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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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this is al jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes it's actually destructive to our ability to get things done the growing anger among allies against new tariff measures by the united states plus. calls for revenge in gaza the funeral of a young medic shot dead by israeli forces. and council on nationalists regain control of the region posing a headache to spain's new prime minister also. nobody understands what we're
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feeling ok because many people there are in their homes their own. six months after hurricane maria hit puerto rico hundreds are still homeless and federal aid is running out. from san juan the united states it has only a few days to avoid a trade war leaving it up to washington to deescalate tensions over tariffs that's after the u.s. imposed new taxes on steel and aluminum imports from the e.u. mexico and canada where the dispute dominated talks between finance ministers from the global economic group known as the g seven in canada but u.s. treasury secretary steven mission is downplaying the dispute. i don't think in any way the u.s. is abandoning its leadership in the global economy quite the contrary i think our leadership on the economy which is one of president trumps major objectives that
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national security is not only good for the united states but is good for growth around the world and if anything that additional growth is potentially leading to us even more reason to want to focus on these trade issues well the e.u. canada and mexico are both threatened to impose their own measure in retaliation canada's finance minister says he hopes they'll persuade the trump ministration to back away from the tariffs over the course last couple of days there was an important difference of opinion the americans have decided to in our mind take an action it's not at all constructive it's actually destructive to our ability to get things done what did we ask secretary of treasury secretary to do we said that we were collectively hoping that he would bring the message back the message that message of regret and disappointment at the american actions and concern that they are not constructive and my sense is that he's going to take that message back to
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washington about it appears donald trump's planning to hold his ground he's tweeted that it's time for the u.s. to be treated fairly on trade what john hendren joins us live now from washington d.c. john said lots of anger from u.s. allies over these towers what a finance leader has been saying at this meeting. that's right there and you heard those very diplomatic comments but behind those comments the allies are irate and donald trump is not backing down he sent stephen minucci in there his treasury secretary in order to try to assuage those allies that did not work and they didn't work mainly because minucci and couldn't offer them the one thing they really wanted and that is relief from those steel and aluminum tariffs they have already prepared a list of iconic american items that they plan to retaliate with they plan on raising tariffs on levi's jeans jack daniels whiskey harley-davidson motorcycles or and oranges from florida all of those things would be the next step in an
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escalating trade war and these are are of course allied nations that normally don't go at each other like this after all when trump raised the terror of on steel he said he was targeting china then he allowed those tariffs to hit the allies that are at this g. seven summit in the coming days that has really angered them they say there needs to be decisive action and they wrote up a statement today that they wanted me nugent to deliver to trump that statement says finance ministers and central bank governors request that the united states secretary of the treasury communicate their unanimous concern and disappointment that's diplomatic language but those are strong words and trunk tweeted right back within hours and he said when you're almost eight hundred billion dollars a year down on trade you cannot lose a trade war the u.s. has been ripped off by other countries for years on trade time to get smart he said so he doesn't show any signs of backing down on those tariffs that might be
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a negotiating ploy the u.s. originally tried to get those countries to agree to quotas perhaps in the g. seven summit they'll be able to come to some kind of agreement on that but right now there is tension between countries that are normally allied john and as you say this meetings ahead of that that g seven in canada next week how will the disagreements on tariffs affect that meeting. well with just days to go daryn this looks like it's going to hijack that meeting this was supposed to be the annual meeting in which lately they would be able to celebrate the global economic expansion that's been good for all of those countries and now they're worried about that expansion being drained old because of the trade war that these tariffs could set off so it's likely to be the entire talk of the meeting in that statement i was ever just telling you about earlier from those finance leaders they also said that decisive action needs to be taken in this coming week so they will not probably be
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focusing on the other issues that they were planning on talking about that is gender equality climate change and number of other things justin trudeau the host of that meeting is the canadian prime minister was very much looking forward to pressing on a number of issues and instead right now it just looks like it's going to be trade trade trade and like nobody's really going to want to focus on anything else until they get that tariff issue dealt with all right john hendren there in washington john thank you let's bring in william black he's a former federal regulator an associate professor of economics on law at the university of missouri kansas city joins us live from minneapolis william black so finance ministers at this meeting in whistler vented their anger at donald trump's trade tariffs it's quite extraordinary that trump would lead the tire of sun canada for example one of its closest allies in the name of national security yes in more precisely this is an exception under our laws that says that our
