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tv   Spirit Child  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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and three one year old to resign and the job had been volunteering since the weekly demonstrations began in march pro-government forces backed by the saturday coalition are closing in on the rebel held polls of one day there in yemen government troops are preparing to launch an all out assault a sees a warning of a humanitarian disaster farmers in northern india have taken to the streets to demand a fair price for their produce some of them are on a ten day strike they want traders to pay more for their crops and financial aid from the government more than half of india's farming households are in debt but as the headlines the news continues and i was there after the rewind. stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives separate the spin from the facts that's why i am going. with the listening post on al-jazeera.
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hello and welcome again to rewind i'm laura kyle. in this series we're revisiting some of the best documentaries on al-jazeera english since we launched more than a decade ago back in twenty thirteen the people in power series traveled to west africa to expose the shocking story of how young gone and children were being murdered because of the mistaken belief they were possessed by evil spirits no one knows the exact numbers of these ritual deaths across gonna b'nei became a fast so and parts of nigeria but some believe it could be in the thousands the
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killing of these so-called spirits children is the consequence of ancient customs shaped by ignorance and poverty in this compelling program award winning gone then investigative reporter and nasser m a o n a s used hidden cameras to bring some of those behind these killings to justice from two thousand and thirteen his spirit child. african communities have branded children born deformed or with disabilities as evil spirits see him as a drain on limited resources and so medicine men often acts to perform rituals and prepare poisonous concoctions to kill them thousands of defenseless children have been made this. my name is a mass mass i am an investigative reporter because of the work i do i never show my face. i've come to non being done not to investigate disparate child phenomena food
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is scarce here even children must wait for the family to be. now no longer a season has come all families move into the big city looking for work or to sell the animals. living on the edge of survival the birth of a disabled child is greatly fear it's seen as a terrible burden on their family an extra month to feet their child won't be able to help in their field and neither will its mother who will have to devote a precious time to it i don't. traditionally as groom them believe that such a child is a spirit child an evil presence that must be destroyed before it threatens the survival of the family it doesn't even need to be disable him a child in a family where things are going wrong can be branded as evil and when this happens all this in the community known as compulsion made into plays in the child. i'm a marked up or. have been. tash
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hugely. emotional. intellectual. well. they're all. abuse. i'm ok but. who are. you my lad my man of my middle daughter. i don't need a salary that i'm a decent you can. add by saying laziness it is done to you. and. i'm heading for a place known locally as they will forests because the bodies of spiritual drink
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have been buried here for centuries. this is here at the only indication to show that's. where very here the concoction men had their bodies under the stones to prevent us from digging them up this forest remains green and still standing because the local people are afraid they are scared that the evil forest would eat them up local and jews have often used dialogue to talk to community members to stop this practice advocacy has been successful to some extent but has not been able to eradicate this from the community. we are in a more democratic than now law enforcement must take over to stamp out this once and for all but we can't find any record of anyone ever been arrested for what can only be described as a dreadful crime i've come to police headquarters in bogotá than that to meet their
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original commander and fame out why it is the very thing to do it is a very difficult thing to do even if you good information one is know where it is happening who are behind and who in current events so you come mount machine and good and it's unfortunate we have no idea why this is happening who are behind over these and why or this why the of morgan obviously. it is being done on the quiet and you never know. if the police can find everything maybe i can my plan is to find some concoction men to invent a so-called program and see if they will diagnose it as an evil spirit then i am to catch them in the act of trying to poison it a colleague has agreed to let us use coffee is eighteen month old son to play the part of my spirit when the concoction men come to do the deed but obviously i can't risk his life so at the last moment we will be straight with the contents of this
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suit a similar looking of a child made from silicon by a movie props company in london. shortly house looking for. my first step is to integrate into the community i'm moving to see the historical headlamp of this bridge you know me where i have rented this property. would separate buildings and two entrances it's perfect for my plant. in three weeks of investigation i've already met fourteen individuals spread over an area the size of libya from nodding their head to neighboring booking. person who admittedly did kill spirit children before him of this said they were willing to poison my chops now it's time to do a deal with one of them a broker who has a good beat i've told him that he's my son was born nothing has gone right from
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what i've lost money and my cats have broken down now we are meeting to make the final arrangements. to lend it up. here lend it to you. a lover i think and that i'll. take you at that extent about two and more time that i'm about to do really you. must do it in a lot you. know. and told. morning. if you get to the q.b. . pick. a fight but. you know you won't be gone for good or what the days you happened to lose i think a little bit but the bones aren't part of. the year there could.
