other others who'd been injured by israeli sniper fire her self the victims are two resolutions on the escalation of violence that the gaza israel border have failed at the u.n. security council the u.s. block to kuwait backed resolution calling for the protection of palestinians the u.s. then failed to get support for its own resolution condemning her mass for the unrest diplomatic editor james bays reports from the u.n. . u.s. ambassador nikki haley came here determined to thwart a resolution drafted by kuwait that called for measures to protect the people of gaza. she tried persuasion going around other members of the security council here as she approached the ambassador of peru she could be seen mouthing the words
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please. a warm greeting for israel's ambassador danny down on he surely aware she also had procedural tricks up her sleeve she wanted her completely rewritten version of the resolution classed as an amendment so it be voted on first there were heated discussions among ambassadors but this once president of the council russia ruled against her and things only got worse for haley she pleaded with council members to support her draft resolution and reject kuwait's we strongly encourage this council to vote against coates resolution and ignalina the concerns of hamas bad though tng for the us resolution each of you have a choice you either support hamas or not this vote will tell the story. but the story that unfolded was not the one haley wanted but when kuwait strafford
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was put to a vote it got ten votes in favor it only didn't pass because haley had to use has b.t.o. and then the second vote on haleigh's own resolution this is where all her tactics backfired her allies abstained others voted against and a moment of diplomatic humiliation she was the only person to vote for her resolution. i don't believe that there was in the history of the united states. history of the united nations in which a country will submit at the draft resolution and not to receive except one single vote the vote of the party that did submit that draft resolution if that is not the epic of complete failure i want you to tell me what is failure in the security council thank you it was a bad day for ambassador haley but the real losers are the people of palestine
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particularly in garza with the security council divided and deadlocked there is no end to their misery in sight james by. the united nations egypt's president has been sworn in for a second four year old fattah el-sisi secured ninety seven percent of votes in the election in march critics though say the election was a farce because most of his opponents were jailed or threatened against running the former general came to power after leading the military's removal of egypt's first democratically elected president mohamed morsy five years ago joining us now in the studio is sure is a professor of security studies at the institute could see you again professor is there any reason to believe that ccs second term will be any different to the first not really it's probably going to escalate further in terms of cracking on political freedoms we saw cracking down on activists bloggers who already have
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their word in their tweets in their social media posts to. criticize him. on that and also the security situation he promised at the very beginning of his mandate that he's going to end terrorism in egypt in three weeks it's been four years in this situation escalated we're talking about. it which is an official think tank. estimating that there was one thousand one hundred sixty five operations between twenty forty. in twenty sixty that's almost an operation for day violent operations and that's all on the first or we may see something similar going on in the second term but there are also issues it has to do with how to handle the economy and how to handle his his foreign policy. will see their probably more continuity on the foreign policy element these are the policies to a lot of the bush supporting the blockade or the supporting the escalation and attempting even to spoil reconciliations in libya and with comes to economy there
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are some indicators to show that enhancement on the macro level but on the micro level we're still see with all the off subsidies devaluing of currency and higher. employment rates and so on so on the mike the the the the better situation on the macro level did not translate on the micro what is his popularity ninety seven percent he won the election with me although that was a fast as we said his opponents were the jailed or threatened but is it possible to say whether he has any popularity among the general population with inflation running as high as it is in the country with the stairs the measures that have been implemented the tax rises that you were talking about i think if there were free and fair elections i would highly doubt that he would get reelected the specially depends on who runs against him somebody like me and then who he jailed for example or even not much if he or even someone from the opposition liberal opposition or
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islamist opposition if they ran against him in a free and fair elections i highly doubt that he would win and what happens at the end of this second term constitutionally can only run for two terms is he likely to change the constitution so he can run again is another mubarak i think it looks like he's worse than mubarak in the in a sense that the way he's many predating one the constitution of the country and the legal system set the school of the country and also. the political. political party that was supporting him had some achievements on the economic level specifically and allowed a certain level of liberalisation in terms of political and social affairs here we have the opposite we have closing shutting down the political sphere at the same time no political party the only political party your allies on is the military and security establishment and these are like politicized institutions in many ways and also the economic performance is not as well as even times despite all the