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national security is jeopardized because of this trade with canada which is the most preposterous argue bed yet of a serious a preposterous argument and president trump seems to be holding his ground he says a trade war is easy to win is that just saber rattling or is he failing to understand the why of a geo political implications here. well first it's ignorance of economics. does not believe what he's being forced to say there's really one economist in the world peter navarro from the university of california irvine where i did my grad studies is the only person that believes that statement that it's easy to to win trade wars everybody else understands because we have long experience with this that everybody loses in a trade war and we've already seen reaction from the european union from canada and
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mexico how far away do you think we are from a full blown trade war well first let me add to the report that you just had those are not only iconic u.s. products those are typically products in which the primary producers are in particular red what we call in the united states parlance red states or republican leaning states where they are contestable in the election in other words they are designed to hurt trump in the coming congressional elections and if trump loses control of a majority of the house of representatives and it is predicted that he may well do so particularly with the aid of these very unpopular tariffs in the united states then he is in real danger of impeachment and how is all of this lot events of play out at the g seven next week in canada i mean that surely densa be heated affair or
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isn't. well yes but you just heard what he did sounds like. a diplomatic communicate that to normal people sounds like it's perfectly polite so the other folks will be polite trump will be trump and he will be posturing for his base where he wants to come across as tough and he wants to spread this nonsense that if you have a trade deficit you are losing now for those of you that studied economic history this is a mercantile ism this is the type of thing that adam smith drove him crazy so that he wrote in seven hundred seventy six warning about the insanity of this kind of system so we've known better for centuries except in this tiny tiny corner of this one professor that has captured trump's attention with him but just
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a final thought officials say these tariffs make it more difficult for the g seven to work together to confront china's trade practices do they have a point yes but again that's the other part of the trade war that is going to discover he trump is going to discover is not easy to win. all of these tariffs are relatively small in dollar amounts compared to what they're going to unleash with regard to china and there is every reason to believe that china is going to retaliate and so there is going to be a much more significant trade war within probably a couple of months and by the way the u.s. has no legal grounds for most of these tariffs we will likely lose when we are challenge to under the world trade organization rules when in block thanks for talking to al-jazeera. well that g seven meeting comes as the u.s. commerce secretary is in china's capital for talks on easing tensions of
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a terrace the visit by wilbur ross comes out of the trumpet ministration renewed threats against china raising fears of a trade war washington wants beijing to reduce the trade deficit of nearly three hundred forty billion dollars between the two nations the israeli military says its jets have targeted ten sites belonging to have mass in the gaza strip earlier israel said it intercepted at least one rocket fired from gaza over the city of steroid rocket sirens have been activated in southern israeli areas bordering the gaza strip. but only one saturday thousands of people attended the funeral of a young palestinian paramedic shot dead by israeli forces at the gaza border on friday twenty one year old was on the job been volunteering since the weekly demonstrations began in march and since then israeli soldiers have killed at least one hundred twenty one palestinians protesting for the right to return to their homes sorry force that was at the funeral of han eunice in gaza. the body was on how much is now being brought to once a mosque here i counted as there is
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a huge mixture of emotion here we've seen some of her colleagues trying to quiet him so i was brought here as a body comes in way hearing shots of anger and defiance there has been a huge reaction publicly across gaza to the death of this young woman she was shot on the friday protests as she went to the aid of somebody himself he'd been shot near the border fence and she died of her injuries that are listed in medical association saying that she was shot through the chest and she died of her injuries we spoke a short while ago to a colleague who was right next to her when that fatal bullet struck her and she limits of ammonia raising our hands who were in our uniforms were about twenty meters from the fence and they could see us easily so we thought they would shoot at us as we arrived they shot two bullets one had resigned in the chest and the second went through my other colleagues and then hit me in the leg two bullets they
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hit three of us killing resign. omissions are running very high here at the cemetery where rosen has been brought to be buried and we've been seeing people trying to stop others from walking on top of graves we've seen a father come in his face entirely awash in tears but we spoke to mahmoud her colleague earlier on he said that she was a young woman of sweet nature someone who never tired of risking your own life to help others the israeli army says it is investigating the reports of her death but as far as people here are concerned they are outraged that someone. he was volunteering as a medic trying to help other others who'd been injured by israeli sniper fire his self so victims are. almost off a bog hutus general secretary of the palestinian national initiative he explained why the killing of on the job has resonated with so many people. shooter presence there very clear and straightforward in justice committed by those that only say she was a very beautiful young. you wanted to help people she
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says of first do provide and she wasn't violent to it with us and me because if so . since the beginning of the peaceful marches in gaza she engaged in to help people who were injured she did her best to help as many people as she can although she was injured one slightly she continued to do this work and she was very committed. and on trade there were two clashes as you know and this is the only attack peaceful nonviolent the most looters many of them were shocked by it as they go in to reach them and help them with the issue of the first do the right things and that they were very clear in their white cords who were clearly mythical people who were playing. and she afterwards do you know and injure people and i mean chopper
