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tv   Sand Wars  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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the new socialist prime minister pedro sanchez started his first day in office by welcoming the ukrainian president petro poroshenko to madrid. it was a long standing gauge went on the former prime minister mariano rajoy diplomatic diary close aides for both leaders must have had a long night storing up new briefing notes after i lost the vote of no confidence. but the real focus of the day was on a prison compound deep in the countryside outside madrid the newly elected president of the regional government in catalonia kim torah was paying a call on five of his former colleagues behind bars awaiting trial on charges of rebellion and sedition but the main question was is the knowledge chance of a new dialogue between madrid and barcelona and i think. we have exchanged messages and agreed to meet as soon as possible it's important for me to emphasize that we are going through an exceptional situation in this country if we want to know what
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type of prime minister we're going to find the one who condemned the independence referendum or a new man. that statement from the catalonian president now leaves that diplomatic ball very much in the court of pedro sanchez but he's got a lot on his plate already he's got to form a new government but both men realize if they're going to take this opportunity they've got to take it soon. a right wing rally over the weekend in the spanish capital condemned the no confidence vote. as a constitutional coup they are calling for a new election with the new prime minister having only eighty four socialist votes in the three hundred fifty seat parliament that a new election could come soon to al-jazeera madrid. still to come on the program discovering the dead hundreds of bodies are still being with covered in the iraqi city of mosul almost
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a year after its capture from myself. and will this start to pay off u.s. democrats put an unprecedented number of female candidates in the primary election . hello welcome to look at the international focus to go plenty of showers across parts of central europe further north it's a good deal clear clearer not so much drier in kwassa having said that we've got a few showers just up towards the final three east of europe we will see a little bit of what weather coming in here cool winston's coming down across the baltic states nine hundred. plenty of showers into central pozen as you can see the temperatures still doing really quite nicely into the mid to upper twenty's still but with those temperatures we are looking at some live the storms rumbling away
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particular cross france still the marys of spice still see some showers as we go through tuesday as you go on into the coast wednesday we are going to see more of those showers cropping up could affect the terrorists at any time and then further north warms up to around twenty two celsius for london cools down to just twelve degrees there for moscow with that brisk mobley of westerly wind rolling in there is some wealth around athens gets up to thirty three celsius plenty of warm sunshine across that southeastern corner of the meddlin the other side of the med benghazi similar values on those temperatures caro's into the myth i was also northwest a little more clear out there just spilling out to morocco into northern areas of algeria brightens up as it got to the middle part of the week about a twenty one degrees.
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our minds of our top stories covered. jordan's prime minister honey he has resigned following days of protests against i.m.f. backed austerity measures king abdullah has appointed a former world bank economist as his replacement. rescuers in guatemala searching
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for survivors after a volcanic eruption on sunday killed at least thirty three people it's the most violent eruption of the. in more than forty years has been average in the u.s. after president double chum tweeted that he has the right to pardon himself from the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the twenty six election. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says they won must be prevented from developing a nuclear weapon he's been meeting the german chancellor angela merkel in berlin and that yahoo warned against allowing iran to expand its influence in the middle east and that the nation is a threat to the world john mccain has more now from berlin. when german and israeli heads of government meet there are always expressions of deep friendliness of the importance of the relationship between their two countries given the historical legacy the point also to make is amongst the expressions of friendliness there are differences of opinion specifically regarding iran and the deal that was agreed
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several years ago concerning the nuclear program that iran had and how that could be put to one side certainly iran search for a nuclear weapon coming to this meeting mr netanyahu had made clear his concerns were iran and iran and they were certainly concerns that emerged during the joint news conference given by both leaders iran's calls for our destruction. but it's also suki to look for weapons to carry out its genocidal desires we know that for a fact this visit to berlin is the first stop in a whistle stop tour as it were of europe's capitals taking in berlin taking in paris taking in london where mr netanyahu will be meeting with the heads of government heads of state to try to get their support for his view which is that the deal with iran needs to be repudiated as it has been by the united states government of president donald trump but so far at least the european leaders have been steadfast have said no they believe that the best way to prevent an iranian
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nuclear weapon is by this deal being enforced behind all of it is of course their concern that european industries that want to invest in tehran on are concerned about what might happen if sanctions are imposed. we need some kind of regulation we also say we need to talk about their activities in syria but we think that through tough negotiations through joint negotiations this would be possible. if one supreme leader says his country has no intention of carving its ballistic missile program and will respond harshly if it's attacked by its enemies ayatollah ali khamenei gave the warning on monday he said iran's missile program is crucial for the country's defense and that tehran will attack ten times more if provoked by western nations. there are reports that the self-proclaimed libyan national army has entered the city of during or after weeks of heavy fighting the siege led by renegade general khalifa haftar and lead to severe shortages of water electricity
