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and says he has the right the absolute right even to pardon himself from any charges related to an aged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election campaign says he's done nothing wrong adding that appointed special counsel moment to head the problem was unconstitutional well played finkelstein is the director of ethics and the rule of law at the university of pennsylvania north korea and she says it would be an abuse of power if the president pardons himself the president does not have the legal power to pardon himself apart from the one nine hundred seventy four memo that made back clear it would be an utter abuse of the pardon power the fact that a president has a power under the constitution doesn't mean that in the exercise of that power he can't exceed the bounds of the legal use of that power president trump bragged during his campaign that he could shoot someone on fifth avenue and not lose any fans and this would essentially allow him to shoot someone on fifth avenue and not
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be called to justice for it because he could immediately pardon himself after he had done it apart from the issue of state crimes which a pardon wouldn't touch so it definitely would place him above the reach of the law and that is not what any phrase in our constitution was intended to do. so guatemala now rescuers are trying to reach remote areas off of the volcano destroyed villages and killed at least sixty five people the explosion caused thousands of residents to flee and left hundreds and should they even muster has more from psychotropic hands. in the village of send me get this there's evidence of destruction everywhere a massive volcanic eruption unleashed a torrent of lava mud an ash which engulfed the community the so-called pyrotechnic flow raced down the side of the flag a volcano giving people little time to escape rescue workers struggled to find
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bodies many of which were buried inside their houses. access is very difficult and it's really hot in the places we're trying to dig bodies out of the ash the deeper you dig the more intense the heat. by morning the scale of the disaster was becoming clear the volcanic mudflows buried entire families this is the epicenter of the slide and it's the focus of the rescue efforts right now rescue workers pouring out across this area going into houses and pulling out bodies in just fifteen minutes we've seen four bodies bowl poll out there's not a lot of hope for survivors. sunday's volcanic eruption shot ash more than six kilometers into the sky and sent lava streaming down a highway it was the flag of volcanoes most powerful eruption in decades more than three thousand people fled to temporary shelters but while they might be out of
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harm's way the memories still linger oh mostly. we were all yelling run and get out because some people didn't believe what was happening so many people died it was horrible all we have left is what we were able to carry really let's get on with. the president visited the site on monday he promised to. government funds to help with reconstruction. in. the morning to ensure that all the legalities and functioning. go back to the. resources and with complete transparency but for many of those who survived it's difficult to imagine what it will take to recover the scale of this disaster is simply too great david mercer. still ahead. challenging.
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and the challenges ahead for. organized crime. however because it's a lot of hot dry weather across the middle east now so normal service is pretty much been resumed we have still got those showers coming out of the black sea for the caspian sea some lovely downpours still a possibility eastern parts of turkey could see some showers long spells of frame for time for most is fun to try syria lebanon jordan all the way down into israel will warm sunshine twenty seven celsius there for beirut it's hot sunshine for baghdad at around forty three degrees celsius was enough in kabul and also into karate getting well up into the thirty's here as well as is the case to little
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further north into tash can tell a massey high here of around twenty nine celsius with a few showers me still a few showers you notice just around armenia georgia and azerbaijan not so much in the way of wet weather across potentially though as we go on through the next couple days a little more cloud just into southern parts of amman maybe into the southeast of yemen but southern parts of saudi could see one or two spots of rain but nothing much to speak of and if anything it turns brighter as we go on through the next day or so a little more clout that was the southern end of the red sea here in doha the hot sunshine left in the temperatures to around forty three degrees celsius but yes sunshine across southern africa over the next few days but if you shasta southern parts of madagascar into mozambique. to think hard about the future. world meets the peoples
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of the mountain. striving to deal with the changing world. and preparing. for life. good to have you with. these are our top stories this fall minister has told al jazeera offer any compromises to the country's blockading it and dismissed reports of threats of military action by its big one u.s. and saudi arabia the u.a.e.
