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tv   Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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topic of this especially in the case of immigration as he said. it means that europe should give more assistance to italy in this so this field and not leave it alone and sort of polemic and the states have been playing very much on the fact that italy for the last years has been more or less left alone by the european union and there should be more assistance because italy's situation is quite different than the one of most other european countries you mentioned the tax of course the next question is very much discussed in these days. then we have of course a general attitude to what you would form and there are many things on the table in this moment we have for example today also a meeting of the un journal ministers and looks and bork and mr selby who is the new interim minister of italy has been sad that he will go there because the well understandable because he is involved in the vote of confidence for his government
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today but also it is a sign in a certain sense because he said i don't i don't want to collaborate in a simple revision of the dublin agreement we want a completely new agreement ask concerns the migration politics and this is not a way to a pole operate for elaborate and to come in counter to the other european countries but rather as a sign that they will try to confront those countries and be an element of history because there you have a very important point thank you very much and of course the votes of confidence will be taking place later on this evening it's expected to pass without any major surprises sorry many thanks are serious sunny very go there live in rome. just ahead here on the news in sports this swimmer sets off a record breaking attempt to cross the world's largest body of war so far right here with the details in a few minutes. u.s.
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president will transform a campaign manager has been accused of witness tampering prosecutors say the poor man a tried repeatedly to contact two people who may be witnesses against him while he's on bail he's been indicted on charges including money laundering tax fraud and failing to register as a foreign agent special counsel robert miller is asking a judge to revoke manifests bail and send him to jail while he awaits trial why can't a reports from washington. lawyers for special counsel robert muller have brought
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an urgent interdict asking that poor benefits of bail conditions be looked at possibly revoked they say that he is guilty of witness tampering they provided documents that indicate that man of foods has been even touch with other witnesses in the case and named in the document they say he has attempted to get them to deny that they ever operated in the united states that they operated as lobbyists in europe alone operating in united states as a foreign agent without registration is a crime but the interesting question here is why is that lawyers from robert miller's team who've actually brought this urgent application it's a different team that's been investigating manifold on various financial charges but the fact that robert miller's lawyers have brought this urgent interdict could indicate that one of the witnesses involved and named in this particular document
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could be linked to the wider probe into russian collusion that president trump has described as a witch hunt time now for sports his fara injury and thank you so much the washington capitals are now just one win away from clinching the biggest prize in ice hockey the stanley cup for the very first time maybe they just goldeneye thinking for the finals in washington the caps had a strong first period scoring three goals they went on to beat the golden knights sixty two washington now leads the series three one noting sensitive red wings in one thousand nine hundred forty two with a blown a three one lead in the finals game five will be back in las vegas on thursday. and that's maybe more important than the never before to to really focus on on just the first period. we've done a great job and i can head of ourselves. we haven't been getting too high or too low whether the other team scores we score we win or they win you don't make
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excuses you work hard you do your game and like i said i think each game is a step forward for a group you know when when you work hard you're going to get that those bucks are going to win the way for a for you and i thought tonight was a big step for fortune and obviously we got no more we got no more room for error so we got the going to give it to. ya tory has made some shocking claims about manchester city boss pep guardiola and his treatment of african players tory recently left city after eight years at the club speaking to france football he revealed he wanted to break the myth about the spanish managers saying maybe we africans are not always treated by some in the same way as others the midfielder who was not a regular this season having played less than three hundred minutes in the league added that guardiola often has problems with africans were ever he goes we spoke to football writer gary all smith earlier he says it's not the first time high profile players have had problems with. three is not the first person to make such
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a clean indoor. slot standing by a movie not accused of racism but his comments against god also suggests that the man has a problem with. all like. shoes and you have to show him the comments of somebody like some well it was well also grace kelly who was similar to. what. you actually have and he said this back in two thousand and one two thousand and ten and you see that probably. but to the sense of purpose well this is the scene man who has given players like a lot of opportunities to. complain he's went with one or two black or african. well cowhouse russia will look to give their preparations much needed boost later
