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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 2, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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the cure. catalan nationalists regain control of their regional government and vow to seek independence and a challenge to spain's new prime minister. and those around barbara sarah you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program thousands attend the funeral of a young palestinian medic shot dead by israeli forces at the gaza border fears that yemen will lose a vital lifeline this pro-government forces advance on the rebel held port of call
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data and the u.s. defense secretary accuses china of the point missiles of the south china sea to intimidate its neighbors. thank you for joining us spain's new prime minister pedro sanchez has been sworn in a day after ousting marielle overhaul in a vote of confidence about an hour later catalonia new government was sworn in ending madrid's seven month direct rule over the region and it immediately pledged to seek independence for the region a major challenge for spain's new leader catherine stansell has more. spain's new and old leadership side by side mariano rajoy six and a half years in office came to an end in friday's no confidence vote led by the socialist who ousted him petro sanchez. i promise on my conscience a monetary law will be fulfill the responsibilities of prime minister and to be
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loyal to the king and to safeguard the constitution as well as to maintaining secret deliberation of the cabinet sanchez is promising to root out corruption and help spaniards who suffered in years of austerity measures under the royal government but he's expected to find it a challenge to pass legislation given the socialists have just eighty four to three hundred fifty seat parliament supposedly he will have to make. alliances we did different parties the problem is the parties he's got the support. to go ahead with these no go but very unlikely partners they are either independent. or they are the less extreme left party which has been disputing with the socialist party the left. of our voters so he will have to look for some policies that he can move ahead after several months
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a lot of months without any movement at all and to be able to do something in this period before he goes new elections catalonia and it's dr friend dependence is a major issue for us and as to tackle. post direct rule over the region in october after nationalist held an independence referendum deemed illegal. the regional government regained control at a swearing in ceremony in barcelona on saturday the new cabinet is led by kim torah a close aide to former catalonian president carlos pretty much charles wants talks on independence for sanchez but tora's seen as a divisive leader after the accused of anti spanish russia he once described opponents of the catalan language and culture as vipers and hyenas sanchez had the support of six parties for the no confidence vote. but he will have his work cut out when it comes to leading the fractured spanish parliament in madrid.
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while uncertain times in another southern european country italy's five star movement has called people out onto the streets in rome to show their support for the country's first populace government as it gets to work hundreds are rallying to celebrate prime minister does that pick on things first full day in office content leads a cabinet formed of the five star movement and the far right party well some of the hugo is live for us in rome it's interesting that the day of the republic sort of over a couple of days when you know just not that long ago a lot of people were attacking president and attacking the very republic he represents what was the mood like today at that demonstration. has turned it really into a mood where there is really a sort of jubilation here amongst the supporters of the five star movement really feeling this sort of victory rally as it were. they managed to stop what they
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say is going to be the start of a new way of doing politics and a new way of governing it's really. the mayor of rome. addressing the crowd here that this was at the start of the new republic. gained a lot of quite hard. on the crowd but it's also interesting to see how. are celebrating and taking the time to celebrate that it is their party that has been in fact head of the government that there's a lot of practice it was it was about who they are going into government and of course that is interesting is part of this is the fact that they all go into coalition with the far right. many issues that may have its with the lack of common ground that there is between the two really left a lot of supporters for. day quite disillusioned with the fascist. movement has
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done this and has gone into coalition but saying that people who have taken a more optimistic approach to this is just simply a contract of government the electoral obliges us to do and they're always working things out. and that's always a difference isn't it between the promises that you can make while you campaign and then having to make them true when you're actually in government but looking at some of the specifics what are some of the measures that we vaguely know about that could prove quite controversial. well certainly what's been sure to be controversial here is issues of taxation and well say now both parties campaigned on very different issues say for example the party was campaigning on trying to blast tax. relief benefits some of the better off for his size he was the five star movement is also i was campaigning on the other hand for universal basic income for a challenge so really both sides of the spectrum here now to try and come in the
