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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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on al-jazeera. a dramatic option and watch them on the leaves at least twenty five people dead and forces many from their heart. welcome to al jazeera live from headquarters in doha with me and it's a problem also ahead a wave of desperation twenty tragedies in the mediterranean claimed the lives of at least sixty refugees trying to reach europe bops the european tide of anti immigrant sentiment which is. just as the largest group that the general election loss. the protests against tax rises in jordan breach boiling point the
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kings were due to demand the resignation of the prime minister. and take a look at how such a poor to host one of the biggest diplomatic events and decades. at least twenty five people have been killed and twenty injured during a volcanic eruption in guatemala the volcano has been spewing black smoke and ash into the sky lava flows reportedly struck at least one village many have been forced to evacuate and a nearby airport has been shut down let's go to our correspondent david mercer he's joining us on skype from guatemala city that death toll climbing david and expected to climb this massive option what are you hearing. well that's right it's about eleven o'clock at night here and so the darkness is upon us the volcano is still
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quite active right now it's still in this relative phase and so rescuers are being very careful about how they are approaching these villages that are still cut off they want to make sure one rescuer has already be killed and they want to avoid any more feed tallies and so i think that some of these search and rescue operations are going to be toned back a little bit until the morning hours now we've just entered the rainy season here as well it's not raining currently where i am about twenty five kilometers away from the volcano but that could change during the night which would further complicate the rescue mission that has flown out down onto a main highway which would provide access as rescue workers to these villages on the flanks of the volcano that had been most affected so they haven't been able to get in there yet so this is a major disaster here in one i'm all in one that's very much still in the making how many little that live around the area and how many people today that.
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well directly affected by these by these explosions it's not a huge populations are mainly farming villages that are located on the flanks of the volcano but the greater area where ash was falling. would it would affect more than a million people about a million and a half people fell the ash tell us far away as one of the city's some forty some odd kilometers away closing down the international airport as you mention so it certainly has been affecting people from a large a large part of this the central part of this country transportation and so forth the roads were filled with this volcanic ash is very difficult to see out of windshields and so i think traffic accidents as well were caused by this but right now all eyes are on the rescue efforts on the flanks and you know and david given that the says one of the central america's most active volcano is that it has erupted in the pos were there any precautions that were put in place for something
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like this. well water mall is disaster management agency conrad is continually doing. operations in this area because of the the balls the views of this volcano there's a couple of balkan was right around here that are very active and they are continually working with the communities trying to keep people grasp of the situation and to try to have sort of moxon areas where things like this do happen so they can work on evacuations and those sorts of things this came as a little bit of a surprise today the volcano started rumbling this morning your own eight am and it was around three pm when it when it that blast so it's not unusual but this is certainly a stronger blast of more custom too and the fact that there was rain and the fact the wind direction means matters that much more complicated a lot of challenges for emergency services and for rescue as david what will they be looking for. as ahead to see if they can resume full operations.
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well they're certainly hoping there's not really tonight and they will be hoping that one morning they will be able to don't get any further. back to these and more morning they will be able to get to some of these impacted sites that's what they're going to be hoping for no really and no more dogmatic rushes during the night but we're going to have to wait and see what the morning or i'll go ahead thank you very much for that for now that's our correspondent david meserve with the very latest live in guatemala city thank you. let's move on to other news now at least fifty five people including six children have died and two boy tragedies in the military mediterranean sea both pilots were carrying refugees trying to enter europe illegally a speed boat sank while crossing from turkey to the greek islands and the tennessee and coast guard is searching for survivors from a refugee boat so far sixty eight people along with nearly fifty bodies have been
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brought to the port city of facts shiela ballasts reports. on the safety of land and back where they began after the nine metre boat sank leaving two newsy up bound for europe she will assert a citizen the boat had a capacity for seventy five to ninety people maximum but we were between one hundred eighty and one hundred ninety on board. nearly seventy people were rescued by the two new zealand coast guard and brought to the city is farkas it's unclear exactly how many people are missing it's the most deadly ship brick in the mediterranean since people. elicited a bucket of water was coming into the boat those who could escape or fled others drowned we stayed there until almost five am then fisherman came to help us and the coast guard arrived. it was a dark night on the mediterranean some two thousand kilometers away three adults and six children drowned off the coast of turkey the turkish coast guard pulled