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corruption that came with water so it cannot be compared to move in a positive way in that sense professor always good still to many thanks to you for being with us ashore. here with news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program. not responding would be the same as. these tariffs which we consider. stealing for a fight some of america's closest allies are resisting donald trump's tariffs plus . outrage terms to unrest in indian administered kashmir as a funeral becomes a protest. and in support this former french open champion steamroll also way into the fourth round it's only a little later. spain's new prime minister petro sanchez has been sworn in he succeeds. who lost
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a vote of confidence in parliament after a corruption scandal within his party sanchez is promising to fight corruption and to help people who've suffered a lot of boys public spending cuts. i promise on my conscience and honor to faithfully fulfill the responsibilities of prime minister and to be loyal to the king and to safeguard the constitution as well as to maintain in secret the deliberations of the cabinet will. sanchez has pledged to open talks with the separatist catalonia region which has sworn in a new cabinet the move automatically ends seven months of direct rule by spain's central government it follows catalonia has failed to session last october the new cabinet is led by kim torah who's a close aide of the post cattle and leader colace want christie to man's although is editor in chief of the spanish newspaper else global she believes that sanchez will change but bridge attitude towards catalonia. the problem is the parties he's
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got the support to to go ahead with this no confidence but very unlikely partners they are either independent east both on catalunya and the best country or they are delivered the extreme left party which has been there disputing with their this socialist party the left is bits of our voters so he will have to to look for some policies that he can move ahead after several months a lot of months without any movement at all and to be able to do something in these period before he goes new elections said he has got the support of the independent parties but then there's sanchez and a socialist party have always supported the form of government in there no allow when our referendum apple independence of the and i'm in there going for the union of the whole of spain as the constitution states and there will probably be
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a new attitude and more dialogue attitude towards the catalans at the debate in this catalans and maybe dead will the two results or not it's always a surprise with these with these problems and you populist collison government has taken power and it's only after being sworn in by the president so if you're not on ella in rome on friday promised that she's happy content will leave the capitol is made up of members from the anti establishment five star movement on the far right league party the coalition deal and three months of political deadlock. talks to be held in china to try to ease fears of a trade war the u.s. commerce secretary will the bosses in beijing to trumpet ministration is pressing the chinese to reduce a three hundred forty billion dollar trade deficit both sides are threatening to tat measures and more tariff trouble for the americans in canada and the european union they've both launched a legal challenge with the world trade organization against u.s.
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tariffs on steel and ali many i'm imports are reports from paris. the european union must defend itself is the message from the block's trade commissioner who says e.u. leaders are united in imposing retaliatory tariffs on u.s. exports we are not seeking to to escalate any situation but but we need to respond and we do so in a measured manner. but not responding would be the same as accepting these these tariffs which we consider are illegal and against. there's no word on exactly what the terrorists would be on or when they'd be imposed but they're expected to target a range of u.s. imports from jeans to motorcycles the e.u.'s foreign policy chief says a dispute settlement procedure is being launched at the world trade organization but a trade war isn't wanted the european union is a peace project including on trade we believe in. global free fair trade and we
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will continue to do so. donald trump's announcement on thursday to impose a twenty five percent tariff on e.u. steel imports and ten percent on aluminum has infuriated you bidders the french president who's worked hard to develop a good relationship with his u.s. counterpart hardened his tone i like him a lot he said i think that this decision is not only illegal but it's also a mistake because it addresses the already existing international imbalance by further dividing it by bringing economic and trade nationalism nationalism is war era leaders may be united for now but will they remain so over the question of whether or not to enter into trade negotiations with washington the twenty eight member bloc has to act on consensus but finding a common approach will not be easy germany is likely to want to avoid a full blown trade war as the largest european export of the us it has much to lose