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food and medical supplies general have to as ellen a find his have been battling several armed groups the control the city some of which are linked to al qaeda hundreds of bodies have been found in the iraqi city of mosul almost a year after it was retaken from eisel they were buried in ruins and along the banks of the two groups river discovered during a renewed search effort shall stratfor reports now from baghdad. it's been eleven months since iraqi prime minister hydrilla body declared victory over eisel in mosul much of what was iraq's second biggest city lies in ruins the fighting was described as the most intense urban combat since world war two. the search for bodies goes on civil defense search and rescue teams are concentrating on areas close to the banks of the river tigris it was here that the iraqi government forces supported by international coalition airstrikes flushed out and killed most of the
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last remaining myself fighters in the city as i saw bodies that were covered around seven hundred these bodies were all of i still that used to hide in these houses are obstacles and clearing these bodies out of the unexploded munitions hidden bombs explosive vests and rigged houses with i.e. as we are trying our best to overcome these obstacles for. the remains of eisel fighters are being found close to dead civilians who were on able to escape it's estimated around ten thousand civilians were killed in a province in the battle against isis most of them in west of mosul. we have been pulling up bodies for eight days already from the. banks within this quarter alone we have found two hundred bodies on the thursday four hundred on the second day and around a hundred on the field we have difficulty getting heavy machinery aside all city
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because of the. more than two million iraqis remain displaced across the country including approximately seven hundred thousand from mosul the rebuilding of the city has yet to start families like the space many more months if not years living in camps the delay is primarily because of questions about who will foot the bill. at the donors conference in kuwait in february iraq allies for help with the eighty eight billion dollar cost of rebuilding this country including mosul but only thirty billion dollars was pledged the iraqi government faces having to cover the majority of rebuilding costs itself for now almost a year since the battle against leisel in mosul was one the search for a recovery of the dead continues charles stratford al jazeera. israel says it will take money from the taxes it collects for palestinians to compensate
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israelis for five damage to their land israel says palestinians protesting in gaza carried out awesome attacks damaging forests and agricultural land where the one hundred twenty palestinians have been killed by israeli soldiers since protests at the border began back in late march burnous myth has more now from west jerusalem israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu wants to make the deductions for damage he says has been caused to agricultural fields and nature reserves and forests by the burning kites that have been floated over from gaza into israeli territory the palestinian authority says to do this would be robbery and they cowardly aggression israel collects sometimes says and revenues on behalf of the palestinian authority and sends them over to the p.a. every month and previously israel has threatened to withhold taxes for actions taken by the p.a. that israel doesn't approve of there's no indication yet of how much israel is
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threatening to withhold but the tax off already has previously estimated the damage just to agricultural land has come in at about one half million dollars and it suggests that if you add nature is. fields in other areas to that that could increase the cost for. the chin is the inform ministry has summoned the italian ambassador in response to comments made by its leaders new interior ministry on sunday material so the nose of the region would no longer be what he called europe's refugee camp and the chin as he has sends over convicts the far right leader made the statements imports are one of the main rival points for refugees and migrants making the illegal crossing from north africa well as well as the divisive issue of immigration italy's new coalition government is also facing major social problems many impoverished areas a suffering with a rise in organized crime one such time as the deeply divided seaside community of
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all syria from where reports. the sun and the mediterranean sea provide a welcome distraction from italy's recent political dramas this is also a popular resorts on the roman coast. and this is also austria but one of the we are marginalized to know that. we're living in a avello be a myth i'm dying of hunger and living in a carriage it is a deeply divided place where people feel politics has failed them in its place organized crime has filled the gap through drug trafficking and extortion. the local five star movement who took control of the council last year has promised to crack down on the gangs and rebuild the area so the problems are very real it's
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a marginalized place there are drugs there is crime people here have been forgotten and it's a neighborhood such as this one here where people feel they have really been abandoned let down by governments over the years and while a new set of politicians is promising change there's very little faith that will actually happen. without political support those living here have had to take it upon themselves to make it more habitable including creating spaces for children to play with and once was nothing the local councils responsibility assumed by those whom it's supposed to serve. get. everything that's been done here has been done and it's not because we do not want to work but there's always been a wall between the citizens and the operatives. and the problems here have also been acknowledged by the head of the roman catholic church during a visit on sunday the first in fifty years by
