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tv   Al- Nakba 2013 Ep 4  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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you know. all of us. that there should be a machine heal you. now. that i've seen a clinic go to see one of. the towers when two men was going through the process really. the way they did it was walk how do you know not how does it. so what i wanted to know. the local market provides that i thought the family the opportunity to meet and discuss their problems with a social worker. it was highly and millions idea to bring the tent school
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to the region with help from international agencies and the government is not a good value on what on earth. and we cannot afford and just happiness. and fame. would have been real has us. listen to you for. now you hadn't us. but we will ask him what he did in the deadness and then mcleod. says he has a limited stomach as well and a simple idea. if you live. near was all together what are you have to enough was as that's a failed surge as. joe
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had no mention of it in a woman and they are ok out. she said i will is a button. is made let me see if you want to kiss me. this makes sense if you look as mr miscavige said this second girl here. is we have women. sort of like that. and he's been internet i just. made. a trip. to the government school with a van and. a community where the really really really good they were. in the house of the courtroom to do that on visit they. got the love out. i mean this was open. to. them so now i'm shocked that it is not yet an
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island. one in the shit i know how. jamie allen also knew deployments and this. was i going to do to him and he said he would be a lot of fun but i say i just want to show. this is id from the i thought the tribe he has made it since from a fully no magic nice to sitting in the remote village that can. deduct lean is only the second reason to receive a tent school. divisions
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of today i used to live in a mound the rough terrain and never get in its primitive tracks. but the journey into the atlas mountains was a challenge for teachers on their first day walking at the tent school. consoler. the bench. television in a way with. a sort of. a lemon and. look at ask him. what's the she said. being the. the what. he.
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said see them again with. them in the bus is the teacher's only means of transport in and out of to that. it's also the only way for the venue to take their i mean months to market and go shopping for food and supplies and in nearest town there's your game your. dog was usually. are. for the both of you all out there or. whether or not you looked a little of us are going to three i'm over them done here are members of the. deck lean is important because it was a head of the other reasons that an experimental in with so called city center is ation that is it nominates settlement. that means that that the
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lifestyle here is gradually chanson with the former nomads startin to learn form in and construction skills. there are now fifty children attending the tent school but with two separate classes that work in in the same space. so. what's the plan now i don't demand those islam so in the case of not you're not hum's if you do a. lot of the gist of the discussion did. so as if it. was so autonomous so all the birth of her son. adolescent it has its own you to move visible. hubs to me and no limit. has suddenly vellore lot of you so i was
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alone like you can make and did them in so course we can then can even say to call in the. can talk to not a summary. of the film operates on a twenty million to be a play which injured ten in the interval. which i have on it's an adult operation. with this from in this circus been severely cloned once when. needed to meet the demon tits bit was a. whole from sexual misspelling was so out of a need learned then home and not a guilt about us around them started out to in the huns. clan did this about us around them stars are about our women and clearly dell farms
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. the place now and with the oh are so now what. so been a man there now about us and our stars around him and our song with our sowed our second one in the since about because. it's me though their leaders. are a task that i am. only seems ina cameleon but given that hazy i guess you has and i live. well i hope that the dog. bit. one of. the. moment to. talk. to the music this is. the guy you can.
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pull him back you have. took long enough took the wind and the be done. the video. we. it's him has a sense interest for him to go to school he knows that. and his parents also realized that he may choose not to follow their tradition and i thocht our way off life in the future. little. while yet it has. and it's not good so that's all of us to get a year. after school and has sent helps his parents with planting and. even this basic for men is new to the i thought. and this still only at an
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experimental stage for people used to a wonderin buster. is minimal loves being. bored of it this thing up on your own special a business. that can turn a few. and then this really one minute honestly if it's on the cutting the any sense of openness a little note of all the new cheese. going. on twitter and the. like. it's malinche mark and you need. that she. knew she didn't have that in the would have to come for them but. unless we. can. win this with flee.
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as this defer stime have tried for many this sometimes make mistakes can be costly. well. well no need the ability to move the game let alone the good. you know with a little more authority here with who should have or should the live on let's really give those up. he does although they are the no most i'm going to do worse if you get on a snow you did there was a little get up to look through the engine in a little oh no that our. we're here with roses and bad how he has paid a high price for his experiment incident there is a scent and now has to figure out how to mitigate his new assess and get out of.