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france on the other hand may pursue a tougher line so. thing made clear by the french finance minister. we do not discuss under pressure and we do not negotiate under pressure i think we must return to more wisdom in world traces. the e.u. is one of the main trading partners of the u.s. for now e.u. leaders are speaking with one voice their factory job some political reputations at stake that may change as the impact of u.s. tariffs are felt its national butler al-jazeera paris across the atlantic and get a perspective from america where some economists say the tariffs will undoubtedly damage the world's largest economy and agalloch are reports from miami. like many states florida's construction industry has been booming for years demand for new development is being driven by a strong economy and in this state alone half a million people working construction but the rising cost of steel an alum minium
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could see developers deal a serious blow to the entire industry it hurts us a lot in the fact that unpredictable makes it very difficult for us to sign contracts that i know for sure we can complete for the number that the developer really needs us to do it for consumers to could end up out of pocket as u.s. manufacturing prices rise and the agricultural sector braces for retaliation from the e.u. canada and mexico some economists though say president trump is driven by something other than making trade fairer for the u.s. it's mostly done for posturing because trump sees this as. part of his base in particular the swing voters in many western states that got him elected and he wants to show or pretend that he's doing something but again i don't think these terrorists will stick whatever the motivations the stakes are high president trump says trade was a reason to win but ultimately it's the consumer and the worker that may end up
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suffering for president trump as a great deal of so. i'm in placing tariffs on ally minium and steel it reaffirms his commitment to putting america first of course he wants to revive jobs in america's rust belt but the reality on the ground is very different developers say rising prices could ultimately lead to a recession something nobody wants and what is for now a booming economy and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida troops in indian administered kashmir have tear gassed hundreds of mourners at a funeral. people were paying wrist their final respects to a kashmiri man who was run over by a paramilitary vehicle during a protest on friday separatists in the region have been fighting in control for the last thirty years joining us now via skype from sri lanka is. who is the program coordinator for the general kashmir coalition of civil society group good to have you with us this man whose funeral it was was killed in
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a protest over police heavy handedness what caused the violence at the funeral. was not a coup. army here has been using the. courts. and all to hell in light. of new technique is the. only using the word. and this. is. moving on but the army because it's not only it also one young boy somebody back there it was also you know killed by the. the army they couldn't because their duties and what was the you know. the and who the christie. because the jewel in the army even though the sixteen soon used and
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not in the cheap at his dinner not number to control the you know the insurgency were. under under country is increase he is earning less is in all his educational standards a noncombatant. in a protest. issue is used he says it. didn't know the second reason is also there is a lack of accountability to be in you know. it all down is not only to us but it was the. suspicion on exactly used each legally. but they knew to be. which is a lot of you don't want to keep the on the on it more likely all need. is going to you know it more because. the all also important if you don't
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get the news and i don't eat meat you know only that there is you know it's not. good mention or to cheer yourself. up this incident comes as just days before it nears her medicine rushed out saying as expected to visit the state what sort of welcome is he likely to get. under this incident. happened this at the funeral and that the death of this young man just days before india's home minister rushed out saying is expected to come. to the state what sort of welcome is he likely to get. other people of kashmir because they're directly polluters and be sure not then it is because steve gentlemens omens i'm still happy income. and different as you did it on period it is dead on the
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new comment as you heard him. be exhorting more people on the north as he's trying is a misnomer is it that unknown institution on the combatant is miller that is going nickel on. his own and destroying operations are not such a defect with them actually as the norm come back and push me to the concert the the in on out you know. you know i'm on the piece of protest as the do and want this particular should happen here and i don't think under their species homewards is coming to speed. you know. he's going to make and you ok you have income could stop to say a very sorry about the quality of the sound that's. speaking out life from certain sort of go. the weather in europe has been setting records here to tell us more just richard angwin what we're talking marriage
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a movie about temperatures across well much of this map of all the way from finland stan into denmark down into the netherlands across into hungary and further south as well in france and i thought i'd just come back to this particular statistic that or early tomorrow records going back to the start of the two thousand but never less twenty eighteen recorded to thirty two hundred four thousand lightning discharges cheering the month that compares to the previous record of a mere eighty five thousand in back in two thousand and four so it shows extent have active things have been the shots come from the western part of germany close the border with luxembourg must typical of many of these storms just given fast amounts of rain really has been very lively indeed running this sequence then there are two areas i think where we're going to see significant still might have to be one is going to be down through the balkans the other one is going to be across the western side of the med affecting southeastern southwestern parts of france northeastern parts of spain on the bally erik islands as well so that's going to be
