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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2018 8:00am-8:33am +03

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the anger behind the smiles how trade allies are becoming increasingly unhappy with new u.s. tariffs. the americans have decided to in our minds take an action that's it's not at all constructive it's actually destructive to our ability to get things done. i'm sam is a damned this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the. calls for avenger the funeral in gaza of a young medic shot dead by israeli forces fierce yemen could lose
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a vital lifeline as pro-government forces advance on her day the port plus power nice a linked group in the philippines is building its presence for recruiting children . france is warning the u.s. it has only a few days to avoid a trade war leaving it up to washington to deescalate tensions over tariffs finance ministers from some of the world's largest economies say concerned and disappointed by the u.s. president's new taxes on steel and. well as john hendren reports from washington donald trump isn't backing down. with days to go before the g. seven summit in canada the economic alliance is fractured the allies are angry and openly talking about a possible trade war we we think this action is inappropriate. we think it's absurd
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to consider canada a security risk the united states and therefore we've taken a targeted and considered approach to retaliation france's foreign minister also says unless the u.s. reverses its new tariffs on steel and aluminum from europe canada and mexico a trade war is just a few days away. at a meeting ahead of this week's g. seven summit in canada u.s. treasury secretary stephen moore nugent tried to his ways the allies president trump has been very clear in wanting to address trade issues i don't think in any way the u.s. is abandoning its leadership in the global economy quite the contrary i think we have very broad objectives that are that are across a rebalancing the trade relationship and the trade deficit but he could not offer the one thing u.s. allies want tariff relief trump briefed by minucci and is not backing down taking to twitter on saturday he wrote when you're almost eight hundred billion dollars
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a year down on trade you can't lose a trade war many economists disagree they say everyone loses in a trade war because a vicious cycle of tariffs makes goods more expensive all around now some u.s. companies say they fear a trade conflict could end the global economic expansion the upcoming g. seven meeting was expected to celebrate our estimates at this point and these are very rough but we would expect another ten to fifteen percent drop and we're also suffering because of the steel tariffs which was the genesis of all this everything we do involves steel our fencing everything else is steel related so we're seeing increased prices from those things too so it is kind of a domino effect european leaders have already chosen their targets for retaliation iconic american products like harley-davidson motorcycles levi's jeans jack daniels whiskey in florida oranges the next casualties in what could be an escalating trade
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conflict john hendren al-jazeera washington. all about g seven meeting steve milligan said the u.s. is also pushing for strong changes to china's economy those talks are being led by u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross he arrived in beijing on saturday he says meetings have been friendly and frank so far the u.s. wants china to buy a more american goods to reduce its trade deficit flaws louis as well from beijing u.s. president donald trump has said he wants to reduce the trade deficit with china by about two hundred billion dollars within the next two years and u.s. officials are pro proposing a couple of ways to do this one way is to get the chinese to buy more u.s. products there's already a commitment by china to substantially increase their purchase of u.s. agricultural and energy products but u.s. officials will now want to push for a specific target as well as for the chinese to enter into long term contracts
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which you chinese officials have so far been reluctant to commit to and then u.s. officials have said they also want to see structural changes in the chinese economy and they've long complained about unfair trade practices a large part of this complaint centers around intellectual property rights and of course there's the issue of chinese government subsidies which many countries say encourage overproduction by chinese companies and allowing cheap chinese products to flood global markets so these are the sort of structural changes that u.s. officials are going to want to think but these are going to be very difficult to achieve even in the longer term however any failure to come up with any sort of agreement could see a trait dispute escalate into an all out trade war which will be detrimental to the global economy. now the u.s. says north korea will only get sanctions relief after it takes verifiable and irreversible steps to need nuclear eyes ation rather defense secretary james mattis
