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tv   Spirit Child  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2018 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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the winds as well so this system the still sticking around as we head through monday no massive change as we head through tuesday plenty of thunderstorms still stretching all the way up into russia to the north of that is largely fine and dry and here there's an issue that every so dry that we might see some wildfires sparkle certainly it's dry and still very warm force in stockholm even as we head through tuesday getting up to around fifteen degrees for the other side of the mediterranean we've also seen a fair few thunderstorms here as well just a fair amount of cloud with this really as we head through monday this time of the pots and libya and up into chuen is that the gradually melts away as we head into tuesday and then we see another system just push its way in so we'll see more in the way of cloud over parts of iraq i could squeeze out one or two showers so it won't be too hot for some robots all maximum will only be twenty one.
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morning. again you're watching our. top stories this hour at least twenty five people have been killed in guatemala in one of the most violent volcanic eruptions in decades
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thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes as spews rocks hot ash and smoke several kilometers into the sky flows of buried at least one village search and rescue operations are underway in the mediterranean sea after two boats carrying refugees headed for europe capsized at least fifty five people including seven children died in the two separate incidents of greece and in his ear joints prime minister may be forced out after days of antiwar stereotype protests in the capital amman sources have told al-jazeera that king abdullah will ask can yarmulke to resign in a meeting at the royal palace. the remains of hundreds of bodies have been found in the iraqi city of mosul almost a year since it was taken from eisel they were buried in ruins and along the banks of the river tigris during a renewed search effort child strafford reports from the capital baghdad. it's been eleven months it's a rocky prime minister. declared victory over eisel in mosul much of what was
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iraq's second biggest city lies in ruins the fighting was described as the most intense urban combat since world war two. the search for bodies goes on civil defense search and rescue teams are concentrating on areas close to the banks of the river tigris it was here that the iraqi government forces supported by international coalition airstrikes. and killed most of the last remaining arsenal fighters in the city i saw bodies that were covered around seven hundred these bodies were all i saw that used to hide in these houses are obstacles and clearing these bodies. exploded munitions hidden bombs explosive vests and rigged houses with. trying your best to overcome these obstacles. the remains of eisel fighters are being found close to dead civilians who were only able to escape it's estimated around ten thousand civilians were killed in
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a province in the battle against isis most of them in western mosul. we have been pulling up bodies for eight days already from near the river tigris person within this quarter alone we have found two hundred bodies on the first day four hundred on the second day and around a hundred on the third we have difficulty getting heavy machinery inside all city because of the. more than two million iraqis remain displaced across the country including approximately seven hundred thousand from mosul the rebuilding of the city has yet to start families like these facing many more months if not years living in camps the delay is primarily because of questions about who will foot the bill at the donor's conference in kuwait in february iraq allies for help with the eighty eight billion dollars cost of rebuilding this country
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including mosul but only thirty billion dollars was pledged the iraqi government faces having to cover the majority of rebuilding costs itself for now almost a year since the battle against leisel in mosul was one the search for and recovery of the dead continues. baghdad. as the gulf crisis heads into a second year the fight to win support in the u.s. for the different sides continues president donald trump initially backed saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt. and their blockade of cattle article here and that's not the role lobbying has played in efforts to sway trump's administration. the nation of qatar on fortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism it was a shock in washington and across the globe a u.s.
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president publicly going after cutter a close ally that houses the biggest u.s. base in the middle east siding with the blockading countries. at the time many believe the saudis fawning treatment of him in riyadh played a part but we now know thanks to e-mails leaked to the associated press that the push to get the president to side with saudi arabia and the united arab emirates began months before the emails are from brodie a big time republican fundraiser according to the a.p. he was working with george nader who said he was close to both of the crown princes from saudi arabia and the u.a.e. broady reportedly lobbied the president and later received hundreds of millions of dollars worth of defense deals from the u.a.e. in one e-mail bertie boasted about his role writing trumps vocal support of saudi arabia at this summit quote is a direct result of the campaign we have led over the past two months to highlight
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the funding of terrorism by cutter and the muslim brotherhood brody is suing cutter he says they hacked his e-mails a charge they deny but cutters facing more scrutiny because of another court case prominent guitars are being sued by rapper ice cube he says they didn't pay him as promised in a business deal and his partner testified that they tried to use them to get to steve benen in testimony describing their offer as a bribe which they also deny all sides of spent millions of dollars on lobbyist trying to sway the traffic in a straight line country in the gulf region is a threat to global security qatar put ads in the president's favor cable channels placing op eds in prominent papers lobbying lawmakers stand with the united states to defeat terrorism and. there are a lot of guys who are making an awful lot of money and mr former lobbyist stephen billet thinks they're likely wasted. millions of dollars because you never really see any evidence of it later on you know you don't see decisions made at
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a later time that indicate that there was a positive outcome according to the new york times the saudis and u.a.e. offered to help the drone campaign before the election it's unclear if anything was done on his behalf with their money but it's an allegation special counsel robert muller is likely looking at the man at the center of many of these questions george nader is cooperating with the investigation. al-jazeera washington today marks a year since the blockade began we'll have a special program looking at the political economic and human effect of the crisis that's at eight hundred g.m.t. on tuesday here on al-jazeera there is considering expanding its military role in the war in yemen the wall street journal reports the u.a.e. has asked the u.s. to help it capture the port of a data from iranian backed the red sea port serves as the main point for aid to reach millions of yemenis who are on the brink of famine because of the war u.s.
