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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2018 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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as sad because of course i will be sad with all these catastrophes especially when my father can't buy me clothes or help me to continue my education i feel sad when there's no food at home and i'm hungry i feel sad too for my father who struggling without an income. the last year though has been getting treatment so-called resilience training building her confidence her ability to cope with stress new research by the charity save the children suggest such help is needed by hundreds of thousands more children in gaza save the children interviewed one hundred fifty children for their research ninety five percent of whom reported at least one of four key symptoms hyperactivity depression aggression or a wish to be alone experts tell us that anxiety is the overarching problem prompted by conflict the poor economy and the continuing deterioration of life in gaza. gaza's deepening poverty is deepening despair the u.n. says two hundred ninety thousand of its children are in need of psychosocial
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support that a fifth of twelve to seventeen year olds have suffered psychological violence more than a third of experienced physical violence when the responsible of their family was the father is an employer and cannot provide them in our need as i said to the family of course it will be perfect it on the children for example that it meant over the father in somehow an unconscious way to the wives of their would be nervous when the wife will displace it on the children so that children will be by themselves and healthy and not behaving well. he says some of his young patients still suffering post-traumatic stress from the last war have been taking part in the recent protests at the border for sonny says it can exacerbate the symptoms for others it brings a rare opportunity for self-expression such is the torment for so many in gaza that among tear gas snipers bullets and death children can find moments of solace or a force at al-jazeera gaza. the remains of hundreds of bodies have been found in
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the iraqi city of mosul missed a year since it was retaken from eisel they were buried in ruins and along the banks of the river tigris steering a renewed they were found during a renewed search efforts charles stratford reports from baghdad. it's been eleven months since iraqi prime minister hydrilla body declared victory over eisel in mosul much of what was iraq's second biggest city lies in ruins the fighting was described as the most intense urban combat since world war two. the search for bodies goes on civil defense search and rescue teams are concentrating on areas close to the banks of the river tigris it was here that the iraqi government forces supported by international coalition airstrikes flushed out and killed most of the last remaining leisel fighters in the city i saw bodies that were covered around seven hundred these bodies were all i saw all that used to hide in these houses are
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obstacles and clearing these bodies unexploded munitions hidden bombs explosive vests and rigged houses with i.e.d. as we are trying our best to overcome these obstacles. to the remains of eisel fighters are being found close to dead civilians who were on able to escape it's estimated around ten thousand civilians were killed in a province in the battle against isis most of them in west of mosul. we have been pulling up bodies for eight days already from near the river tigris ponds within this quarter alone we have found two hundred bodies on that first day four hundred on the second day and around one hundred on the. we have difficulty getting heavy machinery aside all city because of the. more than two million iraqis remain displaced across the country including
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a. least seven hundred thousand for mosul the rebuilding of the city has yet to start families like the space many more months if not years living in camps the delay is primarily because of questions about who will foot the bill at a donor's conference in kuwait in february iraq asked its allies for help with the eighty eight billion dollars cost of rebuilding this country including mosul but only thirty billion dollars was pledged the iraqi government faces having to cover the majority of rebuilding costs itself for now almost a year since the battle against leisel in mosul was one the search for and recovery of the dead continues john strafford al jazeera baghdad. and i was zero investigation has found that saudi arabia played a bigger role in causing the gulf crisis than previously thought the report shows
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that the cell that hacked the cattle news agencies website in may last year worked from a saudi government ministry in riyadh the phones and computers were connected to a saudi communication company hackers posted fake quotes attributed to catalyze amir this led to saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt cutting ties with gaza and imposing a blockade was the first anniversary of the blockade of catch up roaches their efforts in the united sates to try to win over u.s. support president donald trump initially back to the blockading countries of saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain before calling on all sides to resolve their disputes petty culhane takes a look now at the role that lobbying has played in the crisis. the nation of qatar on fortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism it was a shock in washington and across the globe a u.s. president publicly going after cutter a close ally that houses the biggest u.s.
