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as well as a large force of afghan security forces fighting very hard and losing men all over the country it's been a brutal fighting season and the attacks continue here in the afghan capital so to come on the program save the children sounds the alarm over a looming mental health crisis in gaza and will the strategy pay off u.s. democrats forced upon unprecedented number of female candidates in the primary elections. hello there we got a lot of wet weather on its way towards the southern parts of china and viet nam in fact for some of us the rain's already with us you can see the cloud hid just to the west in parts of hong kong and then all the way down through parts of viet nam it's already giving us some very heavy downpours in vietnam some places reporting well over one hundred millimeters of rain in twenty four hours and it's all thanks
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to a tropical depression that's working its way northward we are expecting it to be the equivalent of a tropical storm by the time it makes landfall in high nan and so the winds will be fairly blustery but it is going to be the rain that is the main issue and this system is moving incredibly slowly and generating plenty of showers over a huge area so for many of us there will be a prolonged period of very heavy rain and that could give us an issue with the flooding we've had the towards the west there's also been some heavy downpours here as well courtesy of the monsoon is gradually pushing its way northward and as you can see at the moment some of the wettest of the weather is in the southwestern parts of india more very heavy downpours there lightly during the day on choose day also plenty of showers across sri lanka and for the northeastern states of india through bangladesh and nepal for the northern parts of india though in pakistan it does look a mostly dry it's also pretty hot the new delhi they're getting to forty four degrees.
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the i.m.f. said riyadh's a brief even oprah's twenty eight team is likely to be a road eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. for help and now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. welcome back and let's get a reminder of the top stories say on al jazeera jordan's king abdullah has
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appointed a former world bank economist as prime minister after honey and locate resigned following days of protests against i.m.f. backed austerity measures rescuers in got some on last searching for survivors comfortable coming corruption on sunday to look at least thirty eight people it's the most violent eruption of the four a go volcano in more than fourteen years and has been out range in the u.s. from democrats and constitutional lawyers over donald trump's tweets that he has the rights to publish himself from an investigation into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixth election. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says iran must be prevented from developing a nuclear weapon he's been meeting german chancellor angela merkel in netanyahu warned against allowing iran to expand its influence in the middle east and that the nation is a threat to the world well john mccain now joins us live from berlin so dominating
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netanyahu persuade. i love that with the german chancellor did she take on board what he was saying. but the point to make here is that whenever there are meetings of the heads of government of israel and germany the two leaders always talk about the friendliness between the two countries. priorities about the depth of the relationship between the two countries but today what was on show was the difference of opinion between the two countries coming into this meeting today mr netanyahu had said there were two topics of real concern iran i'm dear on and it was a message that he returned to in the joint news conference the two leaders gave after that meeting. i think the greatest challenge that the civilized world faces today is the danger that comes from. militant islamic states that are bent on aggression and acquiring nuclear arsenals this is the greatest danger is and iran
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just yesterday little comment yesterday you said again that israel is a cancer that has to be eradicated will be eradicated from the earth. the point to make is that sentiments like that clearly here in germany and good americal says that that she rejects that suggestion from as to how many from the iranian government that she differs in approach regarding the way that mr netanyahu thinks the iran deal that was thrashed out those years ago should be implemented you know what effect has a hand with the u.s. pulling out of that day with germany and of course right across europe downing. well that's the point to look at here that many european companies offer to the freeing up of relations as it were after that deal was negotiated those years ago have sought to invest in iran many large companies certainly airbus with many
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orders put through with the iranian government on the understanding that the deal that had been agreed upon was going to remain in force the point to make here also today those companies are concerned and i'm going to medical clearly has a concern about what effect if that deal will repudiation if all the sanctions that were would be reimposed what that might have on airbus and other german concerns but let's be clear about this mr netanyahu is visiting berlin then he will visit paris then he will visit london trying to get support from what's called the e.u. three of the three e.u. countries part of the deal that was agreed with iran so far at least angela merkel seems not to be agreeing with mr netanyahu in the need for a change of approach the question will be whether mr mccance whether mrs may will change their opinion these are the what i'm going to merkel is that and so far at least that doesn't seem to be the case all three of them have the interest in seeing european industry being able to invest in iran and that's why their concern would be if sanctions were imposed what effect that might have on concern on
