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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2018 3:00am-3:33am +03

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it was clear that all this was to do with the war in june on al-jazeera. a wave of desperation twin boat tragedies in the mediterranean claimed the lives of at least sixty refugees trying to reach europe. but the european tide of anti immigrant sentiment reaches fifine where nationalist party emerges of the largest group in the general election. lol come to al-jazeera live from doha round down in jordan also ahead on the program the idea that we are somehow a national security threat to the united states it's quite frankly insulting and can accept the canadian prime minister hits out of donald trump in the latest fallout of the u.s. president's trade policies plus. the
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protests against tax hikes in jordan reached boiling point the king is ready to demand the resignation of the prime minister. and on the brink of a mental health crisis how an entire generation of children is being traumatized by life in gaza. at least fifty five people including six children have died in two boat tragedies in the mediterranean sea both boats were carrying migrants trying to enter europe illegally a speed boat sank while crossing from turkey to the greek islands and the tunisian coast guard is searching for survivors from a refugee post so far sixty eight survivors along with nearly fifty bodies have been brought to the port city of facts salability reports. on the safety of land and back where they began after the nine metre boat sank leaving tuna ziac bound for europe she knew a lizard a citizen the boat had
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a capacity for seventy five to ninety people maximum but we were between one hundred eighty and one hundred ninety on board. nearly seventy people were rescued by the two new zealand coast guard and brought to the city is farkas it's unclear exactly how many people are missing it's the most deadly ship break in the mediterranean since people are. illiterate a good goalie had a better water was coming into the boat those who could escape or fled others drowned we stayed there until almost five am then fisherman came to help us and the coast guard arrived. it was a dark night on the mediterranean some two thousand kilometers away three adults and six children drowned off the coast of turkey the turkish coast guard pulled five people out of line. the toll of dado missing in these waters is up to six hundred fifty people since january and yet it's a far cry from twenty fifteen when this was the main route to europe more than a million people crossed and there were three times as many deaths most migrants
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now come through northern africa search and rescue n.g.o.s have diverted to deploy from italy all motor he says then north the moment we are witnessing a decrease in arrivals in recent months the figure of the decrease does not stop us running with people who come are in terrible physical and psychological condition. these with the latest arrivals more than one hundred fifty people reach southern sicily on friday we are here and we will perform. as long as we will be able to perform we are performing rescue and we would be performing in the future that is. good and sometimes there is good news ten days ago a baby was born on risky ship the aquarius at two point take kilograms she was named miracle the mother was found stranded off the coast of libya the now insistently. life or death the two outcomes migrants must consider before they board
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a boat to europe charlotte ballasts out his era but those deaths occurred as a tide of anti immigrant sentiment continued to swell across europe so the mia is the latest country to elect a populous party early results from the parliamentary election show the right wing anti immigrant party led by the former prime minister younis young has won more than a quarter of the votes and that puts his party in the lead but he's unlikely to secure an outright majority government stansell the polls. thank you as a former prime minister wants to spray step by a corruption scandal but now young and his sylvania democratic party are back on the political map his hardline on immigrants secured his party's victory in the selection immigration has been at the top of the political agenda since twenty fifteen when half a million people fleeing war pass through slovenia on their way to western europe.
