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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 2, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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it's all do since she grew out of the war in june on al-jazeera. kasra nationalists regain control of their regional government and vowed to seek independence in a challenge to spain's new prime minister. hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're without is there also coming up fares a yemen will lose a vital lifeline as pro-government forces advance on the rebel held port of her data. the u.s. defense secretary accuses china of deploying missiles on the south china sea to intimidate its neighbors. government forces in kashmir fired tear gas and shotgun pellets at the funeral of a protester run over by a paramilitary get old and his hurricane season starts again puerto rican in the
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thousands thought to have been killed by a hurricane maria. spain's new prime minister pedro sanchez has been sworn in a day off to ousting mariano rajoy in a vote of confidence about an hour later catalonia is a new government was sworn in ending the trade seven month direct rule over the region and it immediately pledged to seek independence for the region in a major challenge for spain's new leader catherine stansell reports. spain's new and old leadership side by side mariano rajoy six and a half years in office came to an end in friday's no confidence vote led by the socialist to ousted him petro sanchez. i promise on my conscience a monetary law will be fulfilled the responsibilities of prime minister and to be
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loyal to the king and to safeguard the constitution as well as to maintaining secret deliberation of the cabinet sanchez is promising to root out corruption and help spaniards who suffered in years of austerity measures under the royal government but he's expected to find it a challenge to pass legislation given the socialists have just eighty four three hundred fifty seats parliament supposedly you will have to make. alliances with did does impact is the problem is the party's he's got the support. to go ahead with these no go but very unlikely partners they are either independent. or they are delayed the extreme left party which has been disputing with the socialist party the left. of our voters so he will have to look for some policies that he can move ahead after several months
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a lot of months without any movement at all and to be able to do something in this period before he goes new elections catalonia and it's dr friend dependence is a major issue for sanchez to tackle. imposed direct rule over the region in october after nationalist held an independence referendum deemed illegal. the regional government regained control at a swearing in ceremony in barcelona on saturday the new cabinet is led by kim torah a close aide to former catalonian president carlos pretty much charles wants talks on independence for sanchez the tourist seen as a divisive leader after the accused of anti spanish russia he once described opponents of the catalan language and culture as bikers and hyenas sanchez had the support of six parties for the no confidence vote but he will have his work cut out when it comes to leading the fractured spanish parliament in madrid caffein
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stansell al jazeera. well mine are his departure has been welcomed by venezuela's president who took advantage of his ousting to poke fun a ton of his biggest critics there goes madeira also said he hopes spain's change in leadership will improve relations with caracas and that sort of put it you know this if one of them up i was surprised that raul went away so fast almost without saying goodbye i respect the political life of spain we do not get into the political life of spain or hope that the new government the new president can build a new vision about it as well and can open new policies of dialogue understanding and respect about it as well and i want relationships of respect. pro-government forces backed by the saudi led coalition a closing in on a major rebel held port in yemen and a battle that could reshape the course of the civil war more than one hundred soldiers and rebels have reportedly been killed in less than a week of fighting near her data government troops are preparing to launch an all
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out assault and i've already driven the rebels from dozens of nearby towns and villages aid agencies are warning of a humanitarian disaster will have data lies two hundred thirty kilometers away from sana which the who theses than two thousand and fourteen but it's the city's location on the red sea that makes it a strategic prize if the saudi led coalition takes over it would control yemen's most vital lifeline twenty two million yemenis need humanitarian aid well than two thirds of which is supplied through a date as port and ninety percent of yemen's food and most of its medicine is also imported through the city a coalition accuses the rebels of using her data as a launch pad for attacks on shipping in the red sea and for smuggling in rockets aid agencies say two hundred thousand people that's half of the data is population it could be displaced if fighting breaks out in the center. or yan egeland as the
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secretary general of the norwegian refugee council he joins us live now from oslo thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us we've been hearing for many months now about a possible escalation in and around today what is your sense about this could we see an all out assault happening sooner rather than later. a fear is that the war will come to the day that which is indeed what. is for the netherlands a little cool has been for united kingdom is the place with things come in to out of the civilian population and yemen a country that basically has to import or food everything from the civilian population and when the brew cave that has been there truly it let's come in over too long a time an attack on this city which is to fight the other side it would be basically devastating it would mean that the lifeline for millions and