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european industrial concerns thanks for the update on that came there live for us in germany meanwhile iran supremely defends his country has no intention of carrying its ballistic missile program and will respond harshly if attacked by its enemies ayatollah ali how many gave the warning on monday he said iran's missile program is crucial for the country's defense and that task will attack ten times more if provoked by western nations. the aid group save the children is warning that guards are is on the brink of a mental health crisis the charity has interviewed one hundred fifty children in the palestinian territory and found two thirds of them experience nightmares anxiety and aggression due to the conditions that living in from gaza are a force that reports in gaza sundown truly is magic hour a time to turn eyes to the horizon and other days hardships fall for
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a while into the shadows. during ramadan it's also a time to break fast with a simple if tar dinner on the beach but get talking to some of the parents here it is clear that such moments a fleeting everyone worries about what kind of future their children face about what life here is doing to them when i don't wish to learn how to get a look at how can i meet my children's needs when everything is so expensive and our income is so limited was i want up the future is difficult even if i can provide my children a good education i can't give them jobs that's the main problem that's waiting for them. india has lived all of her eleven years under the israeli blockade but her childhood blighted by three wars with israel during the last twenty fourteen she became too scared to sleep alone started bedwetting becoming terrified by loud noises the symptoms persisted for years she became withdrawn at school her father's joblessness adding to the stress as sad because of course i will be sad with all
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these catastrophes especially when my father can't buy me clothes or help me to continue my education i feel sad when there's no food at home and i'm hungry i feel sad too for my father who's struggling without an income. the last year dor has been getting treatment so-called resilience training building her confidence her ability to cope with stress new research by the charity save the children suggest such help is needed by hundreds of thousands more children in gaza save the children interviewed one hundred fifty children for their research ninety five percent of whom reported at least one of four key symptoms hyperactivity depression aggression or a wish to be alone experts tell us their anxiety is the overarching problem prompted by conflict the poor economy and the continuing deterioration of life in gaza. gaza's deepening poverty is deepening despair the un says two hundred ninety thousand of its children are in need of psychosocial support that a fifth of twelve to seventeen year olds have suffered psychological violence more
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than fifty have experienced physical violence when that is possible of their family it was the father is an employer and cannot provide them in our need as they said to the family of course it will be reflected on the children for example that it meant over the father in somehow an unconscious way to the wives of their would be nervous when the wife will displace it on their children so that children will be by themselves unhealthy and not behaving well he says some of his young patients still suffering post-traumatic stress from the last war have been taking part in the recent protests at the border for some he says it can exacerbate the symptoms for others it brings a rare opportunity for self-expression such is the torment for so many in gaza that among tear gas snipers bullets and death children can find moments of solace for sit out zero gaza. madagascar's president says he's appointed
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a new prime minister christiana and say there's currently a senior official at the u.n. the former prime minister i live near my half hourly resigned earlier in line with the court's ruling ordering ordering the formation of a new government madagascar has been in the grip of a protracted political crisis the defense minister warned the military could step in if a new prime minister wasn't found. it's this new coalition government appears to be focusing on immigration and its early days in power it's also facing major social issues the seaside town of ostia just outside the capital rome is one area that's been hit hard by poverty and the rise of organized crime the pope was there on sunday to organizations for letting residents down sonny gago has followed in his footsteps for a day in a deeply divided community. the sun and the mediterranean sea provide a welcome distraction from italy's recent political dramas this is also
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a popular resorts on the roman coast. and this is also. the one. we are marginalized here. we're living in a bellow in this i'm dying of hunger and living in a carriage it is a deeply divided place where people feel politics has failed them in its place organized crime has filled the gap through drug trafficking and extortion. the local five star movement to took control of the council last year has promised to crack down on the gangs and rebuild the area so the problems are very real it's a marginalized place there are drugs there's crime but people here have been forgotten and it's a neighborhood such as this one here where people feel they have really been abandoned let down by governments over the years and while a new set of politicians is promising change there's very little say thing that
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will actually happened. without political support those living here have had to take it upon themselves to make it more habitable including creating spaces for children to play with and once was nothing the local councils responsibility assumed by those who were supposed to serve. everything that's been done here has been done and it's not because we do not want to work but there's always been a wall between the citizens and the operatives. and the problems here have also been acknowledged by the head of the roman catholic church during a visit on sunday the first in fifty years by a pontiff pope francis condemned the organizations that have turned into a power center of mass violence. jesus wants the walls of indifference and silence to be breached on balls of oppression an arrogance torn
