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tv   The Last Nomads Of Morocco  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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hello on down jordan in doha the quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera at least fifty five people including six children have died in two boat tragedies in the mediterranean sea both boats were carrying migrants trying to enter europe illegally a speed boat sank while crossing from turkey to the greek islands and the tunisian coast guard is searching for survivors from a refugee boat so fast sixty eight people along with nearly fifty bodies have been brought to the port city of spock's solid balance reports on the safety of land and back where they began after the nine meter boat sank leaving tuna ziac bound for europe she knew a lizard a citizen a boat had a capacity for seventy five to ninety people maximum but we were between one hundred eighty and one hundred ninety on board. nearly seventy people were rescued
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by the two new zealand coast guard and brought to the city is farkas it's unclear exactly how many people are missing it's the most deadly shipwreck in the mediterranean since people were. illiterate a good way to go a little had a better water was coming into the boat those who could escape or fled others drowned we stayed there until almost five am then fisherman came to help us and the coast guard arrived. it was a dark night on the mediterranean some two thousand kilometers away three adults and six children drowned off the coast of turkey the turkish coast guard pulled five people out alive. the toll of dado missing in these waters is up to six hundred fifty people since january and yet it's a far cry from twenty fifteen when this was the main route to europe more than a million people crossed and there were three times as many deaths most migrants now come through northern africa search and rescue n.g.o.s have diverted to deploy
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from italy all motor. says the north the moment we are witnessing a decrease in arrivals in recent months the figure of the decrease does not stop us running with people who come are in terrible physical and psychological condition. these were the latest arrivals more than one hundred fifty people reach southern sicily on friday we are here and we will perform. as long as we will be able to perform we are performing rescue and we would be performing in the future that is possible. and sometimes there is good news ten days ago a baby was born on risky ship the aquarius at two point take kilograms she was named miracle the mother was found stranded off the coast of libya they're now insistently. life or death the two outcomes migrants must consider before they board a boat to europe shallop ballasts out his era well those deaths occurred as the
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tide of anti immigrant sentiment continues to swell across europe so the nia is the latest country to elect a populist party and a right wing group led by the former prime minister got his lunch or has won the most votes about twenty five percent in a parliamentary election and i'm to establish one party came in second place with told us and the ruling as some see it came in third and since no group secured a majority will have to be a coalition government. in neighboring italy the new interior minister says the island of sicily will no longer be what he calls europe's refugee camp let's say a south visited sicily on sunday says his plans to deport illegal migrants are not hardline but common sense the air is one of the main arrival points of vibrance to make the dangerous sea crossing from north africa the beleaguered jordanian prime minister may be on his way out sources have told al-jazeera that king abdullah will ask prime minister. to resign at a meeting on monday have been days of protests in the kingdom of the government
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proposed raising income tax by at least five percent government is also planning to increase corporation tax by as much as forty percent it says the hikes are needed to kickstart the economy. and al-jazeera investigation has found that saudi arabia played a bigger role in causing the gulf crisis than previously thought the report shows the cell that hacked the website of the qatar news agency in may twenty seventeen work from a saudi government ministry in riyadh the hacking of account on news agency led to the fallout between cats as gulf neighbors saudi arabia bahrain and the united arab emirates last june well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera with statement that's a watch alive now. zain
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. the atlas mountains in the south east of moral call a tough and full given environment but it's hard to leave and make anything. but the region has been home to the i thought the tribe of nomads for centuries a people committed to a life that many might call wondering poverty. and she.