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the house. meant to reduce. when in mind. doesn't it was he that thought he was in. not his shoe and looking backwards and not hers. but then on the look an engine out. the house. so that the lose on his own making and then not your fun nonimmigrant the moment i would a little what i wanted to. get out of how not to let him even roto suggests that the hundred live did have a modest amount of dutch eleven was in there at the interim. i could be up to that magic. organized for men still on lost. to continue to keep the breed animals in fact it's one of their main source of income.
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and this number their communities it's traditionally the women and children who put the animals to graze. that's how to suffer and assist me in the mountains with serious consequences. while his sufferings during. a sufi are to do what they were never to far not. john david that we any sin they are suffering did to get the. stuff we don't know that's all got a daughter by next three young lass jade for our suffering is obvious because summer's here again as to what the brave reality you are so called out has suffered as it's certain to look because it was not a cut in love letters but in drawdown will a lot of it even had the suffering of itself or will not suffer or the goal of
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undergo a whole hell of a lot to decorate the servants whether that was as often or that the servants annoyed or that they were a little guilty of the. day was the most you know about something as if it was all done of in a solicitor not in a million not in the deadlock of the snakes in the woods and his neighbors are the subjects of all your world it is business of ours of theirs that of it they have been they not the new marks a little burst water was a little. what is that. the i think it was a can was is that as a guess. i did have to do what didn't. add. what didn't. but not if. what you want it to that that isn't as bad to do to. also in.
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a more. as well as form in the former not much i don't know the basics of bending. to put in more than yeah. then i see this coming. you know no one is that a. lot of time then one could have a night out and then. in the end of a new put it out to get them to him he wanted to get a break for the needed that women look out of in the. in the. profit incentive is at stake come direct go to the. yeah. go ahead and do than say want to get a certificate even look like an idiot it doesn't did you forget wasn't getting awfully swelled. up the phones are.
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a. little bit a little bit it gives a bit of good it wasn't given out of for me to me didn't deal. get ahead out what i can do that didn't get up to the. start. of that season that said on a little bit and i think it didn't thanks to the limited thinking is all you did limited then when you get injured then again in this i will. do your man out of not that jada knew that and. coming up a new wind of change it continues to blow through some parts of the atlas mountains and the communities whose embrace it the most look to cement their children's futures that would bricks and mortar. the world's pollinate says are in decline. in this episode of arthritis we meet
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entomologists on opposite sides of the planet protecting insects of all sizes crucial to preserving food chains. i've come to the u.k. to see how all the industrial sites are being turned into bug reserves in an attempt to reverse this worrying trend. fighting insect to get on on al-jazeera. the. al-jazeera. where every year. singapore is being accused of expanding its coastline and illegally dredged sat and some of the islands off the coast of indonesia literally vanished it's
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a big business smuggling sample it will take to sit there until the sand is are there you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so plentiful the tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sand walls on al-jazeera. element of the problem and i have of the headlines on al-jazeera it's been one year since saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain imposed a blockade on cathay claiming support for terrorism denies the allegations the three foreign minister told al jazeera that the country of ahmad make any compromises. with us make it very clear that the purchase of any
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military equipment is a sovereign decision which no country has. anything to do with saw there is no legitimate grievance behind this letter and threatening to cut that it's violating the international law it's pirating or the international norms and. the most importantly it's violating the. charter which is the countries of the g.c.c. should not launch any attack against each other at least sixty five people have been killed and hundreds injured in a volcanic eruption in guatemala temporary shelters have been set up for three thousand people david mercer has more. one of them was an incredibly green country especially during the rainy season which has just started and everything was great everything was everything was covered with a very thick layer of. this town and there this village that i was in looks like much of it was actually wiped out this pirate technic i love her float came
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down and her building. covered cars trapping people in their house it happened so that you know dozens and dozens of people were just able to get out of their house. donald trump's former campaign manager has been accused of witness tampering prosecutors say paul manifold has been indicted by u.s. special counsel robert muller try to send an encrypted messages to two former coworkers while he's on bail while there is now asking a judge to revoke his bail and put him in prison meanwhile the u.s. president says he has the absolute right to pardon himself from any charges related to edged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election jordan's king abdullah has warned that his country is at a crossroads as protests of a proposed tax hikes continue thousands of demonstrators return to the streets of the capital amman late on monday the protests have forced the prime minister to quit because of the headlines but there stay with us al jazeera world continues
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next thank you for watching. us mountains that have been home to the nomadic people some to eastern moral center is. no they are facing the reality that their way of life may no longer this is the number of children do not miss instantly want to be no months and increasingly need formal education to make do with the world. it is in her teens and had to have her leg amputated after she was bitten by a snake and had to be taken to hospital in my hackish. her own him at a school in a remote area where girls have a never before had the chance of
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a formal education. that god that sayed that scene that has. been. all so bored well oh well well. oh all. so. well the war well the war won the war. no one out of. the watch. discovered community and remote location of the tank school mean the pupils have to
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share every day. funding is a problem for the whole program a group called shams provides lash back to one of the original founders from spain has pulled out so the iraqi government now meets all the remaining expenses. of. funding is not the only problem. but. it's not easy to devise an indication and program for pupils from nomadic communities or. their needs can be quite different from children and teenagers in cities and establish of towns and villages. no web.
