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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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hello there we're seeing lots of cloud at the moment over parts of the middle east we can see a whole trail of it from parts of iraq and iran stretching all the way out to work its way of attachment and into marty as well so we'll see a few outbreaks of rain from that is slowly nudging its way eastwards looks like our marty will still catch a few showers there during the day on monday and as we head through tuesday the showers gradually begin to break up a little bit further towards the west we've got yet more wet weather here that's not good news for us in georgia where we've seen some flooding and more showers do mean more thunderstorms to even further towards the south and force in yemen we've seen this huge area of cloud that's been with us coming in going over the last day or so and it's given us a lot of wet weather and some flooding over parts of yemen as well so these are the pictures from santa and you as you can see there's a lot of water logging there now it does look like we're going to see
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a few more showers as we head through the next few days and what we'll also see is more cloud work its way over the southern parts of a man as well around for a lawless so here is typical for this time of year you do expect to see more cloud a few more outbreaks of rain but this perhaps is a little bit early here in doha no most are in the air here our temperatures right up at forty one or forty two degrees for the southern parts of africa fine force in cape town. in this. next story. i want. to be. with.
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dozens of people are killed as the where go volcano erupts in guatemala with thousands forced to leave their homes. and joined up in this is al jazeera live from doha was a coming up seven children are among those drowned as two boats carrying refugees go down in the mediterranean us. it was prime minister may be forced out after days of protests over austerity cuts. and hunting for bodies in
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the iraqi city of mosul while it's still so dangerous after the defeat of eisel. at least twenty five people have been killed in guatemala in one of the most violent eruptions of the forego a volcano in decades thousands of people are being forced to leave their homes as spears ruc hot ash and smoke several kilometers into the air at least one village has been buried in lava flows david miller says from guatemala city. the greater area where ash was falling. would it would affect more than a million people about a million and a half people felled the ash tell us far away as one of the cities some forty some odd kilometers away closing down the international airport as you mention so it certainly has been affecting people from a large a large part of this the central part of this country transportation and so forth
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that the roads were filled with volcanic ash is very difficult to see out of windshields and so i think traffic accidents as well were caused by this but right now all eyes are on the rescue efforts on the flanks and you know well what i'm all is disaster management agency conrad is continually doing. operations in this area because of the above the views of this volcano there's a couple of volcanoes right around here that are very active and they are continually working with the communities trying to keep people abreast of the situation and to try to have sort of moxon areas where things like this do happen so they can work on evacuations and those sorts of things this came as a little bit of a surprise today. started rumbling this morning around eight am and it was around three pm when it when it that blast so it's not unusual but this is certainly a stronger more custom too and the fact that there was rain and the fact the wind
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direction matters that much more complicated for people search and rescue missions underway in the mediterranean sea off to two boats carrying refugees headed for europe capsized at least fifty five people including seven children died in the two separate incidents a speed boat sank while crossing from taking to the greek islands and dozens are missing when they both capsized off tune is it thought hundred eighty passengers may have been on board charter beddes reports. on the safety of land and back where they began after the nine meter boat sank leaving tuna ziac bound for europe she knew a lizard a citizen the boat had a capacity for seventy five to ninety people maximum but we were between one hundred eighty and one hundred ninety on board. nearly seventy people were rescued by the two new zealand coast guard and brought to the city is farkas it's unclear exactly how many people are missing is the most deadly ship break in the mediterranean since people are. illiterate a good goalie had
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a better water was coming into the boat those who could escape or fled others drowned we stayed there until almost five am then fisherman came to help us and the coast guard arrived. it was a dark night on the mediterranean some two thousand kilometers away three adults and six children drowned off the coast of turkey the turkish coast guard pulled five people out alive. the toll of dado missing in these waters is up to six hundred fifty people since january and yet it's a far cry from twenty fifteen when this was the main route to europe more than a million people crossed and there were three times as many dates most migrants now come through northern africa search and rescue n.g.o.s have diverted to deploy from italy all motor. says the north the moment we are witnessing a decrease in arrivals in recent months the figure of the decrease does not stop us running with people who come are in terrible physical and psychological condition.
