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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes deadlock in efforts to avert a world trade war china warns all deals with the u.s. will be if washington imposes tyrants. the anti immigration party lead slovenia's election but may struggle to command the majority. unions call a one day strike in jordan as protests continue over tax hikes more than fifty migrants to drown and dozens are rescued off turkey and as they try to reach europe
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. in sport brazilian strike in may moments the perfect return from injury three months after breaking his foots the strikers back scoring goals just insaan for the world cup. china is warning the u.s. that any agreements between the two will be voided if donald trump goes ahead with his threat and trade tariffs talks between u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross and the chinese vice premier beijing and that without any specific new agreements have of this prime minister has called the new u.s. have so insulting and says canada is ready to impose its own tariffs in retaliation . first of all we're putting the same kinds of tariffs exactly on steel and aluminum coming from the united states into canada to be directly reciprocal but we are also putting
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a number of tariffs on consumer goods finished products for which canadians have easy alternatives one of the either made in canada or made from another partner with the tariffs one of the truths about tariffs is they drive up costs for consumers and on top of that these tariffs are going to be hurting american workers and canadian worker the idea that we are somehow a national security threat to the united states is quite frankly insulting and unacceptable mike hanna joins us live now from washington d.c. mike hanna so canada there saying it feels insulted china are replying saying that basically all deals will be off what kind of response is coming out to these statements out of the u.s. well the u.s. at the moment shows no signs of any compromise whatsoever particularly with regard to the statements from the canadian prime minister saying that this is a national security risk is an insult to canada remembering as well that these
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tariffs are being introduced against mexico as well now basically what we're hearing from the president's financial advisor always economics adviser larry could low is a doubling down on the contentious contention that the tariffs are a result of national security issues i don't think we're satisfied yet that they will protect or uphold all the shipments of steel coming into canada from around the world could be china could be brazil could be a lot of different places this trend shipping effort is thing that has been troubling to us look the president has declared our steel industry a national security matter. and mike i mean even during the campaign donald trump often spoke about china and you know basically how china had won over the united states on this issue but do you think the administration actually expected such a strong response from china to this and do you think this heralds an imminent
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trade war with the country well or quite possibly might end yes the u.s. must have expected some kind of strong reaction from china particularly as it was just a few weeks ago that it appeared that a truce of kinds had been established between china and the u.s. in terms of tariffs in terms of trade agreements now the treasury secretary wilbur ross the commerce secretary will be russ has been holding talks in beijing with the chinese vice premier now those talks ended without agreement and that warning from china that should the u.s. go ahead and introduce a proposed tariffs then china will reciprocate with imposing tariffs against u.s. goods this could be immensely destructive to u.s. industry but there's also a political component to this as well is that in its ongoing discussions with china the u.s. was heavily reliant on support of its other allies precisely such as canada who share the u.s. concerns about chinese trade agreements now because of the separate terrible
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speaking establish the u.s. is it stands a risk of losing these allies such as canada in its ongoing negotiations with china this is likely all to come to a head next week when the leaders meet in a g. seven summit in canada certainly they're going to be very strong words exchanged during that summit i bet my can i with the latest from washington d.c. mike thank you. stay in the u.s. the president donald trump's lawyer says he has the constitutional power to pardon himself but that's not planned to do so speaking to us media his a attorney and former new york mayor rudy giuliani noted the political ramifications of a self pardon would be severe a special council led by robert miller is investigating russia's role in the two thousand and sixteen election and what the problem obstructed justice well it's not going to happen so it's a hypothetical point i think the presidential power there's nothing that limits the
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presidential power of pardon from a federal crime not a state crime. president trump is not going to do that he's obviously not going to give up any of his pardon powers or any other future president's pardon powers but in these circumstances he's not going to do that pardoning himself would just be unthinkable and it would it would it would lead to probably an immediate impeachment you know you get your house now going to be under tremendous tremendous pressure. president has no need to do that you do anything wrong. now a right wing party led by former prime minister younis young has won the most votes in sabina's parliamentary election with ninety percent of ballots counted slovenian democratic party has received around twenty five percent of the vote in second place the center left party of shad it says trailing with twelve percent the spread is leave though young may struggle to form a government because he won't have an outright majority and the other party leaders of said that they won't work with him because of his anti immigrant policies or for