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millions would be destroyed we often speak about being a humanitarian crisis in yemen but the truth is there is a massive hung the challenge in this country we're talking about starvation in the possibility of all out famine if something doesn't change soon how much was could it get if the saudi led coalition invade her data. it could get much much worse in many ways jim it is that they country on earth with their as they highest number of people who are fruit very few who can secure who are at the brink of starvation many many millions. ten more million who won't face starvation soon if that lifeline is is a cut. one of the one of the things that could happen is actually that this city which is said in the dispute to it's on the hands of the government in the in
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sana the there is claims that the bad things that come through why not make unit and internationally and minister that port since it is so vital for the civilian population but we can at. and we must at all cost avoid is war in a day that not only because of the hundreds of thousands of people who would come in crossfire but also because the park would be destroyed and the lifeline would be destroyed and all of this is happening under the nose of the united nations security council i want a husky you want more the international community should be doing to at least bring about some to revive some sort of political process but short of that at least facilitate unhindered humanitarian access to the country. but indeed the security council has paid us review humanitarian workers what they and who who really
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struggle to serve the most at at great risk the most vulnerable in yemen what we ask for is that the united states the united kingdom and france who have been friends of the saudi led coalition they sell arms they have close military relations they have crossed the grammatic intelligence corp they must guarantee that there will be no attack on the other hand of course iran is is close to the who the go unsaid of governments in santa they haven't either done what they should do to deescalate the fighting. we need a cease fire we need the un led peace talks to succeed we cannot allow yet another catastrophic famine happened on a watch and see that it is manmade from eight percent it is thank you
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very much for shedding some more light on this very important story for us in jan egeland from the norwegian refugee council. and u.s. is accuse china of deploying high end weapons systems in the south china sea to intimidate its neighbors these comments by defense secretary jim mattis jewish from the chinese general who called them sponsible speaking as an international security conference in singapore where the korean peninsula took center stage ahead of donald trump's plan summit with kim jong un sky there are reports. the focus of the high level discussions here at the shangri-la dialogue all came down to one plane in salon u.s. secretary of defense jim that is just hours after president donald trump confirmed the u.s. north korea summit was back on june twelfth here in singapore made something very clear that the number of u.s. troops in south korea is something that will not be discussed if we can restrict or
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confidence building measures with with something verifiable then of course these kinds of issues can come up subsequently between two sovereigns democracies the republic of korea and the united states but it is that issue is not on the table here and singapore on the twelfth. that adds weight to comments from trump that it's unlikely that a major breakthrough will come after just one meeting also hear the shangri-la dialogue the defense ministers from japan and south korea both spoke about the upcoming summit but with guarded optimism saying it's a historic first step down the right path but north korea cannot be rewarded just for dialogue concrete actions are needed south korea was more conciliatory toward kim jong un urging patience with the north koreans for clinton well because just because we have been tricked by north korea before does not guarantee that we will be tricked in the future if we start to think like this we can never negotiate with
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them and we can never look to achieve peace with them for all and also on saturday secretary mabus described china's buildup in the south china sea as militarization used for intimidation and coercion and i think this the matter. i was doing that simply to remind everybody that the geopolitical chess board struggles across the pacific is extremely large in a lot of moving parts and the current korean peninsula crisis is just one portion of the chess board clearly a red line or several red lines have been crossed and the u.s. is now hitting back at these diplomatically trying to defend it it's actually sitting with the u.s. and their allies are doing is simply being matched for now the countdown to the much anticipated summit in ten days remains in the spotlight scott other al-jazeera singapore is known for pushing the envelope with nuclear threats and warnings of war but this time kim jong un is getting attention for his actual envelopes on friday the north korean need to send his former spy chief to hand deliver
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a letter to u.s. president donald trump as they prepare for a historic summit but it's the size of the less air that's got social media buzzing get was almost as large as a folded newspaper defense analyst adam ounce jess at the north koreans have. well they have trump figured out he says because it's the size of a prize check in a t.v. game show for years the president was the star of the reality show the apprentice the old fourth would asked are we sure that it is really that big or a trump's hands just that small and the tokyo bureau chief for the washington post and fyfield tweeted when it comes to nuclear buttons and now to envelopes size apparently matters trumps all anyone who got supersized mail though kim sent a similar to suit the south korean president when he held talks with the north korean media sister during the winter olympics. still ahead for you on the program