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base in the middle east siding with the blockading countries. at the time many believe the saudis fawning treatment of him in riyadh played a part but we now know thanks to e-mails leaked to the associated press that the push to get the president to side with saudi arabia and the united arab emirates began months before the emails are from brodie a big time republican fundraiser according to the a.p. he was working with george nader who said he was close to both of the crown princes from saudi arabia and the u.a.e. broady reportedly lobbied the president and later received hundreds of millions of dollars worth of defense deals from the u.a.e. in one e-mail bertie boasted about his role writing trumps vocal support of saudi arabia at this summit quote is a direct result of the campaign we have led over the past two months to highlight the funding of terrorism by qatar and the muslim brotherhood brody is suing cutter
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he says they hacked his e-mails a charge they deny but cutters facing more scrutiny because of another court case prominent guitars are being sued by rapper ice cube he says they didn't pay him as promised in a business deal and his partner testified that they tried to use them to get to steve bannon in testimony describing their offer as a bribe which they also deny all sides of spent millions of dollars on lobbyist trying to sway the traffic in a straight line country in the gulf region is a threat to global security are put ads in the president's favor cable channels placing op eds in prominent papers lobbying lawmakers stand with the united states to defeat terrorism and. there are a lot of guys who are making an awful lot of money and mr former lobbyist stephen billet thinks they're likely waste. millions of dollars because you never really see any evidence of it later on you know you'll see decisions made at a later time that indicate that there was
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a positive outcome according to the new york times the saudis and u.a.e. offered to help the drone campaign before the election it's unclear if anything was done on his behalf with their money but it's an allegation special counsel robert muller is likely looking at the man at the center of many of these questions george nader is cooperating with the investigation. al-jazeera washington what you say is the first anniversary of the beginning of the blockade and we'll have a special program looking at the political economic and human impact of the crisis you can see it at eight hundred as tuesday here on al-jazeera that's eight hundred hours g.m.t. . now the wall street journal is reporting that the u.a.e. has asked the united states to help it take control of yemen's port of her data from who thing rebels the red sea port serves as the main entry points aid to reach millions of yemenis iraqi and american forces worked together inside the country but the u.s. so far stayed away from any fighting around the pools look at stormy in the south
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china sea region his tell us more is where the staff that's right just in the last twenty four hours got warnings popping up all over the place showing us that there's the risk of seeing some cyclamens foam combos not necessarily bad news because it's been incredibly hot over the last few weeks may was incredibly hot and it's continuing this is what it looked like there at the moment there you can see those big chunky clouds there they have already given us one or two showers and there's plenty more still to come on the satellite sequence then you can see plenty of cloud all the way across this central belt of this map here with the brightest white area of cloud just to the east of vietnam and that's where we've already got all storm this is already a tropical depression it has developed already but we're also watching this area just to the east of the philippines and one to the east of rough as well it looks like both of those will develop into a tropical storm as we head to through the next twenty four to forty eight hours
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this is the one we're watching at the moment though it's running northwards but incredibly slowly only it around ninety kilometers per hour so all the way along this coast then we've got a prolonged period of heavy rain before that storm system eventually begins to pull away we're expecting it to make landfall in high now and around twelve g.m.t. on tuesday that's around eight pm local time that's when we'll see the worst of the winds but more importantly the worst of the rains they could well give us some flooding major stephanie thanks still to come here on the news hour a former philippine president appears in course over a vaccination campaign that may have put lives at risk and it supports her bid for a second grand slam. title of the latest from the french open. fifty six. the i.m.f. said riyadh's breakeven oil price twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty
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eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp. the government raised our hopes and then abandoned us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government fail.
