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tv   The Listening Post 2018 Ep 22  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2018 7:33am-8:01am +03

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this is a diana talk to us about some of this except if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the colobus conversation amount is iraq. will put up with it if you know in modern length that almost that india's been the new publication i would hope but of course the big problem with the government being. like. a good idea for the show you get to know is one of the biggest stories out there right now and you need yet it doesn't want to. alarm richard just britain you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week a journalist goes undercover in india to expose media companies willing to peddle propaganda dressed up as news for a price kremlin funded news outlets are feeling the heat in the u.s. but what about washington's own state sponsored broadcast operations overseas a real case of fake news the resurrection of
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a journalist who was reportedly killed this thank you and a music video born in america gets the nigerian treat everybody the caribbean we begin in india and one of those stories that should have been major news but was conspicuously absent from television screens and newspapers there perhaps the subject matter was the issue checkbook journalism news outlets for hire cobra post an investigative news site with a penchant for undercover expose days posted videos from a secret camera sting operation targeting twenty seven indian media outlets including some of the country's biggest the videos show cobra posts undercover reporter posing as a hindu nationalist offering to pay media executives to publish some polarizing religious propaganda ahead of next year's general elections this story touches on multiple issues among them paid content disguised as news as well as the ethnic. of
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hidden camera operations for their part some of the outlets implicated say that the videos have been doctored that cobra post is untrustworthy however many indian news outlets have credibility problems of their own and it will take more than taking a few potshots at the messenger to make this story go away the listening posts meenakshi ravi now want to story that starts in new delhi. a number of times not listed in the that he operates. the india are like nothing more than a good sting operation so it is ironic that even country where entire news bulletins and t.v. shows are built around such undercover investigations strikes. and the other thing operation was a mistake when it was the media that got caught on camera almost none of india's mainstream outlets reported it. because they are posting targeted some of the country's biggest media groups the times of india india today t.v.
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in the in the stern times and the footage produced was damning the. movie you have the biggest name in the indian media you know that from the biggest english group to most come into our news houses more would have a glittering offices and everybody this morning over backwards to accommodate and advertise the who would have editorial of mind who would sort of shame that narrative as it. took a. very awkward because understanding the story is not just about the rules it is something beyond the frame the political rivals of the client agreed to pick up on . what. do. you know. but also in
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in many ways to all of a is in in society so in in those from this is be all we all this is criminal behavior unfortunately it's not surprising i've run newspaper in the it was clear to me then that that was happening there are rumors of our power you can get a package of editorials written on the topic the way you wanted written for money so it's not surprising what is surprising is the amount of money in war the nature of what was being asked to be done which is to kind of really kind of interfere if you will in an election in what is the largest democracy in the. post called it's exposing operation one thirty six that numbered refers to india's ranking in the media watchdog reporters without borders is two thousand and seven team world press freedom index it's well down the list and has since slipped in the two thousand and eighteen rankings to one thirty eight. editor in chief. has
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a reputation as the masters of the sting he's been at it for more than twenty years in one thousand nine hundred seventy he uncovered rampant match fixing in indian cricket in two thousand he ran an investigation of india in peace showing how the solicited bribes for defense contracts in two thousand and three bottle founded called riposte and has since overseen numerous undercover investigations they have made him blooded unpopular in certain circles first thing i do not believe in sting operations as an editor and somebody who is a co-founder of a media company i don't believe in sting operations except as a very last resort and by that i mean when we have exhausted all the options which includes giving the opposite party as many options to respond and should have this exposing them suddenly for all the world to see that would be to me tantamount to like a policing operation or raiding somebody without giving them. adequate space is
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a small nonprofit organization that is easy game nobody comments runs a big jammers like you will ask but asked for the last two years has done personally seventy five not more it in camera stories. but. nobody talks about to become the sort of music angle to chew every time something significant is done it is really a. undercover reporter pushed approached his media targets with a detailed proposal and a fake persona he presented himself as. an activist straddling the line between politics and religion at the heart of his proposal was a campaign to push hindutva the brand of him to nationalism for which india's ruling party prime minister narendra modi's b.g.p. has become known there that on the tape he made it clear that he was pushing him to to divide indian voters. not some do some nice deep end of things and that his