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five people out alive. the toll of did all missing in these waters is up to six hundred fifty people since january and yet it's a far cry from twenty fifteen when this was the main route to europe more than a million people crossed and there were three times as many dates most migrants now come through northern africa search and rescue n.g.o.s have diverted to deploy from italy all molten he says then north the moment we are witnessing a decrease in arrivals in recent months the figure of the decrease does not stop us running with people who come are in terrible physical and psychological condition. these with the latest arrivals more than one hundred fifty people reach southern sicily on friday we are here and we will perform. as long as we will be able to perform we are performing rescue and we would be performing in the future that is possible. and sometimes there is good news ten days
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ago a baby was born on risky ship the aquarius at two point take kilograms she was named miracle the mother was found stranded off the coast of libya the now insistently. life or death the two outcomes migrants must consider before they board a boat to europe charlotte dallas. all those deaths occurred as the tide of anti immigrant sentiment continues to swell across europe slovenia is the latest country to elect a populist party results from the parliamentary elections show the rightwing anti immigration party led by former promise a young has won more than a quarter of the vote and that puts his party in the lead but he's likely to secure an outright majority tanya novak has more from libya. he's a former prime minister was disgraced by a corruption scandal but now yanna sanchez and his slovenian democratic party are back on the political map. his hardline on immigration secured his party victory in
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this election immigration has been at the top of the political agenda since two thousand and fifteen when half a million people fleeing pass through slovenia on their way to the best in europe close. most foreign challenges that are part of the domestic challenges include the modern crisis so it's a challenge for the whole of the e.u. during a biggest wave of mass migrations we told our european partners that a better large should be in short supply back in their countries and not in europe listed on his nearest challenger was comedian turned politician marion charles leader of the new center left party whose three more trussell trust the first it is impossible to bias he said it publicly before the elections that we will not enter a yani stance as coalition let's give time to the relative let's give him the chance to form a government and then we will see what happens if we have this opportunity they will form the government. the snap election was called after the sudden resignation
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of prime minister. he stepped down in much due to a failed railway a project he's credited with boosting slovenia's economy up to recession but it wasn't enough for voters here. slovenia once a part of former yugoslavia joined the european union in two thousand and four a government led by. slovenia to the right and add an anti immigrant voice to the analysts a youngster has a big challenges ahead the electorate is hearing the voices are hungry after all and it's obviously do you know go after go after and immigration policies after say that you will drop out you know dream the song. said he's a leader who has had the chance he hasn't done it so far will he do it this time around it's a big question but the bigger question is can he even form a government even though young is young says martin vaughan most votes in this
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election when you find yourself in a difficult position it will be very hard for him to find willing partners in the other partition want a coalition most of them don't share his political beliefs. but a neighbor in italy the new interior minister says the island of sicily would no longer be what he calls europe's refugee camp but her salvation or his visit a city on sunday says has plans to deport illegal migrants are not hardline but common sense the area is one of the main rival points for refugees and migrants who make the dangerous a crossing from north africa. i guess these are emergency centers my interest is to work in order to reduce the number of people arriving increase the number of deportations this isn't easy to do nor is it possible to do in a quarter of an hour but in the coming weeks we want to give new signals to cut costs and cut my going to detention durations to jordan now with the prime minister may be on his way out sources have told al-jazeera they can. resign and meeting at
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the royal palace on monday there have been days of protests in the kingdom after the government proposed raising an income tax by at least five percent mohamed reports. thousands marched in the streets of amman towards the prime minister's residence chanting we are coming it's the fourth night of protests there demanding the resignation of hand over his plans to increase taxes. the government must step down the tax law must be withdrawn these are our demands and we don't when the next government to implement the same policies either. if the government doesn't respond to want monson there will be a general strike on wednesday just like the one last week we will be calling for the government to step down because we do not want a government pressured by external involvement we need a government that represents the nation government sources now say king abdullah will meet the prime minister on monday where he and other members of jordan's
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government are expected to submit their resignation. jordan's been under international pressure to cut spending to deal with its thirty seven billion dollars debt that's equivalent to ninety five percent of the country's annual output it borrowed seven hundred twenty three million dollars from the international monetary fund two years ago to cope with its economic slump. jordan is also struggling to housing support two point seven million refugees from neighboring conflicts more than a third of the entire population. these jordanians understand their country is in financial difficulties what they don't understand is why they're being asked to pay the bill and with their d.c. al-jazeera. we have lots more still ahead on the bulletin hacking the cover news agency new information about how but overall saudi arabia played in the cyber crime that led to the gulf crisis and the government forces face a backlash in nicaragua as weeks of protest showed no signs of letting up.