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shot turned in the chest and. then was nor justification whatsoever for not only don't it's not but shoots such a beautiful young girl who was just that i think people who were injured i'm just words that are going to know that it leaves the pain. in my opinion the kissel sort of sound and it is sense now yellow t. of the situation in palestine. a struggle between an oppressed between you or press equal and the pressure between occupied people and then occupying between people who want life and peace and justice and health and those who are going to deprive them from all. israeli soldiers have also shot dead a palestinian man in the city of hebron in the occupied west bank israeli forces say troops fired a thirty five year old when he tried to run them over with his car. lots more still to come here on the news hour including fears yemen will lose a vital lifeline as pro-government forces advance on the rebel held border the data plus. outrage turns to unrest in the indian administered kashmir
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becomes a venue of a protest. and its border win for serena williams at the french open so it's a matter of her oldest rival that's still. spain's new socialist prime minister pedro sanchez has been sworn in the day after ousting conservative mariano rajoy in a vote of confidence and he's already facing his first big challenge the region of catalonia also got a new government on saturday and in seven months of direct rule by madrid and immediately pledged to seek independence for the region the reports. spain's new and old leadership side by side mariano rajoy six and a half years in office came to an end in friday's no confidence vote led by the socialist who ousted him petra sanchez. because here here you are not
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a promise on my conscience a monetary law will be fulfill the responsibilities of prime minister and to be loyal to the king and to safeguard the constitution as well as to maintaining secret deliberation of the cabinet sanchez is promising to root out corruption and help spaniards who suffered in years of austerity measures under the royal government but he's expected to find it a challenge to pass legislation given the socialists have just eighty four to three hundred fifty seats parliament supposedly he will have to make adult alliances we did different parties the problem is the parties he's got the support. to go ahead with these no go but very unlikely partners they are either independent east. and the basque country or they are delivered the extreme left party which has been disputing with the socialist party the left. of our voters so he will have to
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look for some policies that he can move ahead after several months a lot of months without any movement at all and to be able to do something in this period before he goes new elections catalonia and it's dr friend dependence is a major issue for sanchez to tackle. post direct rule over the region in october after nationalists held an independence referendum deemed illegal the regional government regained control at a swearing in ceremony in barcelona on saturday the new cabinet is led by kim torah a close aide to former catalonian president carlos put him off tomorrow wants talks on independence for sanchez but taurus seen as a divisive leader often accused of anti spanish russia he once described opponents of the catalan language and culture as vipers and hyenas. sanchez had the support of six parties for the no confidence vote but he will have his work cut out when it
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comes to leading the fractured spanish parliament in madrid caton stansell al jazeera for mariano rajoy his departure has been welcomed by venezuela's president nicolas maduro who poked fun at one of his biggest critics and it's sort of putting your foot on the map i was surprised that raul went away so fast almost without saying goodbye i respect the political life of spain we do not get into the political life of spain i hope that the new government the new president can build a new vision about venezuela and can open new policies of dialogue understanding and respect about venezuela i want relationships of respect pro-government forces backed by the saudi led coalition are closing in on a major rebel held port in yemen and a battle that could reshape the course of the civil war more than one hundred soldiers and rebels have reportedly been killed in less than a week of fighting their data government troops are preparing to launch an all out assault and have already driven the rebels from dozens of nearby towns and villages
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aid agencies are warning of a humanitarian disaster well the data lies two hundred thirty kilometers away from which the who the seized in twenty fourteen but it's the city's location on the red sea that makes it a strategic prize if the saudi led coalition takes over it would control yemen's lifeline twenty two million yemenis need humanitarian aid more than two thirds of which comes through her days as port ninety percent of yemen's food and most of its medicines is also imported through the city and the coalition accuses the rebels of using her data as a launching pad for attacks on shipping in the red sea and for smuggling in rockets aid agencies say two hundred thousand people that's half of the day this population could be displaced if fighting breaks out what the un egeland is the secretary general of the norwegian refugee council he says an escalation of violence could have a terrible impact on the hundreds of thousands of yemenis. yemen is that a country on earth where there is the highest number of people who are fruit
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very few can secure who are at the brink of starvation many many millions seven ten more million won't face starvation soon if that lifeline is. cut and one of the one of the things that could happen is actually that this city which is certainly disputed it's on the hands of the government in the in sana'a. the there is claims that bad things that come through why not making it and internationally and minister that port since it is so vital for the civilian population what we can at. we must at all costs avoid is war in one day that not only because of the hundreds of thousands of people who would come in crossfire but also because the park would be destroyed and the lifeline would be destroyed syria's foreign minister says the