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his nearest challenger was comedian turned politician mario and charlotte's leader of the new center left party. the snap election was called after the sudden resignation of prime minister meera sarah he stepped down in march due to a failed railway project he's credited with boosting slovenia's economy after a recession but it wasn't enough for voters here. slovenia once part of the former yugoslavia joined the european union in two thousand and four a government led by which shifts slovenia to the right and an anti immigrant voice to the e.u. analysts say young has big challenges ahead the electorate is hearing the voices of all and it's who you know go after go after and you gratian policies after say that you will. drain the small. said he's
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a leader who has had that chance hasn't done it so far will he do it this time around it's a big question but the bigger question is can he even form a government even though your party won the most votes in this election he finds himself in a difficult position it will be very hard for him to find willing partners in the other parties to form a coalition most of them don't share his political views catherine stansell al jazeera. in neighboring italy the new interior minister says the island of sicily will no longer be what he calls europe's refugee camp that's here salvia who visited sicily on sunday says his plans to deport illegal migrants are not hardline but common sense areas one of the main arrival points for migrants who make the dangerous sea crossing from north africa. these are emergency centers my interest is to work in order to reduce the number of people arriving increase the number of deportations this isn't easy to do nor is it possible to do in a quarter of an hour but in the coming weeks we want to give new signals to cut
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costs and cut my great attention durations more now from san diego. as if to make a provocative point. italy's new interior minister turned up to one of the hot spots in italy's refugee crisis that is one of the. poorer areas the point of arrival where refugees and asylum seekers turn the city part salo in sicily there he said that he wanted to stop basically from being europe's refugee center strong rhetoric as you well designed to appeal to his supporters but not everyone who turned up to see him was necessarily convinced by his argument there were a handful of protesters there saying that really what was needed to be seen was the difficulties that people face exactly what it was that was driving them to italy in the first place and that is of course many of them fleeing war fleeing destitution and repression but of course mr salvi is keen to point out that this is a first move as the interior minister he wants to show italy and also to
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a certain extent the european union that he wants to play hardball with this here in the coming weeks pose to be meeting up in brussels with other european union interior ministers what he wants is renegotiation on the doppler accord that is to put an end to people turning up to the first e.u. member states and claiming asylum there he says that puts it in unfair position but whether he's able to do this in the face of of of the european union is another matter. insulting an acceptable as prime minister justin trudeau has described the new u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports president trump in the national security concerns as justification for the tires which is also imposed on metal imports from mexico and the e.u. canada plans to impose reciprocal measures on its southern neighbor. first of all we're putting the same kinds of tariffs exactly on on steel and aluminum coming from the united states and canada to be directly reciprocal but we are also putting
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a number of tariffs on consumer goods finished products for which canadians have easy alternatives one of the either made in canada or made from another partner with the tariffs one of the truths about tariffs is they drive up costs for consumers and on top of that these tariffs are going to be hurting american workers and canadian workers the idea that we are somehow a national security threat to the united states is quite frankly insulting and unacceptable by kind of joins us live now from washington d.c. mike the canadian prime minister extremely angry that over these arabs but what more have u.s. officials been saying well there's been no preparedness to comply or to find some kind of concession from the u.s. side at all in fact very much the opposite president trump's financial advisor larry kudlow doubled down on the assertion that the cause of these tariffs is
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a national security issue i don't think we're satisfied yet that they will protect or uphold all the shipments of steel coming into canada from around the world could be china could be brazil could be a lot of different places this trend shipping effort is something that has been troubling to us look the president has declared our steel industry a national security matter and my goal there are any signs that the standoff of a tariffs can be resolved any time soon. well it doesn't appear so it's pretty intense and you've got a number of balls in the air here you've got the tariff disputes with canada with mexico with the european union on the one hand on the other hand there's been unsuccessful talks with china the commerce secretary there in the course of the past two days no agreement after his meeting with the chinese vice premier now china's insisting that it will institute its own tariffs should the u.s.
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go ahead with its most recent threat to introduce chair of a chinese goods so this is happening on a number of fronts the u.s. the traditional allies fear is as we know china getting exceedingly angry at the u.s. intention to reintroduce tariffs now this is likely to all come to a head when the leaders of the g. seven nations convene later on this week in canada it's going to be a lot of angry words spoken then mike thank you now the beleaguered jordanian prime minister maybe on his way out sources have told on zero that king abdullah will ask the prime minister. to resign at the meeting on monday have been days of protests in the kingdom after the government proposed raising income tax but at least five percent these are the latest pictures we're getting the government will supplanting to increase corporation tax by as much as forty percent so as the hikes are needed to kick start the economy. is in a mom where protesters