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and possibly a comment. but they never stay in one place for more than as few days or weeks at a time as long as the animals have grass to eat. then they move on in search of respect in what seems to the outside world like and never end in print cremation. but there are no official figures for morocco's number population but people say it's a decrease in. the amazon speaking out that people face in fundamental changes to their traditional way of life. good are good yes i was voted out. in order to. sort it out and again i learned
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a little bit some not a lot in the clinical medicine given the you probably don't know it but didn't know were less work. for them or they shouted well doesn't. a bit of an a there's all sorts of a lot of good work. well done in the summer and you. didn't have a go the number of the. other didn't it with one of them you know they were in the know when a doctor where or what the most. wanted occurred on the court i don't know with those who were there at those words you couldn't agree with that but it doesn't get her national level. but that it was always going to with. traditionally
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moments to receive no formal education but in the best there have been moves to introduce what because ten schools to equip you know my children for the modern world. but then school families have to remain in one please all year even if it's sometimes involves a work of between forty minutes and two hours. and if you question is excited for children today. even if it means that they might leave their financed additional no magic way of life. to teacher mohammad then becky also has a long journey to work two hours on food. it's
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hard for that to accept that the price of their children's education is amazing transition towards what's called a sit down to the lifestyle of the one in boston as well. the neck i don't know when but as our luck is low you know hundreds of them down or up. we must not stop to do them but us up and when the d.a. alone in his own did a little bit of planning to have missed. so. surprised. at how it was. and then a single teacher must call the range off and. yeah.
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yeah. ok. someone has further. we almost had. a lot of another. lot of three inch of. rain in. some of the last year to score and now. what about some of those. and the result on how the reserve. corps.
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establishing the dance school has meant to persuade in at least some of the nomad families to sit down and one please for at least a school year. the overall process of incursion now my dick people to start sit elin and one place it is know when as they sit in there is the shine based on the word then terry meaning sitting. out. there she. held out. as some joy in it if i can have a down. if you can. all of us but all of us bad as we are machine heal you.
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like. to see one of. the towers when two men was going through the process really. the way they did was walk how do you know not how does it. so what i wanted to know. the local market provides that i thought i thought with the opportunity to meet and discuss their problems with a social worker. it was a highly and lives idea to bring the tent school to the recession with help from international agencies and the government is not a good value now on what on earth. and
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we cannot afford and just happiness but. fain. would measure what has been real has us. listen to you for. now and that in this image employable we will ask him what he did in the deadness and then macleod . says he has elevated some of the as one and a simple idea. just never was asked to be a what are you have to laugh was as a favorite served as a by love as to. what happened. in a village in a woman and the. she said i will is a bun. has made let me see you want to make. this message of you look is next in my skill set so the school setting here this is
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me when i'm sorry to hear my spin internet i just. made. a trip. to the government school with a van and hertz of. a community where the really. really because they were. in the hands of the local truant a different i don't visit they get the water though it got the love out. i mean this was open. the door when age had. not been struck down and it is not yet an island million a lot of the million. one in the shit and a hundred. seven or so new deployments and this. was a going to do to him and he said he would be
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a lot of fun but i say i just want to show. this is id from the i thought the tribe he has made a change from a fully no magic nice way to sitting in the remote village that can. deduct mean is only the second reason to receive attend school. divisions of today i used to live in a mound the rough terrain and know the gate in its primitive tracks. but the journey into the atlas mountains was a challenge for teachers on their first day walking at this time school.
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you know what really. can sort of you know you're. glad i came to look at them. but i have. bench. television in a way where. i sort of. play and i land in and for. him . that's the. setting tell. the world. it's. sad to see them again. but. then in the bass is the teacher's only means of transport in and out of to decking. it's also the
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only way for the venue to take their animals to market and go shopping for food and supplies and the nearest town there's your game your. dog was usually. are. brother i thought you all out there or. whether or not you looked a lot a lot of us are going to. over them then there are mothers of them. that. did the clean is important because it was ahead of other reasons and experimental in with so called the city centers ation that is it nominate settlement. that means that that the lifestyle here is the graduation chain with the formal no might start in to learn form in and construction skills. there are now fifty children attending the tenth school but with two separate
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classes working in the same space. so. what's the plan now i mean i don't think human knows islam so in the case of not you are not a humps if you do a. lot of the objects of the disk and did. so as if a dog. who saw turn was saw the birth of her son. yes. adolescent it has its own you to move visible. hubs to me and no limit. has suddenly in the midst of a lot lot of you so i was alone like you can make and did them in so course of we can then can't even say so couldn't delish can't.