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egypt and bahrain and. claiming it supports terrorism denies the allegations donald trump's former campaign manager has been tampering prosecution for has been indicted by u.s. special counsel. tried to send encrypted messages to two former coworkers while he's on bail. to revoke bail and put him out of fortune prison and at least sixty five people have been killed and hundreds more injured in a volcanic eruption in guatemala the government says around two million people have been affected by the explosion let's get more on our top story now the fall out of the gulf crisis which has a second here while the airspace restrictions by the blockade in countries on. airlines has had a huge impact on both passengers. and kabul but qatar airways has adapted to the new reality good name reports from a modern to national airport here in. qatar airways seems to be adhering to an
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arab proverb that says right the bad things in sand the good things on a piece of marble the state owned airline says despite the challenges of the year old blockade it received numerous industry accolades including best airline of twenty seventeen at the gym packed us that increased our flying time it put pressure on my operational cost but did that not stop the will and the determination of us to keep on a path of growth qatar airways says it's still auditing its books from last year and can't say exactly how much money the blockade has cost the airline but it says the losses are quote substantial. prior to the blockade its profits were soaring in two thousand and sixteen it earned more than five hundred million dollars a historic high and flew twenty percent more passengers than the year before. qatar
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airways says it's defeating the blockade by implementing a strategy of expansion in the last year the airline has added a new fleet of planes allowing it to fly greater distances to more destinations when it lost access to routes in saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain it added them elsewhere and it forged international partnerships in the united states and italy but qatar airways has seen a twenty percent drop in passengers. the cargo division has managed to fill the void not only has it not posted any losses it is managed to maintain its perch as one of the top three cargo companies in the world. former cargo perspective it's somewhat easy. to redeploy that capacity so what we have lost with the g.c.c. countries we've managed to redeploy the challenges are still not to be able to
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serve eighteen destinations that we used to service the c.e.o. of qatar airways says the airline can shoulder losses for the foreseeable future and there's no need to ask the government for a bailout but he admits it will be a very different scenario for the company if the blockade becomes a long term reality for qatar. just don't. and extensive. coverage continues later on tuesday has come all phantom of viet to tell you what's ahead. it's been quite a year here in qatar ever since the fifth of june twenty seventh seen when all of a sudden the border was shot in the country put on the blockade so we've got a special broadcast for you on tuesday as we look back on this quite extraordinary year not just how it happened and why it happened but how qatar has reacted the new lines of trade the change travel routes even for it cows being flown in to create a new dairy industry not to mention all the while us here at al-jazeera continuing
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to do our jobs while the four blockading countries called for the network to be closed down so join us later on tuesday will be nine pm here in doha will be live out in about at the qatar a cultural village from home and international airport in doha and from kuwait city as mediation efforts continue plus in studio guests and experts and will be live streaming on facebook twitter and periscope so you can watch wherever you are and send us your thoughts and questions gulf crisis one year on al-jazeera news special eighteen hundred hours g.m.t. on tuesday we'll see you. the white house says it will continue to maintain maximum pressure on north korea until that denuclearize is this comes as the press secretary unveiled a shed jewel of that has stark meeting between donald trump and kim jong un on tuesday the leaders will meet at singapore time had previously cancel the meeting but backtracked more than days iran's supreme leader says his country has no intention of curbing its ballistic missile program and will respond harshly if
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challenge to ayatollah ali how many he says iran's missile program is crucial for the country and that tack ten times more of provoked by western nations. some europeans are talking about both iran coping with sanctions and to limiting our defensive missile program which is essential for the future of the country i'm telling these european governments this stream will never come true but how many is comments coincide with israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu calling on germany to adopt a tough approach and prevent them from developing a nuclear weapon is the meeting chancellor angela merkel in berlin and you know one against allowing iran to expand its influence in the middle east calling the nation a threat to the world to jordan our king abdullah has warned that his country is at a crossroads as protests of the proposed tax hikes continue his promise and urgent measures to tackle the economic crisis the protests have forced the prime minister
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to quit mohamed reports it's official jordan's government has responded to the people's demands by accepting to replace prime minister. parliament speaker out of a total nut told al jazeera he will reject the law that initially sparked protests last thursday. although it seems to the protesters demands have been met they continued to march for the fifth night in a row and this is. the resignation is the first step to reduce the tension that exists in the country the second step which is the main step is to withdraw the decision by king abdullah from the parliament otherwise things will not calm down they want to make it clear to the government that simply replacing him with the same old thing will not fly people are looking for a paradigm shift they're not looking for changing faces like you know. second one prime minister and getting another one they're looking for a change in their policies and the policies have been detrimental to the daily life