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a really interesting one i think also the situation made worse by the fact that the adriatic is three degrees celsius above average incredibly warm at the moment lots the storm still across central areas more western areas probably just about seen the worst of it but it remains on subtle across the next few days. richard many thanks indeed you're with the news hour from al jazeera still to come on the program. emotional goodbyes the rising death toll of anti-government protesters killed in nicaragua. a victory for striking oil workers in brazil a target of their anger has quit. and it's for tiger woods wows the crowds as he puts himself into contention in ohio that story coming up in about fifteen minutes . a new series of rewind it can bring your people back to life i'm sorry and brand
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new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries liberal i was the last. like and the other student rewind continues with spirit child we do stories that have impact also say i testify in the court of law to make sure that the bad guys behind bad ass so many people have gone to jail as a result of my work rewind on al-jazeera. it's been one year since its neighbors imposed a blockade on by land sea and. a move that shattered the region's two political landscape alliances have shifted and qatar has grown more self-reliant. but what caused the rift between the g.c.c. countries is there and insights and can the gulf ever be the same again the siege of qatar on a jersey. again
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it's good to have you with us adrian for going to but the news hour from al-jazeera our top story is leaders of asian pacific nations have given a cautious welcome to donald trump's announcement that his summit with north korea is back on the u.s. defense secretary was among the speakers at an international security conference in singapore where the u.s. president is to use and meet kim jong il and in ten days' time. thousands of people have gathered for the funeral of a palestinian paramedic who was shot dead by israeli forces twenty one year old was killed because of border on friday while helping a protester. and spain's new prime minister has been sworn in. petra sanchez replaces money out of the holy who lost
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a parliamentary vote of confidence on friday due to a corruption scandal within his party. it's three weeks since the parliamentary election in iraq and the result remains mired in allegations of vote rigging many iraqis voted for a nationalist party which is against foreign interference but neighboring iran remains influential and u.s. commanders in iraq are dismissing fears that tension with the iranians after the u.s. pulled out of the nuclear deal could threaten iraqi stability from baghdad and some of the job and reports. these pilots are navigating the iraqi air space their job is to refuel u.s. fighter jets as they continue their presence over iraq and syria it makes some of the highest number of foreign troops in the middle east would trump administration ratcheting up its rhetoric with iran there are concerns for the troops stationed in the middle east is there a threat from escalating tensions with iran to foreign forces in iraq i don't see it i see iraqi security forces defeating the threat which is isis the threat that i
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see is if stability if security isn't maintain. stability and reconstruction to occur on the governments of iraq's timeline that will be the biggest threat. through iran militias were instrumental in defeating eisel washington wants to limit their influence in iraq and cross border into syria the shia militias are now part of the security framework and report to the iraqi prime minister last year militia threaten to attack u.s. forces. this group is part of the coalition which got the second highest seat in recent elections as militias get more political prominence the u.s. military says it is ready to work with all shades of iraqi forces comes into iraqi security forces we will support it's not our decision but we're here to help and will help with our advice and will help with resources if the government of iraq you know requested. by two thousand and seven there were one hundred seventy
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thousand u.s. troops in iraq that was at the height of sectarian violence after the u.s. invasion but their complete withdrawal in twenty eleven worked in the favor of hardline groups such as i said i was here in two thousand and ten and i i felt that the iraqi people iraqi army had wanted great victory peace was there what that proved not to be the case but outside of the holds the highest number of seats in a tweet he said his views against occupation did not change and he will work to rid iraq of all foreign influences so that led to uprising against u.s. forces but t.v. position himself as a moderate centrist leader in recent years there are demands for u.s. troops to leave but also say that they need trainers for iraq's military most iraqis have voted for a national government which is against foreign influence iran has a significant say among iraqi politicians the u.s. and saudi arabia also want a government with the sympathetic to their interests with the rising polarization
