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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 22  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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herky israel iraq so to arabia they all feel they can take care of themselves so there is a strategic change happening in jordan's regional role and its ability to to parlay its own structure of strategic geography into political relationships and this is where the king in jordan is really a challenge now to reconsider how best jordan can protect itself and the main answer to that is to have the strategic allegiance of his own people in the support of his own people i think he understands that in his bones his father certainly did but trying to do that while at the same time having enough money to pay your bureaucrats and your soldiers and your schoolteachers that's the great challenge that of the faces in jordan today ok let me give lamb is the last word so lamb is how does king abdullah deal with this dual challenge the external pressure of regional powers and the internal pressure how does he deal with the crisis.
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actually yeah first of all people are not totally buying vigils arisen and tax people are aware of the pressure i can't speak on behalf of many but i do go to the protests and are aware of the tremendous pressure on jordan but the crisis has not just started now the economy crisis started in two thousand and eleven and there were many many chances for the government to prove that it is accountable to find alternatives to present to the i.m.f. an alternative plan in order to increase production and productive just. the their revenues and it didn't start with the saudis and and the interest pressure in jordan and people are aware of that and we resent that the third thing is that we all forget that jordan has been accelerating its normalization with israel if you go to the north to the the areas of the villages where there are
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conflicts there are forcing people to to sold land to the government to sell land to the government to build equity first and an acceptable oil pipeline between israel and jordan which is really stolen palestinian oil you see the people are broke and the villagers and the farmers are very upset they feel that the government and the palace have failed them so it's not just started no they're they they feel that the readiness to walk to israel to bow to america but not to. listen to the people all of the statements coming from the government should total disregard people are ready to listen if there is suspect but there's no respect at all to people on the streets. ok thank you very much lamis a very interesting discussion with all of you and we'll keep a close eye on the situation in jordan in the coming days here on al-jazeera. brain free at joining us on inside story today thank you too for watching you can always
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watch his program again any time by visiting our website at www dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash insights or you can of course also join the conversation on twitter our handle is that inside story for me for me back to the whole team thank you for watching i for one week. it was. with. thank you. south america australia pretty.
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solid. just folded. to me today. and that was probably put me in the stream. that space because the makes sense to say it's too close to. call. same. street. just. plug. incarcerated in russia's toughest prisons stripped of their liberties.
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and unexpected creative opportunities. a singing contest like no other offers a chance of redemption and hope for the talented few. a tale of singers and murderous witness on al-jazeera. eleven years on and gaza is still under israeli blockade. now as the pressure grows we find out what life is like under occupation. the people of gaza talk to al-jazeera. this is the opportunity to understand a very different way where there before it happens and we don't leave.
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our get a dream to get here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera jordan's prime minister has resigned after days of protests against planned tax rises in the capital honey al malky met king abdullah at the royal palace he's expected to be replaced by omar . who's minister of education at least sixty people have been arrested since demonstrations began on wednesday. at least seven people have been killed in a suicide attack outside cobbles polytechnic university in afghanistan more than two thousand religious scholars were meeting that they issued a decree against the war in afghanistan and urged the taliban to accept the government's unconditional offer of peace talks jennifer glass reports now from kabul. as they were departing that hole which is at the end of a long road and the gates of the polytechnic is there that's when the bomb went off
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killing seven and injuring nine and just as that bomb as just as we were hearing news of that bomb and we're hearing that there were casualties from that another bomb went off here in kabul it was hidden in a truckload of watermelons it was a magnetic bomb and that injured three civilians at least twenty five people have been killed in guatemala in one of the most volatile options of the volcano in decades. forced to leave homes as the volcano spews rock and smoke several kilometers into the david muscle reports from guatemala. the scenes of devastation in guatemala after sunday's volcanic blast houses near the base of the volcano were buried by a mixture of mud and lava dozens were killed and many have been injured survivors expect the death toll to rise. you know not everyone escaped i think they were buried we saw the lava pouring through the cornfield and we ran towards a hill more than three thousand people from several farming villages near the
