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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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evacuated this little house. fourteen people have been killed in the side bombing in afghanistan's capital kabul it happened to thousands of religious scholars were leaving a gathering at the city's politic university earlier today and i asked that they create dance the war in afghanistan the taliban to accept the government's peace offer jennifer classes in kabul and house more. the bomb went off as hundreds thousands of islamic scholars and clerics were finishing their meeting in what we call the jirga tent the loya jirga tent to really a a conference hall in kabul as they were accident after a meeting where they condemned of the ongoing war as an islamic and condemn suicide bombers a bomber went off at the gate the entrance to that gathering where more than two thousand five hundred religious leaders had gotten together to try and persuade the taliban to come to the peace table to accept what the president calls an unconditional offer for peace talks now and just as we heard news of that bombing
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another bombing in town a smaller bomb went off in a truckload of watermelon that injured three civilians it seems that over and over again we hear these stories we are reporting these stories that either the taliban or i saw are setting off bombs or attacks here in the afghan capital and around the country really a sign of how difficult it is for the afghan government to maintain security at the taleban a growing influence around the country despite fifteen thousand u.s. and nato troops as well as a large force of afghan security forces fighting very hard and losing men all over the country has been a brutal fighting season and the attacks continue here in the afghan capital. well there's plenty more still to come on the program including discovering the dead hundreds of bodies is still big comfort in iraq a city of year after its capture from i still. a job for the new government we visit the deeply divided seaside resort of all stay. it's really great impoverished
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areas for no rise in organized crime. and sport injury hasn't come between africa's player of the year and a place at the world cup. the us president says he has the. right to pardon himself in the russia inquiry if investigators think he committed a crime donald trump took to twitter once again to insist he's done nothing wrong inquiry's looking into alleged collusion between his campaign team and the russian government during the twenty sixteen presidential election but is kimberly helco reports the president's latest post is raising serious concerns about how he believes he is above all. it was no solution with the russia he said it over no collusion and over no collusion and over again there is absolutely no scholars of
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us president donald trump insists no one for his campaign worked with the russian government during his twenty sixteen election bid but with the potential for more criminal indictments looming the president is stepping up his attacks on the man investigating his campaign special counsel robert mueller in a monday morning tweet trump said it was unconstitutional to appoint muller in the first place but in another tweet he claims that if muller decides trump did anything wrong i have the absolute right to pardon myself certainly the constitution very clearly lays out the law and once again the president hasn't done anything wrong and we feel very comfortable in that front it's not certain that trump himself is under investigation but muller does want to talk to him trump has faced accusations of obstruction of justice ever since he fired the head of the f.b.i. james comey over the russia investigation his latest tweets raise serious concerns
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the president may now be preparing to fire muller as well but it also begs the question about whether the president can actually pardon himself no president has ever done it but internal department of justice memo for nine hundred seventy four just before president richard nixon resigned from office following similar accusations says the commander in chief cannot pardon himself still for some legal analysts the latest truck tweets suggest something else if he isn't worried about committing a crime then there's no need to have a pardon so it certainly suggests a guilty mindset and he's afraid that the walls are closing in a number of people have already been charged in the probe including trump's former campaign manager paul matter for michael flynn trump's former national security advisor pled guilty. december to lying to the f.b.i. scholars are divided on whether a president can pardon himself but if donald trump is charged in later self pardons
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his actions would almost certainly be challenged in court kimberly hell could al-jazeera at the white house israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says iran must be prevented from developing a nuclear weapon he's been meeting german chancellor angela merkel in berlin netanyahu warned against allowing iran to expand its influence in the middle east and that the nation is a threat to the world dominant kate has more from berlin. when german and israeli heads of government meet there are always expressions of deep friendliness of the importance of the relationship between their two countries given the historical legacy the point also to make is amongst the expressions of friendliness there are differences of opinion specifically regarding iran and the deal that was agreed several years ago concerning the nuclear program that iran had and how that could be put to one side certainly iran search for a nuclear weapon coming to this meeting mr netanyahu and make clear his concerns were iran and iran and there were certainly concerns that emerged during the joint
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news conference given by both leaders iran's calls for our destruction. but it's also super nuclear weapons to carry out its genocidal desires we know that for fact this visit to berlin is the first stop in a whistle stop tour as it were of europe's capitals taking in berlin taking in paris taking in london where mr netanyahu will be meeting with the heads of government heads of state to try to get their support for his view which is that the deal with iran needs to be repudiated as it has been by the united states government of president donald trump but so far at least the european leaders have been steadfast have said no they believe that the best way to prevent an iranian nuclear weapon is by this deal being enforced behind all of it is of course their concern that european industries that want to invest in tehran are now concerned about what might happen if sanctions are imposed. we need some kind of