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be no blood dunk one no we're talking a little gun law some moves i know this a little been built up putting us alone. in your beauty should i want to do you view shit man lab. because you're going to attack it agree to a two hundred thirty. two simple one. well. you sat. down and you. finally you look at it now as.
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now we have the oracle's blessing the broker agrees the contract meant to prepare a poisonous concoction and administer it to my child's life has now been sold for forty us don't last three files i'm deeply shocked at this been for a while then does have become a necessity to a plot to make them i tell. of the cylinder deal with the book and moving on to the neighboring province of will meet with another who said be willing to kill myself this time i'm dealing directly with the medicine man and from what i had more than read they don't know anyone in. the. lab. but.
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i mean when or. how they go on. i want to. hear. one of them. one of my will read about the end. i think that will hand it to you like a dog thought it one of being there do you know who got there when and then never did you get our letting. in well i don't want to. i think. you know i doubt. as well as. when. you know.
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what. went. wrong. i don't being i think you. actually want to. i think i'm going to a little bit on you to be. going to come. back to. atlanta. cannot afford i've now you've added two groups of men to come to my rent that property. and admin is that the. their medicine man's group is shuttled full face then in the morning. after what they don't know is that look up police offices would be hidden away in one of the buildings watching on t.v.
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money but fess i need to prepared to house to receive them as dawn breaks then this morning the police arrive and pack is saved distance from the house. offices will be monitoring every moment of the complex in men's i think the. police in uniform waits by the vehicle ready to take anyone i rested in to test that. men who believe our story we move over to the house in twos and threes to avoid arousing suspicion. our current scheme is now in seventy one undercover reporter six plainclothes police officers and their baby is time to bring in our dummy child and place it on a makeshift bed in the secrets camera room. is now ready to take office police at the last minute. three officers take up was asians while the area crime officer and
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his two remaining colleagues sit in the money to move. from here we will keep patient vigil and be ready to move in the moments the concoction men to clay intends to kill. suddenly we had a medicine man and he said homeplace approach. remember to solar go. to. earth. it's it's. it's. it's it's. it's i think they met some man and his i promptly inside the house showed them their real child. certainly with them and cement leaning over coffee i'm never about he sifts they
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clearly have no qualms about killing him. and it gets worse when the demand of. bringing him outside for them to inspect is sickening but i need them to believe i am ready to follow through if my plan is going to work out and i did. yes. there is no way i'm leaving to feed there with them for a second is them to get him to safety i first him through the window and into the secure of the weeds in police officer.
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there met some men build a fire and well some boots they dug up this morning to create a deadly brew. and . finally ready to admin is that a concoction we make into their bedroom where the demand i hand over the child is still don't know it's a replica. thank.
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you. gondar rest young not to like to see anything unless you wish to proceed but that i can see you think you down and begin you know the defense to no fault of law against. the person first person to person. is this also cut off yes there is no it isn't the prepared one and then this is where they prepared to put the baby. with. two different people but if even today even in handcuffs one of the men is still
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hanging on to a dummy as forensics offices begin to take samples of the materials used to make the concoction. no but. it would have been the way it would. go with their own ways and also mind already one example in the business and the liquid the men had already prepared to admin is that's a cool thing. but why. having that is sufficient evidence the police are now confident that the men both intended and not tempted to made that it's out. if police vehicle is ready and waiting to take them into custody. i.