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of the people and jordan and they're looking for changes in these in these policies . the protests broke out after milky under pressure by the i.m.f. announced his plan to raise income tax by at least five percent. the taxes were aimed at shrinking jordan's thirty seven billion dollars debt that's equivalent to ninety five percent of the country's annual output jordan's a dependent economy has been struggling with a dramatic cut in donations by the u.a.e. u.s. and saudi arabia and a large influx of refugees from the surrounding conflicts have added to the crisis . king abdullah met with reporters promising reforms in saying the country must meet its challenges challenges the middle class hope they won't have to pay for d.c. . that is in foreign minister has fallen that italian ambassador to explain comments made by italy's new interior minister on sunday matteo salvini said the region would no longer be what he called europe's refugee camp and that to mizzi
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a sense of a complex far watch leader made the statement and says that one of the main rival points for refugees and migrants making the illegal crossing from north africa well apart from the divisive issue of immigration at all is a new coalition government is also facing major social problems where many impoverished areas is seeing a rise in organized crime one such community is the seaside town of austria from west on your guy a global pool. the sun and the mediterranean sea provide a welcome distraction from italy's recent political dramas this is also a popular resorts on the roman coast. and this is also. the one. we are marginalized you know that. was we're living in a bellow here miss i'm dying of hunger and living in a carriage it is a deeply divided place where people feel politics has failed them in its place
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organized crime has filled the gap through drug trafficking and extortion. the local five star movement to took control of the council last year has promised to crack down on the gangs and rebuild the area so the problems are very real it's a marginalized place there are drugs there is crime people here have been forgotten and it's a neighborhood such as this one here where people feel they have really been abandoned let down by governments over the years and while a new set of politicians is promising change there's very little say thing that will actually happened. without political support those living here have had to take it upon themselves to make it more habitable including creating spaces for children to play with and once was nothing the local councils responsibility assumed by those who weren't supposed to serve. everything
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that's been done here has been done and it's not because we do not want to work little rituals but there's always been a wall between the citizens and the operatives. and the problems here have also been acknowledged by the head of the roman catholic church during a visit on sunday the first in fifty years by a pontiff pope francis condemned the organizations that have turned into a power center of mass violence. jesus wants the walls of indifference and silence to be breached on balls of oppression an arrogance torn asunder and call skloot for justice civility and legality. it is a stance of really a new era in italian politics everyone here knows there is much work to be done to take an immense effort politically and otherwise to wrest ostia away from the stranglehold of the local mafia gangs who wield enormous power so new guy i go out
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zero last year. saudi arabia has issued its first driving licenses to women and ten females who already had licenses from other countries have been assured a special permits the bad on female drivers to be left on the twenty fourth of june despite the nor change nine activists both men and women who've been campaigning for the right to drive remain under arrest their kids are trying to undermine the kingdom security and stability. you know again i'm elizabeth of the headlines on al-jazeera it's been a year since saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain imposed a blockade on cutter claiming it's a supporter of terrorism which though hard to deny is now there are reports that
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saudi arabia is threatening military action because is buying a defense system from the russians but the kothari foreign minister has told al-jazeera that the country will not make any compromises. let us make it very clear that the purchase of any military equipment is a sovereign decision which no country has. anything to do with saw there is no legitimate grievance behind this letter threatening it's violating the international laws by writing or the international norms and. the most importantly it's violating the. charter which is the countries of the g.c.c. should not launch an attack against each other. at least sixty five people have been killed and hundreds more injured in a volcanic eruption in guatemala residents fled their homes are from lava and ash covered surrounding villages or temporary shelters have been set up for about three thousand residents. donald trump's former
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campaign manager has been accused of witness tampering prosecutor. who's been indicted by u.s. special counsel tried to send encrypted messages to. while he was on bail. a judge to revoke bail and put man a fortune prison meanwhile the u.s. president says he has the absolute right to pardon himself from any charges related to alleged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election trump insists that he's done nothing wrong iran's supreme leader says his country has no intent intention of curbing its been the stick missile program and will respond harshly if attacked the harmony issued the latest warning on monday he said a program is crucial and that will attack ten times more if provoked by western nations well how many's comments call inside with israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu calling on germany to adopt a tough approach and prevent developing