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more on the outcome of this election that speak to. be ten she's a political commentator and joins us now via skype from luxembourg thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera so young undisputedly wall in the sense that he's got the most votes twenty five percent of the vote and yet other party leaders don't want a coalition with him because of his anti immigrant stance so what was it about these policies gratian policies that make him so unpopular with other potential allies. specific to slovenia in the first of all thank you for having me on their program specific isn't just living you know this has less to do with young shows and immigrant policies as it has to do with the negative and comforting in experience most party leaders have had with young throughout he's and their political career and she is a very divisive politician huey either he does not that he rarely he tarlac
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tolerates dissent both within a party and within any possible coalitions and political cohabitation with him has been disastrous for more or less any party that has attempted better for. the other party leaders are loath to form a coalition with him and yet should be noted that now the cards have been dealt. there are there would be severe pressures so both from. either party membership or maybe a special interest by supporting various parties or various factions within the parties to come to some sort of an agreement between you and show or be it with other parties which are very fractured if today's vote is to go by i mean it may be that it takes quite a while to form a coalition but the result is quite clear and it does seem that even though he is
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a politician with a past and whenever you know you've been in power for for some time it's always easier to criticize when you have a haven't done and yet we're still seeing him as by far the biggest party and it does seem that it's on an anti immigrant take it that he got the support and he's not alone look at poll and look at hungry look at italy who's anti immigrant leader mantissa vinnie's now the interior minister so what was it about slovenia that swayed the vote in that direction. it was yeah shows sort of or rather as the s. not just to him personally they bested various narratives in the months coming. leading up to the election and surprisingly. bit with with his base the end that immigrant narrative first thought best and they more or less went with that. it was a. combined with with help from karen leader of victor oregon
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this was a very persuasive argument for turned out that twenty five percent of those who caused the vote. the other factor is that the turnout barely reached fifty two percent which. sort of. helps to divide the vote the way the way it was divided now and it will definitely leads as well that is provided young men are just before a government it will mean that you know will for the first seal the future be sort of. put in the direction of that we should vote for. whether or not there so we were lost again remains to be seen because the care and danger of coalition governments is that there are. prone to compromise or of fractured.
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ideas panga of the tension political commentator s.p. us from luxembourg sir thank you for sharing your views with us thank you. still to come here on the al-jazeera news hour reports the syrian president could be the latest in a lineup of high profile visitors to north korea mourners gathered to mark the one year anniversary of that the attacks at the bridge and then sports the u.s. open champion produces her best ever performance at the french open. trade unions in jordan have called for a one day strike next week after talks with the government failed to end the standoff over a new i.m.f. backed tax law now there have been days of angry protests across jordan with them strangers calling for the prime minister to resign the proposed law would significantly hike taxes on employees and companies and the hawks star has more.
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they're the largest anti-government rallies in five years in what's regard as one of the most stable middle east countries the purchase movement initially started by trade unions has swelled nationwide as to show their frustration i. asked my mum how local was a citizens now have no power the searching for the children's t.v. food women are looking in garbage containers to feed their kids and every day we are surprised by rising prices of new taxes the problem is not just with tax law the jordanian citizen right now. his pockets are empty are completely empty. so the government has to listen. to the sound of the people jordan is one of the most expensive. countries in the region and on the top of the wards too with no resources that's unjust to the people of jordan. the increase in sales tax and
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employees being tax move has infuriated the protestors and they want the government to resign. king abdullah has stood by prime minister hani milky despite. calls to fire him the king's been instead calling for talks between m.p.'s and government ministers but moki is under international pressure to reform jordan's economy and cut its thirty seven billion dollars debt that is equivalent to ninety five percent of g.d.p. . the international monetary fund approved a seven hundred million loan to jordan two years ago to lower public debt and increase growth jordan relies heavily on financial help from the u.s. u.a.e. and until recently saudi arabia which has cut funding king abdullah is a key u.s. ally in the strategically important region which borders syria israel and iraq regional time or has worsened the kingdom's money problems and it sheltering one point four million syrian refugees not according to the hashemite government and