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they face turkey and moscow and go into the match having lost their three last matches serbia have suffered a setback in their preparations for the world cup they were beaten one nil in a friendly by chile who failed to qualify for the finals so we are grouped with brazil mexico and sweden. women's number three seed garbin mcgriff is set to face maria sharapova in the quarterfinals of the french open the twenty sixteen champion was leading before her opponent listen to her and co had to retire through injury the spaniard will face share power with an axe the russian reach the last eight after serina williams withdrew before their match with an injury. you got me completely by surprise that she would draw. i guess yes or reasons it was going to be very interesting much for sure and i have a good quarter finals so i mean i didn't have a preference i think i remember we played a quarter finals like forty five years ago against maria so it's it's good to be
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back there. now that jock of edge will be on court later as he battles for a spot in the semifinals meanwhile on monday defending champion rafa nadal once again made winning look all too easy andy richardson reports marks a million more throw briefly flirted with the unthinkable against roughing it on the down twenty two year old breaking him in his first game. but that was about as good as it got for the german as no doubt slipped through the gears to win the first set six three i. continue to stretch it out and sort the third set as far as that side break i. but the tenth time french open champion was able to close out the match in straight sets. reach a record equalling twelfth french open quarter final i was good to have you know
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players coming that have balls if energy played well so yeah for us it was about the play and the young player he came in the forefront of a long hours in the center court i think was a was a good match. nick stuff and down will be diego schwartzman was eleventh seed or covering from two sets down against south africa's kevin anderson i was five said when putting the argentinian into the last stage of a grand slam it just the second time was serina williams wasn't the only big name to exit the women's draw number two seed count on balls yet he is also out rushes derek has a keen eye producing a career best grand slam performance to set up a last eight match with the u.s. open champion sloane stephens. means a lot of course it's my first quarter for most of the grissom. i mean but there
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would only have to forgive because i'm going to go to to morrow you're already starting to see in your boat looks much. grand slam champion angelica herbert is back in the last states at roland garros for the first time in six years the german was a straight sets win over caroline garcia. and world number one simona halep is looking good in her effort to finally win a grand slam title she beat least muezzins for the loss of just three games on the richardson al-jazeera. and a long distance swimmer bangla comedy has set off on his record breaking attempt to cross the pacific ocean the fifty one year old began his journey from japan's east coast his two kids swam out to say goodbye to their father who expects his expedition to take more than six months to complete he'll be swimming for eight hours a day for condé who swam across the atlantic ocean in one thousand nine hundred faces a swim at nine thousand one hundred kilometers that will end in san francisco he's
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helping to raise awareness on plastic pollution and the pacific. and that's all your sport for now will be back with more later but for now it's back to you each i think for a good cause but i'd rather him than me and i exactly a week from today the much talked about meeting between donald trump and kim jong un will take place in singapore scott hyde takes us now to singapore's little korea where as i'm sure you can imagine anticipation is high. it does not take long to understand why the area in singapore is known as little korea for decades this stretch of the road has been lined with korean restaurants and shops twenty three year old code agent moved here four months ago from the south korean port city of. he has high hopes for next week's historic summit between donald trump and kim jong . il and many people will change their perception and think that south korea is safer this kind of event does not take place very often i hope it's successful it's
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not known how many north koreans are in singapore there's an embassy here but the government recently stopped issuing work permits and halted all trade after u.n. sanctions were tight. it's estimated that there are thirty thousand south koreans living in singapore type community with their hub right here in little korea a place where they can gather a place where they can have a taste of home. the korean association in singapore has been around for more than fifty years actually as a south korea and we hoped that it happened in south korea this is. he's turning. on him happy to be here. the association is planning gathering for june twelfth so members of the korean community can watch the summit together for now they're going about their business as usual but in a few days a meeting will be held just across town that could forever change the future of
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their homeland it's got hotter al jazeera singapore just to let you know there's plenty more al-jazeera video along with the latest news sports analysis even the weather at the website along with links to some of the programs that al-jazeera joined up here next i'll see you. it's been one year since its neighbors imposed the blockade on qatar by land sea and air. a move that shattered the region's two political landscape alliances have