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a glacial we also say we need to talk about their activities in syria but we think that through tough negotiations through joint negotiations this would be possible that. iran's supreme leader says his country has no intention of carving its ballistic missile program and will respond harshly if attacked by its enemies ayatollah ali khamenei gave the warning on monday he said iran's missile program is crucial for the country's defense and that tehran will attack ten times more if provoked by western nations. there are reports that the self-proclaimed libyan national army has entered the city of durham after weeks of heavy fighting there while the siege led by a renegade general. has led to severe shortages of water electricity food and medical supplies general half stars ellen a finds his have been backing several armed groups that control the city some of which are linked to al qaeda israel says
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it will take money from the taxes it collects for palestinians to compensate israelis for fire damage to their land israel says palestinians protesting in gaza carried out arson attacks damaging forests and i quote cultural land with one hundred twenty palestinians have been killed by israeli soldiers since protests at the border began in late march burnet spent has more now from west to receive them . israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu wants to make the deductions for damage he says has been caused to agricultural fields and nature reserves and forests by the burning kites that have been floated over from gaza into israeli territory the palestinian authority says to do this would be robbery and a cowardly aggression israel collects sometimes says and revenues on behalf of the palestinian authority and sends them over to the p.a. every month and previously israel has threatened to withhold taxes for actions taken by the p.a.
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that israel doesn't approve of there's no indication yet of how much israel is threatening to withhold the book the tax off already has previously estimated the damage just to agricultural land has come in at about one half million dollars and it suggests that if you add nature reserves and fields in other areas to that that could increase the cost for hundreds of bodies have been found in iraq the city of mosul almost a year after it was retaken from myself they were buried in ruins and along the banks of the takers threadbare and discovered during a renewed search effort charles stratford reports from baghdad. it's been eleven months since iraqi prime minister hydrilla body declared victory over eisel in mosul much of what was iraq's second biggest city lies in ruins the fighting was described as the most intense urban combat since world war two. the search for bodies goes on civil defense search and rescue teams are concentrating on areas
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close to the banks of the river tigris it was here that the iraqi government forces supported by international coalition airstrikes flushed out and killed most of the last remaining leisel fighters in the city i saw bodies that were covered around seven hundred these bodies were all of i still that used to hide in these houses are obstacles and clearing these bodies out of the unexploded munitions hidden bombs explosive vests and rigged houses with i.e.d. as we are trying our best to overcome these obstacles for. the remains of eisel fighters are being found close to dead civilians who were on able to escape it's estimated around ten thousand civilians were killed in a province in the battle against isis most of them in west of mosul. we have been pulling bodies for eight days already from the. banks and within this
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quarter alone we have fallen two hundred bodies on that day four hundred on the second day and around one hundred on the. we have difficulty getting heavy machinery aside all city because of the. more than two million iraqis remain displaced across the country including approximately seven hundred thousand from mosul the rebuilding of the city has yet to start families like the space many more months if not years living in camps the delay is primarily because of questions about who will foot the bill. at the donors conference in kuwait in february iraq also its allies for help with the eighty eight billion dollars cost of rebuilding this country including mosul but only thirty billion dollars was pledged the iraqi government faces having to cover the majority of rebuilding costs itself for now almost a year since the battle against leisel in mosul was one the search for and recovery
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of the dead continues john strafford al jazeera barked at that unison foreign ministry has some of the italian ambassador in response to comments made by italy's new interior minister on sunday materials of any said the region would no longer be what he called europe's refugee camp much an a-z. a sense over convicts a far right thing to made the statements impose alo one of the main rival points for refugees and migrants making the illegal crossing from north africa as well as the divisive issue of immigration it's least new coalition government is also facing major social problems many impoverished areas a suffering with a rise in organized crime one such time as the deeply divided seaside community of all syria where sonia got to go reports. the sun and the mediterranean sea provide a welcome distraction from italy's recent political dramas this is also
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a popular resorts on the roman coast. and this is also austria but one. we are marginalized you know that. we're living in a bellow the image i'm dying of hunger and living in a garret it is a deeply divided place where people feel politics has failed them in its place organized crime has filled the gap through drug trafficking and extortion. the local five star movement who took control of the council last year has promised to crack down on the gangs and rebuild the area so the problems are very real it's a marginalized place there are drugs there is crime but people here have been forgotten and it's a neighborhood such as this one here where people feel they have really been abandoned let down by governments over the years and while