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secretary of state mike pump ai has asked for an assessment of the u.a.e. request the former philippine president benigno aquino has appeared in court accused of ordering a vaccination campaign before a drug was fully tested eight hundred thousand children receive the vaccine against the mosquito borne virus and indo gun has more from manila. former president beneath keno appeared before a court here at the department of justice in manila together with several members all these former cabinet they submitted their counter affidavit they're accused of a technical mob or station of government funds criminal negligence and rafts there's been no tchiowa until now that has started and even members of the prosecution did not appear to date but this vaccine scandal is something that has been dragging on for many months in fact u.s.
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government keno together with several members of his cabinet already appeared before a long dragged out long gresh in the hearing led by the allies of the current president he says that they are ready to file and to answer all the allegations but he also wonders whether this is all part of an attempt to discredit his government as you know several members and appointees of president big government have dealt with the removed or have been put behind bars gaza is on the brink of a mental health crisis that's the warning from the charity save the children which interviewed one hundred fifty children in the palestinian territory front two thirds of them experience nightmares isolation or gratian because of conditions the under israeli blockade for eleven years before students will. in gaza sundown truly is magic hour a time to turn eyes to the horizon and other days hardships fall for a while into the shadows. during ramadan it's also a time to break fast with
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a simple if tar dinner on the beach but get talking to some of the parents here it is clear that such moments a fleeting everyone worries about what kind of future their children face about what life here is doing to them or when i don't wish to learn how to get a little how can i meet my children's needs when everything is so expensive and our income so limited what i want up the future is difficult and even if i can provide my children a good education i can't give them jobs that's the main problem that's waiting for them. to argue hindi has lived all of her eleven years under the israeli blockade her childhood blighted by three wars with israel during the last in twenty fourteen she became too scared to sleep alone started bed wetting becoming terrified by loud noises the symptoms persisted for years she became withdrawn at school her father's joblessness adding to the stress and a sad because of course i will be sad with all these catastrophes especially when my father can't buy me clothes or help me to continue my education i feel sad when
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there's no food at home and i'm hungry i feel sad too for my father who's struggling without an income. the last year daughter has been getting treatment so-called resilience training building her confidence her ability to cope with stress new research by the charity save the children suggest such help is needed by hundreds of thousands more children in gaza save the children interviewed one hundred fifty children for their research ninety five percent of whom reported at least one of four key symptoms hyperactivity depression aggression or a wish to be alone experts tell us that anxiety is the overarching problem prompted by conflict the poor economy and the continuing deterioration of life in gaza. gaza's deepening poverty is deepening despair the u.n. says. two hundred ninety thousand of its children are in need of psychosocial support the fifth of twelve to seventeen year olds have suffered psychological violence more than a third experienced physical violence when the responsible of the firm it was the
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father is an employer and cannot provide them in our need as i said to the family of course it will be presented on the children for example that even it over the father in somehow an unconscious way to the wives of there will be nervous when the wife will displace it on the children so the children will be by themselves unhealthy and not behaving well he says some of his young patients do suffering post-traumatic stress from the last war have been taking part in the recent protests at the border for some he says it can exacerbate the symptoms brothers it brings a rare opportunity for self-expression such is the torment for so many in gaza but among tear gas snipers bullets and death children can find moments of solace. gaza the united nations is calling for calm in mali after dozens of people were injured during band antigovernment protests opposition figures accuse security
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forces of firing live ammunition at demonstrators the government rejects the claims many are calling for transparency in next month's presidential poll with the president abraham cater is seeking reelection supporters of a right wing party in spain are calling for new elections hundreds of them protested against socialist leader pedro sanchez becoming prime minister he took over from money on a record last no confidence vote in parliament after a party corruption scandal. police in afghanistan are confirming a large explosion in a polytechnic university it happened in the capital kabul where many of the top countries clerics were gathering to have more on this story as it develops. more than eighty plastic bags have been found in the stomach of a pilot whale in thailand vets discovered the plastic bags weighing eight kilograms after trying for five days to save the animal an estimated eight million tonnes of
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plastic is dumped into the ocean every year. the top stories on al-jazeera at least twenty five people have been killed in guatemala in one of the most violent volcanic eruptions in decades thousands of people in forced to leave their homes as forego spews rock hot ash and smoke several kilometers into the sky larva flows have buried at least one village police in afghanistan are confirming a large explosion near a polytechnic university it happened in the capital kabul where many of the top countries clerics were gathering search and rescue missions underway in the mediterranean sea after two boats carrying refugees capsized while heading for europe at least fifty five people including seven children died in the two separate incidents of greece and tunis here italy's new interior ministry says minister says
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sicily will no longer be what he calls europe's refugee camp with terror salvini visited the island on sunday and says his plans to deport illegal migrants are not hardline but common sense areas one of the main arrival points for migrants making the dangerous sea crossings from north africa. are going to these are emergency centers my interest is to work in order to reduce the number of people arriving increase the number of deportations this isn't easy to do nor is it possible to do in a quarter of an hour but in the coming weeks we want to give new signals to cut costs and cut my good attention durations jordan's prime minister may be forced out after days of anti austerity protests in the capital amman sources have told al-jazeera that king abdullah will ask you to resign in a meeting at the royal palace. the united nations is calling for calm in mali after dozens of.


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