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hello there we're seeing lots of cloud at the moment over parts of the middle east we can see a whole trail of it from parts of iraq and iran stretching all the way out to work its way of attachment and into marty as well so we'll see if you outbreaks of rain from that it's slowly nudging its way eastwards looks like how marty will still catch a few showers there during the day on monday and as we head through tuesday the showers gradually begin to break up a little bit further towards the west we've got yet more wet weather here that's not good news for us in georgia where we've seen some flooding and more showers do mean more thunderstorms to even further towards the south and force in yemen we've seen this huge area of cloud that's been with us coming in going over the last day or so and it's given us a lot of wet weather and some flooding over parts of yemen as well so these are the
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pictures from santa and you as you can see there's a lot of water logging there now it does look like we're going to see a few more showers as we head through the next few days and what we'll also see is more cloud work its way over the southern part of a man as well around for lolla so here is typical for this time of year you do expect to see more cloud a few more outbreaks of rain but this perhaps is a little bit early here in doha no most are in the air here our temperatures right up at forty one or forty two degrees for the southern parts of africa fine force in cape town. they help build clean and feed the capital but they're not welcome anymore. one of the nice witnesses the mass of victims and demolitions forcing two hundred thousand of beijing's poor from their homes one on one east now to syria and this was different not just whether someone's going for someone's favorites it doesn't
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matter when you meet three i think it's how you approach an individual and after that is a certain way of doing it you can just buy in and get a story and fly out. good to have you with us on al jazeera these are our top stories at least twenty five people have been killed in twenty two in the volcanic eruption and guatemala the. southwest of the capital. has been spewing black smoke and ash into the sky lava flows reportedly struck at least one village at least fifty five people including six children have died in two boats carrying refugees trying to end to europe
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illegally a speed boat sank while crossing from turkey to the greek islands and in a separate incident defense ministry says it's recovered forty six bodies after a boat capsized near the port city of facts and jordan's prime minister maybe on his way out sources have told al jazeera that. on monday there have been days of protests in the kingdom on the government proposed raising and contacts by at least five percent. residents of a libyan town will be allowed to return home for the first time in nearly seven years off to a reconciliation chartable signed between the town of and the city of misrata a lot of that has been a ghost town since two thousand and eleven when misrata officials expelled its residents for allegedly committing atrocities against rebels during the uprising that toppled gadhafi more than wahid has more from misrata. here in this room right behind me representative from both city is the city of misrata and the
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city of toyota have just finished signing any conciliation deal that is called reconciliation a charter and that allows the people of that would have to return back home after almost six years of displacement the people of that would have i q's by misrata because of committing atrocities against rebels and that to an eleven during that evolution that toppled of moammar gadhafi also the people of the world they have been living in camps all over libya for almost six years now they are accused of killing civilians of shelling of targeting civilian areas during the seventy's of revolution in twenty eleven that toppled the regime of moammar gadhafi now after signing this deal today the people of the whatever who are stuck on the way back home to to whatever and those who are living in camps all
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over libya the can finally return home both sides here blame the government the government of national court for not delivering on its promises. now gaza is on the brink of a mental health crisis according to the aid group save the children two thirds of youngsters experience much isolation or aggression because of the conditions of the palestinian territory and the shouting is warning that more violence could seriously threaten what it calls their fragile coping systems harry forsett reports from gaza. in gaza sundown truly is magic hour a time to turn eyes to the horizon and other days hardships fall for a while into the shadows. during ramadan it's also a time to break fast with a simple if tar dinner on the beach but get talking to some of the parents here it is clear that such moments of fleeting everyone worries about what kind of future their children face about what life here is doing to them or when i don't wish
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going on what are going to look at how can i meet my children's needs when everything is so expensive and our income so limited what i want up the future is difficult and even if i can provide my children a good education i can't give them jobs that's the main problem that's waiting for them. to argue hindi has lived all of her eleven years under the israeli blockade but her childhood blighted by three wars with israel during the last twenty fourteen she became too scared to sleep alone started bed wetting becoming terrified by loud noises the symptoms persisted for years she became withdrawn at school her father's joblessness adding to the stress as sad because of course i will be sad with all these catastrophes especially when my father can't buy me clothes or help me to continue my education i feel sad when there's no food at home and i'm hungry i feel sad too for my father who's struggling without an income. the last year daughter has been getting treatment so-called resilience training