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shifted and qatar has grown more self-reliant. but what caused the rift between the g.c.c. countries is there and insights and can the gulf ever be the same again the siege of qatar on a just zero we here to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of internet we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of the story we have presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global the policy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens here matters. in afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone when east meets girls desperate to learn and asks why is the system
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failing them on al-jazeera the i.m.f. said riyadh's breakeven although price twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. the un calls on the united states to stop separating immigrant children from their parents at the border. and jane that mrs al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. nor legitimate
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grievances behind them threatening to cut them and spoil it in the international cattle as foreign minister rejects saudi arabia's threats over a russian missile system as the nation marks one year of blockade. iran turns up the pressure on the twenty fifteen year clear deal going to the u.n. with plans to accelerate the early stages of uranium enrichment plus. just fifteen minutes we've seen four bodies bowl poll out there's not a lot of hope for survivors fears the death toll could rise from guatemala's biggest volcano eruption in decades. the u.n. human rights office is calling on the u.s. to stop separating migrant children from their parents the trumpet ministration announced on may the seventh that it would begin separating all families detained at the border trying to cross into the united states without documentation the
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united nations says detaining migrant families and separating children at the southern border goes against international law the u.s. should immediately halt this practice of separating families and stop criminalizing what should it most be an administrative offense the u.n. emphasized quote detention should be the last resort for those escaping countries where rampant violence would give them the right to international protection. cateye insists it won't back down a year into an unprecedented the blockade imposed by saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt they accuse the gulf nation of supporting terrorism charged has strongly denied he spoke to catalyze foreign minister says these government won't make compromises and in particular on the latest reports of threats of military action by saudi arabia. who first formed just with us make it very clear that.
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the purchase of. any military equipment is a sovereign decision which no country has. anything to do with so there is no legitimacy believe this behind this letter and threatening and violating the international laws by writing all the international norms and. most importantly it's violating the. g.c.c. charter which is the countries of the g.c.c. should not launch an attack against each other so we believe that this letter has nor any legal basis to justify. any action we have been subject to a unilateral measure which was taken by by the saudis unfortunately as reckless behavior from what do you make of the saudi claim that it would disturb the balance of power it represents an escalation for qatar to obtain the s four hundred says well it's unfortunate that they see this as destabilisation because
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other option is not representing any threat for the saudis but what most importantly we have to look at the behavior of the saudis since the past year when we see the actions how it's going in yemen or what they have done with the prime minister and the recently. the president of france himself he said that he saved the country he said the region from a war by helping in reasoning the prime minister of lebanon so this is something that they have been continuing as a pattern in their behavior according to the information you have do you believe this report in the press that saudi the saudi king really made this threat do you think it's credible world we are seeking for a form of confirmation from the french government and have you received any response one of they said response. should be to more. if it's confirmed what would your response be to the saudis we are going to respond
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legally by. the response of a country that this is not violating international law and as a threat for our country which is not acceptable by the international community do you need to take this cut the need to take any defensive military steps in light of this reported thrill we are going to take the all the necessary action to defend our country but much like the world what do you count words in this is first of all this is not there is nor any serious military threat out of this but it's the way it's been used to justify. or to create any disturbance in the region is just unacceptable so. is going to treat this. the same way they have we have treated the illegal blockade we are gong to seek or the international fora to make sure that this behavior is not repeated will come to go ahead and buy
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the s. four hundred missile system or are you a tall rethinking that in light of these reported threat. may made all the options open for its defense for its defense procurement so we are seeking the best quality of to defend our country and we have all the options open for this. so it's possible that you may not need to buy the s for how this is and what your service is subject to the evaluation of the military people it's not a decision which will be taken in light of that a letter of the letter that that threat has absolutely no bearing no political bearing on the decision on whether to. remain independent country that's protecting its independence this is would not be subject for any compromise nation sake a closer look at the s. four hundred air defense system one of the most capable in the world it was introduced into the russian military in two thousand and seven and the main reasons