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now if. you wish to marry me. letters are the most i keep. telling you. when i can when i can. let open without you million was not so serious to a litany mainstream curricula designed for convention incidentally communities that . don't school is the need to provide teach an in core subjects but it also needs to be really even to this children's needs and way of life so do teachers have to be creative to my horse was ill be that was you know. we always are the levy family now that i live where mark has yellow and for a year don't mean kynge and constructed though it were certainly be done. about the top. of the west. and with all sellers and what have your limits
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in. the concrete in the. yen and ali ten can come. on the city it was almost over a little government don't know a lot of those girls are young it is the first you know they don't. know what silk . stuff was all in vain or silk they made up their no yes there were i don't know about what is it called. the numerous easy however when i was sixteen what i say is that that's so yeah ok you know they feed on a symbol of it here. and shouldn't or shouldn't know what people. so. the real. funny sweater
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you think misrata an american part that see are more more more look for a walk through the enemy or poor. for work loading their mother an uptight silk headed limit on. where. a lady thought to eric or female horse emerged out of that car that yes the silk polish of the silk and what i learned when. i learnt that were real as well and i hadn't asked about. this this so this. is the reality of life is very different from the medical emergency and it was really the impetus most of all who.
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know yet. if not more of the world. knew she knew you should national headlines not states you would go seriously to worse. due diligence to your interests that. she did you would develop mean. we don't need to deal with others to do good but it would a good reader to distribute those who to do so will surely to decide to be good. what do you know.
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where they. get it but we know that doesn't like us and so this is of the. them to. you she doesn't. mean that it's your duty day off so there's no one you know taking with another child. but if you didn't go with her those you would. you know you had a deal driven and never learned and no sooner. did it going to shit on a screen notably doma did. this one little bit. they may not see it to be expert farmers. as continues in picks and shovels. they have been waiting in vain for the government to
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invest in roads to access their new system and better have lost patience and taken the matter into their own hands. this is real business is them to not heed my mother there's a strawman none of them and you know this i want to come as soon as the trainer gets really really that's usually when it doesn't do you love. that people can get the roads to connect their new settlements to each other and to the rest of the country it will open up the outside world to them and their children. it will improve their chances. if succeed then in the future even though it's a big change from the good old days. i think. they're going
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to they're going to get no more discussion to she wouldn't have done. that you don't know what you would do with anything. like on the you know when they come on our. own movie. you know they're going to come to know. what you're. going to know when you do it obviously those dimmick so they. don't want this or they don't put a hold on the. door to where to bring no nukes. you know not that i'm an arson. whether there's any what do you know i've given food why don't you get help than. you could hide so on the lincoln you can make it with when you get there thinking i'm. sitting with like one long music in a better position.
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but. some traditions and however. music and feasting. and my medicine. and i don't. know we don't make sure that we must become in. but then it's no wonder. i had to not. let it get distance case it wasn't easy. yes. the tradition and i thought the tribe was for celebration to
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follow a battle against an occupier today you consigned with the end of the road works celebrating man's triumph over nature. the only feast of marvels meaning a good deed takes place in am as you speak to lesions and to encourage and help for those in need and to god for all his meal gifts. oh. it's also a chance to pass down the tradition to the next generation and meet other know myself who hasn't yet taken the big decision to settle down permanently. i thank them. that. you
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did the impression that however much these people's lives change from now on they will always keep this deep traditions alive. thank you but. but. but the atlas mountains are and forgiven environment you can try and engineer social change by introducing formal education but you can. control the wood or especially not in winter.