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campaign was time to have an effect on the general elections coming up in two thousand one hundred seven the first is basically india or they can both by the balls offer him the chemical back to white nationalism white supremacy says in those who can see this entire exercise as whole thing is basically a way of showing you that the media is. eager readers and willing participants as a case that's what you know what comes across in these. videos the same kind of sting for example could have been done with people who did not support the hindu or the hindu argument you see when money goes beyond a certain value i don't see many of these big media houses saying all had the same exercise been repeated the same with people who oppose the hindutva the results would have been pretty much the same. operation one thirty six was met with silence
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from most of india's mainstream outlets we hardly covered it of the outlets targeted before took legal steps obtaining injunctions or issuing legal notices to cobra post forcing the site to take down some of its videos. even after the group whose advice chairperson put it was caught on camera said the investigation was quote riddled with interest constable and brazenly false statements designed to malign the company's reputation india's largest media conglomerate the times group took a different tack after its managing director beneath jen appeared on tape the company announced the video had been doctored and that in fact the times crew had been conducting its own reverse staying on called riposte where the undercover filming took place the idea of a roasting is the last of all simply because it's like being caught speeding by a police officer and telling him i was just in your car. so that makes no sense
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it's a very poor defense of what was on paper and other media companies have said the paper doctor doesn't know the full picture or what it shows is quite damning i'm not surprised that. it has not received the kind of play that the conductors of the sting would have wished eight given the antecedents of the journalist and b. the way the whole thing was set up i only targeting a political view i'm not surprised that it got the kind of place. this is passion that in the media outlets can be bought is not new so for many postings simply confirmed what they had long suspected and it did so i did already problematic time for indian journalism in the four years of the new interim government polarization across the media has grown more extreme the voices. of the hounding of journalists by online mosque struck self censorship police rooms the
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killings of journalists especially in smaller cities away from the spotlight of delhi and mumbai of the news about india's media has not been good. india's role in the pantheon of free press has continued to fall to give you an example afghanistan where there's lot of terrorism there's war and journalists actually being killed in acts of violence is that i'm putting on a team well well ahead of india in press freedom week which. media platform promising to influence election for you and be a licensed companies television companies and like i said newspapers offer this to do you see them giving a public service you dog food that is this central story of all you are a public service you are not being public selves in fact doing creation in the legs is everything falls.
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for discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers john joe at the risk of repeating ourselves there have been more journalists murdered in mexico. that's right richard two more in the past two weeks actor consult us was a correspondent for excelsior national daily based in the state of tamaulipas in northern mexico but suffers from some of the worst cartel related violence in the country and last tuesday comes out of beaten body was found dumped on the street in the outskirts of victoria and just a few days before on may twenty fourth financial journalist elise he had the us guns out as was found dead in her home in monterrey also in northern mexico and these are not isolated cases are far from it richard diaz and gonzalez are the fifth and sixth journalist to be killed in mexico this year alone and the fourth was killed just last month when carlos was pulled out of his car and shot twelve times in the southeastern state of tabasco now over the past six years forty four
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journalists have been murdered in mexico and according to every press freedom organization there the overriding issue is impunity the fact that killers of journalists are hardly ever brought to justice and then there was a bizarre story out of ukraine journalist our q.b. bob chan co first he was reported to be dead then he was very much alive. point was he trying to make but jenko wanted to point out how dangerous it is to be a russian reporter critical of the kremlin and president puts and he left russia just over a year ago saying that he feared for his life and he ended up working in kiev working for the crimean t.v. channel. now on tuesday we started getting reports that he had been shot and killed in what sounded like a professional hit ukraine's prime minister quickly accused russia of ordering that killing but only wednesday less than twenty four hours later chang go appeared on ukrainian t.v. very much alive at a press conference about his own killing. the head of ukraine's security services