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a nuclear weapon he's been meeting chancellor angela merkel and. counting the cost is coming up next. in the gulf crisis. examines its political economic and human impacts join us for a special program at eighteen g.m.t. . hello and has i'm seeking this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics how the year long blockade on qatar is impacting gulf economies. turkey's high stakes battle to tame its currency call its economy and soothe investor nerves. plus pressing reset on all you'll find out
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why the world's largest producers of crude could be rethinking their strategy. a year ago before arab states saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt imposed a full land sea and air blockade on qatar the richest country in the world per person was forced to tap into its sovereign wealth fund and do everything it could to shore up its economy banking system and currency and those efforts have been paying off earlier this year it raised twelve billion dollars in a bond issue it showed that despite the rift with its gulf neighbors international investors still feel confident betting on its future growth a cutter is reshaping supply lines and developing domestic goods it's pushing ahead with its two hundred billion dollar infrastructure plan and the world's largest exporter of nickel five natural gas is also busy forging new long term supply deals
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are the i.m.f. projects the cutter's growth will come in a two point six percent in two thousand and eighteen it says the saudi economy will expand by one point seven percent the u.a.e. will have two percent growth but heinz outlook is for three percent growth and the international lender predicts egypt's economic growth will hit five point two percent this year. well joining us now from london is a head of middle east and north africa at the global risk consultancy eurasia group thanks very much for being with us so what's your assessment of how qatar has weathered this blockade twelve months on. well i think qatar is in a much better position right now it seems that the economic cost of the blockade or the crisis has been limited the government has managed to intervene in certain sectors it has managed to provide some guarantees from the central bank has provided much needed liquidity so it is contained it's far from ideal obviously
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because of the position of qatar at geography its trade links so this is far far from a preference but i think one year after the beginning of the qatar crisis with the other g.c.c. members they call me is not crushing and qatar seems to have adjusted to what is a very challenging situation talk a little bit more than about the ways the cutter has adjusted to this because they are they obviously had a lot of money in terms of foreign currency reserves they had a lot of kind of ammunition so to speak with which to to weather this at the beginning didn't they absolutely i think that the sovereign wealth fund reserves were absolutely important in providing not only stability but a measure of. credibility to the financial sector that qatar has significant reserves to intervene in the market and help the government manage the crisis
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obviously the qatari gas exports did help the country manage its relationships with a lot of countries and make sure that the trade links and those exports are maintained l.n.g. exports but i think most importantly on the diplomatic front we've seen an effort to engage with alternative powers not only the u.s. but broadly to establish new trade lanes try to cement those so you have qatar not really in an isolated position internationally and that's a function of both the importance of the gas or service and gas exports but also the financial cushion that qatar has through its sovereign. a lot fun the qatar investment authority a much better situation today i would say so what's been the regional impact of the broader regional impact of this blockade so i think that perhaps the impact on the saudi economy is quite limited but it is certainly very their exports that used to
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go from saudi arabia to qatar industrial sector certainly a greek culture goods as well that has gone down but given the size of the saudi economy that it's a very limited impact on saudi arabia i think you will see that when it comes to the u.a.e. and perhaps dubai in specific some of the repercussions have been more serious or more tangible be it financial transactions been shifted from dubai to new to london or new york where qatar is involved so a loss of some business volumes there and certainly when it comes to job al-ali and exports through jalali which have now been rerouted to oman and through that to to qatar so we we've seen bit of a more of an impact there i think for the g.c.c. countries at large this is not an ideal situation ican economically certainly in terms of pure economic cost the m pact on qatar is heavier than anywhere else but
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given the financial reserves we haven't seen really the qatari economy crack we haven't seen a crisis develop in a way that creates panic in doha or that forces the government to spend much more significant amounts of for our foreign reserves to prop up the economy and what are the implications of all of this for qatar's main export main source of income which is of course l.n.g. liquefied natural gas i think the liquid of l.n.g. exports have been stable i think that global demand has been healthy and qatar's in relationship with my. more so for its energy partners has not been damaged as a result of the gulf crisis unless there is an actual destruction in the persian gulf which is unlikely i think unless we see a confrontation with iran or a military effort against iran then. that ellen g.