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asunder and call skloot for justice civility and legality. it is a stand simply a new era in italian politics everyone here knows there is much work to be done to take an immense effort politically and otherwise to wrest ostia away from the stranglehold of the local mafia gangs who wield enormous power so new guy a go al-jazeera last year north korea's leader kim jong un has reportedly replaced three of his leading military officers and head of a meeting with u.s. president on trunk according to south korean media came has sunk to the defense minister the army's chief of staff and the head of its political bureau have been replaced with younger men who support his policies u.s. intelligence believes there has been some opposition from within the military to kim's dialogue with south korea and the united states. the president of the
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philippines where griego deter is once again finding himself at the center of controversy this time it's over a kiss. the seventy three year old president invited the woman onto the stage during an official visit to south korea and asked her to kiss him in exchange for a copy of his book he told the crowd it was all a bit of fun but rights groups have denounced the move pointing to deter record of derogatory remarks about women eight states have primary elections in the u.s. on tuesday to narrow the amount of candidates for the upcoming midterm elections nationwide to democrats have been rallying around on unprecedented number of women candidates as a push to regain the majority in the house of representatives come november kristen salumi has more from the state of new jersey. i mean
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i am. she is a former navy pilot federal prosecutor and first time political candidate mikey should relish also the leading fundraiser in a crowded field of democrats running to represent new jersey's eleventh congressional district a seat that has been held by a republican man for the last twenty four years we see so many women running we see so many veterans running because we feel like it's time for new leadership in washington it's a common sentiment among democrats particularly women who were actually physically being targeted by our president not only here in suburban new jersey but around the country and we have twenty four seats we need to flip in this midterm election and i'm running to flip one where they hope to win enough seats to retake the majority in the house and female candidates are leading the charge on tuesday nearly one hundred women from both political parties many of them newcomers to politics will be on the ballot in congressional primaries continuing a year long trek an unprecedented number of women are taking part in state and
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local elections and often times winning and what some have described as a wave. mobilization started the day after president trump's inauguration when women marched by the millions expressing concern about last reproductive rights and immigration. experts point out there's now a lot at stake he who controls who is she who controls the house of representatives will control the purse will control the investigative power will ultimately if necessary control the impeachment process this election is over. president tribe is also working hard to rally his base in two thousand and sixteen more white women voted for him than hillary clinton i think people were surprised that right about that outcome and so now i think people are saying enough like too much and it's time for a change many voters say this year women are more engaged and outraged by the
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president's alleged mistreatment of women you can't be to visit you need to be a unifying leader and that's my biggest opposition to the trumpet fact the biggest hurdles for women candidates are yet to come in the general election this november but if the primaries are any indication women candidates and voters really making their voices heard kristen salumi al jazeera new jersey. these are the top stories on al-jazeera jordan's prime minister honey al maliki has resigned after days of protests against i.m.f. backed austerity measures king abdullah has appointed a former world bank economist as his replacement the i.m.f. insisted it jordan raise taxes and cut red subsidies in exchange for a loan and. rescue was in guatemala are searching for survivors after sunday's
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volcanic eruption that killed at least thirty eight told the country's disaster agency says two million people have been affected by the massive explosion is the most violent eruption of the foyer go whole foods to use as brain outrage in the u.s. over a tweet from donald trump the u.s. president posted he has a right to pardon himself for any charges arising from the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the twenty six state election but he says he has no reason to do that since done nothing wrong. at least seven people have been killed and i suicide bombing in afghanistan's capital kabul it happened as thousands of religious scholars were leaving a gathering out the city's polytechnic university israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says a wrong must be prevented from developing a nuclear weapon as a press conference with german chancellor angela merkel in berlin netanyahu warned
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against allowing iran to expand its influence in the middle east i think the greatest challenge that the civilized world faces today is the danger that comes from. militant islamic states that are bent on aggression and acquiring nuclear arsenals this is the greatest danger isn't iran. just yesterday hurons leader coming to you yesterday you said again that israel is a cancer that has to be eradicated will be eradicated from the earth meanwhile iran's supreme leader says his country has no intention of curbing its ballistic missile program and will respond harshly if attacked by its enemies i will tell the alley how and i said iran's missile program is crucial for the country's defense and that teheran will attack ten times more if provoked by western nations those are your headlines stay with us our knowledge is there a counting the cost is coming up next.