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to reporters that subchannels murder had been. a joke and that those who had allegedly been plotting to kill him and thirty other people had been apprehended but the reaction from other media outlets and journalists seems to have been mostly negative would have been say that of ultimately counterproductive because it could conceivably allow russia and other governments to dismiss future real events as fake news and it may also undermine the trust in the media the stunt seems to have lent credibility to the argument pushed in domestic russian media and on channels such as r.t. that western news outlets just love to jump on stories that smear russia ok thanks joe. well last year two news organizations funded by the russian government r t and sputnik were forced to register as foreign agents in the united states at the insistence of the department of justice in washington the d.o.j. is orders were issued following claims by u.s. intelligence agencies that the two outlets were part of the kremlin's alleged
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interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election and american lawmakers have since threatened other foreign funded broadcasters including this one al-jazeera with similar measures but what about the flip side of that namely the us government's own state funded media operations the broadcast to one hundred countries in more than sixty languages those stations include voice of america and radio free europe radio liberty which have been lauded in some quarters for providing reliable reporting in countries with limited press freedom however like r.t. and sputnik they've also been accused of producing propaganda dressed up as news at the service of a very sponsors in the state department the listening posts flow phillips now on u.s. state funded media overseas and the at times muddy waters through which journalism and propaganda flow. hugh.
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an american intelligence report finds that one of the weapons in the kremlin is arsenal wasn't state run news network r t a congressional committee in the us just revoked r t america's accreditation on capitol hill since r t in sputnik news were first to register as foreign agents back in november twenty seven team u.s. officials have threatened other government funded broadcasting like c g t n n al-jazeera but the same treatment that the us government itself is no stranger to broadcasting into other countries its foreign media budget stands at six hundred eighty five million dollars. to four hundred fifty million. parceled out to domestic public broadcasting the foreign media operation is run through the broadcasting board of governors b b g which houses five broadcasting centers under its umbrella the office of cuba broadcasting based in miami is home to radio and
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t.v. marti there's also radio free asia which covers the socialist and communist countries of southeast asia and the middle east broadcasting networks including twenty four seven arabic language t.v. network. but the b b t's flagship stations are without down voice in america and radio free europe radio liberty as is the case with our team whether their output is journalism or propaganda depends on who you are. but you look at what our broadcasting is informational. it's not propagandistic they have. the kind coverage really aren't that much different than you would find in the washington post or the new york times. kind of causal relationship.
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between voice of america. and. not just. the budget comes from the. there is no independent news is. but in a way with a selected constellation of views that pushes forward a very particular line of understanding the war one of the questions that has arisen involving v.o.a. and other broadcasters in recent years has been are you simply providing journalism to those people. or are you trying to. and fan the flames of resistance in any target country you're broadcasting to. we shall speak to you about america and the war the news may be good or bad we shall tell you the true voice of america was started during world war two by the office of war
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information as a vehicle to counter nazi propaganda today here is a new and forthright attack on moscow from the transmitters of radio free europe privately sponsored american organization with just sales communism with no holds barred radio free europe and radio liberty began life during the early years of the cold war as an oppositional broadcasting station to the communist world the claim that they were privately sponsored was in fact a cover story in truth they were the product of cia psychological warfare operations and the agency continue to provide that funding and even senior staff until the early one nine hundred seventy s. during the cold war we saw in different parts of europe there was the same kind of lack of information as people who were you know stuck behind the what we called them the iron curtain and we didn't know at that point who was listening and we
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just kept sending this news and information about what was really going on the world what the outside world was like messages of peace and goodwill out of it related to those who had enough of red propaganda and it was only after the wall came down that we began to hear from people how important that lifeline of news and information was for them when these countries got their independence their leader is their freedom fighters if you will gave great credit to v.o.a. and radio free europe when you look back at the broad history of the cold war are a few played an important role part of it was knows but part of it. was clearly propaganda. sometimes that propaganda took these cold warriors well beyond the traditional remit of journalists in the one nine hundred sixty s. veteran c.b.s. journalist edward r. murrow was appointed director of the united states information agency or u.s.i.a.