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government wants to make a deal with the rebels in the areas south of damascus is giving fighters the choice to accept state rule or leave tens of thousands of syrians in that are province are bracing themselves for an offensive by the government that would break a three year ceasefire there are concerns it could lead to an escalation of fighting in the region as the area borders jordan and the israeli occupied golan heights what the news headlines who are the syrian armed forces dropped leaflets calling on armed groups to either hand in their weapons and remain if they are residents of the area or leave and go back to their countries are other places from the beginning we have sought to solve this issue to reconsider and if it doesn't work we will see. jordanian riot police a broken up protest against proposed income tax increases demonstrators want ministers to resign after they approved a new economic policy influenced by the international monetary fund their cues the i.m.f. of interference the prime minister says the government will continue talks with the
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unions about the changes and he'll leave it up to m.p.'s to make a decision on whether to ditch the proposal. farmers in northern india have taken to the streets to demand a fair price for their projects. some of them on a ten day strike they want traders to pay them more for their crops and want financial aid from the government more than half of india's farming households are in debt despite numerous loan write offs by successive governments riot police in mali have fired tear gas at opposition supporters during a banned rally and of next month's presidential election authorities in the capital bamako have said saturday's march couldn't go ahead because of a state of emergency at least sixteen people including two candidates were injured in clashes with security forces rising violence across mali has cast doubt over the planned election in some parts of the country especially in the north. now seven new suspected cases of the boat have been detected in the democratic republic of
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congo have been fifty seven cases of the bowler since an outbreak was declared in the koto nearly four weeks ago twelve patients have died from the virus while nine victims have been cured shelob ellis reports that the school carries on in the c. bowl a hit corner of the congo but it's hard for students to concentrate as they study health officials and n.g.o.s study the aim this boys under quarantine separated from his friends due to a high fever this girl under the care of the united nations children agency after being orphaned by the outbreak in love we are here for psychological and social care of victims carers and the population we are here for everyone. well children at school psychologists to the homes of the widows. i felt really bad when my husband died i said if i scream i'll also cry the authorities we're going to read in a day she state so my older sister ran for water i cleaned him i washed him and i
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dressed him and then i covered him with the shape that my sister gave me when i first found out that he was. irene has stayed home since refusing to take a new experimental vaccine she doesn't believe her husband died of ebola. most people here in the car and maybe in book or o. and elsewhere are still ignorant they have not yet understood that ebola really exists ignorance is ebola is ally in the congo health authorities fighting a battle to educate people in rural areas about the virus and how to protect themselves their medical strategy is called ring finger saying they want to vaccinate people who may have come in contact with ebola invests in eight a second ring of contacts one step removed from those potential sufferers that list numbers more than one thousand people since the vaccine was introduced to weeks ago will the nine hundred have been vaccinated. one of the biggest challenges involved
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acceleration is community involvement because belt vaccination is happening in the community and to get the community to adhere to the idea of vaccination on an epidemic like a bowler i think that's a huge challenge. in banda a communal life is threatened under the scrutiny of a global house apparatus where even the youngest must adapt charlotte dallas al-jazeera. also to come here in al-jazeera including marches across the united states demanding a revamp of gun moves and we assess the mood in rome as a populist government takes power after weeks of uncertainty and in support of the biggest name in moto g.p. is back at the front of the grid for the first time in two more on that stay with us.
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welcome back to a look at the americas this time we have a very active cold front stretching always down across canada and through into the mid atlantic region of the united states is active all the way down so some severe storms particular across more northern areas and see the change in wind direction the southerly ahead of it the northerly behind it and the frontal system itself will head towards the eastern seaboard as we head on through into monday and you see a big drop in temperatures for new york highs of just fifteen degrees or quite a change there compare with recent days largely fine across the florida peninsula maxima thirty one in miami and it should be fine across much of the west coast with eighteen the high in san francisco down into central parts of america we still have this massive cloud extending all the way from the isthmus through towards our western parts of cuba on the bahamas still a chance of a few showers here but generally weather conditions improving many of the islands further towards the east are looking draw and fine but really all that through panama costa rican the cure i go i'm pretty quatermain it is going to be pretty wet
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so over the next twenty four to forty eight hours so let's head down into south america lots of showers across northern areas all the way from venezuela across towards parts of ecuador and southward through peru and down into bolivia and the could be a few heavy showers affecting the pass. the worlds pollinate says are in decline. in this episode of trying we meet entomologists on opposite sides of the planet protecting insects of all sizes crucial to preserving food chains. i've come to the u.k. to see how old industrial sites are being turned into bug reserves in an attempt to reverse this worrying trend. fighting insect to get on on al-jazeera. new possibilities treeless journalists or medical facility if they got that either
