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and. fighting insect to get on an al-jazeera. is total trump finally agrees a summit with north korea that's got an optimism from some of pyongyang's neighbors . hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up thousands of palestinians attend the funeral of a woman who volunteered as a paramedic of gaza was shot dead by israeli soldiers plus. outrage turns to violence an indian administered kashmir has protests erupt over the man killed by security forces. a victory for striking all workers in brazil a target of that anger has quit.
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asia pacific nations have given a cautious welcome to the u.s. president donald trump's decision that his on off summit with north korea is back on again but with so warmly supportive of the news the korean peninsula was sent to stage at an international security conference in singapore from web scott hyder reports. the focus of the high level discussions here at the shangri-la dialogue all came down to one an insolent u.s. secretary of defense jim mattis just hours after president donald trump confirmed the u.s. north korea summit was back on june twelfth here in singapore made something very clear open the number of u.s. troops in south korea is something that will not be discussed if we can restart or confidence building measures with with something verifiable then of course these kinds of issues can come up subsequently between touche. democracy's the republic
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of korea and the united states but it is that issue is not on the table here in singapore on the twelfth. that adds weight to comments from trump that it's unlikely that a major breakthrough will come after just one meeting also here the shangri-la dialogue the defense ministers from japan and south korea both spoke about the upcoming summit but with guarded optimism saying it's a historic first step down the right path but north korea cannot be rewarded just for dialogue concrete actions are needed south korea was more conciliatory toward kim jong un urging patience with the north koreans for coming well because just because we have been tricked by north korea before does not guarantee that we will be tricked in the future if we start to think like this we can never negotiate with them and we can never look to achieve peace with them and also on saturday secretary mabus described china's buildup in the south china sea as militarization used for intimidation and coercion and i think mr mattis was doing that simply to
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remind everybody that the geopolitical chessboard straddled across the asia pacific is extremely large and a lot of moving parts and the current korean peninsula crisis is just one portion of that chessboard clearly a red line or several red lines have been crossed and the u.s. is now hitting back at these diplomatic to china defended its actually saying what the u.s. and their allies are doing is simply being matched for now the countdown to the much anticipated summit in ten days remains in the spotlight it's got harder al-jazeera singapore and singapore will also be the venue of the june twelfth summit between donald trump and kim jong il and on friday the u.s. president met with pyongyang's former spy chief kim young child all at the white house but downplayed expectations of any potential breakthroughs mike hanna reports from washington. hughes cameras focused on the room where the meeting was taking place for just over eighty minutes then president trump emerged to announce the
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summit was back on will be. meeting on june twelfth and sing a for like three well it but this time cautioned against any quick agreement i think it will be a process it's not that i never said it goes in one meeting i think it's going to be a process but the relationships are building and that's a very positive the announcement followed two days of talks between north korean negotiator kim yong troll and the u.s. secretary of state in new york. and when he was ushered into the white house by the chief of staff he carried with him a letter from the north korean leader kim jong il president trump teased reporters about its content like the reality show host he once was this is a record meeting going to get this was a meeting where a letter was given to me by kim young interns and that letter was a very nice letter always you like to see what was in that letter and tell you like little women how much how much how much like you give us but subsequently admitted
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he had not read the letter i hadn't seen the letter yet i purposely didn't know for eleven. i haven't opened i didn't open it in front of the director i said would you want me to open which he said you can read it later i may be in for a big surprise focused. but he wasn't after president trump had the part of the camp david the white house confirmed he read the letter in a short statement it says there were no surprises mike hanna al-jazeera washington . thousands of people have gathered in gaza for the funeral of a palestinian paramedic shot dead by israeli forces of the gaza border on friday the twenty one year old resident volunteered to to give medical help when the weekly demonstrations began in march since then israeli soldiers have shot dead at least one hundred twenty one palestinians who have been protesting for the rights to return now to syria's harry forces is at the funeral and communists in gaza. i
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am the body was not is not being brought to one of the mosque here i counted as there is a huge mixture of emotion here we've seen some of her colleagues crying applied it to themselves but here as the body comes in way hearing shots of anger and defiance there has been a huge reaction publicly across gaza to the death of this young woman she was shot on the friday protests as she went to the aid of somebody himself he'd been shot near the border fence and she died of her injuries that are listed in a medical association saying that she was shot through the chest and she died of her injuries we spoke a short while ago to a colleague who was right next to her when that fatal bullet struck her and she lived in a southern money raising our hands who were in our uniforms were about twenty meters from the fence and they could see us easily so we thought they would shoot at us as we arrived they shot two bullets one had resigned in the chest and the second went through my other colleagues and then hit me in the lake with two