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if. to date pupils arrive to see death sect of peace force winds. it's as shame because today they have a special guest now in a mess who used to teach here and became very attached to these children and their families that she likes to visit occasionally despite the long journey. and a look at the not. you are make sure i'm don't let on to your new car not so much
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can light a candle and really love it with a naturally didn't let on another will and i will probably. be a mother to get you a bit of the goodness of a sound is that a. problem is a year when little that we were. financial look at your four door over there was not an all you said that he may yeah. so not say any models i bought i don't. she has had too much top. corner daughter of a gentle maternal. love. deferred sort of there was no i mean yeah nickel coffee mug and screw the shirt and you can throw another into normanton and. the chanel you thought you must. really good documentation and was low. no
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tellin me need to lock in it so what had. their old rats cover the bushman the ocean from the only one shall his. attorney. says the things the glasses. maybe there is no problem but so much to give it up and he. has a and it's going to be tough. you cannot. cannot start i got him clearly and i thought i was a bastard and you're like a case in cuts. all bulked about amalgam you know like the aquatic man missed me to all bubba she could tell it mattered our love our dog ok i don't want
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to kind of get upset that i love. small. meter i'm auditioning you and you care to know it's bad so above normal bad when you sat in the uk but it sounds to the other but it could only should do she were to learn she has. the. now. why did the children's parents do what they can to bend the wrong to connect themselves to the outside world that the pupils arrive in early struggle with the metal and plastic to reconstruct the school gate to wait to a better future. that's.
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because the i thought the settlements are so scattered it takes a while for news of the wind damage to filter through to the parents and for them to start their papers what. is they wanted to do me and then have minutes of it knowing. that there's more than a dozen times. that there was no other through you off. yesterday just the yes. yes yes yes but i definitely. you know it's in the. book now to. even here. but there's a limit that's certain i would guess that for the. love. of some i think you know that was it funny.
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that. i was rather. right when it was like that i have. to have known. i've been. told that. he's not giving up yet i was even asked. it wasn't. a. major step for the i thought is to start turning their dead school and to permanent buildings. this is his younger brother has sent a kind school bed opportunity wasn't even the been for him same's contribution
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to his people's future is to take part in the construction of the new school the president. on its way into. out of on this morning and has some of september. in the having a little one does have with hundreds. and hundreds of. local modelo the french on the other hand i wasn't from the know so than heard of them because nothing of that and. going annoyed with. me it is a slow as it isn't one i want to live. look at the others. when. this is a. living this is not so i. can tell you. the number of school field is increasing all the time as more normal
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communities are started to sit down and one place. more classrooms i knew did as when i was a condition for the teaching staff. that move out of the system and. into the common minimal how the norm of course to that and in the course that the who will be tele and the. chemicals of. the women. for their guns has hold us of course one that can have but this can but so will please you and. that other worry about was a through the no no there's no room that. your little one and no you didn't and there was more stars would not move out that i'd.
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had the balls and i'm not. sure i'm. going to design a lot of. designs you know what i can in order to fit. the body but have any other normal little within it to do any. such as i wanna. go to get it. together and to do and to do and to do it in no depth but insisting that you know them and let. them lead. it whether. adam with as are you telling me the most and that is sinful for them and.
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change for the i thought is happening and it's really everyone hopes that no my community is that once that struggle below the poverty line will start to create a more viable way of life. for pupils alike ibrahim that might mean leaving his no my druid's for ever at the end of the school year he will move to an intermediate school in the city. for what. we're looking for. in kenya do you know what and again and again. what. they learn
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a new home mom with all of them imo most of us who feel for when i'm assured that incremental closure of. what any member of the amazing. what. anyone has nation is you know. if you question has and that did leave the cut the least for change among the i thought that and similar know my tribes. so that there is ition will take time and not all the months embrace the change it. is not a wind country but it's one that wants to modernize it and give its people the best chances in life. it's the process of change it continues in this way these broad people their children really will be the last moments of moral.