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way he declared a state of emergency several weeks ago gripping documentaries to discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the globe. debates and discussion on one side of the split screen dignitaries mingling on the other card see the world from a different perspective only on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera from source one the united states it has only a few days to avoid a trade war leaving it up to washington to deescalate tensions of the terrace the disputes dominated talks between g seven finance ministers in canada but the
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remaining six member sent a message of concern and disappointment to the u.s. president. thousands of people in gaza have attended the funeral of twenty one year old palestinian medical us on the job who was shot dead by israeli forces at the gaza border she'd been volunteering since the weekend demonstrations began in march . and spain's new socialist prime minister petro sanchez has been sworn in a day off to ousting conservative money out of the hallway in a vote of confidence he's already facing his first big challenge with a new regional government of catalonia also being sworn in and pledging to fight for independence. now nations in the asia pacific have given a cautious welcome to u.s. president donald trump's decision to finally go ahead with his summit with the north korean leader kim jong il and japan and south korea are divided over the future of pyongyang's ballistic missile program that division was on display at an international security conference in singapore scott hide the reports. the focus of
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the high level discussions here at the shangri-la dialogue all came down to one peninsula u.s. secretary of defense jim mattis just hours after president donald trump confirmed the u.s. north korea summit was back on june twelfth here in singapore and made something on very clear open the number of u.s. troops in south korea is something that will not be discussed if we can restrict or confidence building measures with with something verifiable then of course these kinds of issues can come up subsequently between democracies the republic of korea and the united states but it is that issue is not on the table here in singapore on the twelfth. that adds weight to comments from trump that it's unlikely that a major breakthrough will come after just one meeting also here the shangri-la dialogue the defense ministers from japan and south korea both spoke about the upcoming summit but with guarded optimism saying it's a historic first step down the right path but north korea cannot be rewarded just
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for dialogue concrete actions are needed south korea was more conciliatory toward kim jong un urging patience with the north koreans. punning well because just because we have been tricked by north korea before does not guarantee that we will be tricked in the future if we start to think like this we can never negotiate with them and we can never look to achieve peace with them and also on saturday secretary mattis described china's buildup in the south china sea as militarization used for intimidation and coercion and i think mr mattis was doing that simply to remind everybody that the geopolitical chessboard straddled across the asia pacific is extremely large and a lot of moving parts and the current korean peninsula crisis is just one portion of that chessboard clearly a red line or several red lines have been crossed and the u.s. is now hitting back at these diplomatic to china defended its actually saying what the u.s. and their allies are doing is simply being matched for now the countdown to the
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much anticipated summit in ten days remains in the spotlight it's got harder al-jazeera singapore away has more now on the south korean reaction from seoul. there was a positive response from the south korean government to the news that the summit between donald trump and kim jong un appears to be back on track for june the twelfth in singapore there was a very brief statement released by the office of the south korean prisoners mungy in referring to the letter that was written by kim jong un and sent to donald trump the statement said it is made the path leading to a u.s. north korea summit wider in studio and we will watch for the historic meeting to be held in singapore in an excited yet met a man or so perhaps cautious optimism optimism is the best way to describe the response from the south korean government to that news that the summit appears to be or go for june the twelfth but it looks also increasingly unlikely that will we
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will see any significant deals or any major announcements made during that summit there may be some general agreements reached between donald trump and kim jong un there was some perhaps misguided optimism that they would be a deal reached related to perhaps the denuclearization of the korean peninsula which seems to be the ultimate goal or a peace deal to formally end the korean war but of course those two issues are very complex and it seems that there just isn't enough time to come up with some sort of deal before or during that summit when it comes to the denuclearization of the korean peninsula it also seems that the two sides north korea and the united states are still out wide apart when it comes to how best to achieve that goal puerto rico's health departments being sued over its refusal to release data on the number of people who died following last year's hurricane maria the families of those killed have held
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a vigil to highlight the discrepancy between the government's official toll of sixty four and the latest estimate from a study by harvard university which puts the number at more than four thousand six hundred the government's being accused of a lack of transparency. well tens of thousands of puerto ricans fled to florida after the island was devastated by hurricane maria but eight months on the hundreds of evacuees are still living in hotels relying on government aid that will soon end under gallagher reports from florida in the weeks following hurricane maria more than thirty thousand storm weary puerto ricans registered at this disaster relief center orlando's airport u.s. citizens by birth they came to florida looking for help months later many are still in limbo like hundreds of others namely gonzales has been stuck in a hotel since january but time is running out for drill assistance programs a temporary and naomi has nowhere else to go nobody understands what we're feeling ok because. many people they're in their homes they're all kids they could lead
