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tv   Crickets Match Fixers  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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no it is. i'm sam is a look at the headlines here now. france is warning the u.s. it only has a few days to avoid a trade war leaving it up to washington to deescalate tensions over tariffs finance ministers from some of the world's largest economies say they are concerned and disappointment by the new taxes and still an alum india but as john hendren reports from washington donald trump isn't backing down. with days to go before the g. seven summit in canada the economic alliance is fractured the allies are angry and openly talking about a possible trade war we we think this action is inappropriate we think it's absurd to consider canada a security risk to united states and therefore we've taken
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a targeted and considered approach to retaliation france's foreign minister also says unless the u.s. reverses its new tariffs on steel and aluminum from europe canada and mexico a trade war is just a few days away. at a meeting ahead of this week's g. seven summit in canada u.s. treasury secretary steven minucci and tried to his ways the allies president trump has been very clear in wanting to address trade issues i don't think in any way the u.s. is abandoning its leadership in the global economy quite the contrary i think we have very broad objectives that are that are across a rebalancing the trade relationship and the trade deficit but he could not offer the one thing u.s. allies want tariff relief trump briefed by minucci and is not backing down taking to twitter on saturday he wrote when you are almost eight hundred billion dollars a year down on trade you can't lose
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a trade war many economists disagree they say everyone loses in a trade war because a vicious cycle of tariffs makes goods more expensive all around now some u.s. companies say they fear a trade conflict could end the global economic expansion the upcoming g. seven meeting was expected to celebrate our estimates at this point and these are very rough but we would expect another ten to fifteen percent drop and we're also suffering because of the steel tariffs which was the genesis of all this everything we do involves steel our fencing everything else is steel related so we're seeing increased prices from those things too so it is kind of a domino effect european leaders have already chosen their targets for retaliation iconic american products like harley-davidson motorcycles levi's jeans jack daniels whiskey and florida oranges the next casualties in what could be an escalating trade conflict john hendren al-jazeera washington. the u.s.
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is also pushing for structural changes to china's economy those talks are being led by u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross who says meetings have been friendly and frank so far the u.s. wants china to buy more american goods to reduce its trade deficit u.s. defense secretary says north korea will only get sanctions relief after it takes verifiable and irreversible steps towards denuclearize ation james mattis has been meeting his south korean and japanese counterparts in singapore they've been discussing the upcoming summit between the u.s. and north korean leaders israeli military says its jets have targeted fifteen sites belonging to hamas in the gaza strip it says two munition fact manufacturing and storage sites were hit earlier israel said it intercepted three rockets fired from gaza thousands of people in gaza have attended the funeral of twenty one year old
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palestinian medical examiner jarred she was shot dead by israeli forces at the girls' a border she had been volunteering since the weekend demonstrations began in march riot police in mali have fired tear gas at opposition supporters during a band rally ahead of next month's presidential election authorities in the capital bamako is said saturday's march couldn't go ahead because of a state of emergency in place at least sixteen people including two candidates were injured in clashes with security forces as the headlines the news continues here after al-jazeera investigations cricket match fixers.
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listen do foo go to the players to give them houses flats rolex watches. we expose the criminal gangs who fix international cricket matches. meets the eye if they have been at al-jazeera as investigative unit reveals how fixes bookmakers in players rig matches sixty to seventy plus inventions you can say use a fix yeah fix. international players agree to take money to play in a corrupt cricket tournament as then would you play. cricket who flew. it's often gives you a script plan you will follow if you know what's on the first that's that's the plan. i'm going to be spoofing. criminals describe how they
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paid bright to influence the school in for international cricket matches you have plays in every national team. yes. and we're all for the chance to profit from another form of match fixing doctoring the pitch. is arguable that you don't know anything about the north until. just. the. cricket was invented in england over four hundred years ago and is now played in more than one hundred twenty five countries. but. cricket is known as a gentleman's game and club much is like this one in west london with its cricket
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whites polite applause and civilized tees it's not hard to see why. but throughout the world the professional game has a sinister side with criminal gangs and illegal makers making huge sums of money. in recent years cricket has been tarnished by a series of match fixing scandal. international players took bribes to under-perform on the criminals passed heavily on guaranteed outcomes. in two thousand south africa's captain hansie cronje seemed to launch back into taking more than one hundred thousand u.s. dollars from match fixes in india. always required to ensure it keeps the score list and twenty runs that williams with forty m. goes for more than thirty rounds tearing news to no i want to be right for doing this. three projects done internationals accepted
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a total of two hundred thousand dollars to underperform in a test match in england. a new zealand international was banned for life after confessing that he faked matches. as levinson and i'm an amateur. hour eighteen month investigation reveals that match fixing cricket is more widespread than ever but also becoming more difficult to prove. how i profile scandals will force the criminal gangs to turn to the most subtle forms of match fixing. to discover how the underworld syndicates operate by. went undercover as a british businessman. i was interested in buying inside information about fixes in test matches highest level of the international game.