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control the noted summary. of the film operates on a twenty million it's the play which injured and in the sense of will not robinson which i have on it's an address. with the case from in this circus been severely cloned once when. needed the demon tits bit was. how come so sure who this one was so or rather neatly and then home and not a guilt about us around them started out to in the huns. clan did this about us around from start around about our women and clearly dell forms. the personality of the o. our son or what. son of been a man there now about us or our stars around the sun with our sowed our second one in the sims about because. it's me their leaders.
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are a task that i am. only seems ina cameleon but given that hazy i guess you has and i live. well i hope that the dog. bit a. little. moment to. talk. to the music this is. the guy you can. pull him back you have. to talk laureano talk to the wind and the be done. the video. we.
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it's him has a sense interest for him to go to school he knows that. and his parents also realized that he may choose not to follow their tradition and i thocht our way off life in the future. little column that i said well that's going. and it's not good so that's so let's see the sceptic simona. after school has sent helps his parents with planting and. even this basic for men is new to the i thought. and this still only at an experimental stage for people used to a wonder in bust and. there's no muscle plugs. for that at this. coburn of oklahoma social a business. that can turn a few. minutes that honestly it's on the cutting
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room to consider opiate addiction out of all the new cheese who are. going. to clean the. it's mounds market and you need to listen that she. knew she didn't have that in the would have. been for them but. unless we. can have. an issue with fluids its own. as this defer stime have tried for many this sometimes make mistakes can be costly. well. well known to the ability to move the gun let alone the good.
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you know with a little more authority over who should have the live on let's really give those up . he does alter the auto no closer to you worse if you get on a snow you did there was a little get up to look through the engine in a little oh no there are wonders of a dead person or two or two we're here with roses. has paid a high price for his experiment incident there is a scent and now has to figure out how to mitigate his losses and get out of. the house. to reduce. when in mind. doesn't it was he that thought he was in. not his shoe and looking backwards and not hers. but then on the look and engine up and out of his nose
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so that. on his own making and then your fun nonimmigrant the moment i would a little what i wanted to. get out of how not to do him even wrote suggests that the hundred led the. dutch eleven was in there at the general. i could be out the dark magic. organized for men still on last i started off to continue to keep the breed animals in fact it's one of their main source of income. and this number did communities it's traditionally the women and children who put the animals to graze. that's how to saffron me in the
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mountains with serious consequences. sufferings drink. coffee at the door what would an after father not a n.d. get john david there were any sin there sufi did to get that. stuff even though that's all grown adult thought oh boy next three young men are straight for our stuff we suffer years ago summers did get us to what the brave reality you are called out has suffered as its servant who look was a lot of that in love letters but in drawdown will a lot of it even had the suffering of itself or will not suffer would call out under your whole head of luck to decorate the servants whether that was as often or that the servants annoyed or that they were a little girl to your mother and. the lesson was you talk about something as if it was all done of in a serious another and then again not in the dead of aka the snigs or in the words
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it is no better that it it's all your word it is business of ours of theirs that of it they have been they not the new marks a little burst water was a little. yes. it was as. they stood at the tower disagrees says it was a darwin. was sort of i did have to get the word in said hunt add the kin knows what it means. but not of such. little also well if you want it to but that isn't as bad to do to as i've also in the now as it was so did it but not in a. lot more. as well as forming the former not much iron man in the basics of building. to put in one. then i see this coming. no one is
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that a. lot of time. in the in the end of an era when it ought to get in the head and he loves it they give it a bit of a noted that women look out of. it in the. style of incentives it's they get conduct of the. day yeah. go ahead and didn't say i want to get a certificate of sort of a new look in the theatre doesn't did you for that wasn't getting awfully swelled. up the phones are. a. little bit a little bit it gives a bit of opinions a bit it wasn't given out of for me then they didn't deal to. get ahead out what i can do that they didn't get up to but you know. all of that seen the sun on
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a little bit and i think it didn't thanks to the limit that they can it's all a good image then when you get injured then again in this i will. do your man out of a lot of into that and. coming up and doing to change it continues to blow. and the communities are embracing the most look to cement their children's futures that would bricks and mortar. once welcomed now fear. dividing a nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world i feel more judgment on syria. i watch money does a richer get those people but don't think that. one german and i'm not
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the new germans on al-jazeera. one of the really special things that work in progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know is that it shouldn't be but it is but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. it would remove any vestige of doubt i'm certain that israel has come to stay a people dispossessed a state established whatever i was able to do and brownstein members back right of the great international peace organization the united nations a momentous event which lies at the heart of ongoing conflict to this day seventy years on al-jazeera tells the history of what palestinians call the catastrophe.