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bullets they hit three of us killing resign. omissions are running very high here at the cemetery where rosen has been brought to be buried and we've been seeing people trying to stop others from walking on top of graves we've seen a father come in his face entirely awash in tears but we spoke to mahmoud her colleague earlier on he said that she was a young woman of sweet nature someone who never tired of risking your own life to help others the israeli army says it is investigating the reports of her death but it's. far as people here are concerned they are outraged that someone who is volunteering as a medic trying to help other others who are injured by israeli sniper fire itself the victims are an israeli soldiers of shot dead a palestinian man in the city of hebron in the occupied west bank he was thirty five year old rami. israeli forces say the troops fired it's about when he tried to run them over with his car two resolutions on the escalation of violence of the
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gaza israel border has failed at the u.n. security council the u.s. ended up in a minority of one at the u.n. as a diplomatic at the james bay is explains from new york. u.s. ambassador nikki haley came here determined to thwart a resolution drafted by kuwait that called for measures to protect the people of gaza she tried persuasion going around other members of the security council here as she approached the ambassador of peru she could be seen mouthing the words please. a warm greeting for israel's ambassador danny down on he surely aware she also had procedural tricks up her sleeve she wanted her completely rewritten version of the resolution classed as an amendment so it be voted on first there were heated discussions among them basters this month's president of the council russia ruled against her and things only got worse for haley she pleaded
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with council members to support her draft resolution and reject kuwait's we strongly encourage this council to vote against kuwait's resolution and ignalina the concerns of hamas but voting for the us resolution each of you have a choice you either support hamas or not this vote will tell the story. but the story that unfolded was not the one haley wanted. when kuwait's draft was put to a vote it got ten votes in favor it only didn't pass because hayley had to use have b.t.o. and then the second vote on haley's own resolution this is where all her tactics backfired her allies abstained others voted against and a moment of diplomatic humiliation she was the only person to vote for her resolution. i don't believe that there was in the history of the united states.
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history of the united nations in which a country to submit a draft resolution and not to receive except one single vote the vote of the party that did submit that draft resolution if that is not the epic of complete failure i want you to tell me what is failure in the security council thank you it was a bad day for ambassador haley but the real losers are the people of palestine particularly in gaza with the security council divided and deadlocked there is no end to the misery in sight james by. the united nations troops in indian administered kashmir fired gunshots and tear gas at hundreds of mourners at a funeral they were paying their respects to a man who was run over by a security force vehicle at a protest on friday howard hawks that reports. soldiers and police fired
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tear gas and shotgun pellets to scatter moon is in srinagar on saturday they were burying another casualty of the violence and the contested region of the judge and as many tear gas shells on it what kind of humanity is this. the dead man second to his injuries after he was run over by an armored vehicle another man was badly injured during the protests after friday's prayers a military spokesman said soldiers showed extreme restraint but some witnesses say the armored vehicle deliberately targeted protesters. this incident has barbaric it's a stain on indian democracy and it's not just a loss on democracy but almost all humanity india doesn't have a right to call itself or to marcus's this incident is barbaric and there are no words to condemn it. the mourners were marching with the man's body to graveyard and sure to go on saturday when police and soldiers use force to stop them. police said that they would define
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a government order that bans assembly of more than four people in srinagar the region's largest city anti-government sentiment runs deep in the disputed him and territory kashmir is divided between nuclear armed rivals pakistan and india and borders china ninety percent of kashmiris a muslim with buddhists and hindus making up the rest of the twelve million population separatists have been fighting indian control for almost thirty years demanding the territory be united with pakistan rule or gains independence oh. nearly seventy thousand people have been killed in the separatist fighting since one thousand nine hundred nine india's prime minister briefly visited kashmir two weeks ago provoking a furious reaction from protesters both india and pakistan have agreed to abide by fifteen years ceasefire but peace remains elusive. as there was a weather update next here on out syria then spain's new prime minister sworn in will
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take a look at the challenges that both he and his country face plus. the emotional goodbyes the rising death toll of anti-government protesters killed in nicaragua. welcome back now we're going to see some very heavy rain developing across more southern parts of china at the moment through sunday looks as though it's going to be wet in places but as i move the forecast on to monday you can see this rain area developing significantly so they could well be some flooding here is all part of the my weather systems which is pulsing from time to time so it's going to come back again also i think is probably influenced by this developing tropical cyclone towards a safe it's creating a convergence line so further towards the surfing for more central and southern