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a pontiff pope francis condemned the organizations that have turned austria into a power center of mass violence. jesus wants the walls of indifference and silence to be breached on balls of oppression an arrogance torn asunder and paul cleared for justice civility and legality. it is a stone simply a new era in italian politics everyone here knows there is much work to be done to take an immense effort politically and otherwise to rest ostia away from the stranglehold of the local mafia gangs who wield it more must power so new guy i go out zero. eight states a primary elections in the us on tuesday to narrow the amount of candidates for the upcoming midterm elections well nationwide democrats have been rallying around an unprecedented number of women candidates as they push to regain the majority in the
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house of representatives kristen salumi has the story. i am getting back to me now i am i guess arrow she is a former navy pilot federal prosecutor and first time political candidate mikey sure relish also the leading fundraiser in a crowded field of democrats running to represent new jersey's eleventh congressional district a seat that has been held by a republican man for the last twenty four years we see so many women running we see so many veterans running because we feel like it's time for new leadership in washington it's a common sentiment among democrats particularly women who were actually physically being targeted by our president not only here in suburban new jersey but around the country and we have twenty four seats we need to flip in this midterm election and i'm running to flip one where they hope to win enough seats to retake the majority in the house and female candidates are leading the charge on tuesday nearly one hundred women from both political parties many of them newcomers to politics will
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be on the ballot in congressional primaries continuing a year long trek an unprecedented number of women are taking part in state and local elections and often times winning and what some have described as a wave. mobilization started the day after president trump's inauguration when women marched by the millions expressing concern about last reproductive rights and immigration experts point out there's now a lot at stake he who controls who is she who controls the house of representatives will control the purse will control the investigative power will ultimately if necessary control the impeachment process this election is over. president trump is also working hard to rally his base in two thousand and sixteen more white women voted for him than hillary clinton i think people were surprised
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that i write about that outcome and so now i think of everything and not like too much. and it's time for a change many voters say this year women are more engaged and outraged by the president's alleged mistreatment of women you can't be divisible you need to be a unifying leader and that's my biggest opposition to the trumpet fact the biggest hurdles for women candidates are yet to come in the general election this november but if the primaries are any indication women candidates and voters will be making their voices heard kristen salumi al jazeera new jersey. we can find out much more at al-jazeera dot com. becoming top stories here on al-jazeera jordan's prime minister has resigned after days of protest against i.m.f. backed. king abdullah has appointed a former world bank economist as his replacement the i.m.f.
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insisted jordan raise taxes and cut bread subsidies in exchange for a loan rescuers in guatemala searching for survivors after sunday's full chemical eruption guatemala's national forensic sciences institute says at least sixty two people have died but the country's disaster agency says two million people have been affected by the massive explosion it's the most violent eruption of the volcano in more than forty years it is really. being. the middle of the rainy season here everything is lush and green and yet they're on the ropes for the for you ok don't think it's action all right the great thing is our. way to the through their eyes because we're going to differ on that there's a lot of right now trying to get a clear to allow some of the markets to be of course to get a little bit closer to the epicenter of the sly. there's been i wage in the us over
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a tweet from domo to the us president posted he has a right to pardon himself from any charges arising from the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election but he says he's no reason to do so as he's done nothing wrong the seven people have been killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan's capital kabul it happened as thousands of religious scholars were leaving a gathering at the city's polytechnic university. he's ready prime minister benjamin netanyahu says iran must be prevented from developing a nuclear weapon at a press conference with german chancellor angela merkel in berlin netanyahu warned against allowing iran to expand its influence in the middle east and while iran's supreme leader says his country has no intention of carving its ballistic missile program will respond harshly if attacked by its enemies ayatollah ali khamenei said iran's missile program is crucial for the country's defense of the tehran will
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attack ten times more if provoked stay with us next stop it is the stream will be back in just under half an hour but by. i am for me ok and you are in the stream fail all pretrial release is an intricate part of justice systems around the world it maintains an accused persons freedom in the run up to trial the bell in the us is rather different judges often set money bonds at levels of way above what people compadre and many people have little choice but to go to private bond provide as
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a face jail imo it could be valid today we look at how the bail system in the us keeps people who should be presumed innocent under lock and key and will examine a social movement pushing for social justice reform we're live on youtube. more than half a million people in the us are being held in pretrial detention that is they've been charged but not convicted of a crime and they're awaiting trial many are in jail not because they're a flight risk or pose a threat but because they just can't afford to pay the cost of bail have a look say you're arrested for allegedly committing a crime one of three things will happen and you get released until your trial you're denied bail and sit behind bars until trial or you're offered bail an amount of money that you have to pay to get out of jail until trial it's like the court's insurance policy that you don't skip town once you show up to trial you get that money back paying bail allows you to go back to your kids your job while awaiting