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it is good to have you with us hello adrian fitting in here into with the news hour from al-jazeera our top stories this hour jordan's prime minister maliki has resigned after days of protests in amman against planned tax rises king abdullah accepted the resignation after a meeting at the royal palace multis expects to be replaced by the education minister omar alvarez us. at least seven people have been killed in a suicide attack outside kabul polytechnic university in the afghan capital more than two thousand religious scholars beating but earlier urged the taliban to accept the government's peace offer. search and rescue missions are underway the mediterranean sea after two boats carrying refugees headed for europe capsized at
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least fifty five people including seven children died in the two separate incidents of greece and two this year. there are reports that the syrian army is mobilizing its troops to launch an offensive into data to remove rebels from the city they however say that they will not move or surrender syria is divided between different factions after seven years of civil war areas controlled by the government and its allies are marked in red here on this map opposition areas marked in green the kurds are yellow the blue area is controlled by turkish backed rebel groups eyesores been pushed into small corners of the country shown on our map in black the syrian government controls these air bases across the country while its russian partners are mostly concentrated in the west they also have a permanent air base in latakia at a naval port in tattoo's iran and its fighters tend to stay close to russian and syrian military assets there are those seems to be the government's next big
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targets in the southwest of the country near the jordanian border the rebels control two thirds of that province joining us to analyze all of this couple out who's head of policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy studies good to have you with us once again what do you think is going to happen in there are we looking at another possible eastern gusa here which of course was devastated i don't think so we are going to i don't think we are going to have a military confrontation in burma and the mobilization of the government troops is mainly part of a psychological warfare why do you say that because the rebels are already saying that they have no intention of surrendering or leaving because i think there are two factors here that prevent the regime from attacking. that happens in that are the fierce one is that the americans will not allow that the americans they have already warned that he is against attacking there are the americans are in fact supporting these factions in in the city and the but he doesn't have resources
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is it is not enough troops to start an attack on the law and if the region. is going to attack militarily it's going to rely mainly on his will and iranian backed militias this is something that is likely will not allow so this is why we have been seeing recently. negotiations between the russians on one hand and there is a ladies on the one hand to allow the regime forces in fact tool. or to take control to regain the this part of the of the of syria. while actually. forcing the iranian militias to withdraw. north toward something like sixty kilometers far from the borders and we are expecting to see a meeting in fact between the russians the americans and the your team is now a man next week and that is going to discuss how to hand over. and then
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a siop border crossing between syria and jordan to the syrian regime but without any fight so we are here having some sort of a deal being worked on between the different parties here in order to prevent any sort of political flirtation between the syrian regime and that is just sort of corporation apply to the whole of the country where are we in the war in syria as an employee or homes and goes from from the news agenda yet you know sometimes we hear a lot about what's going on in syria other times it's fairly quiet are we any nearer to an end in the war it's we can't talk we cannot talk about a comprehensive like solution to this crisis yet because we are still far away from that point in fact what we are what we are talking about right now is dealing with syria ten spots inside the country one by one this is this has been the policy of the regime in fact for the past couple of years in fact since there are so the intervention that the military intervention the russian with the intervention and in syria those shows are trying actually to take the rebels control you know one by
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one sometimes by applying. heavy military pressure on on that uppers and sometimes actually by trying to negotiate a deal either with the rebels themselves by having these local conciliation with them or actually by having agreements with the. backers of the city and factions and this is what we are going to see now and then i between the russians that america's there is that at least and the jordanians we're going to see a deal being worked out between these different different players or actors and that is going to be actually applied or implemented by board and the syrian opposite. ok. if there is some sort of humanitarian crisis though in that region you say that this is going to happen without a fight but people may still flee and it would make sense if they if they went towards jordan we were hearing yeah this is this is this is very important this is why we are going to see more negotiations rather than fighting because the jordan
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is very scared about the influx of refugees this is what i was going to say jordan is already. down here a new look at the protests this week the prime minister has gone absolutely and the refugee problem is all part of jordan's jordan's problem that will contribute to destabilizing jordan even if we are going to have any sort of fighting in the region because as we said we are going to see hundreds of thousands of people actually fleeing being the jordan and that's going to be very difficult situation for the jordanians to handle given the crisis they're already having right now always good to talk to mom of those little lot when up when you come in very thing stephen i want a couple. now u.s. president a little trump has claims that he has the absolute right to pardon himself in the washer investigation a special counsel has been looking into possible collusion between trump's campaign and russia in the twenty sixteen presidential election let's get more from al-jazeera hellcat who joins us now live from washington d.c.