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a new set of politicians is promising change there's very little faith that will actually happened. without political support those living here have had to take it upon themselves to make it more habitable including creating spaces for children to play with and once was nothing the local councils responsibility assumed by those whom it's supposed to serve. again if. everything that's been done here has been done and it's not because we do not want to work but there's always been a wall between the citizens and the operatives. and the problems here have also been acknowledged by the head of the roman catholic church during a visit on sunday the first in fifty years by a pontiff pope francis condemned the organizations that have turned austria into a power center of mass violence. jesus wants the walls of indifference and silence to be breached on balls of oppression an arrogance torn
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asunder and call skloot for justice civility and legality. it is a stand simply a new era in italian politics everyone here knows there is much work to be done to take an immense effort politically and otherwise to rest ostia away from the stranglehold of the local mafia gangs who wield it more must power sony vaio al-jazeera last year. so the come on the news hour could there be a feeling of relations between madrid and catalonia following the swearing in of the spanish prime minister. well the strategy pay off u.s. democrats put up a non-presidential number of female candidates in the primary election. and as for steph curry said to me record is golden state warriors take control of the n.b.a. fine it's.
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how i welcome to look at the international focus to go plenty of showers across parts of central europe further north it's a good deal clear clear a not so much dry run kwassa having said that we've got a few showers just up towards the fall and with the stove europe we will see a little bit of what weather coming in here cool winston's coming down across the baltic states nine hundred. plenty of showers into central pozen as you can see the temperatures still doing really quite nicely into the mid to upper twenty's still but with those temperatures we are looking at some live the storms rumbling away particular cross france still the marys of spice still see some showers as we go through tuesday as you go on into the coast wednesday we are going to see more of those showers cropping up could affect the tennis at any time then further north warms up to around twenty two celsius for london cools down to just twelve degrees there for moscow with that brisk mobley of westerly wind rolling in there is some
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wealth around athens gets up to thirty three celsius plenty of warm sunshine across that southeastern corner of the meddlin the other side of the med benghazi similar values on those temperatures caro's into the myth i was also northwest a little more clout there just spilling out to morocco into northern areas of algeria brightens up as it got to the middle part of the week about a twenty one degrees. the world's pollinators are in decline. in this episode of arthritis we meet entomologists on opposite sides of the planet protecting insects of all sizes crucial to preserving food chains. i've come to the u.k. to see how old industrial sites are being turned into bug reserves in an attempt to reverse this worrying trend. fighting insect to get on on al-jazeera.
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it's been one year since its neighbors imposed a blockade on by land sea and air. a move that shot through the region's two political landscape alliances have shifted and qatar has grown more self-reliant. but what caused the rift between the g.c.c. countries is there and written songs and can the gulf ever be the same again the siege of qatar on of just zero. mind of the top stories here on just. continuing the government in jordan despite
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the resignation of the prime minister king abdullah has warned that the country is at a crossroads. rescuers in guatemala searching for survivors after a volcanic eruption on sunday killed at least sixty two people most violent eruption of the volcano in more than forty years. is but outrage in the u.s. after president almost charm to be said that he has the right to pardon himself and the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the twenty six election. president of catalonia says he will meet spanish spain's new prime minister kim tourist said he has exchanged messages with pedro sanchez on the capital and we just future following last year's unilateral declaration of independence which was then declared illegal and no date has yet been set for those discussions david chase reports from madrid the new socialist prime minister pedro sanchez started his first day in office by welcoming the ukrainian president petro
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poroshenko to madrid it was a long standing gauge went on the former prime minister mariano rajoy diplomatic diary close aides for both leaders must have had a long night shoring up new breathing votes after a horror lost the vote of no confidence. but the real focus of the day was on a prison compound deep in the countryside outside madrid the newly elected president of the regional government in catalonia kim torah was paying a call on five of his former colleagues behind bars awaiting trial on charges of rebellion and sedition but the main question was is the knowledge chance of a new dialogue between madrid and barcelona. we have exchanged messages and agreed to meet as soon as possible it's important for me to emphasize that we are going through an exceptional situation in this country we want to know what type of prime minister we're going to find the one who condemned the independence
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referendum or a new man. that statement from the catalonian president now leaves the diplomatic ball very much in the court of pedro sanchez but he's got a lot on his plate already he's got to form a new government but both men realize if they're going to take this opportunity they've got to take it soon. a right wing rally over the weekend in the spanish capital condemned the no confidence vote. as a constitutional coupe calling for a new election the new prime minister having an eighty four socialist votes in the three hundred fifty seat parliament that new election could come soon. al-jazeera madrid french piece of move people out of two camps has where fiji's in paris sources say they're offering temporary shelter to hundreds of people affected it comes a few days after police feared an even larger camp in the north east of the city.