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hello and has i'm seeking this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics how the year long blockade on qatar is impacting gulf economies. turkey's high stakes battle to tame its currency call its economy and suv investor nerves. plus pressing reset on all you'll find out why the world's largest producers of crude could be rethinking their strategy.
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a year ago before arab states saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt imposed a full land sea and air blockade on qatar the richest country in the world per person was forced to tap into its sovereign wealth fund and do everything it could to shore up its economy banking system and currency and those efforts have been paying off earlier this year it raised twelve billion dollars in a bond issue it showed that despite the rift with its gulf neighbors international investors still feel confident betting on its future growth a cutter is reshaping supply lines and developing domestic goods it's pushing ahead with its two hundred billion dollar infrastructure plan and the world's largest exporter of nickel five natural gas is also busy forging new long term supply deals of the i.m.f. projects the cutter's growth will come in
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a two point six percent in two thousand and eighteen it says the saudi economy will expand by one point seven percent the u.a.e. will have two percent growth but heinz outlook is for three percent growth and the international lender predicts egypt's economic growth will hit five point two percent this year. well joining us now from london is a ham head of middle east and north africa at the global risk consultancy you raise a group thanks very much for being with us so what's your assessment of how qatar has weathered this blockade twelve months on. well i think qatar is in a much better position right now it seems that the economic cost of the blockade or the crisis has been limited the government has managed to intervene in certain sectors it has managed to provide some guarantees from the central bank has provided much needed liquidity so it is contained it's far from ideal obviously because of the position of qatar at geography its trade links so this is far far
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from a preference but i think one year after the beginning of the qatar crisis with the other g.c.c. members they call me is not crushing and qatar seems to have adjusted to what is a very challenging situation talk a little bit more than about the ways the cutter has adjusted to this because they are they obviously had a lot of money in terms of foreign currency reserves they had a lot of kind of ammunition so to speak with which to to weather this at the beginning didn't they absolutely i think that the sovereign wealth fund reserves were absolutely important in providing not only stability but a measure of. credibility to the financial sector that qatar has significant reserves to intervene in the market and help the government manage the crisis obviously the qatari gas exports did help the country manage its relationships with
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a lot of countries and make sure that the trade links and those exports are maintained l.n.g. exports but i think most importantly on the diplomatic front we've seen an effort to engage with alternative powers not only the u.s. but broadly to establish new trade lanes try to cement those so you have qatar not really in an isolated position internationally and that's a function of both the importance of the gas reserves and gas exports but also the financial cushion that qatar has through its sovereign. on the qatar investment authority a much better situation today i would say so what's been the regional impact of the broader regional impact of this blockade so i think that perhaps the impact on the saudi economy is quite limited but it is certainly very their exports that used to go from saudi arabia to qatar industrial sector certainly a greek culture goods as well that has gone down but given the size of the saudi
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economy that it's a very limited impact on saudi arabia i think you will see that when it comes to the u.a.e. and perhaps dubai in specific some of the repercussions have been more serious or more tangible be it financial transactions been shifted from dubai to new to london or new york where qatar is involved so the loss of some business volumes there and certainly when it comes to job al-ali and exports through jalali which have now been rerouted to oman and through that to to qatar so we we've seen bit of a more of an impact there i think for the g.c.c. countries that large this is not an ideal situation ican economically certainly in terms of pure economic cost the m pact on qatar is heavier than anywhere else but given the financial reserves we haven't seen really the qatari economy crack we
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haven't seen a crisis develop in a way that creates panic in doha or that forces the government to spend much more significant amounts of for our foreign reserves to prop up the economy and what are the implications of all of this for qatar's main export main source of income which is of course l.n.g. liquefied natural gas i think the liquid of l.n.g. exports have been stable i think that global demand has been healthy and qatar's in relationship with. it's energy partners has not been damaged as a result of the gulf crisis unless there is an actual destruction in the persian gulf which is unlikely i think unless we see a confrontation with iran or a military effort against iran then. that ellen g. exports will continue it will continue to provide qatar with much needed revenue is
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unlikely to change any time in the future. the positive element is qatar is also planning to develop or further expand production over the long term so we will see additional reserves not in the next few years probably but perhaps or very much longer time horizon certainly given all of these dynamics i think that the leadership in qatar has options at least to strengthen its position over the long term him coming out thanks very much for being with us a pleasure and don't forget to catch al-jazeera special coverage of the qatar blockade one year on will bring you the interviews and insights from around the globe find out how everyday life has changed in qatar and where the political situation stands right now that's at eight hundred g.m.t. tuesday to fifty june on al-jazeera. still to come on counting the cost made in rwanda vs america first how relations are souring over second hand clothes.