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it's been a twitter again as the what you've been saying now. saying a lot actually sending about a half dozen tweets in the last couple of hours but it's two that have really caught the attention of the american public and now the media worldwide has to do with the issue of whether or not the president has the power to pardon himself what he says on twitter as stated by made numerous legal scholars i have the absolute right to part of myself but why would i do that when i have done nothing wrong well the issue seems to be one that the legal team of donald trump has been floating in terms of whether or not the president does have this power for a number of days in fact the president's lawyer rudolph giuliani former mayor of new york on a number of sunday chat shows making the very similar argument that the president does have this power but he does not plan to utilize it but certainly what we're hearing here is the president making
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a case that has been going on for months we now know because in a leaked letter to the new york times that was authored by the president's legal team in fact they have been considering this idea of a president being able to pardon himself at least back to january of this year but certainly this is become something that will be intensely scrutinized in a matter of public debate whether or not the president does have this power and complete he's also been attacking the constitutionality of the special counsel investigation what's he been saying about that. right now this is the second tweet that's really caught the attention that as you point out of the special counsel is totally unconstitutional despite that we play the game because i am like the democrats have done nothing wrong well certainly i don't think there is anyone in the united states that believes it's unconstitutional to appoint a special counsel in fact those kinds of appointments of occurred before we remember in the era of bill clinton that certainly there was
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a special counsel ben looking into a real estate deal that did ultimately lead to bill clinton's impeachment and the other thing about the united states is that presidential power and congressional power those are equal there is a check on presidential power the president certainly can have those powers check not only by the appointment of a special counsel but certainly what can happen is that the house of representatives could impeach the president if it chose to do so he could be removed from office by the u.s. senate we've seen it before and certainly when it comes back to that issue of whether or not a president can pardon himself if you go back to nine hundred seventy four in the nixon era when he had to resign because of presidential corruption scandal certainly the justice department back then stated in a memo that no one can judge their own case and a president cannot pardon himself so certainly the justice department has weighed in on this decades ago and certainly there's no question as constitutional lawyers will certainly be debating today that there is a check on presidential power by the u.s.
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congress to believe anything so does this complete how could there live in washington to learn is president says that hill who talks with spain's new prime minister pedro sanchez on the region's future comptroller made the announcement of the visiting the nine capital and leaders who are jailed for that policy and leading a failed secession it last october just as david chase a ball for us from madrid what was told to doing the visiting these these men who are in prison and what did he say about this meeting with the prime minister. well a century at the prison complex behind me you have five of his colleagues facing charges of rebellion sedition are and are in custody awaiting a trial that won't take place until the autumn so he came here essentially to find out how they were to discuss tactics to discuss strategy and to try and help their
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case to be moved from this prison complex outside madrid to somewhere near a home because it's been very difficult for their families to actually make this trip and actually see them distressing for their families and for their children and for themselves but the real focus of this visit was whether he'd open negotiations or at least had contact with sanchez the new socialist prime minister whether there's going to be some sort of grounds on which they could actually open a conversation so this is what he said after the visit let's hear what he said before i think. we have exchanged messages and agreed to meet as soon as possible but it's important for me to emphasize that we are going through an exceptional situation in this country we want to know what type of prime minister we're going to find the one who condemned the independence referendum or a new man so what are the chances of him being able to work help with the release of these nine men who are in prison david. well i
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think you've got very difficult ground eggshells for the new searches prime minister were to to walk across because it very much the feeling here in in the country from the right wing and from the people's party is that essentially this was a the vote of no confidence was a an ouster which was a constitutional two dates and they want new elections they don't think that a a prime minister has just eighty four seats in a three hundred fifty seat parliament should have any right to start negotiations to to work on the budget and i think that will become more and more clear over the coming days and weeks there's going to be very hard for petro sanchez to hold on to his position david many thanks indeed to. live in madrid now on tuesday eight states in the u.s. will choose candidates for november's midterm elections
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a large number of women standing for the democrats in the congressional primaries as the party wants to regain the majority in the house of representatives and was a serious kristen salumi reports now from new jersey. i am like you she is a former navy pilot federal prosecutor and first time political candidate mikey surreal is also the leading fundraiser in a crowded field of democrats running to represent new jersey's eleventh congressional district a seat that has been held by a republican man for the last twenty four years we see so many women running we see some.


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