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parts of vietnam there could be some very heavy rain developing overnight twenty four to forty eight hours now into south asia is looking lively all down through the western ghats we've still got some very heavy showers affecting parts of bangladesh and of the eastern states of india and that's likely to continue in the forecast cocozza should be largely dry though but down through western ghats is going to be wet temps in bangalore twenty nine some heavy showers are likely here to sri lanka's looking pretty wet elsewhere not quite as hot as it has been in delhi for instance with temperatures of forty three forty four degrees but still it is very hot indeed across in the arabian peninsula temperatures are high and they should be right at this time of year forty two degrees in doha and we also got some pretty high humidity making him feel somewhat uncomfortable. it starts in core rule communities with the promise of a prosperous mary. but countless young indian women find themselves gene
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commodifying stolen and sold again. to toil by day. only to be violated by night. slavery a twenty first century evil continues with bridal slaves and how does iraq. again this is al jazeera our top stories this hour leaders of the asia pacific patients have given a cautious welcome to donald trump's announcement that a summit with north korea is back on the u.s. defense secretary was among the speakers at an international security conference in
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singapore with the u.s. president says the use of meet kim jong il in ten days. thousands of people gathered for the funeral of a palestinian paramedic shot dead by israeli forces twenty one year old grandson of was killed at the gaza border on friday while helping a protest. of troops and indeed administered kashmir thought tear gas at hundreds of mourners at a funeral they were paying their final respects to a kashmiri man who was one of a by a military vehicle during a protest on friday. spade's new prime minister petro sanchez has been sworn in he succeeds money out of the whole who lost a vote of confidence in parliament after a corruption scandal in his party catalonia as new government has also been sworn in and big seven months of direct rule by madrid catherine stansell reports. spain's new and old leadership side by side in just twenty four hours mariano over hoy's six years in office came to an end in
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a no confidence vote led by the man who ousted him socialist petro sanchez. a promise on my conscience an honor to lobby for fill the responsibilities of prime minister and to be loyal to the king and to safeguard the constitution as well as to maintaining secret deliberation of the cabinet of sanchez is promising to root out corruption and help those affected by years of harsh austerity measures under the government he may be the prime minister but health find it a challenge to pass legislation given his socialist just eighty four of the three hundred fifty seat parliament supposedly he will have to make. as we did different parties the problem is the parties he's got to support. to go ahead with these no go but very unlikely partners they are either independent is. or they are delaying the extreme left party which has been disputing with the
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socialist party the left. of our voters so he will have to look for some policies that he can move ahead after several months a lot of months without any movement at all and to be able to do something in this period before he goes new elections one of the key issues sanchez will have to tackle is catalonia and its drive for independence had imposed direct rule over the region in october after nationalist party independence referendum deemed illegal by spanish courts but on saturday the regional government took back power and a swearing in ceremony was held in barcelona it's led by kim torah a close aide to former catalonian leader carlos preached in the. torah says he'd like to hold talks in independent. sanchez but he's also a divisive figure after the accused and a spanish he once described those who opposed the cattlemen language and culture as
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vipers and emacs sanchez may have had the support of six parties for the no confidence vote but he will have his work cut out when it comes to uniting the fractured spanish parliament caffein stance of al-jazeera. a new populist coalition government has taken power in italy after being sworn in by president sergio in grove of friday prime minister designate giuseppe conti will lead the cabinet made up of members from the anti establishment five star movement and the far right league party the coalition deal and three months of political deadlock more jobs and lower food prices are being demanded by anti-government protesters in argentina they have in their infuriated at the government's latest appeal for help from the international monetary fund has to rise above reports from one of us. thousands of people from all around the country went to the presidential palace to demand jobs and then emergency budget to help the poor he said. we've seen the situation
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deteriorate since machree took office we see it in a soup kitchens we walk the slums and there is need in the last month argentina's currency devaluated around thirty two percent and that has already had an impact on inflation which is one of the highest in the world after the peso currency hit an all time low earlier this month the government of my return to the international monetary fund to get help it's generated fear among the many arjun tines. why i call on the i.m.f. if we have enough we can generate enough for all of us we know what's happened in the past when he asked for help from the i.m.f. we ended in a crisis since taking office maggie has tried to cut back on government spending by lifting subsidies on water electricity and transport but this week the opposition passed a law to block the latest race. machree blames the previous administration for the