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why it so feared is down to its detection and interception capabilities its radar is able to spot aircraft and missiles similar taney asli to a range of six hundred kilometers it can then shoot down the incoming threats from four hundred kilometers away and while it's never been tested in combat its makers say the s four hundred can even target low flying cruise missiles and stealth aircraft which most other defense systems cannot go about it takes a look at what cattles done in the past year to combat the blockade. it has not been an easy year for qatar but for now protests from all over the world fill up store shelves cranes other most visible sign of the huge push to build mega projects in time for football's world cup in twenty twenty two but a year ago on the fifth of june during the fasting month of ramadan qatar is work
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up to and president of crisis saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind rein and egypt cut off diplomatic ties with qatar and imposed a land sea and embargo the blockade in countries accuse the qatari government of sponsoring terrorism accusations doha strongly deny it attempts by the emir of kuwait and regional leaders to and the diplomatic feud have made no progress so far unfortunately we don't see any credible indicators to suggest that there will be a solution in the near future i think there have been serious at them so in the past serious efforts invested to broker this crisis and to reach an agreement but unfortunately the parties are still stuck in their positions and unable to move forward with a solution of the four arab countries were hoping to see the blockade isolate
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internationally but what followed was a qatari diplomatic offensive led by shared i mean been hammered thirty who met world leader as his country signed major arms deals with friends it's ali the u.k. and an agreement with the u.s. to combat terrorism financing. in april the emir met president donald trump in washington d.c. the u.s. leader had qatar as a force of stability in the region and trump who also. saudi arabia's crown prince behind. around the same time expressed concerns about the fallout from the crisis it's a very unstable region and the gulf has always been the most stable part of an unstable region and this crisis has kind of thrown this region into a quagmire that it didn't have to be and i think the troublous treasure realizes that you know at least we have to provide one pall of stability and the center of
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gravity of the arab world in general has been the gulf in recent years so why the region there in crisis there is something that that had to be avoided at all cost. trump has invited the g.c.c. leaders to meet in the u.s. in the hope of finding a political solution but that invitation has been delayed a the blockade in countries insist no talks will take place until qatar meets their demands alleges iraq. kuwait has tried to mediate in the gulf crisis shell joins us from kuwait city where is the mediation process now and thoughts on how to get it going again. well jane unfortunately there hasn't been a breakthrough made in terms of actually trying to solve reaching a solution to this crisis we are marking one year now since it began however there are several milestones within that mediation process that the eighty's and others
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will point to that shows some sort of progress not least in the sense that the kuwaitis were able to avert this crisis from becoming a diplomatic one and transforming it into a military one the kuwaiti emir himself spoke of how his government and the efforts of his leadership managed to ensure that there wasn't an invasion or wasn't some sort of military attack on qatar so maybe that's the positives that has come out of the kuwaiti intervention the negatives or at least we can say with the lack of success in terms of actually trying to bring them all about to one table that is the three g.c.c. countries saudi arabia the united arab emirates i'm behind on one side and qatar on the other side that is what people are frustrated about as far as the qataris are concerned they have always responded with their willingness to sit down unconditionally to talk the other three countries say well they'll sit down but only if qatar meets conditions or something the even kuwait's in. the other
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g.c.c. countries see is an attempt to dictate negotiations in their outcome before they even take place having said that the kuwaitis and i've spoken to some officials over the past couple of days here are not convincing cope there are still continuing so the foreign minister has been going to several of the g.c.c. countries in recent weeks and they've also been receiving emissaries and other representatives of the governments in the past couple of days including the from minister of qatar just a couple of days ago there is a sense however jane and this is another interesting thing among some people in kuwait that maybe actually they will also be targeted by these blockading nations because what we've seen in the past couple of months because kuwait has tried to insist. on being a mediator and insist on being neutral in this the saudis in the u.a.e. actually wanted everybody to be in support of them so we've seen an attack on certain kuwaiti figures within the saudi and morality media that's something that's
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kept people wary here but in terms of mediation the government says it will continue to strive to find.


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