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they've got their place but when you don't have a place well it gets to you it's really tough for families that have already been in these hotels for months there's the constant fear that government aid will end and that is inevitable many simply don't have anything to go back to in puerto rico but for those that want to make a life here there's an even bigger problem ninety seven percent of all rental accommodation is already filled that the remains is prohibitively expensive we're getting calls from people who care about others orange county's commissioner says resources stretched and many evacuees who have little choice but to stay face an uncertain future when you lose everything and you can't pay your mortgage and now your credits getting ruined and now you're here in our county trying to find an apartment they're looking at your credit score is and you can't get approved that's just a domino effect from something that happened to them six months ago so what if you
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can only request welcome to. the community hope centering kissimmee is helping some families find homes say they too can't help everyone resources in this part of florida already dealing with an exodus of puerto ricans who left before the storm the limited as they come in the expectations for the families i feel may be higher than what we actually can provide at times i know that there's there's huge frustration and i know that there is just there's hurt and trauma hurricane maria hit puerto rico last september but the island is still struggling those that came to florida were looking for a new start many are still waiting and you got to crawl jazeera kissimmee florida. there's been another day of violence and nicaragua where protesters are accusing the government of repression the red cross says at least two people manning local barricades were shot dead in the capital managua weeks on rest between security forces pro-government militias and protesters have led to the. formation of
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neighborhood watch groups the un has called on the government to end the violence which has killed more than one hundred thousand people since mid april. now italy is new so-called government of change has officially taken over following three months of political turmoil in the country the coalition of the anti establishment five star movement on the anti immigration league party was sworn in on friday. reports from rome the union of the two parties is one born out of necessity. a bride arrives for how waiting at a church in central rome a ceremony marking the beginning of a new life ahead as to the married. elsewhere in the city there is another partnership being celebrated a political one brought about by a coalition between italy's anti establishment parties headed by the five star movement commemorating their place at the head of
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a new government and we're not the very different in anything obvious that there are but here in common for those bar that are not in common and we have created this agreement. every day both of us know that if one is doing the opposite the other one can make the government fall the irony is not lost on the party faithful it is in one sense a marriage of convenience between two anti establishment rivals that want to revolutionize the political landscape especially where the e.u. is concerned even if it means compromise there are high hopes but for some the decision by five star to enter into a coalition with the far right is being seen as a betrayal of the cause there's little common ground between the true question is whether they can stick it out for better or worse and even the promise of a new beginning has left some who have supported five star i'm convinced you see by your side. you're going to mix a cup with
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a dog and expect that everything was fine i hope you go the spine of course i all but is it possible we'll see. and for supporters of the leg up party they know that hard work lies ahead finding common ground but they think that it can be done and. it's a challenge which can be overcome i trust the leader of our party and if he says that there are competent people in the ministries then i believe him. back at the church the bride and groom make their vows richer for poorer but as in love and in politics there are no guarantees as to what lies ahead so i go rome a right wing aggression party is leading the polls in slovenia ahead of sunday's parliamentary election half a million migrants pass through severe on their way to western europe in twenty fifteen and that thrust immigration into the spotlight in a country with a population of just two million in the hayward reports. it will be the third time
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in just seven years slovenians head to the polls there a new faces but it's the young it's young who leads the slovenian democratic party who's the familiar one here almost prime minister who had to resign over corruption scandal five years ago it's not his past people are focusing on but his hardline rhetoric on immigration and his ties to hungary's nationalist leader viktor orban. half a million people fleeing war and poverty passed through slovenia in twenty fifteen on their way to western europe since then migration has been pushed up the electoral agenda so to the young told the rally last week's lavinia is defending the schengen border of europe. it's an easy stance to take if you say to the people immigration is the main issue and that's why your countries and prospering and if you vote for me i can help fix that something that anyone can say it's worked to an
2:42 am
extent within the us it's worked as a start a movement in france with. and it's taken. and other you countries other party leaders have warned they won't work with you if as expected there's no outright winner the election was clear after the resignation of mary sara over the failure to deliver a railway project he wants his job back others are trying to gain more center ground voters to attract both the left and the right the economy too and how to improve it will play a big part in how people. in slovenia the average monthly salary still call short of the average elsewhere in the eurozone with the impact of a double dip recession still being felt. people with well paid jobs are leaving the country while those who come take less paying jobs looking from
2:43 am
a fiscal perspective that is a disaster slovenia's economy is growing a new leader will want to keep it moving in the right direction no one party is expected to get enough votes to win outright so all eyes in the days after the election will be on who will join forces to create sliminess next government and the hayward. egypt's president has been sworn in for a second four year turn abdel fatah sisi secured ninety seven percent of the votes in march critics say the election was a false because most of his opponents were jailed or threatened against running the former general came to power after leading the militarism movement egypt's first democratically elected president mohamed morsi five years ago. government troops in indian administered kashmir have fired gunshots and tear gas and hundreds of mourners at a funeral paying their respects to a man run over by a security forces vehicle during a protest on friday and