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trial but what if you can't pay that bond it is an explicitly class and well discriminatory process for determining who gets to be free while they await trial and who is forced to remain incarcerated well they maintain their innocence online people are using hashtags and cash bail bail reform and money bail to force an end to what's been called a discriminatory and even predatory system together the hashtags have had well over one hundred thousand mentions celebrities politicians lawyers and activists use them to call for an end to the money bail system now i'm on twitter is blunt in her assessment of why money bail needs to go she tweets hate the system hate the money making scheme hate the unchecked destructive powers of the cash bail while gina spencer tweets this system penalizes people of color and the poor little bell system has come under scrutiny following high profile stories of african-american men and women who died while in or following pretrial detention cleve roeder was
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sixteen when he was arrested and sent to rikers island jail in new york he spent time in solitary confinement he committed suicide months after his release his bail which he and his family couldn't afford was three thousand dollars sandra blan died while being held in a texas jail. her bond was set at five thousand dollars painted black even a few days in jail can cost someone their job their housing their children or in the case of sandra planned their life online campaigns have sprung up to raise money to pay bail bonds for those in pretrial detention and the run up to mother's day last month people raise funds for black women under the hash tag three black mamas be a w. party don't forget that in money bale is also a woman's issue women are the fastest growing correctional population in the country and nearly eighty percent of women in jail are mothers this year the free black mommas campaign bailed out more than one hundred forty seven women now people
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are using free black fathers to do the same in time for father's day and this month believers bailout is raising funds through the milan to bail out muslims who are in pretrial detention a campaign pitch by a stream community member on the group says it's an opportunity to learn about the injustices of money bail so today we'll talk more about us bill reform and want you to weigh in. let me thanks so much money can say for more on this we're joined by. she is c.e.o. of the pretrial justice institute jeff place in is executive director of the american coalition which advocates for the bellboy in the industry from chicago we have so be as she is senior editor of sapelo square that's a website dedicated to the black u.s. mazin experience and she's involved in believe us bailout as a program which is raising funds throughout ramadan to pay the bell bonds of individuals held in jail and from new orleans we have daniels genia he is c.
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president of foundation for louisiana that's a community engagement organization hello everybody it's good to have you here thank you for joining the stream jeff did you notice as in our introduction we didn't mention anything positive about money bell well that's really no surprise that we were under attack right now so obviously i'm not too worried about it because i know the. with which is the bill as a core association on constitutional right the bill out of various communities is important because people can get together and challenge overreaches by the government and that's why the bill system is important one of the things we're seeing right now is that a system of preventative detention giving the government to lock people up without the ability to challenge it with bill whether it's from a commercial bondsman or somebody else will result in increases in the course aeration we're starting to see that so this is why i brought up from your twitter feed. bell works lois failure to appear right lowest crime rate more counts ability no taxpayer funding that's quite a list of pluses surely the saying that it's really important how do you
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respond to that so i usually talk about bail being broken in two fundamental ways one got highlighted at the top of the show which is that we have a lot of people in this country who cannot afford to post the money bond and get out of jail and actually in the us the money that is paid to get out of jail to bail bondsman it isn't returned even if you do show up for court it's a premium that goes to the bondsman but the system is broken actually at the other end as well which is that people who should be detained and there's really a small percentage of those folks they're often able to use the same money buying system to get released pending trial without any court ordered supervision so we're really trying to ensure victim safety community safety public safety and i would also suggest that there actually is a cost so the taxpayer for the current system we have as you said five hundred thousand people sleeping in jail tonight in a pretrial detention status and for the most part they have been released by courts
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are just too poor to post that bond so we're sort of subsidizing the bail bonding industry by taking care of people in jail who if they would have not had a money that would be home and their families. so. what's behind this. i was just agreeing with sheriff's assertion and also taking about a recent analysis we did here in the wall and as we celebrate that we hundred year we want to look at the historical manner for cations and really found through accurate historical telling that everything should be said is true and it's tied to our extraordinary history in this country in slave men people of african descent and racialized bias and behavior there's a real connection between these practices these policies who gets in rich to find them and how do we still practice them and they often have very little to do with