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and ethnic divisions. the daily reality piece in some of france's underprivileged communities. world here is the first time to come from suburban president. or. a divided city. however because it's a lot of hot dry weather across the middle east now so normal service is pretty much been received we have still got those showers coming out of the black sea through the caspian sea some lovely downpours still a possibility eastern positive if you could see some showers long spells of frame for a time for most despondent try syria lebanon jordan all the way down into israel warm
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sunshine twenty seven celsius there for beirut it's hot sunshine for baghdad at around forty three degrees celsius horses off in kabul and also into karate getting well up into the thirty's here as well as is the case too little further north into tash can tell a massey high here of around twenty nine celsius with a few showers me still a few showers you notice just around armenia georgia and azerbaijan not so much in the way of wet weather across the arabian peninsula though as we go on through the next couple days a little more cloud just into southern parts of amman maybe into the southeast of you have in the southern parts of saudi could see one or two spots of blood but nothing much to speak of and if anything it turns brighter as we go on through the next day or so a little more clout that was the southern end of the red sea here in doha the hot sunshine lift in the temperatures to around forty three degrees celsius but he is sunshine across southern africa over the next few days but if you shasta southern parts of madagascar into mozambique.
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it wouldn't move any vestige of barack and certain of israel as coming to stay a people dispossessed a state established whatever i was able to do it from the start of everest back bravery great international peace organization the united nations a momentous event which lives at the heart of ongoing conflict to this day seventy years on al-jazeera tells the history of what palestinians call the catastrophe nakba. al-jazeera. swear every. incarcerated in russia's toughest prisons stripped of their liberties.
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and unexpected creative opportunity. less than a singing contest like no other offers a chance of redemption and hope for the talented few. was the. tale of singers and murderous witness on al-jazeera. nor legitimate grievance behind this letter threatening the. foreign minister rejects saudi arabia's threats over a russian missile system we look to the saudi led blockade of cattle which started a year ago today.
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and i'm jane this is al jazeera live from the house are coming out iran says it's making plans to restart preliminary nuclear related processes and is going to inform the united nations. just fifteen minutes we've seen four bodies pull poll out there's not a lot of hope for survivors fears the death toll will rise from guatemala's biggest volcano eruption in decades also. you face the risk of being thrown in jail the controversial votes about to happen in the latest crackdown on migrants by hungary's government. is insisting it won't back down a year into a blockade imposed by side arabia the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain or a few to their claims that cattle supports terrorism in the special day of
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programming al jazeera looks at the continuing stand off first foreign minister mohammed been funny says his country won't be intimidated by the latest reports of threats of military action by riyadh if cats buys a defense system from russia first for just let us make it very clear that. the purchase of. any military equipment is a sovereign decision which no country has. anything to do with so there is no legitimate grievance behind this letter and threatening to cut that violating the international law by writing all the international norms and. most importantly it's violating the. g.c.c. charter which is the countries of the g.c.c. should not launch an attack against each other so we believe that this letter has nor any legal basis to justify. any action we have been subject to
3:51 pm
a unilateral measure which was taken by by the saudis unfortunately as reckless behavior from what do you make of the saudi claim that it would disturb the balance of power it represents an escalation for kata to obtain the s four hundred says well it's unfortunate that they see this as as destabilisation because other option is not of presenting any threat for the saudis but what most importantly we have to look at the behavior of the saudis since the past year when we see the actions how it's going in yemen or what they have done with the prime minister and recently. the president of france himself he said that he saved the country he saved the region from a war by helping in reasoning the prime minister of lebanon so this is something that they have been continuing as a pattern in their behavior according to the information you have do you believe this report in the press that saudi the saudi king really made this threat do you
3:52 pm
think it's credible world we are seeking for a form of confirmation from the french government and have you received any response what are they said to their response. should be to more. if it's confirmed what would your response be to the saudi oil if we are going to respond legally by. the response of a country that this is not violating international law and as a threat for our country which is not acceptable by the international community do you need to take this cut the need to take any defensive military steps in light of this reported thrill we are going to take the all the necessary action to defend our country but much like the world what do you count words in this is first of all this is not there is nor any serious military threat out of this but it's the way it's been used to justify it. or to create any disturbance in the region is just
3:53 pm
unacceptable so. is going to treat this. the same way they have we have treated their legal blockade we are going to seek or the international fora to make sure that this behavior is not repeated will come to go ahead and buy the s. four hundred missile system or are you a tall rethinking that in light of these reported threat. made all the options open for its defense for its defense procurement so we are seeking the best quality of to defend our country and we have all the options open for this so it's possible that you may not need to buy the s four has is that what you're saying this is subject to the evaluation of the military people it's not a decision which will be taken in light of that letter of the letter that that threat has absolutely no bearing no political bearing on the decision on whether
3:54 pm
you. remain independent country and that's protecting its independence this is would not be a subject for any compromise ation. about it takes a look at what catalyzed done in the past year to combat the blockade. it has not been an easy year for qatar but for now protests from all over the world fill up store shelves cranes other most visible sign of the huge push to build mega projects in time for football's world cup in twenty twenty two but a year ago on the fifth of june during the fasting month of ramadan qatar is work up to and president at crisis saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind rein and egypt cut off diplomatic ties with qatar and imposed a land sea and embargo the blockade in countries accuse the qatari government of sponsoring terrorism accusations doha strongly deny it attempts by the emir of
3:55 pm
kuwait and regional leaders to and the diplomatic feud have made no progress so far unfortunately we don't see any credible indicators to suggest that there will be a solution in the near future and i think there have been cedars at them so in the past serious efforts invested to broker this crisis and to reach an agreement but unfortunately the parties are still stuck in their positions and unable to move forward with a solution of the four arab countries were hoping to see the blockade isolate internationally but what was a qatari diplomatic offensive led by the shit i mean been hammered home at world leader as his countries signed major arms deals with friends it's ali the u.k. and an agreement with the u.s.