2:44 am
a hoax as more. soldiers and police fired tear gas and shotgun pellets to scatter mourners and srinagar on saturday they were bearing another casualty of the violence and the contested region of the judge and i was going to tear gas shells on it what kind of humanity is this. the dead man second to his injuries after he was run over by an armored vehicle another man was also badly injured during the protests after friday's press and military spokesman said soldiers showed extreme restraint but some witnesses say the armored vehicle deliberately targeted protesters. the high this incident has barbaric it's a stain on indian democracy it's not just a blot on democracy but almost all humanity india doesn't have a right to call itself a democracy this incident is barbaric and there are no words to condemn it. the mourners were marching with the man's body to a graveyard and sure to go on saturday when police and soldiers use force to stop
2:45 am
them police said that they would define a government order that bans assembly of more than four people in short ago the region's largest city antigovernment sentiment runs deep in the disputed himalayan territory kashmir is divided between nuclear armed rivals pakistan and india and borders china ninety percent of kashmir is a muslim with buddhists and hindus making up the rest of the twelve million population separatists have been fighting indian control for almost thirty years demanding the territory be united with pakistan rule or gains independence oh. nearly seventy thousand people have been killed in the separatist fighting since one thousand nine hundred nine india's prime minister briefly visited kashmir two weeks ago provoking a furious reaction from protesters both india and pakistan have agreed to abide by fifteen years ceasefire. but peace remains elusive. as they are
2:46 am
tough on us. break here al jazeera when we come back defending champion germany is hit with a rare build up to the world cup on the skin of. the character. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know is that eternity vividly but together because you have
2:47 am
a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories just mended is to do we were in-depth generalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. welcome back now hundreds of anti gun violence campaign as held demonstrations across the united states marches were planned in chicago san francisco florida and this demonstration in new york as part of national gun violence awareness day protest as well orange in solidarity they walked across the brooklyn bridge
2:48 am
organizers say the protests i meant to call for gun control on a national level but especially in communities of color let's bring in to meet the bell she's the c.e.o. of these eco taylor scholarship foundation that's an organization she named after her father was killed by gun violence and to me she joins us live from atlanta violence awareness day is now in its fourth year how significant and how different is the call to action this year do you think i think after all of the school shootings that have happened this year derren people are now seeing how great of a problem this is across the united states it is unwarranted unnecessary the senseless gun violence that is happening with our children across the country it seems like every month innocent young lives are being taken for no reason so i think now is the time that people are really opening up their eyes and paying attention to what can be done to help this senseless blood shit until briefly tell us a little bit about the organization you found that in memory of your father. absolutely
2:49 am
the easy q. taylor scholarship foundation is named after my father who was innocently killed in chicago on a friday night coming home from church he was targeted to be robbed and carjacked and unfortunately it went wrong and my family decided to give back to the very community that really stole from us young men unfortunately there are they are such a deprived deprive sector of community where they don't have opportunity sometimes they're overlooked they're miscast they're mis shadowed and so we wanted to turn our tragedy into triumph and to give back to the very community the young man who took my father's life for only fifteen nineteen and twenty one years old very young we said of someone poured into them my father could still be here today so we are pouring into a young man we provide scholarships we provide mentor ship we provide programs for
2:50 am
young african-american men who have also been impacted by gun violence in chicago and so we celebrate them and we encourage them and we empower them to access them to tell them to make positive life choices. let me ask you why have people been wearing the color orange in these marches because that school is the national rifle association the n.r.a. to say that orange is the color other has been hijacked and that they are the safest gun control. yes unfortunately they have stepped in one time that we're honoring loved ones we're honoring victims people who have lost their lives we're trying to celebrate mothers and fathers and and children who have lost loved ones and unfortunately it was very distasteful a little bit tacky for them to jump in at this moment this was our moment to recognize them to kind of promote themselves yes orange is a color that when you're out hunting when you're trying to make sure that you're in
2:51 am
a good color that one hundred tears gear is orange and so we feel that our young people have been hunted. they've been targeted whether you are in a shooting across america or you are in the streets of chicago you know people have been hunted and so that is the color orange for the wear orange we can ok to the bell thank you very much indeed for talking to al-jazeera or atone for the smote his under. thank you very much well the latest win for serena williams at the french open has set up a match with one of her fiercest rivals playing in our first grand slam since giving birth to her first child williams is now getting ready to take on maria sharapova in the last sixteen summer home ish reports. with her super hero inspired catsuit new mom serena williams is on the hunt for her fourth title at the longarm the american was up against jenny's eleven feet junior georges and third round match the twenty three time grand slam winner put on
2:52 am