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have gathered near the prime minister's residence and with all of the other is it healthy i should add or did he want to protest or asking for the removal of the jordanian government the removal of any in milky they're also demanding the removal of the taxes sparked the initial protest as you can see only a few meters separate the protesters from the prime minister's residence. and this is only one of many streets leading to the prime minister's home where protesters have gathered for the fourth consecutive day main roads leading to the prime minister's home have been cut off the entire area has been classified as a military zone and no one has been permitted to get close according to high government sources the king of jordan has invited the prime minister to his palace tomorrow where he along with other members of the jordanian government are expected to submit their resignation talk for a short break here and al-jazeera when we come back government workers face a backlash in nicaragua as weeks of protests are no signs of letting up. in the qatari news agency new information about how big a role saudi arabia played in the saw the problem that led to the gulf crisis more
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in that state. oh you just told. me the weather sponsored by cattle i always hello there we've got a lot of wet weather over parts of southeastern china at the moment are charts for monday show plenty of cloud across the central belt and you can tell from the dog flus that we're expecting some of that what weather to be really quite heavy you can see the circulation towards the south of a developing system we're watching as it's working its way towards the north it is beginning to intensify a little bit more certainly going to enhance the rains across the southern parts of china and across many parts of vietnam as well so this is still just a very large a pretty wet as we head through the next few days that we're already seeing it a bit further south here it is on the satellite picture it's enhanced the rain's already over the southern parts of vietnam and now it's just tracking its way
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towards the north so forth in the southern parts of vietnam and still plenty of what weather as we head through monday and that stretches all the way across into parts of maine model as well further south more in the way of drawing where the heaviest still for the showers to be found forty eight in the west that's looking dry and bright as we are java at the moment as well every towards india and here plenty of cloud disease expected this time of year as the monsoon gradually pushes its way northward we're seeing particularly heavy downpours over the western parts of southern india and also in the northeastern states and through bangladesh and that's what we're expecting for monday and tuesday to. so whether it's sponsored by cattle i always say. living a wandering life first century is now forced to think hard about their future. al jazeera world meets the nomadic peoples of the atlas mountains. striving to deal with a changing world. and preparing their children for
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a different way of life. the last nomads of morocco on al-jazeera. back a quick recap our top stories here this hour at least fifty five people including six children have died in two boats carrying migrants trying to enter europe illegally a speed boat sank while crossing from turkey to the greek islands in a separate incident to mizzi as defense ministry says it's recovered forty six bodies after a boat capsized in the port city of spock's. right wing opposition party led by the former prime minister got a chance or as one of the most votes about twenty five percent in studying of
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parliamentary election and i'm to establish the party's trade in value second place with twelve percent since no group secured a majority will have to be a coalition government. and the beleaguered jordanian prime minister may be on his way out source of told al-jazeera that king abdullah last the prime minister tony al malaki to resign in a meeting on monday within days of protests in the kingdom after the government was raising income tax at least five percent. ongoing violence in nicaragua has claimed more lives after another attack on anti-government protesters more than a hundred people have been killed. since the start of a political crisis that began of a proposed cuts to the country's social security system but have grown into calls for the resignation of president or take up zero as money has more from the nicaraguan capital. confrontations between anti-government protesters and paramilitary forces have left more dead in the site following the killings tensions
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remain high as mass demonstrators manned barricades to block access into the city making our way to the scene of the violence we encountered several checkpoints demonstrators here are suspicious of anyone trying to pass the barricade ok moving slingshots and homemade mortar weapons opposition supporters say attacks by paramilitary groups loyal to president daniel ortega happen almost every day. more than a collector as you to mock the day they easy and against this weapons of war. arriving in the town of like concepcion we find a community divided local residents who support the government faced off with opponents daughter will be and everything was fine until the morning when the government's paramilitaries began to attack us for no reason that it. was demonstrators detained a local government worker beating him with clubs and nearly severing his ear with a machete he was carried into a nearby church where protesters accuse the thirty one year old who works for the
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office of the mayor of financing hit men who are targeting opposition supporters. and i mean for me. they told me they were going to kill my family i said they're going to send a box to my family filled with my body parts. when i'm not in the balance from the political unrest has become common in this part of the country father in mind will says the church has assumed the responsibility of keeping the peace. our commitments to our faith means that we cannot be in difference in the needs of the people especially those who are being repressed and suffer injustice i mean tempers flared during talks between local residents over who's to blame for starting the unrest argument at times because the physical. and the guy was capital managua catholic bishops are hosting a third week of peace talks between civil society groups and representatives of