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exports will continue it will continue to provide qatar with much needed revenue is unlikely to change any time in the future. the positive element is qatar is also planning to develop or further expand production over the long term so we will see additional reserves not in the next few years probably but perhaps or very much longer time horizon certainly given all of these dynamics i think that the leadership in qatar has options at least to strengthen its position over the long term him coming out thanks very much for being with us a pleasure and don't forget to catch al-jazeera special coverage of the qatar blockade one year on will bring you the interviews and insights from around the globe find out how everyday life has changed in qatar and where the political situation stands right now that's at eight hundred g.m.t. tuesday to fifty june on al-jazeera
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a still to come on counting the cost made in rwanda versus america first how relations are souring over secondhand quotes. the first turkey's currency the lira strengthen this week after a major selloff which saw it hit an all time low versus the dollar it's still down around fifteen percent so far this year for ordinary turks and president tayyip erdogan and it's a big source of worry he's been battling to stop the currency crisis ahead of elections next month in the past week there's been a steep interest rate hike the central bank governor has also tried to reassure foreign investors that capital controls which would block money leaving the country won't be needed although in the short term the strategy seems to have worked challenges remain on wednesday credit ratings agency moody's cut turkey's economic growth forecasts well joining us now from london is charles robertson global chief
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economist with renaissance capital thanks so much for being with us so what's going on with turkey's economy particularly these big swings in the currency it's taken a while but there's been a massive build up of debt private sector debt in turkey over the last ten fifteen years and we've been concerned for the last two to three is that at some point in the medium term like now you're going to see lending stop growth stop and then people flee turkish assets because people have been buying into turkey on this sumption it would grow five percent forever and the risk is it's going to slump into recession and why's that. because they've they've is that boring of too much is not particularly the size of the borrowing now private sector debts about seventy percent of g.d.p. china's double up it's the scale of the increase over ten years usually coincides with excess borrowing bad borrowing decisions perhaps into real estate or or
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something similar and that tips over what we saw a lot in the global financial crisis a lot of eastern europe at that problem some extent the u.s. at that problem with the global financial crisis questions being raised as well though about president richard typer hands leadership here and he stewed ship of the economy there would have the comments that he made earlier describing high interest rates as the mother of all evil and that was that that kind of took a few people by surprise didn't it and really raise questions about how independent did the central bankers are in turkey the difficulty here is that everyone was the markets darling for a good decade or so. and there was always local concern particularly one kind of middle class stumbo electorate that he was encroaching his powers getting too great he's now been in power for so long that there is very little constraint upon him and he's appointed numerous central bank governors now he's in charge of the army
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he's. done a lot of changes to the judiciary but it's the central bank which i think is concern people the most because turkey relies on foreign capital to fund its current account deficit it always runs a big trade deficit so it needs foreign capital so to say we don't want to pay the interest rates required to attract back capital has frightened the markets and one of our concerns over the last few weeks is if you go back to malaysia or in one thousand nine hundred eight in the asian crisis malaysia said you know what welcome sight foreign capital we're going to introduce capital controls we're going to not allow foreign ports. it is to leave and that did let them cut interest rates and it did help malaysia's economy recover perhaps quicker than other asian countries that have gone to the i.m.f. and done orthodox things like the interest rate hike which eventually turkey did choose to do a few days ago yeah and staying on this the issue the interest rates the did the
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lira did rally further this week after the central bank announced this streamlining of interest rate tools to to focus on having one one single main rate has that done anything to reassure investors it's done say has helped ourselves that the three hundred basis point rate hike has helped having interest rates up at around sixteen percent has helped but also for a number of years now the central bank has been trying to raise rates but not tell the electorate in turkey that they're raising rates to try and keep the president happy and this repo rate which was sitting at around eight percent and is now being raised to sixteen half a star that's is a sign that finally orthodoxy seems to have won and in the long run that will work it worked for russia when they did similar things a few years ago russian interests are some.


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