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accountability or safety. i hear you're saying there folks i want to bring up the perspective of someone on twitter we actually heard from several employers and employees of the bail bondsmen industry this is kyle and i'll direct this to you jeff kyle says blaming the bail bondsman is like blaming the mailman for delivering bills you don't like cash bail is used by ninety nine percent of judges because it works there the ninety nine percent number is probably a little inaccurate i mean if you look at the stats i mean in felony cases released on bail is only about thirty to thirty five percent of the cases so it's not even the most common form or least the united states of america do judges think it works in some cases yes they do are judges the gate keeper on this system in our national policy the makers the gatekeeper in the system the answer is yes we're not we don't set bales all we do is post them and help people get out of jail so that part of it i think is a little inaccurate so i'm just trying to give our international audience a sense of the kind of impact that i've having to meet
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a cash pile or failing to meet a cash bail as she has on communities who i've been published all communities of color can you give us an example you know if i mean one of the things that i found so you know getting involved believe me was really want out of this coverage that this was happening and when people talk about it like this injustice in plain sight and so you have people for example there was a woman in chicago who was in jail for fourteen months right just because she couldn't afford to pay the bond there's another young man in chicago who's been in jail since twenty fifteen just because they can or can't afford to pay the bond a woman lost her business she almost lost her child her child you know we have people who are losing jobs losing family members you know people who have mental health issues or health issues that aren't being addressed and so before i do you know that only reason you're in jail because you can't pay really is about you being penalized right because you're poor and when i heard that when i sort of discovered an initially i heard about the mama baby
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a lot you mentioned and that really. got me thinking about you know what is going on what is going on you know what can we do to change it and you know the mom is a bill that really resonated with me as a black person right this idea that we're going to free ourselves that we're not going to wait to interrupt them in the ways that we can the long term you know game is to end money battle but until then we're going to free ourselves and so believe me came out of that same emphasis that you know it's also a tradition of muslims bring each other and it's ramadan and that's a time where people you know want to give and want to help each other and so it just seemed like the perfect time and the perfect opportunity to really sort of get involved and really raise the consciousness because i think one of the big things about this bail system is that you really have to shift perspective right people have to recognize that jail and prison actually doesn't work this question of being affected i mean from what i've read i know in d.c. like washington d.c. they don't use money bail and eighty eight percent somewhere around there of the
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people who actually you know release come back but there are rectory you know so this idea of bail being effective you know to me seems a bit of a fallacy and what's really effective i think is sort of helping communities what their needs are you know helping communities putting that effort energy and money that we might jail to community to sort of i think i would make on that would be that you can't blame the bell industry for the problems in illinois because we don't operate in the state of illinois so it's not our fault of what's going on in chicago that's that's we have nothing to do with out but what i would say is that washington d.c. is a potential alternative and it really is a cause for policymakers you're looking at sixty five to seventy million dollars of costs probably would be inflated if we were to apply to other jurisdictions but there's a tax fair cost implement that system you're also opening the door to detention without bail which we've seen abuses not necessarily want to slow you down a little bit frankly national audience not for some time our economic team washington d.c. i'm jesse to states that do not have cash bail that's right that's
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a new jersey the latest numbers almost one out of two people are having the prosecutor file a motion to detain him without bail so the so exactly what they're doing in chicago they can't bail those people out because they're locked up without really fighting a time but not for long not for long well i. jeff and i are both actually committed to accountability and data with government and so i think we ought to just sort of tell the truth about what's happening as said most of the people in d.c. go home they go home pending trial they go home under some conditions of release d.c. is unique because they have in-house services that make that system more expensive but in other places with our county run behavioral health services it's not as expensive and we have to say that the reason d.c. in new jersey did this was because they default that they were injustices happening to poor people people of color however people just couldn't pay that's right if and if the new jersey bell system had been working before they would have left everything the way that it was but now we have ninety four percent of people going home pending trial our goal really as an organization is get out to get down to
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below ten percent pretrial incarceration and new jersey and d.c. are two places that have done the. jersey we've been asking for him because he's a small time drug dealer who spent fourteen months in prison for a crime he didn't commit so this isn't the weedman that you talk about but this is someone who spent time this is someone who spent time in new jersey in the new jersey correctional system six one seven just chatted to us on you tube live says i believe my experience with spare bail in new jersey is based on a number system based on prior convictions part skipped court appearances your charges and history with the court so that's one example in which some might say they're doing it right but i want to share with you another example and this flows out i'll give it to you this is a video comment from a woman in chicago named lead that may have a listen to what she told the stream it's going to. rest. with us this morning you know.