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. despite days of mass street protests jordan's prime minister refuses to the door a controversial draft income tax bill and funerals are held for the sixteen people killed in one of the bloodiest days of anti-government protests in nicaragua. welcome back that we're going to see some very heavy rain developing across more southern parts of china at the moment through sunday looks as though it's going to be wet in places but as i move the forecast on to monday you can see this rain area developing significantly so the could well be some flooding here is all part of the my weather systems which is pulsing from time to time so it's going to come back again also i think is probably influenced by this developing tropical cyclone towards the south it's creating
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a convergence line so further towards the south central and southern parts of vietnam there could be some very heavy rain developing overnight twenty four to forty hours know into south asia is looking lively all down through the western ghats we've still got some very heavy showers affecting parts of bangladesh and of the eastern states of india and that's likely to continue in the forecast kolkata should be largely dry there but western ghats is going to be wet temps and bank of the twenty nine some heavy showers are likely here to sri lanka's looking pretty wet elsewhere not quite as hot as it has been in delhi for instance with temperatures of forty three forty four degrees but still it is very hot indeed across in the arabian peninsula temperatures are high and they should be really this time of year forty two degrees and we also got some pretty high humidity making him feel somewhat uncomfortable. to some anonymous politician to others an alleged war criminal who was
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responsible for the murder of constable statesman oliver of one of each what does it reveal of the sectarian divide within this ten year old country and how was it afflicted relations between prishtina belgrade kosovo people and our investigation on al jazeera. welcome back a quick look at the top stories this hour catalonia is new nationalist government has been sworn in ending madrid seven month direct rule of the region the capital
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and president has pledged to achieve independence and a direct challenge to spain's new prime minister petra sanchez yemeni government troops backed by the saudi led coalition are preparing a full scale assault on the rebel held city of the data aid agencies are warning of a humanitarian disaster as most of yemen's food and medicine passes through the data support. and u.s. defense secretary jim mattis is accused china of deploying missiles in the south china sea to intimidate and coerce its neighbors a top chinese general is hit back calling the comments irresponsible. the jordanian prime minister honey moki says he will not withdraw a controversial i.m.f. backed tax bill before parliament the proposed bill has angered many leading to protest with calls for the government to resign the prime minister now says the government will continue talks with the unions about the law and he'll leave it up to lawmakers to make a decision on whether to ditch the proposal. israeli forces have killed a palestinian man in the occupied west bank city of hebron soldiers say they opened
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fire after thirty five year old rami sabbar tried to run them over with his digger but i witnessed didn't hear the soldiers commands to stop his vehicle which he had been using for work at a local construction site none of the soldiers were injured in the incident. meanwhile thousands of people have gathered in gaza for the funeral of a palestinian a young medic shot dead by israeli forces at the gaza border on friday twenty one year old. volunteered to get medical help when the weekend demonstrations began since then israeli soldiers have shot at least two hundred twenty one palestinians have been protesting for the right turn turn there is harry force it was at a funeral in canniness in gaza. the body had all resigned how much is now being brought to what the mosque here i found it is stories i hear is mixture of emotion here we've seen some of her colleagues crying applied it to themselves but
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here as a body comes in way hearing shots of anger and defiance there has been a huge reaction publicly across gaza to the death of this young woman she was shot on the friday protests as she went to the aid of somebody himself he'd been shot near the border fence and she died of her injuries the palestinian medical association saying that she was shot through the chest and she died of her injuries we spoke a short while ago to a colleague who was right next to when that fatal bullet struck her and she lived in the southern only reason our hands who were in our uniforms were about twenty meters from the fence and they could see us easily so we thought they would shoot at us as we arrived they shot two bullets one had resigned in the chest and the second went through my other colleagues and then hit me in the leg with two bullets he had three of us killing resign i have zero zero motions are running very high here at the cemetery where rosen has been brought to bury and we've been seeing people trying to stop others from walking on top of graves we've seen