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the body within the state department that oversaw voice of america. was drafted in to boost the agency's prestige in practice he did more than that this memo from morrow to the cia director of the time offer the support of the u.s.i.s. cuba broadcasters to aid the cia in its efforts to overthrow the castro government broadcast could urge cubans mars said to engage in relatively safe forms of sabotage if will results were achieved he continued the voice of america could report these as evidence of opposition to the castro regime through interviews with refugees and extracts from letters. the one nine hundred seventy s. saw efforts to create more distance between the government and its broadcasters in one thousand nine hundred ninety one the cia's funding of radio free europe radio liberty was revealed and swiftly terminated five years later
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a law of creating voice of america's current charter was passed including a barrier a kind of file intended to prevent government interference before was often trotted out as an example of the shield that enables real way to do independent unfettered journalistic work but the more intelligent and more informed journalists of the year were always aware that there was pressure being imposed down the law and that pressure could always end up on the desk of a specific writer or correspondent. this close relationship between u.s. foreign policy and u.s. foreign funded media continues to attract criticism today. u.s. policy towards iran has vacillated between suspicion and threats of regime change the state department's budget for broadcasting in iran shared between voice of america's persian service and radio farda an offshoot of radio free europe is
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estimated at more than thirteen million dollars per year from the mental mission of venues like voice of america or radio free europe is to pick and choose certain events that have actually happened packaged in a way that dovetails with the regime change the narrative for example late last year we had a series of labor related demonstrations in the iran people demanding a living wages and so forth they pick particularly on certain kinds of the slogans that say if not tomorrow the day after tomorrow this regime will fall. you know a lot of people is for the. boy is for their loved ones and the usual bit going on . don't you know we covered both sides of the issue we covered what the protesters were saying we procure covered what the government of iran was saying about the protesters we covered with the u.s. government was saying and what we discovered is even though in iran it's against
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the law to access our content we found the views of our content go like this before the protests and all of a sudden it went like that. it is undeniable that us foreign funded media do provide some public interest journalism in countries with limited press freedom often a considerable risk to the journalists nonetheless few would deny that status as instruments of soft power from the one nine hundred forty s. until the end of the cold war the us along with britain's b.b.c. enjoyed had germany in state funded foreign broadcasting but as hard power has begun to shift a new players rise in an emerging multi-polar world they too have started to broadcast their perspectives to other parts of the glass this is something that washington has found difficult to accept by attacking alleged russian propaganda the us fired a shot in a new cold information war well u.s.
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authorities wonder the media war and russia is giving it right back to them so that means is the u.s. government funded outlets like voice of america will probably have to register in russia as foreign agents a shot that may well have ended up inadvertently jeopardizing their own state funded media operation. finally on the rare occasions that pop music and politics mix and it works the results can be in century us actor writer and musician donald glover better known as childish gambino and his latest video this is america have provoked a chain reaction his sometimes shocking take on the ills of black america a video shot in a single take got people talking and has produced tributes from other artists to tell stories about their own countries one of them is nigerian pop star following day following up better known as felt's who's this is nigeria tackles issues such as drug addiction violence corruption and kidnapped nigerian schoolgirls it's
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a two point eight million views and counting we'll see you next time you're at the list.
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every. the i.m.f. said riyadh's a break even price for twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why again turn. the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost. uncovering fold the forensic analysis by the f.b.i. more than twenty years ago reports being written knowledge or authorization equipment dirty just amorphous being given that's way beyond people's expertise the state has announced its intention to time to retry crimes for which he's already served thirty two their evidence was the only physical evidence put really manning in that car the system. on al-jazeera.
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a dramatic option and watch them on the leads of these twenty five people dead and for many of their hearts. the welcome to al is there on live from headquarters in doha with me and it's a problem also ahead a wave of desperation twenty tragedies in the mediterranean claimed the lives of at least sixty refugees trying to reach europe bops the european tide of and the sentiment which is to venia nastiness just as the largest group that the general election plus. the protests against tax rises.


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