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saudi arabia has issued its first driving licenses to women ten women who already have licenses and other countries have been issued with official paperwork the licenses were given earlier with the ban on women driving not to be lifted until june the twenty fourth but still nine saudi arabian activists both men and women have been campaigning for the right to drive remain under arrest. and al jazeera investigation has found the saudi arabia played a bigger role in causing the gulf crisis than previously thought the report shows the cell that hacked the qatar news agencies website in may last year worked from a site a government ministry in riyadh the forms of computers were connected to a site a communications company and hackers have posted fake quotes attributed to qatar is
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emir this lead to saudi arabia the u.a.e. back reign in egypt cutting ties with qatar and imposing a blockade and as the one year anniversary of the blockade of qatar report says there are efforts in the us to win support president donald trump initially backed the countries behind the blockade this year he's been calling on all sides to resolve the dispute classical he looks at the role lobbying has played in all of this. the nation of qatar on fortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism it was a shock in washington and across the globe a u.s. president publicly going after cutter a close ally that houses the biggest u.s. base in the middle east sided with the blockading countries. at the time many believe the saudis following treatment of him in riyadh played a part but we now know thanks to e-mails leaked to the associated press that the push to get the president to side with saudi arabia and the united arab emirates
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began months before the emails are from brodie a big time republican fundraiser according to the a.p. he was working with george nader who said he was close to both of the crown princes from saudi arabia and the u.a.e. broady reportedly lobbied the president and later received hundreds of millions of dollars worth of defense deals from the u.a.e. in one e-mail bertie boasted about his role writing trumps vocal support of saudi arabia at this summit quote is a direct result of the campaign we have led over the past two months to highlight the funding of terrorism by cutter and the muslim brotherhood brody is suing cutter he says they hacked his e-mails a charge they denied but cutters facing more scrutiny because of another court case prominent guitars are being sued by rapper ice cube he says they didn't pay him as promised in a business deal and his partner testified that they tried to use them to get to steve bannon in testimony describing their offer as a bribe which they also deny all sides of spent millions of dollars on lobbyist
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trying to sway the traffic in a strange country in the gulf region is a threat to global security are putting ads in the president's favor cable channels placing op eds in prominent papers lobbying lawmakers and with the united states to defeat terrorism and. there are a lot of guys who are making an awful lot of money and mr former lobbyist stephen billet thinks they're likely wasted. millions of dollars because you never really see any evidence of it later on you know you don't see decisions made at a later time that indicate that. there was a positive outcome according to the new york times the saudis and u.a.e. offered to help the drone campaign before the election it's unclear if anything was done on his behalf with their money but it's an allegation special counsel robert muller is likely looking at the man at the center of many of these questions george nader is cooperating with the investigation. al-jazeera washington will
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choose the will mark one year since the blockade began and we'll have a special program looking at the political economic and human impact of the crisis that's eight hundred hours g.m.t. on tuesday here on al-jazeera eight states have primary elections in the u.s. on choose states and now will the amount of candidates for the upcoming midterm elections nationwide democrats have been rallying around an unprecedented number of women candidates as they push to regain the majority in the house of representatives kristen salumi has more. i am getting back to me now i am i guess arrow she is a former navy pilot federal prosecutor and first time political candidate mikey should relish also the leading fundraiser in a crowded field of democrats running to represent new jersey's eleventh congressional district a seat that has been held by a republican man for the last twenty four years we see so many women running we see
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so many veterans running because we feel like it's time for new leadership in washington it's a common sentiment among democrats particularly women who were actually physically being targeted by our president not only here in suburban new jersey but around the country and we have twenty four seats we need to flip in this midterm election and i'm running to flip one where they hope to win enough seats to retake the majority in the house and female candidates are leading the charge on tuesday nearly one hundred women from both political parties many of them newcomers to politics will be on the ballot in congressional primaries continuing a year long trek an unprecedented number of women are taking part in state and local elections and often times winning and what some have described as a. mobilization started the day after president trump's inauguration when women marched by the millions expressing concern about last reproductive rights and immigration. experts point out there's now