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between the u.s. and iran iraq will struggle to escape the impact of this tension. is there a fact that. riot police have broken up protest against proposed income tax increases in jordan demonstrators in amman want ministers to resign after they approved a new economic policy influenced by the international monetary fund they accuse the i.m.f. of interference of worsening jordan's economic crisis so why is the jordanian economy under such pressure will hundreds of thousands of refugees in jordan to escape various regional conflicts including the war in syria more than six hundred fifty thousand syrian refugees strain government finances foreign aid plays an important role but saudi arabia pulled the plug on contributions both saudi and emma rassi investors have stopped financing projects in jordan trade is another source of income but the war in syria stopped many imports and it's caused price rises the cost of fuel has risen five times already this year while bread prices have doubled
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let's get some analysis of this now. is a jordanian security analyst and political commentator he joins us now live from london good to have you with us once again jordan's king abdullah stepped into this on friday in order the government to freeze price hikes on the fuel and electricity is that going to be enough to quell the anger. i think we might see. that escalation the problem not contained but we might see. why dimming the problem because the protest is of course against. prices. but that same time again government policy i mean the people of jordan not trusting their government anymore there is some corruption i think they need more respect to respond there to their views regarding the need for power separation said so and
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i think it's also a message for the gulf country that we've got to we've got a problem here in jordan and that's my the. security for you in the future regarding what's happening in the region so. the intervention abuzz at the right time i think to contain the matter but it remains to be seen if so why has saudi arabia pulled the plug on the foreign aid that it that it gives to jordan and how vital was that aid. it's very vital because jordan really depend. on foreign aid just by doing this they keep joe the name and the pressure and there is another factor which is the deal of the century the pressure put in jordan and the betrayal of the political potato and i could say from the american towards if you lean in government and because of the jerusalem
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elite and moving the capital to of jewish state to jerusalem some facts of so really jordan is under pressure and we have this also what's coming up on the southern part of jordan be guarding the the attack of the syrian regime on the southern part of jordan i mean you know with the against the rebels so that's all sort of meant to be seen next week so really it's very critical. situation what's going on jordan but the government needs to change its policy in the parliament we need a good good government based on the selection of these characters because corruption is this them into to what extent these accusations that the i.m.f. is is interfering in the the jordanian economy and worsening the crisis and it. is jordan living beyond its means at the moment and that people simply have to realize that things can't go on as they were. absolutely right because of those the
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deeply affected living course of its and beared ability more and people who told them this suffering from these all prices and we don't have any good policy to go we don't have a good. economy good reform also political reform so we need to do that and will write good to talk to so many thanks indeed for being with us. ok think a french newspaper says that saudi arabia is threatening military action against cancer if russian weapons abort lamond reports that the saudi king told the french president that he'll retaliate if cast quires a russian anti aircraft defense system saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain have imposed a blockade on cata for the past year mahmoud. chicago is a professor of conflict resolution at george mason university in the u.s. he says that the saudis show no sign that the gulf crisis is going to be resolved
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anytime soon. while this new thread showcases the three year still maintains its impulses views of the small nation of the neighborhood so after one year of the gulf crisis it does not only seek the containment of culture but also to bend it all to prevent it from seeking any kind of special you know the four hundred from the russians and this goes against the golden rule in international law that means if you are and it is throw you are entitle to your third defense and the way you solve so i think unfortunately from a conflict this is another cycle of escalation for the sake of scale asian and they think it is a huge rift not only a political river but also a psychology since three years that has not to realize that the culture has maintained its sovereignty and has gone beyond the brocade that the world imposed
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last june fifth so i am afraid that i was hoping for some aid that it would be an operation more orders than forwards towards so many conciliation but this new thread makes me more pessimistic that the rebels in yemen say the capital of the united arab emirates abu dhabi is now within reach of their missiles the forces say that they've managed to recapture some territory recently the u.a.e. and saudi arabia a leading the coalition of countries fighting a three year war any m. and against hooty as they've repeatedly fired missiles towards the saudi capital riyadh. one hundred fifty somalian migrants have returned home from libya as part of a un repatriation program libyan police arrested them as they try to cross the mediterranean into europe the international organization for migration says that up to six hundred thousand migrants in libya are at risk of abuse detention and torture.