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those refugees look no closer to returning home. has a large population of refugees from the war in iraq plus two million palestinian refugees have settled in the kingdom. the king recently reversed plans to raise petrol prices foreign protests and these latest protests against austerity measures are further demands for change. there. a french newspaper is reporting that saudi arabia is threatening military action against catheter if it acquires russian weapons le figaro newspaper says the saudi crown prince has written to u.s. president donald trump and british prime minister three's a may to warn that it is ready to retaliate if kept out acquires the s four hundred anti aircraft the fence system it was revealed he had written a similar letter to the french president i know of a call on friday that doesn't bassett or to moscow said back in january that his country intended to acquire the missile system just
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a jog in memory saudi arabia along with the u.a.e. and bahrain cut off relations with qatar last june and the blockade has been standing since well joining us now in the studio is below who is a journalist and analyst with the gulf matters thank you so much for being with us here as the first news broke on friday and it was just france that we're seeing that actually pressure is being put on the u.k. and the u.s. as well i mean first of all is this pressure going to have any kind of. any kind of change because the europeans powers powers especially it's kind of been standing back from the gulf crisis yeah it's an odd thing isn't it because those who begins with going to macron and then to the washington then we're told to to to london why would you go to the russians this is a question that i don't understand which is that simply if you're upset about the russians selling this s. four hundred a very sophisticated missile defense system to the qatar is why don't you go to the russian and say look because the russians are already in
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a deal with the saudis on selling this system to the saudis they've already sold it to the turks for two point five billion they're in the process of doing a deal with the egyptians and the saudis can simply say if you go ahead with this. you don't have to deal with us well and it's perplexing to me why they have taken such an. one assume and correct me if i'm wrong that perhaps they have that done that already with the russians and the russians well the that's one that's one take on it but it would seem to me that the way this story is coming out that these letters have been sent it's an odd way to do business anyway isn't send a letter to. president micron saying would you please intervene to stop and do this i mean why do you go to macron first pursued because macros are useful in the whole herd incident he stepped in it and got the saudis and particularly been summoned out of a spot of bother over that situation mario was affectively kidnapped and held. it
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was mike carona worked out a deal to get him back to lebanon. i mean it's coming up i think the anniversary is very soon of very night here you know when you hear all of the blockade against qatar and now we're seeing this threat which is saudi arabia threatening military action against god i mean how realistic is this threat. well i think you have to think about arms deals they always take a long time so it may be quite some time for the cutter was actually caught this missile defense system the saudis for example didn't blink an eye when we in the u.k. did a big sale of typhoon fighters twenty four times from fighters in december of last year you know upset there i don't think the threat is that serious i think it's all part of the posturing that's going on and clearly whereas the outside world the u.k. the europeans we here the americans rather want to see this dispute settled. this saudis and the iraqis keep upping the ante i think the qataris have said look we'll
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sit down have a conversation let's have a dialogue and they had to keeps getting pushed up by the saudis and the amorality so i think what we're seeing here is a bit of gamesmanship to put more pressure on qatar using this as weapons dealers as part of that for what you're saying it seems to be that you don't think that we're looking at an end to this blockade anytime soon no i don't do is no sign whatsoever that there's any back down from have been. the crown prince of a dobie i think that the cost to his would like to see it end i think the americans would like to see it and certainly the state department and the pentagon we were not on trial they had awful lot of well i don't trump is hacked off indeed so yeah there is there is but none of that pressure has achieved any movement in fact it it's almost perversely gone the other way and it becomes becoming more and more entrenched below journalist and on a list of go fighters thank you so much. it's going to tunisia now with the defense
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ministry says it's recovered forty six bodies after a boat carrying refugees and migrants sank into the port city of. responding to a distress call the navy and national guard rescued another sixty eight of the people on board to this is increasingly popular departure point for illegal boats heading across the mediterranean the southern europe and in a separate incident nine people including six children have died after their speed boat sank while crossing from turkey to the greek islands five people were rescued by the pope by the coast guard and fisherman well meanwhile italy's new interior minister has vowed that sicily will no longer be what he called europe's refugee camp so beany made the comments in one of the main arrival points for refugees and migrants making crossing from north africa one hundred fifty eight people landed there on friday after being rescued in the mediterranean so the me has already promised to reduce the number of arrivals and increase the number of expulsions has