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building her confidence her ability to cope with stress new research by the charity save the children suggest such help is needed by hundreds of thousands more children in gaza save the children interviewed one hundred fifty children for their research ninety five percent of whom reported at least one of four key symptoms hyperactivity depression aggression or a wish to be alone experts tell us that anxiety is the overarching problem prompted by conflict the poor economy and the continuing deterioration of life in gaza. gaza's deepening poverty is deepening despair the u.n. says two hundred ninety thousand of its children are in need of psychosocial support that a fifth of twelve to seventeen year olds have suffered psychological violence more than a fifth of experienced physical violence in their response all of their family it was the father is an employer and cannot provide them in our need as they said to the family of course it will be reflected on the children for example that ignorant
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of the father in somehow and contra's way to the wives of their would be nervous when the wife will displace it on their children so their children will be by themselves unhealthy and not behaving well he says some of his young patients still suffering post-traumatic stress from the last war have been taking part in the recent protests at the border for some he says it can exacerbate the symptoms for others it brings a rare opportunity for self-expression such is the torment for so many in gaza but among tear gas snipers bullets and death children can find moments of solace for sit out zero gaza. amount of the investigation has found that saudi arabia played a bigger role in causing the gulf crisis than previously thought the report shows the cell that hacked the website of the cut the news agency that may two thousand
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and seventeen work from a saudi government ministry in riyadh and the phones and computers were all connected to a saudi communication company the hacking also cut the news agency led to the fallout between qatar and its gulf neighbors saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. last june and a second french newspaper is reporting that sal the is threatening military action against if it acquires russian weapons left to go a newspaper says the saudi crown prince has written to u.s. president donald trump and bush promised to trees are meant to warn that it's ready to retaliate if cup acquires the s four hundred anti aircraft defense system it was revealed he devoted a similar letter to french president emmanuel mcallen on friday and bassett in moscow said in january that his country intended to acquire the missile system or tuesday will mark a year since the blockade began we'll have a special program looking at the political economic and human impact of the crisis
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that set eighteen hundred g.m.t. on tuesday right here on al-jazeera. the united nations has called for calm in mali after dozens of people were hurt during band anti-government protests security forces have been accused by opposition figures of firing live ammunition of protesters the government has rejected the claims many are calling for transparency in next month's presidential poll which will see president. obama for reelection. ongoing violence and they could argue has claimed more lives after another attack on anti-government demonstrators more than one hundred people have been killed since the start of the political crisis that began of the proposed cuts to the country's social security system but have grown into calls for the resignation of president daniel ortega. has more from the capital managua. confrontations between anti-government protesters and paramilitary forces have left more dead in the site following the killings tensions remain high as mass
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demonstrators managed barricades to block access into the city making our way to the scene of the violence we encountered several checkpoints demonstrators here are suspicious of anyone trying to pass the barricade that's ok though they're moving slingshots and homemade mortar weapons opposition supporters say attacks by paramilitary groups loyal to president daniel ortega happen almost every day. more than a collective is youth i'm up to death and against this weapons of war. arriving in the town of like concepcion we find a community divided local residents who support the government faced off with opponents daughter will be and everything was fine until the morning when the government's paramilitaries began to attack us for no reason that it. was demonstrators detained a local government worker beating him with clubs and nearly severing his ear with a machete he was carried into a nearby church where protesters accuse the thirty one year old who works for the
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office of the mayor of financing hit men who are targeting opposition supporters see what i mean for me. they told me they're going to kill my family i said they're going to send a box to my family filled with my body parts. a great. deal of it i'm not going to violence from the political unrest has become common in this part of the country father and i went to get us says the church has assumed the responsibility of keeping the peace. our commitments to our faith means that we cannot be indifference to the needs of the people especially those who are being repressed and suffer injustice. i mean yes i mean tempers flared during talks between local residents over who's to blame for starting to unrest argument at times because you're physically. and you can i was capital managua catholic bishops are hosting a third week of peace talks between civil society groups and representatives of