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we use an underworld into me jury to make contact with a match fixing in mumbai. i. don't want to use hidden cameras to film. he works for d. company one of the world's biggest mafia syndicates. engine intelligence sources confirm that he's a middle ranking operative in the company's match fixing to vision how many years have you been doing this fixing matches. six to ten on here and the problems. sometimes problems. and what about the anti corruption in the cricket board actually. if you have money to any. economy is named to the british one of the world's most wanted men. a
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two thousand and fourteen new york university study said he was involved in contract killing drugs and trafficking extortion and illegal gambling. the company's involvement in match fixing started way back in the ninety's they saw an opportunity to control a. hugely profitable we had to convince me now that we have the money to do business. is how serious we are. i need to know from you for your going to do to get that money to run it. almost think it will seventy percent. against there is a fix fixed. and you just international games all which other games to fix international. we're going. to have players in every national team.
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match fixes still rig the overall results of some matches but increasingly that turning to fixing what happens during just a small part of a match this is known as the spot fixing. of the criminals favorite sport fixes involves paying players to underperform during a session of ovals. that consists of six balls delivered to the batsman a session is a limited number of usually six ten. twelve i also know about betting on different kinds of fixes. because you have more and more but. madge. wanted to focus. on how many rooms would be schooled by the end of a ten of a session to ten. and so on. for example bookies may
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say the session will be sixty six to sixty eight. place bets on the team scoring either below sixty six or above sixty eight the match fixes bribe players to underperform and that heavily on the score being below sixty six. with. session faces a more popular these days so much fixes because it's really hard to detect in a test match talking about a tiny part of the gang. the test match can last for up to five days with each side busting twice. this means there are many opportunities for sessions. and fixing. it also doesn't require multiple players. so it's much easier. guys to agree to fix a session runs pad. to give them expensive gifts
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like rolex watches they give them houses flats because. this form of international cricket who has been accused of match fixing spoke to us only if we concealed his identity. beautiful goes to the players. so they get involved with them. you're actually not asking a player to compromise the. integrity of the match but the. manipulation of i keep the pot a guy i'm to michael out of money i know of one player who would always say it has no impact on the results there's nothing wrong with it. but something that you know that if you can in case if. we say some money even if you it's among our very i ask.