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still to come here all these are fans at this world cup warm up match got a little carried away far will be here to explain why but a few minutes. june on al-jazeera. with media trends constantly changing the listening post continues to analyze how the news is covered it's the most widely viewed sporting event on the planet as russia prepares to host the football world cup we'll bring you stories from on and off the field from afghanistan one o one east investigates why so few girls are in school despite billions of dollars in donations one year since the imposed blockade of. al-jazeera examines the political economic and human impact of the crisis unfold provoking documentaries witness brings world issues into focus through personal stories june on al-jazeera
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. to. cut down. again in nicaragua funerals have been held for people killed during one of the bloodiest days of antigovernment protests sixteen demonstrators died on wednesday in what opposition groups in the catholic church is calling a massacre the u.n. has called on the government to end the violence that's killed more than one
4:44 pm
hundred people over the past six weeks al-jazeera spot while apollo reports from the capital managua. a funeral procession makes its way through a neighborhood in the nicaraguan capital onlookers watch from their homes as the remains of thirty four year old francisco today is are moved to a nearby cemetery. overcome with grief francisco's mother says goodbye to her son for the last time the south. i roll my eyes the most precious thing in our lives has been taken away all of our children are in danger. for a sisco was shot while attending a protest on may thirty his father is a police officer for the city of managua he believes his son was killed by a sniper under orders by the government only and. this was the government there killing innocent people the person was trained because a sniper shoots to kill time on the moments after francisco was shot were captured
4:45 pm
on camera. as was the anger that demonstrators felt upon learning that he was dead i found you there is blood there is blood they shot a brother francisco is one of at least sixteen people who were killed during one of the largest anti-government protests seen any get out in decades his name is now added to a list of over one hundred others who've been killed since the start of this crisis on april eighteenth and already with his body laid to rest the school's closest friends say they feel compelled to join in the anti-government demonstrations they started as a protest against planned cuts to social security benefits but the focus is why did to getting rid of president at dega and his administration let the people support francisco and if the people rise up i will support him to do. while the unrest in the gut i work continues mourners at the funeral ask collectively how many more of the country's youth will be buried before the conflict is over then went up
4:46 pm
a little. when i was. venezuela has released opposition activists who were jailed for protesting against president nicolas maduro the government says that freeing the thirty nine activists will foster dialogue but critics are calling it a token gesture rights groups say that hundreds of political pressed protesters remain in jail in venezuela which is facing a political crisis and there are widespread shortages of many basic goods the boss of the biggest oil company in brazil has resigned driving down the share price of petrol price by fifteen percent he's the highest profile casualties so far of a truck driver strike that's virtually paralyzed brazil for the last two weeks daniel schlyter reports. the resignation of chief executive. was just one of the demands of striking all workers. he said they didn't like the way he was running petal brass and they feared he was planning to privatized the brazilian state's
4:47 pm