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middle of that is going to extremely difficult indeed in fact it's going to be difficult to try to accommodate either of those options because they are very expensive options to get a post and it really has the highest public debt in the world after japan and greece for trying to accommodate that will troops challenge the other issue of course is immigration it's well known how the leg up about immigration shall be me speaking about how he would cast out five hundred thousand when he was illegal migrants from the country to deal with this immigration problem this is something which the five star movement are really very much against this contravenes international human rights laws so really not much common ground there at all what they all making some kind of common ground between is of course both have expressed your skeptic. ideas euro skeptic points which they have turned down recently need not knowing that we do need to deal with brussels at the end of the
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day but what they are saying is that they want to receive its nice position within the e.u. to try and make it more prominent play a role than just taking the rules especially considering how it's the feels towards brussels for saying it's really left with a burden to deal with the refugee crisis which has been an enormous issue here in the country barbara. the next few months will be interesting not just for italy but of course for you as well for the moment when i go in rome sonia thank you. it's going to gaza now with thousands of people have attended the funeral of a young palestinian medic shot dead by israeli forces at the gaza border on friday the twenty one year old has an alleged volunteered to give medical help when the weekly demonstrations began march since then israeli soldiers have shelled that at least one hundred twenty one palestinians have been protesting for the right to
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return very force it was at the funeral in honey and this in gaza. the body was on a jar is now being brought towards the mosque clear eyed communist there is a huge mixture of emotion here we've seen some of her colleagues crying fight it to themselves but here as a body comes in way hearing shots of anger and defiance there has been a huge reaction publicly across gaza to the death of this young woman she was shot on the friday protests as she went to be a that somebody himself had been shot near the border fence and she died of her injuries that are listed in medical association saying that she was shot through the chest and she died of her injuries we spoke a short while ago to a colleague who was right next to when that fatal bullet struck her and she lit them on raising our hands who were no uniforms were about twenty meters from the fence and they could see us easily so we thought they would shoot at us as we
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arrived they shot two bullets one had resigned in a chance and the second went through my other colleagues and then hit me in the leg with two bullets they hit three of us killing resign. omissions are running very high here at the cemetery where rosen has been brought to bury and we've been seeing people trying to stop others from walking on top of graves we've seen a father come in his face entirely a wash in tears when we spoke to mahmoud her colleague earlier on he said that she was a young woman of sweet nature someone who never tired. risking your own life to help others the israeli army says it is investigating the reports of her death but as far as people here are concerned they are outraged that someone who is voluntary as a medic trying to help other others who. by israeli sniper fire. victims are. meanwhile israeli forces have killed a palestinian man in the occupied west bank city of hebron soldiers say they opened fire after thirty five year old rami sabbar now try to run them over with but when
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assess a barnett didn't hear the soldiers command to stop his vehicle which he'd been using for work at a local construction site that of the soldiers were injured in the incident. pro-government forces backed by the saudi led coalition are closing in on a major rebel held force in yemen in a battle that could reshape the course of the civil war more than one hundred soldiers and rebels have reportedly been killed in less than a week in fighting near her day that government troops are preparing to launch an all out assault and i've already driven the rebels from dozens of nearby towns and villages out aid agencies are warning of a humanitarian disaster well the data lies two hundred thirty kilometers away from sonar which the who these seized in two thousand and fourteen but it's the city's location on the red sea that makes it a strategic prize if the saudi led coalition takes over it would control yemen's most vital lifeline well twenty two million yemenis need humanitarian aid more than two thirds of which is supplied through data support ninety percent of yemen's food
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and most of its medicine is also important through the city. well the coalition accuses the rebels of using her day that as a launch pad for attacks on shipping in the red sea and for smuggling in rockets aid agencies say two hundred thousand people that's half of what made us population could be displaced the fighting breaks out in the center and england is the secretary general of the norwegian refugee council he told that dizzier that an escalation of violence in a day that could have an impact on hundreds of thousands of yemenis earth with there is the highest number of people who are fruit very food insecurity who are at the brink of starvation many many millions seven ten more million who would face starvation soon if that lifeline is. cut and one of the one of the things that could happen is actually in this city which is certainly disputed it's on the hands of the government in the in sana
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the that there is claims that bad things that come through why not making it and internationally and minister that port since it is so vital for the civilian population what we can at. we must at all costs avoid is war in a day that not only because of the hundreds of thousands of people who would come in crossfire but also because the park would be destroyed and the lifeline would be destroyed. well there's lots more still to come here al jazeera. despite days of mass street protests jordan's prime minister refuses to withdraw the controversial draft income tax bill as hurricane season starts again puerto ricans more in the thousands killed by hurricane maria.