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current situation he accuse the opposition of being irresponsible and veto it. those who voted for the law did not say we're going to get the money it means we suspend social spending pensions infrastructure work that we have found around the country bring drinking water roads energy i don't like the rise in the prices of utilities but there is no future with no energy and no investment labor unions are now threatening a national strike saying the president is cutting back taxes from the wealthy and taking away from the poor and the middle class how do you feel maggie had had a gradual approach to life dealing with the fifth deficit which is one of the biggest problems i mean you know the economy faces today and it can't be devaluation any impact on the economy has had an effect and he's a military defeat and that's like thousands of people i know that think today argentina's economy is struggling many are fearful the situation will only get worse. when i sightings in nicaragua funerals have been held after what opposition
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and catholic church leaders are calling a massacre of sixteen anti-government protesters were killed on wednesday raising the death toll to more than one hundred in the past six weeks of demonstrations as manuel follow reports from the capital managua the un is calling on the government to stop the shooting. a funeral procession makes its way through a neighborhood in the nicaraguan capital onlookers watch from their homes as the remains of thirty four year old gun sisco today is are moved to a nearby cemetery. overcome with grief francisco's mother says goodbye to her son for the last time. i roll my eyes the most precious thing in our lives is being taken away all of our children are in danger. fransisco was shot while attending a protest on may thirty his father is
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a police officer for the city of managua he believes his son was killed by a sniper under orders by the government and. this was the government there killing innocent people the person was trained because a sniper shoots to kill i'm on the moments after francisco was shot were captured on camera. as was the anger that demonstrators felt upon learning that he was dead i found the day is blood there is blood they shot our brother francisco is one of at least sixteen people who were killed during one of the largest anti-government protests seen any in decades his name is now added to a list of over one hundred others who've been killed since the start of this crisis on april eighteenth entering with his body laid to rest first the schools close as friends say they feel compelled to join in the anti-government demonstrations they started as a protest against planned cuts to social security benefits but the focus is why did
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to getting rid of president and his administration let the people support francisco and if the people rise up i will support him to do it. while the unrest in the gut i work continues mourners at the funeral ask collectively how many more of the country's youth will be buried before the conflict is over. when i was. the boss of the biggest oil company in brazil has resigned driving down the share price of petrol by fifteen percent he's the highest profile casualty so far of a truck drive a strike that's virtually paralyzed brazil for nearly two weeks while daniel schreiber reports. the resignation of chief executive. was just one of the demands of striking all workers. he said they didn't like the way he was running petal brass and they feared he was planning to privatized the brazilian state's majority holding in the biggest oil company in latin america.
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workers largely believe the grass is not being properly managed there is not one worker who says the sale by the press or browse boss. is fair we have been planning the strike for a long time but n.j. with a reputation for turning around struggling companies took office in two thousand and sixteen with the condition that the government not interfere in setting the price of oil but the government earlier this week did exactly that after a nine day strike by the country's truck drivers brought brazil to a near standstill. nobody can take it anymore why are we going to work if we can't even make enough to east difficult to work that way they are stolen we have to pay for that no one can take it anymore. the price of diesel was temporarily lowered by twelve percent and the drivers would turn to work. lost about fifteen percent of the value of shares presidential elections are due in october president michel demo
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who is not standing his popularity rating is at record lows while many politicians from all parties are in broad in corruption scandals brazilians are disillusioned with the whole political system but they say they cannot will not except high fuel prices and. one osiris the rebels in yemen say that the capital of the united arab emirates is now within reach of their missiles who the forces say that they've managed to recapture some territory recently the u.a.e. and saudi arabia are leading the coalition of countries fighting a three year war in yemen against the who these they've repeatedly fired missiles towards the saudi capital riyadh. it's three weeks since the parliamentary election in iraq where a nationalist party opposed to all foreign interference emerged with the most seats a string of iranian influence remains as well as u.s. troops as some of injured reports now from baghdad on the political political complexities posed by the election results and the competing forces in the country
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. these pilots are navigating over iraqi airspace their job is to refuel u.s. fighter jets if they continue their presence over iraq and syria. it makes some of the highest number of foreign troops in the middle east the trumpet ministration ratcheting up its rhetoric for their own there are concerns for the troops stationed in the middle east is there a threat from escalating tensions with iran to foreign forces in iraq i don't see it i see iraqi security forces defeating the threat which is isis the threat that i see is if stability if security isn't maintained to allow stability and reconstruction to occur on the government's timeline that will be the biggest threat. through iran militias were instrumental in defeating eisel washington wants to limit their influence in iraq and cross border into syria the shia militias are now part of the security framework and report to the iraqi prime minister last year militia threaten to attack u.s.