majority hold him in the biggest oil company in latin america. workers largely believe the grass is not being properly managed there was not one world worker who says the sale by the press were bronze boss. is fair we have been planning the strike for a long time but in chile with a reputation for turning around struggling companies took office in two thousand and sixteen with the condition that the government not interfere in setting the price of oil but the government earlier this week did exactly that after a nine day strike by the country's truck drivers brought brazil to a near standstill. nobody can take it anymore why are we going to work if we can't even make enough to east difficult to work that way they are stolen we have to pay for that no one can take it anymore. the price of diesel was temporarily lowered by twelve percent and the drivers were turned to work. lost about fifteen percent of
4:48 pm
the value of shares presidential elections are due in october president michel demo who is not standing his popularity rating is at record lows while many politicians from all parties are in broad in corruption scandals brazilians are disillusioned with the whole political system but they say they cannot will not except high fuel prices and. one of cyrus more jobs and cuts to food prices a major demands for antigovernment protesters in argentina and they've infuriated at the government's latest appeal for help from the international monetary fund tourism reports now for us. thousands of people from all around the country went to the presidential palace to demand jobs and then him. urgency budget to help the poor he said. we've seen the situation deteriorate since machree took office we see it in the soup kitchens we walk the slums and there is need in the
4:49 pm
last month argentina's currency devaluated around thirty two percent and that has already had an impact on inflation which is one of the highest in the world after the peso currency hit an all time low earlier this month the government of return to the international monetary fund to get help it's generated fear among the many arjun tines. why i call on the i.m.f. if we have enough we can generate enough for all of us we know what's happened in the past when he asked for help from the i.m.f. we ended in a crisis since taking office maggie has tried to cut back on government spending by lifting subsidies on water electricity and transport but this week the opposition passed a law to block the latest race. machree blames the previous administration for the current situation he accuse the opposition of being irresponsible and veto it.
4:50 pm
those who voted for the law did not say we're going to get the money it means we suspend social spending pensions infrastructure work that we have found around the country bring drinking water roads energy i don't like the rise in the prices of utilities but there's no future with no energy and no investment labor unions are no threat to national strike saying the president is cutting back taxes from the wealthy and taking away from the poor on the middle class how do you feel maybe you have had a gradual approach towards dealing with the fifth go deficit which is one of the biggest problems are that you know the economy faces today but the currency devaluation any impact on the economy has had an effect on his popularity and that's what thousands of people are protesting today argentina's economy is struggling many are fearful the situation will only get worse. i'll just see that one aside it's time now for sports piers for ager and thank you so much serena williams continues her campaign for
4:51 pm
a fourth french open title later on saturday the former tennis world number one faces eleven c. julio girds as she looks to book her place and the last sixteen of former champion guard being demolished australia's sound sto sure and straight sets six clubs six two to reach the fourth round at roland garros the spaniard aged just over an hour to clinch the win the third seed all faced ukraine to see a sore ankle in the next round. well two time champion maria share pobre also had an easy time in her match against. the russian who was back at the french open for the first time in three years rushed twenty seventeen semifinalist post below sixty two sixty one to reach the last sixteen. or so when champion floyd stephens put on the fight of her life in her match against. italy the. big set down to close out the match for six six one eight six in a ruling two hours and twenty six minutes.