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was speaking on the sidelines of a major defense conference in singapore he met his south korean and japanese counterparts to discuss the upcoming summit between the u.s. and north korean leaders. we can in a village and a bumpy road to the negotiating. no different from me for a loop deep friendships. that we would enable or give a man who is good to hear from a form of the vision of wrinkles within the british empire. as deputy prime minister also addressed the security summit saying the gulf nation is stronger now than it was almost a year ago that's when saudi arabia egypt the united arab emirates imposed a diplomatic and economic blockade. fostering terrorism denies the allegations through the unwavering resilience of the top of the people and the song
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leadership of his highness the emir we were able to weather the storm and emerge from it stronger than ever before in the years since the blockade was imposed oil production of national product including medicine and food grown exponentially we have built on our bilateral relation and have explored the new and promising partnership to grow and develop israeli military says its jets have targeted ten sites belonging to her mass in the gaza strip it says two munition manufacturing and storage sites were hit earlier israel said its intercepted three rockets fired from gaza rocket sirens were activated in southern israeli areas bordering the gaza strip. earlier on saturday thousands of people attended the funeral of a young palestinian paramedic shot dead by israeli forces on the border twenty one
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year old resigned and the job had been volunteering since the weekly demonstrations began march since then israeli soldiers have killed at least one hundred twenty one palestinians protesting for the right to return to their homes and stuff above all t. is general secretary of the palestinian national initiative he explained why the killing of unarmed john has resonated with so many people. shooter presence there very clear and straightforward in justice committed by those that only stayed she was a very beautiful young. you wanted to help people she did include us as a first provider and she wasn't violent yet with us in medical relief so. since the beginning of the peaceful marches in gaza she engaged in to help people injured she did her best to help as many people as she can or who she was in just one slightly
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she continued to do this work and she was very committed. and on trade there were two clashes as you know and the only attack peaceful nonviolent it was looters many of them were shocked by it as they go and reach them and help them with the issue of the first to provide and that they were very clear in their white cords and they were clearly medical people who are praying. and she afterwards does you know and injure people and i mean chopper shot her in the chest and. then was nor justification whatsoever for what and it's don't it's not but shoots such a beautiful young girl who was just that i think to the people who were injured i'm just words that are going to know that it leave their pain. in my opinion the kissel sort of sound and it is sense now that yeah lutie of the situation in pakistan. a struggle between an oppressed between you or pressed equal and the
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pressure between occupied people and then occupying between people who want life and peace and justice and health and those who are going to deprive them from all. hand is very soldiers are shown that a palestinian man in the city of hebron in the occupied west bank he's thirty five year old. israeli forces say troops fired once about and tried to run them over with his car jordanian police have broken up protest against proposed income tax increases demonstrators one ministers to resign after the approval of a new economic policy influenced by the international monetary fund accuse the i.m.f. of interference. to be honest the citizens can't handle the economic burden see who is bearing it before we are not the ones who should pay the tax at the i.m.f. and the countries debts that are being put on our shoulders as you can see people are protesting and are posing the decisions. of the city so i demand the simple
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withdraw the income tax law this law is destroying the citizens living capabilities this law will increase poverty and unemployment in jordan is unelected undemocratic government must withdraw this law and conduct dialogue with all civil societies and parties pro-government forces backed by the saudi led coalition of crossing in on a major rebel held port in yemen in a battle that could reshape the course of the civil war more than one hundred soldiers and rebels have reportedly been killed in less than a week of fighting their. government troops are preparing to launch an all out assault and have already driven the rebels from dozens of nearby towns and villages aid agencies are warning of a humanitarian disaster on her day the lives two hundred thirty kilometers away from sun now which the who theses to two thousand and fourteen but it's the city's location on the red sea that makes it
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a strategic prize. if the saudi led coalition takes over it would control yemen's lifeline twenty two million yemenis need humanitarian aid more than two thirds of which comes through her day this port ninety percent of yemen's food and most of its medicine is also imported through the city of a coalition accuses the rebels of using her data as a launch pad for attacks on shipping in the red sea and smuggling in rockets a day agencies say two hundred thousand people that's half of the day this population could be displaced the fighting breaks out. lots more still ahead on al-jazeera we'll tell you why farmers in parts of india be dumping their produce on the streets. we assess the mood in rome as a populist coalition government assumes power of the weeks of on.