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more from rome. as if to make a provocative point. italy's new interior minister turned up to one of the hot spots in italy's refugee crisis that is one of the. poorer areas the points of a rival where refugees and asylum seekers turn the city ports are low in sicily there he said that he wanted to stop this chile from being europe's refugee center strong rhetoric as you will designed to appeal to his supporters but not everyone who turned up to see him was necessarily convinced by his argument there were a handful of protesters there saying that really what was needed to be seen was the difficulties that people face exactly what it was that was driving them to italy in the first place and that is of course many of them the war destitution and repression but of course mr selby's keen to point out that this is a first move as the interior minister he wants to show italy and also to
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a certain extent the european union that he wants to play hardball with this he is in the coming weeks post to be meeting up in brussels with other european union interior ministers what he wants is renegotiation on the doppler accord that is to put an end to people turning up to the first e.u. member state and claiming asylum there he says that puts italy that unfair position but whether he's able to do this in the face of of the european union is another matter. this thing in its leaves of the leader of the five star movement as the new coalition will overhaul the last government's controversial labor reforms are they didn't explain how the jobs act made it easier for big firms to fire people and offer them tax incentives to hire permanent workers or new less protected terms it aimed to create jobs and help young people employed on insecure short term contracts but it had mixed results with most of the new jobs created still
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temporary. police in berlin have shot a man in the leg at the city's cathedral officers were called to the berliner dorm a major tourist attraction after a dispute between two people police say the man who was shot had a knife but that there's nothing to suggest it was a terrorist attack. now more deaths are reported in nicaragua where more than one hundred people have been killed in weeks of protests against president danielle think of them strangers have been killed by police and pro-government paramilitary groups but government workers to have been subject to violence and threats by whoever apollo has more. confrontations between anti-government protesters and paramilitary forces have left more dead in the site following the killings tensions remain high as mass
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demonstrators manage bereket to block access into the city making our way to the scene of the violence i mean countered several checkpoints demonstrators here are suspicious of anyone trying to pass a barricade ok although there are having sling shots and homemade mortar weapons opposition supporters say attacks by paramilitary groups loyal to president daniel ortega happened almost every day yet the little old in the collective is youth them up to death they used and against this weapons of war. arriving in the town of like concepcion we find a community divided local residents who support the government faced off with opponents even though it will be and everything was fine until the morning when the government's paramilitaries begins with such as for no reason that it will be had i'm not here because demonstrators detained a local government worker beating with clubs and nearly severing his ear with a machete he was carried into a nearby church where protesters accuse the thirty one year old who works for the
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office of the mayor of financing hit men who are targeting opposition supporters see what i mean for me. they told me they're going to kill my family i said they're going to send a box to my family filled with my body parts. loose from the political unrest has become common in this part of the country father in mind when it says the church has assumed the responsibility of keeping. our commitments to our lives that we cannot be indifferent to the needs of the people especially those who are being repressed and suffer injustice. tempers flared during talks between local residents over who's to blame for starting the. argument at times because the physical. capital managua catholic bishops are hosting a third week of peace talks between civil society groups and representatives of president because of ministration but progress stalled the catholic church remains
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the main mediators in the ongoing political crisis but the archdiocese says they will no longer facilitate a national dialogue until the nicaraguan government can commit to putting an end to the violence. there is korea's state news agency says the syrian president bashar al assad is planning a visit to kim jong un in pyongyang the comments haven't been confirmed by the mascot's and there is no indication that a trip has actually been set up the two countries have maintained good relations for decades united nations monitors have accused north korea of cooperating with syria on chemical weapons a charge the north denies well i'm sure tablet is a senior fellow at the washington institute for near east policy and the author of in the lion's den he joins us now via skype from san francisco thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera so the news is coming out from north korea's state news agency so it's pretty obvious that kim jong un wants this news to get
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out and this of course just over a week before that meeting is due to take place with president donald trump why do you think kim jong un is letting this be known now. it's a very good question a couple of thoughts why both north korea in syria are pariah state they have a long term relationship militarily politically even directly with each other north korea uses as use syria to clip arrayed missiles a nuclear program which israel famously bombed in two thousand and seven and also has been developed chemical weapons it's a way interesting way to stick a sort of finger in the eye of the united states in the west time when ironically that north korea and the united states are sitting down to talk but so what do you think each side would want from this meeting is it really just a show. i think it's a show i think it's largely rhetorical but there is