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the. this car. near whose mine she. lost my home i lost my business it hurt my family i have been taking in plea deal not because i'm not i do this i think the case because my family had been through enough. so far that she took a plea deal even though she thought keep could have beat the case is that something you think often and it listen we see often and we hear people particularly the lawyers civil rights lawyers here in the world and across louisiana who are looking at these issues with us part of the unspoken story that really playing this may spark this up is that prosecutors often want that the person they're charging it to be in cross rated so they can force the plea right ninety seven percent cases in louisiana and with clear deals because the system wants to as you viciously as possible prosecute incarcerate as many people as possible and so you know we get
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back to this issue the other thing that i am dismayed by that is that we have a number of people in jail who are not there for the reasons that a normal person would get me to go bury biden people are the ones who should be in jail and the truth is if we look in new orleans today nearly half the people in the local jail would not be there but for the case that they can't pay and so get bail doesn't work money there was not working because it's tied to whether people have resources not to whether they are dangerous or whether they're return to court get i just want to show our audience what the high price if he were a spell actually means i want to share some figures wealthy and so the average middle income of something he is paying off for a barrel payment is about fifteen thousand dollars that's average some people have a whole lot less the average bail bond that are being asked to pay paul. ten thousand dollars ok that's your income that's the bell bond and then
4:37 am
a typical bump or fight if they say that then you say ok we can't pay this but we're going to go to something you can help us pay it they will ask typically at least one thousand dollars maybe more but about ten or fifteen percent of your overall bell price and then this is the real list stick viewpoint of how much cash do americans have and so forty four percent of people who are asking for a bail bond they can't even come up with four hundred dollars in an emergency so this is the problem jeff do you see that i do see that because these are official says that sure it is for them out we're not. there that's almost impossible so if you're poor you're going to jail even before the trial but i think your numbers are probably low there's probably people more people who can afford it but the reality is the bills a third party provide a benefit at no cost to the state usually it's a third party it's not the defend itself bailing and so can i just ask you then say when you just talk about the cost of the state but what about the cost to the
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community the cost to families and kids and to employers i understand what you're saying in terms of this doesn't cost the state much anything or no i would about the human cost i think the entire criminal justice system has a disparate impact we've seen that i don't think bill is unique or non-unique as a result of that i'm not sure it exacerbates the problem any worse than it already is and i agree that the criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now and changes need to be made to it but i don't think this issue is that is the main driver of all the disparities and all the evidence and i mean what i would be very i mean and i'm not the expert here i'm good community member trying to help other people who are what i read people who are on bar and actually are more likely to sort of why. take a plea they're also more likely to get longer sentences like all these things happen because it's hard to defend yourself when you're in jail and so. it's about this being set up in the first place right that people are not able to. help
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themselves right and so i don't i don't i don't think we can say that it doesn't actually have an effect i think bail has a clear effect on people outcome so this is why we need to end it right because there's no reason for this right in chicago seventy percent of the people who are in cook county jail are nonviolent offenders right so this idea of safety is not right and so there's a lot of efforts that we partner with a child on pond to sort of provide resources and to challenge just legislatively because we know it's not working and that the cost is just way too high a cost that people were against jobs families lives are being lost and so we really have to intervene but this idea that fail itself is not really the problem i think is really wrong to suicide and here's where i want to bring this this in from twitter this is a true seeker who says the people benefiting from the bail system don't want to see that go away it brings a whole lot of money it's unfair that because someone who has a rich family can get out of jail others that can't afford it have to stay the bail system should be abolished asap but she said i want to bring the other side of that
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conversation because we also got this on twitter this is rebecca who says this this focus on the inability to pay is false and misleading most bill agents offer affordable payment plans and are good and honest i own an agency and offer a zero percent down low monthly payment no interest throwing the entire higher bail industry out is the wrong path towards improvement that last part of her statement throwing the entire bill in st what are your thoughts on that how do you how do you reform this yeah so i'll tie that statement to something assad said as well which is i think that that bail reform is one piece of overall criminal justice reform that has to happen and if you look at a place like new jersey. the success we've seen in new jersey overdue saying the number of people who are in jail pretrial is not just a function of doing something better once they got booked in they actually reduce the number of arrests and bookings into the jail in all across new jersey city of about one hundred forty thousand people last year who did not actually have to get
4:41 am
checked into the jail or booked into the jail and go through an assessment and be potentially. for pretrial detention so this is part of an overall reform including assigning people counsel so that they go to these hearings represented by counsel and can maybe avoid some of the issues so i mentioned about people getting worst outcomes as a result of being detained pending trial. i think the main point is this. the country's worried about public safety and money bill has no impact on public safety and so what we're really talking about in communities is can we help the system identify those maybe eight or ten people out of one hundred that should go to a detention hearing and let the court decide based on evidence whether or not they should be detained and everybody else should go home with court reminders or supports in the community and be able to participate in their own defense and potentially work through their cases that way so. you know we're not trying to throw out bail bail is the contract between the court and the defendant we're
4:42 am
actually suggesting that we should be evolving past money bond i want to show you some of the campaigning audience watching this discussion right now. to actually reform the battle system so this believe is. telling us about this national. campaign. something that she says been talking about three child justice in situ so there's a lot of pushing for reform let me show you what that reform actually looks like so on the eleventh of may color of change an organization and sense rules that part and denies ations actually paid the bail for fifty nine month this has one of the moms.