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president daniel ministration but progress has stalled the catholic church remains the main mediators in the ongoing political crisis but the archdiocese says they will no longer facilitate a national dialogue until the nicaraguan government can commit to putting an end to the violence and ended up. now in just eight days time the eyes of the world will be on singapore on the city state will host the historic summit between donald trump and kim jong un and while excitement is building the high stakes nature of the event secrecy surrounding much of the planning scott heide law has been checking the progress. one of the smallest countries in the world is about to host a summit that could very well be the biggest diplomatic event in decades. u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong are due to meet at last and potentially diffuse one of the world's most dangerous flashpoints versing. because of the dramatic back and forth mystery over the location and the personalities
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involved the summit is in gauging people who previously had scant interest in geopolitics. singapore has a history of hosting top level high security events including two critical taiwan chinese meetings and the annual shangri-la security and defense summit the whole security apparatus is very robust there's a lot of surveillance around the island as significant control of dissent as control of the media such that any events that may be deemed unhappy unhelpful can be quite tightly controlled and put down trump meets kim is a big story in japan to cotter's network has had teams in singapore since it was first named as the summit venue a great deal of the time playing cat and mouse with the north korean delegation to do could we have covered news in singapore a lot before this time though the security is strict and more difficult for us to work with the police presence is heavy news underlying the interest and excitement for the summit singapore newspaper the straits times conducted
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a readers' poll asking singapore and where they felt the summit would take place most thought it would be at one of the large hotels here they can be locked down for security singapore will reportedly pay some of the expenses of the north korean delegation people here are proud to host the summit but maybe not to pay for some of it if we had neutral he just makes it pretty peaceful to thank you that i'm posing to eat but i don't think we have to be free to be doing is singapore is good for us because. being a small of the country but we are able to host such a big event. is good for us the government says summit preparations are moving forward smoothly but with it intricate maze of protocol to. navigate from the proper amount of doors and meeting rooms to making the delegations from one of the richest nations in the world appear equal to one of the poorest singapore certainly has a tough eight days ahead a task they say that was happily taken on it's got hotter al-jazeera singapore.
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much more news on our website that's at al-jazeera dot com. and again although there's a problem in doha with the headlines on i'll just say i have at least twenty five people have been killed and twenty injured during a volcanic eruption and guatemala the full wake of all qaeda southwest of the capital guatemala city has been spilling black smoke and ash into the sky lava flows for ports they struck at least one village david has more on. the communities that are affected or on the southern flanks of the volcano which is basically where water where rainfall mixed together with some of this ball cap and it sounds like it covered one village now rescue rescuers not been able to access that site you've
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got volunteer claire volunteer firefighters working together with police the army. and other rescue workers that have meaning to access some of these sites so we're expecting probably one morning when they get a site that this death toll is going to climb as the tragedy becomes much more revealed. at least fifty five people including six children have died in two boats carrying refugees trying to enter europe illegally a speed boat sank while crossing from turkey to the greek islands and in a separate incident to new zealand defense ministry says it's recovered forty six bodies after a boat capsized near the port city of facts while those deaths occurred as the tide of anti liquid sentiment continues to swirl of cross europe sylvania is the latest country to elect a populous party a right one group led by former prime minister has won the most votes about twenty five percent of the parliamentary election and an anti establishment party came in
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second place with twelve percent but since most groups secured a majority there will have to be a coalition government. jordan's prime minister may be on his way out sources have told al-jazeera the king abdullah will ask prime minister. to resign at a meeting on monday there have been days of protests in the kingdom after the government proposed raising income tax by at least five percent the government was also planning to increase corporation tax rise much as forty percent it says the hikes that needed to kick start the economy. as the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us one on one east is coming up next and i'll have more headlines for you in just under thirty minutes thank you for watching. once welcomed now fear. and dividing a nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world i feel more judgment on syria. how
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much money does a richer get those paper and put the thing that has been the it one german and i'm not the new germans on al-jazeera. the chinese authorities call them the low end population. migrant workers who came to beijing to build clean and feed the capital. but they no longer fit the dazzling image president xi jinping wants for his showpiece capital. so the city is getting rid of its poorest residents. and steve cho on this episode of one of one east we witnessed the massive dictions and demolitions reshaping beijing.


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