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a military bases to it syria needs weapons it needs weapons to stand up against its perceived regional allies which are many now. adversaries and so therefore it's going to be looking to north korea for what it does best giving it missile systems other kinds of cyber chemical and perhaps even nuclear. capabilities and giving them to syria to project its power into to the rest of the region you know what's interesting is that right now it's all a bit vague so there is a visit that's being planned and there's been no confirmation from the syrian regime but it will be interesting to see what reaction if there is one well come out of the united states that they sow do you think president trump will handle this or should handle this. well i don't think that the reason why the u.s. was sitting down with north korea has to do specifically with syria i don't think washington would like it but will it interrupt the talks probably not i can i think
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we need to look at the larger picture here and that is the attempt to talk about north korea's nuclear program is one thing its. activities political political weapons throughout the world is another issue in one that i think the united states will continue to deal with and confront north korea over have their senior fellow at the washington institute for near east policy sir thank you so much for sharing your views with us thank you. still to come on the al-jazeera news hour the first convoy of trucks the parts kenya's oil rich turkana region as the country tries to capitalize on its reserves. filling the food void why iran is stepping in to help qatar is a supply problem as the gulf war hate reaches its one year mark and in sports the washington capitals take control of the stanley cup finals as they stay on target for a first ever championship title. the
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a. hello there we've got plenty of thunderstorms over a year up still it's hope for many of us and we're also seeing also a very lively downpours one belt in the eastern part of our map and then plenty more for the west this area of cloud and rain working its way across the island through parts of spain and up through parts of france as well and there is the risk that we could see some flash flooding out of this and some very large hail gusty winds as well so this system still sticking around as we head through monday no massive change as we head through tuesday plenty of thunderstorms still stretching all the way up into russia to the north of that is largely fine and dry and here there's an issue that every so dry that we might see some wildfires sparkle certainly it's dry and still very warm force in stockholm even as we head through tuesday getting up to around fifteen degrees for the other side to the
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mediterranean we've also seen a fair few thunderstorms here as well just a fair amount of cloud with this really as we head through monday this time of the parts of libya and up into chuen is that gradually melts away as we head into tuesday and then we see another system just push its way in so we'll see more in the way of cloud over parts of morocco could squeeze out one or two showers so it won't be too hot for some real battle maximum will only be twenty one.
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incarcerated in russia's toughest prisons stripped of their liberties. an unexpected creative opportunity. to love a singing contest like no other office a chance of redemption and hope for the talented few not you as a tale of singing as an mudras witness on al-jazeera. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera china has warned the united states that
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any agreements to end their trade dispute will be void if washington goes ahead with threatened parikh's early results from slovenia's parliamentary elections that suggest the anti immigrant party led by former prime minister. will win the most seats with over a quarter of the votes but it's not clear if young she will be able to form. trade unions in jordan have called for a one day strike next week amid days of protests against the government's plans to increase taxes. london has marked one year since that deadly violence and knife attack on the bridge prime minister to resign may and the mayor city can were among those taking part in a service cathedral before laying wreaths close to the scene eight people were killed and almost fifty injured in the attack which was carried out by. the barker has more now from london bridge. it was a warm evening around ten o'clock at night when a white van driving at high speed to the pavement here london bridge standing
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pedestrians running for their lives among them was forty five year old frenchman javier tomasky was knocked into the river thames his body was found three days later further upriver. inside the three attackers wore fake suicide vests and carried twelve inch hunting knives they were later identified as current shows up but. a moroccan born jew said he was twenty two years old the burn crash just over there when the attackers came running down the steps into bari market at the time it was packed full of people in restaurants and cafes what happened next has been described by police as a frenzied lasting only eight minutes but in those eight minutes eight people were . killed they were french italian spanish british canadian and australian forty eight people were injured many of them critically among those killed ignacio who tried to fight off one of the attackers with his skateboard he was stabbed in the