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how much how much change even to say. the bigger the player. the bigger the prices. like fifty grand a hundred grand in one game the largest sum of money i think two hundred thousand pound in two thousand and fifteen two thousand and sixteen. they have everything going need and can use it against you they can trap you blackmail and. there is no escape. up to life and that's the danger take when they go on to become commentators or coaches but i remain in positions of influence where they can corrupt the younger generation. as i built my reputation as a businessman with multimillion dollar backers i was introduced to another match fixing. goldman maurice works mostly in the fast
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paced twenty twenty matches where each side bets for just twenty overs right now guys there would you like a drink. we got a little. further lobbying for the way said ok would you. let it go back good luck with that. twenty twenty twenty to become the ninety billion dollar industry as attracts huge crowds. they provide more with an easy opportunity to make money. for the win it really did have a position of did all those so good i was right this is so indeed seventy one also would you do us accordingly we will but. for example one of clubs fred is great though. the book my endeavor was those who were there those. of a better look at those the elderly those who get most of the market. match
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fixes will go to players who are guaranteed to be in the starting eleven. top players who can do things for them. so pursue them and slowly and gradually get them involved in match fixing. morris says with the youngest cricketer ever to play for pakistan. son reza made his international debut when he was just fourteen. morison reza played twenty twenty cricket together from mumbai champs now they're working to make money from match fixing. our surprise and. my presumption. would be an average typical forty four lads forty five that's around seventy thousand u.s. dollars so you don't have to make a lot more than that to be profitable right there what it's. if you have
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a set of that you can make money in the session. big but. the much fixes need a network of bookmakers to accept bets. you tend to keep them here when you go but i'm not sure we want to but. i'm going to place scores of bands with as many bookmakers as i possibly can that is important because it covers they trail the bookmakers they all talk to each other and i see a lot of bets coming from one particular individual they're going to shop and market down. al-jazeera gained rare. yes to a bookmakers operation in mumbai. in the final. yeah almost all betting is illegal in india yet there are more than one
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hundred thousand bookmakers all over the country. gamblers will punters given olds for batch such as the score after a session of overs. the rich are in here. because they're going to be. going to. the bookies set up in private rooms with phones and computers hidden from the police. bets a lot just by the guy at the other end of the fire he'll be shouting out the odds and you guys make sitting next to him writing down what punter is having what that . presumably. because you're going to appear on the. beach is there any danger in any. punches have to be recommended before they're allowed to bat. i don't log in and send in the money pay
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pal or whatever he sends a runaround next day to collect my losses or to give me my winnings. where's the money gone where's it going his pockets it's lining there's no paper trail. here they're betting on a match in the indian premier league one of the world's richest sports events. the accountants k.p.n. value the engine betting market at sixty billion us dollars. now if you're a match fixing and you have inside information because you've paid the client. you have the possibility of making a huge amount of money because once you hear what the runs quote is going to be. going to organize for those plastic go under. robin offers me a deal if i bet on the session that he's fixed. the winning t.v.
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for the person seventy thirty thirty for. a fix is confirmed only when a match is about to start after the captains of tossed a coin to see who bats first. careering signals are used to let the players know that the fix is on every game it's a different site. he said if you want me. players. you have to play normally but then be where you are so i have to face. the players then indicate that they're ready to deliver. a little move. just want to love that understood the. signal can be many different things like wearing a wristband go ahead ban bowling in sunglasses. if you give us
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a note that we will is going to. start with the. morris later gives an example of how it has sunrisers passing he might confirm that you carry out a fix. of the trade. and i believe for one minute he did the work. for the six for you to be a part of the ticket booth in your biggest right ok with a figure of three. to. four cups and just want to. stop. the batsman raises his hand to stop the boat signed the fix will stopped. the bats when the lead slowed down his run rate. that you're holding the. real. delete them to move them or have them i see this oh. yeah so you can please overthrow the ice frost. the next fix is also
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sell details of the fixes to wealthy clients. i was playing the role of a front man for clients who wanted to invest in fixed matches. between thirty five to thirty that's the most on to them that if they. all are going to. own lusts of course i just. was led by or a horse. after several meetings again when i was trust and he gave me a price to buy details of a fix. it said the fans on scene and clear. if somebody intended to forty five and twenty can forty five lakh rupees that's up to seventy thousand u.s. dollars for one fix and i tell myself that i'd like to place money on an england match. fixing for india and england definitely just working on.
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blarney to fix all this and yet working on it. the fix will be confirmed only at the last moment just before the start of a test match between england and india. one of the four i gave the order to even each match. the effort to get dirty and then match is going to start with. this eight only in mourning. but fish have. elsewhere in them by a meat house second match fixing up in morris he tells me about another kind of fix he's carried out in india and sri lanka. working on the canal doing the that keeps the rest. of it he. is morris his
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business partner they brought groundsman to dr cricket pitches to favor are the bowlers batsman how much you pay. for a groundsman that's eight years' salary for fixing one test match. between children . with this reform view. will be just a pitch for photos means bats will get out more quickly and the match will not last for the full five days. that would mean one side has won. sir morris bets against betting jogging lays a drill. to believe that control your books. on the ball to do for you and for you. but one of the chances all of that working is it like ninety percent chance a hundred times a hundred to three hundred percent. because. the pitches you move.