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president daniel ortega administration but progress has stalled the catholic church remains the main mediators in the ongoing political crisis but the archdiocese says they will no longer facilitate a national dialogue until the nicaraguan government can commit to putting an end to the violence. when i was. now an al-jazeera investigation has found that saudi arabia played a bigger role in causing the gulf crisis than previously thought the report shows the cell that hacked the website of the qatar news agency may twenty seventeen work from a saudi government ministry in riyadh and the phones and computers all connected to a saudi communication company the hacking of the cats a news agency led to the fallout between catatonics gulf neighbors saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. last june. a second french newspaper is reporting that saudi arabia is threatening
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military action against council if it acquires russian weapons le figaro says the saudi prince has written to u.s. president donald trump on the british prime minister to resign made to warn that it's ready to retaliate if the s four hundred anti aircraft defense system it was revealed he'd written a similar letter to the french president to money on friday. the moscow said in january that his country intended to acquire the missile system build or journalist an ominous with matches doesn't think the saudi threat is serious so begins with going to macron and then to the washington then we're told to london why would you go to the russians this is a question that i don't understand which is that simply if you're upset about the russians selling this s. four hundred a very sophisticated anti missile defense system to the country is why don't you go to the russian and say look because the russians are already in a deal with the saudis on selling this system to the saudis they've already sold it to the turks for two point five billion they're in the process of doing
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a deal with the egyptians and the saudis because if they say if you go ahead with this. you don't have to deal with us i don't think the threat is that serious i think it's all part of the posturing that's going on and clearly whereas the outside world the u.k. the europeans we hear the americans rather want to see this dispute settled. this saudis and the iraqis keep upping the ante i think the qataris have said look we'll sit down we'll have a conversation let's have a dialogue and they had to keep getting pushed up by the saudis and the amorality so i think what we're seeing here is a bit of gamesmanship to put more pressure on qatar using this as weapons dealers as part of that you know all capitals defense minister has warned against any confrontation with iran and he says the twenty fifty nuclear deal should be worked on despite the u.s. pulling out. in my own judgment
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i think the united states is wiser than to intervene in a war with iran maybe more pressure we are using and maybe it will get to our result but i think the five plus one is a good outcome everyone should keep holding on this. advance with its know whether any third party is trying to push the region or some country in the region to start a war with iran this is will be very dangerous because i am sure no one from the western hemisphere or countries where you know protected by the western hemisphere will go directly with iran maybe they will try to push our neighbors to go against iran and this is dangerous but tuesday will mark one year since the blockade began and we'll have a special program looking at the political economic and human impact of the crisis
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that's an eight hundred g.m.t. on tuesday right here on our just as residents of a libyan town will be allowed to return home for the first time in almost seven years after a reconciliation deal was signed but in the town of to work in the city of misrata what a world that has been a ghost town since two thousand and eleven when ms rodger officials expelled its residents for allegedly committing atrocities against rebels during the uprising that toppled moammar gadhafi would have had as more from misrata. here in this room right behind me representative from both state is the city of misrata and the city of toyota have just finished signing any conciliation deal that is called any consolation a charter and that allows the people of toyota to return back home after almost six years of this placement the people of the what have i q's by misrata ribbons of
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committing atrocities against rebels and yet twenty eleven during that evolution the top of america death to the people of the world they have been living in camps all over libya for almost six years now and they are accused of killing civilians of shelling of targeting civilian areas during the seventy's a revolution in twenty eleven that toppled the regime of moammar gadhafi now after signing this deal today that people have a lot of stock on the way back home to to what and those who are living in camps all over libya they can finally return home both sides here blame the government the government of national court for not delivering on its promises north korea's state news agency says the syrian president bashar al assad is planning a visit to meet kim jong un in pyongyang to report hasn't been confirmed by damascus and there's no indication that
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a trip has been set up the two countries have maintain good relations for decades. a generation of children in gaza is on the brink of a mental health crisis that's according to research by the group save the children which says nearly two thirds of kids there are troubled by not me and it warms move on and could seriously threaten what it calls their frontal coping systems how we force and has this report from gaza. in gaza sundown truly is magic our time to turn our eyes to the horizon and the day's hardships pull for a while into the shadows. during ramadan it's also a time to break fast with a simple if tar dinner on the beach but get talking to some of the parents here it is clear that such moments of meeting everyone worries about what kind of future their children face about what life here is doing to them or when i don't wish to learn how to get a little how can i meet my children's needs when everything is so expensive and our income so limited what i want up the future is difficult and even if i can provide