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to combat terrorism financing. in april the emir met president donald trump in washington d.c. the u.s. leader had qatar as a force of stability in the region and trump who also me. saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sultan than around the same time expressed concerns about the fallout from the crisis it's a very unstable region and the gulf has always been the most stable part of an unstable region and this crisis has kind of thrown this region into a quagmire that it didn't have to be and i think the troublous treasure realizes that you know at least we have to provide one pall of stability and the center of gravity of the arab world in general has been the gulf in recent years so why the region there in crisis there is something that that had to be avoided at all cost. trump has invited the g.c.c. leaders to meet in the u.s. in the hope of finding a political solution but that invitation has been delayed
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a the blockade in countries insist no talks will take place until qatar meets their demands alleges iraq it's all done by account is the director of the center for conflict and humanitarian studies at the institute good to have you with us and what sort of position has this left cattle in. locally i think it left it in a much better position the population has rallied around the amir very much galvanized socially there's a strong social cohesion internally within qatar and it has pushed the qataris really to think harder about ways of building their own resilience and you can see this in terms of food security. issues the discussions around the environment citrus trees so this is been quite positive to the qataris internally having said that it has come at a great coaster thing economically it would cause
3:58 pm
a lot of money to to shore up the system to allow them to build this this level of resilience and luckily cutter has had the. sovereign funds which came to use in this crisis internationally i think which is more important it has really projected kotter as a country that respects international norms and a country that is forward looking progressive country that allowed for the freedom of expression to continue in during the crisis and has as a result gained the respect of many many capitals i think the regional objective of the isolation in that sense has failed because it has remained limited to the four countries and international community has rallied in support of some countries have had to clean up their act in the areas that possibly they were falling short on because of this blockade anyway i mean you say all that the positive aspects that have come out of it and waits lifted internationally and yet here we are one year
3:59 pm
on and nothing has changed. i think for me personally. i never expected it to last one year to be honest i think they want that financially that they have to at the beginning of the solution this will be a few weeks possibly a month from now that it has run for for a year i think all sides of got to revisit the situation. the accusation of course of supporting terrorism has now proven to be false there's a measure misunderstanding or a. conflict in defining the terrorist act aspect of this the saudis and they marti's in the egyptians are not really talking about what you and i would define as a terrorist isis and others they're really focused on muslim brotherhood now to. get qatar to accept and other arab countries that anyone with that would be associated with them so the brotherhood is is labeled as terrorist is impossible it's very very difficult and if you literally come to
4:00 pm
a doctor when the arab street but so they need to revisit really their position on number of of those issues that would what's stopping them is it hubris is it. always the pressure coming on to not make it what is stopping them is greater isn't enough pressure on them saudi arabia economically is not really feeling the pressure of this blockade as much as. the united arab emirates is feeling strong and is engaged in number of adventures in yemen and elsewhere of success possibly and they haven't really been threatened sufficiently particularly with the current position of qatar supplying to continue to supply dubai with gas now the qataris are sticking to this because they're they respect the international deal and the suppliers in between and so on ok where does the greater to come from where should the threat come from it's not going to come from so who will pick that up i think actually for to mobilise to think slighted.


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