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hello i'm daryn jordan in doha with the headlines here on al-jazeera at least fifty five people including six children have died in two boats carrying migrants trying to enter europe illegally a speed boat sank while crossing from turkey to the greek islands in a separate incident to his ears defense ministry says it's recovered forty six bodies after a boat capsized in the port city of sparks or those deaths occurred as the tide of anti immigrant sentiment continues to swirl across europe slovenia his latest country to elect a populist party the right wing group led by a former prime minister. has won the most votes about twenty five percent in a parliamentary election and anti establishment party came in second with told percent and the ruling s.m.c. came in third and since no group secured a majority will have to be
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a coalition government. it may bring italy the new interior minister says the island of sicily will no longer be what he calls europe's refugee camp salving you visited sicily on sunday says his plan is to deport illegal migrants are not hardline but common sense here is one of the main arrival points for migrants who make the dangerous sea crossing from north africa at least one hundred fifty eight people landed there on friday after being rescued from the mediterranean. sea these are emergency centers my interest is to work in order to reduce the number of people arriving increase the number of deportations this isn't easy to do nor is it possible to do in a quarter of an hour but in the coming weeks we want to give new signals to cut costs in court migrant detention durations the beleaguered jordanian prime minister may be on his way out sources have told al-jazeera that king abdullah last prime minister honey of muki to resign at a meeting on monday have been days of protests in the kingdom after the government
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proposed raising income tax by at least five percent government is also planning to increase corporation tax by as much as forty percent he says the hikes are needed to kickstart the economy. and al jazeera investigation has found that saudi arabia played a bigger role in causing the gulf crisis than previously thought the report shows the cell that hacked the website of the qatar news agency in may twenty seventeen work from a saudi government ministry in riyadh and the phones and computers were all connected to a saudi communication company the hacking led to the fallout between catatonics gulf neighbors saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. last june. well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera workstations going to watch it live. backless mountains that have been home to the nomadic people of some to eastern
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moral center is. no they are facing the reality that their way of life it may no longer be sustainable their children do not necessarily want to be nomads and increasingly need formal education to make their way in the world . it is in her teens and had to have her leg amputated after she was bitten by a snake and had to be taken to hospital in my hackish. her name at a school in a remote area where girls have a never before had the chance of a formal education. but that that scene that has. been a deal was so bored well oh well well. he
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does. all. thing so. well or well who well who won the war. while other. just. discovered community and remote location of the tent school mean the pupils have to share every day. funding is a problem for the whole program a group called shams provides land ship but one of the original founders from spain has pulled out so the moroccan government now meets all the remaining expenses.
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of. funding is not the only problem. but. it's not easy to devise an indication and program for pupils from nomadic communities and. their needs can be quite different from children and teenagers in cities and establish a towns and villages. for the. moab. and that's now with. me. when i can when i can it's a. letter that you might in what's not so serious to a litany mainstream curricula designed for convention incidentally communities it.
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did then schools that need to provide teachin in core subjects but it also needs to be really event to this children's needs and way of life. so do teachers that have to be creative to. be there was you know were. slow and we always believed to be safe not only. for you know don't mean kinch in constructed and the way it were seen to be done. to combat the dark don't you cut apart the way. you leave it in. the concrete in the. yen and ali in the can. but with this it was almost over
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a little off and see how a lot of that's got over you don't need to first you know they don't. know what soon. will fall on even a silk i know you made up yeah no well let us know where i'll go when i see. the new machine she got over when i was sick and what i say or that that's so yeah ok you know they feed on a symptom of a year. and a woman shouldn't or shouldn't know what people. don't you know so called that i'm all up top. funny so what made up your dick and what made up in an airport but there are more more more look for what you all did male poor. for what. the mother not that silk thought of.