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volcano have been evacuated from their homes rescuers say their operations will continue through the night and they hope to be able to reach areas that have been cut off from help what a mollusc president has put the country on red alert it will this is the local milk out of it that we decided to call for a cabinet meeting we are going right now to the presidential house to issue a declaration of a state of emergency we believe based on a legislative law that we can declare a state of calamity in at least three departments. volcanic ash spewed into the sky six thousand meters above sea level and fell more than forty kilometers away in guatemala city authorities were forced to temporarily close the city's international airport that i was sort of. we shut it down as a precautionary measure for the planes because volcanic ash is harmful to the turbines right now we are carrying out inspections and we have found a lot of. the volcano is one of central america's most active volcanoes this is
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that second eruption this year and the biggest in decades in experts say the flood of volcanoes theory might not be over yet david mercer al-jazeera guatemala the president of spain's catalonia region is missing the jailed leaders of october's failed bid for recession came tourists visiting the line leaders a few days after his government was sworn in he was handpicked by the former president carlos push to mount the torah is pushing for talks with spain's new prime minister pedro sanchez on catalonia as future police in france are clearing two more migrant camps in paris a similar operation last week on wednesday police moved more than a thousand people from a camp that was underneath the main paris ring road those forced to leave were taken to shelters across the city. the u.s. is urging china to release a full account of those killed or jail during the tiananmen square massacre twenty nine years ago the chinese government has never given an official number of how
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many people were killed during the student led protests in one thousand nine hundred nine estimates from human rights groups range from several hundred to several thousand. people in hong kong holding a vigil to remember those who died in tiananmen square the territory is one of the only places in china where commemorations can be held freely but several student groups are boycotting saying they no longer believe in the organizers call for an end to one party rule in china. and those are the headlines that he's continuously . off the sand was mixed. with what the house about seen years ago hoping that we would be able to retire
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here but from here you could see how much sand lost underneath the house. the world is running out of sand consumed by industry and construction stolen and transported by criminal mafias around the world at the time to have them put it all going to put a creativity i like that i'm not exactly. washed away by rising sea levels. being in the middle of the indian ocean for the last five thousand units eco just. lost to human greed and stupidity. when we use that sand. we loose. our life. we've never needed so much sand so badly with beaches and entire islands already disappearing who will win this and worse.
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for most of us san makes us think of days at the beach sand castles and sunshine and once the holidays are over we slip back into our busy lives. but is feeling the sand between our toes or caught in our bathing suits the whole story. does this so familiar substance play any other role in our daily lives. standard is what i like to call the unsung hero. it's because there are just endlessly examples. of the way in which sarah and intersects with daily lloyd's which we all really know commonly aware of. sand has quietly infiltrated every corner of our world melted and transformed into glass it sits on every shelf. it's also the source of silicone dioxide. a mineral about an hour winds cleaning products detergents paper dehydrated foods hairspray toothpaste
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cosmetics. and an astounding variety of other products we use every day. but it's. mended such as. you. think about your computer. chips can be manufactured if you do not have high quality said. the minerals extracted from sand are at the core of our hyper connected society a form of basic material for microchips without which our computers credit cards bank machine cell phones and many other devices would not exist. sandeep analysis supply in our airplanes the plastics lightweight alloys of the fuselage and jet engines even the paint and tires are all made with sand. it's almost become like a the a we don't think too much about it but you can't live without it.
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and the industry with the biggest appetite for sand. construction for the last one hundred fifty years sand mixed with cement to form concrete has shaped the contours of our increasingly urbanized world. because of its low cost strength and ease of use disgrace larry has become the dominant building material around the globe. the quantities used are astronomical. to build an average house it takes two hundred tons of sand. for a larger building like a hospital around three thousand tons. each kilometer of highway devours thirty thousand tons. and to build
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a nuclear plant the estimate is about twelve million tonnes. production of sand exceeds fifteen billion tons. and that is a quantity that is so huge that it's beyond imagination how much is fifteen billion you don't know because no one. is used in such vast quantities as maybe with the exception of water. so where in the world does that much sand come from. let's just say the man who work in the aggregate business have been affected by the economic downturn. behind. sand is that.
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businesses are meeting this demand is not always an easy task. is not something that's easily found like you might think it is used to be that you'd have a sandy gravel deposit and you'd simply go and dig it up out of the ground so you'd have to make your roads bridges and buildings up but that type material has all been taken away it's gone abuse it already. with the process of service and exhausted we started dredging rivers for sand but this is lead to flooding. now we've turned to the oceans for sand. to satisfy our seemingly unsafe.


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