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for first turkey's currency the lira strengthen this week after a major selloff which saw it hit an all time low versus the dollar but it's still down around fifteen percent so far this year for ordinary turks and president tayyip erdogan and it's a big source of worry he's been battling to stop the currency crisis ahead of elections next month in the past week there's been a steep interest rate hike the central bank governor has also tried to reassure foreign investors that capital controls which would block money leaving the country won't be needed although in the short term the strategy seems to have worked challenges remain on wednesday credit ratings agency moody's cut turkey's economic growth forecasts we're joining us now from london is charles robertson global chief economist with renaissance capital thanks so much for being with us so what's going on with turkey's economy particularly these big swings in the currency it's taken
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a while but there's been a massive build up of debt private sector debt in turkey over the last ten fifteen years and we've been concerned for the last two to three is that at some point in the medium term like now you're going to see lending stop growth stop and then people flee turkish assets because people have been buying into turkey on this sumption it would grow five percent forever and the risk is it's going to slump into recession and why's that. because they've they've is that boring of too much is not particular the stuff the size of the boring now private sector debts about seventy percent of g.d.p. china's double up it's the scale of the increase over ten years usually coincides with excess borrowing bad borrowing decisions perhaps into real estate or or something similar and that tips over what we saw a lot in the global financial crisis a lot of eastern europe at that problem some extent the u.s.
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at that problem with the global financial crisis questions being raised as well though about president richard typer hands leadership here and he stewed ship of the economy there would have the comments that he made earlier describing high interest rates as the mother of all evil and that was that that kind of took a few people by surprise didn't at any rate raise questions about how independent. the central bankers are in turkey the difficulty here is that everyone was the markets darling for a good decade or so. and there was always local concern particularly one kind of middle class stumble electorate that he was encroaching his powers getting too great he's now been in power for so long that there is very little constraint upon him and he's appointed numerous central bank governors now he's in charge of the army he's. done a lot of changes to the judiciary but it's the central bank which i think is
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concerned people the most because turkey relies on foreign capital to fund its current account deficit it always runs a big trade deficit so it needs foreign capital so to say we don't want to pay the interest rates required to attract back capital has frightened the markets and one of our concerns over the last few weeks is if you go back to malaysia or in one thousand nine hundred eight in the asian crisis malaysia said you know what welcome sight foreign capital we're going to introduce capital controls we're going to not allow foreign ports. it is to leave and that did let them cut interest rates and it did help malaysia's economy recover perhaps quicker than other asian countries that have gone to the i.m.f. and done orthodox things like the interest rate hike which eventually turkey did choose to do a few days ago yeah and staying on this the issue the interest rates the did deliver did rally further this week after the central bank announced this
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streamlining of interest rate tools to to focus on having one one single main rate has that done anything to reassure investors it's done say has helped ourselves that the three hundred basis point rate hike has helped having interest rates up at around sixteen percent has helped but also for a number of years now the central bank has been trying to raise rates but not tell the electorate in turkey that they're raising rates to try and keep the president happy and this repo rate which was sitting at around eight percent and it's now being raised to sixteen half a star that's is a sign that finally orthodoxy seems to have won and in the long run that will work it worked for russia when they did similar things a few years ago russian interests are much lower now than turkey russian inflation much lower now than turkey so orthodoxy does win in the end and it looks like iran has as given up these back to.


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