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hello and welcome back well may across europe set all sorts of records in terms of high temperatures and thunderstorms and we've got more thunderstorms in june certainly over the next couple of days plenty of storms across more central parts of europe further towards the west looking a little bit quieter still a chance of one of two storms particularly across parts of northeastern spain the belly area collins and southwestern parts of france this low pressure system is pushing giving blood to conditions across parts of iberian peninsula as we head through monday and jerry cooler weather across the u.k. quite a bit of rain room for parts of france during the course of up monday and the southeast narrows pretty warm but also with the risk of showers so as we head down into northern parts of africa it's looking fine here for the most part we've lost the really severe storms are issue affecting algeria plus enough conditions there
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temperatures jerry in the high twenty's to low thirty's not a great deal of change as we head through monday thirty four is the high in karo for central parts of africa we've got so usual rush of showers all the way from the ethiopian highlands of course sit down and towards the gulf of guinea region would like to see the odd downpour affecting both lagos in nigeria and ghana there's a chance the old showers across mali but for the moment look for the forecast for bamako is dry with highs of thirty to.
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welcome back here's a reminder of our top stories catalonia is new nationalist government has been sworn in ending madrid's a seven month direct rule of the region that's on president pointed out i immediately pledged to achieve independence and of that wrecked challenge to spain's new prime minister by that of such as thousands of people in gaza have attended the funeral of twenty one year old palestinian medical. bed by israeli forces at the gaza border and in yemen pro-government forces backed by the saudi
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led coalition are preparing a full scale assault on the rebel held city of have they the aid agencies a warning of a humanitarian disaster as most of yemen's food and medicine passes through her day this court. now the jordanian prime minister honey milky says he will not withdraw a controversial i.m.f. backed tax bill before parliament that's the spike the proposed bill sparking the rare protests in the country and calls for the government to resign the prime minister says the government will continue talks with the unions about the law when he leave it up to the lawmakers to make a decision on whether to ditch the proposal limits somebody is a middle east analyst based in jordan's capital amman she says the protests are likely to grow it is the widening and there isn't is collision and they expect it really is creation especially after the statement being made by the prime minister who see me who is very pleased with the i.m.f. . created that he got a great if from the i.m.f.
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but is getting a great deal from the people and there are now on facebook and calls for more protests tonight and we are expecting an escalation across the country a country mind you that the income tax really hurts the poor and the middle class it has increased it why didn't the net of taxable incomes and when you widen the net to of taxable income to and lower the. truth six fifty g.d.s. or for an individual in month which is around one thousand dollars a month while seven of why while it used to be one thousand g.d.s. a month that means you eat if you are causing the impoverishment of the middle class and you causing more poverty is specially that there are high. sales and service taxes. the us is accused china of deploying high end weapons systems in the
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south china sea to intimidate and course its neighbors the comments by the fence secretary jim mattis drew a sharp rebuke from a chinese general who called them irresponsible but this was speaking at an international. security conference in singapore where the korean peninsula took center stage ahead of donald trump's planned summit with kim scott had reports. the focus of the high level discussions here at the shangri-la dialogue all came down to one peninsula u.s. secretary of defense jim that is just hours after president donald trump confirmed the u.s. north korea summit was back on june twelfth here in singapore made something very clear and open the number of u.s. troops in south korea is something that will not be discussed if we can reach store confidence building measures with with something verifiable then of course these kinds of issues can come up subsequently between sovereign democracies the republic of korea and the united states but it is that issue is not on the table here in
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singapore on the twelfth. that adds weight to comments from trump that it's unlikely that a major breakthrough will come after just one meeting also here the shangri-la dialogue the defense ministers from japan and south korea both spoke about the upcoming summit but with guarded optimism saying it's a historic first step down the right path but north korea cannot be rewarded just for dialogue concrete actions are needed. south korea was more conciliatory toward kim jong un urging patience with the north koreans for congo because just because we have been tricked by north korea before does not guarantee that we will be tricked in the future if we start to think like this we can never negotiate with them and we can never look to achieve peace with them and also on saturday secretary mabus described china's buildup in the south china sea as militarization used for intimidation and coercion and i think mr mattis was doing that simply to remind everybody that the geopolitical chessboard straddled across the asia pacific