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welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia there is a frontal zone which is pushing through kazakstan and is becky stan so we could see some showers in both our marty and tashkent also the risk of showers on the southern side of the caspian sea so tehran may see the odd shower during the day temperatures not too bad pretty hot in baghdad elsewhere some very heavy showers across central eastern parts of turkey sending into the caucuses a chance of thunderstorms here and in some flash flooding around the eastern side of the mediterranean generally the city want to showers around but a famine to bright weather pleasant in beirut once again with highs of twenty six it's fine here in the arabian peninsula obviously pretty hot with temperatures in the forty's in many areas but up to forty four in riyadh i will fall behind here in doha the fact that we've got very high humidity at the moment actually makes it quite uncomfortable here quite early on in the summer the temperatures into the
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change much to head through monday of around the gulf states again that humidity is likely to remain a key feature heading down to southern parts of africa weather conditions here are looking fine as well pretty quiet we've got a fair amount of cloud around the eastern cape as durban might just see the odd shower but otherwise the region is looking fine optically woman cape ten and sixteen harare should see plenty of sunshine highs of twenty three and twenty six expect in the soka. al-jazeera is investigative unit exposes the criminal gangs fixing international cricket matches sixty to seventy percent that is you can say use a fix here fix bribing professional players listen beautiful goes to the players give them houses rolex watches. books if you. please i tell them to. al-jazeera investigations cricket match fixers.
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welcome back you're watching our zero time to recap headlines france is warning the u.s. it is only a few days to avoid a trade war leaving it up to washington to deescalate tensions over tariffs g seven finance ministers have sent a message of concern and disappointment to the u.s. president. the u.s. defense secretary meanwhile says north korea will only get sanctions relief after it takes verifiable and irreversible steps towards denuclearize station james mattis is we meeting south korean and japanese counterparts in singapore to discuss
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the upcoming summit between the u.s. and north korean leaders. thousands of people in gaza have attended the funeral of twenty one year old palestinian medical person and the jar shot dead by israeli forces at the gaza border she had been volunteering since the week that strange things began in march. well farmers in northern india have taken to the streets to demand the fair price for their produce. some of them are on a ten day strike they want traders to pay more for their crops and financial aid from the government more than half of india's farming households are in debt of the venda sharma is a food and trade policy analyst and author of gatz and india politics of agriculture he joins us now on skype from ten dig good to have you with us first of all while so many households farming households in debt.
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well over the years the last good couple of to give a good go to has been during india and when i say but there's an interesting in india i mean the economic condition of servitude and to do it but action has been going to go so what has happened is that the income of most has admitted almost a static for the last ten years or so is recent. and this is by the media you are which is the governments of men in body as a said when he pleaded did that begin to cause them to live in two thousand and fifteen sixteen an example fave years the increase in the of the of the income of most was less than half a percent zero point four percent to be exact and then if you look at all of the many bodies or other statistics it tells us that people who also breed resistance you exactly how much of money has got to be diligent coming to the village as you know and then you would have been done something when it had been negative of you say a good job but i guess the bridges but they don't last for years distressed but they're
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done so clearly that agriculture is becoming a losing proposition and farmers so they'll put in had to give it a let me jump in here successive governments have had load and have had several loan write offs and why isn't that working. well let's be very clear about this that what the successive governments have been good enough so far is only a fraction of the outstanding loans even if you've got to write off all the little ones that would actually be equal to the a lot of like of our steps in that we do for the got but it's almost a year every two three years not the one i'm going to make is that in this country what we have acting all of it yes it is a fraction the beat is if we did not get done most of that income that this is due to them they have no other option but to do more good so good after good credit of the good gift of the good you know dismal ignorance and it's no good to live in debt all to your life and this is what is happening in their farmers in india as
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always what is the what is the solution then some farmers are asking for subsidies is that the way forward. but i'm not saying subsidies what exactly india needs to really focus on to bring a bit closer back onto the ins is basically two things first of all on the end of law and that is spending against farmers needs to be struck down on a one group once you do that you get a way to clean sleep who did you work on again and then we bring in economic policies that ensure that the farmers do not do the same back in book into debt again there is this possibility yes what we need is to set up the farmers income commission if i wasn't the commission because short of that the evidence farming soared in the in in india a good would get it assured income and i'm going to vote on it and used to be you have got it dead it can definitely get in thousand rupees in a bun is what farmers are worth for a living. or a living income but this is something which the government of india has to do because there's no other option you have like everything in this country and