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you know what a pitch is going to to you can make a hell of a lot of money. he's betting against the troll after doesn't matter who wins to have inside information is a license to print money. until later meeting morris explains the second form of picture fixie preparing a surface that favors batsman. several of the trumpet stuck in the smoker running doctor left out a long course that would be. before we had it dominick ok so they can be all told on the score. the match fixes know that a batting pitch will mean high schools so they bet on high total for the first innings. and you get you can put money on the. list for the back up in surplus put your back to work or quick your record will be back and all pretty
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good about it but. i persuaded morris to introduce me to one of his corrupt pitch curators for. the beginning of the piece for the. price you. are going to get the ball. overseas the condition of the pitch of gold lanka play international matches and the history of. the. deacon explains how he prepares a wicket for boatless. he. began to. look. at the role of the. indian mendez's
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a professional sri lankan cricket and another of maurice's accomplices. only. for that yes but. the. one. or if. yeah it's a. serious illness in football. people. but he got. the ball to. it's typical of the past yes. ok the last five exactly right. the not fix is have to get their work done before inspectors and cricket's governing body the international cricket council a right to check the page. work that was. nominated . but i don't remember the last to see it. but there is
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a technique that the i.c.c. inspectors do not detect. and. that's the biggest rule for what it would be in prison for. the extra pressure applied to the special brush damages the pitch makes it more difficult for batsman . trusts only a few members of the ground stuff. indeed has suddenly leaves the room these nervous. people are we. going to get. in two thousand and sixteen the chief curation was suspended for failing to cooperate with anti corruption officials. calls in tikrit to reassure him.
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but a few he got on the out of. the shark it was. in part two we discover the test matches in dk has helped to fix. the stadia. if it were more to get from being a tight spot and we expose plans to set up a tournament in dubai purely for match fixing like if you know controlling your body deep it legally. it's been one year since its neighbors imposed a blockade by land and. a move that shattered the region's two political landscape alliances have shifted and qatar has grown more self-reliant. but what caused the rift between the g.c.c. countries is there an end in sight and can the gulf ever be the same again.
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on a. look at the headlines around. france's war in the us it only has a few days to avoid a trade war and leaving it up to washington to deescalate tensions over tariffs meeting in calendar g seven finance ministers have sent a message of concern and disappointment to the u.s. president over the course last couple of days there was an important difference of opinion the americans have decided to in our mind take an action it's not at all constructive it's actually destructive to our ability to get things done what did we ask secretary treasury secretary to do we said that we were collectively hoping
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that he would bring the message back the message the message of regret and disappointment at the american actions and concern that they are not constructive and my sense is that he's going to take that message back to washington the u.s. is also pushing for structural changes to china's economy those talks are being led by u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross he says the me things have been friendly and frank so far the u.s. wants china to buy more american goods to reduce its trade deficit. u.s. defense secretary says north korea will only get sanctions relief after it takes verifiable and irreversible steps towards the nuclear rise zation james mathis is been meeting his south korean and japanese counterparts in singapore when discussing the upcoming summit between the u.s. and north korean leaders. israeli military says its jets have targeted fifteen sites belonging to have mass in the gaza strip it says two munition manufacturing
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and storage sites were hit earlier israel said it intercepted three rockets fired from gaza rockets sirens were activated in southern israeli areas bordering the gaza strip thousands of people in gaza have attended the funeral of twenty one year old palestinian medical examiner jar she was shot dead by israeli forces at the girls' a border she had been volunteering since the weekly demonstrations began in march. those are your headlines the news continues here on of the al jazeera investigations cricket match fixing stay with us. spent in part one the much fixes described how they rig international cricket matches. in the i get when or if they happen
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they have. now we find out which matches they're planning to fix. this and see how to see works for d. company the mafia that runs most of india's illegal betting trade he tells us a fix has been arranged for a test match in the series between india and england. i believe long. balls ground. zero but if the market is me every day he just. says that we go below or north. of there as of the world. and he said the alleged fix would involve only a few players from one of the teams which team you go to see in the india even england. what do you see the price. it's like