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back. minutes after receiving the first emergency call the specialist armed officers arrived on scene and shot the three attackers dead this was the third of five similar attacks in the u.k. in two thousand and seventeen only two weeks after the manchester arena bombing in which twenty two people were killed many of them children. to mark the first anniversary of the attack a procession from nearby saw the cathedral to london bridge the prime minister and other dignitaries who joined by londoners survivors and first responders. these are painful memories as a londoner this really disgusted me and why i'm here as well just to commemorate obviously the victims of that talk but also to come together as a group at night and to show that you know well beyond the hatred that we've. been trying so division within people this shows what happens when it's really bad and it also shows the good things that happen and i think overall that has to be. a
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year on and the you case national threat level remains severe meaning the possibility of another attack is regarded as being highly likely the head of britain's foreign intelligence service m i six has described the threats from eisel in iceland spy groups as being unprecedented london has recovered power market is busy as it's always been but the cost of keeping london and the rest of the u.k. safe is very high indeed and the threat hasn't gone away. al-jazeera london. government officials in kenya save residents of a building which collapsed there last sunday morning had been a victim but sneak back in even though the building was. condemned and marked for demolition three people were killed when the five storey residential building crumbled rescuers are still looking for survivors it's not clear what caused the collapse but with housing in high demand developers often bypass building regularly
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in two thousand and fifteen the national construction authority found fifty eight percent of buildings in nairobi were unfit for habitation. fiction is being done strictly to ensure that those buildings that the public feel that are and serve public. has been meant that some of them will be knocked down straight away while these machines are still on the ground or kenya has launched a pilot scheme to export crude oil as part of efforts to capitalize on the country's reserves it's believed an estimated seven hundred fifty million barrels lie beneath the country the first convoy of trucks set off from lucky char heading for mombasa on the coast on sunday as catherine sawyer reports. the president. a significant moment in kenya six years after. president
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symbolically started the pumping of crude oil into one of the trucks transporting two thousand barrels to the coast about a thousand kilometers away it will take roughly ten days to get there and months before all seventy thousand barrels in storage arrive for export if the beginning of a pilot program to see how the international market reacts before full production is expected to start in a few yes it would be legal. resources. in another. country. it's estimated about seven hundred fifty million barrels of oil lie beneath this dry region home to some of the poorest and most marginalized people in the country trucking the oil from here will not be easy or cheap one of the big problems is dealing with the bad food from here. construction is now weekly going on from it's
12:38 am
a destructive destination safely and on time but it's going to take at least two years to properly fix the bad stretch. it. knows little about the statistics all of just sticks as the hard to helps one of his goods get fast he only hopes that he's village will benefit from the all bomb the local community has been a located five percent of the oil revenue while the national and county governments share the rest and. the five percent i was hoping for ten percent but because it has been decided we have to money go expectation and hope the profit gets to us. on the other side of this riverbed fifteen year old. drinking water for her family and animals she's walked for thirty minutes to get here. i would want to earn money to help
12:39 am
a porter too. i would like my school fees to be paid and more classrooms built so many hopes in two can are pinned on this oil expectations are high that prosperity will come quickly but just how well the oil will sell abroad and how fast the benefits will trickle down to the villagers will be the real test. to cannes and nothing kenya. it's almost a year since saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt imposed their economic blockade on tap the crisis created shortages and food supply iraq was one of the countries that stepped in to fill the gap but as in basra reports deepening ties between the two nations could prove problematic. this family run farm near to herat has been selling produce to qatar for more than ten years it
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used to export two to three truckloads of food to qatar a week since the blockade began demand has soared to two to three truckloads a day. farms like this all over iran have increased production to fill the gap in the country market after saudi arabia the u.a.e. and other countries severed supply routes what caused a shock in qatar is an opportunity for iranian businesses but so there are the need of a ronnie says profits are not the only reason exporters are keen to supply cut those markets you know last time you're not guided by me. i'm saying this from the bottom of my heart we'd like katarina people we don't feel that our neighboring countries and islamic countries are separate from us we consider them as a religious brothers and we are happy that this market exists for us to supply it it's embarrassing for us to say that we are helping qatar we are two brothers at one table and are eating from one table and we are happy that today qatari brothers
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are with us at one table. with business links all over the world the exporter says the blockade is bad for everyone in the region and hopes it ends soon. you can find a little bit of everything here fruits vegetables basic necessities being grown here in iran and will eventually end up in the homes of people living in. iran in qatar have had serious disagreements over the wars in syria and yemen and iranian support for hezbollah in lebanon but they speak with one voice in support of the palestinian people and share the world's largest natural gas field and in the last year disputes with saudi arabia have brought them closer together. we felt qatar was being treated unfairly so we opened our doors we let qatar airways use our airspace and we used five important ports in the south of the country to send our help relations with qatar have a bright horizon because our qatari friends are well aware about the intentions of our officials. served as iran's ambassador to qatar he says both countries can