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the modern. no it's a good innings where. you learn a lot of thought through eric or female host the man of that cut that justice in polish of the series and what i learned when bill and i had done and. asked for a lot of us about. was. this this this. is the reality of life it's very different from the medical emergency and it was really him to cook most of all who. are no money yet. if what more do.
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you cope with. the seriously worse. than the money you need to rush to the fire to help him to keep the development. we don't need to deal with. others would revert to distribute this shit to the doctor was really to give also had to be good. well you didn't say where they. did it. but we were told it doesn't look as though this is one of the. them to.
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put it in she doesn't. mean that it's your duty day off so there's no one you know taking with another child. but if you're going to go with her those you will. you know a deal to learn and know somewhere along. it on a screen notably doma did. this one little bit. they may not get to be expert farmers. as continues in picks and shovels. they have been waiting in vain for the government to invest in the roads to access their new city minutes but have lost patience to take in the matter into their own hands.
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mother strummin none of them and you know we're going to come as soon as the train and that's really really hard to do until you know that we were in the doesn't do you love. that people can't get to roads to connect their new settlements to each other and to the rest of the country it will open up the outside world to them and their children. if we improve their chances of succeeding in the future even though it's a big change from the good old days. i think. they're going to they're going to get no more discussion because she wouldn't have done. that you don't know what you would do with anything. you know when they come on our board. you know they didn't come to know i think. i don't. know that going up in the way
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you do it obviously those do make sure. that don't want this or that then put a hold on them. i know that if you were to win no nixon. you know now that i'm an arson. whether there's any what do you know. why don't you help the time of year but i can show you how to hide so on the lincoln you can mistake it with when you get the new thinking. of like one long there's a good name but then.
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some transitions however. change. music and feasting. and women. and i don't. know we don't make sure that we must come in. by then a small one. room. give the students go this wasn't is it in. the tradition and i thought that tribe was for celebration to follow a battle against an occupier. today you can side with the end of the road works celebrate in triumph over nature. the only feast of models
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meaning a good deed takes place in am as you speak in lesions or to encourage and help for those in need and to to guide for all his meal gifts. oh. it's also a chance to pass down the tradition to the next generation and meet other moments who hasn't yet taken the big decision to settle down permanently. that. you get the impression that however much these people's lives change from now on they will always keep this deep traditions of life.
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but. but. but the atlas mountains are and forgiven environment you can try and engineers social change by introducing info. i'm an education but you can't control the weather especially not in winter. if. to day pupils arrive to see death sector of the force winds.
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it's as shame because today they have a special guest now remember so used to teach here and became very attached to these children and their families that she likes to visit occasionally despite the long journey that they're not where you are make sure i'm delicate only your new car not a lot of family and they love it with a naturally he didn't let on under way and i will probably push. him then yeah i can. be a mother to get you a bit of the cooking with a sound is that they have been amazing when little that we were and to look at your
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four door over for you is not. the only my yeah. so not say any models i bought i don't. she has had too much talk. daughter of a not so much starlet. deferred sort of the do is now i mean nickel color. screw the shirt and you can throw another into normanton and. the chanel you thought you must. really good documentation and was low level you. know telhami need to lock in it so what had. been there all rats governor bush. from the early one shall his.
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attorney. says the things the glasses. gentlemen. maybe there is no problem but i have so much to give it up a new player. is going to have a very tough. cannot start i got him clearly and i thought i. was crazy it was the way it's all balcombe out amalgamate all of the. most music all bubba she could tell it mattered. and more not kind of people go through that eyelash not go about smell. those meter i'm auditioning you and you carry them on it's a bad so above normal bad when you sat in the uk but it sounds for the us but it could only should do if she were to learn she has. the.