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forces this group is part of the coalition which got the second highest seat in recent elections as militias get more political prominence the u.s. military says it is ready to work with all shades of iraqi forces comes into iraqi security forces we will support it's not our decision but we're here to help and will help with our advice and will help with resources if the government of iraq you know requested. by two thousand and seven there were one hundred seventy thousand u.s. troops in iraq that was at the height of sixteen violence after the u.s. invasion but their complete withdrawal in twenty eleven worked in the favor of hardline groups such as i say i was here in two thousand and ten and i i felt that the iraqi people iraqi army had want to great victory peace was there what did proved not to be the case that holds the highest number of seats in a tweet he said his views against occupation did not change and he will work to rid
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iraq of all foreign influences that led to uprising against u.s. forces but t.v. position himself as a moderate centrist leader in recent years there are demands for u.s. troops. believe but also see that the need for iraq's military most iraqis have voted for a national government which is against foreign influence. among iraqi politicians the u.s. and saudi arabia also want a government that is sympathetic to their interests with rising polarization between the u.s. and iran iraq will struggle to escape the impact of this tension. under their back that eruptions from hawaii's killer where volcano are becoming less frequent but scientists aren't sure what will happen next rocks are blocking the bottom of the crater which has been spewing ash and lava for a month researchers say that the new explosions will blast through the blockage of the eruptions will end thousands of people have been forced from their homes the
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u.s. has been marking its eightieth national donut day with an eating competition in los angeles the cakes became popular during world war one when women in the salvation army made them for soldiers the christian relief organization created the first national day in one hundred thirty eight these days though as you can see it's become better known as an occasion full competitive over eating the winner managed to down forty eight. bright. stars. it is good to have you with us hello adrian from going to here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera leaders of asia pacific nations have given a cautious welcome to donald trump's announcement that his summit with north korea is back home the u.s. defense secretary was among the speakers at an international security conference in singapore where the u.s. president is choosing meet kim jong un in ten days. thousands of people have
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gathered for the funeral of a palestinian paramedic shot dead by israeli forces twenty one year old grandson was killed at the gaza border on friday while helping a protest. troops in india that ministered kashmir fired tear gas at hundreds of mourners at a funeral they were paying their final respects to a kashmiri man who was run over by a military vehicle during a protest on friday spain's new prime minister pedro sanchez has been sworn in he takes over from money out of a whole heap who lost a confidence vote in parliament because of a corruption scandal in his party and the catalonia region is sworn in its you cabinet the move and seven months of direct rule by the dreadful it follows capillarity has failed bid for independence from spain and a new populist government in has taken power and italy after being sworn in by president in rome on friday prime minister designate picante will lead the capital made up of members from the anti establishment five star movement and the far right league party the coalition deal ends three months of political deadlock who the
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rebels in yemen say the capital of the united arab emirates abu dhabi is now within reach of their missiles the u.a.e. and saudi arabia are leading the coalition of countries fighting a three year war in yemen against the who sees that eruptions from hawaii's killer way of volcano are becoming less frequent but scientists aren't exactly sure what's going to happen next loose rock is blocking the bottom of the crater which has been active for over a month researches say that either new explosions will blast through the rock or the eruptions will cease there's the headlines these continues here on al-jazeera after rewinds next. we do not and we will not tolerate with people of functors unity is necessary we need to achieve one year into the gulf crisis al-jazeera examines its political economic and human impacts join us for special
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coverage on june the fifth. and welcome again to rewind i'm laura. and this series we're revisiting some of the best documentaries on al-jazeera english since we launched more than a decade ago back in twenty thousand seen the people in power series traveled to west africa to expose the shocking story of how young gone and children.


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