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is extremely large and a lot of moving parts and the current korean peninsula crisis is just one portion of that chessboard clearly a red line or several red lines have been crossed and the u.s. is now hitting back at these diplomatically china defended its actually saying what the u.s. and their allies are doing is simply being matched for now the countdown to the much anticipated summit in ten days remains in the spotlight it's got harder al-jazeera singapore well south korea has played a major role in getting the summit plans back on track president canceled his planned meeting with the north korean leader kim jong il in just over a week ago only to change his mind the next day when he has more now from seoul. there was a positive response from the south korean government to the news that the summit between donald trump and kim jong un appears to be back on track for june the twelfth in singapore there was a very brief statement released by the office of the south korean prisoners mungy
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in referring to the letter that was written by kim jong un and sent to donald trump the statement said it is made the path leading to a u.s. north korea summit wider in studio and we will watch for the historic meeting to be held in singapore in an excited yet so perhaps cautious optimism is the best way to describe the response from the south korean government to that news that the summit appears to be or go for june the twelfth but it looks also increasingly unlikely that we will see any significant deals or any major announcements made during that summit the maybe some general agreements reached between donald trump and kim jong un there was some perhaps misguided optimism that they would be a deal reached related to perhaps the denuclearization of the korean peninsula which seems to be the ultimate goal or a peace deal to formally end the korean war but of course those two issues are very
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complex and it seems that there just isn't enough time to come up with some sort of deal before or during that summit when it comes to the denuclearization of the korean peninsula it also seems that the two sides north korea and the united states are still out wide apart when it comes to how best to achieve that goal. four to rico's health department is being sued over its refusal to release mortality data following last year's hurricane maria the families of those killed placed shoes outside the capitol building in san juan to show how many people died as a result of the hair hurrican the vigil was to highlight that the scrap and see between the governments of fishel death toll of sixty four and the latest estimate from a study by harvard university which puts the number at more than four thousand six hundred people well tens of thousands of puerto ricans fled to florida after the island was devastated by hurricane maria but eight months on hundreds of evacuees
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are still living in hotels relying on government aid that will end soon some families say they could in the homeless and as the new hurricane season begins there are concerns puerto rico will be unable to weather another storm and the gallagher reports now from florida. in the weeks following hurricane maria more than thirty thousand storm weary puerto ricans registered at this disaster relief center orlando's airport u.s. citizens by birth they came to florida looking for help months later many are still in limbo like hundreds of others niamey gonzales has been stuck in a hotel since january but time is running out for drill assistance programs a temporary naomi has nowhere else to go nobody understands what we're feeling ok because. many people they're in their homes they're all kids they could lead they've got their place but when you don't have a place well it gets to you it's really tough for families that have already been
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in these hotels for months there's the constant fear that government aid will end and that is inevitable many simply don't have anything to go back to in puerto rico but for those that want to make a life here there's an even bigger problem ninety seven percent of all rental accommodation is already filled that the remains is prohibitively expensive we're getting calls from people who care about others orange county's commissioner says resources stretched and many evacuees who have little choice but to stay face an uncertain future when you lose everything and you can't pay your mortgage and now your credits getting ruined and now you're here in our new county trying to find an apartment they're looking at your credit score is and you can't get approved that's just a domino effect from something that happened to them six months ago so what if you can only request one will come to. the community hope centering kissimmee has helped some families find homes say they too can't help everyone resources in this part of florida already dealing with an exodus of puerto ricans who left before the
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storm the limited as they come in the expectations for the families i feel may be higher than what we actually can provide at times i know that there's there's huge frustration and i know that there is just there's hurt and trauma hurricane maria hit puerto rico last september but the island is still struggling those that came to florida were looking for a new start many still waiting to get across to zero kissimmee florida. ride for the somali have fired tear gas at opposition supporters during a band political rally ahead of next month's presidential election authorities in the capital bamako had said saturday's march couldn't go ahead due to a state of emergency currently in place sixteen people including to. you can that it's were injured in clashes with security forces rising violence across mali has cast doubt over the election in some parts of the country especially in the north.