4:52 pm
men's number one seed rafa nadal is currently on court he's up against france's rashard. one the first side and is also in the second. well tiger woods has put himself into contention after the second round of the p.g.a. memorial tournament in ohio but the former world number one has a lot of work to do if he's to catch chilean teenager gauteng no i mean i kind of family who share the lead it was words though that got the crowd going with a brilliant eagle on the eleventh to put him six shots behind the leaders the forty two year old has won this tournament five times. it was better i had some good shots in there and i felt i had nice control of. pretty much everything. unfortunately didn't make a missile short but which isn't you know something i don't normally do which is
4:53 pm
just frustrating to clean that up come this weekend and you know hopefully i can get it going on into football like this on the weekend and i got a great chance of. winning this term. nigeria captain john obi mcallister as his team are ready to make history at the world cup which starts in two weeks nigeria have a warm up match against england at wembley later on saturday they're heading into their sixth finals they've never made it to the quarter before having reached the last sixteen on three occasions no african side has ever reached the last four is always a pleasure to lead this team and captain this team. i think this young team ready to to to to make history you want to do well we want to play well in the walcott hopefully displays in these team we can achieve a group such as in the walcott. tennessee i have had a bump on their road to crush or they were held to a two two draw by turkey on friday they conceded the last equaliser in geneva i
4:54 pm
prompted a pitch invasion by mostly doing this and found some rather than actually call time again. it's been an exceptional first year of existence in the end that show for the las vegas golden knights and it could get even better the golden knights are looking to make history by becoming the first n.h.l. expansion team to win the stanley cup and their first season with the finals tied at one of t.v.'s the golden knights will try and regain their lead against the capitals and washington later on saturday. were just coming off a five game winning streak sell you know you lose one game and you know when you're losing in the playoffs and you want to win the next one that's that's the normal process where they're hockey club and that and we've had an outstanding record i think our records thirteen and four right now so it's been a great run of seventeen games and if you lose one game in you don't have to panic like to get ready to play the next one and you know we lost a hockey game three two at home and get ready to go on the road play another game
4:55 pm
show. baseball now and japanese two-way sensation showing a tiny had his first hit in the four games the twenty three year old elie angel star doubled for his first at bat a dangerous stage and it was his eighth double of the season. l.a. went on to beat the texas rangers six nothing otani is scheduled to pitch his next game on wednesday against the kansas city royals the brain. disease and that's all your support for now more later back to you adrian for many thanks indeed now the largest ever elections in mexico just a month away and young voters will have a major say in the results almost hoff of around ninety million eligible voters is under the under the age of thirty five john holdren reports from mexico city. a quick taco break before a national louder and beyond the get on with cramming for their finals to finish in university at a critical moment the mix camilla tour race is gearing up and they clear what they
4:56 pm
see is the key issues i live for. is how to work that at least there is work for those of us who are heading out of university that and crime we don't have security almost anywhere pollsters say that ties in with what many young voters want more a better paid job lower murder rates and less corruption the candidates should be listening the young vote is all important this election almost forty five percent of the electorate is under thirty five they could swing it for the winner. they're overwhelmingly urban online a more educated than their parents are also more likely to vote left good news for from run a manual and as lopez obrador that is if they turn out well why the young vote tends not to a mexico is notoriously corrupt political class could turn them off entirely but there is hope that this time around they willing guy. that's based in part on young
4:57 pm
people participating all mass in protest movements and the rescue efforts off the last year's earthquake. movement we keep political he's trying to use the energy to transform the political scene supporting fresh faced independent candidates like twenty seven year old robert dole crusty old ok the last time most of us we've demonstrated that we're not an apathetic generation and for years we haven't been had we want to as we say now slogan the place of political class that doesn't represent us. that won't happen at the presidential level this elections the leading candidates a political veterans but the young should still play a vital role in who gets in and how the country moves forward john home and mexico city the latest on the day's top stories straight ahead here on al-jazeera see again i just.
4:58 pm
a new series of rewind can bring your people back to life i'm sorry and bring you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries. i was the top of the list. and the others to the green line continues with spirit charm. impact.
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so many people have gone to jail as a result of my work rewind on al-jazeera we're here to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover this story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have presence here all the time apart from being a tremendous source a very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and honestly for al-jazeera is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens there matters. the world's pollinate says are in decline. in this episode. we meet entomologists on opposite sides of the planet protecting insects of all sizes crucial to preserving food chains. i've come to the u.k. to see how old industrial sites are being turned into bug reserves in an attempt to reverse this worrying trend. fighting insect to get on on al-jazeera.
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is total trump finally agrees a summit with north korea has got it all to missile from some of pyongyang's neighbors. they dream to get this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up thousands of palestinians attend the funeral of a woman who volunteered as a paramedic of gaza was shot dead by israeli soldiers plus. outrage turns to violence in indian administered kashmir as protests erupt over the man killed by security forces.


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