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this for the list. that's around sixty thousand u.s. dollars. repayment now or nothing now you give the money to an intermediary to hand over only if the fix goes down that you hold out ok. and then your. phone is a market on. the course. minoa believes we will make up to half a million dollars by betting on the fix. of sixty. five yes after one talks after the toss. just before them not just the now cause all middle man goes by the name pin to. be
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said davies has been for several years. now and names the tenor of the session that he says has been fixed but for legal reasons we are not privy to that information. ah. ah. ah. ah. ah. ah ah. oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh no coals again. i think all of. us. he says the bats going to school the low the bookies figure for the runs total at the end of the session there is
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a second delamont to the fix the last two that will be amanda engine betting slang for nova in which no more than two runs all school. on us to end. up. although we call it identify the tenor of a session which we now said to be fixed we've shown our evidence to betting corruption investigators. is a form into poll agent who specialized in sports corruption. and knows particular about the score and amanda are accuracy. very compelling if. i compare. it's almost inevitable. clearly what he predicted took place exactly as he predicted. it steve i knew it would have to have. another investigator is ed hawkins who's advised the
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anticorruption team but the international cricket council. i think is my md. i would define anybody who loves the guy more as interesting cricket not to watch that and. have a knot in their stomach and feel pretty sick about it. it is really significant that he's given you tips and he hasn't been paid that is a very important point. for the harsh lives of cricket world. now thinks wrongly that we have bet on his fix and i saw next meeting he wants to know how we did. the well. i said i didn't want to mess me now but. that's between me and my investors for how much did you company make was.
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near the goal international stadium we meet our second match fixer robin morris. he pays the grounds to prepare the pitch in an under full way. morris wants thirty percent of my winnings in return for information or matches where he controls the results. the groundsmen to go talk to the pitch for recent international matches. be the. most news. in the season to. mendez is a professional player whose work with the sri lankan cricket board. in india. is. going to.
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give it a spin. groundsman says that for this match he made a pitch to face the facts when. do you what do you plan to do we're going to bat first looks like a pretty hard surface. a hard surface allows batsmen to score more runs. but i have a couple of other. symptoms of the. other. is the ground is working with morris and mend. a bit and they have to find it. again india had the advantage of baccy first on a favorable to pitch quick brother they scored a massive six hundred runs in their first innings it's clear that the break up six hundred. morris the better on the first team back to getting a high school made
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a handsome profit. the groundsman said he also faced an international match in the opposite way making a pitch to help. him with the. full length. of. the pitch a goal of being prepared to favor bowlers the try wiki attempt to make the ball spindle and cause problems for batsman. it looks pretty dry this night so i decided to take some time in this match. and. to be back. on the pitch stacked against them the batsmen struggled. through two and a half days of the five day match. of
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. the condition of the claims of pitch fixing the time but the i.c.c. took no action. that it was one of the test matches ever played. the match would end quickly. they made a substantial profit. but .
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by now i've won the trust of our other match fixer and now. i'm a businessman backed by wealthy investors. who names three players he says were in the fix join the india england match in chennai and well. given the gravity of the allegations al-jazeera has decided not to name the three england players at this time but will pause all reference to the relevant authorities in the meantime through their lawyer. can. allegations stating that made by a source who is a known criminal. the players also say that for the boxing team to fix schools to within such degree of precision as alleged is highly improbable if not practically
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impossible. there is no evidence to suggest that any other members of the team were involved in the alleged fix. it appears that the runs match fixing like any other business unconcerned by the i.c.c. corruption unit. and. keep. us up with that. if pass and my company operative is to people leave and he has credence because we know he's. agencies and he's saying that. they have connections at the i.c.c. then the game is down. see. manaul reveals how much the company pays to carry out a fix involving the world's leading cricket nations. but.