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a father come in his face entirely awash in tears but we spoke to mahmoud her colleague earlier on he said that she was a young woman of sweet nature someone who never tired of risking your own life to help others the israeli army says it is investigating the reports of her death but as far as people here. are concerned they are outraged that someone who is volunteering as a medic trying to help other others who are injured by israeli sniper fire self so victims or government troops in indian administered kashmir or fired at hundreds of people who were attending a funeral i gathered to pay their respects to a man who was run over by a military vehicle during a protest on friday and a hoax as more. soldiers and police fired tear gas and shotgun pellets to scatter mourners in shanika on saturday they were burying another casualty of the violence in the contested region of the judge and as many tear gas shells on it what kind of humanity is this. the dead man second to his injuries
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after he was run over by an armored vehicle another man was also badly injured during the protests after friday's press a military spokesman said soldiers showed extreme restraint but some witnesses say the armored vehicle deliberately targeted protesters. the high this incident has barbaric it's a stain on indian democracy it's not just a blot on democracy but almost all humanity in india doesn't have a right to call itself or to marcus see this incident as barbaric and there are no words to condemn it. the mourners were marching with the man's body to a graveyard and sure to go on saturday when police and soldiers use force to stop them the police said that they would define a government order that bans assembly of more than four people in short ago the region's largest city antigovernment sentiment runs deep in the disputed himalayan territory kashmir is divided between nuclear armed rivals pakistan and india and
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borders china ninety percent of kashmir is a muslim with buddhists and hindus making up the rest of the twelve million population separatists have been fighting indian control for almost thirty years demanding the territory be united with pakistan rule or gains independence oh my. oh martin nearly seventy thousand people have been killed in the separatist fighting since one thousand nine hundred nine india's prime minister briefly visited kashmir two weeks ago provoking a furious reaction from protesters both india and pakistan have agreed to abide by fifteen years ceasefire but peace remains elusive. as there. funerals have been health of people killed during one of the bloodiest days of anti-government protests in nicaragua sixteen demonstrators died on wednesday what opposition groups and the catholic church a calling a massacre the u.n. has called on the government to end the violence that has killed more than one hundred people in the past six weeks from the capital managua money reports. a
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funeral procession makes its way through a neighborhood in the nicaraguan capital onlookers watch from their homes as the remains of thirty four year old francisco today is are moved to a nearby cemetery. overcome with grief francisco's mother says goodbye to her son for the last time. i roll my eyes the most precious thing in our lives is being taken away all of our children are in danger. fransisco was shot while attending a protest on may thirty his father is a police officer for the city of managua he believes his son was killed by a sniper under orders by the government only and. this was the government there killing innocent people the person was trained because a sniper shoots to kill on the moments after francisco was shot were captured on
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camera and we have the record as was the anger that demonstrators felt upon learning that he was dead i found you they is blood there is blood they shot our brother francisco is one of at least sixteen people who were killed during one of the largest anti-government protests seen any get out in decades his name is now added to a list of over one hundred others who've been killed since the start of this crisis on april eighteenth entering with his body laid to rest close his friends say they feel compelled to join in the anti-government demonstrations they started as a protest against planned cuts to social security benefits but the focus is why did to getting rid of president at dega and his administration let the people support francisco and if the people rise up i will support him do. while the unrest in the gut i work continues mourners at the funeral ask collectively how many more of the country's youth will be buried before the conflict is over when read up alone zita
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when i was. puerto rico's health department is being sued over its refusal to release mortality data after last year's hurricane maria the government is accused of a lack of transparency by not properly classifying overall deaths of families of those killed place shoes outside the capitol building in san juan to show how many people died as a result of the hurricane the vigil aims to highlight the discrepancy between the government's official death toll of sixty four and the latest estimate from a study by harvard university which puts the number of more than four thousand six hundred people many are said to have died due to delayed medical care. i'm here to pay homage to all these victims but the government in their negligence didn't want to care and there is still more because as i understand it many of them were cremated and there are no records for them here with the families who were brought with them a pair of shoes worn by their loved ones to remember them. more than two hundred
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thousand puerto ricans fled to florida after the island was devastated by hurricane maria but eight months on hundreds of evacuees are still living in hotels relying on government aid that will soon run out some families say they could end up homeless and as the new hurricane season begins there are concerns that puerto rico will be on able to weather another storm and he gallacher reports. in the weeks following hurricane maria more than thirty thousand storm weary puerto ricans registered at this disaster relief center orlando's airport u.s. citizens by birth they came to florida looking for help months later many are still in limbo like hundreds of others namely gonzales has been stuck in a hotel since january but time is running out for drill assistance programs a temporary naomi has nowhere else to go nobody understands what we're feeling ok because. many people they're in their homes they're all kids they could lead