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think. the father. and the police station their man in and told to give up all the opposition include india eludes you for being put into this else. it. it will now with under lock and key on so accord decides the feet. back at the house the night has fallen by the brook and his collaborate this group
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i invited to visit coffee filters the police the said our evidence is sufficient to i raise them in a way as soon as he's taken into custody it will agrees to get us to the homes of his accomplices first is this who declared my fictitious child was evil. then to prevent anyone from wanting him to place keep we creep up on the house of the man who has been commissioned by the broker to prepare an administrative concoction . so. his claimant folkways in india this life is also discovered and they can ask everything. as they are loaded into the police were going in taking to the cells in this to see where very different is precious to deface the. illusion relate the only now understand that take in
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a child's life the second in that. spirits child from twenty eight thirteen a moving and powerful film and to what day says on this story we're joined now by investing journalist and us is also is not to show his identity great to have you in the studio with us. today first of all explain to viewers who may not of course it from the film why you've got the face covering while i have always been in this traditional mask in my career and that so ensure security and that's to help so people don't see that phase that does that feel how dangerous. i guess this is not to point to me but most african. there's food to investigations have series of. dangerous point and i asked so it's you just have to be you
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have to think that how do i survive through then this story and i have come out with beat that i where i'm sure my adequately some in nigeria and this in malawi have addressed house of protecting themselves. what sort of harassment have you faced when you were doing your work generally you would have before would definitely want to point guns at you some would try to kidnap you and we've had most of these happen and i mean get in threats of that is it's normal they're legal all those and there's no synonymous to me alone but most of my colleagues on the continent or for that you know muncher is to name and shame and jail. over the naming and shaming but why do you feel it's so important to take it to that level where you want to see the people that you're reporting on pay for us to face justice there's nothing more frustrating than doing a story on someone and walking on this same street on that with that person if
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that's even more dangerous and that can easily and the life of any journalist saw the days when we sit down and then say we have this problem we don't do story for people to read and smile in the bedrooms we do stories that have impacts on society for me that a good story is the story that named shane and jill did the bad guy i mind can be unconventional i testify in the court of law to make sure that the bad guys are put behind bass and that has helped so many people have gone to jail as a result of my work and i'm proud of it if we look at the film that we've just seen spirit child i mean it's a heart breaking investigation and what happened to those concoction men did they go to jail yes they started the process but do you realise that there were two old so by the time that process could finish some of them just couldn't even make it
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today they had some sympathy but the key if in that happened in that story is that it told the community that whoever you are when you attempt to do some of these things you are going behind bass for the festa those witch doctors where arrested and they were to before. it's that sent a strong signal to all witch doctors to be careful that when you are dealing with the life of a child it's a completely different matter and that we can sit down for this children to be killed in the way the have been killed the former u.s. president barack obama he recognized you as a courageous journalist who risked his life to tell the truth and that's quite an extraordinary recognition to have do you think that you walk is having lost seeing positive impacts on gonna look africa as a ted world country we not have problems we have with judiciary we know the problems we have adopted these force thing that i am controversial but i am saying that on labor day you can the u.s.
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where journalists story and the security agencies and judicial systems are stronger and can take up such issues in africa we don't have that we have institutions that lack basic amenities so i see no reason why a reporter from in the path of african continent would take one stick to the security day says half the minutes you are wasting people die that's the difference between stories that happen in the west and stories that happen in africa and author a very good speech about the very brave what that you were doing thanks for joining us here on rewind thank you and that is it for this week's rewind if you want to catch any of the other films in the series you'll find them on the rewind page on the out of their website but for now until next time good bye. a new series of rewind a pair brainier people back to life i'm sorry and brian you updates on the best of
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al-jazeera documentaries in living color was the goal of the clubs and like any other student rewind continues with kosovo but year of fear and hope this was my return to kosovo and the little village of one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams rewind on al-jazeera june on al-jazeera. with media trends constantly changing the listening post continues to analyze how the news is covered it's the most widely viewed sporting event on the planet as russia prepares to host the football world cup we'll bring you stories from on and off the field from afghanistan one o one east investigates why so few girls are in school despite billions of dollars of donations one year since the imposed blockade of al-jazeera examines the political economic and human impact of the crisis unfold provoking documentaries
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witness brings world issues into focus for personal stories june on al-jazeera. to some an honest politician to others an alleged war criminal who was responsible for the murder of kosovo serb statesman oliver evanovich want does it reveal of the sectarian divide within this ten year old country and how has it affected relations between prishtina i'm belgrade kosovo people and power investigation on al-jazeera. we do not and we will not tolerate with people who fund terrorism unity is less the series we need to achieve one year into the gulf crisis al-jazeera examines its political economic and human impacts join us for special coverage on june the fifth.
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the anger behind the smiles how trade allies are becoming increasingly unhappy with the new u.s. tariffs. the americans have decided to in our mind take an action that's it's not at all constructive it's actually destructive to our ability to get things done. i'm sam is a damned this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. that. calls for avenger the funeral ingalls of a young medic shot dead by israeli forces.


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