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my children a good education i can't give them jobs that's the main problem that's waiting for them. to argue hindi has lived all of her eleven years under the israeli blockade but her childhood blighted by three wars with israel during the last twenty fourteen she became too scared to sleep alone started bed wetting becoming terrified by loud noises the symptoms persisted for years she became withdrawn at school her father's joblessness adding to the stress as sad because of course i will be sad with all these catastrophes especially when my father can't buy me clothes or help me to continue my education i feel sad when there's no food at home and i'm hungry i feel sad too for my father who's struggling without an income. the last year daughter has been getting treatment so-called resilience training building her confidence her ability to cope with stress new research by the charity save the children suggest such help is needed by hundreds of thousands more children in gaza save the children interviewed one hundred fifty children for their
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research ninety five percent of whom reported at least one of four key symptoms hyperactivity depression aggression or a wish to be alone experts tell us that anxiety is the overarching problem prompted by conflict the poor economy and the continuing deterioration of life in gaza. gaza's deepening poverty is deepening despair the u.n. says two hundred ninety thousand of its children are in need of psychosocial support but a fifth of twelve to seventeen year olds have suffered psychological violence more than a third experienced physical violence when the responsible of their family was the father is an employer and cannot provide them in our need as they said to the family of course it will be predicted on the children for example that even it over the father in somehow an unconscious way to the wives of their would be nervous in the wife will displace it on their children so that children will be by themselves
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and healthy and not behaving well he says some of his young patients still suffering post-traumatic stress from the last war have been taking part in the recent protests at the border for some he says it can exacerbate the symptoms for others it brings a rare opportunity for self-expression such is the torment for so many in gaza but among tear gas snipers bullets and death children can find moments of solace for sit out to syria gaza now a groundbreaking study says thousands of women with early stage breast cancer may be able to avoid chemotherapy the new report funded by the national cancer institute in the us says in many cases there's little benefit in the treatment more than ten thousand patients were tested for the research which show those with a low or intermediate risk of cancer recurring responded just as well to hormone therapy in theory it means up to seventy percent of patients will need chemotherapy after surgery united nations has called for calm in mali after dozens of people
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were hurt during band and government protests security forces have been accused by opposition figures are firing live ammunition at protesters the government has rejected the claims and they are calling for transparency in next month's presidential poll which will see the president abraham cater run for reelection. and hundreds of supporters of a right wing party in spain that held demonstrations calling for new elections they're on the happy that socialist leader pedro sanchez has become prime minister has given the top job after m.p.'s approved a no confidence vote against his predecessor mariano rajoy over a massive corruption scandal sanchez is expected to see out the remaining two years of the parliamentary term the u.k. has marked the anniversary of the london bridge terror attack that left eight people dead prime minister to resign may and london's mess that we. were among those taking part in a service that suffered cathedral before laying wreaths close to the scene almost
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fifty people were injured in the attack all the news of course on our web site there were days on your screen the address al-jazeera. part of a quick check of the headlines here in al-jazeera at least fifty five people including six children have died in two boats carrying migrants trying to end europe illegally a speed boat sank while crossing from turkey to the greek islands in a separate incident to mrs defense ministry says it's recovered forty six bodies after a boat capsized in the port city of facts a right wing opposition party led by the former prime minister ganesh answer as one the most votes that's about twenty five percent instead he is parliamentary election and anti establishment party is trailing behind in second place with twelve percent ruling as some see party came in third but since no group secured
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a majority and have to be a coalition government in neighboring italy the new interior minister says the island of sicily with a long to be what he calls europe's a refugee camp matteo salvage any who visited sicily on sunday says his plan is to deport illegal migrants are not hardline but common sense. here is one of the main arrival points for migrants who make the dangerous sea crossing from north africa at least one hundred fifty eight people landed there on friday after being rescued from the mediterranean. sea these are emergency centers my interest is to work in order to reduce the number of people arriving and increase the number of deportations this isn't easy to do nor is it possible to do in a quarter of an hour but in the coming weeks we want to give new signals to cut costs in court migrant detention durations for beleaguered jordanian prime minister may be on his way out sources have told al-jazeera that king abdullah will ask prime minister. to resign at
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a meeting on monday they've been days of protests in the kingdom after the government proposed raising income tax by at least five percent the government is also planning to and has corporation tax by as much as forty percent it says the hikes are needed to kickstart the economy. canadian prime minister just introduced has called us tariffs on steel and aluminum imports insulting and unacceptable as the fallout of the donald trump's trade policies continue china's also warning any trade deals with the u.s. will not go ahead if trump's threatened terrified on chinese goods is implemented but those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story station that's watching.
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the biggest anti-government protest in years tax wise as the cost of living in all statically measures a stoking demands for the prime minister to resign what role are regional powers playing in the crisis this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program fully back to hundreds of jordanians have spent the past few days voicing their anger at proposed tax increases and what they say is the already intolerable high cost of living.


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