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a lot at stake here who controls who is she who controls the house of representatives will control the purse will control the investigative power will ultimately if necessary control the impeachment process this election is over. president tribe is also working hard to rally his base in two thousand and sixteen more white women voted for him than hillary clinton i think people were surprised that i write about that outcome and so now i think of everything and not like too much and it's time for a change many voters say this year women are more engaged and outraged by the president's alleged mistreatment of women you can't be to visit you need to be a unifying leader and that's my biggest opposition to the trumpet fact the biggest hurdles for women candidates are yet to come in the general election this november but if the primaries are any indication women candidates and voters will be making
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their voices heard kristen salumi al jazeera new jersey. the u.s. calls of venezuela to be suspended from the organization of american states secretary of state might compel told a meeting of the group the venezuelan president nicolas maduro is carrying out a full scale dismantling of democracy in his when i was just one of the issues being discussed as alan fischer reports now from washington. with an exploding volcano in guatemala. deadly protests in the can i go on ongoing crisis in venezuela the organization of american states annual assembly couldn't have been more timely than a thirty five nations at the gathering in washington but only a few are dominating discussions from costa rica's vice president there was a call from the can i go to low protests to proceed there peacefully we exhort the government of nicaragua from this forum to immediately cease and desist from all the repression of the demonstrators and the arbitrary detention of those that have
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stepped forward and spoken up america's new secretary of state mike pompeo was addressing the oas for the first time any visiting what he sees is an old problem is demanding greater sanctions against venezuela and as president nicolas maduro a call on fellow member state to apply additional pressure on the media regime including sanctions and further diplomatic isolation until such time as a hundred takes the actions necessary to return genuine democracy and provide people desperately needed access to international humanitarian aid. we call on the oas nations to do this today. as the small round of applause died the venezuelan delegation insisted the u.s. was breaching the rules of the organization it was calling to action you do not have the moral authority of any kind of trying to undermine our government and we see that in the articles articles nineteen to twenty of the charter you are violating the charter the un charter and what are you seeking cause to suspend
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venezuela from the or yes or virtually redundant venezuela itself has said it's going to leave the organization and that two year process will end in next year but it's clear that while venezuela says it won't take any part in the formal gathering here in washington it won't allow what it perceives to be attacks to go unanswered . because men do want to new six year term as venezuela's president last month in an election which was widely criticized internationally but the u.s. position in venezuela is a big challenge to the us latin caribbean nations have always been reluctant to give the country it regards as a long term friend an ally but there is a sense that patience is running out of the no one is clear what comes after the words of condemnation own fisher al-jazeera as the general assembly in washington north korea's leader kim jong un has reportedly replaced three of his leading military officers ahead of a meeting with u.s.
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president trump according to south korean media kim has sacked the defense minister the army's chief of staff the head of its political below us intelligence believes there's been so opposition from within the military to kim's dialogue with says korea and the united states just a day's time the eyes of the world will be on singapore when it hosts the historic summit between donald trump and kim jong un whilst excitement is building secrecy surrounds much of the planning scott highly explains one of the smallest countries in the world is about to host a summit that could very well be the biggest diplomatic event in decades. u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong are due to meet at last and potentially diffuse one of the world's most dangerous flashpoints versing. because of the dramatic back and forth mystery over the location and the personalities involved the summit is in gauging people who previously had scant interest in dio part of. singapore has
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a history of hosting top level high security events including two critical taiwan chinese meetings and the annual shangri-la security and defense summit the whole security apparatus is very robust there's a lot of surveillance around the island as significant control of dissent as control of the media such that any events that may be deemed happy and helpful can be quite tightly controlled and put down trump meets kim is a big story in japan. as network has had teams in singapore since it was first named as the summit venue a great deal of the time playing cat and mouse with the north korean delegation to do could we have covered news in singapore a lot before this time the security is strict and more difficult for us to work the police presence is heavy news underlying the interest and excitement for the summit singapore newspaper the straits times conducted a readers' poll asking singapore where they felt the summit would take place most thought it would be.


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