4:43 am
plays out paying bail for people can't afford to pay pal is that alone the power to reform what we need to do something better something better but i think it absolutely is on the path to form of it what it does is it reminds the public debt the story line the narrative that we've heard for years now is actually not true we've heard repeatedly even on this conversation that you know this is about accountability this is about fairness actually our ability to in money be able to make the kind of reforms that have been midges mass wide and should resist really get us to where we should be and i come from a community that has had its fair share of safety challenges this is to actually doesn't allow us to create the kind of safety that we want and i think seen these examples of liberating people looks like it would democratizing this ista looks like it's a reminder for the general public in the specially to affected communities then we should be moving in the right direction and in doing so means that we would have money. and if i could add one thing for what he said and i agree completely and
4:44 am
although we're not there are mind arthel this is not normal all right the united states and concentrate more people at twenty five of them the world population happen million people the majority of them are in bell in jail because they can't afford a bail like that's not normal and that it doesn't happen be this way wealth about nation don't have money by right but i can live by have to be this way so i think that also really important to keep track of that you know there are other ways to revolve if you social issues that we have that you know that we're worried about the other way to do what they say you know primarily with increasing support the community improving our school with well you know one job opportunities better health care i mean this is what we need we don't need. that's right you know. you were sure if you were if you really will in spite of what we learned in our analysis is that we spend as much on woman going after people below you. so it's just announced in school system if you look and she said oh you want
4:45 am
to get in here i just want to read this tweet that i would agree with you so i had agitator and she is there handle paying bail for people that can't afford it it's a great way to show solidarity with people incarcerated pretrial but it is only a band-aid of a much larger problem sure is i know you want to so i was just going to contextualize that i mean i love mama's bailout i love father's day bailout i love all of these and and thank you so much for what you're doing in cook county so on but on mother's day when we were able to find out one hundred forty nine women we incarcerated thirty thousand people that day so the scope of the problem is immense and these are great ways to call attention to systemic the need for systemic reform and everyone i misspoke i was talking about new jersey and d.c. as being states who actually got rid of cash bail and i live in d.c. so i should know that d.c. is not a state it is a district but i'm sure you understood what i was going for ok jess that should resign so wide and flows out thank you for being part of this discussion it will be
4:46 am
ongoing because cash well isn't going anywhere quite yet thank you very much for being part of this conversation as we will continue it always online you can have a strain or a stream on twitter. we
4:47 am
don't all and we will not tolerate with people functors of unity is necessary we need to achieve a one year into the gulf crisis al-jazeera examines its political economic and human impacts join us for special coverage on june the fifth. it wouldn't move any vestige of doubt uncertain manc of israel as countess de a people dispossessed a state established whatever i was able to do it from the start of everest back bravery great international peace organization the united nations a momentous event which lies at the hot of ongoing conflict to this day seventy
4:48 am
years on al-jazeera tells the history of what palestinians call the catastrophe nakba. al-jazeera. where ever you are. hello there i'm getting with donald here in london with our current top stories on al jazeera jordan's king abdullah has appointed a former world bank economist as prime minister after having el malki was signed following huge protests have been demonstrations in amman and other parts of the country since last week against i.m.f.