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cooperate on much more but he admits the appearance of siding too openly with iran is tricky because there is home to the largest american air base in the middle east and u.s. central command headquarters cozying up to run also further anger blockading countries and escalate tensions even more. leaders the last year has been a delicate balancing act but whatever happens next people living in qatar are unlikely to forget the neighbors willing to lend a hand when they needed it most. they marks one year since the began we're going to have a special program looking at the political economic and human impact of the crisis . is they right here on their. residents of a libyan town will be allowed to return home for the first time in almost seven years
12:43 am
after reconciliation charter was signed between the town of tal where it got and the city of misrata what it has been a ghost town since two thousand and eleven when misrata officials expelled its residents for allegedly committing atrocities against rebels during the uprising that toppled more market off. turkish president trichet type at the han has held a massive campaign rally in the predominantly the kurdish city of jab occur telling at the thousands of supporters that the turkish state also belongs to the kurds he's campaigning ahead of the june twenty fourth election seen in close igloo was at the rally. turkish prison bridge of john addressed kurdistan to sense of southeastern city today he spoke about more economic development he spoke about investments and he spoke about more security measures at that should be taken against both kurdistan workers party p.k. but this was not the kurdish people of her or turkey's southeast and cities want it
12:44 am
because kurdish people are complaining about the state of emergency that has been on track since the coup in two thousand and sixteen also they are actually longing for another peace process that was on track between two thousand and thirteen and fifteen which brought more economic prosperity and more peace as the p.k. k. implemented a policy to draw the war from rural area to the city's southeastern cities of turkey a military operation was launched by the turkish army which ended up people being internal of this place so this is a problem here and the kurdish citizens need more commitments by the government and by the ruling party to vote for them but for now what we have seen on the ground is that the. party has stronghold in daraa booker. spain's new socialist prime minister pedro sanchez has got to work on putting together a minority government but a right wing group which broke away from the people's party of ousted prime
12:45 am
minister. has been holding a rally in madrid calling for early elections they've achieved her has more. they want an election they want to make sure that whoever is in charge of the country whoever is prime minister is not reliant on just eighty four votes that's a tiny minority of the votes in in spain they want a real election they wanted now they want to make sure that whoever is the prime minister has much more support within the country and it's very clear that petro sanchez does not have that support and that the socialist policies do not have the broad support of the whole of the country so they want to be elections many of the right wing throughout the country want early elections and i think many analysts to me realize that the instability that this is creating is going to be no good for spain just by the fact that it is doing extremely well in economic terms compared to the rest of europe unemployment is still very very high especially amongst the
12:46 am
youth so they want real policies they want a real budget they want real measures taken and it just doesn't appear that the mathematics are right politically ok at this time she has to come through with a lot of people right. well still ahead in this news hour at the leaning tower of baghdad a symbol of how iraq's rich heritage is crumbling from neglect and coming up in sports russian football fans get their first side to the trophy that's thirty two countries will soon be playing for. the world's pollinators are in decline. in this episode. we meet entomologists on opposite sides of the planet protecting insects of all sizes crucial to preserving food chains. i've come to the u.k. to see how all the industrial sites are being turned into bank reserves in an
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italy's leaning tower of pisa is an icon in world architecture and it's not the only one of its kind baghdad also has a leaning tower but like much of iraq's of rich cultural heritage the building is suffering from neglect. has more now from back that the plaque read sixteen sixty the year when there was even mosque was built but this is all that's left of it the cracks in the arches and fading tiles are reminders of the golden days of back that this is the victorian facade of the iraqi capital is all government building it was damaged during the two thousand and three u.s. invasion and has been abandoned since this era was part of the ottoman military complex on the banks of the tigris river it's decrypt state symbolizes the degree of iraq's rich cultural heritage. and that if what many people
12:49 am
nowadays are not aware of the importance of these sites and the reason is that recently iraq has faced violence and internal fighting which led to a weak government. the. feeding. after centuries of invasions the only original structure left and it didn't mean. the government because of the danger. but there are being made to repair it the government's priorities the provision of basic services and economy preservation efforts inevitably take a back seat there are no worshipers. because of the fear. these days when people pray they do it in the courtyard spiderwebs have replaced the curtains and. left in the library upstairs.