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nothing as a book and the next nobody the best of countries that base your automatic up there their farmers are surviving not because of hyper activity of yes and i mean because of that message government support including that income support so in india also farmers not need that it didn't come support farmers have been producing economic events for the country it is time that the country is back i just know thanks for your thoughts on that given the sharma that. a loss a linked group in the southern philippines is expanding its presence just seven months after its fighters with defeated following a siege in the city of mar our group is now recruiting children displaced and often by the conflict jamil and organ reports from our city. in the bring him is fourteen years old and lives in an evacuation camp with his father he says a group of men approached him a few weeks ago they told him they were police officers and invited him to join
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training and he said the prospect of taking revenge against the ice will inspired mao to group that attacked what are we city and kept it under siege for months appealed to him so he said yes his bother as side knew they were not police officers but now the supporters in this guy's. vision of innocence they wanted to take my son that there were no be burst the sign i am thankful i managed to save my son. they told me that after training i will start to receive money during five months of conflict the city was severely damaged around two hundred members of the mountain had taken control hoping to create a caliphate. st mary's church was a symbol of religious tolerance in the country's only city under islamic law but when the war broke out this was one of the first places to be seen the mouth
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specifically targeted christians hoping to create a religious divide more than a thousand people were killed and hundreds of thousands displaced. the philippine military declared the victory in october last year but the war is far from over because the mouthy appears to be regrouping this information is confirmed in fact we have had several intelligence reports that the trying to recruit more members. and then training them is a harder to fight because you're fighting for the hearts and minds of the people because the reserve did not die with the liberation of. the philippine military accuses the moutier of playing on the emotions of children especially those traumatized by the battle for morale we like fifteen year old ricky who lost his parents in the war now he lives alone moving from one evacuation camp to the
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next. and i don't know who to trust anymore i don't go. it's a sentiment shared by many young boys displaced by the war aid groups say they are the perfect to recruit spur armed groups like them out and they need to be protected unless there are for the hope of a brighter future they could be part of the hundreds of children in the southern philippines who are falling victim to the disciple of poverty and violence to. city southern philippines. thousands of opposition supporters in macedonia have taken to the streets of the capital skopje to demand an early election they say the left wing government has devastated the economy since taking power a year ago they're also angry at the prospect of the country's name being changed i said only i and greece have been holding talks to resolve the twenty seven year old
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name dispute athens objects to the name because greece has its own northern province called macedonia and fears it name five territorial ambitions. thirdly new so-called government of change is officially taken over following three months of political turmoil in the country a coalition of the anti establishment five star movement gratian league party was sworn in on friday and the sun your go go reports from rome the union of the two parties one born out of necessity. a bride arrives for how wedding at a church in central rome a ceremony marking the beginning of her new life ahead as part of a married couple. elsewhere in the city there is another partnership being celebrated a political one brought about by a coalition between italy's anti establishment parties headed by the five star movement collaborate in their place at the head of
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a new government and we're not totally different in anything obvious that there are but here in common for those bar that are not in common and we have created this agreement. every day that both of us know that if one is doing the opposite the other one can make the government for the irony is not lost on the party faithful it is in one sense a marriage of convenience between two anti establishment rivals that want to revolutionize the political landscape especially where the e.u. is concerned even if it means compromise there are high hopes but for some the decision by five star to enter into a coalition with the far right is being seen as a trail of the calls there's little common ground between the two the question is whether they can stick it out for better or worse and even the promise of a new beginning has left some who have supported five star i'm convinced and you
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see by yourself you're going to mix a couple with a dog and expect that everything was fine i hope you go the spine of course i all but is it possible. we are going to see and for supporters of the leg up party they know that hard work lies ahead finding common ground but they think that it can be done and it's go to war for them. it's a challenge which can be overcome i trust the leader of our party and if he says that there are competent people in the ministries then i believe him back at the church the bride and groom make their vows a richer for poorer but as in love and in politics there are no guarantees as to what lies ahead so i go rome. riot police in mali have fired tear gas at opposition supporters during a band rally ahead of next month's presidential election authorities in the capital bamako are said saturday's march couldn't go ahead because of a state of emergency at least sixteen people including two candidates were injured