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these with the latest arrivals more than one hundred fifty people reach south and sicily on friday we are here and we will perform. as long as we will be able to perform we are performing rescue and we would be performing in the future that is possible. and sometimes there is good news ten days ago a baby was born on risky ship the aquarius at two point take kilograms she was named miracle the mother was found stranded off the coast of libya the now insistently. life or death the two outcomes migrants must consider before they board a boat to europe charlotte ballasts. anti immigrant sentiment seems to be rising across europe with slovenia becoming the latest country to elect a populist party but although former prime minister yet as young as rightwing party won most votes in the election it fell far short of
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a majority and you know back as more from louisiana. he's a former prime minister was disgraced by a corruption scandal but now you understand and his slovenian democratic party are back on the political map his hard line on immigration secured his party a victory in this election immigration has been at the top of the political agenda since two thousand and fifteen when half a million people playing ball pass through slovenia on their way to best in europe close a playful pose almost foreign challenges that are part of the domestic challenges including modern crisis so it's a challenge for the whole of the e.u. during a biggest wave of mass migration we told our european partners that a better large should be in short supply it will be back in their countries and not in europe listed on his nearest challenger was comedian turned politician marion charles leader of the new center left party whose three more trussell trust the first it is impossible to bias he said it publicly before the elections that we
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will not enter a yani stance as coalition let's give time to the relative let's give him the chance to form a government and then we will see what happens if we have this opportunity they will form the government. the snap election was called after the sudden resignation of prime minister. he stepped down in much due to a failed railway a project he's credited with boosting slovenia's economy up to recession but it wasn't enough for voters here. slovenia once a part of former yugoslavia joined the european union in two thousand and four a government led by an agenda which if slovenia to the right and add an anti immigrant voice to the analysts say young has a big challenges ahead the electorate is hearing the voices are angry are all and it's obviously do you know go after go after and immigration policies after the say that you will draw a crowd you know dream the song. said he's
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a leader who has had the chance he hasn't done it so far will he do it this time around it's a big question but the bigger question is can he even form a government even though again is the answers party want most votes in this election when you find yourself in a difficult position it will be very hard for him to find a willing margaret the other partner for mcauliffe since most of them don't share his political beliefs and all of. that speak now to yourself chartreuse in the slovenian capital he also the former prime minister has won what challenges we face in forming a new government now. well the biggest challenge of for young is young he doesn't have enough seats in the parliament to form the government by himself and his colleagues and partners doesn't also have enough seats to make a coalition to be strong coalition last night he said he'll talk with any anybody
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who enters the parliament for the first time in slovenian history it was nine parties that join the parliament so it is ninety seats in a parliament with a nine five seats it is very hard to form at least any kind of coalition not to mention the strong coalition your assertion made his victory last night because if he's a chronic leader of slovenia and independent movement he was twice prime minister but he spent some time in jail because of the corruption so it was his big personal victory last night to became the relative winner of slovenian elections but his style of politics are rightwing hard right wing with the strongest immigration politics is not so well received in other parties that enters the parliament so it is very hard for humans he said also last night probably he will try he will get a mandate from the president to form the government but probably he will not succeed in that ok in the run up what about him he's
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a new comer to politics what is an advantage. sorry the run up isn't you can much politics what can you tell us and can you reap. yeah well he's a new face shallots he's a mayor of a small town near the indian capital of janet he entered the politics exactly one year from now when he ran for the president of slovenia he was a joke in that time because he's an ex actor x. comedian who actually used to imitate young his young show during his comedian career so he entered last year presidential race and ends up runner up on a second place with forty seven percent of what's it was seven months ago and
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slovenian public was asking him to run for the parliament he doesn't help party he . his own list from that small town but he actually beats many all the slovenian traditional parties he said last night he expects after the only juncture doesn't succeed in forming a government the president will give him a mandate but he said i don't want to have a coalition from five or six parties if we can form a strong group call it a left center call it. with the economy in a focus we can do that if no we'll go to the new elections so it will be a very hot political summer. this year and maybe we can expect a new elections later in the fall thanks just in neighboring italy the new interior minister says the island of sicily will no longer be what he calls europe's refugee camp but salvini visited sicily on sunday and says he plans to deport illegal
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migrants who are not hardline but it's common sense the area is one of the main rival points for migrants make it dangerous in crossing from north africa. we're going to these are emergency centers my interest is to work in order to reduce the number of people arriving and increase the number of deportations this isn't easy to do nor is it possible to do in a quarter of an hour but in the coming weeks we want to give new signals to cut costs and caught migrant attention durations french police are clearing two more migrant camps in paris after a similar operation last week hundreds of migrants and refugees had set up makeshift accommodations last wednesday police moved more than a thousand people from another camp underneath the main paris ring road those who were forced to leave were taken to accommodation centers jordan's prime minister may be forced to quit after days of anti or stereotype protests sources have told al-jazeera that king abdullah will ask to resign in a meeting at the royal palace mohamed bodys he reports. the.
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thousands marched in the streets of amman towards the prime minister's residence chanting we are coming. it's the fourth night of protest they're demanding the resignation of annual milking over his plans to increase taxes. the government must step down the tax law must be withdrawn these are our demands and we don't want the next government to implement the same policies either. just the typical woman if the government doesn't respond to want a monster that will be a general strike on wednesday just like the one last week we will be calling for the government to step down because we do not want a government pressured by external involvement we need a government that represents the nation government sources now say king abdullah will meet the prime minister on monday where he and other members of jordan's government are expected to submit their resignation. jordan has been under international pressure to cut spending to deal with its thirty seven billion
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dollars debt that's equivalent to ninety five percent of the country's annual output it borrowed seven hundred twenty three million dollars from the international monetary fund two years ago to cope with its economic slump. jordan's also struggling to housing support two point seven million refugees from neighboring conflicts more than a third of the entire population oh. these jordanians understand their country is in financial difficulties what they don't understand is why they're being asked to pay the bill some of their d.c. al-jazeera also still ahead on al-jazeera there are a lot of guys who are make an awful lot of money just. a costly crisis the battle between cats on the cutting nations to win over washington. and the pick future for the children of gaza many are suffering from mental health problems.
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hello there we've got plenty of thunderstorms over europe still it's hope for many of us and we're also seeing what's a very lively downpours one belt in the eastern part of our map and then plenty more for the west this area of cloud and rain working its way across the body erica islands through parts of spain and up through parts of france as well and there is the risk that we could see some flash flooding out of this and some very large hail and gusty winds as well so this system the still sticking around as we head through monday no massive change as we head through tuesday plenty of thunderstorms still stretching all the way up into russia to the north of that is largely fine and dry and here there's an issue that air is so dry that we might see some wildfires spark off certainly it's dry and still very warm force in stockholm even as we head through tuesday getting up to around fifteen degrees for the other side of the
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mediterranean we've also seen a fair few thunderstorms here as well just a fair amount of cloud with this really as we head through monday this time over parts of libya and up into chuen is that gradually melts away as we head into tuesday and then we see there another system just push its way in so we'll see more in the way of cloud over parts of morocco that could squeeze out one or two showers so it won't be too hot for some robots are maximum will only be twenty one.


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