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half a million migrants pass through slovenia on their way to europe in two thousand and fifteen in a country with a population of only two million that's thrust immigration into the spotlight politicians have been campaigning hard on the issue ahead of parliamentary elections on sunday and a rightwing anti immigration party is now leading the polls and the hayward has more. it will be the third time in just seven years living in ian's head to the polls there are new faces but it's the young it's young who leads the slovenian democratic party who's the one here almost prime minister who had to resign over corruption scandal five years ago it's not his past people are focusing on but his hardline rhetoric on immigration and his ties to hungary's nationalist leader big to. half a million people fleeing war and poverty passed through slovenia in twenty fifteen on their way to western europe since then migration has been pushed up the
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electoral agenda so to the young she told the rally last week's lavinia is defending the schengen border of europe. it's an easy stance to take if you say to the people immigration is the main issue and that's why your country's in prospering and if you vote for me i can help fix that something that anyone can say it's worked to an extent with us it's worked as a start a movement in france with. and it's taken a. rise in other you countries other party leaders have warned they won't work with you if as expected there's no outright winner the election was close to the resignation of mary sara over the failure to deliver a railway project he wants his job back others are trying to gain more center ground voters to attract both the left and the right the economy too and how to
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improve it will play a big part in how people. in slovenia the average monthly salary still call short of the average elsewhere in the eurozone with the impact of a double dip recession still being felt. people with well paid jobs are leaving the country while those who come take less paying jobs looking from a fiscal perspective that is a disaster slovenia's economy is growing a new leader will want to keep it moving in the right direction no one party is expected to get enough votes to win outright so all eyes in the days after the election will be on who will join forces to create slovenia's next government and the hayward al-jazeera. the u.s. has been marking its a.t.'s national donor with an eating competition in los angeles the sweet treats became popular during world war one when women in the salvation army made donuts for soldiers the christian relief organization created
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the first national donna day in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight these days though as you can see it's become better known as a location location for competitive eating my goodness the winner eight forty eight donuts any minute. right in the stomach eight more on that and everything else on the web site the address. in other top stories on al-jazeera catalan is new nationalist government has been sworn in ending madrid's seven months direct rule of the region better than president clinton era has pledged to achieve independence and a direct challenge to spain's new prime minister pedro sanchez who was sworn in in just an hour an hour before. meanwhile it's in these five star movement has called people out on to the streets in rome to show their support for the country's first the populous government as it gets to work hundreds are rallying to celebrate prime
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minister does that because his first full day in office leaves a cabinet formed of the five star movement of the far right league party and some technocrats in gaza thousands of people have attended the funeral of a palestinian medic shot dead by israeli forces at the gaza border on friday twenty one year old. volunteered to give up to give medical help when the weekly demonstrations began back in march since then israeli soldiers are shot dead at least one hundred twenty one palestinians who have been protesting for the right to return the israeli military says it will carry out an investigation into alleged was that. in yemen pro-government forces backed by the saudi led coalition are preparing a full scale assault on the rebel held city of the data more than one hundred soldiers and rebel forces have reportedly been killed in less than a week of fighting around the data aid agencies are warning of a humanitarian disaster as most of yemen's food and medicine passes through the
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port the u.s. is accused china of deploying high end weapons systems in the south china sea to intimidate its neighbors the comments by defense secretary jim mattis drew a sharp rebuke from a chinese general who called them irresponsible mattis was speaking at an international security conference in singapore. despite china's claims to the contrary the placement of these weapon systems is tied directly to military use for the purposes of intimidation and coercion trying to militarisation of the spratleys is also in direct contradiction to president twenty fifteen public assurances in the white house rose garden that they would not do this. while those are the headlines do stay with us coming up next it's the listening post of richard gere's butt and i'm going to have more news for you in just under half an hour of i.
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will put up with that if you know him model and cut out most of india's means the news publication i hope but of course the big business the going to call it. like it's not us that he is the show you could be and it's one of the biggest stories out that i found i mean yes it doesn't want to be on. a low or much of just part of your at the listening post here a sub of the media stories we're covering this week a journalist goes undercover in india to expose media companies willing to peddle propaganda dressed up as news for a price kremlin funded news outlets are feeling the heat in the u.s. but what about washington's own state sponsored broadcast operations overseas a real case of fake news the resurrection of
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a journalist who was reportedly killed this thank you and a music video born in america gets the nigerian treats.


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