12:50 am
we need to value the sites not only there were but also historic sites like the assyrian and babylonian sites it would help to strengthen the national identity and that iraqi national identity has been blurred by years of sectarian strife corruption and mismanagement. the symbolic eternal flame of the iraqi flag. built in the one nine hundred eighty s. used to represent. now many government. was used by u.s. forces and then the iraqi military as a base. its museum and library. these days the halls remain empty and the general public is not allowed in. rich tapestry of ancient and modern history. many people are afraid that unless action
12:51 am
is taken to protect and preserve it it could be lost forever. thanks so much barbara while brazilian striker neymar has made the perfect return from injury three months after breaking his foots the striker is back scoring goals just in time for the world cup neymar came on at half time in this friendly played at liverpool's and failed stadium and scored the first goal in a suit no win over her the twenty six year old fractured a bone in his right foot while playing for parsons your man back in february now it's interesting to know. philly's i'm not one hundred percent recovered but then can't be viewed my comeback hippie to be back at the national team to be varying these jersey and sharing moments with my teammates i'm very happy after so much time away from the open sea of other world cup seems in action twenty four seemed quite a finalist costa rica beating northern ireland three nil per rule be back at the
12:52 am
world cup for the first time in thirty six years they beat saudi arabia three nil twenty ten champions spain they were held to a one one draw there by switzerland now the trophy all the same to russia will soon be aiming to win has gone on show in moscow hard fans may not be too optimistic about their team's chances of success russia have never made it out of the group stages out of world cup on all without a win in their last six games their fun a warm up match coming up against turkey on choose day. now rafael nadal may be the favorite to win the french open title but another big name looks to be playing his white back into form after an injury hit a year twelve time grand slam champion never joke of it is into the last eight after a convincing win over finance son of homesh reports. two thousand and sixteen champion know about the joke of it is looking better though with every match at the on garth this is a long term injury problems it appears to be forgotten in this fourth round win
12:53 am
over fernando but that i. jumped at it as winning the match in three. considering all the or the circumstances that i was in in the last. fifteen months so i mean. it's it's quite. quite achievement to get to the quarters of. all this land for me and i always played well in slams i always try to. kind of build my form in order to peak at the slams well number two i'll xander stev was made to sweat for his place in the last eight other straight match the german endured a five set battle this time it was against arsenal of russia to have three and a half hours to close out the match and reach his first ever grand them quarterfinal i'm very happy about being in the quarterfinals you know with you know going the hard way going to the long distance every single time and. you know showing showing
12:54 am
myself enjoying everybody can play for as long as i need to. paul. will face a dominant team in the last eight after the austrian tory in four sets i think. all the title hopefuls will be fearing a match up with this man defending champion rafael nadal it was the king of clay's big day on a day off from playing the world number one had time to celebrate his thirty second birthday it does up against the german maximillian mark there on monday and will be hoping his wishes do come true as he aims for an eleventh title in paris son who was just there. u.s. open champion slowing stephens's into the last state of the french open for the
12:55 am
first time in her career stevens beating twenty fifth seed and it's concert art for the loss of just two games in under an hour stevens has now reached at least the course of arnold's every grand slams. supercool so exciting. yeah doing well here obviously doing well at any slam making the fourth round four times whatever is pretty good but to finally get over that hump of four finals feels very nice another american player has had a career best performance at roland garros madison keys also entered our state the twenty seventeen u.s. open runner up beating remain is the highlight was in a skit. on the washington capitals of taking a two one lead in the stanley cup finals alex reachin led the way for washington against a vegas gold tonight this was his all saints goal of the playoffs. well russian yevgeny software also scored enough three one when it's the first time vegas have lost two straight games in the playoffs. the capsule's riming that i first ever
12:56 am
championship title. others who are great. so are the series. of france. excited and you know. but again it's only two. we just have to move forward and don't think about too much england's cricketers have won the second test to draw all the series with pakistan and end a run of eight tests without a victory the home team winning by namings and fifty five runs at headingley if they hit back from a big loss in the first test england's next test challenge will be a five match series against india. thirty to forty last week for the group we had to show a lot of character asked a lot of things from from the group of players and everything i asked was delivered on the field which ultimately economists for more as a captain really pleased with how we've gone about things and it's been
12:57 am
a bad day for championship leader and reigning moto g.p. world champion mark mark has the spaniard spun out there in the italian group prince fail to score points but gave four gallons of a chance to finish on top of the podium for the first time in series marco's that still leaves the title standings. ok that's a sports looking for now let's get back to barbara in london and we thank you very much for that now three astronauts from the international space station are safely back on earth after more than five months in orbit their russian soyuz capsule parachuted down in every military of kazakhstan russian and ten chapter of american scouting war and japan's knowing she'd get caught i spent one hundred sixty eight days in space three asteroids are actually still on board with three more blasting off to join them on wednesday well that is it for this news hour but do stay with us i'm going to be back with more news in just a few minutes thanks for watching. living
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a wandering life for centuries but now forced to think hard about their future.
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deadlock in efforts to avert a world of trade war china warns all deals with the u.s. will be off if washington imposes. hello i'm barbara sara this is al jazeera live from london also coming up on the anti immigration party leads the lection may struggle to command the majority turkey's president makes a bid for the kurdish vote at a rally but here more than fifty migrants to drown and dozens of rescued off turkey and as they try to reach.


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