4:49 am
backed austerity measures well jordanians are grappling with high unemployment a new tax hike scuffled with the abolition of bread subsidies and it's all become too much for so many how hawkster reports. he was the man behind jordan's recent proposed tax hike and a stare to measures that led to six days of protests now prime minister haniyeh is out. of the past week nightly rallies the largest in five years intensified protesters marched by his residence on sunday chanting we are coming animal political corner the government must step down the tax law must be withdrawn these are our demands and we don't when the next government to implement the same policies either. jordanians are furious at his plan raising employees taxes by as much as five percent would squeeze them financially to the brink the capital amman is ranked as the arab world's most expensive city there's high unemployment and
4:50 am
prices of basic goods rocketing jordan's a dependent economy has been struggling with large influx of syrian refugees arriving in recent years added to this previous financial supporters like the u.a.e. u.s. and saudi arabia have dramatically cut their donations the hashemite kingdom is thirty seven billion dollars and that's equipment from ninety five percent of its gross domestic product the government secured more than seven hundred million in credit from the international monetary fund three years ago the loan was intended to help growth and lower public debt the i.m.f. also imposed tough fiscal conditions including hikes in general sales tax and inbred subsidies a staple of the poor but opponents warn these measures hurt poor and middle class families analysts say there is a general lack of trust now people are looking for a paradigm shift they're not looking for changing faces like you know. sacking one prime minister and getting another one looking for a change in the policies of the policies have been detrimental to the daily lives
4:51 am
of the people in jordan and they're looking for changes in these in these policies . king abdullah has named omar a former world bank a columnist in the previous education minister to take over as prime minister but it's not clear if these changes will be enough to calm the armrest hoax the. authorities in guatemala have confirmed that sixty two people are now known to have died after a volcanic eruption on sunday the country's disaster agency says two million people have been affected by the massive explosion is the most violent eruption of the volcano in more than forty years. the seven people have been killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan's capital kabul it happened as thousands of religious scholars left a gathering at a university where they deny much the war in afghanistan and urged the taliban to accept a government peace offer that's been outrage in the u.s. over eighty eight from donald trump the u.s. president posted that he has
4:52 am
a right to pardon himself from any charges relating to the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election but he says he has no reason to do so as he's done nothing wrong surely prime minister benjamin netanyahu says iran must be prevented from developing a nuclear weapon he made the comments at a press conference of burden with the german chancellor who also warned against allowing iran to expand its influence in the middle east meanwhile iran's supreme leader says his country has no intention of curbing its ballistic missile called bound and will respond harshly if it's attacked by its enemies ayatollah khamenei says iran's missile program is crucial for its defense north korea's leader kim jong un has reportedly replaced three military offices ahead of a meeting with u.s. president trump says korean media says kim has sacked the defense minister the army's chief of staff and the head of it's political bill of a quarterly being replaced with men who support his policies those are your current
4:53 am
top stories the final episode of a lot is next and we'll see you in just under half an hour's time. nineteen forty eight. palestinians that he it
4:54 am
is. or the catastrophe. when hundreds of thousands were forced out of their homes. for israelis that he had mocks the creation of the state of israel. as a filmmaker and as a palestinian this documentary cities was my way to understand the events of the past that are still shaping the present.
4:55 am
from early one nine hundred forty eight jewish paramilitary forces began to seize more land in palestine. by the end of july more than four hundred thousand palestinians had been forced to flee. their plight as refugees had just started. after a day in the thought of. going to be dipped in day and that their bad got up and because that that that that cut that labor the whole bit. and the kidnap. look now one of the open image yeah they oh my god.
4:56 am
yes a clinical muslim this man. was not a thoughtful. man of the ana but i mean if honesty are the ones we. have of course a long drop coverage or. not never got the talk of john almost on that gap. among the mother and outage and the caƱada. look now one of the can image that a human mage i. am nothing a lighter weight on the opting out of. a ring for bizarre and a. match of it and actually one of the entity had bad got on and because i had to. cut i mean for the whole bit i could national have had to make that. god in
4:57 am
a test isha but on now i could have been issued a good. bargain. soulfully for first the illegal this is the room. but it was a. sort of general most of this movie that if you look at this morning a little. little in the lead. tooth. in a chest i didn't. has an aboriginal community or by sam our. mind's eye british. and what we're going to call the any mehdi any you want to have particular kind of iraq could be a channel model i'm going model for my him and get out of it for me it's. now a law by the what the law they have helped by the. clock at the n.h. n.h. if you'd any age. to sort of cool it was to build to test it might as well know
4:58 am
people who don't have it and a better doctor. the democrats are a man of a truck powered not a. god or a shot that's about not. confident that. our government. color or not fill in for what you have been done. to date about their way and. have had to japan and what. a long. job. which is not never. done on the never get. off that the lead. to.
4:59 am
more. united nations mediator in palestine ran for governor in may nine hundred forty eight swedish diplomats can full caban adults was appointed as un mediator in palestine his mission was to seek a peaceful settlement and i believe and i think i have a right to believe. i retort i later it might be doing or get is that men and stuff they were in that if that. counts bernadotte surveyed the devastated palestinian villages and visited refugee camps in both palestine and jordan. the scale of the humanitarian disaster became apparent he witnessed cramped living conditions long queues for basic food and
5:00 am
scarce medical aid. the count was no stranger to human disaster with the red cross he had rescued over thirty thousand prisoners of war from nazi concentration camps. he advocated the palestinians right to return to their homes in a reporter dated sixteen september nine hundred forty eight he wrote it would be an offense against the principles of elementary justice if these innocent victims were denied the right to return to their homes while jewish immigrants flow into palestine and indeed at least offer the threat of permanent replacement of the arab refugees who have been rooted in the land for centuries. the counts first proposal argued for a fixed boundaries through negotiation and economic union between both states and
5:01 am
the return of palestinian refugees the proposal was turned down.


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