a commanding performance. beating her opponent in straight sets six three six three to set up a much anticipated match with her old rival maria sharp over. she's probably a favorite into this match. for sure. you know she's been playing like i said for a little for over a year now i just started it so i'm just really trying to get my bearings and try and fill out where i am and see where i can go. but i think this will be another test i think this is one of her best surfaces and she always does really really well here so this would be a good opportunity for me kyra to see where i am and just hopefully to continue to go for. allston absence from the paris courts desean back to twenty fifteen sharp over continued her impressive come back to the french open the russian took just
2:53 am
fifteen minutes to dispatch last year's semifinalist carolina political that in straight sets six two six one champ over hasn't beaten williams since two thousand and four but one former french open winner believes this could be her best chance of ending that one of defeats well i mean what the circumstances that are what we are in i would say that this is most probably maria sharapova is biggest chance in a very long time to beat serena williams because obviously. maria played has played enough seen since she came back from her suspension she's won her twice. i think that her clay court game is at the moment really good you know williams i don't know i mean it was good the other day but you would assume it's not she's not a best. sharp over we'll be joined in the last sixteen by world number one simona halep. defeated germany's and bit of
2:54 am
a chip in straight sets seven five six love somehow most al-jazeera. rafael nadal is looking good for an eleventh french open title he's into the last sixteen after a straight sets win over richard gas going to defending champion and world number one taking this match for the loss of just seven games next of another unseeded german maximillian march for the sixteenth time grand slam champion even out the energy for knock a bounce with a lucky ball boy there after this latest win it's at least five years for nearly has set up a match with third seed chile and coming through in five sets against britain's car edmond. and belgium stuff it got found survive for match points to win his third round match with more face this encounter lasting just short of four hours after it was carried over from friday. now football's governing body fever has given morocco the all clear to bid for the twenty twenty six world cup rocco's national team of getting ready to play in this year's edition in russia and just ahead of that
2:55 am
solomon a vote will take place to decide who will host football's biggest events in eight years time but a faith inspections team has described america's plan as high risk in three areas rocco's rival is a joint bid from the usa mexico and canada which before say has no high risk elements while defending champions germany suffered a rare setback in their preparations for russia they were beaten two one by austria in a friendly at same who haven't qualified for the finals goalkeeper manual neuer made his first appearance for germany since being injured back in september and all looked to be going as expected when most of gave germany the lead. but it was all to change in the second half coming up a stunning volley from martin drew austria level and then our sandra shaw for the winner germany's next moment game that's coming up against saudi arabia. an injury scare for denmark camps in simone care in their match against another russia bouncin sweden severe player coming off midway through the second half in this mill
2:56 am
no draw in stock on. it seems fancy to do well in russia mess in brussels belgium drawing nil nil with european champions portugal christan arnold arrested for that one by portugal england beat nigeria to one at wembley in goals coming from gary cahill and harry canuck so why be with nigeria's efforts. and brazil struck in neymar will be back in action on sunday he said some make a second half appearance against croatia after a three month injury layoff he fractured his right foot was playing for perry sanjay man brazil's first woke up game is against switzerland on june the seventeenth britain's richest horse races being won for the first time by the to buy only good dolphin stable macel ridden by jockey william buick pulled off a surprise sixteen so one victory in the two hundred and thirty ninth running of the epsom darby odds on favorite sex and morea initial back and forth and the biggest name in most is back at the front of the grid for the first time in two
2:57 am
years valentino rossi climbing pole position in italy with a new light record in front of his home found the seven sign moto g.p. champion hasn't won a title since back in two thousand and nine. ok that is a sports looking for now more lighter. thank you very much not a student pilot in california has been praised for avoiding people power lines and traffic when she had to land her plane on a street a dashboard camera captured the plane flying low before it made an emergency landing in los angeles police say she reported engine problems while heading for john wayne airport in santa fe she landed a cessna one seven to about five miles from the airport in a residential neighborhood extraordinary nobody was hurt and the plane was left undone. that said no new stop they are stay with us here not just.
2:58 am
it starts in core rural communities with the promise of a prosperous marriage. but countless young indian women find themselves g. commodifying saul and sold again. to toil by day. only to be violated by night. slavery a twenty first century evil continues with bridal slaves on al-jazeera. conservation is helping kids stove to recover its snow leopard population to see
2:59 am
the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of site a chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves who are finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species. going as i want to finally when i ask about it but that's the ball is a bar not a single well it's not as a thought or that the set says there must someone or others out of more than a dozen ones is a bit on the bottom in the first episode of a two part series al-jazeera investigates the world of performance enhancing drugs . sports during the endless chase.
3:00 am
the anger behind the smiles how trade allies are becoming increasingly unhappy with new u.s. tariffs. the americans have decided to in our minds take an action that's it's not at all constructive it's actually destructive to our ability to get things done. alone welcome tom syria live from doha round daryn georgia also coming up in the program. calls for revenge of the funeral in gaza of a young medic shot dead by israeli forces. fears that yemen could lose a vital lifeline as pro-government forces upon the rebel held.


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