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they've got their place but when you don't have a place well lit it gets to you it's really tough for families that have already been in these hotels for months there's the constant fear that government aid will end and that is inevitable many simply don't have anything to go back to in puerto rico but for those that want to make a life here there's an even bigger problem ninety seven percent of all rental accommodation is already filled that the remains is prohibitively expensive we're getting calls from people who care about others orange county's commissioner says resources is stretched and many evacuees who have little choice but to stay face an uncertain future when you lose everything and you can't pay your mortgage and now your credits getting ruined and now you're here in our new county trying to find an apartment they're looking at your credit score is and you can't get approved that's just a domino effect from something that happened to them six months ago so what if you can only request one will come through the community hope centering kissimmee is
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helping some families find homes say they too can't help everyone resources in this part of florida already dealing with an exodus of puerto ricans who left before the storm the limited as they come in the expectations for the families i feel may be higher than what we actually can provide at times i know that there's there's huge frustration and i know that there is just there's hurt and trauma hurricane maria hit puerto rico last september but the island is still struggling those that came to florida were looking for a new start many are still waiting to go across zero because florida. opposition supporters in venezuela of criticize the release of thirty nine political activists they accuse the government of making a token gesture while hundreds of protesters remain in jail the president nicolas maduro promised to release prisoners prosecuted for demonstrating against the government after his reelection the authorities say the reprieve is meant to help
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unite the country after opposition parties chose to boycott the vote which took place last month. after shooting lava high into the sky for weeks scientists say hawaii's kenway a volcano has now ended a quiet phase lava continues to pour from the foot of the volcano but it's much calmer inside the crater could away again erupting a month ago destroying dozens of homes and forcing thousands of residents to leave to get to safety now the u.s. has been marking its eighty if national donut day with an eating competition in los angeles of course how else would you do it sweet treats became popular during world war one when the women in the salvation army made donuts for soldiers christian relief organization creative the first national do not in one thousand.
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me this means days though as you can see it's become better known as an occasion for competitive overeating with some strange shaking to go with it the winner at eight forty eight donuts in eight minutes. quick look at the headlines this hour catalonia is new nationalist government has been sworn in ending madrid seven months to write rule of the region president kim torah has pledged to achieve independence and a direct challenge to spain's new prime minister pederast sanchez who was just sworn in and now before him in yemen pro-government forces backed by the saudi led coalition of preparing a full scale assault on the rebel held city of her data aid agencies are warning of a humanitarian disaster as most of yemen's food and medicine passes through date as port more than one hundred soldiers and rebel forces have reportedly been killed in
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less than a week of fighting around the city. the u.s. has accused china of deploying high end weapons system in the south china sea to intimidate its neighbors the comments by defense secretary jim mattis true a shop rebuke from the chinese general who called them irresponsible despite trying to claim to the contrary the placement of these weapon systems tied directly to military use for the purposes of intimidation and coercion trying to militarization of the threat leave it all full in direct contradiction to president twenty fifteen public prefer intrude in the white house rose garden that they would not be real. thousands of people have gathered in gaza for the funeral of a palestinian medic shot dead by israeli forces at the border on friday twenty one year old resign or volunteered to give medical help when the weekly demonstrations began in march since then israeli soldiers have shot dead at least one hundred twenty one palestinians have been protesting for the right to return the israeli
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military says it carry it will carry out an investigation into the child's death. government troops in indian administered kashmir a fire that hundreds of people who were attending a funeral they gathered to pay their respects to a man who was run over by a military vehicle during an anti india protest on friday he died in hospital overnight the mourners were marching with the man's body to a graveyard and when police and soldiers used force to stop them as the top stories they'll be more news coming up in about twenty five minutes time said do join me then coming up next on al-jazeera it's people in power.
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two decades of this move focus places because of this fighting to succeed for laboring serbia in two thousand and eight possible declared its independence and this year celebrates its tenth birthday though serbia still trying southern cities and relations still strained amid complex claims of war time atrocities and grievances and then a mysterious death gave this toxic cocktail another shake we went to investigate.


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