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that's over a million dollars for the top teams a payment made through a middle man cricket official. looking. ok. we will. gather. them. as part of my cuppa i told the match fixes that i had access to wealthy sponsors. you had. been morris and his associate wanted investment in their business venture in the gulf but you. we bought a lot of the but yes they are our because it. is an advertising executive based in the united arab emirates by a lot of people in fails to be for us to have a pretty good relationship the cricket council he has. the opportunity that i see
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that if he can he can have that on t twenty. the plan to set up in the united arab emirates a corrupt cricket tournament. played a key forceful international you could happen to buy him from my life you can see life. has prepared a detail the business plan. people indeed all of them in the life they would like to live on the phone i wish for the benefit to us because i have already been here before but you get counselling and he's really just eighteen. to twenty one that will involve four teams from different parts of the u.a.e. each team will have a mix of international and emirates based players. for the former just before the break to take the name the teams which i don't like it was my faithful to what i might have just fifteen forty. can name several
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players he says have agreed to fix matches only a few plays in each team will know that the ten day tournament is a front for match fixing. close on the one hundred ninety one over my goal because one person somebody said to me. every player will be paid a fee for each of the ten matches in the tournament but the ones carrying out the fixes will receive forty times that amount. in your fees they would get i don't. have one but for doing that assessing would feel sorry for putting on them. that's equivalent to around fifty five. thousand dollars for just one match these days international he is going to do you produce three year old was he good thirty four he said. young some of those are from the ones which call for duty just getting into the fire you were given. the climb one more just that you can sort of talk to
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one. of corruption. because it rings true to. us and in talk to all of it's being manipulated for the purpose of bidding corruption and voting fraud. before the city with their having dreams sort of for you know where they were and this building goes one day before the green card program that was told to be like puppets exactly yes you are just going to sort of control of the players exactly what it is you are out to prove them true. we meet again. he tells us about another fix involving international players it's two days before the match. was shot or not. or final of that. is this and that that is.
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as the much stuff it's been our. own middle man takes the call. the fix is for a tenor of a session. although i'm not going out i'll be a lot of about you like. that. ok ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah it's all. got. i'll opt out i think and think i'll be very good. no will call us during the first over of the session to give details of the fix.
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right on time she calls and tells us the runs total quoted by the bookies he says we should bet on the score being below the bookies figures and again the last hour of the session will be a low school amanda. was told. ok on zero zero zero zero. zero odd now. i'm off about yesterday so they're saying that. our investigators watched the session that was allegedly fixed. you wonder whether he's taking his how off to the printer twice twice no runs were scored in the over that the now mentioned once again the fix went down exactly as he said it would. the batsman appeared to be trying not to score runs but watching a guy back and he's. like
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a cat on hot coals just desperately trying to get on top of the ball and to cover any edge said my squad tough to concede a run. you cannot have so many coincidences in terms of what the now was predicting a model could. are all the match fixer is looking for sponsors for a corrupt cricket told him and he plans to set up in dubai. we have told them that we have access to potential sponsors for going to get about five rows is this. morris is with us and reza. reza played twenty three times the pakistan. interested person would you play the.
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rest. of. the following day morris tells me his tormentors will be on international betting sites. imagine delayed if the slope we can get all its on that little demonstrable to. succeed here. i guess for everything over to the mob and there's no i don't want to look good once i'm. morris says the place he controls will fix sessions and even throw a match. and then be happy to lose the game boy it doesn't matter that all of this began your world you don't. want to help you out there. isn't one of them now thanks out here although you don't mean as long as you're getting the money. morris claims that he has plays in the u.a.e.