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in clashes with security forces and seven new suspected cases of a boa have been detected in the democratic republic of congo there have been fifty seven cases of ebola since an outbreak was declared in because nearly four weeks ago twelve patients have died from the virus nine of the victims have been cured charlotte bonus reports. the school carries on in the c bowl a hit corner of the congo but it's hard for students to concentrate as they study health officials and n.g.o.s study them this boy's under quarantine separated from his friends due to a high fever this girl under the care of the united nations children agency after being off and by the outbreak in love we are here for psychological and social care of victims carers and the population we are here for everyone. well children at
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school psychologists to the homes of the widows of yeah right. i felt really bad when my husband died i said if i scream i'll also cry the allstar she's we're going to read in a day she state so my older sister ran for water i cleaned him i washed him and i dressed him and then i covered him with the shape that my sister gave me when i first found out that he was. irene has stayed home since refusing to take a new experimental vaccine she doesn't believe her husband died of ebola. most people here in the car and maybe in book or o. and elsewhere are still ignorant they have not yet understood that ebola really exists ignorance is ebola is ally in the congo health authorities fighting a battle to educate people in rural areas about the virus and how to protect themselves their medical strategy is called ring finger saying they want to vaccinate people who may have come in contact with ebola invests in eight
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a second ring of contacts one step removed from those potential sufferers that list numbers more than one thousand people since the vaccine was introduced to weeks ago will the nine hundred have been vaccinated. one of the biggest challenges involved acceleration is community involvement because belt vaccination is happening in the community and to get the community to adhere to the idea of vaccination on an epidemic like a bowler i think that's a huge challenge. in banda a communal life is threatened under the scrutiny of a global health apparatus where even the youngest must adapt charlotte dallas al-jazeera. now there's been another day of violence in nicaragua where protesters are accusing the government of repression the red cross says at least two people manning barricades were shot dead in the capital and. weeks of on the rest between security forces pro-government militias and protesters have led to the
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formation of neighborhood watch groups the u.n. is calling on the government to end the violence which is killed more than one hundred ten people since mid april. i'm sad as a dad with a look at the headlines now france is warning the u.s. it only has a few days to avoid a trade war if you get up to washington to deescalate tensions over tariffs meeting in calif the g. seven finance ministers that sent the message of concern and disappointment to the u.s. president over the course last couple of days there was an important difference of opinion the americans have decided to in our mind take an action it's not at all constructive it's actually destructive to our ability to get things done what did we ask the secretary of treasury secretary to do we said that we were collectively
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hoping that he would bring the message back the message that message of regret and disappointment at the american actions and concern that they are not constructive and my sense is that he's going to take that message back to washington. the u.s. is also pushing for structural change to china's economy those talks are being led by u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross who says meetings have been friendly and frank so far the u.s. wants china to buy more american goods and reduce its trade deficit u.s. defense secretary says north korea will only get sanctions relief after it takes verifiable and irreversible steps towards denuclearization james mattis has been meeting is south korean and japanese counterparts in singapore they've been discussing the upcoming summit between u.s. president donald trump north korean leader kim jong il. the israeli military says
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its jets of targeted fifteen sites belonging to hamas in the gaza strip it says two munition manufacturing and storage sites were hit earlier israel said it intercepted three rockets fired from gaza thousands of people in gaza have attended the funeral of twenty one year old palestinian medic. she was shot dead by israeli forces at the gaza border she has been volunteering since the weekly demonstrations began in march. those are the headlines the news continues here now does after people in power so do stay with us. the i.m.f. said riyadh's breakeven oprah's twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. to help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in
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counting the cost on al-jazeera. to directrix this move quickly places the cost of this fighting to succeed from lingering serbia in two thousand and eight possible declared its independence and this year's celebration to extend birthday by serbia still trying sovereignty and relations still strained amid complex claims time atrocities and grievance and then a mysterious death gave this toxic cocktail and of the show we went to investigate .


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