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that. why the children's parents do what they can to bend the road so to connect themselves to the outside world that the pupils arrive in early struggle with the metal and plastic to reconstruct the school gate to wait to a better future. that's. because the i thought the settlements are so scattered it takes a while for news of the wind damage to filter through to the party and for them to start their papers what all the data is there what it didn't even then hear of
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minutes of knowing. that there's more than a dozen times. that there was no other best and you well. yes yes the yes. yes yes yes but i definitely. you know it's in the. weather than in power them senate and. you can't even hear. but there's a limit that's certain i would use the. letter. from if you would know that was it. that. i was rather. right many of them yet you think that i have. to have known. i've been.
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told that. he's not giving up yet i was even asked. it wasn't. a. major step for the i thought is to start turning their dead school and to permanent buildings. this is his younger brother has sent a kind school bad opportunity wasn't even the been for him same's contribution to his people's future is to take part in the construction of the new school the president. of on its way into. out of on this morning and has some of september. in the having a little hoodlum does have like one hundred. one hundred of that i'm sure keen on
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a lot of. local modelo the color of the french on the other hand i wasn't for it and so then one of them has nothing. going on then why did he it does slow as it does in the long run would you. like a bit of this. when. well mine is a. living. so i. can tell you. the number of school field is increasing all the time as more number of communities start to settle and one place. more classrooms that i needed as when i was a condition for the teaching staff. that move out of the system and. into the common minimal how the norm of course to that
4:53 am
and the course at the who will be tele and the. chemicals to come. and women. for their guns has told us of course one that can help but this can but. will please you and. cloth either in the image was or through the new a no from the. little one and though you didn't and there was more stars would not move out i'd. had the balls and i'm not. sure of. disarms yet what i can in order to fit. the body in
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a. more mr little we did it to me. so as i went out of the little to get it out. on the get out and to do that and to do and to do it in no doubt but since i see that you know less than me. it was a delusion that kathy in this. room with as are you telling me the most and that is in a ferment of. change for the i thought is happening and it's really everyone hopes that no my community is that once that struggle below the poverty line will start to create
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a more viable way of life. for pupils alike ibrahim that might mean leaving his no my druid's for ever at the end of the school year he will move to an intermediate school in the city. for what. we're looking for. in kenya do you know what. again and again. what. they learn a new home mom all of them imo most of us who feel for when i'm sure. incremental clash of. what any member of the amazing. anyone has nations even. if you question
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has and that did leave the least for change among the i thought that and similar no my tribes. said that there is ition will take time and not all the months embrace the change it. is not. i went to country but it's one that wants to modernize it and give its people the best chances that in life. is the process of change it continues in this way these broad people are very children really will be the last moments of moral. territorial. social. and ethnic divisions. the daily reality facing some of france's underprivileged communities. zero
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world hears firsthand account from suburban resident. of. a divided city. hello there we've got lots of wet weather over parts of north america at the moment plenty of showers for the southeast and then we've also got this weather system here that slowly trucking its way eastwards that will still be clinging on to the east impalas as we head through the day on monday so for many of us in eastern parts of canada over to whether it's looking pretty wet and it will still be
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looking fairly soggy as we head through the day on tuesday that system also bends background and still gives us a few showers over the southern parts of florida there during the day meanwhile further west largely quiet force here for seattle will be getting to around eighteen degrees and this should be some sunshine around as well on tuesday before the towards the south and lots of what weather from a parts of mexico all the way down into panama lots of heavy rain here and further east there's a good deal of cloud a few showers around as well and that's really how things are going to be as we head through the next few days still lots of cloud across this region one or two showers but the majority all of the outbreaks of rain off of the towards the west that affect the south and force in south america it's getting cool now for many of us one is already there a bit of a cloudy day maybe a few outbreaks of rain twelve degrees will be our maximum even further north in asuncion all maximums only thirty there's also the risk of seeing the ork shower here as well.
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stories generate thousands of headlines three different angles from different perspectives. this is the only evidence that russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why i own guns. the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. partners.
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this is al-jazeera. jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes when both tragedies claim at least sixty lives as desperate refugees continue their dangerous journeys to europe. their deaths come as an immigration leader wins most votes in elections in slovenia plus. pushing for changes the fourth straight day of protests in jordan as the pressure grows on the prime minister to step down also. the idea that we are somehow a national security threat.


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