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national team who will fix their country's international matches were. you have five clear why should. you want only five or you know all of the jobs the leaders of our social historical review of they are very smart. or should look at this dollar from a quick to speak it was a quick administrative spin you know you do look at it from a year for a criminal law perspective to this is that. morris then introduces me to more international players. willing to deliver fixes in his tournament. we have clients who are potential sponsors for the tournament but my clients want assurances if robin gives you a script in the plan you will follow it. if was out of business and that's that
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that's if there. is a former international and coach of the st lanka women's team. then that's that's not a good idea you should do something here to be on planes to play he also going. on to play me. lara locker tiki has played eleven times for his country and we want to hear they the same thing when when was that in those unnamed knight ok that's right because. both players are keen to do morris is corrupt work he can't do it no we don't think. this is a professional medicine is thought to be playing the game for us he's like rushing out to the audience by playing it into your system is not pressure for us yes the normal use your home plate will be instead of being really less well to do. that it's really about making money in the end game here and there wouldn't be
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remembered in a lot of it you know the doors of. the. we meet men are for the last time. we discussed the fix at the india australia match in ranchi but it was a success because it worked exactly we were watching and the run rate just slowed. down our names the two australian players he says were involved in the fix who was batting. and. once again given the gravity of the allegations al-jazeera has decided not to name the two australian players at this time but will pass or evidence to the relevant. we have made various attempts to contact the two players but they have not responded to the allegations there is no evidence to suggest that any other members of the team are involved in or aware of the alleged fix. the. setting up maze of ticket.
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setting oh yeah. i'm a little bit of. the chennai at the ranchi test matches that mention boy an hour certainly worthy of a serious and transparent investigation. the fact is that the he was able to accurately predict the end of two sessions one station which was test matches but brings us to stretch a credibility question would he like. the now thinks he's going to be paid for the information he gave us about the fix of the raunchy match. but i'm afraid there is no money. i'm not a businessman trying to make money fixing what i have not spent one cent on banks we are investigating maxine on an international scale. just on one of the hearts of
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this. now what do you say to the millions of people who watch cricket innocently believing it's back competition they spend good money watching cricket and you know i actually got adopting the game is ok wrong again if you are getting these people down because i didn't know it is not going to happen after.
9:57 am
during our last meeting with morrison he revealed plans for his next fix involving the groundsman at goal he would talk to the page of a high profile test match in november two thousand and eighteen zero nine to be. the next that he talked to the pick for the. serious. cricket used to be called digital con for what shine might be looks like a push the rock on. the ground some of the shows us that the sri lanka england test match will not last the four or five days to be said. for they come up
9:58 am
with something i'm not sure i go without but it's a mystery if you don't. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia there is a frontal zone which is pushing through kazakstan and is becky stan so we could see some showers in both our marty and touch count also the risk of showers on the southern side of the caspian sea so tehran may see the old shower during the day temperatures not too bad pretty hot in baghdad elsewhere some very heavy showers across central eastern parts of turkey sending into the caucuses a chance of thunderstorms here i mean some flash flooding around the eastern side of the mediterranean generally the city wanted to showers around but it will be a fair amount of bright weather pleasant in beirut once again with highs of twenty
9:59 am
six it's fine here in the arabian peninsula obviously pretty hot with temperatures in the forty's in many areas but up to forty four in riyadh i would not far behind here in doha the fact that we've got very high humidity at the moment actually makes it quite uncomfortable here quite early on in the summer the temperatures into the change much to head through monday around the gulf states again that humidity is likely to remain a key feature heading down to southern parts of africa weather conditions here are looking fine as well pretty quiet we've got a fair amount of cloud around the eastern cape as durban might just see the odd shower but otherwise the region is looking fine optically woman cape ten and sixteen harare should see plenty of sunshine highs of twenty three and twenty six expected in the soka. eleven years on and gaza is still under israeli blockade. now as the pressure grows we find out what life is like under occupation.
10:00 am
the people of gaza talk to al-jazeera. the anger behind the smiles trade allies are becoming increasingly unhappy with the new u.s. tariffs. i'm jane duff and this is their live from doha it was a coming up. protests over of austerity measures in jordan into a fourth day in the biggest demonstration there any is. nobody understands what we're feeling ok because many people there are in their homes the world. six months after hurricane maria hits puerto rico high.


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